Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 11, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1912
Page 7
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THE lOIJLDAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 11,1912. '*From New.Years io Christmas is An Awful Long Time,"* Sayd Felix to Fink. SKt FIUX.TMB «9ftA' _ > WANTS-ALL KINDS WANTED—OIRK FOR OE.VERAL bouiie work. Ipt^b' 606 East St. ! WANT—YOU TO KNOW ABOUT the flnesjl fruit and farminK secttoa tn Florida. WANTS-ALL KINDS WANTED—WOMKN AND GIRLS at Whcolcr & Motier Shirt and Overall KiK .-.fory. S'ofldy work. ' i FOR SALE—DKIVINCi MARE AND, . |hiiKK>; city broke. FhoDe 2')". , I SAf.K—10-YEAR-OLI» MARE. FOR SALE—FOR SAJJR FOR SALF::—REGISTERED !'()- FOR SAtte-'FOR SALE OOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL Addre.iB H. O. Gate*. Ar- '• honve. work. Tolopliono 932. 219 N. •y. R»utc 1. ElMnore. Kan.s. 1 ^A'- lorta'na.n^hone^S" cadla. Florida. P. 0. Box 20. WANTED—GOOD SINGLE MAN on farm. 994-13. Col born. WANTED—SECOND State size and price. Kans. HAND SAFE. Bos 2S2, Gas, WANTED—TINNER - AND PLl^MB- .••r. Must know somethlnp about hardware. A. H Minos. LaHarpe. Kas. , FOR 3ALE—DUROC JERSEY MALE ! pips of March and April farrow; pood, i ,„.. ui, w„„.. '.-rons Indhiduais: will welph from: ««• ^"""^ 200 to 2.nO pounds. Fami lu miles. ^"""""yeast and south of Carlyle. Phone 9S4-4. W. F.' Weber. FOR SALE—OOOD. MODERN hotije, well located. Cheap If taken at once. See J. E .Powell, or call on J. F Halderman at 319 S. Cottonwood. FOR SALE—GOOD FARM MORSE I FOR SALE—ONE WOVEN RUG FOR EXCHANGE FOR EXCHANGE—GOOD CLEAR we.-'tera Kansaj? land for clear lola or suburban property J E. Quick, 2"3 S. Third St TO EXCHANGE—A NlCfc l-ITTLP: WANTED—MAN TO SAW FIFTEEN ranks of yrooii; 419 N. Tennessee MEN WANTED—TO LOAD CE- 1 meat at the LeHunt Plant of the Unit- WANTED—LARGE EASTERN MAN ufacturer of well known staple line ed Kansas Portland Cement Company j wants traveling salesman In this ter- near Indepen<Jence. Kans. I Htory. No former experience required. — *—I r I Steady position. Barn blK pay while WANTED—D 1 S H once. Krauso Cafe. WANTED AT ONCE—TWO Experienced carpenters; 20o per hour and board. W. R. McHill (contractor). Phone 106, Moran, Kans. WASHER AT|vru learn. .Wdrcs:* for particulars. bejit 10. T»ok Drawer S27, Chicago, Ills. WA.NTED—HELP WANTED AT FrisJiman's Dry Goods store; both experienced and unexperienced. Apply at «tore. W.V N TED—PARTLY FI"RN1SHED ! rooms for light ho\j«ekeeping by cou- j pie. H. Bapby, phcne TOS. FOR SALE—FOR SALE „^r,„,v. '• FOR SALE—HOUSE FURNISH- WANTED-.\T O.NCE. EXPERIEN- , .^^.'^"rugs. linoleums, trunks, suit cod men in every department of brick , ^^^^^ combination heatera. Bon- manufacture, such as shale pit men,! - -„ ]„M^non. Phone 1290. drr pan feeders, toshers, setters, and j ~ FOR SALE-AT A BARGAIN. OUR modem residence. Call at 60!» E. Madison. W. T. Watson. and bumod brick w-heelers. Good wases. steady employment the year round, and cheap house rent Address, Continental Brick Company, Aledo, 111. lola Sxlrt. :? rockers, k chair?. V Iron bed.; home for pood team_. wagon and liar- FOR SALE—PURE BRED CHICK- en.<; S (.'ostal White OrphinjTton henc. Kellerstrauss strain. 1 cockerel, |9. Telephone 1210. FOR SALE—OR WILL TRADE FOR milch cow. good strong rnnabout; 827 Nortb St FOR RE.NT—FURNISHED ROOMS; 604 N. Jefferson. FOR SALE—SIX GOOD HEIFERS and six shoat."-; 419 .V. Tennessee. FOR SALE—BEST TEAM OF TWO- ycar-old mules in the country S B McGinnis. I^Ha.rpe, Kas. FOR SALE—12 YEARLING STEERS and 4 yearling B«lfers. S. E. McGinnis, LaHarpe. Kans. FOR TRADE—GOOD .5 ROOM COT- take and bam for farm stock and topis .\d(Jress "T." care Register. UUURPE NEWS FOB TODHY KNOW TIHSS CO-HFOKT THE r >EXPlTTED DEATH OF .MRS. ,4. GRIFFITH THIRSDAV. # - i* ,4^ Tariou'* KoAtbali Uamt* Recall in Var. j* lon« Ways—And Many People if • V \Mt and Cn and Vomt. If for yoTjr health's sake yoii wear a truss, you MiouUl know what comfort and satisfaction a truss can give. We have the be«t oT t russet and we can assure y«^u that a truss purchased .-vt our store will fit you perfectly. WATERS k PANFORTH Drug!* and Jrwi'lrj LAMARPK. K\S. \<nv M - Mrs Sarah Griffith, •who !•.:»-•< 1'.- 11 hor>- ko#>|>lng house for her <!.Tmrh*er. M !-s Grace Griffith, a i.'.ir:.,-r m the I-i Han -e sch'>'1-. T!n !rsi !.\y :;t the borne of a rehitw> in Kin'-:»!i 1 * * •> ^- * -s- I* The I cause of the death rotiM not be learn- j .5? ed but when slw left here the tirst ot\^ tic w:eet she «:eem>^ to be In perfect ( it health Miss Griffith was attending a I ^ lecture at :he State Teac'^^rs* .\gsocia- ! * Tion in Topeka. Thursday nisrht. when she received The sad news. It is probable that interment will occur at Kin-1 ^ ca;d a-« it is the family's old home. j 4; _ The seven-year-old son of .Mr andjij LAHABPE, FrRMTURE STORE Mr? Ben Draper, of wen of town, was ha H. R (MARTIN, PROP, accidentally shot through the foot with 1 If Ton flave PirTIRES TO KRA.ME bring them In early to avoid the holiday rush Framing a picture is the only sure way to preserve Itg beauty. They make niccj holiday presents. Wo cari7 a complete line of picture fraime molding. THE a 22-rine Saturday. It will not pr-^ne; serious 3. S. Wilsot: leit ^sterday for Miner -and Gardner. iHftim to \isit hi.'? old home until January 1st. i Miss Effie Stevenson eiUertained the following ar dinn^ yesterday.: Misses Mabel Ransom, Cora Fitipatrict. Adda Peen and Nellie Busley. W. S TBoss"" Ford is a-fiull Moos>- .er and you can Imagine his surprise when he went to the po;i<j to vote last Tuesday and found his name as a candidate for Justice of the Peace on the Democratic ticket. He was deeply grieved over his defeat. J. T. Tredway and J. W Wood were elected. Mrs. Martha J. Daniels is vteitlng in Yates Center this week. Mrs. Barker has returned to Topeka somewhat better today. Mercer Gates who i.s up in the mountains about forty miles from Center, Colorado, writes that he is making a pair of skies to tni\el over the deep snow. Eacii ski will measure fourteen feet long and from nine to twelve inchea' wide. The l.aHarpe second team yester- I day defeated the Gas City boys at Gas by a score of 19 to 6 —Cabbage 111") pr- hundred pounds at J. A'. Brown's. I.ast week was Fall Fetsival week at the Methoilist church in Moran. Thomas I.*ighty and C. W. Friedlev aner a pleasant visit with Mr. George ' went over Frldav night and Mr. Lcigh- Rutledge. ' ty.gave his Chalk Talk to a large and John Otten. of New Castle. Colo, Is appreciative andience. w. O. Lenbart. of lola, was over on business Saturday.. The Missionary Ladies of the Methodist church will give a tea and pro- cram tomorrow attemoon at.the -borne o' Mrs. Meaos. "China" irfU be rh" «abjec: with Mrs. Joha Campb«Il ^ as leader. « » i * I. i * ^ * * * « ^ ! Brennan spent Saturday and Son day with relatives in Redfleld. here for an indefinite stay wirh his brother-in-law. C. F. Parker. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Lyons, after a pleasant week with Mr. and Mrs H. J -NeilsQn. retarned to Bums, Kas., today. Mrs. Fred Remmington is reportei FOR SALE—GOOD 8 YEAR OLD hors,\ '300 lbs; 610 .V. Washington. A large crowd attended the funeral of Mrs. Healey at the Presbyterian church Saturday. Interment was in the l.AHarpe cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Daggett attended the dedication services at the Metho- .-xlist church In Garaett yesterday. Ira M Benham formerly pastor here, is now pastor at Garnett. Walter H<Hlgi»» and family are contemplating leaving soon for Texas. A number from here attended the party at the Charles McAnultjr home Saturday nlglit. Aunt Mary Elliott, of Blue Monnil, come here to .xpcnd the winter FOR SALE—SO ACRES. GOOD 8-1 ro <ira house, splendid barn, good cave, wells; about 50 acres under plow; , near school; not far from lola. Priced 1 lower than any other land like It in ; the county. Small iiaymcnt buys It ; Call on The Allen County Investment | Co.. Kellcy 'Bldg.. lola, Kans. lnattr••^s ind springs: 4'W S ^Walnut Ph-jne e»9. FOR "SALE—TWO Phone 60.'.. FRESH COWS. LOST AND FOUND. 4iess. A. W. Beck. 15 E. Madison Ave. FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR RE.NT—FURNISHED ROOMS for light housekeeping; 2^ W. Jackson. Phone 954. 1 I^ST—SCOTCH COLLIE DOG FOR SALE-60 HEAD HIGH GRAPE ^^^^ * r^'ars old; will answer to name Shropshire breeding ewes; 40 Iambs; ,'"Boh" .1 F. Halderman. Phone IZ06. 1 purebred Shropshire buck. Farm 1 ! Reward. . mile ea.'it and \i mile south -of Car- '— lyle. Kas. Phone 9S4-4. W. F Weber. ' LOST-.SILVER FILIGREE BROOfll • '• • 'with pendant. Return to Register' ^OR SALE—40. 80. 160 OR 2001 office, acres nice meadow land; 5 miles from lola; $35 per acre. Want no trade. Sec owner, S. W. Lust. I.aHarpc. Kas. FOR RENT—S ROfV.M MODERN house close in. Phone 372. BB. Ct K BUSS fxtractton iHlhovt-'palfi^ th«^ • Pb ^tfL -OQce sail BM-^Sfit ! • igwmj to LQ'ai.' * win ^ ,1. * planba. orcCBa, i^naf >M>* * ckihw. dl«7no««a tad jwrtfyy. « OOcc X*. Uf irirtt « HABinss AXD jsiimuaii ^ llOH Sonth BtTMt—loU. • ^ i «> F. L. B. LEITZLI, KB,' ' • « BpecUItiea: • ^ DIaeaaeg of the Cbatt • '• « DlMsaea of Children * XrRAY • •> Fkoae»-^-Office 147; B M* UI * •> loU SUte Bank Bids. • • >OTH'E TO CONTRACTORS. FOR SALE—BEST TEAM OF TWO- year-old mules In the country. S. E. McGinnis, LaHarpe. Kas. IJ5ST—S\TI,"Rl)AY AFTERNOON, sterling siilver necklace with tiiree amethyst drops Please return to Mrs lo!a Township. Nov. 11. 1912 The Ida Township Board will re.,i-.e h:<!s until Thursday, Novjember 22. 2 o'clock, for the construction of lene-half mile of macadSm road we?t tola on the lake road. Plans and be seen on file at T.O.CANATSEY Expert Piano Tuninc and Repdring, WItk Roberta Music Co raoxx m FOR SALE—ONE OF THE BEST locations in the county; SO acres 5% miles southwest of lola; good 3 room 1 house; fruit and water. See the owner, A. H. Miller. Route 1. lola. amethyst urops rieas.- re uru ... , „ eeiricatlons ran F. C. Nicholson, Last Jackson and 1 ..^^ county Clerk's office. See mem-i* receice reward. jbers of the Board for further Informa-j* TT. ~I7IZZ • tion. Right reserved to reject any an^! • LOST—GOLD WATCH ON \\EST,^„ j^j^.^ river road. Phone 1222. Bv order Tf Township Board. E. L. BARNHART. Twp. Clerk. FOR SALE—WALNUTS AND PE- cans. A. L. Townsend. Phpne 992-12. THE iurSBOilillTBIlS CITY 8 .VEAR.OLD BOY AND RIFLE MIX yniH SAD BIT rSlAI. RESULT. Tonight < Tonight, if you feel dull and stupid i ! cr bilious .nnd constipated, take a dose i of Chamberlain's Tablets and yon i will feel all right tomorrow. For sale by all de.ilers. —Let a Reidster For Sale sell it. The Teachen. Are Bjick at Their DoV, Amiln After a Pleasant and I>rpfital)le Topeka Trip. GAS CITY. NOV. 11 — Whil-- playing , „lth a 22-rifle Satuntay, Herald, the «iih b.-r niece, Mrs. Mary Brady, and.g.ygar old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Mr> H Meyer I Drap.r. a.-.ldentlv .'hot hl .-i right Upti Mr and .Mrs J A Br<»wn tKH! Sun-1 ^i^., i,,,;;,.. p .nt -tiated the f.)o» but as rf;iy in Bronson ino point wa<! reached it is Ben Smith en'erfaineit a large num- thought he will .-oon br out of chinper. hor ( f friend.s Satunlay niglu with a Boy the -KRISPY rRACKER" In 8 .poand Cans. PER CAN at CARL t HUXTER * * |yf.«terday calling on old friends Mis.s Fay PODvalesring. A number of th>» tearh»>rs. who a»- tende^l the t<»acliers* a ».«oe(a«lon meet- \fZ" 1" u >i • * I .. ,. Ing at Topeka. returned Saturday and pany at his home southeast of town ! .^^i"^,.Ven. of I-a ari>... aa.l;s„.,^ ... r.-trrn--! Wa Mn.- .\nna .Moore and children, of '^'""'''^r^- "^"^ '"'^^ ' fol'een. rf i ,^^ Rri-. are visiting her sister. Mrs. W . I^"*;"'''', C^p"' B'an.-he ^. Katv It Mitchell. NEWTON JJIRI- '•'av with Mr, and Mrs. Roy Aten of ?re :-re for a vi-it ^vith their ?oa. J. r^oiilh of town. An elaborte dinner | \\- waiter, and far<i:ly. w.-\s s<-rved and the day proved to be a I ,\ c. Evans, of Morehom". Ka.^.. ' vnrv pl'-a-sant one throiighout ! transacted 'n'tsiners here Saturday. " Mr<=. I. H. Wlshard. of lola. and Mrs. Hale, of Yates Center, were call- Pale. Rnn-Dnvn. Aoeamir—Restored Vi ' #.„...^.,i„ r.„..„„ „, «« u>..ith h«. vi-^t Gertrude Bopne. of Chanute. to Health by YInoL , ^j,,^, ThomiVson. of Quen^mo. 'ians. but the yseemed to do me no xroop A -VEW IX>T OF Foutala SyrinKCK, Ralb SyrlBces, WklrUac Sprays Het Water Botttes. Ice Bars Atomlxer*. FeTer TbermeMetcrN Bobber Kip ple«. Etc. We Guarantee All Rtibber Goods. At F. A. Co«kH7*» Bnw Store LaHBipev E OBMI. * .A. foot ball team compoeed of the * farmer boys defeated the second team «: Friday 60 to 0. Tond. Finally Vinol was recommended, •".nd from the first bottle I noticed a great Improvement: I have taken six '.K >trles and I feel strong and as well ever."—Katherine Bums. Vinol is the greatest body builder .TUd strength creator, we know of— 'he curative elernents of the cod's liver, aided, by the blood-making, strengthening properties of tonic Iron contained in Vinol. restore the lacking: ingredient? to the blood, and the result :s health .strength and vigor. If you need buJldinp up try a bottle of vinol with the nBderatanding that your money wHl be r^nraed if It does not help yon. S R. Burrell. Druggist, tola. Kans. P S. If yon have ^zema try our Saxo Salve. W'e guarantee it. Mr. and Mrs. Kline, of Huml>oldt. fpent rerf ^rday with t'nei- parents. .Mr and Mr.~ W. T. Kline and Mr. and Mrs. M?r-ey. north.of town. Last week N. Ma^ while repairing Mrs. Ella Goble. Mrs. E'igene Laagh- the roof of his hou .=e fell and frac- l:n and Miss Ida Welth were CTiests of turiHl two ribs along with numerous the Carl & Hunter faniiiies yesterday, other bruises He was off from •work i .Mr and Mrs. Jamcs.Porter of south for a few days, as a result. of town spent Snnday with Mr. and. .Mrs. Smith, of I^ne Elm. is vi.=Iting Mrs. .T. W. Lower, her parents. .Mr and Mrs. E. .McBrlde. The Gas City footbaR boys foil vfo rhis week. tim to tbe LaHarpe Ijoys again yesterday and were defeated 19 to 6. Just to let Its readers down easy from-the straw voting and other election excitement, the Hntchlnson News is conducting a contest to locate the •wlftest CQm busker. To date Henry Hardrlclc'pf Lyons, who set"a pace which wotild produce 160 bnahels a day. holda the lead, with Ave othersj in the more than 100 bushel class. »C««»»9f«f»« f f f•f I * Mr .and Mrs. W. M. Jurd. of Rich » Hill, are the guest* of Mr. and Mrs. « Walter Hodge* tW» week. 9. John Hin^, who recently sold his tn-l c^che intted commissions » lereM in the mill to W. R. Dotigiierty.' $ wilt leat-e the latter part of tlii« week S for Marriiall coonty to make his taae. « Hex WtLTi west to Fort Smith. Arlc. $ yesterday lor a week's rtsit with Mr. * and Mrs. R. H. HnrlMk. * Mr: and llTS. W. J; Armitage retained BvttulUjr f roD Fettb; K«k Since the election two women have applied to Game Warden Dyche for commisaions as ^me wardens and In both Tbere is no lejjal bar no and be Intimated that he wonld act similarly on other applicationa. —The hit of the season—Ttae Ooo- mopoiUatt4)nart«tte and-rkflned entertain^ at t&e Oriad toiiWit -A4mf»- Mrs O. E. Burton.'of Chanute. and Mrs. Floyd Flynn. of Gametr. spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs^ Harrj' Heath. W. M. Hanna shipped a car of hay to the Kan^s City markets Saturday. Mis? Lois Weblier. of lola .spent yesterday with the Misses'Forrester. Mis? Blanche (joe» left laa week for Kansas City to take a post graduate ccurse in bookkeeping and stenographic work at SpauldingTs College. Mr..and Mis. Claod Hughes went to Kansas City yesterday where Mr. Hngfaes will seek employment. ' Mrs. Edith Mnis McCutcheon. after a pleasant rfclt with her mother. Mrs. Ella B. MQIs. returned to Altoona yesterday. ;, Miss Lora WhKmore. who has been here risftlng her sisters, was called 10 Weir City Saturday on account of the fHnes of her father. Wlttam Whitmore. Mrs. A. J Goes Is reported quite 111. John Gosbom .of lola. risUed Mr. Ray Speticer spent Saturday and Snnday with his sister in Greeley. Kansas. Mn". Smith, of T^Roy. is a gii«^?t of Mrs. Brenner, of Wert O SF. this week. J. W. Carl, of Doorfas. Ok?a. arrived last night from Colorado for a visit with his brother. Isaac Carl, before re-^ turning Some Georg^ Kirkpatrict. of Blue Mound, spent Sunday in Gas. Mrs. Lottie Kinman had as gu^ts at dinner yesterday Mr. and Mrs. .Bert- ^enry. o('Kansas City, and Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Arnett. of Iota. Rilley Qregg is reported dangerotis^ ly Hi aOss SylTla Mills, of Iota, will spend the week with Mr. and .Mrs W P Long. Mrs. Mattie Spencer arrived FrM^y : from Delaware. Okla.. for a short visit jwifli her. ton. Ray Sncncer. enroute to • Oreeley. Ris.. to Tl»lt a daughter She will return here this week to spend the winter. and Mrs. D. W. ShufOrd yesterday. Miss Cottcben Slack, of LaHarpe. Vas c^Ung on'friends here ^nrday. .-«Td<^ of '"le Tinbl!<!—The Frederick Frdrert. who stteoded.tlie 'cbamopoiUaa Quartette is for the be^ teM &«r: aaaocimtias at TopetoC ie- IthatUaa vtstted Iota. At tHe Grand to- tncaed 3Mm« jria'Kaiaas ^taty wttere.alght A tare treat for nB- FOR SAI^E! 1 I have Just shipped ItJ 2r. heaA of horses, mares and mules, t have 10 mules weighing from »«0 to 140*) pounds from .1 to » years old: 15 h^ail horsi;s and mares from' ".o. 9 yea^s old. w-ighlng from 900 to iai)(> lbs. All are well ! roke. sln^e and double, good fat 111 s'ock. Some of these marc<i are h »>avv with foal. Any on? w;int!nc ;obi :y^ sell or exchange. co!;ie see me at once at Tho tola Horse and Mule Market. On-Mock we.-t of Santa Fe Depot J. C PtatcKer, I'bone SSo mimmmmmmmmammam lUCTIOyEEBl A. D. GeUlns General Farm Sales; Livestock a specialty. Satisfaction guaranteed. Address, Carlyle. Kas. • • • • IRA B. FItANTZ •mm erT«MCTRi«T nttlnri At Bauu'a JavaliyBtat* BALD HEADED YOUNG MAN" "I know^ he is only 38." said one young lady to another at a social function, "but he looks like 50." "Better say he looks like CO," replied the other. Young men who tise Parislaa Sage never grow bald because the hair root is supplied with plenty of Datura's own nourishment, which means at alt times an abundance of healthy balr. Young Man. if yo-ir hair is thinning out; if that Jlttle bald spot on top is beginning to spread, try Paris* ian Sage. It is guaranteed by C. B. Spencer & Co. to stop falling hair. l>aclsh dandruff and scalp itctu or money back. .".») cents^.at dealers erery- wUere. IF THE PAPER BOY FAILS TO deliver your paper, call 18 and we will send you a naper by a special carrier the same evening. •» 1 »e SI J C^ dtie^mastraihra in the announcements frqmday to dgJjJ :• K ThTs dictionary » Kor pdbUsced oy the pn^ial •AM lishsrs Webster's dictionary or by their snccessois. 21 It is the osLT entirely .tEvv compilafionTjy t&e wof &rs. M vr M.9^M greatest anthorities from Icadlrg c.-uverstics; B fjOmKLiarfl B fMCiniaBfABYiallLimnInca'tfaer. flexible.^sta-riped in 'Bddon back andZI K;—,- ^ . - siJesTpnatea oir BJUc paper, wftb red cdgts and conKtS M •;li. B- Allies th- general contents, tfieie J| are maps and orer 600 snbtcicti bcanti.'nlly illnstrated by three- f •> - - cclor plat--, nnmcroas SK »;ec*s by ironotooes, 16 pajss of i" iffl cducJtion:' cha-tj! and the Ia";t United StTt« CctKus^ Pres^ » ^SCfl |& at tHs ofoce SIX Cossecctjro px*.i»c^* Cbapoas^ •irjsJi. si^irs. cqpae^.. •ad etrt&e' cat;

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