Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 12, 1908 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 12, 1908
Page 1
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F*. H. PATRICK Look Over There COVINA SEASON FOR HOUSE HEATERS Air-Tight Stoves, Gas Heaters, Fire-Place Grates HARDWARE ARGUS VOL 36 PROFESSIONAL CARDS QR. J. C. GOODELL OSTEOPATH Phones: Office 175; Res. 23 Hours 9-4 First Nat. Bank Blclg. Covina, Cal. COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY. DEC. 12, 1908. [)RS. STEVENS AND BARRON OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS Phone 298—Argus Block Dr. Olinda K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays Dr. Emma Barren Mondays and Thursdays & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS J. D. REED G. D. JENNINGS 8-10 a m 10-12 m 2-4pm,7-8pm 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA, CAL. £)R. J. C. BARNEY, DENTIST Over Argus Office Covina, Cal. Phone 284 p > J. CLINE, —DENTIST— Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. £ f H. WEDGWOOD M, ARCHITECT AND •>;B133IwIHNGr CONTRACTOR .-, ^JesJde* 1 ^ 6 ' QieVega'', " R.F.D. box 204 Phone 3065 M. PENCE) ATTORNEY-AT-L A W Notary Public Phone 1039 Reed Block Covina, Cal. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. Saturday's in Covina. Ollice Argus Block. ################## * * * We Can Sell Your * * Orange Grove J * . # * * & * • # ^ Our brat'.ch office in Los Ange- .^ ,j> ^ * les, 525 So. Spring street, en- ^ ^ j£ * ables us to get in touch with ' ^f ^K * buyers. * * #• BASKETBALL EXCITING. Athletic Club Wins Every Came Play-d. More Games Will be Arranged. A big crowd of Covina and A/AISR people witnessed the rattling gomes of basketball at the gymnasium of (lie Covina Christian Culture and Athletic Club Thursday evening, when the advanced team of the club defeated the A?.usa boys by a score of 3'1 to 22. The game was a lively one from tho ftart. The Azusa boys play a good system, aud were good ndversnr- ies, but were a little outclassed in weight and in agility. Tho club advanced team was composed of Cluster Fairly, Will Fisher, Ova King, Edward Stewart and Roy Winder, with Roy Goodell as official scorekeeper. The ttrst game of the evening was between the Coviiia Union High School and the second team of the athletic club,resulting in a defeat for the high school. On Saturday evening last, the high school team also met defeat from the athletic club by a score of 34 to 15. Tho athletic club has a very strong team, and arrangements are being made to get games with some of the stroug clubs of tho valley. Gymnasium work is going on successfully under the jurisdiction of physical director Loguo. Every evening the gymnasium is crowded with men training and with spectators. Basketball games will be held regularly, for which the sum of ten cents is charged for admission. Physical Director Logue has received a communication from the director of athletics of the Azusa Y. M. C.A. asking for a tournament nt an early date between the two aasocia tiona. The teams will compete in * .# * * List your property with us. *• J Covina Realty Co. * Cleaning and Pressing. 1 am now prepared to do nil kinds of cleaning and pressing at reasonable prices. Satisfaction guaranteed. (Jive me a trial a»id be convinced. Shop just east of corner Citrus and Italia streets, Covina, Cal. Yours for bubiuesH, CHAS. H. HAHIUH. Formerly cleaner and prefer for J. A. Schnmni. Who'll do it'.' (Jue-vS the number of fiit-ci-a in tht; jur nf candy on di.s- play at l j ahi(.-t- «,1 >v.ft-!-i. Laiiv gUi-.-.sing the nt.-nirit, piixu. fancy vi.rik Laski-i lillt-il v<.ith ch'.ci, latea and I.'.n l-..i:s. (it-iit. j-iii s-iiiig the :jft;ir<--t i;(iUi)ier, | ri/f, glo'. (.I o.\ tillnij v, ith ri.oruiu! "T a.'.ii l,',n Li I.-. J&Ug&Si, W ityB^aqa ana iper^ pori- zontal bars.'' 'Xlte tulqs^upd'er which the tournament will be run will be decided upon at a later date. All parties joining the athletic club after the 15th of December will be charged ^membership fee of five dollars. There will be no exceptions made to this rule. Send in your names at once. Activity in Building. The final contract on the erection of tho li. F. iiuller building has boon awarded to Contractor Allison. The work of excavating for the cesspool at the bottom of tho cellar way commenced yesterday morn lug, and as soon ns this work is finished the erection of tho structure will take place. At tho present time, tienuloi Buller, who is having tho building built for Warner, Whitsel & Company, is in Idaho, where he is detained by important land oases in tho civil courts. He IB expected in this ci!y shortly before Christmas 1 , Warner, Whits-el A Co, will occupy' this building on the fifteenth of February, it", this in the date whcfn tho contract, culls for tho completion. Excavation has commenced for (ho cellar and foundations of tho Snnd- grass building, just north of the First National bank building. The structure will he 50 by 100 feet add two stories in height. The front will be made of white pressed brick. Mr. Hnodgrnss ha« not as yet IB! out the contract, but the work will he curried on to an early completion. The hoard of directors of the First National Dank of Covinn met in executive eesHio.' on Tuesday of this week, and decided to build an addition to the present building at, the corner of Cilrus avenue and Colh-oH street.. The building v\ i 11 be 100 by •JTj feet, and will u<-c as its north wall the same, one uf-.ed by the Sncd^rasB building, this purl ion of the iwo buildings being built in part.ner.-,liip. jit i« given out that this two story ad- jdition will he u:ade into rooms on the | first floor, and divided into apart; ments for rent above. It U coiiriider- | ed that apartment*! will pay better ; any other method of renting. | Work is closing in the interior of | the Clifton J. I'latt building this wi.-ek. The building an atlr* active npi i-ai-unce wish its pressed Krirl: !":-.';!i!-._-(-. It will he icady tor 'A' Ky the holidays. FNO. HOME IS PREFERABLE. Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Urlswold Return From Eastern Journey, A transcontinental trip touching upon nearly every large city In tho United States has just bteu completed by Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Uriswold of this city. Mr, and Mrs. Uriswold loft Covinn on July I5th aud returned Wednesday eveniug. Tbo northern route was taken via tho Canadian Pacific to Montreal and thence to Boston. All the cities of the Middle West, including Detroit, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Paul, aud others, were visited. At Boston, the Coviun rancher and his wife spout considerable time viewing the many historical places in the city, also going to Lexington and Concord. Mr. Griawold spoke of his enjoyable visit to Concord, whnre the war of tho Revolution had its beginning, of the monument at Concord bridge, and the homesteads of Nathaniel Hawthorne. Ralph Waldo Emerson, of Sleepy Hollow cemetery, where the great poots m.-J statesmen of this country tiro buried, nnd the many historical places of interest in that old New England town. On the return trip, Mr. and Mrs. Oriswold took the southern route, stopping in New Orleans and other southern cities, and in Houston, Texas. Mr. and Mrs, Oriswold are among the oldest settlers in tho Upper Sun Gabriel valley, coming here when there wure only n few scattered ranchers on the plains. The possibility of establishing a homo here at that time was rather a hopeless one. Water to drink and for the cattle had to be bi'ougbt inj barrels from the San 1 'r5iitfitai4' W a^ was so scarce that the oattle died, and existence on the plains was pro- carious and dreary at all times. Tho Uriswold family clung to the soil, however, and wus rewarded in (he cud by witnessing tho growth ot one ol' the greatest fruit cuuntiius in Hie world. Mr. Uriswold has been identified with eveiy public-spirited movement for improvement since making his home here. He now owns 1 cr.e of tho finest fruit orchards- in Southern California. "You miy for mo," en id Mrs. Cirin- wold, "that 1 saw many delightful scenes, and enjoyed my trip thoroughly, but J would not exchange any of the fluent homes in tho East for my own hero in Covina. I am able to appreciate Covina and my old home more than ever, now that I havo seen tho manner in which they live in the East. I am glad to got back to Southern California again." "(Jf course I had a very enjoyable triji," said Mr. (Iriswohl, "It was one Hint I wished to lako for a long lime, Hut I knew that 1 was not going to see anything that waw any better than we have right here at borne, only that. thiliKH would be diffeieill. We had Hut privilege of hoeing heavy snow falls in the East, and watching the cold weal her come on and change j the beautiful went her to I ho dreary winter. I am ^ald I win! and 1 am glad Lo gel hack. " I.a Verne Ranch Sold. Ci'corge (irilllths has Hold his ranch al La Venie, northeast of l.ordshuig, consisting of 1 HI) cares, lo (I. \. Moiinsey (if Cnvinn, owner of the Orange I'aik ranch, tor a "ursidera- lion ot *".id, 0(10. The deal was do'i r-d yesierdny, and the new owner -A ill take immediate possession. The I.a Verne ranch is one of the juoHl. beau tiful spots in Houlhern Califm ni.i, finely situated for the making of sceuiu landscape gardeninx- Only six acres of it is planted to oraimi-s, the 'eiuiiindei being in vine.vard and grain, while a great deal of bi-aiititul ornamental fchruKKery bos Keen planted. "The County Chairman, " a four- itcl play, is to b.. jmeji by the .Senior Class, on Friday evening, al rt o'clock ! l>t:i'. Inth. al. the Woman'* Club! House. Kpi-cifi) effort hn.i Keen put j f'.ith t-; make tl.i-; {day one i.f th<-; I.'--it thi;t hh- I: 1 , <T Kt-l-ll j.T.i-11 II: (.'o i •. ii.ii. 'i i' k<:t» al (,'lai.p T. '.','•> and FESTIVAL WEEK CONCERT. Woman of National Repute Will Present Entertainment for Ladies' Aid. The Ladies' Aid Society of tho Methodist Episcopal Church lias been fortunate in scouring the talent, of Mro. Voro Juno Kdwnrds, who will stage a high class concert, nnd festival entertainment on Tuosdny evoning, December '2'J, at tho Wnniim'fl Club House. The evening's affair will bo si o itnculnr, over fifty people participating, including choruses and intricate drills of children. The finest local talent obtainable will also bo a pnrt of tho program. Mrs, Edwards will give sovurnl numbers in readinga and in interpretations of difficult parts from well-known nul.hors. Vnro Juno Edwards has almost a national reputation as H render and organizer of nnh-emblo work on the stago. AH n prominent club woman In Srattlo sins became a (Iguro of prominence in nil local festivals given by the society of that city, and as her fume spread aim branched out over the Pacific Const, nnd 1ms boon heave! In Hourly every city in California. Jn Portland, Oregon, she, appeared before a big luullenco nt thn White Temple, and the newspapers of that city wove Invish in their pi-nino of her work. She nlao mot with success in Spokane, Tucomn nnd other northern towns. Slnoo oornipg to Loa Angeles, she has dnnu ninoh to funiifil) high olnsH entertainment for different societies and churches of the Angel city. Mre. Edwards has appeared before packed houses in Han Jose, Frcano, Chico, JUsoondido nnd many other cities. > K very w here phe has • nae^-wi tb ;qp tate. SMOOSSS. ' dt tlTe tatertaiunienV and J fc will undoubtedly be successful. Tho full program will appear In next Satin day's isHiio of the Argua, Rebeknh Officers Elected. At the regular meeting of Covina Kohoknh Lodge, No. ijnr/,, held on Friday evening, I. hi) following siHteix wort) elected officers for tho imxl, lorm: N.(J., Mr«. I-;. Lewis; V. (J., MrH. N Spencer; secretary, Mrs. II. M. Km 1 1 dor; Irons-iirei, MrH. E. Crawford; trustee, Mrs. A. Uurpce. Tho members of I. ho local Kobolcah lodge are preparing a ChriHtmaH box for the (ill ild ron in tho orphan's homo al, Uilrny, an Institution sup ported by l.ho various Hebeknh lodges 1 of the Htnlo. To give UIOHO members 1 who wwii not i roHcnt at the hint moot - ing an opportunity to contribute, it inity he Hinted ilial iiuli vidnal gifts will be sent ID each eliild, and I hut I be box iniiHl. hi! ready "ii Wednesday, I he nilh. A IJHl, of I he elii Idron, with thnir agf.H, in in Iho hands of the .secretary of I ho lociil lodge, Mrs. II. M. Faiildcr, fi'oin whom nny fur Ihei information on Ilii! Hiihjcct enn be obtained. live Acres Sold. 1) W. MnelJoniild, Covina representative for llii; KdvMirdH iV. Wildoy (Company, reprjrlH I ho hale Ibin week for Frank Went on to (Jruiiin Ouk of it live nere V';i Iciicin and navel oninge I/ 1 ni- mi liMJnilalii nvtuiiie, ahoul ,'!.';!) feet soillh (if (lie J'ne.ifle I'ileelile <"ir line. Mr. Ouk, v/hu In IIM e.\|jer ieoeeil orango grower from Orange, ( ,'nl i I Hi n in, lookeil over tin- Ci,vinii distriel very thoroughly before pur (tluiHing nnd tho properly lie has ae(|iiiied in remarried us oni; o' Hie lii H| the acre groves in HUM ilisli'iel. '!'),(• eofiHJil(;inl inn was *IO,(i()0, y.liirli inejiided MHIIH: pi'i >i,niil pi>>p eiiy. Notice. Prove It, Try" TO I> XOTC IT bread -t>Hh your Sinntnv dinner tomorrow and Irui'i' it to tin- folks if the. meal don't taste better. Top Notch Bread A ir /K»iie-)>i(i<ie bread baked in Die same way Ilial \ou bake bread ami vonr niolhcrbtiked-—jn-st <is clcitii) jiisl us it'/io/i'sonn'--only it iicrrr on /is, or falls. "If you can't come, phone," A, I'. Kor<.-kli.,ll' ; DIRECTOK.S 0. R. Anclnriion Marcn IT. Ilnllmttn W. 11. IIOIJ-inAY, C. P. Clnpp . H. M. ItniiHof MAItCO M. IIKI,1,MAM, Vlctu J. U. Klllotl; J. 6. Hniiiicr .1. K. KI.MO'J'T. Vl<-n I'I-CM. W. II. Hcillldiiy C. Mi'M-fi-u W. M. (iltlHWOI,!), CImilili.i- J, '!, IIUTCUINHON. A C Capital and Surplus $90,000. oo' Covina Dalicy Savings Covina, Cal. HIKECTOK'S OFFICERS (!n,. |.;. Aiiili'i-iinii W. II. llollirluy A. I'. ICI'MK-KIIOI' 1 !' 1 , rivitlih-nl •'- ". Kllloll. II. M. HOIIXMI- II. M. IKII ::i;.;u, vi,-,. 1',,,,,1.1,-Nl. Miircn II. Ili-lliiiiin A. I'. Ki-M-liliiill' ,1. C. HirrcillNHON. Cn.iliiMi- w. M. iii(i;-;w(ii,n, Ami. cn;,iiii, Capital and Surplus $42,0()0.oo • • • • • • Hand Painting... • We; ;ire not in the hand jiaintit business, but vir da /nni/\/i lite imilt'ritit in the w;iy of snow-wliilc i la vi I,i ml (II i ina. An iiiipoi-tiint IiieetiliK isenllcil |o he hi'ld ill th(! room-! of City of Coviua, for the pui-{ioHi: of cotihider in^ I ho fi<h istibilit.y of .securing Hie Tilt'.u trolley tri[ih tu Cot inn. lively ;-it.i'/i,-n IM eariirslly ask'-d to },i'. j,ii-r(:iit. '1'fii: (neeling v. ill l.i- h«:!d '1 'ue .'l.iy eveiiing i,f the earning i 9 • l> ( i < l » t O • See Our Window As 'iiic a liti Haviland $25 a set and up <;iir Home's Grocery ! I <i 111': 1 1 \ 11,1; < • 1 •', U i>

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