Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 5, 1908 · Page 10
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 10

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1908
Page 10
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ft* •##*********#* "f**r * * * * Social (Wcws OLD TIME FORCEPS. When the Thing Wan Turned Something Had to Give V/ay, And speaking of toolh reminds mo ******************! tll! " <h " '•""""•.V doctor had to draw !«*in whryi they ached. Tho dentist's A dfdightful surprise proofed Mr. Clifford whPXI he got homo Oil Tuesday evening. It wns his birthday iiiinlvorHary find to celebrate the occasion Mrs. Oliifffifd hurl gathered to- gelher a number of his relative:* from nenr find fur. A daintily appointed dirinor \vas waiting in the cosy lionif! Jind tlif; dining room was decorated in nn nrtJHlic whenio of rod and green. The guests we;re Mrs. Mfiry find Miss (ieh* Brown, Miss (,'omis Hiid Mrs. KaiTori of Los AriKoloH, Mr*. Klla Packard of South Paf-ii- dona Hiirl Mr. mid Mrs. H. II. Pierer<if Coviiia. A delightful family party WIIH gathered biflt Saturday evening at the home of Mrs. C. Jlontli to celebrate lior (iOth hirlhdny. MrH. Heath was taken by one of her children to OH!) on n neighbor mid was surprised on rohirlng to find the house decorated and filled with her runny descendants who had brought Hume handsome presents for her. A pleasant evening was Hpent find refreshments wore •served. Those preeent wen; Messrs. ;ind Mines. .11 in (loath, .loo Heath. Henderson Heath, John Heath, Miri- Htariton, Marion Coltriri, Deck of Pomona, A. Coltrin and family arid Mrs. Matthew Matriey. A delightful children's affair was the birthday party given on Thursday afternoon by Mrs. ,J. M. Whitsol to celebrate the eighth birthday of her daughter Helen. Little Helen is a splendid specimen of "California home products," for her clothes are made by an eleven year old pattern, much she enjoyed playing the to so many llttle'people, who wore mostly members of h«r class at school. Luckily, the rain stopped so that they could enjoy games outdoors. Ket'rcHhrueiits wore served inside. Those present wore lOliso Kerckhoff, f'!lnio Asher, Kva Hisbee, Phyllis Hhnnjes, Lnoilo and Gcnc- viove Matthews, Jniogene Arthur, Ha/el Potter, Jrono CUSH, Androy Wulfurtb, Donald Warner, Jfuborl, Broadwell, Reginald White, Adna Nell, Howard Wilson, Wesley Leighton, Arthur Gehring. Many pretty 'birthday tokens were received by the •little Fresh oysters. 20o a dozen at Oensbaw'H Grocery. HOW HE SLEPT. Hli Experience With a Noisy and Persistent Cuckoo Clock. Wcrla recently WIIM presented wltli nn old fiiHlilonod olook. That {-veiling ho bun;? II on his bedroom wall, wound It up ai:d afler admiring It awhIU! wont to slooj). Ho was drifting Into very pleasant dreams when he wiif Ktnrllcd. "Coo-coo, coo-coo!" 'Wortjc s:it tip with a start, but In nn Instant recovered his wil.s and listened to eight more coo-coos with a foolish Win. Then he lay back and wont to nloop again. Ho hud got Into a flue do/.o by the time the thing wont off i-galu. Thin tliiu- ho didn't grin. Wort/, Is a light sleeper, and, though ho tried to got used to (ho thing, ho gave up after the cuckoo had announced ~ o'clock and got up and stopped the clock. Next evening Wort/. Junior, who had not seen tin; clock, wont to look nl II. ''Why, It's slopped," ho said. "What Is wrung?" Wort/, senior stroked Ids chin. "Maybo I didn't, wind It this morn- Ing," ho replied. "Ford," ho conllmiod generously, "If you will promise to •wind that clock every morning I'll lot .you have It for your room." Werl/, Junior was delighted, and the transfer was made. At the breakfast table next morning the heir of the house of Wertz looked tired and somewhat sheepish, but offered no explanation. After considerable general conversation his father said: "You look tired. How did you sleep Bam nlghlV" Wort/, junior yawned. *'Hy tin- hour," he answered. -Kan sns ('Ity Times. A Csndici Critic. "A criticism that has. helped me a Rival (I,-a! in my work rame front a man to whom I look a picture to be /rained," said a young woman who *pends much of her time copying in the ."Metropolitan Museum of Art. "As the pioturi; progressed my frlemls told me !t was line. Some of the oilier copyists said it. had value, character, good color ing and all those tilings, and even one •ot the guards in ihe gallery got real friendly one day and remarked that It ••va.s tlie best copy of that picture lie had ween. I began to think that may U- oiler all, my sou-nil years of study were beginning to hear fruit. At I lie I'raincr's I |il''k<-d <>ut a nice frame, and On- framer be^an to liiruro uii the cost. "Tb tell you, miss,' lu- Mild, 'that J'rume uill come to .?:'..l!S. 1!' I were you I'd f^et something i-heai»-r fi.r that picture.' " New York Sun. nrliHtry Ind nui ;iti;iim'd tho f-Io pldiif! II. occupies ludiiy. wlif'ii every- body'n inoiilli shines l||«; tlie lnsido of n communion cup. I liotjextl.V bHI<'VP Ihc modern dentist tins inon; different kiiidn of toolx (linn ifven a niuiltiiry plninher, ntid tbiit'.s ;i whole lot when yon coine to coiinl thorn up. The modern drill tat. liiilen the Worst wily to draw n '.(/oth. XevertlialeHH If t.ho modern den tint must drn^v the tooth he IIIIM ii [i.'irlli-iiliir forcejis for a p!ir- t.|eiil:ir loolh, nnd a cruel henrted ,'ind cold looking tiling It. ta too. It puts yon HO In mind of n successful lliinri- i'ler. \Vhen you brin-i' yourself In III" Iron clmlr iind |jik«: n tight grip on Hie iifins of II nnd nifike up your mind you'll try to sinnd II ;ind he gcN ilial forceps uell under llu; gum mid wnlt. n minule; I fool HO kind o' fninl! raws! Why didn't I mind my mother when she fold me not to crock hickory nuts with my teeth? Well, any- wny, you know he'll got the tooth out without doing mor<! Hum Inke the whole toil of your hcjid off, nnd tluH only In a figurative* HOIIHO. r'nolo I)or: hud OIK; Implement Hint did for every tooth, big and little, front find hnek. It wasn't n; It WIIH a turnkey. The mill old folks know what Hint. Is nnd will Hay so with Hu- cold rhllls running over thorn. Hut. you've never Heen one, and many a man that you would enll old linn never seen onn. It's something like n ennlhook. Tito loonely riveted ploco Hint eurvoH Hllps Over tlx; tooth nnd eatehoH on the Inside; the solid cam hen I'M on the outnlde gum; the operator turns l.ho bundle. I,ot'H not tnlkahout It. Komothlng has got to glvo. Mayhe the tooth will come out; mnyho it will hrcnlc off; tnayho the Jaw will fracture. All those nre details. The main point IH Hint If the operator twists the hnndlo Hoinotlilng hns got to glvo, nnd thal.'n all there !H about It.— lOtigono Wood In SiK'"OHH Maga/,lni'. A GENTLE REPROACH. Telling Retort of the Lamblike, Violet Eyed Beauty. Then; Is a curtain young woman who is beautiful, with that childish, wistful, Innocent looking, violet eyed beauty which reduces one-half the fc-mlulnu world to tears, the other half to utterly helpless rage. We ull know the type, but It IH seldom given us to see It lu sueh perfection. We usually associate It with a lamblike, 1 appealing mentality that permits Itself to be ridden upon—as soon expect a wood vioiet to turn and rend you. A short time ago she was asked to u woman's luncheon and got herself up for the occasion In a way that made the result of her efforts a thing not easily forgotten. She arrived looking so lovely that there was little said among the guests for a few moments afler her entry Into the room. Perhaps she fell, the silence. At all events, .she turned to tin- woman standing nearest lief and said In a childish voice, with ever such a little lisp and pretty southern accent: "How well yo' are lookln* today!" It was a well meant civility from a young woman to an older one, who socinlnuly was tumble to accept It as such and put up her lorgnette, sweep- Ing the speaker from top to toe. What she saw was enough to disconcert a younger and prettier woman than herself, but oven so one llnds It dllhYull. to Justify her next move. "Wish 1 could say the same for you," she returned, closing her lorgnette with a snap. One or two of the guests were friends of the pretty woman and almost stopped breathing In order not to miss what they felt sure would coine--and It came. The pretty one raised her eyebrows slightly, then said, will! nn air of geniln reproach: "Why don't yo' lie like a lady, like I doV" Hehobolh Sunday Herald. What He Needed. A sovereign would tempt many men. and when I'llmklub, limiting" h'w purchases at the stores, saw one lying on the lloor Just by the counter he ('iitv- orod with excitement. (ilaiu'lug around to reassure himself that none waa looking, ho inilte accidentally dropped one of his kid gloves neatly on the coin and then dived. He got the glove all right, but still the sovereign remained. A shopwalker approached him. "(iood morning, sir," said the man, rubbing his hands together lu Ihe alt- proved style, "and may I show you a botlie of our celebrated lii|llld glue, which sticks" • London Mail. Tlie Cellar Stairs. A man wh.> on. e had a bad fall when going down his cellar stairs now has a broad sirl;. of while painted ou the Hour at the 1 end of the laM .step. ThU is easily seen, even if the cellar be dark, and many a nasty accident Is avoided. If the house Is routed and you 'I" not like in paint Ihe boards a piece of u hile ..ilclotli can IM- lacked to ihe tliM.r at the fool of the stairs. See that i ho tackini; Is securely done follow than from 'lilladelphia Tress. ~ Buy Your Overalls and Jumper Before Clean-up Day and Save Your New Suit Special Values Sample line cotton ami wool blankets. Men's winter weight wool underwear SI.00. Men's Merino wool underwear 75c. Munsing- and Merode underwear. Union suits and separate garments. The best made under-g-arments. They fit and wear. Closing out all snit cases. Some splendid values. r 20 pieces dress goods 75c to SI.25 values at 50c. Christmas Items AUTO CLOVES AUTO HATS NECKWEAR GLOVES SILK WAISTS TOYS COLLARS The BROADWELL Store KKI'OHT (>!<• THK CONDITION OF THK First National Bank of Covina AT COVINA in the State of California, at the close of business, November 27. 1908. (Charter No. 5830) KK.HOCICCKS. f.oanH ami <Ii.Hcount.H $227,521.'{7 Ovt-rdniftH, Hut-unx! anil unsecured ...1260.95 U. H. bonds to HOCUTO driMjIntion 2,1,01X1.00 i'miniunm <m 11. H. Bomln IKIft.OO HomlH, «f«urlt.ioH, etc 17.980.00 Blinking IIOIIHU, furniture and flxturen.. 17,564.45 Due from National Bunkn (not roHcrve nRvntH) 2.081.34 Due from Stutc f3unkB and Bankerx 1.749.47 Duo from approvc'ij rencrvo agcntH 31,662.09 ChcckH and oth<;r cash itemH 78.85 Notoa of other National Bankx 400.00 Fractional paper currency, nickeU, cents . 117.99 Lawful Money RoHerve in Bank, viz: Specie ; •.. 11,598.15 11,698.15 Redemption Fund with U. S. Treasurer 5 per cent of circulation • • 1,250.00 Duo from U. S. Treasurer, other than 5< redemption fund .8850.00 .342,839.16 . Total — I.IAIIIMTIKS. ' . Capital Stock paid In $ 60,000.00 Surplus fund 30,000.00 Undivided profits, IOBB expenses and taxed paid 10,000.81 National Bank notes outstandlnK 25,000.00 Duo lo Trust Companion and Savings Banks 7,889.54 Individual dupOHils subject to check... 212,314.4U Demand cortifli-ntcH of deposit. 1,100.00 Curlifleil cheek» 34.52 Total 342,339.16 Slate of Ciilifornia C.'ounlv of Los Angeles, ns: I, \V. M. (iriswold, C'iishier ot tlie above- naiiivd tmnk, ilo .solemnly swenr that tile ir.bove statement is true to the best of inv knou-leilyi: and In-Met. \V. M. (JHISWOI.D, vJashier. t-'orrect - -Attest: J. U. Flliott. ) (',. F. Clatip ( Direelora (!ei>. E. Anderson ) Subscribed 'and H'.vorn to before me thia 4th duy of Deeembor, 11KIH. E. IV Warner, Notary 1'ublic. Assessment Notice. Covina Irrigating Company, principal place of business, Covina, Rowland Township, County of Los Angeles, State of California. Notice is hereby given that at a i meeting of the directors, held or. the second day of December, 1908,1 an assessment. (No 47) of 75 cents per share was levied upon the capital stock (as increased October 22ud, 1886) of the above named corporation, payable immediately to the secretary at the office of the company at Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 5th day of January, 1909, will be delinquent and advertised foi' sale at public auction, and unless jjayment is made before, will be sold on the 26th day of January,1909, at 2 o'cldck in the afternoon, at the office of the company in Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with cost of advertising and expense of sale. B. P. EDWARDS, Secretary. Covina, Cal., December 2, 1908. Notice To Contractors. The Covina Union High School District will receive scaled bids up to one o'clock p.m., Monday, December 2Hth, for the erection of a High School building, plans and specifications of which may be seen on and after November 2.Sth at the office of G. 1). Jennings, Covina, California, and ;it the office of t\ S. Allen, architect, ,W4 Slavin building, Pasadena, and 712 Security building, Los Angeles. Uids must be made upon blanks furnished thy the architect and accompanied by accriilied check for live per ceht of the same drawn in favor of (r. I). Jennings, Clerk, which will be forfeited lo the school district in case the successful bidder fails to enter into contract anil give Surety Company bond within ten days after the contract is awarded to htm. The ri({ht is reserved to reject any and all bids. (',. D. JKXN1NUS, 12-12 C'li-rk. "1 ;"Th. :iy>V ••n: a.s Dody !'•• '.br \ on d. nch a, that U'linii that r raulimis Journal. it l>rin;. ivph . ; ivsuits," r..-ulsvllU> NOTICE. The regular annual meeting of the stockholder* of the I'ufina National I la nk, of I'ovina.l'al., will be held .it its banking rooms on the Mivond Tuesday (the 12th) of January, IMI'I, at the Imur nf 1 p. in., for the purpose of electing directors and tr,iii-»ai.'tiiig asiy otlu-r business may COIIK- bet".>iv the meeting. \'. O. KNiJI.ISH, i\ishier. Ueeemtu-r ^. 1'nW. NuTK'K. The le^ular meeting uf the .-.ti.ekhi'lil.-rs of the 1'iiitcil State-, Savings Hank, of Cuvnui, i'.il., \\iil In 1 held at il-> b.inlviuj; room s . .n the .->ci> tut Tuoilas ithe 12th> of .l.ii:ii.irv. I' 1 !'", a< tiu- hour oi 1 .Vi [i. u: . I, r (he puf- |i..-,o of eUctii;.: dueetof* aiM ttai,-.- ii/tin.; ans otner liii>itie->-> may i-oine la-fore the nu-e'u.^. \ i). KNi i !.!>H, >.-eie;ai->. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Columbus C. Bohanuan, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned executrix of the estate of Columbus C. Bohannan, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the deceased, to exhibit the same with necessary vouch- ers,witWin four months after the first publication of this notice, to the said executrix of the above named estate, at the law office of A. M. Pence, Rooms 7 and H, Weed building, Covina, County c>J Los Angeles, State of California, which place is hereby designated a.-i the place of business of said estate. Dated this the loth day of November, U'OS. Mary E. Bohannan, Executrix of aforesaid estate. A. M. Pence, attorney for said estate. First publication. Nov. 14, 1908. 5t Made tu oat. Warner, Whitst-l Co.'H pastry. You tnku the cuke, every time yon iiutieo orio in Waruor, WLitael &, Co.'a pastry department. A Table for the Whole Family at the — f BONHAM & R1TCHA Cement Contractors LET US FIGURE .ON ANYTHING IN THE CEMENT LINE SIDEWALKS AND CURBS OUR SPECIALTY We are experienced cement men and employ only skilled help. Home phone 10f>7 Now that he has been elected, let's all get in and make things hum. Business has been good for us. It is going to he better for all of us. Call and see our large stock of builders' hardware, tools, oils, glass, stoves, heaters and ranges, gas and gasoline stoves, cutlery, gloves and house furnishing goods. Scissors and pocket knives. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, GAL. IF YOU WANT AN IMPLEMENT OF ANY KIND, WAGON, BUGGY OR SURREY call on Twomey Diller Prices lower than ever. Give us a trial before going to Los Angeles. Coolman Block, Opp. S. P. Depot, Phone 29 \ .•.-•' • • -. • . ,-,-••_ New Dairy* New Stock, New Buildings We are prepared to furnish you with the fiuest Jersey milk and cream, delivered at your door. Place your orders by telephone. MILK COWS BOUGHT AND SOLD SHAW & HELWICK Home Phone 2038 E-RU-SA: The Only Lawful Pile Cure Because it does not contain narcotics, mercury, cocaine, lead or any poisonous drugs. Because E-RU-SA CURE PILS. U. S, Dispensatory recommends every ingredint of E-RU-RA- D-iugs laws mrde "false oy misleading statements" a crime. Therefore the of all old narcotic pile tnedicans is illegale because they affect the braine aud spinal marrow, produce constipation, and never cure E-RU-SA is not for sale atopiun joints. Only drug, pest of highest standing sell and indorse E-RU-SA, namely- W. W. NASH and C.F. CL.A.PP. Subscribe for the Brgus* COVINA Shoe Reprinf (o. FINE SHO£ REPAIRING A n< A 1 X REASONABLE PRICES Citrus Avenue Hotel Yendome We iMU-r especially to A trade ami ,i'way> to the traveler ^ and t•. urist. They say u >• -.erve 4 better than the big lintels * »f l.i'S Aii^elci. u-, prove it J » '••>""• i I (hi(ken Dinner j on \\\-i!::e>.lJY and Sunday. ^ JUST RECEIVED A new and up-to-date supply of Cards and Folders for your photoM. Special prices during September. C. W. Tucker's Studio KODAKS AXD SI'PPI.IKS Covina. (."a,!. , E, WOLFARTH Cement blocks for sale cheap. S W. Gage, agent for D. E. Stltes. tf Furnished rooms for rent. Apply to Mrs. Martha Hibsoh, Cottage Drive. tf THE NEW IRambler Better than ever. Better than any, regardless of price. \Ve can "show you." See local agent or W. B. COWAN MII S. Hroadway, Los Angeles Acet:t for Southern California A. J. ROOKS All kinds of general and heavy Blacksiuithiug. t t .1. .1. FITX'iKKAl.U. Prop. : We man ufacture Kidgers, Orange i . i Racks and Box Presses ' l.arg'e and complete stock ot every- ttiii :t f in the line. j Horseshoeing a Specialty Nouairing uf all kinus. Fine watch i ^ ° wi..rk a =>necialty. 1 Citrus Avenue Covina. Cal. Shop West Bfldillo St, Csvifld lf \ni Home Phone IOQ7

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