Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 11, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1912
Page 5
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-I THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, NOVEMBEIUl. 19f2. A TMZ or IBE llfiONHER ^orderrMyLady^ i i'\lvJtvU W Doubt: My Lady c /5& iSouthV c/c c/c. CHAPTER IV, COryRKJHT 1512 BY A.C.M=CLURG & Ca the iTuUdluc. liTs^body got burnt U lIofBcs ill gone." "What tribp?" "Arapiliccs, from the way thT Fcalpod;; tliafs what made It so si-ri- ous—It those Northern Indians have hrokon loos.? there Is going to be war .this time tor sure." The men on the box looked at each other questlonlngly. "I don 't Bee no use fryin' to go on. .TaKe, do yoii?" aBUed the driver soberly. "ICven If w<! do pit through, thar ain't no hossen to be had." The olher shook his head, rubbing ;Ul3 guiiataclU'iij-^'^ .<i; ..."^klost ItkHy .thotio same red devHS are layln' for ua now somcwhar be- '.ween yere an" Low Water; whar the •rail runs In bctv.ern thrm two big rockH, moRt probablf." ho concluded. "Not hnvin' no ha'r to lose, I'm for Rolu' back." With an o :ith of feliirf. the driver re- l^>nHeil his brake and Pkllfully swung the li-adors around, the coach groan- ins; as It took tli-i pharii turn. The ni;in on the Rround c .iught a hwlflly :-..'i3iilng glimpro of ilie .voung worn\ iin's face within, and strode hurriedly ! Idrwaril as the coach started. "Hold on thi-re, panlti -r," he com- ni.iniled Hlornly. •'Thi loor bronc" won't travel another : i. There's pl.-nly of r -Mim for nie idc, and I 'll mm the tired d "vil 1o'.>!ie. Hold on, I s:iy!- 'r!i> driver once n .-^.Tln slapped on fhn brak". growlinc an<l reluctant, his aiixiotiR «y, t.nrrliing the trail In Soih (llrrrllo'is. Ilanilln quietly un- einrhed his paddle, flinging It to the loarh T<v,'; hriiilc followed, and then. wi :h a skip nn th" haunch of the released nniM .->I. he str«)de to the ftago thrust his Henry rifle within, and took t!ie v.ioont sent beside Gon- r:.".Ics. With a sudden crark of the lirlvrT 's whip the four horses leaped forward, and the coach careened on ; he slope of the trail, causing the passengers to clutch wildly to keep from luinrr precipitated Into n mass on the floor. As the traces straightened. Mifp Molly, clinging desperately to a strap, caught her first fair glance at the newcomer. Ills hat was tilted back, the light revealing lines of Weariness and a coating of the gray, ;K)wdery dust of the alkali desert, but beneath It appeared the brown, sun- r.-orrhed skin, while the gr.iy eyes looking straight at her, wore resolute iiad Bmlling. Ills rough shirt, open at the throat, mif:ht hav<' boon the product of any s'jller's counti r; ho wore no jackft, a:id the broiid yellow stripe (I>jwn the leg of tho faded blue trou- ners r.lone proclaimed him a soldier. He smiled across at her, and she lowered her eyes, whiio his glance wandered on toward the others. "Don 't seem to be very crowded to- dny," ho becan, genl .nlly addressing Moylan. "Not an extremely ^pular route at prenent, 1 reckon. Mining, pardner?" "No; jK )st-trader at Tort Marcy." "Oh, that's it," his eyebrows lifting Riiphtly. "This Indian business la a br.d Job for .von then." His eyes fell on his se.Ttnrite. "Well. If this Isn 't Httlo fionzales! —You've got a good ways from home." "Si. senor:' returned the Mexican brokenly. "1 ttnk I not remem." bluffs, here both steep and rugged, ' "Xo. I reckon not. I'm not one of completely «l \mt !r.g orf the view, bar- i V"'"" clrss; cards and I never did The Attack. ' Slightly more than sixty miles, as Ihe route Tan,, stretched between old Fort Dodge and the ford crossing the Arkansas leading down to the Cimarron; another sixty miles - distant, across a desert of alkali and sand, lay Devere. The main Santa Fe trail, broad and'de'«»lJlV rutted by the Innumerable wheel's of early spring caravans, followed the general course of Ihe river, occasionally touching the higher level lilalns, but mostly ,kcoi> -Ing Close beneath ibe pi^oteollonto* tho northern bluffs, or elsf? skirling th«3 edge of the water. XIpbt or day the route was wisliy followed, and. In other years, tho traveller was seldom for long out of 'sight of (oIllTig wagons. Now scarcely a wheel turned In all that lonely distance. Tho west-bound stage left tho station at Deer Ct-pi'k at four o'clock In the viih no intliuallon of danger ah^ad. Its neeupiinis hud eat. en dinner In conipimy with those of tho oast-bound coneh. elght<'en miles down the river it Canon Uluff, and tho Incoming driver hud reported an o;"'n i road, and no unosunl trouble. No Indian slgUB had been ol)scrved, not even signal flrcal during the night, and the CQJiduetor, who had come straight from feanta.. Fe, reported that trot )p8 from Fort i'nion had driven the only Itnown bnnch of raiders back from tho neighliorhood of the trail, and had them already safely corralled In the mountains. Thls-repcrt, seemingly authentic and offlcialr served to r-Iix the nerves, and the west-bound driver cang to himself as he guided tho four horses forward, while tho conductor, a sawed^ff gun planted between his knees, nodd-^d drowsily. Inside there were but three passengers, • Jerking hack and forth, as tho wheels struck the deep ruts of the trail, occasionally exchanging a word or two, but usually staring gloomily forth at the monotonous scene. Miss McDonald and Moylan occupied the back seat, some baggage wedged tightly between to keep them moro secure on the slippery cushion, while facing them, and clinging to his support with both hands, was a pock-marked Mexican, •with rather villainous face and ornate dress, and excessively poljte manners. Ho had joined the little party at Dodge, smiling happily:|at sight of Misa Mfflly's fare when dhe unveiled, although Ills small knowledge of Kng- lish prevented .niiy extended effort at conversation. Moylan, however, after careful scniflny. er.r.aged him shortly In Spanish, and l.itir explained to tho girl, in low tones, that tho man was a Santa Fe ganiMer known as Gonzales, with a reputation to bo hinted at but .not openly discussrd. They woro some six miles to; the west of Deer (Wok, tho horses still moving with spirit, tho driver's foot on the brnke, when tho stage took a midden plunge down n sloping bank where tho valley pi>rfeptibly narrowed. To the left, bevond a r .at expanse of brown. sun-:u-orclird grass, flowed the wlili'ly .-ipnading waters of the Arkansas, bar-ly tovi-rljig tho treaoher- 0U8 sandy Itoiton, and from the other side came the more distant gleam of | nlka!l plaius; '<> the right arose the i ren of vef:i':;i:ion vxoept for a few seattored I '-.Ttrlie.-? cf }:rass. Suddenly a man r<>i!!» otrt of a rift in the bank, directly M frorf..and held up his band. Surpri.sed, »t.?rlIoi!, the driver in- star.tanof>:'.-!y clomped on his brake, and bron.'^; his horses to a quick stop; ' ...iuctor. r.early flung from his seat, y«ri.a(i ivg gun forward. • "None ••>{ -.nat now," called out the men In saidlo quickly, both hands vp- llfted to «hqw thi ir emptiness. "This Is no hold-up. I've got news." H» spurred h:s jKiny fDrward slowly, the animl sier.:ingly barely able to mcve. and swung out of the saddle heside the front wh<cl. Etaescring a bit as though his limbs were cramped PS his feel fett the ground. "I'm from Fort Fnion," be aald. "Seventh Cavalry, sent through by way of Cimarron Springs. There is hell to pay west of here; the stations at Arkansas Crossing and Low Water were bum'-d last night." "The devil y<ju say," burst out the driver hoarsely, his i;tartl«d eyes sweeping the horlrcn. ••Injuns?" "Sure, plenty of slsna, but I haren't teen any bucks myself. As soon as I discovered what had happened at tho Crbsslng I struck out on to the plateau, and came around that way to : warn those follows at Low Water. But', when I got sight of that station frcm j off tho bluffs yonder It had been wiped ; out. Then I thought about this stage f going west today, and came on to meet 1 you. Must hova ridden a hundred an' | twenty rotleB since yeiterday; the' mustang la all In." , Moylan stuck hU b^ad out the near* est window. | "Look like they' had muQh of a fl«ht at tho Crossfnc?" he tasked. "Not muoh; more Uk* a a^t nld; two trhUea • V, anil, grasping the si!I to hold •I'iself upri^h'. ie..iir,d o'Jl. I'.e eaupht : rx-mer.iary glimpse of two men rid;•• ; ev.ifily i:p the tra": the box abov< V :r rply, ihs wl.eelcrs alcne ri> n; inril i.-i harr:<>ss. and they were ',I-!I!;T uncontrolled. Cy O&d!" ho muttered. "ThoE" I '-o d.iTin.cowards have cut loose and !• It uj-:" y.\cr. as tho unrestrained words I'-iiiied from his Hps ho realized Ih'- f-r !y hope—the reins still danslrd. rai'sht securely in tho brake lever. Irch by Inch, foot by foot, he wiggled t ti; Moylan. comprehending, enuglil i.ia legs, holding steady ai; ihe mud pitching. Uls llnBors grippod 44«n-top' p«Il, and.- excMltig nil hb ."•irength, he slowly pulled his body lip, tintll h» fell forvnril Into the driver's Fi'at. Swif; a.-* he had 'ocen, the action "There Is Hell to Pay West of Here." was not quickly enoxigh conceived to -ivert disaster, llo bad the reina ii: Ui.^ grip when the swinging pole struck •h-j sliep sU\i-> of the bluff, snapping off with a sharp crack. ai;il flinpini: down tho friKhtened auiina1.><, tlu wheels crashing agalnt:t ih<'iii. a."* the :oarh can)" to a sudden hall, liamli!: Vnr-.s. on grimly,-flung forward to th- f'-)->(r?!fl by th.» force of the shock, his Itody bniis-d and aching. C.:\.-> horse l.iv n-oiionlciis. lif-ad under, .niip.-.n-iilly i;iFi;i:illy kill-vl; his iii.Tte slruguh-d to I'.is f< it. '.;;re tr.-.iilir.nlly I -TO !-.* from ;ho tracer, and went flying madly •lown 111' slope, the broken harness Wangling at his heels. The S.::rgeant sal up and about, sweeping the blood froin a slight gnsh out of his o.ves. Then he camo to himself vith a g .Tsp —understanding Instantly what It .'.ir meant, why those nua 'oad cut looso fho hors <»3 and ildiieu away, why tho wheelers had plun;;ej for ward in that mad run-away race—between the bluffs and the river a swarm »f Indians were lashing t'leir inmles, sprcnding out liko the sticks of (To Be fonllnurd.) Miss Ina McKnight. in.^tiu. tnv ii! Mu.sic in the city s; hools. nMiiii'r: yesterday from a short trip to Kansas I'iiy and p<dnts in the iioitli-.rn part of the Klale. Gives Color, Lustre to Faded .a.nd Gray Hair—Dandruff Ouickly Removed, agree ? shot up your game once down at Inio::: nisht Hassinger was killed. Kemember now. don't you?" "Si, senor." spreading his hands. "It was mos' unfortunate." "Would h.-'.ve been more BO . If the iKiys had got hold of you—Saint Annel bnt'lhat fellow on the box is driving some." The thud of the horses' feet under the lash, coupled with the .reckless lurching of ihe coach, ended all fur- thsr attempt at conversation, and the fo::r pass-^ngors held on grimly, and .stared cu of the windows, as if expecting evi ry instant that some accident would' hurl them headlong. The frightened driver was apparently sparing neither whip nor tongue, the galloping teams jerking the stage after them In a mad race up the trail. H.imlin' thrust his head out of the nearest window, but a sudden lurch hurled htm back, the coach taking a sharp curve on two wheels, and coming down level' once again with a btimp which Irot^ht the whole four •together. The little Mexican started I 'o scream out a' Spanish oath, but Us^mlln gripped his throat before it was half ottered, while Jloylan pressed the. girl back into her seat, bracing hitnMlf to hold her firm. \ "What the devil—"he began angrily, and then the careening coach '.topped as suddenly us though it had .•"rucli th.» bank, again trar:r.g loose their l)a.Td!)old on tho scats ar.d flhis- ing them headlong. They heard thai! your hair, •-reaking clamp of the brakes, th* •,^H "'^"*^S'*^t rour lanclnB of frightened horses, a perfect; f' volley of oaths, the crunch of feet as '"'^ *''''• » \WT\ leaitcd from the lop to the .^r-tuud; then, all at once, the ataco lurched forward. swwInB 8bari>ly lo the left, and struck ^t^aeroBa^tha toward" '"" ~ OLD-TIME BEIDY ENS THE nil For (generations Sajri» and Sulphnr hare boen' us "»i for hair and scalp tr.>ubl-;w. A!m;>r-t ev-r>one knowj the v:i!u^ of such a c>m.');.iation for kfeeping the h.iir a p-iod even color, for curing dandrufr, itchinjr .^calp ami falling hair, and for promotinjj tlio frrowtii of the hair. Years ago the onJy way to get a Hair Tonic of U T'S kind Vas to make it in the,'home, •which was troubieaomc and not alvrays saiisfact^y. KoWa- daj -3, almost any up-to-dato draggiat can sopply his patmna with a rcady-to- uso nrmlact, sl.iTli'ully profMrcd in per- xecUy equipped luboratories. An Ideal preparation of this sort U Wyclh's Sajro artd Sulphur Hair Kemedy, in whirh>? and Si^lphur cv combinwl with other valanhl.} rcmc- iii.»8 for scaln troubled nr-d thin, weak hair that is loslsig it* color or coming out. After using this retnedy for s few days, you v.n!l iioticc too color gmdualiy coming Iwurk. vour scalp wit! f.t'l bitter, the dandruff v/ill .«oon be gone, and in loss thnn u mrvnth's time tht re \i ill bo a womlcrful dilTcrcnce in hair If it isfulf !U color or coming out. Get a ^fty cent lh>ttie ot Wyc'th's Sage and Su>pbur'<<rom jtm (traSBist, aM see what a few oaym* treatment win 4o for yoa.^All drof-- PEIIGEPi)OSI>ECTSIIIII)PWHEIIT|- COdll TKOF OITi.OftK IV WWV.S. ALSO IIAIl .SOMK l>Fl.i;i:\<-K Cnltle Arp Qnoird » Shuilr Lnnrr IVhlle lings lilt (Iff Ten In Kifleru Cents III Kansas (ily. I'APK 'S DIArKI *S!>' RKUn.ATKS STOMAni (tty till' ,\s«o<lated lYrw,) tMiieago. Nov. 11.—I'enee protipeets in Kurope and the goo.l crop r.iillookj In .\rgentlna dropped wlie.T. Tlie open; ing was to 1'.<« down. Decern-, ber started S9 to Vi; down, fell to 8S%@S8aic. Chirago Close. AVUKAT—Dec. SO'/*; May y.'.; .luly 91e. COUN—nee. .".n'diTi vj; .Mav ..Inly r ,0i4c. tUTS—Dec. 31%?r',4c,- .May 22; .In­ ly .'iSc. — PORK—.laDv $18 .4214: .May $lS.o.-.. LARU—Jan. JIO.-IJ^; >tay $Ui.l.-,. Kiin.xiiM Cil .r (iniin. Kansas (Mty, Nov. 11.—Cash Wiieal unclianged to one rent lower. No. il hard. S8«2«('SJt>A; .\o. :i. ItS'J/l.yi; N(? 1 red, SSTtsnv..: No .I. 'Jt^lttS'Ac i:if).se—Deo 8fi: May .sT (?r -'S: .Mily si)i/i I'OR.^'—^Market uncli.anseiir No. 2 mi.xeil. old riiK.'Ti.Vi. new .'.2 'Afi.":'.; .No.. 3. <j3d-"54, iJew:r,ig(^f,;^ 2 whHe, oldl .-..^ro-nfi. new 5SfjJV4;.'>^^. old S3(6^.74;'f .11 w .12tt ''»"'l Close—Dee May 47",':rA: .Inly O.-Vrs'--Market V,e lower No 2 white •:.'l^i'itm\i: No 2 niix.'d :vy,i '...<• 1!YK -t;Se piT bushel. lJ (M -cipts of wheat. 2so eai>-. I< • W iiid II 'Co »M' ft Kiiti '^n^ l .he.xiwri.. anfas (^Ity. Nov. II t'ATTI.K its 2(.<""' A'.iil.i i i'<-nly t'l .•( • iT .N.-I'.i'."' .-'"ITS •> <it \' ati'l lirlriM-. 2.'' ;i ^; <i". sin- fee.!.i> $( -Ati,t 7i„i;i,, %\ : rahi 'S $T .'i<"<t T T.'v • lll.S .-ip-s !•. .\l:iil.t' liiw .•: V $; 7 7'.; i Mi:il liii;-. $7 .'.n 'o 7 7.i; - iif. . re- 1 nil; li;r!:t riilriiui* l.he«torl,. ciii.-a^.i. Nt.v. II CVITI.i:. r" r.':<>••>':' .Mi'iket ."-t-Mily. I' I.i\v.T .-v" s J'-"jr.f; I'l i;.">; .stnrli-r- ;ini| f.-.-! •iv $1 I".-'. cow.; ;.ncl !i. if-r- ?2 7i* ..!".. I<.«.-r l.i;:. I $7 I:.'•• 7 Vii; mj....' >7 Ji-'-f 7 !ii;i>/ •» 7 :•*•; pi;- ';' I'I'.J 'i 70. kan<-:i>> CHj rnidiirr. Kansas Cily, Nnx, II lliitlcr .uid '•;4v.s um Uan^eil. II W .Marfi<-t w'-i'k. rii"i <o (im- •ilty $l;!M >'ii H "IP; rlmio' prahii' $12- I.: I It I.earf anil .*«peller. .St I.oiij:. II. l.'-a.l. marl..* I ••III'. $li;i'; yx'tUir. )li:iik<-l. It ?7 2"- I.oral Marki-ls. I'toduil (i'lotations furnished liaily •y Corliill ConiiMi.''si'>n Cmupany: I '.r 'i 'ri-;!.-- L'lr pfi- |.i>iiii "i. i:<;i;s 2i'- i'<-r ii-iz-n. |-(M I.TI.'V ll.-n-. :>•-.•; .... k.-. Ir; • liriti:;.;. ti 'j'-; <lii> ks. I"i-; 3«".<'. .'.< ; 1 rk<\vs. I'lr; i;iiiiii '«s. 2"i- i-ni-li r.UOti.M Cf)i:.\" -$t;n l<. »l'l' p.-r um. linllKK II1DK.>^--$2'|" I.. $47.-,. UKKK IIIDK.S—Ifi-. \ Out of the Hcnest Class. ^roni I'l- Salt l..-ikp Trlldinc. ni.virrior .lohnson's characterliatlon f Pn-sideni Taft .is "tho most humll- 11 ing character In American history." < a fair example of unbridled license •f speech gone mad. Johnson's at- ••mpt to sti-al the Republican or- •.anixatlon In California .and dl.sfran- :»:lse Taft voters, puts him out of tho ^lass of honest mun who are enUtlod to respecL Small Consolation. Tn Dunoon (.Scotland) tho other afternoon one of the municipal em­ ployes had a free bath. lie l3,a veteran who drives the cart ^jg watering the roails. While fllling the tank ol Ihe vehicle the Ions hosepipe crime ofl the tap. with the'result that the water rushed l-.Ich Into the air as wore anxious to do the aeroplane act. There na.< no way to get the water turned off except to go straight into tho middle of It. The waterman tad many trials before be managed tc throttle (he impromptu fountain. And when he made It tap the mat. and came out soaked to (he skin, he was not cheererl up by tho remark of a witness of the Homeric contest, who said—"Ach. Ponal. never mind: It'll no* da* ve ony herm; it's snufwater." . Chinese Oysters. A Xew York Chinese lanodrymaa Is helping out bis'flatly breakfaat with native Chinese oysters on the half .ibelL "The shells he brought along with him from China. ThV: oysters be receives .from China in the half barrel, dried and smoked. As they come they resemble some* what dried apples or peaches. The laundryman places'a mess over night each oyster in a shell full ot sea water, and tbe next morning they hare the pltimo and Juicy attractlre- nesa of freshly opened oysters, and If chey did not liaro so much tbe taste ^f canvaaed bam one might perhaps detect an oyster flavor about them. .Tbe Chinaman aaya the oysters are jreserred In tJHa way by first being tried In tbe sun and then smoked vith aeaveed wblch. when- burning, ua a •mttW like oyster soup Time II! In Ki<e Miooles llie <;:is, SMttmr>><, llcirllinrn and Intllges. lion .Misery Is (ione. Do some fiii»(Ii( ynu eat hit t«.Ti'k- laste g"<'(I. In.ii. uerk badly; frrm.'uts into sliililmrn iimp!J luid eaii-Jt^a sii-k. sour, aa^sy st'iuiirf-h? .Now. .Atr. ..r Mrs. D\x-p «|.tli jot tills down: IVipr".- I'iajK'iisIn tliti.'ts <>»<Tyihlns, N-avint noiliin;.; fo ;-oi r and up.-et ynu. 'I'tirre never was nnyihinir ?<> saf'-ly epitck. s" ecrlainly effei-tlviv .No iliff.-renr.- how liailly your slnjii.T. ;i i.--- i!fsii-nhTe<I yiiti will g<'l liapp.v r«''i <'r in fiM- minute:!, but what please.s you nm.-t .is that it stiengthens and reicu!al'-s your st. ;ii ach so you ran •••it yuur ra^t'iit'" f"-"!^ without fear. Mii.^t remedies iiive you reli>'f soiin'- time.<^tli<\v are slow, hut. ^not sure. Diapejisin is qui' k. p'--i;i\o anil imt-- yiiur stf^natli- in a ii.'.;illiv eondi'.i'>ii . •> the miseri- won't < ti!-> Ij.iek. You feel i!irferi-nt iis as l':-ir''i> .sin roiires in (><iita: t it '1 tfio sUini:'.< "! —dislross jus!, »iini :tli>'- .\iitir i;<Mr- ach swiit. Ml' u:i-"<, no lii !<.-;iini;. ni» eructations nf nmlii ;o-ted fv'I. your lioiid elear.s :in'l vou.ferl fino CiO now. maki- I 'n' In'st inv<> MH-III you ever ni:ile 1«> -^fttine a laru" fifty- e( nl easo nf I'ai >-'- Diape;: in anv drug storf ^'mi realize 'v. n •> minufs liow n<-iM!;i-ss- il is to'f.'.- f'oiii inliig$^-t!(>n, dj.iVel 'S';' "i" - ;AoUc ^lta^^- -• • - "TittS 1>.VT ,tYKAR Vfil). Hot Blast Coal Slovcs, Burn Less Fuel, M-akc IMorc ITeaf. Easier to Keep Coi' Just IIS ,1 llenilnder Ihnt Suinuier Mat >«l I.nsI Alnays. Mr. 1). 1!. Sni <li7 .<r has tin- di.ii.v habit. Wheilicr ynu tiling It is a li:i'l habit or a r.ooil on ilepi'mls IMMUI whetlirr vou hav.' ii <>r not I'.til !ii;.i Is neither In-ri" rmr lli'-rc. Jui!- 1 S!in'liZ''r has il in jis moM ni:ili:;ii:in' fill til. H P can |i II villi IliiW lli:it'. I 'i'.us liM rill-ki IIS luiil .•iiiv il.iv III ... past Iiiiii:lr<-d Jials or so. :iiii| .\ In! i>r II II P r tliiiiss lliiit liiav < M ' nny imi iiiteri'sl yiiu. AI-^o liK ran I'll ynu what kind of VMilur li:i>l "ii .t'\ • '• given day. Ami I HII - is lii < iiilr.> f ir : a' year auo today: "ne.'iiiliful. r|i-ar. warm inntninj- Char and warm, waitii, •varin II :i III. vi-r.v cloudy, rnnN'r. nui' - Slniniv. iHMVy wind ' W IS mil In .Ini- i;> i^n'. Willinlll en;;! or V '-l al N .•• 111. virijl I:.''*l p. IH n\«'rr*/i:it ;ir-.;t linv,- nri.. .M' ii.-liry down to iilmiii ;!il ; IM I 1 - li'iK cnjil. r .". |i in. aw fill :-iti (W nun i:ii;in:r. JIIM I fj- • /.in;: li.inl .\nv 12. r-ntilfiiniiiiii;;. i|n*.\ ti l'» •» H I MIVO •/•in. ;• f.ill of n\<r *'•» •.• 21 hniir;: " ' il Sn : nifi'-lliio;: 1.-; lik'ly tn li;ipi»n M'Virly ;iiiy (if lti<s<' ll .IVS Wood Investment Company William Trine, Full line .of y ' I MOT()j[{CYCLES, BICYCLES AND AWi SMALL SlUSICAL'lNSTIlUiV^N ?PSI :i Supplies and Repairs for Same. BICYCLE SUPI»LIES AND KEI'AIRS 112 Wcsl Matlison lola, Kansas TUOS. H. BOWIiDS, President J. F. SCOTT, rashler Allen County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS ESTAlILISnKD A (iUARTEll OF A rF,>TnRjr. Capital Surplus Deposits INTEBEST PAID O.H TI.IIK DEPOSITS SArETT DEPOSIT BOXES FOR »EKT . $.30,000.00 . $40,000.00 $550,000.00 itMMnrs lorii, iMori.r. Irila .!>.-. iK-I'-il lii:it \ :v<;i.i: nnsi: n<" InnkiJ.nrn i .ark. ulyci-rin'-. "l . a~ t. ,I:(>(>MT"!<-!| in .\ilfer-i-l r. th.- r;i iMian ;'i>| • fnli^ ill- ri-nir-dv .r«iT-.-,. i nii i!|.- 'n'l'-i' M : .|.| . . i :.-'-,.;.i ;..n \r n.\! 1; M" •: . .V llnwaril. in iiv:;iM.' , K N llnrwitz nl tl!" V \i><k ,inr<- I' fi Siiliiril IV fnr .'•St. (.••ii;. 'K lEOOTBAIilj ;WONDEB .1. I». AKNE'rT. rrisHlrnt .TOE .HrhlMEY, f'a^thlfr J. I. Miai. Viii .I'resiili-nl. E. C. lIrCr.AI>. As.«it « ash. «Ul .OM;r. I .AWOV. '-'nd Tire-I'nsideiil, State Savings ttaiik (•AriTu;f :;.'^o(M) sruriTrs ?:.v'»w» lOLA, KANSAS Wc J 'ay Intcrv.^t on Time Depo.^its and Ac- COUM L^. .Safety Deposit iJoxcs Yv^a to our Cust(»mer.s. rr lOLA STATE BANK ! Capital Stock $25,000.00 Surplus il2J)00.00 WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS L. r. HOKVII.LE, Pica. \ ^W. S, KAUtMA.\. JSiid.Tlce Prea., • J. B. CAJIPn/:LL, Cashier. , , 1. "JT. «i ;rK, Vlfc.Pres. V. O. BEIfSn>', Anil. Caakiar .8AJETT DEPOSIT OOXF.S FOR BEST. J Blaka Miner. According to Balptr Hoaglaoi. fonner Princeton star, and now on* of the best known offlclala la the 'iweat. Blake MlUer ot tbe Michigan Agrlcnlture coUege, la the Ond or , the aeaaon In footbalL Miller was the ! firat man to acore on Michigan tble year. In the DeFauw game he eot \ away four times for long sprinU to the goal, pulled oil three end runs and . received two forward jiaaae* i which were, good for 3S yards each, j Other critics agree with Hoaglaaa that MlUer Is the west's greatest player and abont the only, candldata thiraeetlon of the footbaU world wlU iprodaca for the All-Amerlran team itbl* ML . Cl THE ^ORTHRUP NATIONAL BANS 10I..\, K l.N.SAS OVEU rOIJTY YEARS OK (oSsEKYATIVE BASJiINC: IX lOLA !trposll'>rj foe Ihe rniled Stales i^'.Mv. of Kansas; auil-Allen Covitl; OFFItEKS: i: J. MII.I.KK. Prcsi.l'tit K I.. NOnTHJMM'. Vi.:c-'Pre.<rt. MEIA'I.N KK (J .\K. f :a.'^iiier K. X. NORTauaiC. Viee-rrcsl. n J. COFFKY Asst. Cashier I>. V. NOIiTIlitDP. Vicc -I 'reBt CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000.00 TOUR iaSI>E .sS .SOUCITEP Intrrest Paid on Time Deposlte .Safrty Dyioslt Uoies for Bent SVorklnK~FiiiSd» I'innnrial THE MTV OF IOI..U I'.norf for the .Honth of Ortnlwr, li'Ii- r ;r-neral . - , - - - - Stn-^et arid .MUy -- - .Storea ... - --. Special OtTiot .ry - - P^rk - r,aji - ^ . Water - Klcclrlc — — ' lJaIanr<«_-— ^- Inlrrr -Ht aiwl Bonil Fund* ' B«ind Invt'Kt - - . SIdcvtnIk W.ttcr and lyi^iit . iDtcmal IiiM'r'\ t. . . - Pundini; -. - ' Slnklns - Uatancw Total lUlancc* — lta!an«o il'rf'-il'ts r.-i! f; Tir. L'N ' l.t:;'.l 1.1.. ' :'.!• '. ! l .r.ji !•-. ::. i.-.r. Vi n .fivt ''7 -SlItVTl :."\ ItTii •>•' •'• 1t i.."..t'; •;!;( IXt.SI i-;iir ,T« $2S.2Sl'si ni "5 •'irse- T. I 'Jiff*: -.11 :•« •^,\\:, in .^i/»!l l,^.^::T•-• l,i.-'i"» nalan'.^ io-ni-rji2 04,; • t 71 "I • .2 .1U"' \.2'i\ f •'.'KlandiRK '.V 'n'r:''!!s f'i'h in •T>ra'v»»r sn.T 1.:! ::.' t •I. ij »2: 1 (•.»»;) 1 !! " 3i».<'.H:"' "$.^l.'.:i'.»:".V ». I.-;::'! Troa.>'irt'r;i _ Balancfi h>; <!., - 2'.ta.K>; r .i 7».f^ 2 .'»i '.»;7 • 1.RJ7 1 15 4.i:u.<i:» J11.40.12 >S.1IH71 21; l.2'2 •|,r>S'» lii i.<i27 r»i I't.S!l| li 2.i .irti r.» '.t:.' ;.i (.Merk. di» Vc c».y cortlry that ,l.c ab.... aU.m.nt U corr^t ^ ^^^^ ^^.^ --^^i aiTBOWBaiUGE, Notary PaWk.

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