Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 5, 1908 · Page 9
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 9

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1908
Page 9
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XMAS PACKING NOTJMESIRED Few Oranges for Early Trade-Crop is Heavy. It would be difficult for anyone, even an expert of reputable record, to tell the reason for the diversity in the citrus crop in thoCovinn district. While the greater portion of the Washington navel orchards give promise of a crop fully equal to the preceding year, there are groves that are breaking all previous records in bearing. The growers began propping branches early in the season, and in some oases there is danger of material damage being done the trees from the breaking of boughs. The yield ia what is known as "streaky." The orcharda which are laden the heaviest seem to be grouped together in certain territories, and these groves are not, ones that have proven to be the heaviest bearing in past years. The Washington navel crop 15 per cent For the year TiMcy Legend of Louis de Berquem and the Celebrated Gem. A NIGHT LAMP FOR A KING. RKPORT OF THK CONDITION. OK THK Covina Notional Bank AT COVINA in the State of California, at tlie close of business, November 27, 1908. (Charter No. 8222) is estimated as being better than last year. ending in August the Covina Fruit Exchange shipped from the Covina district proper, 618 care, these cara averaging 396 boxes to the carload. Of these, 182 cars were loaded with the gammer Valencia. The shipments of the Independent Fruit Company and tbe California Citrus Union brings the total to an aggregate of 1,114 carloads, or 440,144 packed boxes. This is from tbe Cbvina district, which is only a portion of the southern extremity of the Sierra Madre foothill belt. The increase in yield of the Washington navel in this section is due to the increased size of the established trees, and to more intensive culture, which embraces a more liberal and more intelligent distribution of fertilizers, both raw and commercial. Almost no new groves of Washington navels are being set in Covina, as the Valencia is first choice with the rancher who ie extending his orange acreage. The Covina Valencia has proven itself to be truly an aristocrat. It is not by any means taking the place of tbe navel, but is supplying the long gap of the summer season, . .when oranges ar<et consumed greedily at high prices. Added to the 3,000 acres of established 'groves in this district are Valencia groves to the extent of ninety acres. Added to the shipments of Valencies for last season will be over 200 acres of Valen- cies just coming into heavy bearing for the first time. These groves are set heavily with fruit. The discovery of water near the surface in the lands lying due south of Covina on the E. ,1. ("Lucky") Baldwin ranch is causing a large increase in tbe setting out, of oruMge groves. Very little, if any, Christmas fruit will be packed by Covina growers. For several years this practice baa b een discontinued, as the orange of Southern California, especially tbe Washington navel, is not ripened properly for tbe holiday trade, growers do not desire to ship The this fruit, as its inferior condition creates a wrong impression in Eastern markets regarding the quality of Covina fruit. The Covina district is willing that the northern part of the state, and Florida, shall supply the Christmas oranges. From the Covina Citrus Association, which is only one of four packing houses, the returns to the growers for tbe season of 1908, was $302,702.30. The returns from all tbe houses places the total for Covina at a trifle over $700,000. Every indication points to a 15 per cent increase Checkered Career of the Brilliant Stone After the Death of Charles the Timid. Some Facts About the Invention of Diamond Cutting. Louis de Herquem, says tradition, was n poor jeweler's workman, but he fell in love with the daughter of a wealthy jeweler. This avaricious father would not give bis diuightpr in marriage to any man not possessed of gold. Louis, having neither "expectations'' from relatives nor favor at court, sought to mako his fortune. He had often heard tlie fatljpr of his beloved remark that the man who discovered :i method of cutting diamonds would become very wealthy, for up to that time they knew nothing more than to scrape off the gravel, and the diamond was left In its native state. Neiher lime, flre nor the mill could affect the diamond. After many investigations and deep thought Louis bethought himself that Iron Is fashioned with steel, which Is only hardened Iron, and It occurred to him that perhaps the diamond would yield to the diamond. He made an experiment, which was at once crowned with success. A few days later he presented himself before the rich Jeweler with two diamonds cut into facets. He obtained the hand be sought and amassed a great fortune by his secret, which he divulged only after be bad become wealthy. King Charles the Timid was the principal customer of Ix»uis de Ber- quem. The fastidious enemy of Louis XI. then possessed a large diamond, since became celebrated, accounted among the finest of precious stones. But this diamond was 111 shanen, and the flres which It held burned In vain. Louis de Berquem cut and polished this stone, and nothing could equal the joy of Charles the Timid when the Jeweler brought him the great diamond, so glittering with light that Jt lit up the darkness, and this to such nn extent that the prince said, "It will serve me as a night lamp." Berquem received 3.000 ducats for his work. As for the diamond, this Is the one which was found In January, 1477, on the body of Charles the Timid after the battle of Nancy. , A soldier picked' It up, sold It for one gold piece to a priest, who In turn sold it for three pieces of gold to a merchant, who took It to the Duke of Florence. . '< } From the hands of this prince It paused into tbe possession of tbe king of Portugal. He sold It for 70,000 francs to one of the companions of Henri III., Nicholas de Harlay, baron of Sancy. Since this time the first large diamond to be cut Is known as "the Sancy." This legend lends to other consldera tlons of the cutting of diamonds ascribed to Louis de Berquem at Brussels In 1465. Hardly any one will assert boldly that no diamonds were cut before that date, but It is reasonable to suppose that Ixmis de Berquem regulated cutting by arranging the facets. Long before tbe birth of Louis de Berquem cutting was known In India. Even' In Europe we find among the treasures of the churches thick diamonds cut Into table and culet, the upper sides beaten Into sections. In 1360, according to the Inventory of tbe Jewels of Louis, duke of Anjou, Is Kit SOL HI KS. Lonnn and Discounts $77,fi76.51 Ovfirtirafts, secured nnd unsecured 98.79 U. S. Bonds to secure circulation 25,000.00 Premiums on U. S. Bonds 9fiR.7B Bonds, securities, etc 28,765.43 furniture nnd fixtures... .6,811.89 .24,695.07 .95.00 19.77 Due from approved reserve agents Notes of other National Banks .......... Fractional papsr currency, nickels, cents Lawful money reserve in bank, viz: Specie ........................... 8,000.95 LoRal -tender notes . . ............. 5f..OO Redemption fund with U. S. Treasurer (SK of circulation) ...................... 8061.95 1,2.'0.00 Total .................. 171,9.12.16 The Oreen Marshall Company's Talk on Paint. We manufacture almost everything in the paint Una and guarantee every article. Prices consistent with tlie quality of our goods. You will find our selected hard oil finish nnd pure mixed paints now on sale at C. H. Kiatler's paint and wall paper store Phone No. 51. For Kent—Five room cottage on West Cypress avenue, water in house and all modern conveniences, dress 13. Miller, Phono (iOiiS. tf Ad- f.lAIIII.I I IKS. $50,000.00 .. 2K2R.OS Capital stock pnicl in Surplus fund Undivided profits, less expo ,sos nnd taxes pnid 2.122.42 Nutlonal bnnk notca outstnndinK 24,200.00 Duo to trust companies nnd snviiitfs hunks 2,118.93 Individual deposits subject to chock 74.fiOO.73 Demand certificates of deposit. 15,875.00 Total 171.942.10 State of California, County of Los AnReles. as. I, V. O. KiiRlish, Cashier of the above-named bnnk. do solemnly swear that the above statement s true to the best of my knowledge and belief. V. O. ENGLISH, Cashier. Correct—Attest: C,. H. White ) J. H. Coolman [ Directors J. N. Maurer ) Subscribed and sworn to before hie this 2nd ay of December, 1908. E. P. Warner. Notary Public. Call and See Us If you need anything- in the HARNESS line and we will give the best goods at the lowest price. Satisfaction guaranteed. Covlnei Harness & Saddlery Co. Phone Home 1170 Notice of Sale of Real Estate and "ersonal Property at Private Sale, In the Superior Court of the State of alifornia, in and -for the County of Angeles,. In the matter of the estate of George Smith, deceased. Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of an order of said Superior 'ourt made on the 26th day of October, 1908, in the above entitled matter, the undersigned A. G. Smith, administrator of the estate of George Smith, deceased, will sell at private sale to the highest bidder for cash, gold coin of the United States, (subject to confirmation of said Superior Court) on or ifter the ISth day of December, 1908, at the office of A. M. Pence, rooms 7 and 8, Reed building, in the City of Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California, (at which place offers or bids will be received), all the rights, title and interest of said George Smith, deceased, at the time of jiis death, and all the right, title and interest which the said estate has since acquired by operation of law or other-, wise, in and to the following property: Real estate described asj^ follows towit: ' '' ' ,* : • West S3 feet of lots one and twenty and all of lots two to nineteen, inclusive, in block 19 of the City of Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of Calif ornia^ as per records in the office of the County Recorder of said County- Personal property described, as follows to-wit: One piano and household furniture. Terms of said sale are as follows: Ten (10) per cent of the purchase price, payable at the time of sale and the balance of the purchase price payable upon confirmation of said sale by the above entitled court. A. G. SMITH, Administrator of the estate of George Smith, deceased. A. M. Pence, attorney for administrator. 12-19 IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. Phone 51. C. H. Kistler found nn entire series of out diamonds Tbere Is mention of a flat diamond with six sides, of a heart shaped dla rnond, of a diamond with eight sides of a lozenge shaped diamond, of a clia mond pointed on four sides and of a reliquary In which was set a diamond cut In the shape of a shield. History Informs us that 150 years before the first work of Louis de Ber- quem there were at Paris, at the corner of the Corroyerle, several diamond cutters. Tbe Duke of Mnrgundy, after a fastidious repast ({Iven lit the Louvre to the king and the French court in 1403. ., ,, ,. _,. , ••.«.••! fc***^ n.iiJ>t tuiu iJJi- tic »•' »• *• "**• *- ••• ' •-••*. lor i»u«. Tne lemon .ndustry is ID offercdhto ,,,„ nol)le gueHtH e!f . ven <1!:s . a very healthy condition, and showi no sign of retrogression, but on the other hand no new groves are being set. A Good Name. Tbe Riverside County Democrat, ia to be hereafter known as the Arlington Areus. Mr. C. H. fielders buc- oeeds Mr. V. A. McCreary att editor and proprietor, and i« known in newspaper cirules as a capable writer and newspaper manager. The Covina Argus is willing to bhare its name with the Arlington paper, and dwell in peace and harmony with the new'y christened publication. The world is wide and printer's ink splbhhtH tar and nobly in this day and aae. monds estimated to he worth 7Hfl pieces of gold, the money of the period. It ia hardly possible to suppose Hint these were uncut diamonds; all of awarded to him. Notice To Contractors. The Covina Union High School District will receive sealed bids up to one o'clock p.m., Monday, December 21»t, for the erection of a High School building, plans and specifications of which may be seen on and after November 25th at the office of G. I). Jennings, Covina, California, and at the office of F. S. Allen, architect, 304 Slavin building, Pasadena, and 7)2 Security building, Los Angeles. Hids must be made upon blanks furnished tby the architect and accompanied by a certified check for live per cent of the ha me drawn in favor of (J, I), Jennings, Clerk, which will be forfeited to the school district in case the HUC- ccssful bidder fails to enter into con- ti act and give Surety Company bond wiihin ten clays after the contract in Plumbingj Plumbing Materials WATER pIPP SEWER illC ALL PLUMBING REPAIRS We contract to furnish all the materials and do the work or furnish the materials only. GET OUR PRICES JAMES W.HELLMAN Hardware, Stoves, Etc. 157-161 North Spring St. LOS ANGELES 1909 Model Kissel Thirty which goes to prove, notwithstanding some opinions, that Louis de Herquem did not invent the process of diamond cutting. It is no less interesting to follow the fortunes of tue Kanry a little further. It remained in the Saucy family some tlmf, arid Henri III. took It from them. It was destined to serve as a pledge for the raising of a body of Swiss soldiers, but the aervaiit Intrust- The right is reserved to reject any and ail bids. (',. D. JIvNNlNCiS, 12-12 Clerk. ATTF.NTION. . Ordinance No. 18 of the Covina City statutes specifically HtntcH that no person or perHonH ahull erect a building without flint, obtaining a special permit from thn <:ity trustees ed with bringing this diamond 'o the , ,, r other proper autnuritieH, Any person violating thin law from thin Case does Over. On motion of Attorney Pence, reorienting the City vino, tlie ( j a->t iigaiiist stvtral ants, in wbi.'h it is chaig liquor was given a i:f>'ro l.ov extent thai Lfe t.ecan-.e, jjn,-,.sly cated. wa-i fiijt imifefi ui.til next. The bi.y'si name is L'raxtou. A. M. «.f Co defend- l that to the intoxi Monday Lc.-.tfci king was attacked, put to death, and the diamond was thought to be lost. Finally It was discovered that the Kervaiit had heen assassinated In the fon-.-'t of I)')!<; and through the care of the priest had been buried in the villutre cemetery. Then the Haron de Sancy resolved that the diamond must hot he lost. In fact, they found It In I he s!oina--li '-f the hapless, faithful servant, w i." swallowed It at the moment l.e f'-:l. According to the hiv.-ntory <,f 1"!>1 the Hancy weighed ';.';"( carats. It iii.-a|ipe:ired in 17!>'J to reappear '" J;ii.T,i.i. Its \alue Is estimated at a million frai. I'.'-fore the revolution lf . V. ,1.7 Fr< .vh crown low- rJaUt will he pro86ftiitetJ. Permits will he. inane*! mi proper Hpplieal ion. M. L. MKHNKKT, City Marnhul. Where Bullets Flew. David Parker of F.iyette, -\. V.,a veteran of th': C.ivil war, v. ho lo-.l a foot al (j'Mtystjurg, -.:iy-,: "The good hlcc.tric j'.ilurra did i» worth more t.ian five hundred dollar*, to me. I .->pe mm ii mon':y doi.toring for a had < ,i.-,e of ...tomach iroiihle, to little mirpo.i>:. I then tried Klectri': Iiiiter.->, and they c:irt:>i me. 1 now taJte tiiem .'11 a loni' , and they keep me strong and well." .-.'A; at (I. F. Ciapp"-» drug .->t',r..-. Motor—4^x4 X— M h - P- Wheel Base- 107 in. Floating Rear Axle. I Beam Front Axle. Selective Transmission. Rear Springs % ICliptic. Weight—2000 Ibs. Timken Roller Bearings. Weeds- -32x3^. Speed—45 miles per hour. Kissel Thirty Roadster $1500 Kissel Thirty Surrey $1550 Why not buy your MILL FEED whore you get the best Tor the least monc ! Wz make a specially of Rolled always fresh of the most approved brands, tested by year 3 of experietic ^ by poultry fanciers. HigH Orade sold on unit basis. You pay for what you get and g( t what you pay for. Deliveries made to all parts of the \ alley. San Gabriel Vatlley Milling Co. Eat What You want of the food you need Kodol will digest it. Too MM* a sufficient amount of good wholMtme food and more than this you need to fully digest It. Else you ffr.n't Rain strength, nor Can you (strengthen your stomach if It la weak. You must eat In order to live and maintain BifflMigth. You must, not diet, because the body requires that you eat a sufficient amount of food regularly. But this,food must be digested, fcywl It must be digested thoroughly. VTL-eu the stomach can't do it, y<M must take something that will In'.p the etornach. The proper way to do Is to eat *hat you want, and lot Kodol digest the food. Nothing else can do this. When the stomach is weak it needs help; you must help it by giving it rait, and Kodol will do that. Our Guarantee Go to your druggist today, and purchase a dollar bottle, and if you can honestly say, that you did not receive any benefits from It, after UBlng the entire bottle, the druggist will refund your money to you without question or delay. We will pay the druggist the price , of the bottle purchased by you. This offer applies to the large bottle only and to but one In a family. We could not afford to make such an offer, unless we positively knew j what Kodol will do for you. It would bankrupt us. The dollar bottle contains 2H times as much as the fifty cent bottle. Kodol in made at the laboratories of E. C. DeWltt & Co., Chicago. Barn Phone 240 Res. Phone 108 CITY LIVERY STABLES C. F. SMITH, Prop. Feed and Sale Yards in Connection Saddle Horses W. Uadillo St., 1 ! on the new electric line. COVINA, OENASCO Smooth Surface Roofing An nli/MiliiUly new pntctnn (hut rc»UI*«ll wcal)icr» Kcpckhoff-Cuzncr Mill and Lumber Cs. Home 14H, HiuiKCt 2M. Coviiiii, Cal. S«S$$«$S$$S$$«SS^^ Contract FOR YOUR TREES Now RJSO Ciara^e <;OVI:;A ORANGE and LEMON trees. FRUIT TREES, assorted. EUCALYPTUS, leading varieties. PALMS for street planting. WE CAN supply anything you wish in the TREE and ORNAMENTAL line. J)roj>iri ami talk it ovi-r with a-,. Covina Nurseries ;i; Home Phone 125 222 East College St.

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