The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 24, 1892 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1892
Page 6
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6. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, TUESDAY, MAY 24, 1892. INSURE Your Grow? Crops Apst HAIL. We are now prepared to write insurance and insure growing crops against bail in ono of our most reliable companies. Jlnil storms is some sections of the country are of common occnruncc; arid there is not a season passes that whole neighborhoods arc devastated by these descrtietive storms, it is pretty hard for a man to work Industriously for a whole season, and just as the harvest is almost secured see it cut down to the ground by hail, Mirt the fruit of a whole season Timish. A Few Cents per acre will protect you. If you do not happen to see one of our ugeutB write to us. We will wud you tv blank application to * fill np and return. We will also send yon the last copy of The Insurance doan Bugle which will tell you all about it. Winne & Winne, TELEPHONE 80, 29, CORNER AVENUE A AND MAIN Hutchinson, Kan. GLORIOUS FUTURE. Thnt Memorial .Sermon. KmroiiNKWH: The people are en quiring where the memorial sermon is to be delivered, and at what hour of the day. I would suggest to the committee having this matter in hand tha), the sermon be preached at 3:30 o'clock and the services be held at the Auditorium, thus insuring a larger attend ance and better accomodations. This would give every minister in Hutchinson a chance to attend with his congregation, after having preached to thein at 11 o'clock. We hope this service will be arranged as above, so that all who love the soldier and the cause for which he fought, can attend the services. A PATRIOT. Women are not slow to comprehend. They're quick. They're alive, and yet it was a man who discovered the one remedy for their peculiar ailments. The. man was Dr. Pierce. ;The discovery was his "Favorite "Prescription"—the boon of delicate women. Why go round "with one foot in the grave" suffering in silence—misunderstood—when there's a remedy at hand that isn't an experiment, but which is sold under the guarantee that if yon are disappointed in any way in it, you can get your money back by applying to it* makers. We can hardly imagine a woman's not trying it. Possibly it may be true of one or two—but we doubt it. Women are ripe for it. They must have it. Think of a prescription and nine out of ten waiting for it. Carry the news to them! Tlie Opinions of n Capitalist Who llntl I'lnicil Mutiny Hero Since IK70. The NKWH reporter had the pleasure to-day of meeting with lion. I.oren Stevens, a capitalist of Galeaburg, 111., who has been a friend of the great sunflower commonwealth since 187H, and who has never placed any loans on lands or city property in any state west of the Mississippi river, excepting Kan sas, and does not feel like making a change at this stage of the game. He gave the reporter an extensive account of the Illinois Hoods, how it has utterly destroyed thousands of acres of wheat, in some cases by washing it totally awny, roots and all: and how the farmers arc discouraged over the prospect now spread before them. He states that before hardly any ground had been broken for corn the rains car . id so incessant were they that pla. j was impossible; that under the most favorable circumstances farmers cannot get to plowing for a week yet, and that by the time planting is over it will have been so late that early frosts will cut the crop short. The devastation of the. floods, he says, must be seen to be appreciated. It is simply terrible. Then to leave a scene like that, and within a few hours be set down in a country such as wo have here;"V'ith I prosperity, good crops and fat stock on every hnnd, and prospects as bright as heart could wish for makes, he states, another picture which must be seen and experienced to be understood. Mr. Stevens was here about a year ago, and while the wheat he thinks, is a few days later than a year ago, it is a better stand and will yield a better crop. He is very much surprised to find our corn looking so well, and adds that the assertion recently made by the Nrcws, "That central Kansas can stand more rain than any other country on earth," must be correct. The eyes of the entire country, he says, arc upon Kansas; her cheap lands; her salubrious climate and her happy people. lie thinks that Kansas will have a heavier influx of seekers after homes within the next year than that experienced by any other state in the union at any one time in its history. Referring to our city and its people, Mr. Stevens said: "No city or country peopled by citizens with the energy and enterprise which characterises those of Reno county can do other than succeed. Hutchinson is a marvel of beauty as a city, while many of its business houses and blocks would grace a city of many times its population. Your Commercial club rooms are cheerful, elegantly furnished, imd are advance of those of many older cities of many times the size of Hutchinson It looks to ine as though Hutchinson and central Kansas have a glorious fu tare before them." ' could not be changed nor neck broken. Thoy now talk of putting on a double force and running all night. THE EASTSURPRISED. ThcySliy of KnnKiins, "Where Will They Stop?" You not only see much comment in eastern papers, but you get it by word of mouth from the easterner when he comes into our midst, that much com- 1 ment is made concerning our late improvements and st; : dcs in the direction of improvements. Possibly nothing has ever reached the cars of the cast- tern people who farm and cultivate the soil in the old fashioned way, that has caused as much astonishment as the idea conceived by the western people to hurry up the matter of cultivating the soil for the purpose of attracting an increase of moisture by the use of the steam plow. C Eastern people formerly looked upon the picture book showing the Kansas farmer seated on his plow, with an umbrella over him, and a pipe in his teeth, as a good joke; but the fact that such things do exist in Kansas has been proven to their satisfaction long since. But the idea of plowing from twenty-five to fifty acres per day with the assistance of Bteam seems to be an idle dream to them; yet such is the case, and if, as they say they will do, they will get up excursions to the laud of sunflowers and prosperity wc will prove to them that the steam plow is becoming as much of a factor in the problem of successful farming as was the "riding plow" of a few years ago. It takes the west to revolutionize the world, and Kansas Is the revolutionizing center, with Keno county as the hub. What Kansans do not know about farming they are not slow to learn, and when any new device for revolutionizing the agricultural world comes to the Burfaee, you generally hear first of it in Kansas, and nearly always in the central or western part. Summer Normal. A six week's normal school will be opened at the Central building May 30, for pupils and teachers. Junior department admits all pupils from the second reader to the fifth reader. Special attention given to all branches of elocution and calesthenies free. Session from 8 a. m. to 12:55 p. m. Tuition ?5 per term or $1 per week in advance. Inquire further of H. C. MINNICU. ^mmg A Tree is Known by its Fruit - ^J&^L *. m ~~~ 3 JUST RECEIVED IN OUR BOY DEPARTMENT 800 child's suits, $0.50, worth all of $1.00 200 child's suite, .75, worth fully 1.25 300 child's suits, 1.00, new colors, worth 1.75. 1.50, all wool, worth 2.35 1.75, beauties, worth 2.60 2.00, handsome, worth 3.00 2.50, hummers, worth 4.oo PATENT^ taAVENWOBIH. KANS1 Try King of Kansas Flour, $1.25 a sack. Price List of 400 child's suits, 350 child's Buits, 500 child's suits, 650 child's suits, We have a handsome line of fine [[boys' Prices low and correct. isuits, .fcrseys ,ij3 -piece suits, etc. (I The seat of sick headache is not in the brain. Regulate the stomach and you cure it. Dr. Pierce's Pellets are the Little Regulators. Good Fishing. . .loc Clark, Leon Leu and two ministerial friends' from Topeka, were at Arlington yesterday, and succeeded in landing 100 fine largo fish from the cool waters of the lake. Aside from the fish which they caught was a small alligator perfectly formed but rather small. He is on exhibition in a tank in the laundry department of the Santa Ke. Notice. The regular business meeting of the W. C. T. I). will be held at the home of Mrs. Ida Talmadge, 101 Fifth avenue east, to-morrow, Tuesday, at 3 p. ni. A full attendance is requested as there are several important questions to be considered. Mus. LIZ/.IK UitovvN, Secretary. B ON TON ^BAKERY Fresh BREAD Every Day. CRACKERS such as LONG BRANCH SALTED CRACKERS. BENT&CO. BOSTON TOAST CRACKERS. Fresh Every Day Special attention given to orders for fiae eakes for parties. J. W. Brehm, Proprietor. No. 15 North Main Street. Don't I.Ike Iowa. II. \V. Dunu, a silver iui__rof White Sulphur Springs, Montana, is in the city. He is en route for home after a stay of several months in Iowa. To the NEWS reporter he give anything but a glowing account of the condition of affairs over in the state of "mud pies." Farmers, he says, are discouraged because of their inability to get their corn planted before the recent wet spell sot in, and tho consequent lateness of the corn planting season. Mr. Dunn says that the prospects of the greater portion of Iowa, through which he traveled, when compared with that of central Kansus, makes one feel that there is only one country on earth, and that is the region havingHutchinson for the central point. New Unlfuring. The Second Regiment band let the contract yesterday, for twenty-four new uniforms, to be hereby July J. If we arrange to have an old-fashioned time on the Fourth, and secure tho boys for that occasion we may see them make their first parade in their new trousers, etc. Wc ure glad to learn of their determination to secure new uniforms. We have the best band in the state, and they should diavo uniforms to correspond. Oood for the band boys. ' For Tho <i„tcs. Donations for • their entertainment are continually being received by the Ladies' Columbian Club. The Kansas Lumber company has presented the lumber for two or more gates. V. Martin & Co. made a liberal contribution of n'SlO check and Mr. J.D. Woiner has given .00 yards of bright colored bunting for the gala decorations of the various countries. It is believed that the entertainment will be successful in every way. Vou Are Invited. The gentlemen of Hutchinson and vicinity are invited to call at No. 22 North Main street, and examine J. M. Jones' tock of goods. He will make you as nice a spring suit of clothes as can be purchased anywhere and .save you money. Be sure you ask to see his pants patterns. Local Union Meeting. As announced in yesterday's NEWS the local Y. P. S. C. K. Union will bold their quarterly meeting at the Presbyterian church Thursday night. A fine time is assured. All are invited to attend. Programme will be in the daily to-morrow. Notice to Committee**. The several, committees on flowers for Decoration day are requested to meet at G. A. R. hall, Wednesday evening the 25th inst., at 7:30. A. M. SWITZBU, 3t Chairman G. A. R. Flower Com. THE CASH GROCERS. 21 South Main. SUGAR. 20 lbs Granulated 81 .00 21 lbs Light Brown '1.00 22 lbs New Orleans 1.00 COFFEE, Arbuckle 8 .20 Midland 20 Santos 20 Mocha and Java .33 >t; CANNED GOODS. 3 lb can Tomatoes 8 .10 3 lb can Pumpkin 10 2 lb can Corn 10 2 lb can String Beans 10 2 lb can Lima Heans 0$H 2 lb cau Succotash OSK 2 lb can Peas 08 X 2 lb can Blackberries -10 2 lb can Raspberries 10 2 lb can Gooseberries 10 2 lb can Strawberries .10 3 lb can Peaches 15 lb can California Peaches... 2% lb can California Apricots..: 2. 1 <J lb can California Green Gage ~ % lb can California Egg Plums Js lb can California Pears 2}-i lb can California Quinces 2,S lb can California Cherries... Gallon can California Peaches.. Gallon can California Currants.. Gallon can California Gooscber's Gallon can Apples 25 1 lb can Mackerel: 10 1 lb can Salmon 15 1 lb can Oysters. 10 2 lb can Oysters 17K SUNDRIES. 5 lbs Beans 8 3 lbs Rice 25 « lbs Oat Meal 5 lbs Bulk Stareh 25 Sour Pickles, per gallou Haras 11 Breakfast Bacon , .11 Lard :. .10 .20 .20 .20 .20 .25 .20 .20 .40 .40 .40 IN OUR YOUTHS' DEPARTMENT. See our 83.00 suits, worth S-t.OO 4.00 " 5.50 " 5.00 " 7.50 " 0.50 " 10.00 " 8.00 " 12.00 " 10.00 " 15,00 " 12.00 " 18.00 BOYS' SHIRT WAIST DEPARTMENT 500 dozen at 15c each, worth 25 800 dozen, sateen, at 25c, worth 50 KNEE PANTS FOR BOYS. 500 dozen at 10c pair, worth 20 450 " 20e " 35 350 " 25c •' 45 250 " 35c " 50 Our 50c, 75c & $1 pants are well known Above are the best values we ever had for the money. Wo say they aro worth more money—we know they are worth more—but we alwajB give our trade tho benefit. Remember we are the acknowledged Leaders of Low Prices in Clothing, Men's Furnishings and Hats. Remember our stock is the largest clothing stock Hutchinson. We buy in such large quantities that we cait say truthfully, CLOTHING RETAILED AT WHOLESALE PRICES. StOO IN CASH TO BE GIVEN AWAY. To the party or parties guessing the time or nearest the time it will take our candle to burn. The candle is 12 inches in diameter, about 33 Y% inches in circumference and 8 feet 5 inches in height. Come and get guess tickets. Candle will he lit July 1, 1802. W/jk4Pf*^Q <i ^ LEADERS W^IC OF LOW PRICES IN CLOTHING, MENS FURNISHINGS & HATS Worklngmen, Notice. All horseshoers and blacksmiths are requested to stay away from Hutchinson. By order of HUTCHINSON MECHANICS' PROTECTIVK UNION. Bring your magazines and books to the NEWS bindery and have them neat ly bound. It is the best way to preserve them. Harbors Meet. The barbers of the city mot in the parlors of the Midland hotel yesterday to consider the subject of closing shops ut 8 o'clock in the evening, except on Saturday evening. They all ugreed to the plan except one man, whose mind Ordinance No. 300. Published in the Hutchinson t>atly NEWS, May 24, 1802. • An ordinance .'unending section one of Or dinance No. 85. approved January 1888, entitled "An ordinance relating to the construction of and .moving wooden bulldinirs and providing for the lire walls in certain limits." licit ordained by the mayor and councilmen of the city of Hutchinson. SECTION 1. That no wooden buildings nr parts thereof, except as are already commenced shall lie erected, added to, or moved upon any lot Included within the following boundaries: Commencing on North Main street at Fifth avenue, theuce west to alley; thence south to Fourth avenue west; thence west to Washington street; thence south to avenue H: thence cast to alley between Main and Washington streets; thence south to avenue G: thence east to alley between Main and Walnut streets: thence north to avenue A; thence east to Walnut street; thence north to Third avenue; thence west to alley Between Main and Walnut streets; thence north to Filth avenue; thence west to Main street. Nor shall any wooden building or part thereof now on said lots or parts thereof be moved to another lot or a part thereof within the limits hereinbefore mentioned. Nor shall the position of any such building or part thereof he changed in auywtse so as to make it said limits. SEC. That said section one of ordinance No. 85 approved January 17,1888, he and the same is hereby repealed, as are all ordinances and parts of ordinances in con- Hlct herewith. S_c. :i. That this ordinance shall take effect and be In torce from and after Its publication once in the Hutchinson Daily NKWS. Approved May 28, 1802. [8BAI.1 J. 1'. McCUHDY. Pi-eshtent of the Council. Attest: GKU. ». UAIWLAV, City Clerk. THE COMPANY. U-ALKRS IN Pianos and Organs. LARGEST STOCK West of tho Missouri River. Only first class goods handled. All thoroughly guaranteed. A full stock of sheet music and musical merchandise. Instruments Repaired Piano tuning department in charge of .1. A. Me GAUUHAY. Write for terms and prices. Hutchinson, - - - Kansas. ROCKAWAY AND LANDEAU FOR WEDDINGS AND GALLING. 101, 103 and 105 Sherman street. Telephone 37. to make it nearer any other building within FRUITS. FRUITS. Strawberries, Pine Apples, Oranges, Bananas, and all other choice fruits, at FURMAN'S. '.'3 North Main St. D m CO « O O 30 * CO O r* m H C 30 Z J. _E_L IT. _PI_._A.T_3, The Grocer and Baker, Keeps constantly on hand a fine line of Teas, and a full line of Groceries. NO. 113 NOttTHjMAIN STREET, HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. Garden Seeds. Garden Seeds. } Garden Seeds. L. G. bUPLER, T Ordinuiice No. 307. Published in the Hutchinson Daily NEWS May 24, 180S!. An ordinance vacating all streets and alleys hi Marrtls addition to the city of Hutchinson, except such as are there excepted. SUCTION I. That all streets and alleys in the MardlB addition to the city ot Hutchinson, except Eleventh avenue, he and the same are hereby vacated. Sue. 2. That this ordinance shall take effect and be In force from and' after its publication once in the Hutchinson ; Ually NKWS. Approved May '..'3rd, lsus. Attest: J. P. MoCUHDr, [»*--] PrcBldeut of Council. Quo. 1). UAUOLAV, City Cleric 09 X o m Are as flexible and dainty as the finest turn. Are the easiest walUing shoes made, the cork acting as a cushion to the foot. Are the most healthful shoes made, as cork is a non-conductor of heat und cold. Ladies wearing them need not fear cold, damp or rough walks. Tho cork is secured in a pocket, which is sewed in with the seam, holding it firmly in place, and is guaranteed not to work loose or curl up. For sale by YOUNG BROS. OF HUTCHINSON. 22 SOUTH MAIN. "We sell D. M. Ferry & Oo.'s celebrated bulk seeds. THE BEST IN THE WORLD. <£t%e oZia#&q64' ^2_W-/ ; \ Every MAN who would know the Gft__TD TRUTHS, tho Plain Vacta, tha I Old Secret* and the Now Discoveries of Medical Bolonoe as amiMod t* Morrlod Life, should wrlto for our won4«rfal llltla book, oatled "A TREATISE rOK HSK ONLY." To any oarnetf wan we will man one eopy JBatliwly _--e. In plala tealM cover. "A refuge from tho ajjaoha." THE IRIE MEDICAL CO., BUFFALO. N. T.

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