The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 24, 1892 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1892
Page 5
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www HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, TUESDAY, MAY 24, 1892. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. "v^ THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. V WN I.. SPONSI.ER, fit Secretary and Hnnlnrm Manager. Good Tilings IN STORE FOR YOU The GOOll Things we refer to are in our store, and are there for you and everybody. 9ur Stock is Like a Stream— Hundreds take from it, yet it never diminishes. This, of course, is because there is a never-dying spring of supply that feeds the stream. r 'Sluggish Streams Stagnate— So do f&L sluggish stocks. They help come decayed. They are not fit for commercial use any more than decayed •A meat. Finally they are ' known as 1 'dead." .Constant Motion Keeps Water in the r Best Condition— And a constant flow of trade keeps a stock in beBt condition. We have no dead stock because our stock never stands still. It is always flowing out and flowing in. Do You Appreciate the Advantage of buying always from a clean, fresh stock of new goods? If you do, you can have that advantage by trading with See these prices on WALL PAPER. Browns, 10c to 12'ic per double roll. Whites, 15c per double roll. Gilts, 20c to 6()o per double roll. Birge's specials 50c to SI per double roll Ingrains, 10c to COe pur double roll. Other papers in proportion. All paper matched in combinations with borders and ceilings. Experienced hangers furnished. All work guaranteed. H. D. WINSLOW'S. CITY NEWS. EMERSON CAREY, COAL l'ants made to order for everybody at Wanamaker it lirown's. 5tD It will be like a trip ax-ound the world to visit The tlates. Special—Having received a large consignment of bananas we offer to the public • bargains for a few days. IVc guarantee that they arc the best on the market. Price 15, 20, 25 and extra choice at 30 cents per dozen. Remember the place, Cunningham, 13 South Alain. Cards are said to be out announcing the marriage of an attorney of this city to a Denver lady in the near future. Twenty-five cents for a box of Heeeham's pills. Worth a guinea. You can get cream puffs at the Clarendon Hotel bakery. Try them. It will be a world's fair in miniature The Gates! Buy your meats at the corner of Main and Fourth avenue. Ice cream at the Hon Ton. A Bargain—Nice linen collars f rammc on the evening of the 3rd of une at The Gates. J. SI. .lones, the tailor, is turning out some very line spring suits. ]0t The musical composition by Chas. Steinberger, recently spoken of in the NKWS, will be on the programme at "The Gates" 1 Let your children learn to write this summer at tho Business College. tf J. L. Williams, the finest penman in Kansas, will teach writing at the Business College. Sec him about June 1st. tf There will be a different programme each evening at The Gates. The new short shorthand is taught at the liusincss College. Opens June 1st. tf A Bargain—Nice linen collars at 3 I cents apiece, at the New York Racket. | tf • The Second Regiment band will give a promenade concert, and the peasantry of various countries will give a grand march on the evening of June 2, at The Gates. J. M. Jones will not be undersold. See him before buying your Bpring I clothing. lot Early Risers, Early Risers Early Risers, the famous little pills for con-1 stipation, sick headache, dyspepsia and nervousness. Beam's Midland Pharmacy. The musical composition by Chas. Steinberger, recently spoken of in the I NEWS, will be on the programme at ] The Gates." Gahan quits business July 1st. Now | is the time to buy your pants. tf. PERSONAL. the just and unjust, it would be difficult to classify Brother Potter. Dr. 1!. 1$. Wilson has returned from his visit to West Virginia, looking rested uinl refreshed. His many friends welcome him home. He was accompanied as fur as St. Joe, Mo., by his sister-in-law. Miss I'jtvnra Glasscock, who will shortly come to Hutchinson to spend the summer. Mr. E. Patterson, who resides on Avenue I! west and is a reader of the Daily N', gave this office a call yesterday and subscribed for the Weekly NKWS to be sent to his son in Hanging Rock. Ohio. lie said the NKWS could beat letter writing, and at its present price every one should take advantage of It and send a paper to a friend in the east. SILK NT SCHOOL. HELLS. at>3 Dealer in HIDES, TALLOW, PELTS and FURS. Yards and office opp. court house. We are ing the Pool" ON WALL - PAPER, And underselling everybody on all grades. We have definitely decided to go entirely out of the wall paper business, asweneedtheroom for our DRUG STOCK And guarantee to make the lowest figures ever quoted in Hutchinson. U J. M. BEAM, Prop, Going into the • Wall Paper Business. hangers furnished to put it on the wall. 4 NO OLD PATERNS. NEW GOODS, We are not Experienced selling it at cost, but at a fair, living profit. COBTJRN & DETAR, AT THE OPERA. HOUSE BOOK STORE Are in the wall paper business to stay There is one remedy which every family should keep at hand. Mr. John arponter, of Woodland, Indiana sayi of it; "1 tried Chamberlain's Cholic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy for diarrhoea and severe cramps, and pains in the stomach and bowels, with the best results. In the worst eases never had to give more than the third dose to effet a cure. In most cases one dose will do. Besides its other good qualities it is plesant to take." 25 and 50 cent bottleB for sale by C. B. Winr slow, Draggist, 15 S. Main. % Some of the Grand Army boys may be interested in the following, from Alex. B. Pope, A. D. C. Commander department Tennessee and Georgia. He says: "We have had an epidemic of whooping cough here (Stewart, Tenn.) and Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has been the only medicine that has done any good." There is no danger from whooping cough when this medicine is freely given. It completely controls the disease. 50 cent bottles for sale by C. B. Winslow, druggist, 15 South Main CWdren Cry ft* Pitcher*! Cwtoria. Bprlnff Medicine. Dr. Gunn's Improved Liver Pills, on v account of their mild action are espe cially adapted for correcting Bpring disorders, such aB impure blood, tired brain and aching and worn out body, j^They act promptly on the liver and i kidneys; drive out all impurities from thtt blood, and malaria from the syr pem. Only one pill for a dose. Try Kthem this spring, Sold at 25 cents a ox by 0. H. Winslow, druggist. 5-31 cents apiece, at the New York Racket. tf Prices of clothing are always lower on the same quality of cloths at Wanamaker & Brown's. 5t See J. L. WilliamB about June 1st, at the Business College, Montana block, 28 North Main street, and he will prove to you that writing as taught in the public schools is a fraud, tf Wanted—One hundred little girls between the ages of 0 and 11 years, to meet with Mrs. Robb to-morrow at 3 o'clock p. in. at the opera house. Every man, women and child Reno county ought to go to the Auditorium on tlie 2nd, 3rd and 1th of June to see The Gatcb. The Queen City Meat market, corner of Main and Fourth avenue is the best place in the city to buy meats. The Sons of Veterans will meet tonight. Their new uniforms will be here to-morrow. Every man wanting a fine nobby suit should call at Wanamaker Brown's and see the very latest styles. 5t Phil Sheridan Circle dust cap social at G, A. R. hall, on Thursday evening, What is it? Parker & Updegraft' ship on an average of 12 ,000 dozens of eggs each week from this city, and yet there are towns which boast of the shipments of 1 ,000 dozens per week. Ice cream at the Bon Ton. For nice fruits, buy of Fred Lewis, first door north of the Reno house. King has just received a stock of upholstered goods. He is also prepared to do upholstering. Ot The Gates will begivenfor the benefit of the Ladies Columbian club. Attend the opening of the Business College, Montana block, June 1. tf "Our-Pups." tf _A car of. nn.e_horses were shipped from here to Buffalo, N. Y.. to-day, by Beers & Lee. Wanted—One hundred little girls, between the ages of 0 and 11 years, to meet with Mrs. Robb to-morrow at 3 o'clock p. m. at the opera house. Yes, we have more of those all wool 810 suits at Wanamaker & Brown's. These^ suits are fine wool and very nice suits. 5t Odell Brothers are still at No. 0, Second Avenue west, with a full line of all kinds of coal. tf License to wed was issued yesterday by Judge Fontron to George A. Ros'e and Abertha Ginn, both of Abbeyville, You cannot afford to miss Tho Gates. Ice cream at the Bon Ton. A number of ladies and gentlemen of Arlington were in the city to-day, and purchased fr,om Coburn & De Tar elegant paper for the Baptist church of that town, See the 820, $32.50, 823.50, $24 and 826 suits at Wanamaker & Brown's. 5t Carey is still in the coal business, tf There will be 120 ladies in the gala many John Murray of Sterling was in the city last night. L. M. Fall will give the Decoration address at Sylvia. D. D.. Houtz of Salt Lake City, is in the city on business. lames Wilde of Larned registered at the Midland last night. L. M. Fall goes to Stafford county this evening on business. Lloyd Shepherd is spending a week | with his grandparents at Sylvia. John McGeown of Wichita, was registered at the Brunswick last night. J. G. Winnie is quite sick at his home and is unable to attend to business. J. J. Whiting of Nonstead, Conn., was registered at the Midland last night. Mrs. .1. E. Eaton and son Leo are spending the week with friends at Arlington. Judge T. A. Decker has been secured to deliver the address on Decoration Day at llalstead. W. D. Rowen of Webb City, Mo. spent the day in the city and willleavc to-night for Colorado Springs. Mrs. O. W. Mulkey and Miss Dora Reddersen left this morning on a six weeks' visit with friends at Napoleon, Ohio. Master Victor Jones and Miss Ethel Jones went to Langdon this morning to spend a few dayB with friends in the country. W. J. Kost of Chicago, representing Wingate, Stone & Wells, was transacting business in the city yesterday with our merchants. W. A. Anderson came in off the farm yesterday, after a two weeks' vacation from the treasurer's office, with his neck in a sling. F. It. Chrisman has returned from Topeka, where he attended a meeting of the executive committee of the Sunday School Association. Jos. II. Biggs, who was engaged in business here for several years, died at his home in Terre Haute, Ind., on the 14th inst. He had many friends here who are pained to hear the sad intelligence. Mesdames Ella and Nettie Banks of Colorado, with their children, came in this morning to spend a few months with their parents, W. M. Potter and wife. Mr. Potter met them here and took them out home. J. W. Jones and wife, whose wedding announcement appeared in this paper a few days since, are the guests of W. H. S. Benedict and wife. They are en route for their home in western Kansas, after a pleasant wedding tour through the south. Commissioner Potter was in the city to-day. lie stated to the reporter that during the recent hail storm, tho hail fell heavily and did much damage on either side of his farm. If it hails on of countries at The Berglof's tf magnificent af costume Gates. The select knights A. O. U. last night for drill and degree work. They promise some very pretty displays in the near future. The cause is a patriotic one, and for that reason if for no other, you should see The Gates. The Gates will be well worth seeing Everything new at Mrs. gallery, 10 South Main. The Gates will be a fair, The Woodmen of America met for work last night. The candidates were shown through among the cedars of Lebanon. J. M. Jones, the tailor, wishes to remind the people of Hutchinson that he is still in business, and can be found at his old stand, No. 22 North Main, lot It will be a carnival of nations. Do not fall to see The Gates, The Kansas National Guards met for drill last night. The latest complete bookkeeping taught at the Business College. tf A Bargain—Nice linen collars at 3 cents apiece, at the New York Racket, tf There will be a\ fine musical pro- DY MAItT, Monday mnrn has come again, But there's silence In each bell In the wards: that called the children All theHe months to read and spell. There's no signal and no gathering Of the youths, -with merry face. And the army of the urchins In their sweet and chlldlBh grace. In the streetn no lines arc moving To the old familiar school; In the yards no thronging 3*oungsters Fall In rows to teacher's rule: And then to inarch Into their places. To assume an easy seat. There with eyes so bright and sparkling Their instructor sweetly greet. For nine long months they battled nobly With the slates and books and Ink; Finding time when on the sly, To make a face, or give a wink. Tnu-ing many sighs and motions, In a script unknown to all: Yet quite busy, when not idle, From the large down to the small. On the whole in earnest labor And faithfulness they toll; As around their opening minds The threads of knowledge coil. In the first and fine exhibit- All the work of anxious dayR,— There was spread a noble effort, Ont before the public gaze. And it showed a noble merit For the teacher and the child: Both had won the public praises, From the leaves in tablets filed. Grand and noble was the training In our public school this year, For unwearied, tolled the teacher, To keep the pupil full of cheer. Yes, the acts of tratning given To the hand and to the mind, As well as to the heart its lessons, In better skill youi couldn't find'.' But now there reigns a solemn stillness. In what was once such busy hives; For the seats are now all vacant- Absent all those active lives. And no teacher now presiding In her Qrin but loving mood, From beside her Mower-decked table, Where in grace as boss she stood, And commanding all the urchins In her little kingdom square- Just like true subjects they obeyed her, Kvon if she pulled their hair. Hut now a stillness reigns supreme. And the bells they cease to call. For boys and girls to fall in column. Then go marching through the hall. Now we,.int8B the bells sweet chiming. And the children come and go, With their books within their satchels, Marching homeward to and fro, And the teachers, too, hare wandered— Settled In a quiet home, In their ease, as all the children, Through the summer days to roam. Hutchinson, Kan., May 23, 1803. THAT HACKING COUGH can be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by A. & A. Drug Co. A TI #k i mr% Barefoot Boy Is entirely unnecessary when you can get shoes at these prices: Men's dress shoes at $1 .25, cheap at $1 .25 Men's fine shoes at 1 .45, worth 1 .85 Men's fine shoes at 2.00, worth 3.50 Men's fine shoes at 2.98, worth 4.00 Men's button shoes at a big reduction. Our $2.00 shoe is the best value in the market. Boys' and children's shoes at 40 per cent less than they can be purchased for elsewhere. Our ladies' $1.98 shoes are corkers, and afe sold elsewhere at $3.50 to $4.00. DAYLIGHT CLOTHING STORE GOLDBERG-, Proprietor. 19 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kansas. -THE- NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE -OF- HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. CAPITAL, $100,000, SURPLUS, $7,500 DIRECTORS. JOHN UAIX , Banker. JAH. GUTIIIUK , Banker. L, C. WnrvroN, Prcident. .INO. J. INOAI.T.8, ex-Senator. T. E. BOWMAN , Capitalist. J. \V. WILKINSON , V.-Pres. C. W. TKMI'IJCR , Vice-l'res., A. J. HIOI.KY , Insurance N. CI. HOM.ISTKK . Cashier. Kan. drain & L. S. Co. and Real Estate. u ICE. Pure Distilled-Water Ice. Orders received at tho factory, avenue C east, at Kanaga's store, Main street, by telephone No. 43, or hy 'the drivers of our wagons. This ice is greatly superior to any other, and the most economical for any purpose. Special facilities for shipping. Union Ice & Salt Co., Hutchinson, Kansas. A FEW About Shoes. of the many BARGAINS to he found at Full standard prints, 5c Best indigo blue prints, 6ic Soft finishd bichd muslin, 6|c Half finish brown muslin, 5c Outing flannels. 10c to 20c Yard-wide ElPaso challie, 7c 46-inch D69 Henrietta, 85c I have a full lino of plain and striped crepon (the latest dress fabric in the market), chevrons, Bedford cords, hansdowns and other late novelties in dress goods. I have the only full line of dress trimmings to be found in the city, ranging in price from 5c to 88 per yard. S. F. RAFF. I sell shoes for men, women and children, and I think I have one of the best lines of goods carried in the city for the price asked Call on me at 28 North Main and ask to see them. No trouble to show goodB, All the latest style toes in light heavy and medium weight. Also a ful line of Oxfords in the latest styles. When you w/int anything in the way of children's shoes, don't forget to look at my line of Sus sex Bhoes for children, WM. REDDERSEN Corner of Main and First. PICTURE MOULDING. 108 and 110 North Main Street, Hutchinson, - Kansas, BAKING POWDER 25 OZS.FOR 25? ABSOLUTELY PPBE - JusTlkYlT. F.r.JAqUEA % CO. KAN3AS CITr.MQ.

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