Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 8, 1943 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1943
Page 6
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*st HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thuridoy, Aprjl 8, 1943 r *? - l ' I •• engel Has ifchers but Needs Fielders By JUDSON BAILEY 1 WaJlingford, Conn., April 8 —</P) ~ Pitching may be 75 per cent of • 'baseball club, as has been contended for years, but the Boston Braves seem sure to prove this seat»n that a team also needs an infield and an outfield to amount to anything. ' Etfervcscent old Casey Stengel has a good mound corps in camp here, possibly a collection that could make the first division with reasonable cooperation. Jim Tobin and Alva Javcry. two eminently capable righthanders arc back from last year. Charley (Red) Barrett, Nate Andrews and George Jeff coat are up from the minors with every indication they are ready for a good showing. In addition Lefty Vernon Gomez, the exile from the New York Yankees, and big Manuel Salvo are a couple of IT men who might turn in remarkable performances — or might not Altogether Stengel has nine pitchers on his roster and a couple of others belonging to the Hartford farm are in camp, so the Braves have no worries whatsoever about their hurling. The catching, too, seems satisfactory even allowing for the fact that big Ernie Lombard!, the National League batting champion, probably will hot be back. He has not signed and he wrote President Bob Quinn that he wated to remain in a defense plant. There has been a report from his California • home that he has changed his mind and wants to play ball — ior some other club. , If details can be worked out he likely will turn up with the New York Giants or the Phillis lay- Ing the backsteeping work to Phil Masi and Clyd Cluttz. They can handle the work, but can't match Iximbardi's .330 hitting average. The infield has Johnny McCar- thj, one of the Giants and last year at Indianapolis in the Ameri«an Association, on first base: "Eddie Joot, last of the Cincinnati .Reds on second: Billy Witlenann, up from Louisville at shortstop; and the veteran Tony Cuccinello sharing third base with Joe Burns, a rookie who played at Oklahoma City in 1941 but stayed out of organized ball last year. The outfield has Tommy Holmes, Chester Ross and Rookie Charlie "Workman up from Nashville, with .nobody in reserve except three youngsters who are owned by the Hartford club SPORTS ROUNDUP &y HUGH FULLERTON, JR. Wide World Sports Columnist New York, April 8 — <£>) —Perhaps it's too early in the season to be bringing up the subject, but there may be enough college sports activity, especially baseball, next summer to make up for the shortened spring schedules... Asa Bush- noil, who keeps his fingers in a whole wagonload of college pic, points out that a lot more eastern schools will be having summer session this year and he figures that most of them will try to organize teams with the same sort of pickup schedules that some operated succesfully last summer. The rc- ult. natitrally. will bd intercollegiate games within whatever limits transportation and the different starting dates of the summer sessions make necessary. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH When some 3.000 L a k e w o o d, N. J., school kids were given time off the other day to watch the Giants practice, they also were given a lecture on good behavior .. For about a half hour they acted like perfect ladies and gentlemen, then the strain was too much for them... A voice in the deep silence suddenly range out: "Hey, horseface. back to the underbrush for you"... And from there on the kids behaved like themselves. ONE - MINUTE SPORTS PAGE The Jamaica Racing association has set a row of hitching posts behind the grandstand to accommodate spectators who know that horses are more than just numbers at the mutuel windows.. Bill Frink, 16 - year - old Elkhart, Ind., sportscaster, aired play - by play reports on 50 school -basketball games during the past season .. He's one kid who should never be at a loss for words.. Yale, which could schedule only two games with major league ball teams in ten sears before Red Rolfe became coach, has two in three days this springs - Brooklyn yesterday and the Brave tomorrow.. Rose Cohen who handles press tickets for Mike Jacob and has dealt out about Sports Mirror By The Associated Press Today A Year Ago Babe Ruth, seriously ill with pneumonia, taken to hospital. Three Years Ago — Dizzy Dean jnade seasonal debut and limitc St. Louis Browns to two hits and no runs in five innings. Five Years Ago — Samuel R. Riddle, owner of War Admiral, agreed to $100,000 match race with •Seabiscuit to be held at Bclmont Park in fall. Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights When disorder of kidney function permits poisonous matter to remain in your blood, it may cause nagging backache, rheumatic pains, leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting up nighU, swelling, puffineas under the eyes, tieadachca and dizziness. Frequent .or scanty passages -with smarting and burning sometimes shows there is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your druggist for T)oan i Pill«, used successfully by millions for over 40 years. They sive happy relict and will help the 15 miles of kidney tubes flush out poisonous waste from your blood. Get Doan'i I'ills. 40,000 in the past year, forbol to reserve one for herself last Friday and had to crash the gate for the Armystrong - Beau Jack scrap. TODAY'S GUEST STAR Less Goatcs, Salt Lake Cicty Dc- scrct News: "The cockcist fresh man athlete in one of our colleges was assigned a part - lime job washing the gymnasium floor. Same old floor f lusher, as il were!' SERVICE DEPT. The Manhattan Beach Coast Guard station, which has cleaned up most of the sports tille in local naval circle, may drop ils cnlirc vasity program. .Lieut. J. Buchard, former New York World-Telegram sports scribe now a correspondent for "Stars and Stripes" and a member of the Algerian Boxing commission, has been wounded but reports it isn't serious .. Camp Croft, S. C., plans to operate two baseball leadgucs and one softball circuit this summer .. Torchy Peden. the old six - day bike racer, has been made a sergeant in the Canadian Air Force after taking a ten weeks course in physical training instruction .. Readint that a Fort Worth, Tex., girl has been given the title , of "The Perfect WAAC," Fort Sheridan, 111., soldiers decided that Corp. Eileen Kolden should put in a claim for the title. Besides filling the spec- isications • five feet seven and 143 pounds -- Corp. Kolden captains the WAAC bowling team and is inter' cstcd in swimming, judo, skiing and ice skating. IT AIN'T HAY. BROTHER Roy Sanner. Montreal pitcher from Arinda, Ark., has been getting his first look at New York since he has been temporarily attached to the Dodgers .. The other day his guide. Al Sherer, took him to the Radio City Musich Hall and, when they got inside, asked: "What do you think of the place'.'".. Sanner craned his neck to sec it all and replied: "Sure would hold a lot of hay." Exhibition Ball Games Missed by Cardinals By OSCAR KAHAN Cairo, 111., April 8 — I/I')— The world champion St. Louis Cardnlnls wound up their spring training today with indications the club has seriously missed the long string of 25 or 30 exhibition game played down south in previous years. Inlra-sqaad contests while valuable as a break in training routine, failed to produce toughening pressure of former competition with major league teams in the good old days in Florida. Manager Billy Southworth was hopeful, however, that a seven- game spring series with the Browns in St. Louis, starting Saturday, would put the final edge on the Cardinals' condition for the pennant race. As it is the team.'s pitchers arc so far ahead of the hitters that Soulhworth called off two intra- squad games here to concentrate on intensive batting practice. The Cardinals' attack at best may be light. It was not very devastating last year and two heavy hitters, Enos Slaughter and Terry Moore, now arc in military service. Lack of boom-boom boys showed up early in the training period. Cairo's playing field is spacious, and Soulhworth believes the 1943 ball is dead, but nevertheless none of the players was able to belt a drive over the fence until Stan Musial finally did it twice in a row last week. The 1942 Cardinals hit only sixty home runs, sixth in National League, although they were first in both triples and doubles, chiefly through their fleet-footed ability to stretch their hits. The energetic manager still had several replacement problems, and a few minor injuries to conte with, but all in all the Cardinals appeared in excellent shape for a repeat performance as the league champions. Flashes of Life By The Associated Press Sad Aftermath Madison, Conn.-- Last week the 22 seniors of Hand high school took their annual trip to New York, escorted by two teachers. But this week they're not going any place, not even to school. One of the class, it seems, didn't feel very well on the way back. Health Officer Milo Rindgc diagnosed it as scarlet fever, and quarantined the whole class — and the teachers. CARE L Super - Production Memphis, Tenn. -- Nellie, » big red hen owned by Mrs. Ann Woodard, lias gone all out for war production. Monday, Nellie laid a brown egg eight inches in circumference. Tuesday, she laid another six inches around and when Mrs. Woodard broke the shell she found a normal - sized eggc inside, containing two yolks. Yes, Sir! Dr. Gerald Winfield. who works for the OWI in China, told a group of American reporters here that a Chungking newspaper not long ago told its readers that what the wartime capital of China needed was three "Flying Fortresses," which when hung in the sky at the corners of the city svould fend off any possible Japanese bombing attacks. Fights Last Night , By The Associated Press Elizabeth, N. J. — Joe Carter, 155; Rome, N. Y.. outpointed John Brown, 152 1-2, New York (G>. Oakland, Calif. — Paul Lewis, 154, Oakland, knocked out Bcrnie Cardenas, 162, Mexico City (2). Harrisburg, Pa. — Vincc Pimpi- lelli, 173, Brooklyn, N. Y., knocked out Al Foreman, 165, New York 2). Happenings in Major Ball Camps takeluirst, N. J. — The New York Giants seem to have cleared up two problems that troubled them during the early part of the training season — whether Carl Hubbcll's left arm would be in good shapo for the season and the team's failure to hit in intra-camp games. Mubbell. making his seasonal debut gainst tlic Kills Island Coast Guard team yesterday, gave only one hit in three innings and fanned five men in a row. In three exhibitions so far the Giants have pok-d out -I, 1 ! hits for "il runs. O'Neill In Batting Practice Evansvillc, hid. — Steve O'Neill, 51 -year-old malinger of tho Detroit Tigers, took his turn in batting practice yesterday on the off chfincc ho micht be called upon to relieve Dixie Parsons in Sunday's exhibition against Pittsburgh. The division of the Detroit squad for a big week-end schedule left Paron the only regular catcher with the "homo" team. Hunh Star Actavnst Yale Brooklyn — - The Dodgers turned to Kirby Higbc's pitching for consolation for their narrow escape from defeat in yesterday's exhibition against Yale at New Haven. Higbe allowed only two hits and fanned nine during a four-inning stint. Sewell Beset by Trouble Capo Girardcau. Mo. — Already beset oy a number of troubles. Manager Luke Scwcll of the St. Louis Browns had another on his hands today on the eve of a seven-game scries with the Cardinals. Shortstop Vernon Stephens, who has an eye infection, returned to St. Louis ahead of the rest of the squad for treatment. Stirnwciss, Lindell Standouts Asbury Park. N. J. — AS the New York Yankees broke camp and headed for their home grounds today, with their lineup still uncertain, Manager Joe McCarthy pronounced George "Snuffy" Stirn- weiss and Johnny Lindell the standouts of the blustery spring sesion. Lindell, he indicated, will be carried on an outfielder and spare first baseman and will piu-h only D. F. Weaver Elected Mayor of Emmet In a quiet town election in Km- met April 6 in which only 28 votes were cast the following town officials were elected for a two-year term of office: D. F. Weaver, mayor: Jim Breed, marshal; Hamy Garland, recorder; F. G. Haltoin, treasurer; Aldermen —Steve Snell, Otis Townscnd, T. I.. Garland. S. M. Pankcy and J. It Hamilton. The 5 mill city tax was volecl without opposition. m case of a shortage of men. mounds- To Speak Here tevang. Clara Grace. Tulsa. Okla., is conducting Revival services at the Hope Gospel Tabernacle. Mrs. Grace is well known through- Lady Sailors Learn Art of Self Defense Washington, April 8 — M 1 )-— Sailors beware: Watch the WAVES who limp a little today and eat their Inches standing up. For last night 2G members of the women's reserve of the U. S. Navy found fitlcss fighting fun in the first I cluass of Ju-.Titsu beer given for iXmerican women tyi uniform. The Navy says it's an unofficial class, and the WAVF.S. heaving their instructor and one another around the Central Y. M. C. A. Kym with groat abandon, insisted they will learn "syslcmatci street fighting" jus' for fun. Joseph Chiang, Instructor of the Chinese Ju - Jitsti with which the WAVF.S may become breakers (get it'.' -- bone breakers) also teaches such people as the White House Secret Service and Army officers of nearby camps. "There's no need (o hurl you to convince you." grinned Chiang as he gently but firmly twisted the arm of a Laky Ensign until she squealed "SOS". These WAVE pioneers of "scientific barroom brawl" learned among other things how to fall without gelling hurt • too much. But teacher couldn't give them all 100 on their lirst lessons. "Don't try this on anybody yet," Chiang warned the war women. "You might hurt yourself or somebody else if you played foolishly with this kind of fighting before you master its methods." Today in Congress By TH« Associated Press Senate May take up migratory farm ftbor bill. Secretory Wickanl and Price Administration Brown testify before Auriciilturc Committee on Pace bill. Manpower Administrator MeNutt testifies on civilian supply bill before Banking Committee. House Debates legislative appropriation bill. Small Business Commiltee starts probe of black meat market. Military Committee hears American Legion on national service hill. Evang. Clara Grace out the South, having been an Evangelist here for more than 15 years. Mrs. Grace is the daughter of a Baptist preacher, a member of the Methodist church for years, and is Ordained to preach by the Assemblies of God. Meetings will continue nightly at 8:00 p. m. foi two weeks. Two long moles, dominated by wa rehouses enclose the Casablanca. and grain 350-acrc elevators, harbor of ftxpectinqa Mother's Friend helps bring ease and comfort to expectant mothers. M o T H E n ' 8 FRIEND, nn cxquloltely prepared emollient, Is useful In nil conctl- i tlons where n blnnct, mtlcl nnoclyne mns- Kntc medium in Bkln lubrication Is desired. One condition In which women Tor more than 70 years have used It, Is an application for massaging the body dur- InK pregnancy ... It helps keep the skin soft and pliable... thus nvoidlnR unnecessary discomfort due to dryncss and UghtncFS. It refreshes nnd tones tho skin. An Ideal massage application for the numb, tliiRlIng or burning sensations of the skin ... for the tired back muscles or cramp-llko pnlnn In the le[!3. Quickly absorbed. DellshUul to use. Mother's Friend IliKhly prntarr) by UHIT.H, mnny doctors nriil nuntpH. Just oak nny dniKcUt for Mnlhcr's Friend—the akin lubricant. Try it tonight. MONUMENTS- M n BUY i ! "1C. '. L _. _ _ _ 1. —. J ... WE EMPLOY NO AGENTS DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER and Save Agent's Commission, 'If interested write or phone us at our expense and we will call on you and show you our designs. FOUR STATES MONUMENT CO. PHONE 462 TEXARKANA, TEXAS Scorched Furniture Policy Columbia City, Ind. -- Mr. and Mr. Duby Miller are getting a little tired of snatching their household furnishings out of a blazing home. A week ago the Millers managed to save the furnishings when their house was destroyed by fire. Wednesday their news hous.e a few doors from the old one, burned to the ground when an oil burner furnace exploded, and most the furniture again was saved. New Aerial Defense Golden Eggs Los Angeles, -- She wan't over- concerned about the family car or other property, Mrs. Virginia Critchficld told the court as she was awarded her divorce from Thomas L. Critchfield, but She demanded, and received, custody of eleven laying hens. Kansas City -•, The rookie didn't know right from left, said Lieut. Gene Moody Moore, so he pul a stone in the beginner's right hand. "Now when I tell you to turn right, turn in the dircctio n of the hand holding the stone," he order ed. "And don't stop it until I order you to do so." Two days later the hospital call ed: "We've got a soldier over here who became ill. He's holding a stone in his hand and says he won't drop it until you give the order. . M —Improves Any Suit! No matter how well-cut a suit may be it still needs constant care to keep it fit. Hang up your clothes. Make them look best . . . •/ear best! Look Your Best, ill Bros. Do a Fine Job of Suit Pressing. Trial Will Prove Jr. ML BROS, iers & Hatter* 385 The Mediterranean Sea was so called by the ancient Latins be... ... ,, . ,, ... ,-.,. ! cause they believed it to be "the Washington -- You don't, the Of- •.,,„ f ,,.„ p . n . th ,. fice of War Information explains, mlddle o£ the e<uth hang "Flying Fortresses" in the sky and use them for aerial pillboxes. There are 679 windows in the Capitol at Washington. Blevins PTA Meets on Thursday Night The Blevins Parent-Teacher Association is to hold its regular monthly meeting this Thursday night, April 8, at 8 o'clock. After the business meeting there will be open-house. Parents are urged to see some of the work that has been clone thus far during the school term. ' Flowers All Bloom in the Spring Tra La! THE GREMLINS AH.WHATASEAUT1FUL DAV/ WOW 1 OFFALLWlHTGB CLEAN UPTHE YARP Kate Greenaway's new sheers are like a Spring bouquet, so colorful, so sweet, so perfect for Easter Sunday and for Spring and Summer, too. and so easy on the budget. Beauteous basques. Darling dirndls. Prim Princess and trimly Tailored types. All Jor your charming daughter 7 to 14. Come in now while there is a complete assortment! 1.95 - 2.95 "We Outfit the Family" TALBOT'S New Sport Shirts-- Hickok Sport Belts Hickok Jewelry A large assortment of new styles including fine leathers, liveglass western styles. All sizes. 1.00- 1.50 Men's Knit Sport Shirts A fine knit, shirt in white, blue. slipover tan and 98c SHIRTS Made of the Popular Pango- Pango cloth, Tailored by Enro. A 1943 Hit. This sport shirt has long sleeves and is made with a convertible collar ... in shades of tan natural and leather.' All sizes ................ Other Sport Shirts $1.95 - $2.95 49c ,„ 98c Boys' Ribbed Sport- Shirts Blue, tan and white Jockey Midways Cooper's Y-Front Garments Ideal for Wear All Year 'Round. 60c These are the snug fitting knit undergarments that are so comfortable they completely elimniate squirming. Clothes look better over their sleek, smooth lines. Key chains, tic chains, collar bars and other hancl- somf jewelry. Many personalized by his initials. 1.00 up Hickok Glass Billfolds Colored trims enhance the smartness of these flexible bill folds. They can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. 1.00-1.50 New Spring Slacks Rayon and woolens i n browns, tans and blues that are destined to be the most popular shades of the Spring Season. 3.95 to 6.95 New Nor-East Ties One of the most popular ties in the country and one of the hardest to get because the fabric is imported. Stripes and patterns that go perfectly with the new shirts and suits. Light weight but will not wrinkle. 1.00 Buy U. S. War Bonds and Stamps t> ^^W ^^^* ^MW ^HHHI^HP ^BIpliB^^ ^W(Hpl^^ ^^^f ^^BB|^^^ 'We Outfit the Family' FIORSHE/M SHOES 9.75-10.50 Man Regu/ai i/j/tv THE AMER1CANS

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