Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 11, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1912
Page 3
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- A: THE TOLA DAILT REGISTER. MONDAY EVENINq jfflVEMBER 11,1912. Big Coat, Suit and -V ' f CJroatest Values Ever Given for the Money! Now Arrivals in Fashion's Latest Mid Season Creations. ish Suits —wonderfully pleasing fashionable Suits—clelight- fiilly chic—all tending to- wai'd winter's enjoyment and pleasure. Styles and bargains that will please you. l^lo.OO vahu's $20.00 values . $25.00 values . $30.00 values . .$15.00 .$17.50 .$22.50 100 Handsome Cdats in ^ Tliisfiig Coat Sale Think of solwlinc: a new (?out fi-om the masterpieces of the famous ladies' tailors of tlio country, Beau- fabric s, unexcelled workmanship and delightfully chic models combine to make these garments of exceptional merit. $10.00 Coats .... $12^0 C (KltS- ... . $K)»0 Coat.s $20.00 Coals .... $22.50 Coats .... $25.00 Coals .... ....$8.50 m ./Mi '•iV' .. $12.50 ....$17.50 ....$20.00 .. .$22.50 Distinctive Hats 200 Handsome Hats; 25'; discount on this? splendid line. Attractive values have always been paramount in our Millinery Department and now during this sale you can lind values that you can scarcely lieliove—tn-en ;jfter seeing them. Now, chic and up to the minute in stylo. $2.00 Hats. .$1.50 $5.00 Hats . .$.'1.75 $:5.00 Hals. .$2.25 $(5.00 Hats . .$1.50 $1.00 Hats. .$:].oa $8.00 Hats . .$6.00 Furs! Furs! Furs! The low prices on all the new makes t)f P'urs can not help but please you. The new Dress Goods and Silks are beauties—you nnist see our splenuid line. The big line of lilankets aiKJ Warm Underwear will please you. WE PAY CAR FARE S 113 EAST MADISON {PERSONia liElVnON.| Tl'.i- r ;n:il couiu SIDWS thai Oklahoma ("ity retains the «:iiiila; h\ a lua- • .V'ri;y of somo IS.i'uOanil iin' hoiios of ^urhrio to ret;.am the j:<!Vt>rniii«'!:: oiu- lit sooms iiorin.incm'y bla.sicd. '—Gr.ndiiate Nurse; terms rcason: able. I'liono lo63. Si""rial yipotincs at tli" <'!u"i;-'i:iii i .iiiir.-Ii ".1-1..IS \V Ail. n Will rt ' fraf licr, ?.M<1inc. /!!i!s(r.i'snnps ', .-^n i))iMr.' i.--s ..ii.'; -An!: K;!!.•]•!I. an . ,- l .ar^:"' rli.'rr .. ,-i.cciaI inM .-i.-.' f'-<:it-! lir»»s. STi.^ii:; srv:noii>-' \ ivit-y w--!-' i '.'I' '•.•iliT'ii 'ij,;. .ituiiiiy •' |.i«n'i lai.-.-- i' '.—V.\ll;i low l>ri<-.';; <.II ti-w .iti.l ii .(i ; -H"! 'MI S»i>».',< JM ii.-nn.'ii::>T. i \V;,- • Madis.'ii • iiM::m a - U '-i'iiMif A.^'^M'.!;nv I" iii>; N fi;;;ji..-. t'olmifl lt(y:w(>\ I 'lt'-i canipiti!;!! ^V;: i>r,.~ :,!,^r). y lia.>: hi'i-n li><< i-x- i .: l.-lU'lv t!iaii ills' i-aiii|iaii:ii llii- !(.•- ' •KiMii.iii ni>mili:iliiiii. whi.-li w..:il,| i*-i-.iu to iniliiat.'That il i-. i li.'.iinT lii'. I> .i'.-<nv lluiii )|i |ia\ iiiiik . il..> .";.»l ;i*:i> a;i.'ni'>.>li. >'.i;ilm ;'«i|i.\.r iifi VI;.'-.' "ii'i t;in-<. aiii.tii> st I' oa.-r i.'ttiin I" M;« K C .N -ii l.i'l.-on. Xl'i Kast .hu'V-nn, ami ir- i lu<>an(l til .T H. Tihbits of nnnilioldt, was in' llio rity toUay. —nrs. Unll & Uall. Osteopath;). Ti.|.-|.Ji<>nP» IH), 661. 1.. I>. r.ili.son wrut io fliamit'- this all. inoon on busincs:-. —Dr. 0. L. Cox, OcnII.sL C .\. Wcnl worth wont to I'ittsbui}; , this afioriioon to visit fricntls. , - f»r, ». L. Ilcndrlck .'i. Old foiirl tloiisf. (iills iinsucrcd day or niKlit. Mrs M. I) Kirk. •«! ("h.-rry•..•il<\ who; lias 1"'-Il hfji- vi..Jitiii^;- ri'laiivi's n--• iiini.i| h<>in<' thi.s .-ifiiTnoon. .? A I'<n )il.> of Chauiil'', w.i:; a vi:;- iiof h. !•<• Ifxi .iy. lor ««iii)(Ir<i' line or nursery slork "^re .1. M. .Incksiin. I'boiie llsi^ II W Hniis 'T of Kin<-ai<l was in 'h'' rity i.iilay .nroiiH'' to C'liannti'. , 'I 'll- t' F. Sawj.T h«>iili' iiorlli of ilii- <i!> is ii >fi\iim a iifW roof, in-w <i-- j 111. lit walks an- ln-inu hiid atnl tin- I 'll!-. K. tirrally Iniiwovil Mrs I'.iul Mrluinalil. of Cliaiiiilc. \v lio lias (•"••Il ln'l.' vl.sitiim .Mr anil Mrs I! M I'linnliiKliaiM, r<-tiinii'i| lion..' tins arirrnoDli. \V Ura.llKlil w. at to IMttslnir;; this altiriioi'ii mi hiisiiifss. I 1 rank Winders, leader of the orches motln-r. i Ira in the Channte theatre, was In Mrs. F. 11. Kmcctle of Chanule. who has hcon lior-j visiting; hor . . „ .„^„»., Mrs A. H. luoilRors, returned home' the city today on business, iliis afternoon. , — — j nr. S. S. Hilscher preached at tho Jlrs. .Mary Murphy, of Huinholdt. | .Moran I'rcsbyterian church yesterday. wlio i'.as lieeii liere visitii'}; friends, — returned lionie this afternoon. B. R. Sly of Parsons, who has been — ' here on business went to Gamott this Dr. Leave!! was pleasantly sur- j prised Saturrtav afternoon when hi.«l „ ~ „ fath.r arrived ill lola unannounced | /Jiminernian of Ottawa, who for a short visit, Mr. I.eaveU senior vi.sitinR friends' re- Is a farmer and stoikraiser at Allen.; «" «<"-k in l>;e I'niversity in I-.von eoupty. ; today. Mr.s .V !-.. Snell. „{ Okla.j Mrs. .lohn W.-stoi, .,r For. Scot, was who has Jve,, |,..n. visiijng friends., jn ,h.. ritv r.liirn.d home fhi.s af.ernoon. j .-oAie to (jarnett i» tr .;ii :<)dav en- S&llSL CLEEKS^SND PET PO'OITLIJS IN'Tffi STONE AGE AND TODA^. ; Tliis it. in »-il! iiilorni ill" lieliifiil.' Ii A Mil'oiial .l W'lit to \Valnu.t this friedns w!io have lele)ilien.-d this ot- air-tiuiiiii >in business ic other h. Ipfu! ''ri.Mids who ; h;n.' coni iiuii:i-al<-d with Mr \V'ihiir Fiske. th.i the R'nisler nuw' .iv, ;,r'- ^ he :s a rciident of G'^iLva \Vl;iMi you w^iiit to k low anythi!!!;. ask the i;. • i.-!ter fnnifly and you eaii pen?rally Jitid it out'. ., •• Mr. Todd •.v<in t.) I'!;i;4 tiiis ..f- -* iernooii to visit re!a:i\. s .Vlso -o -- conpratulate his "•Socialist broth, r" TK Caiilrell on his vio'nry in th<' ,; recent election. K. farter wi'iu to Channte this i all. rnooii. ! Mr and Mrs t'has Switzer. of Cha- I1UH-, who have be< M visitinj: friends h» re returned I'.onit this afternoon. F. .M. Patterson of .ArininctQii. Ill . : who Iras t.een here on business went to Galesb'irp this afternoon He \isiied with his brother-in-law, S. V. Gardu'-r of I^aHarpe. D. Waters, of CoffeyvlUc, who "has be«n liCM on bqaii^ets returned honie th^ afternoon. r Gcorfte Boyd.jrlholiiu city edix: tor of the Coj ^unAiM 'AavbcatV for the jMwt Vear, f&lihcd" hlii: labors thcro SnttiMay an4 his |HMfti «n win b« filled '.by AJbert. Berlin of the Manhattan Xa[ tipuaii«t. Dt^yd used to work in l9ta •and lat^r oa th<B city patters, and H Is not known whcr« his next "sH" will be. butte pmb,nbly ini«ndi» KolOK ba<^k to a.-isisnment work on souie city daily. -The CostimiHtlltan Quartette was Krivtod l>y a lar^e attdlenre Saturdi^' niRhi at thefirand. They occupy ti|o boanis for tonight with tui entire • •.lan.M of program. Prices ii and 10 rents \\ iiat Sherman said war is not nearly so Iwd as some of the gags that nijc being spninR aliout the Balkan war. My> the Otuwa Herald. Ftor instance^ Torae otherwise rational, parasraither submits this question: " "If Austria should Russia Turkey into Greece, wculd It make a Montenegrin to sec a »luli:;arian Servian UT' Things like these are what make the govemnients .scrutinize the mails so carefully. -fhe lilt of the season, the Cos- tr .opolitan Quartette and refined en- tert .iiners, at the Grand tonlghtl Ad- n-ivsion and 10 ccntF. Dr. 1>. I). Johnson, of Clianute. was a visitor in lola today. • Because tljere. has beep so ,,n>u,ch,| talk of It. iris presumable thaf the silly story has been given credence, and so It may be worth while to say that no pensioner of today need have the slightest fear that the election of Woodrow Wilson means cutting off of the slender support which the gor- crninent has been bestowing upon the old soldiers. The rumor has beeii considered a fine joke and has been used to worry some of the grizzled warriors, but It may gravely be questioned if such humor is not sadly perverted. —The Quartette at tno Grand to- nlglit promises a blK treat for lovers n{ sood singing. C. J. Peterson went to Topeka this afternoon on business. Bert Gwlnn went to Ptieblo, Colo:, this afternoon to spend the winter. W. F. Chambers of Carlyle. was in town this afternoon. Peter Columbus went to Ottawa on business this i^ternoon. The Cosmopolitan Quartette was gri-etcd by a large, audience Saturday ni^ht at the Grand. They occtipy Hie iioard for tonight with an entire change of program. Prices •> and 1" cents The "devils" in the Register ofHce hav,> made several trips to the timber in the past week and they returned Invariably with baskets filled with plumb, ripe perslmnions. They say the crop is 'abundant and of excellent quality. The many friends of Mrs. Henry Potter of Lincoln Park, will be glad to know thaj'shc is recovering rapidly from an illness which threatened her life following the birth of a daugh ler last week. Have you noticed the "Genevieve Curl" hereabouts? It is the new curl which has been name in honor of Champ Clark's daughter, and : is not much different from the old fashioned corkscrew curl which ladies esteemed much sixty years ago, but otily one is worn and it hangs conspicoously in front of the right ear, seemiiigly have fallen from Its restraining band. I'hre arc a few in town. .lolin H. Young left this morning for Kansas City to aitend the hotel niriis convention which will spend two days in tlio city having a good lime. » Sjiturday's Kansas City Star report • d (lie death there at the ajjo of 71t years of Mrs. Johanna Maler, who years ago resided on a farm near Wise school house in the north pari of this county and who is well known to ninny Allen county people. One of h 'r sons is high in the councils of the Locomotive iCnglneers' association and her son George goes through lola < very other day, being engineer on the Katy Flyer. .Mr. Maler. who was a well known cattleman here, is stili living. .Mrs. W. P. Bell went to Geneva this afiornoou for a visit with relatives. Mrs F. C. Carpenter of Lawrence, who has b«"-n here on business returned home today. TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 12 Jones and Crane present MR. GUY CAUFMAN —IN— TU»« (Jrt 'sti NVw York l.xeetnu Tl»»«tn» Su<'«v,ss u A new and beautiful siory of the Orient by Edpar Selwyn, aiv thor of "Tho Country Boy," etc. Tin- I'laif That MmU A < ,r YniU "Sit (ifi mill Tiih<' Moliic'' <'i)lll|>llMl- SilMlil- I'lOlllIrl ii>ll. Ifi'.-iiitifii) U';ii-<li -biM.*. I-:x«fIleiif Csist J -I Jaiiii^lW iBi+e rortDVV he a hietlcc «lniiiia - oj tbH kind," rrry Hammond, Chirago Bally TriliBni-. ".Makes a hie hit at Jhe Lyceum.**—N. Y. Telecraph. "Britchf dialocne and ever changi.ig scene keep up Hie inleresi at all Hmes,"—>. Y. CuminercinL Prices 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c, and $1.00. Box Seats $1.55 • Tickfta on Sale ai tiie Bo.\ Office. .|:,,,> Onr Exquisite Portraits of Children Are Not - — -=Haphazardffiects-^^^ — TIU'.V ;tif tin" Ii'.><Illl iif I 'litiiinr ;iiiil /-.'./y"*/';/«( -the lifsl iK-illJj lis Iicefss:i| v .1.-; I[ic hssi with iliiltllfll 1.1: T IS IMfOVK THIS T<» vol" GIBSON'.S 5TUDIO Makers of IMiolus That l'lea>e Sfierlal >'o«lrc. -To riu' members of the TrliWc Tie lodge: There will he a special mee'- inp Thursday night at the A. O. V. W. lall. C. B. Griffith, snipreme presi- fent, of Ft. Scott; A. L. Woodford, tiast supreme president, of BuriiiiK- ton, and C. H. l ^nib. of Yates Cenior,: Aill be present to addres.-; the mem- ' •>ers. At the close of "the refreshments will tie served. The public •= inwtcd. Attention Elks. ^ The Social Club have their first in- i formal party next Thursday evening, from 8:30 to 11:30. Cards and dancr ing. All Elks requested to join. See Secretary Newton or Mr. Fronk for information. THE SOCIAL COMMITTEE. Mrs. G. W. Coger, of I^ne Elm left this afternoon tor California to spend the winter. Ix>uis Myers, of LaHarpo went to Chaiiute this afternoon on business. .Mrs. M. A. Pierson of F$ar(IesviII.., who has been visiting Mrs. E. N. .Tones returned home this afternoon. Mrs. E. M. Fulton, of Clianut«'. who has been hero visiting fri'-nd:--. relum­ ed home this afternoon. -Miss Mary Marring, of CarthaRe, Mo., who has be«n visiting Mr. and Mrs?. R. C. Walker, returnetl home this afternoon. ' J. S. Sumner of Tnls;!, Ok , who lia !>een here on business returned bom'- this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. 1. E. Banleit visited relatives in Yates Center y>'s|erday. George K Siephensen ^. of Vai'-i ''enter visited with friends here yesterday. Eugene KelKy fif ihf ToroiHo Re- imblican was In t !ie ciiy yi-sii-rdar visiting friends. Miss Setierstrom si>ent Sunday at her home in Glamore. .Mr?. R. C. Henderson returned to her home yesteVday afttr a short vis-t with her mother, Mrs. A. H Millar. <f 'his city. When You Make Your Mark Voii can Iniy at the Book Store, evcrytliin.i; to write on, from a 5c tablet to Crane's Linen I«Twn, the hest i>ai>er made in America.- iCvryiliiii-; ici wriiv.with from a 11- il to a $l^ Fountain Pen. Evans Bros. BOOKSTOKE. .Mrs. Ben Railove City this afternoon. went to Kansas We Buy More WeSellMbre We Sell Cheaper Newby Grocery Co. TELEPHONE 240 106 S. WashinRion Deliver to Any Part of City. 1^ «e Po^T- Aua*>/ Vus ueisB iicsrxsifft.-x'/ I ) Mrs. George Rumln-ck. of Savoni burg, was in the city between trains i today, enroute to Ottawa. Mrs. M. E. Trimmell, of Gamett. j who has been here visiting her sons I returned home this afternoon. G. S. Baker, of Ottawa, who has been here on business went to Colony this afternoon. i j The first arrests of the month were made Satardsy on warrants issued for five young men of the city charging (liatnrbance of the peace. The i mixup took place at Wade's pool hall ; Friday night. One of the boys fled ; and as yet the officers have been un; able to locate him. The other fpnr ' were fined ten dollars and costs each the total aggregating |43 which was > paid. S. Webster, of Lawrence. I business visitor here toda^. was a WA.VrED— STE.NOGR APHKR Palace Garago. Apply In p«nHm, AT SL Timothy's Kpisropal Chnrrh. The services yesterday were as usual: Holy Communion a: 7::!«> aad '.lorrlng Prayer at 11 o'clock. .\ nnar- •et composed of Dr. a .nd .Mrs. E C. •vevnolds aiid Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Burlick sang The Venite in a very ideas- ing manner The rector spok»- >.n the •ubject "Sensationalism Versus SInr -erltv in ^ the Church" and took bis "ext from' the first chapter of Phillip- 'lians. The first part of the sermon was a plea for sincerity in the daily Mf^;. whether it be a social or a business life, no jieraon can achieve sue-: -ess without sinccritv and truth. The word sincerity in the original meant without the vvx with which ancient •wHers wore acciistoitied to hide the lefects of their wares. In church work. too. the leaders mtist be 'wlth- ont wax" or thev cannot InfUieni-e others to right livlne. SensationaUJin may attract a certain numi>er of p»»o')le but it cannot hold them aiid men of today want the real i;ospel unblem- > isbcd. If people allow themselves tof' bound by the mere forinwlitv of < hiireh Toing and church worship their rolis- ion Is nothing: these forms r -annot' , hide real faults any longer than the wax hid the defortx In the Itowla cf the potter*. Cut Flowers ,fl Wli' II you .vant CilfSJIpliojrors of i;liM!. reineniher- ! ' -J. W. PKI.VM£K ;i)i i.iu^iu has th'-i.' of :•]] klndiiAnd of the best q lality and gruwv.jraOricg else. Chrj Nanlbeniunis, i:o>e>, ramaliuns, Violets, etc. Qualit.v tl -.i- high. St -i.rices the lowe.-t. r We :tls-> I 'lriiish any kind of d-:oration» .md all kinds of design work an'! Eiiarantee per- f;Tf''': -n';.-=faction. Phone 104 Protect Yoor Horses H^inst the e«M fall rains iritb i;oO!» BLANKETS! See onr .spleadid line and ivte the reasoaalile prices. Tb« smalt daughter of Charleji • Wilkes Is ill of scarlet fever.

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