Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 13, 1949 · Page 29
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 29

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1949
Page 29
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Recognition of Greater Power AA Program Alcoholics Anonymous Speaker at Lions , that g reat *r Power in your * 11 "? you are the fetters ° ex P la "ation given an *0r Alcoholics ™ * m a talk Wednesday noon before the Mason City Lions Ci U G . ». The growth of AA to an or- -gamzation with 3,000 units throughout the world', and a membership m excess of 100,000 was traced by the speaker. , It1 a " began 14 years ago when 3 alcoholics, led by a New York broker, got together in Akron, Ohio, and decided to build their program around some fundamentals which had proved effective in the case of the New Yorker Not "Reformist" There is nothing of "reformist" characteristics in the AA program, the speaker made it clear. Its one and only purpose is to give aid to the individual' alcoholic in a problem which is peculiarly personal. Nothing can be done, it was explained, until in the unfortunate there is a desire to throw off the enslaving influences of alcoholism. But with that desire, much can be accomplished, and has been in thousands of cases. In the working out of things, about 50 per cent of those who enter the program are enabled to break the drink habit, completely and permanently, the speaker stated. Report on Concert The talk by the AA spokesman followed reports by President Vaughn Wicks and Vice President Don Gilbert on the "Hour of Charm" concert at Roosevelt field- house Tuesday night. Both praised the Spitalny organization and relayed to the club and to the community expressions of appreciation from Mr. Spitalny and those associated with him in a musical or a business way. From incomplete reports, according to Doctor Wicks, both spcnsoring organizations, the B. & P. W. and the Lions club, will have approximately $900 for their respective welfare programs as a result of the near capacity attendance at the concert. Club Plans Events Alta Vista—At a meeting of the Commercial club it was agreed to have 3 Santa Glaus days in Alta Vista during December, a pancake day in January and a community auction next spring. Pi«Httof»CHI TEIM-AQE' liftttrt tUCKHEADS NOTE: ENCA ii solely erternol medication — for symptomatic relief i m 5- ny 5 l(ter ; al| l' , c . a j led »tfn troubles. Abovo is a partial list of .IB disorder] for which — if externally caused — ENCA is indicated. Bmi«t itekim ef 'ATMIHTS HOT Smootk Skin RIIKWORM RASH s, Bllstirs of IMPETIGO SCIENTIFIC RELIEF for blemishes and fos/ons of many externally caused SKIM TROUBLES "*"" — ^"^^™^"^"^^^^^•^^•^^^•••••••MBliiiBiBB^^^iB^^« • Hides Ugly Blemishes! • Checks Germ Growth! • Helps Natural Healing New, different, really scientific—ENCA Cream is the result of thousands of clinical tests and endless experiment in the research laboratories of a world-famous medical university hospital. It brings new hope and newYeliei to many"bad skin"sufferers as never before: 1 ENCA'S flesh-toned, cosmetic base masks blemishes and make* the complexion look clearer. Itching is relieved instantly! O ENCA exposes and inhibits growth of certain infectious germs and fungi present in externally caused skin infections! . . Medication is held in close and prolonged contact with diseased skin surfaces. New skin Marts to grow, natural healing begins! Only ENCA Cream gives this special 3-way masking, inhibiting and healing action to relieve- externally caused skin troubles! Try it — and be convinced as< thousands of others, that there is> nothing else like it! MONET BACK GUARANTEE // you are not pleased with tactual results, if unsightly skin does not LOOK and FEEL bet- . •ter in a week, return the partly used jar and purchase price I vrill be refunded. ^& lffl(S<£j C/Ze&Mt Developed in the laboratories with TYROTHRICIN ° f a great Medical University OSCO DRUG A.—Profile Beret with sweep of coquet feathers, 10.95 B.—The Bicorne, side tilted with voluminous coquet trim, 10.95 I basically' simple . . . with orer-all loveliness feathered felts Our collection of hats in large head sizes . . . designed to top your prettiest fall suits, to complement your smartest fall coat. Done off-the- face, bicorne, side sweep and beret styles in softest felts spiced with glistening coquet feathers. Other soft feathers. OTHER HATS IN THIS COLLECTION 5.95 to 12.95 —Millinery • First Floor Farmers' Night Classes Begin C'rcsco — The night school for farmers held in Cresco annually was to open at Cresco high school Thursday evening, according to Arthur Aeglcr, chairman of the £!«I-visory council and H. R. Schroder, director of vocational agriculture for the Cresco school. The program as arranged includes 2 special speakers, L. J. Bodensteiner of Decorah, northeast Iowa district fieldman for the Farm Bureau association, who will discuss "Management,Practices for 1950" at the meeting on Nov. 3 and Frank D. Elwood, Howard county attorney, who will speak on ! "Farm Law," Dec. 8. Schocder will conduct the balance of the programs scheduled. They include farm accident prevention, farm outlook, pasture improvement, new developments in protein feeds, servicing farm tractors, results of corn .borer control work, and a panel disci insion on developing a pork production program. The meetings are scheduled to be held each Thursday evening from Oct. 13 to 22, except the Thanksgiving week when the meeting will be on Wednesday evening. The advisory council includes Arthur Aegler, Cliffprd Burgess, Gerald Reutlinger, Bernard Nash, Merrick Gassett, A. L. Gesell, Earl Benson, Gareth Vagts, Harlan i Hovey and Leon Morgan. Burt Considers Newspaper Plan Burt—The Community club has appointed a committee to investigate the advisability of starting a newspaper here. The proposition was presented to the club by Paul Metzger of Ringstcd, editor of the Ringsted Dispatch. The paper would be printed in Ringsled. North lowan Named Cornell Instructor Greene — Dale Shatzer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Shatzer, Greene, a senior student at the University of Iowa at Iowa City where he and his family reside, has been appointed instructor in advanced accounting at Cornell college, Mt. Vernon. This is a new course recently added at the college. He will be graduated from the University at Iowa City next February. Hunt in Montana Leland—Ben Buren, Ted Rusley of Iowa City and Clyde Fox of Forest City returned home from a 2J weeks hunting trip to Montana. They camped on Sunrise mountain at an elevation of 4,500 feet in Deer Lodge national forest. Francis Lundgren of Forest City who accompanied them on the trip, remained in Montana where he is employed at grading Christmas trees which are being cut for the Elmore Nursery of Elmore, Minn. Hampton Man Among 8 to Attend Grid Team's Golden Anniversary Hampton—Dr. F. L. Siberts of Hampton is among the 8 members of the 1899 State University of Iowa football team who have indicated they will attend the team's golden anniversary as a part ,of the homecoming celebration this weekend. project were Decorah, Calmar, Os» sian, Ridgeway, Spillville, Fort Atkinson and Freeport. I rWSnFHK I *2St«/lr% M 3,000 Poppies Sold Decorah — Sales on Poppy day in Winneshiek county totaled 3,000 poppies which brought $250. Of this fund, two-thirds will be expended for the benefit of needy veterans and their families. Conducted under the auspices of the VFW, towns participating in the Beware Coughs From Common Colds That HANG ON Creomuliion relieves promptlybecause it goes tight to the seat af the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial jnucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you- must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to hav* your money back. CREOMULSION f or Coughs.Ches! Colds, Bronchitis uly No dues! N« luztiws! No mrelsts! Ho rmssy liquids 1 HotiriajrwrtiM! Now you e*n tpa «noiUnc lac ea pleoflAnlly. Witi, ttin delicious. 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