Covina Argus from Covina, California on December 5, 1908 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 5, 1908
Page 5
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local Events, Born to Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Larick of Azusa, Mov. 23, a daughter. Mr. nnd Mrs. Enuis left on Monday to spend the week with friends at Alhntnbra. Mrs. Hannah Oaborue of Wbittier was the gueat early in the week of her daughter, Mrs. J. M. Whitsel. Senior play, "County Cbnirtnan," Womans Club House, Friday, Deo. IS. Mrs. Widney of Los Angeles was the guest this week of her daughter Mrs. R. O. Simpson. H'm, Pie! Doesn't it make you bugry? Just that one word P-I-E. Warner, Whitsel & Co.'s pie. Our store will be open every evening until 8 p. m. and 10 p. ni. Saturdays. BROAD WELL STORE. Mrs. W. H. Matthews and family are occupying the Rice cottage ou East San Bernardino road. Mrs. Rosa C. Clarke entertained at tea last Saturday eight "grownups" and sixteen children. A right choice ia half the dinner. Make it Warner, Whitsel & Co.'s pastry. Arthur Hoffman and Fred Chern- berlen spent Sunday with friends at Lordsburg. Mr. and Mrs. McLanghlin and little son left on Thursday to take up their residence in Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Foltz of Los Angeles were dinner guesta last Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Howlaud. Mrs. J. S. Eckles has returned from a two weeks' visit at the home of her son, Arthur, in Redoiido. A. W. Pooley baa traded his ranch at Ontario for a house and lot at Pomona. Mrs. W. A. Dinwiddle of the Philippines will arrive on Monday to visit at the home of Mrs. A. Merrill. Mrs. J. S. Billheimor of Los Angeles spent Saturday at tbe home of Comfortably furnished room for rent. Mrs. Martha Hibsch. Mr. and Mrs J. M. Stautou have removed to Orange street. Senior play, "County Chairman," Womans Club House, Friday, Dec. 18. One of life's happy tbots. To come home to a cnp of Warner, Whitsel £ Co. 's Premier Blend Coffee. For Rent—3 rooms, singly or en- suite. Furnished or untarnished. Dr. Bates. Live to a good old age, live laugh and be happy. Use TOP-NOTCH Bread, Mrs. Mary Leebrick has been spending the week with friends at Uplands. Mr. and Mrs. William Roberts of Long Beach are spending a few days with the'.- daughter, Mrs. J. W. Armstrong. Mrs. Merrill and Mrs. Steele vnter- taiued at luncheon on Monday last, tbe guests being Mrs. Q. F. Preston, Mrs. MoLaughlin and Mrs. Howlaud. Our store will he npon until S p. m. every evening and 10 p. m. Saturdays. Plenty of help. BROAD WELL STORE. Mrs. Uilmore, physical director of ;he public schools, has moved into ;be Ferguson cottage lately moved onto East Italia street. Miss Mary Hosford of Oberlin, O., arrived last Monday to pay an ex;ended visit at, the home of her cousin, Mrs. G. D. Jennings. C. S. Delano arid family have movtd into the Moxley place on San Bernardino road, lately occupied by J. M. Stan ton and family. Mrs. Mattie Fay, and Mrs. Ida Hicks arrived from San Diego Thursday of this week for a pre-boli- her brother, Overboltzer. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Lee attended the reception in Los'Angeles, Nov. 21st at the home of Rev. and Mre. E. J. Inwood in celebration of their twentieth anniversary. Next week, Friday night, at Womans Club House, Dr. P. W. Reynolds. Finest illustrated lecture now being delivered on tbe coast. Auspices B.Y.P.U. of Baptist church. Williams' Jubilee Singers at Azusa Opera House December 12. Auspices of Azuss Woman's Club. Doable quartette of colored singers. Be sure and be there. 12-12 The overturning of a kettle of boiling water caused severe burns to Paxton Carnahan this week. His feet wero badly ecaldfid, and it will be necessary for him to use crutches in walking for some time. Mr. Thomas Finch and son Ray, Rev. and Mrs. G. F. Chemberlen and daughter, Miss Ruth, spent Sunday at Fnllerton as the guest of Mr. anc Mrs. Walter Finch. The trip was made by auto. Miss Hattie Nye, who has been bookkeeper at the Home grocery for some time, has resigned the position in order to devote her entire time to the study of music. Miss Nye is a musician of high accomplishment. Mrs. McBeth, widow of tbe late Dr. J. C. MoBeth, of Denver, and Mr. Louis Perrin of Los Angeles, formerly of Denver, were guests day visit at the home of Mrs. Wallace on Dexter street. • E. M. Keep Friday night open for Dr. Reynolds' lecture at the Club House. An entertainment that entertains. Given to crowded bouses at Long Beach. Auspices B.Y.P.U., Dec. 11. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Huff have moved this week into their new home on W. College street, known as tbe Shank cottage, which • they recently acquired by purchase. Mrs. J. C. Angell, who has been spending the past year at tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. M. Congdon on E. Badillo street, left Saturday to make her home at Beaumont. • Marion Sturgill and sister, Mrs. Edna Leighton, returned Sunday to again They make have months in Fresno. Covina their home. been spe,nrliiic several tbe neighborhood ol OUR AGMTS: Warner, Whitsel & (o. Brown & Botifi Pomona Sanitary Laundry What coffee makes you want a second cnp? Warner, Whitsel & Co.'s Premier Blend Coffee. What's best when you entertain? Warner, Wliitsel \- Co.'s Premier Blend Coffee. Miss Josephine Kusonthal \v;is a Thanksgiving and week end guest of ber sister, Mrs. F. J. Cline. Dr. and Mrs. Cline were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Peck of Pomona. What's best when you're tired and hungry? Warner, Whitsel &. Co,'s Premier Blend Coffee. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Fenlor of Redlands visited relatives in Covina on Sunday last. What delights u hungry man? I V^-^^V^N^^. JEROME REYNOLDS REAL ESTATE Orange Groves, City Properly Walnut and Alfalfa Ranches CAl.T, AND I.I8T YOUH I'KOPKKTY Office with A. M. Pence, Reed Blk. CO VINA, CAL. "or Rent, Exchange, Lost, Found Miscellaneous. Warner, delights WhitHel Co. 's Premier Blend Coffee. On account of ill health, will sell my orange ranch at a reduced figure. Crop goes with place if taken su'on. S. R. Head ley. tf For Sale—Orange wood. 811.00 a cord on ground and 812.50 delivered. R. Anderson. Azuea phone Pumpkins For Sale—-- South of Ruddock Ranch on Puente Road, or enquire of Johnson & Nigg. Hassheider Bros. 12-Gp For .Sale: Or will trade for a first class milk cow, a good two inob steel axle, four horse wagon, with hay rack. Inquire of G. T. Esohmanu, Glendora. Home phone 3055. 12-12 Mrs, D. M. Abbott and child of Orange street are home again after an extended stay for eeveral months with relatives and friends in Ohio and Nebraska. \WANTED-— We will % py 25 cents for one copy in good state of preservation of the following numbers of the Argus: 1907, 1907. Deo. 1, 19C6, Feb. 2, May 4, 1907 and July 20, Mrs. M. Shelton was taken to the California hospital Sunday to undergo serious surgical operation. A successful operation was performed Monday, since which time she has been steadily improving. Miss Ruth Davis left Covina on Sunday evening for San Francisco Here she took passage Deo. 1st on tbe Mongolio for Japan. She is sent to this country by tbe national W.C.T. U. as a temperance missionary. Thanksgiving guests at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Lee were Mr. and Mrs. M. Baldridge and grandson, Lee Hamlin of Pomona, Mrs. M. 'S. Hamlin and Miss Elizabeth Ham- liu.of Ocean Park and Herman Lee of Los Angeles. A "Missionary Tea" will bo given at the home of Mrs. Moxley on San Bernardino road on Thursday next, Dec. 8, at 2:30 p.m. by the W.F. M. S. of the M. E. Church. All ladies of the church are given a special invitation to be present. A silver offering will be taken. On account of the otherwise welcome rain on Wednesday, the street cleaning was postponed until today. The ladies wtv there will be plenty of beans on hand, although the two big demands have almost depleted the market and beans three times a day 1ms been the fate of many a household during the last few days. Prof. H. Morse Stephens of the Uni-j Tin; annual bazaar of the Roman on Wednesday of Mr. and Mrs. G. N. At.wood. Mr. Jack Fletcher, son of Rev. and Mrs. Alfred Fletcher, arrived home Wednesday from Berkeley and will remain over the Christmas holidays. Mr. Fletcher is private secretary to veraity of California. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Smith arrived home on Sunday from Hanta Monica, where they spent H pleasant few days on their Surf street property. Mr. Smith has refused a good offer for this property and says that the tunnels will do great things fur all the bay. (Catholic parish til A/usa, Covina and '(jlendora was opened yesterday in a store next to thu postofflce at A/usa. It will be coiiiinut-d all day today and possibly on Monday. A variety of ufceful and ornamental articles can he obtained. Mrs. 11. F. Thorpe, who 1RWINDALE. Ernest Waahburn and family of Pasadena, who worp Thanksgiving guests of E. R. Coif mini 'and family, liave been spending the week at the Coff'man home. Miss Irene Wadoy is the guest of G. T. Brown and family. W. Sprotte and family have moved into their pretty now bungalow on Lark Ellen street, opposite the B. F. Thorpe reaidenco. Walter Biddicik is spending the week with his urandparontB^ Mr. and Mrs. D. Mead. Miss Kdna Modio spent a few days this week with Mrs. D. Keiohanl. Frank Swallow i« borne from Kl Centro. where ho has biiHincHs interests. K. C. Casad hna left for a three weeks' trip to Ashland, (Jregon. It is not too late to get some swell photos taken at C. W. Tucker's studio for Christmas. Kodaks, any style and size sold here for Christmas. For Sale — A Jersey rnilch !all 50(54. II. M. Wells. For Sale lull 5004. A Jersey niilob H. M. Wells. cow. cow. Want SI 000 building lonn 1'ov Diisines.s block. Interest monthly. It. Box 8, Covina. OYRTRRS- From this timo on we will carry fresh oysters in bulk at 20o a dozen. Crenshaw's Orooory. "Sngonc" Hair Food and "Siigono" Pile Salvo are hntne products, niado in Covina. (Sot thoni at Naab's. DOe. Rooms to rent, for light housekeeping - Apply to Mrs. Allison, West Dexter St. t f Oysters fill the timo at Crenshaw's Grocery. Fresh and lino, 20u a dozen, ti' Place your .spare cash in tboCovinu Valley Savings Bank, a safe investment at 4 per cent. A 1 Walnuts for sale. Any quantity. BRIMBLE. KANCH, Baranca St. South from enrl of oar lino. tf For Sale—Oak nnd sycamore stovn wood, 88 aud 8VO per oord. J. C. Cluttorbuck. tf For Sale —Fine combination bay ware, .weight 850 pounds. Very rtylish under saddle; a good drlvei. Call Covina Home Phone 2232. The Southwestern Brokerage Company will buy your o mimes for oasb. R, O. Simpson, agent. Office with California Citrus Union, tf Lost—Gold watch fob with monogram Jl.K.D. ; reverse side filigree figure. Finder please leave ut First National Bank. 11 WANTED -To rent, a furnished bouse of five rooms, or part, of a house. Phono 1128. Mrs. U. M. Cusad. What aro you doing for the "gum disease" in your orange grove? Ever try a grooving knife? Sfio at Kollur tf Thomason Mfg. Co. Kent -•-Furnished rooms for light housekeeping. Apply to Mrs. S. R. Coons, West, liarlillo street, j phone 218'2. For Salc---(Jnod team, wagon and harness. For particulars call up Arohie Vincent, Home 1'hone UH, San Bernardino road, t f For Halo- -Team of horses, weight 1)100, Also harness. A bargain. Phone 04. Covina !'.(;. J{. K. Win it Wanted - A llrnt, nliiHH '20 acre orange grove in brmring. Homo VnlencitiH. Description and lowewt c.HHh price to J. H, Matt.bown, C vina. KOK EXCHANGE -OR SALK-- THE BEST opportunity ever offered, to or other income property ness that has been established nine agent for E. P. O'Xeil, passenger the Chicago, Biirlington Railroad Ci.rnpany. v. ho a tour of inspection tbr forma, v,aa tbe gutai of Mr. ami Mrs. Andrew Mr;.Mien one day this week. Mr. O'Xeil's headquarters! are .situated in Kansas City. While in the state be will call upon M-vtial old tj and frit-mis. has charge of tbe domestic an') grocery (lepartineiit, announces special bargains in these lines with a band Borne picture given with each 41.00 ,v nuincy purchase. Als•< chances on a steel i-i making ! range with excellent baki/ig powder, ugh fall- : Tbe can>ly booth in in charge of Mrs Kerckhofi and woik in charge of Miss Casey. A special feature will ijfe a S| anisb supper on Saturday evening. There \vill also be lefiesh- njenti!, fisb pond, music, pretty girla aud all sorts of attractions. Adv. Fit/Herald \. Harry of Pasadena lonn money on ninHicH and improv exchange your orange, alfalfa, walnut j «d real estate at lowest cm rent rates. for a busi- ! Write or telephone them at Pasiulci or call up ,J. W. 1'rentiss, Covina year.-,, is paying better than S.1000 per phone 2KM, and auk to have u repre JHcntHtivc of the firm call on you. tf UIUH WANTKI) On making boxes at Charter Oak House, season 1!)OH ]!)0!J. To label and make boxen, till boxes to have M 4*1 nailH. SjlJoxes to be stacked au per instruction of house foreman. Shook to be m.loaded from car and stacked in basement, (iiendora Citrus Afe<-,rjcialion, (•'OK KK.VJ' I'lO acres nwir 1'f.nin in JJiveraide couroy. H(J acres level year net and is capable of being doubled It is an oil and distillate business and controls the trade of three suburban towns, arid consists of the following -about one acre of ground, with two spur '.racks running through the proj/erty, improved with two warehouses, a complete blacksmith shop, corral and shed for 10 head of stock, gas engine and pumps for running oil from tank cars to tanks, .% tanks with total capacity of 1<XJ,OOO gallons; 2 span of mules, three tank wagons and about c ,o druiitb and smaller tanks, ed and p)> vuni and ready to seed lo Price i 14,000. Will sell for cash, on alfalfa, which renter must. need. SO u-r/iis or will exchange for the above acres nuilable foi giain and bay. ui'Mitioiied properties. The ground aloi:-; i> nearly worth the price lo say no' ot the plant, biisioe^. and i:qi;ipii.'-i,t. Cash is pn:ferred, an<l i.o tr;;<:>.- •. iil b<: considered at iniiatcd ng'.;re-.. and from ovriiers only. 'Jhi-> i, ar,!.-.i:al opportunity, dont fail to in ve-.tig;:ie it. A fi ne in ve.stjnent v, ith great future. J.C'. PAi/lv'442 Chamber of (. o.i,rf.'-T;.-..-. 12- : Tbt-re is a fairly good fj room Jionwe. a bain and a windmill on the place and a new 'J"j borst: power Faiibi. Morris {iiimping p-lant -r^tie.!) puiiipi 1 10 inches. The ' lift." i- 1 ^ feel. Terr/ih: ^10 an acr«? fm tbe *>> ac./es ',f alfalfa ia'id, i:a>abli-. Jan. 1st nini July 1st, and one third of grain and on the other HO. .\d<l;<:ss li. A. S'JKJiLK. I.I Monle, f.'al. CHRIST/WAS shopping- time is hero and we arc prepared to supply you with presents for all the fatuity and your friends. Send a inadc-in-Southcrn-California orange wood souvenir or a Japanese wind ball to your eastern friends. We have them, large and small. A New Line of ladies' line shoes. We have just received a complete stock of Val. Duttenhofer shoes for ladies. Kijflilccn different styles to choose from. Oxfords, black and tan all sixes. We can lit your foot, be it largo or small. Hi^li shoes in bals and bluchers. Dress shoes, house shoes or comfort shoes. Just the thing- for a practical Christmas * * * THE Covina Peoples Store (iNCOHPOKATltn) The Best Gift of All Why not bestow a Christmas g'ift that will please the whole family and your frit-mis? EDISON Phonograph Brings the band, orchestra, opera, and vaudeville Into tho home. Ku- tertain« company, whiles away the evening IIOIII'H. lOilucates and keeps) the children quiet. We hove one running all the time- Drop in <tn<i hear it. Hear the new four-minute Aniherol records. The Small Depositor Is Welcome at This Bank. A hundorcl small accounts make a banl< st n#er than a do/en lur^c ones. That is one of our reasons ( or uryinj^ the man of limited means to transact his business with us. Large accounts are welcome too, for it is our purpose to serve all the people, whether their business he small or large. The Covina National Bank Cap!t.-il $50,000 It take.s a jfood deal of Machinery to run your randi, doesn't it? Somctltinfc need fixing-? That's what we do - WE FIX THINGS Thoroughly equipped for all classes of machine work. Patterns made. KslhnateH furnished. We manufacture the "KT" valves and gates, THE KELLAR-THOMASON MFG. CO. I-ihop and Office opposite S. IV Depot Home I'honc: 2H'i Covina, Cal. BEN F, THORPE CliMf:NT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All sixes carried in stock. Keinforced Concrete Huildiiigs a Specialty Van' We*t ('vpicsn Aveii'ie Telephone 40.57 COVINA MEAT MARKET J. I . KI-IMUAU., I'rop. rdi-r.-, ^ind de|j vi-rii-i, m.ide daily. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. I Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. ' iiomc i'lioni.- :J<<

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