Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 11, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1912
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 11,1912. jQwartette Harmony Singers and Entertainers Entire Change of Songs Tonight. Ask Your Friends About the 3 REELS \oF PICTURES 3 Show .\ --- 5 d l6 dents Tlir Son^ of Fedetnttnn. I O, you liavo a gift to bring of heart or brain or Jiand, An inspiration, noblo aim, or labor wUcly i>lannod. ' I t'<mit^J|BhTUH:iit with yoiiri'icomrariot 'i orilio Foderalion blind. As wo go niarcliing on. There ar<^ pTisonors of hopo who wail a liand to sot iliom free, Tlioro arc liaploss llttio ihildn-u rrying out to you and nu-: Oil, tho days aro sliort to work in. and the nights como spoodily. As wo go inarching on. As long as thoro is helplossni'ss tliat our sfrojig liands may roach. i As long as there are cruel wrongs i which need our earnest speech. As loflp as there Is Ignorance wliicli i we may meekly teach, I.of us go marching on. i Then hero's a prayer that God may: guide what we may do o*- say. | And here's a song of fellowship for ; every passing day; ( And here's our heart, and here's our hand, for her who leads the way,: As we go marching on! i —May Hiley Smith. ' When You Want a Good Ca^ie SoaB tr>' bur GRENOUO lOc Large Cake i: 1 .1 .-.•..« The R«xall.8ton On account ofm<any conflicting engagements the tea which the mom- 1 bers of the Current Kvcnts club .will ; give this week for the benefit of the Y. M. C. A. will be held on Saturday ; afternoon at the association rooms.; ' Some of the best musicians of the riiy have given their services and a fine musical program will be given ihroughout the afternoon from three to six. * + + —Venetian Crochet Work now on (i play. Art Department Ncw^ York Ftore. • •> The missionary socict.v, of the Christian church will meet with Mrs. Arthur Cox, 413 South,Walnut street, tomorrow afternoon. Mrs. O. C. Moo- ! maw will lead the lesson. . • • + —Cut Flowers. Chrjsanthemums. yellr.w. white-and lavender, at $1..'.0 and $2.'VI per dozen. Phone 9 !)r.-ri. re'.'klor'."; Greenhouje. • •> -Mr?. .7. C. Wilson of Neosho Kails, is .tho guest o^ her sister. Mrs. T. F. Zi<Kler, this week. 4. + * rhisii Coats at big reduction. New Ydik Store. * * ^ Till- Ijidics' Guild of St Timntliy's Ki-i .-srop .-il iluircli will nird on Wednesday aftomoon at tho'home of Mrs H '-nrv Italli'tt. .".JO East .Inckson street. <• •'•> Th'- foHov.iiii; is tin- program for the meeting nf tlio Mother's club to be held as usual on Wednesday afternoon at thn Lillle JJiiildors' Cliap- Roll Call— A Suggestion for the Good of th" Club. Scripture lesson led by Mrs., A. F. Florence. Reading—The OesiKitism of the Juniors. Ue.-.ding—The Older Children. Closing—Music and Club Motto. * •> •> Mrs. L. Picrson who has been visiting Mrs. " E. N. Jones and olhor friends here and in Carlyl« for the past week relumed this morning to her home in ParkhlU, Okla; Mrs. Pier sou will be remembered here as Miss Lily Smith, who was a great worker among home missions until her marriage when she went to Oklahoma with her hiisband to engage in larger work among the Indians there. Last night at the Uttle Builders' Chapel, Mrs. Pierson gave an interesting talK on her work and her entire' visit was greatly enjoyed by her many friends here. * * • —New ideas itt Punch Embix>idery. Art Department New York*Store. * * •>, Saturday afternoon, sterling silver necklace with three amethyst (i)o:)s. Please return to Mrs. F. C. Nicholson, 316 East Jackson and rc- ce:ve reward. •:• •!• * -M111iner>- at big reductions. New York Store. * • * The board of directors of the Orphans Home held a meeting this afternoon at the court house. * * • Circle No. 8. of the Ladies' Aid society of the First MetHodist church of which Mrs. J. E. Powell is president, will have a special meeting tomorrow afternoon at the home of Mrs. Walter Woodside, lOti South Fourth street. * * * Mrs. W. H. Cool>, will be hostejs to the N. T. T. club on Thursday afternoon of this week. * • •:• - Tlie Cf>!!niopoHlan Quartette dish- i -s .Mit "Oodles" of hannon.v.—Tulsa \V( rid.. The Friday card club will ni<v>t this W(H .'k with Miss Clara Bowlus at the unual hour on Friday afternoon. •5' • •:—Suits at big reduction: $l.'..(if> for $s .!i:.: $20.00 for $12 .9.".. All new 1012 models. New York Store. *•* *•* Yesterday afternoon at th- Christian church a temperance program r 'litis »; ii:is r<ii- lil.lll V \i';irs in -('ll ll.ili .'d fur il.s slIfMM -lt . eolliMi imi ol/'iil <ilass. This >^(';i:>»m we li.ivi'iiiMcil to tin*: ;iit,taili \i'Ui !j«s of our <it .i8.< II'IK * liy liiij;«'I_v iii<-ii':i(«iii;r , the uuuiUi- of |iH (ti<i-iis. I.II5BKY-S «"tit tMass vi '|iivH'iits tli(^ lii;;!n'si jiiimarlii' iif fjlass-fiafi .iil.'^ f| J {<MiM 'iiiliof if vdii scli-cl hcfuif DI'ITIHIHT l.>i. \\c ••ivf a 111 |KT ei'lil (Ii(i<<||llll. ^ l.iiucst ass (iiiin'iii <if I 'lif iJlass ill ilic ritiiiitv. ••.PM^'fiiiMte^K) iiai*li.-TL ft «. Watch .luvMUn.' was givcn^under the auspices of the W.' C. T, nj. and every number was good,-especially the musical numbers. At-the cloie 'of the program Mrs. C. P. Dky gave an interesting little sketch of the work done by'this organization, •and extended g;n Invitation to any on» interested in the work to attend the meetings and become better acquainted with it. „ i —.\ttend the big Coat Sale now going on at the New York Store. - (arcie^'SV' 5 'Methodist to­ dies' Aald Society will meet tomorrow afternoon at half past two with Mrs. Anna Beard. 310 North Cottonwood street. * « • —Classy songs are used by the Cosmopolitan Quartette at the Grand tonight. + • * Tomorrow afternoon Mrs. J. S. Turner with Mrs. C. F. Scott and Mrs. A. H. Campbell, will entertain the ox-Teachers club at her home south of the city. —The verdict of the public: The Cosmopolitan Quartette is far the best t'lat has visited lola. At the Grand tonight. A rare treat for all. * « •> Mrs. C. B. Spencer and Miss Lucene Spencer who have been spending sev eral days in Cherokee, Ok., returned home today. * •:• The mariMr.'** of Miss Dorothy Vernon Foust to • Walter LcGrandc Cox was solemnized last night at the hiimc of the bride's mother, Mrs. John Foust, by Rev. O. C. Moomaw of the Christian Church. The wedding was a very quiet affair and witnessed onlv by the Immediate relatives of the two families.' Both young people are well known here, Mrs. Cox having lived here since childhood and was a popular member of the graduating class of '11 of the local high school. The groom is the son "of Dr. and Mrs. O. I... Cox and for some time has been connected with the Roberts Music Company here. It is anticipated that the young couple will make their home In lola. * * * On Wednesday of this week the Ladies' Aid society of the Christian church will serve lunch at noon at the church on South Sycamore street, and It is hoped that business people will take the opportunity to help the church and get a good home cooked meal. It is the plan of the members who have Als lunch In charge to make .it a regular weekly event .:- .> Two thousand little girls with two thousand dollies and a few little boys, also with dolls, were entertained at a tea party at the Emery. Bird. Thayer Kr Co.'s store in Kanws City Saturday afternoon. Not a grown pj'rson was admitted except the frock coated ushers who showed the wei- guests to the dn'I decked tables and the pretty •.'•ailres.<!eB who served them with chocolate and cake. But in spite of this prohibition grown persons gathered on the outskirts to watch the pretty sight, the joy and excitement of the children. Little mothers from ail over the .city gathered at the tea room of the big store and after they bad been served •they were allowed • to wrap their cups in the napkins and take them home as snuvetiirs ani it will be a day long to be remembered i in Dolldom. ; * • • ; At four o'clock yesterday afternoon ; oecnrW^d the wedding of Howard Allison ^Jones, of this city, to Ina May Remer. of Eldorado Snrings. Mo. The {.marriage was solemnized by Rev. O. IC. Moomaw of the Christian church I at the parsonage. Mrs. Jones has been with the Doggett Millinery for •several seasons and Mr. Jones was at one time connccte<l with the K. C Plumbing Company here. They will make their home in Williamsburg. Kansas. ^. Saturday's Issue of the Lawrence Journal-World give the program of the Second District Federation of Women's Clubs meeting to be held in that city Thursday and. Friday of this week, and If it is carrirt out accord- iiig to the announcements It will doubtless prove very 4iiterestinK. The program Includes visils to the Kansas University buildings and Haskell Indian school and talks by some of the most prominent people of the State. The Sorosis is the only local club that Is a member of the State Federation and Mrs. L. H. WIshard has been appoinied as a delegate to the Con- VADtiori at I.awrence this week. * * * = "The .Inib"— Tttniorrow Mirht! Edgar Selwyn's play of the Orient. "THE ARAB" which.had such a snc- ceKsful ruta at the New York Lyceum Theatre last seasrai will be offered to the iwtrons of the Grand Theatre, on next Tuesday e \-ening. Nov. 12thj The simple story of the lure of the desert for the young American girl and the great undying love of the young son of a Bedouin sheik, is su- oerbiy presented Jiy a cast pAr excellence, introducing -Our and Constance Caufmaa in, two of the most fascinat- inrnife<Uke' parts ever written Into a play romance^ lilipiipM..-Wfii REPED THiX 18 BAXKEBCXEWS* INTER. - Jf^TATIQS OF THE ELECTION.. He Thinks Mr. Wllsf* Will Not Run Vniick and Therefore Predicto fleod . • -Basiness .for Sezt Year. ittg to the exceptlmml lateness of (ro^ both, the com and coi^ crops are diowUS a! decldeAly g^iMiter yield thnk predicted in the GoTeimient reports • moittli-.ago. I The size of our woaiderfiil faanrest and its beneficent resoRs up^ on bosineas hare not yet been suffice, i^tly appreciated; albeit railroad earnings are showing splendid results In consequence. HENRY CI^WS. ' AT A XOTHEB'S MEETING New Yorl^, Nov. 9.— The election is over and with It an important element of uncertainty disappears. The overwhelming victor}- of'Mr .Wilson, due largely to divislpa of his opponents, j as^J^'maVtcrr ^rtaliung Vo the wife of a noted New York divine said to her listenera, "Watch carefully j-our daughter's physical development. Mothefs ^uld see that nature Is assisted, if necessary, to perform its offices and keep their daughters well SpflolfU Afent—8- ft BiureU. emphasizes the coming of a new era aaid the entry into business affairs of Important new poHttcal issues, the solution of which, if wisely bandied, will largely solire present discontent. That any radical departures are Impending seems highly Improbable. Mr.. Wilson is an evolutionist, not a reTcdutionist. His party is likely to be promptly divided into radical and conservative camps, with en influential Republican minority * capable of throwing its weight on either side, so tliat extreme acMon will be difficult The great issues Tor first treatment are the tariff and the trusts; the former having a very prcnounced'lead. Tlie emphatic character of Democratic successes may lir.stun tariff legislation nnd precipitate a special session, though Mr. Wilson isjt)elicved to prefer po|(p <ud|eracnt at actftn until the riegular aksc^bly the nifft- Congress a year hence. In order that 'he may have opimrtunlty to properly familiarize himself with his now diilics. Hasty action is of course, undesirable, yet it may havej to be faced; and tlie steel, cot.ton and woolen schedules will be the chief, objects .:f revision if the plans of the old -Oom o.-rattc tariff leaders are to be carried out. m seems possible at this writing. .\fter all ha.s been said and done, it is not likely that any serious Inroad will •je made in the tariff beyond moderating the extreme schedule. The tariff !s no longer a strictly party Iteue. and the Democratic party now includes an influential protectionist element which would Join the Republicans in opposing extreme measures. Mr. NVIlson, •Ijougli a low tariff advocate, is opposed to radical changes, recognizing the unwi£dom of a violent disturbance o established industry, and having Hlready advocated a gradual revision. Revenue necessities will ^eo limit iownward cut.^ in rates. Nevertheless, the fact that tariff changes are 'inpending will be unsettling to certain Industries, and no relief can be 'ixiiected'unUl decision is reached. Outside of the few industries vitally !ependent on the tariff, the fact that the election is over is most encourag- !i>g. Political agitation will now large^ iy subside and must run on more ra-^ lional lines. The Incentive to win votes by sensational methods is gone.' iiadicalism ha^ received a pronounced check, and once more at the critical inomenl. the people of the United states have shown that they cannot be induced to follow extremists; no matter how fascinating and plausible their theories. Apart from the tariff ques- 'ion, there Is much In the electioiKthal} should strengthen the confidence of business men. The President-elect Is 1 man of high character, great ability, firm purpose and temperate action. There Is nothing In his election that l9 'ikely to interfere with business ac ^i tivity. That Is more dependent upon the stimulating effects of the magnift- oent harvests than upon any political acti »1ty or jiollcy, although the presr" ent forward movement In bualneeff will unquestionably run its course msre freely and more smoothly now that the election l« a matter of hl8:j tor.v. All Indications point to a*i>er-: led of exceptional busines-s activity which .sooner or later must be reflected in higher security markets. Monetary conditions are Improving, and the iron and steel lndus *ry continues on its re<:ni'd-br^king course. The business iKxnns in England an^ Germany shows no; signs of cessation,' and since our present industrial activity is partly deiiehdcnt upon a world wide development there is the greater reason for its longer continuance. The foreign trade of-both England and Germany is growing by leaps and bounds, and it is highly satisfactory to note that the United States is winning its' i--hare, our exirorts of steel products having grown tremendously 'he last few raonthe and yielding gcjod profits in spite of-competition with ""oreign makers. The unexpectedly brilliant success of the Balkan State .i In their war against Turkey wIH tend to simplify^ rather than aggratTite the settlement of the Balkan problem. The readiness of the Balkan States, which have hlti^ erto been at permanent enmity be^' tween themselves, to co-operate against Turkey ha» made them mor* independent tjf outside Interference? and really renders a settlement mor? 'easible than If submitted to the con4 flicting and superseivsltivc interests of :ho Great Powers. The danger of com jlications. however, will not have i)a«B ed until the terms of peace with Turkey are establisbed; and the greatest influence towards maintaining peace is the unwillingness of E>uropean bank ers to finance any important war movement. In this connection it Is of interest to note the development of more cordial relations between England and Germany. The financial crisis in Europe -Milting from the war appears to been «afeiy passed and there haa] no further selling of Amerlcair " ties. On the contrary. In both ind Paris and other Europetk^' ci&i centers there has been-'a^' change of sentiment towa.rd ' securities. The success of Mr.- son has been favorably n abroad and British Investors liav^ 3 |>enly declared themselves ready t<f{ buy our stocks It depressed by Dem^' ocratic victories. While there art many at home who will be depressed! by the latter circumstance, it i« likely that they will quickly recover their equilibrium, and it must be remembered that tjbose elated by success will be more ready to take Jthe initiative. Since the election there has bedi° a decided increa^ of vteck market ac- Urity apd • tfurp rise in values followed, accompanied hy pranonaicadj reactions. Thia cmay be. die eaauiM t|ie market (or amne time to «omej Ofr bave health." Irregularities- aii(i pain are sure symptoms of fomc organic trouble and mothers may depend upon Lydla E.* Pink-ham's Vegetable Compound, the standard remedy for woman's IHs, to restore the system to a healthy normal condition. —A Lost Ad in the Register flnds It. ,„^I,QUR! FEED! We jiave on track, , the Mo'. Pac. yards a car of Chancellor Flour and .feed and will sell out of the car at these prices: Chancellpr Flour, a 48. lb.sack. .$1.12 98 lb. sack. .$2.20 100 lbs. Bran...98c 100 lbs. Shorts $1.22 Car on track until Wednesday night. Chancellor Flour has a guarantee printed on the back of each sack, and we will refund your money for any sack not. satisfactory. GROCERY PRICES! POTATOES. 3(10 hushels fine Wbron.<In polntors bushel 1.— 70c C'ABBAfiE. • »,«MMI I'onndK Fancy Northern Cabbagr. pound Hie 100 pouud.<« fl.IO Corn Meal, sack '- 20e Graham Flour, sack .... 25c- 4 cans Corn 35c 4 t»kgs. Raslns S5c .3' Pkgs. Mince Meat 25c 3 Pkgs. Currants 25c 8 bars Silk or Lenox Soap—2.>e 7 bars Pearl White ^ap 25c 7 bars White Naptha Soap—2 .>c 4 bars Wild Rose Soap.. 25c 3 lbs. Fancy Head Rice 2 .}c A lbs. Japan Rice 2.'»c 6 lbs. Flake Hominy 2.}c 4 lbs. New Navy Beans 25c 3% lbs. Pink Beans .1 25c 2 V. Ib.s. Lima Beans 2.'>c 6 lbs. Rolled Oats 2.>c Large pkgs. Oats 20c 3 Packages Rolled Oau 25e 3 pkgs. Pancake Flour 25c 2 pkgs. Grape-Nuts 25c 2 pkgs. Shredded Wheat 25c 8 cans Oil Sardines 25c 3 Cans Mustard Sardines —2Sc Tall cans Pink Salmon 10c Tall cans Red Salmon. 2 cans 35c Corn Starch, package 5c 3 Cans Kidney Beans 25c 3 Cans Pork & Beans. 25r ?, caus HonUny 25c' 3 cans Pumpkin ^- 25c 3 cans Kraui. . 25c 8 lbs. New Kraut 2 .';c Stone Jar Apple Butter 25c Large Jar Olives 25c 3 lArge Cans Milk 2."i« 6 Small Milk —— 2 .ic 3 Cans Oysters '. 2.^ Gallon jar Tomato Catsup..^65e. Gallon Jar Mustard 6.>c North Pole Syrup, pail —^^..40c, White Syrup, pail 50c Pure Country Sorghum pall-60e Goo<I Brooms, each 25c 6 rolls Toilet Paper.- 2i>c i 100 Clotties Pins -' ....lOc- 3 Cans Greenwich Lye 20c 6 pkgs..-Rub-No-More 25c .5 Pounds Bulk Starch 20c. n Pounds Sal Soda -lOc: 4 Pounds Soda 25c ; 1 lb. Black Pepper 85c 1 lb. Baking Chocolate 30c I lb. Sweet Chocolate SOe % Pound Cocoa ... 20c . i pounds Good Coffee 45c Punch Package Coffee, lb. ..2.'»c ;| Arbucklcs' Coffee, lb. 25o Mornlug Glory Coffee, lb SOc Impcrla Tea, lb ...lOc Japan Tea.'lb. 45c 1 lb. G. P. Tea . 50c I lb. Mixed Tea «5c 3 Packages Macarona 25c 3 Iba. Soda Crackers . 25© Large box Soda-Crackcrs_$L35 3 lbs. Ginger Snaps 25c 10 lbs. Ginger Snaps 75c . Cider Vinegar.^gallon ._:.-2iic hite Vinegar, gallon— 18c Mantles 25e i 10'lllW.AiPure Lard $1.60 .Di^.^Salt Meat, lb .-.i .-13e 6 lbs. Rex Baoon ^1.10 5 lbs. White Ribbon Compt fiSc- «10 lbs. White Ribbon Comp. 11 Oleoma^rlne. lb..-15e^ 20e ,r|M-' 2 ^lbs. 30c Oleomargarina—Jtte 4 lacks Salt ^^.^-^— 1»« 10 lbs. Bulk Salt —.-— 10c •50 lb. sack Salt Me 3 boxes Matches 10c* 5 boxes Matches 15e 10 boxes MaUhes 35c Five gallons Coal Oil 4Sc^ Five gallon Coal OU & Can— OOc 100 lbs. Bran ..^-.^—fLM Just received a new shipment of the celebrated Brad- \ ley Sweater Coats for ladies. Colors, cardinal, oxford, navy, grey and white. Specially priced at $2.50, $3.50, $5, $6.50 to $10. Misses' Sweaters at $1.50 and $2.00 Ladies' and Misses' Jersey Sweaters in-maroon, px- |forij,,!^py and black; priced at $lj.50and-'$^;pO We Pay Carfare 101 E. Madi<on> rir.<«t Slctliodist Ephcopal Church. At the morning hour Mr. Pierce, of the Y M. C. A.. Wioljita. Kas.. gave the message. It was one filled with the vital gospel on fire of the Spirit, appealing to men to do effective work for Christ and the church. He said no other attitude toward the most important privilege could be approved. He told of a minister who had two clashes in his church. The grumblers and the workers—the grumblers never j worked and the workers never gruni- i bled. The supreme thing is for every ( I't'hristiau to g? after individual- souli^j —that a personal gospel carried by a; personal messenger on fire of the love i of God to an indUidual personal friend I or one out of Christ was the climax o/ our faith. The hour was made vivid by | personal reminiscence and incidents where personal devotion to the Christ and the church won. At tlic evening hour Mr. Bennlng. of j Ft .Scoft .\s.=ociation. brought the message, li was on the power cf ":«• Gospel of Jesus Christ. That .lesus Canst Is able to save to th.e uttermost all who come, unto Him. He said we love t.T look upoin machincrj' of power, the gr>.>at engines and great instruments that rto great things but that power is nothing compared to the power of Christ in a mans soul. Paul eaw this l>ower working in his day, causing great and marvelous changes in men; and we today see it in our day. U: made l^aul what he was. It trans- fi>rm6d Luther. Mr. Bennlng then gave striking e>:a!i;ple.s out of hi.s own ex- 1 , , . , , he t«l<i of men liffpd from i '''."".t .l 'j'!: ^j :_^\*?.J??° "^""it BUCK'S Hot Blast Heaters will save you money, as they consume less coal and give you more heat. We have on our floor a complete line of Buck's Hot Blast Heaters and Buck's Round Oak Heaters . Buy . a Buck's—then you are sure to have the best. '•/ LSleepeir&Son Fnrnltnre and UndertakloK perience- the I'epths tr^ a ble .-=i 'd victory tlirouKh Jesus Christ. .Mi?s ii.endrt'-k.s ."iinp a beautiful ^olo at the niorninK service. The Kpworth^ue .'-ervicc.'? were led by .Mr.'^- Ilarri.-' . T'aere was a very large att«>u<!:inee buT thehrc i.> room for more, y.u- snhje<a wa.s Home Mis*- sions. It is a live, up-to-date' problem with our million immigrants every year. i'lirhlian Church. Mr. MariuK addressed a rarce crowd at the churt-h Sunday morning. He has a pleasing forceful manner and made .1 strong appeal The men were well pioas^ed with helpful appeal. Mr. Hall spoke to a crowd which, filled the auditorium in tJie evening. He is a yoimg man with dwr thmight. direct appeal wasting no.time on words and lioiding !• high ideal before young fellows which was much appreciated l)y ihe many young men present. • . There was a fine Bible school j attendance. The school is decidedly on- tiie increase in numbers as well as efficiency and thorougl nesg. The meeting is on. There will be Gosiiel ser- vifps each evening beginning at 7 :30. Gc/od -sermons, touching snngs and a eorftlal welcome to all new residents, visitors and .strangers. I 'nitiHl Brethren I'hnrrh. Mr. It. H. Bennlng Sccretaiy of the Y. M. C. A. at-Fort Scott pave an e.x- cellent address at the 11 o'clock service. Mr. Bennlng covered the scope of -work the association aims to do and gave in detail the object of the Y. M. C. A. In lola. After reviewing tl»e founding of the Y. M. C. A. by George Williams iiiore than sixty years ago; the speaker said the purpose of the association was: First, to present the claims of Christ upon the lives of men and- boys: Second, to train men and boys for active and efficient service for Christ and the church. The pulpit in the evening was filled by Clifford Pierce, secreury of the Y. M. C. A. at Wichita. Mr. Pierce.Is a splendid speaker and his address was a clear cut, rii^glng appeal to men and boys to'active service for Christ. ^Hia theme was "Personal Evangelism.". After giving many striking illustrations coming under his own observation in ds^Hpg with men. of the Results of personal work, the speaker 4aid the world wbald .nev assuming his responsibility \n the work. His address was a stirring appeal to meq of the audience to live cleaner Uvea and render larger service to his local church. AH departments of the Sunday school were well attended. The Endeavor societies bad splendid meetings. Mr. B. M. Anderson lead the Senior Endeavor in an excellent manner. rhristlan Science Church. Yesterday the form of service was as usuaK Subject of the lesson sermon, "Adam and Fallen ' Man." Th<» metaphysical iterpretation of the word Adam, as given In Science and Health (p. 579) reads. Adam. Error'; a falsity; the belief ini "original sin," sickness and death; evil;. the opposite of good—of God and bis creation; showing clearly that a belief In Adam and his progeny is just •he opposite of man made In the. Image and liktn'?8s of God—Good. The last citation read from the Bible says. "For as In Adam all die. even so In Christ shall be made alive." Then from Science and Health, (p. 476) follows. "When speaking of God's children, not the children of men.'Jesus said. "The kingdom of God Is within you." That; Is; Truth and|^.ovc reign in the real man, show ing'that man in God's image Is un- fallcn and eternal. The pupils of the Sunday schools are taught the same lessons by their different teachers, together with the~ Ten Commandments, the" Beattitudes. the Lord's, Prayer. They are also taught to practice well what they know, they they will advantfe in proportion to their honesty. Revival meetings are' to be^n this week at the Christian church and Will J. Slater, gl Humboldt, came: in this afternoon i^tb direct the chorus work. Mr. Slkter was accompanied by hlj wife and they will be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas.' McMurray while in Uie city. " Mr. Allen; of Fbct Scott, will also assist with the meetiings. He brought with' him today his balopticani and slides with trjilefa to illustrate his songs and' lessons. Mr. Allen will be the guest of Rev. and Mrs. O. C. Moomaw. Wmmamm!^^ ^ Mmuter. .h. aan.. IF THE PAPER BOT' f5UtS. TO de^ver your paper^ caU 18 aiid i»» will aeod you a paper by a'«)tecliil'^l>)irrler

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