The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 24, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 24, 1892
Page 2
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILY TUESDAY, MAY 24,1892. FIFTY HAPPY YEARS. DENMARK'S KING SOON TO CELEBRATE HIS GOLDEN WEDDING. RTortnnate In HI* Marriage and In IIU FrMnlly— The I>rln«CM of W »lM, Ilia Kmnr«M of Russia and tlio Klnc; of Greece Among HI* Children. IGopyright, 1882, by American Press Association.) N THE 20th of May tho king and I queon of Denmark will celo- brnto Hi eir golden wedding. From jj&a political point . «? of view the event 1 Visof little Import' S ance, but as a family celebration it will command tho attention of the world. Americans care little for kings and queens, but bravo men and true women are mom admired and better appreciated in tho Onited States than in any other part of tho world. Under Biich circumstances I do not much caro to writo on this particular occasion of Christian IX and Louisa, as king and queen of Denmark, and all tho Weudos and Qotlia. They are only very small potentates among the crowned heads of Europe, and thoir country is not much largor than Ohio and lias less inhabitants than that stato; but 1 like to writo of thoir standing as man and wife, ns father and mother. As snch they nro entitled to our highest esteem and have sot a shining example to all the world. Do la Bruyoro once said of kings, "Je ne manque rien a un roi qui la douceur de la vie priveo," which means that , kings h,avo everything except the sweetness of family life. In King Christian's case history very omphatically contradicts this utterance of the great French moralist. Tho Icing's public life has been one constant troublo ever sine® be ascended tho throno on Nov. 15, 1803. As a matter of fact he has been one of tho most tried sovereigns of Europe. Tho war with Austria and Prussia cost him Sleswick-Holstein and Lauea- burg, and ho has been in chronic feud with his parliament, and ministerial crises seem perennial in tha little kingdom. Ho detests democratic ideas, but his subjects adhere to them and consequently as ft ruler they do not love him. As man and father, however, they adors him. The popular ditty of which the refrain runs, "It is a fine family, that of King Christian," had no derisive meaning when the populace sang it beneath the royal windows on a raw November evening in 1S88. As husband and wife the royal Danish couple are among thoso fortunate parents whoso children are a credit and honor to them, settling in lifoaud adorning oxfllted positions with a graco and dignity which would be recognized even in a republic, where honesty, frugality, temperance and virtue are regarded as tho qualities which befit a noblo character. Among the daughters of the royal oouplo wo think first of tho beautiful Princess of Walos; then of the czarina of .Russia, whoso stately lot involves so much solicitude that no simple American wife need envy her crown and throne: of Thyre, the duchess of Cumberland, tall and handsome as a lily. The sons are Prince Frederick, heir apparent to tho throne of Denmark; George, king of Qreeco, und Prince Waldoinar, tho sailor. The latter alBO could wear n crown like his father and brothers and sisters but he did not caro to. His kingdom is tho seas, and when the Bulgarians asked him to step on their throne he wisely declined. The private lives of tho king and queen have been blameless and irreproachable. As parents tho Danish sovereigns have been bloBsod with all the happiness that heavon can bestow on mortal beings. The kiug istUo fourth Bon of Duke Wil. Ham of Sleswick-Oolstein-Sonderburg- Glucksburg and was born April 8, 1818. Like many other Uerman princes lie had little of this world's riches. As a poor princeling he chose his wife, not so much for her beauty as for qualities which would insure a happy future. He married Princess Louisa, daughter of tho Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel. on May 20, I8J2, at Copenhagen, Bho being his senior by one year. They wore a handsome oouple and much admired. Ho manly tall, erect: she fair and sweet like a precions ilower of womanhood. Many tales are told of how their daughters, now sovereigns themselves, made thoir own drcsBes, trimmed their own hata and took their turns in keeping bouse, so as to relievo thoir royal mother. At that time it was not unusual to see them driving out all squeezed in one carriage—father, mother and Bis children. The king was then a superior officer in the Danish army, and lived THE KINO AND QUEEN. wHh his family partly in Copenhagen and partly in J ugonlieim and Frankfort- oa-the-Mata. It is said that Duko Christian, who at that period was not ovon nominated presumptive successor to the Danish crown, increased his small income by giving drawing lessons. Ouce * gypsy happened to meet the throe young princesses in J ugorihohu and insisted on telling them their fortunes. Alexandra was to wear a double erown ol queen and empress, Dagmar would role over a vast empire, and Thyro would have a queenly title, but no kingdom. The three young girls laughed heartily, and little did they dream then, that that gypsy told the troth. Today they know that she did, and none of the sisters has oyer forgotten this strange incident in their lives. Though the home of Duke Christian was deroid of luxury and •plendor, yet a happier .household was not to bo found all over Enrol*. How happy in fact the family lifo of the royal couple must have been is proved by tho eagerness shown by all the absent children to como home. King Christian and Queen Louisa have thirty-six grandchildren, all of whom look longingly forward for the approach of the annual visit to thoir grandparents. Thero tho grown up and littlo ones enjoy a life of unlimited freedom, and it is refreshing to behold how well all these English, RuBBiau, Greek and Danish cousins harmonize. The quoen is not only a sovereign, but also n qucon among women. Indeed King Christian was a fortunate man when he conquered the love of so noblo and good a brido. Though she is 8ovonty-fivo years old now, she does uot look more than fifty-six. She is still handsome, and with regard to brightness, good judgment and gifted naturo fow women, if any, can excel her. But more precious than all these qualities and a greater treasure than the crown she wears is hor heart of gold. If any woman is beloved in Denmark it is she. Hor graciousuesa of manner and her kindly looks win the hearts of all. Few ladies in private life are as active as this queen. She rises early and attends to almost everything personally iu her honsohold. Her day is occtipiod from morning until night. Besides, she keeps up an extensive correspondence with her threo absent daughters and her son, King Georgo of Greece. "No one can writo nicer letters than mainma," says her royal highness tho Princess of Wales. Her leisure hours the queen devotes to music and painting, and she does much to encourage these arts. She prefers painting to music, however, and is herself an artist of no mean ability. Many a poor village church possesses an altar piece painted for it by her. Though she has a thorough understanding of inusio, her deafness somewhat interferes with her enjoyment of musical sounds, a weakness which unfortunatoly also affects the Princess of Wales. Foreign artists are always welcome in Copenhagen—the Venico of the north, DAGMAR. FREDERICK. ALEXANDRA. WALDEMAR. TIlYltE. KINO. GEORGE. as it is called abroad. Both king aud quoen seldom miss a concert or a "premiere." During summer the court of Denmark offers a sight probably tho most unique in tho world. Bernstorff is the name of the royal summer residence. It is situated a couple of miles from Copenhagen and near to tho deer park Dyshaus, of which all Danes aro very proud. Tho queen is especially fond of staying there, but when all tha children and grandchildren oome visiting, Bernstorff is too small and the court moves to Fredensborg, near Elsiuoro, the spot to which cling so many associations of the ill fated Prince Hamlet. The castle was built a century and a half ago by Frederick IV on tho shore? of Lako Bsrom in commemoration of the peace between Denmark and Swo. don. At this idyllic sylvan spot even the czar and tho czarina aro able for awhile to forget their anxieties. When Fredeusborg is filled with visitors, ox- cursionB to Copenhagen are frequent, and the hearts of the Danes beat high when they see the empress of all tho Russians with her sister, the Princess of Wales, and her brother, the king of the Hellenes, walking quietly about tho streets shopping. The emperor of Russia prefers the country, and being more of a sportsman, like his royal father-in- law, both ride, walk and shoot frequently together. One of the greatest delights of the king is to play with his littlo grandchildren, and he can often be seen seated in a cramped np position in a diminutive irony carriage trusting himself to the care of a very youthful coachman. After dinner (Jueen Louisa will generally induce her daughters to join her at the piano, and often they have played eight handed on two pianos. Etiquette and ceremony are banished and the family leads the pleasant life of grands seigneurs seeking relaxation from worldly obligations. Early in January the court moves into Copenhagen, and from that time begins the season at the capital, which lasts until tho 8th of April, the king's birthday, During this time the king can often be seen walking in the streets with no other attendants than two collie dogs, one of which is n present from Queen Victoria. In tho evening when there are uo court receptions the king and queen visit the opera or a concert. • L IEUT . F. DB T HOMMEL C LOTH. Violet colored clothing is used at funerals in Turkey. Fbu don't get what you loan*, if you expect to buy Dr. Pierce's genuine modi- cines at loss than - tuo regular prices. "4 You can buy -D-J, counterfeits, iml- \ tatlonn, dilutions, and substitutes, from uuauthor- lzed dealers, flt what are called " cut prices," but tho pfliKiim guaranteed medicines coit moro, ami nro worth more. If you rf» fpt tho genuine, they're tho medicines you can buy, for they're gnarahted In every case to benefit or euro, or you have your money back. 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