Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 8, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1943
Page 4
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POUR HOPE S Hape Star Star Of Hop*, 189?; Pr«s 1927, CemolJdotxl Joftuory 18. 1929. «v«fy wtek-dqy afternoon bf Star Publishing Co. Inc. (C 6. Po!m«r and Atex. H. Washburn) Of >h« Star bulldtna, 212-214 South Walnut • ' itteet, Hop* Ark. _ C t PALMER, Pre«to«nt ALDL H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher Entered as second class matter at the Postoffice at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act 6f March 3, 1897. (AP.)-—Means Associated Press (NEAJ—^Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. SubtcripHon Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; Hernpsteod, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana Lafayette- counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Pre»: The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for republlcation of all news dispatches credited to rt or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. •National Advertising Rtpresentatlve—• Arkansas Dallies, Inc.* Memphis. Tenn., Sterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison Ave.; Detroit, Miens, 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal IBdq,; New Orleans. 722 Union.St.. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be made for air tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the de- oarted.'Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge or space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility for the safe-keeping or leturn ot any Unsolicited manscripts. Classified Ads must be In office day before •; ; publication. AH 'Wont Ads cosh in advance. Not taken over the Phone. One time—2c word, minimum 30c Six times— 5e word, minimum 75c Three times—3'/ic word, minimum 50c t One month—1 Be word, minmium 52.70 Rates are for continuous insertions only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." For Sale Notice SEND ME YOUR NEW OR RE- newnl subscriptions for any magazine published. Charles Reynerson. Citv Hall. 1-lmch PAINTING. PAPER HANGING, sign work. Free estimates. Vestal Maxwell. 320 West 2nd St. Hope, Arkansas. 6-3tpct WE ARE BUYING RADISHES AT Home Ice Co., located on Highway No. 67 north. Monls Seed Store. 8-4tch Wanted to Buy CUT-OVER OR CHEAP LAND. State price and location. Boswell & May, Bodcaw, Ark 29-lmp MEN'S AND BOYS' SPRING SUITS pants and shoes. Ladies' and children's spring dresses and low heel shoes. Bedspreads and sheets. R. M. Patterson, East Second St. 31-tf 10 LATE MODEL USED CARS. Will pay cash for your car. See C. E. Weaver, phone 568-J. 8-3lp COTTONSEED, DP & L, STONE- well 2-B, Rowden 41-A and Cookers long staple, first year from breeder. See T. S. McDavitt. 6-tf ONE TON 1938 FORD TRUCK. Five tires. See Jim Owens at Hogue store on highway 29. 6-6tp FIVE ROOM HOUSE ON 4TH street near court house. Ray Turner, phone 32 or Turner Boarding House. 6-6tch ANTIQUE FURNITURE, INCLUD- ing spool bed, walnut bed, hand carved parlor set. Also modern items. ' Piano. 318 North Elm. 7-3tpd 1 FORD AND 1 CHEVROLET pickup. See Mr. Wilson at Victory Pool Room. 7-6tp COTTON SEED, D&PL, Stonewell 2B, Rowden 41A and Cookers long staple, first year from breeder. All $2.00 per bushel. See T. S. McDavitt. 6-tf Real Estate For Sale Washington By JACK STINNETT Wide World Features Writer Washington — Will a President of the United Stales emerge from our generals of World War 11? That interesting question tossed the other day into a discussion of 1944 possibilities and although the group was made up oC veteran poHticians,"none poh-pooh- ed the idea. Out of every war in which the United States has been involved (with one exception^ a military man has succeeded to the Presidency. That exception was World Wai- 1, but several oldtimers said that Gen. John J. Pershing could have been President but that he stayed overseas.so long (with the army of occupation in Germany! that the 1920 political lines were all established before he could be brought into the picture. As it was, Pershing was discussed as a possibility and had he shown any in- j clination, he might have swelled the boom to nomination and possibly election. As for the other wars, the instances can be recited by any youngster. Washington emerged from the Revolution and probably could have established the "third term" precedent if he had chosen to do so. Out of the war of 1812 came Andrew Jackson. The Mexican Wai- sent 'Zachary Taylor to the Presidency. The Civil War brought to the White House Gen. Ulysse .S. Grant. The hero of San Juan Hill, in the Spanish American war. was Vice - President as well as President Theodore Roosevelt. Some of the greybeards who were here at the time are positive I that if "Black Jack" Pershing had had Presidential aspirations, the record would have been unbroken j and every major war would have I given us one or more Presidents 1 from the military ranks. NOT MANY LEFT. GET IT WHILE you can. 80 acres, well improved black land on highway. $1,600. C. B. Tyler, 119 Easy terms. Cotton Row. Does that mean anything in 1944? Hardly. The 1944 presidential election issues are already being formed. If the war were to end For Rent CLOSE-IN. SOUTH SIDE MOD- ern duplex. Unfurnished. Automatic hot water heater. Private I lne P° us - ... |next month, the military situation p i might be cleared up soon enough to allow some hero to enter the political arena. But if that hurdle were cleared, there probably would be none of such stature that his popularity would be an issue ut entrances. See Tom Carrel. 2-tf TWO ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment. Utilities furnished. Couple only. Mrs. D. T. Chambevlain, 717 S. Main. 6-3tpd THREE NEWLY DECORATED unfurnished rooms. Private entrance. 815 West Ave. E. 6-3tpd MY FOUR ROOM HOUSE AND 2 lots. Just off old Fulton highway. "A 500-pound bale of cotton fiber yields 140 pounds of vegetable for food. Hold Everything Earl Richardson. 7-3tpd TWO ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment. Close in. Private entrance. Bills paid. 507 South Pine, Phone 798-W. 7-3tpd 3 ROOM FURNISHED APART- rr.ent. Bills paid. Call Mrs. J. B. Ellen-. Telephone 2-F-2. 8-3tpd Wanted LADY TO LIVE IN HOME AND i care for child while mother ' works. 908 South Main. 6-Gtp ' EXPERIENCED MAN FORJ eight acre truck farm. Plenty of j water for irrigation. Mr. Wilson I at Victory Pool Room. 7-6tp k A i-<J S A 3 By Roy Crane = 6 R 6ET BU5V ON THOSB IkrEUU<3ENCE RETORTS SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith Wash Tubbs What a Blow! HOWS \ YOUR <3IRL FRIENDS COWOV WAS THAT, ATTACKED BY A NAtl WOLF PACK SDH? A*T N|6HT...THflEE SHIPS SUNK.. SURVIVORS TOOK TO LIFEBOATS AND RAFTS, AND WERE CHINE-fiUNNEDByO OF THE U-BOATS Thimble Theater Let's Play Post Office! POPEVE,-DON'T WOU HEART DOW'T&O (JOELL.UOHV'DOW'T 401) ALUUAV6SAI0401VD THUMPITTV-THUMP UJ'EKl I LOOkS AT HER- KNOll) <VOUR MOTHER ,1 THA>5 HOLD ' KKJOUOS lUELL.SLOUJME OOUJM.' <5H£ AWT ME MOMMA KISSED7u)H AT COPR. 1M3 BY NE« SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF "Yep, I'm oil' to the Army next wcuk. ladies, bill don't cry about it—if you feel patriotic you can buy me a banana split!" By Walt Disney Donald Duck Clearer Visibility! FUNNY BUSINESS WELL. WHAT V GONNA HAVE? THE SAME. BUT A\AKE A\V . By Chic Young But It's An Idea! DIP VOU HIT THAT SWEET LITTLESIRL ALL. RIGHT PEAR, UOW > 6WE PAPPY THE HAMMER The old'man's-dictating with the hiccups again!' THIS CURIOUS WORLD 8y William Ferguson UM I'-'-tl. KIM rci'uin SnJtiitr. W . VCi'ilJ nchiYrnrmJ *•' ' EATING LIKE A BIRD " \S A PHRASE • OFTEN USED TO DESCRIBE PERSONS OP Boots and Her Buddies By Edgar Martin Gt'c. . ^OV ^\V\ r\V3O VXOVO Cf\K> VOt GOOD WE. -\ ACTUALLV, ACCORDING? TO ZOO KEEPERS, BIRD5 IN PROPORTION TO THEIR. WEIGHT THAN ANY OTHER, OF THE ZOO INHABITANTS. By Fred Harmon THEN WHAT VJE DO-Lsr\, ' ME GUS-DU5T&D WHH LI11LE BEAS'ER? LOOK-OM NOW THEY TORTURE PEOPLE — IT ALL FAULT OF MEVO &AJJ CHIEF.' BREECH LOADING'-s., r) -=pu s WERE FIRST USED IN THE FRIEND FROnTORTURE: HE HIT-L1/A OUR JAPAN HAS ACTIVE VOLCANOES. COPR. 1943 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. He s Not Optimistic OUT OUR WAY "No, no, dear—it's not regulation!" By J.R.Williams ANOTHER (AAN'S LIVING . fK^T^ ;,/?> / FOR THE STARVING? AMERICANS ar^ ANSWER: Revolutionary war, but not by American troops, NEXT: Where dig cattle come from? OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople lAOOT M.OK1 / M& LET PRESENT AMOS B. UOOPLE, RBPORT\Ni& To ASSUME W6 DUTIES OF FOR. ^AS BR.OTHEP. T. BUT SE'LL FlUL THE MUSCLE BOM VOO m\ME TvAERE, SIR / / ISiVW OFFICE OR BLUBBER -R.-R./ M.USCLEV, f ELBEET.' YOU'RE KJOT <SOIMG TO HVT OOP/""" WITH A SLEDGE , HAMMER?? MO.'X^ YOU MY STARS, / COULDM'T YOU'D CRUSH / BUST HIS HIS HEAD I SKULL. LIKE AM V WITH A>. EGG-SHELL/ J) PILE- , ~/s\ DEIVER.' WO, SIG/ I'M MOT GOIIOG TO FOOL M20UIOD WITH THAT GUV/THIS TIME HE'S GOIWG BACK TO MOO. FEET FIEST.' Freckles and His Friends ONLY GOMNA PUT UP TMIS SIGN/ WAIT...ITS MY FAULT HE'S HERE, SO IT'S (AY RESPONSIBILITY TO GET RID OF HIM... &O VOU LEAVE HIM TO ME... I THIWK I CAKi HAKiDLE THIS ALL EIGHT. AMOS, DO YOUR STUFR..AKiD WHEM YOU THROW UP THE SPOMGE. I'LL THROW DONNNi THE HAM ALLEY.. LISTEM, tWAWT TO TALK YOU MC* SERVICE. JNC. T. M. BEC^ U. «. »AT. OM of the Law By Merrill Blosser IF YOU SET FOOT ON HIS PROPERTY . TO DO IT, HE CAN HAVE YOU ARRESTED! AND I'M GOING TO STAND f ~~ RIGHT HERE AND SEE ~J YES , SIR / THAT THE- LAW IS _J/ \, -, UPHELD / - - —^s U*> ^/xn S ^l So IF VOU WANT To PUT UP THE SIGN , BE SURE T& STAND ON THE" SIDEWALK WHEN YOU DRIVE THE STAKE'

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