Covina Argus from Covina, California on November 28, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 28, 1908
Page 8
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-##' * jfl m ^ "v "w •• v~w w »• w •w » w -^r ^ * * *#*######*#*###### The annual reception given by the freshmen to tho sophomores took place in tho hi;/h flchool aiidiforiuin last. Ma turf lay evening, The room was tastefully decorated and over tho phuform wcro tho dates, Hlll-H'1'2. (iiimes and school songs, fun and frolic filled the evening with merriment. Professor A. Harvey Collins mid others of tho faculty wero present. Miss Muriel Sherwood received a box of candy for tho "biggest fmiilo"and Miss Crete King, the school pianist., for the most good wishes. The* preliminary refreshments consisted of Halt water and toothpicks, but thcso were later followed by ice cream, cake and walnuts. Miss Illanohe Hoots has announced her engagement to Charltis A. Prico of Stockton, tho wedding to tako place during t.ho coming month, and in consequence thereof, tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. W. K. fluff, whero the youiiK lady is a guest, ifl the scene this afternoon of happy felicitations and gorgeous linen presents. Tho young lady is tho daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Boots, and possesses a large following of admiroi'H and friends in this vicinity, n» this afternoon's affair tefltltloH. Mr. I'rico, the Kroom-to-bn is an electric car niutnrman in Stockton. On Monday evening at (i o'clock, Miss Abide Cook was complimented \vil.h a delightful dinner party by her relatives at the pielty new home of Mr. and Mrfi. K. fi. Prather, in celebration of her eightieth birthday. The dining room was laHlefully decorated with carnations and ferii.Ha.nd in tho center of tho table was a whito- iced birthday cake with tho dates marked in pink frosting and eight pink candles, which was cut by Miss Cook, and each [ICIH >n given a pioco to take home, put under the, pillow, and dream of such another long, happy and use f ul life. As the fonr-eource dinner progressed, tho guest, of honor received many compliments and good wishes, and as she expressed a wish not to ho given any presents, she received several bouquets, ono consisting of 80 carnations, one of which she pinned on everyone. Those pro- eont were Mrs. I. I. Cook, Mrs. and MisH Capron, Mr, and Mrs; Frathnr, Mr. and Mrs. Clapp, Mrs. II. F C'ook, M|HS Mnriifu Cook and Mr. Eimrioiis Cook. ^Thanksgiving Festivities. IWCVr S * ' (Continued on l,ist. page) Covlnn Debaters Win. Walter ARclicnhrnmier and Leslio Hhipwny, senior and junior mcmherH of the Covinii Union High Htilmol debuting team, went to Mania Ana on Wednesday evening and met the do- bating team of that high school on the (|uesti(iii: "Kfsolved, that the Unite,! should own and operate a transcontinental railway system." Han In Ana took the affirmative, but tht) judges decided in favor ot tlie('n- vinii eloquence by a vote of 'JO 1 to 1H'2. lien KieHland and Howard Himkey represented the S'aiila Ann school. The Covlna boys were ui 1 - compii..ied by Prof. A. Harvey Col- liriH and the trip \VIIH mi enjoyable <ilU' thrniiglic.iit. Arthur Hixby for the sophoinores mid llubeit Neil the liiitihmeu also accompanied lienchnii'ii to the advanced leiim. for as Woman's Club Meeting. A delighlfui meeting of tho .Mini dny Afternoon Club was he 10 this week, Mrs. W. M. (irhwold being in charge of the program. MIH. H. M. (liven gave an interesting talk on India, illustrated by many curios given to her by Mr, CJi- ven's sister, who has lived many years in that country. Mrs. ,1. 1). Heed read an instructive paper on the lain of China. Minn Marie Thompson .sang two HO|OS, accompanied by M JHS V wyeiine iMiiiider. Mins Ilirron gave an interest ing account of Ibe meeting of tho 1'Ydcra- tion of ('Inbs belli recently at Venice. It uus much rcuiclted Unit Miiilame i n Hill: le I o 1 e ny van Vliet w pn-'-riil ow ing to fi Tin re \\i\\ be Moinla.v allrl I as I h (•au- I),rii' eliergji's cleaning day. '' I'.ii't ic i iiijiortiint <•• i-iii ,n >• g i\ in I bis isMie bill the I'll I ail irularl y to say I hat in el ing next ,' ladies will li-r "-Incl- ilais ,.f III is ei, el-ieW Ili'l e I i\i iineli \^ I hern will lie iin nl'iiniiance ol retire and beans gin ti.7 ti ,• all in Ibe town who are inter i Mill in iis flranlinesri and prosper Mv. 'l'ln,»e nlin wish may bring their dinner w ith them. Plimpkint. For Sab- South ol Ifud doi'k Hanch on Piu-nlf llnud, 11 rii quile ol Johiicon ,v Nigg. Ilii^shei der Hioa. I'!(',[> (jood cun iagc for (-ale oKcap. Phunu lU'JO, or l;u\ tJ7, (,'ovina. U Thanksgiving guects of tho former's sister, Mrs. Howard of Ontario. One of tho largest arid happiest Thanksgiving parties was hold at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs, T, F. Oriswold, members of tho family hohiK present to tho number of twenty live. A huge turkey graced each end of the fi-stivo board nnd the company stayed for the evening, panning thn time nlr-aa- antly with music arid conversation. Others present were Miss Angle fjris- wold, Mr. and Mrs. Klllott and family, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Oriswold, 'he Missefl Fannie, Cora and l{uth Davis, the latter of Milwaukee, Wis.. Jean Ciriswoid and daughter of LKH Angeles, Mrs. '/entnre of Point Hluff, WIs. The Intermediate League of the M. K Church hold a jolly social on Thanysgiving evening. (lames wero played and refreshments served tot large crowd present. Thanksgiving guests at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Whitsel were the hitter's mother, Mrs. Hannah Osborn, her brother, Dr. O. J. Oshorn and wife and sinter, Mrs. Hihhen Uailoy iuid husband, all of Whitfier. Tho Rev. and Mrs. Harry White spent Thankfigivhig with the former's parents at Pasadena. Mr. and Mrs. 10. P. Warner were guests at a family Thanksgiving reunion at tho horno of Mrs. Belle Williams of University, Los Angeles. Mr, and Mrs. I 1 '. McNeil of LoriR lloiiuh wore Thanksgiving guests of tho lattor'H .sister, Mrs. A. Warner. A party consifiting of Mrs, Hnao and Alice Hepner, Knima Ovorholt'/cr, Mrs. L. (J, Fcctor and Meaara. Walter Ilepricr and Frank Eborsole drove to Lordsburg on Thursday night to attend the union Thanksgiving services held in the Church of the Urc- thren. Thanksgiving guests at tho home of Mrs. Hannah Overholt/er wore MrnoH. (1. W. Hopuer, N. .1. McInUro and L. (i. Fee'or. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Urubakor entertained I he hitter's immediate family at dinner on Thanksgiving, (luosts included Mr. and Mrs. Win. Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Mills Culvert and children, Mr. and Mrs. Talloy Thomas, all of higlowood, and Mr. and Mra. Ham Thomas and little Cleo of Pomona. Dinner guests at the home of Mr, mid Mra, ,J. II. Bnibaker on Thnnks- Klving wero "Grandma"' Brubakor, the former's mother, Mr. and Mrs D. O. Dawson, parents of Mrs. Brubaker, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ft-sler and daughters, Mirwes Helen nnd (Jladys, and Dr. \{. K. IJatcs. Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Finch entertained with a ft'iuily dinner on Thanksgiving, guests including Rev. and Mrs. (!. I 1 '. ChcmlH-rlon and family, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Kotchcrflido and haby of Long iieneli and Mr. Ar- I bur lloll man. Sixteen enjoyod Thanksgiving dinner at Mayor Lalirc'H residence. A striking feature of the table was the handsome centerpiece of every obtainable species of fruit, arranged in an art italic color combination. The gucHts were Mr. and Mrs, Kpruanco and I'umily, Mr. and Mrs. 1). N. Smith and MIHS Adolo, Mr. and Mrs. KohcrtH, ol the Lahcc family, and MIH, Crosby and Moore of I'asadona, Mi. and Mra. B. F. Kdwards and daughter, Mias Maud, entertained \v ith a Thanksgiving (linunr at their new home on Rowland avenue, Mr. and Mis. S. Douglas and son Howard. A very pleasant and quiet Thanks giving was 1 spent by Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Mnssey on Went Dadillo street with (he old time emblem, thn turkey, for the table. Tlmuu present were Mr. and Mrs. ,1. L. Berry, wife and daugh ter, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Miif.Hcy and two children, and Mrs. I 1 ). F. HotchkisH, a sistor of j Mrs. MiiKHey. Mmes. Berry and | Miissey remain over until Sunday. A family dinner was enjoyed at the home of Charles Duller, at which his mother, MIH, R. F, liuller, and Mrs. (iertiudu liuller with children Frank and Kdilh were prtment. Mr. William Mel.cod and daughter Florence entertained a tableful of people on Thanksgiving, among whom was Mdward of linker' Hold, brother ot the hot). Mr. and Mrs. Andrew MeAlleii spent an cn.joyable day in l.os Ang elcH with friends on the festival day of feasting. Mr. and Mrs. 1.. II. Harris enter lained n lathes lioiii liivcia at din ner, among whom were Mrs. T. L. tioocli (hi 1 Mist-es l-'.fther, Jennie, (iiace, l.eoiniiiud Fa ye (iooch, Mr. and Mis. Dayton (io-.ich and lienige and W il 1 lam (iooeh. Mr. and Mrs. K. K. Duddcrar gutlu-nl al( in >ibuul the Tl.uuksgiv ing lal.le Mi. Dndderai's father and mother. Mr. und Mrs. I i. \\' Dodder ar ut Hunt ingtuu Park, and Mrs. Duddci-ur's parents, Mr. and Mrs. I 1 . ,1. Dieher of Pomona. Mis. 1'. A. ritritli and sin Churles — Buy Your _ Overalls and Jumper Before Clean-up Day and Save Your New Suit Special Values Sample line cotton and wool blankets. Men's winter weight wool underwear $1.00. Men's Merino wool underwear 75c. Munsing and Merorle underwear. Union suits and separate garments. The best made under-garments. They fit and wear. Closing out all snit cases. Some splendid values. 20 pieces dress goods 75c to $1.25 values at 50c. Christmas Items AUTO GLOVES AUTO HATS NECKWEAR GLOVES SILK WAISTS TOYS COLLARS The BROADWELL Store and Mr of Oardena, the Misses fircnkey Mr. K. C. Hievert were guests of and Mrs. A. M. Pence. Mr. and Mrs, Ben F. Thorpe entertained with a family Thanksgiving dinner party. Those present were Mr. and Mrs, B. Thorpe of Los Angeles, Mr.H. M. ,}. Yaw, Dr. and Mrs. L. S. Thorpe, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. CLase. The, Buraca boys of the Christian Church heat the town team a game of baseball played on the Covina high school campus on Thanksgiving morning. At li:1fi p.m. they heat the JO I Monte team; score, Baracas 4, 101 Monte I). Mr, and Mrs. 10. P. Warner arid family spent the day as the guests of Mrs. Belle Williams, West Thirty- Ill'tb street, Los Angeles, where many relatives congregated during the day. Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Tucker arid family and Mrs W. O. Doughty and daughter, Miss Maude, were entertained with a Thanksgiving- dinner by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kimball of Santa Ana. M*rs. Kimball is a daughter of Mrs. Doughty and sister of Mrs. Tucker and Miss Doughty. Mr. Kimball, a former Covinan, is successfully engaged in the automobile business at Santa Ana. Lies Beside Husband. in the Oakdnle cemetery, beside flio remains of her husband, the body of Mra, W, II.- (Sarah) Sloufei was laid to rest on Saturday of last week with many sorrowing relatives and friendu in attendance on thn last ceremony. Tile memory of this .beautiful character is perpetuated far beyond tho ability of friends living to perpetuate it, by thu lifo of devotion to thn cause of humanity and Christianity, and her deeds will remain the most titling monument. The tunoral was held at tho lioire, l!ll(i Mi Hard a venue, Los Angeles, at which the paator of the Pico Heights church, Rev. Dr. Wood, ofll- ciateil, tho church of which Mrs Stoufer was an active and valued member. After the funeral obbinjuies at the house, the remains were placed aboard a Pacific lOlootrio apodal car and brought to Covina, where the funeral procession formed and the body was escorted to Oakdale cemetery, Rev. II. W. White of the Covina Methodist Church assisting in the services at tho grave. Mrs. Stoufer was always | n miiient in MiMhodifet work during her life. Trier to (hi- death ot her liiinlnmd, the family lived • upon the Mimrer ranch on Sail lie) nard ino r<:ad, com ing here tr m Iowa, Mis. St< liter uas ;i native of Peuiisv U an ia (In biu'i niing a widow Mrs. Slnn'i r re moved to l.os Angeles. The children who lire bereaved by lit i death are widely sent tcreil, although tle-v wirr all able to leach their 11' tbei V l,cil side bed re hi r death. John K. Stoufer li\es in Omaha, Nebraska; Jut; par C. Stoufer, U'e.-t liiaucli, Iowa; Stanloid D. Sloiitir, Pirtland, Oregon; Charles \V. Stoiifer, Miu neap.!!-, Minn. ; .Mrs, K\a Mirgon. Los .\ngele- ; Mis Mary L. lielltl.V, t'liicnno: M rv ,les.-ie 1!. Paiker, We Can Sell Your* Orange Grove * # * # <jf Our branch office in Los Ange- I "•V les, 525 So. Spring- street, en- * •* ables us to get in touch with * # buyers. * * r • 4- . * lyist your property with us. ^ * * * Covina Realty Co. » Plans! Plans! Compete plans nnd specifications of hig-h class residences, bungalows, stores, Hats, etc., furnished' for 510 and up. We also complete plans after your own ideas at a reasonable cost. Send in your sketches. Handsomely illustrated Bung-alow Hook for5l)c. postpaid. VV. E. ALLEN 421, S. Spring St., Los Angeles I'boiie K. 3.11)7 HOVINQ EAST Household Goods For Sale Also fine driving- horse and rubber-tired runabout. Three incubators. New piano, concert cable grand. Bedroom furniture, library furniture, business desk, sectional bookcase, revolving- chair, etc. Now dining table, golden oak. Physician's office essentials, surgical chair. Many other articles. Please call and get prices. O. P. SHOEHAKER H-28 Corner Second and Puente St., Covina Now that he has been elected, let's all get in and make things hum. Business has been good for us. It is going to be better for all of us. Call and see our large stock of builders' hardware, tools, oils, glass, stoves, heaters and ranges, gas and gasoline stoves, cutlery, gloves and house furnishing goods. Scissors and pocket knives. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, GAL, IF YOU WANT AN IMPLEMENT OF ANY KIND, WAGON, BUGGY OR SURREY on Twomey Diller Prices lower than ever. Give us a trial .before going to Los Angtles. Coolman Block, Opp, S. P. Depot, Phone 29 ••.,,., New Dairy, New Stock, New Buildings We are prepared to furnish you with the finest Jersey milk and cream, delivered at your door. Place your orders by telephone. SHAW & HELWICK Home Phone 2038 A Table for the j Wiiole family -at tho — Hotel Yendome We cuter especially to home trade and always to the traveler and tourist. They say we serve better meals than the big hotels ot l.os Augele.->. I,et us prove it to you. (hkkeo Dinner 1,11 UVdiii'Mlay ami Suuilay. .1. .1. FITXi.KK'AI.D. Prop. E-RU=SA: The Only Lawful Pile Cure Because it does not contain narcotics, mercury, cocaine, lead or any poisonous drugs. Because E-KU-SA CUKE PILS. (I. S. Dispensatory recommends everv ingredint of E-RIJ-RA- Duags laws mrde "false oy misleading-statement.*" a crime. Therefore the or all old narcotic pile mcdicans is illegale bcc;u:»f they alK-ct the braiue and spinal marrow, produce constipation, and never curt; IC-KI '-SA i* not for sale atopiun joints. Only drug. gost of hi.; iu;*t standing noU and indorse E-KM'-SA, uamelv- \V. \V. XASH and UK. CfvAPP. COVINA FIXE SHOE REPAIRING AT REASONABLE PRICES Citrus Avenue City Taxes Due. i. i' \ i;i\(S .ire ilue. T.ixe^ v.i!! !.-(.• i)eliui[iieiit on Monday. Dtvrmher 2s:'n. I ili'lidnlf. 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