The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 8, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 8, 1977
Page 1
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FAOK '^^A^ATIJcWNEWS^cb^^H^^^^K^,^ Fubllrtwl Every Evening (KxcoptSumlny) by THE NAUOATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NACOATUCK, CONN. mrOQLPH M. HSNNICK, President and 2228 nnd 222t^An~Dcpartn*,nt« •Intend' a- Voconcl claim matter nt tno post office. In NauKixtuck, Conn, SUBSCRIPTION. RATES . payable In Advance Tho American Newspaper Publlsho™ AII» « • THimSDAY ,7tINK 13, Vote Tomorrow The question to l><; decided by Nmiga- ttick voters on Friday transcends piivty a,,,.! political linen. It's a simple question of InisinusH tincl economics. Shall the bor- oiiKli increase from $2,500 to $3,150 the Kjilm-y of its Win-don'/ Till': NEWS has had its suy previously on this subject. Our only criticism is that the General Assembly passed a bill calling for n salary less than $4,000. There wi'lj be "no" votes cast Friday. Tho ret'orbndiim would bo a disappointment if sill votes were nlike and affirmative, for nothing contributes more to a healthy state of community affairs than differences of opinion, provided criticisms are constructive! "'id personalities avoided. Let the "no" votes bo those of our people.- who feel that the office of Wardon, its respons!billies !ind_ obligations warrant no more compensation than tho present $2,500 allowed. H, after comparing that figure with his own annual earnings (and cogitating' his stniA^'e to make them meet the inflated cost oMivini;'), the voter is convinced that the increase is unreasonable, then it is his responsibility as a voter t'o east a illative vote. Lot the freeman who would vote "no" without thought to the merit of the proposal, but only because he is opposed politically or personally to the incumbent, remember that the man who succeeded in gaining favorable action on the measure in the i'iniil hours of the recent special session of the (ienornl Assembly, Ims been and is one of tho strongest ciitics, politically, of tho mini it will •'benefit. That, in itself, is a strong argument in I'nvor of (lie salary increase, Kveti stronger, however, is a comparison of the warden's salary with that of other borough employes, and the fact tlint last year's dollar falls far short of today's in every market. All parlies might dwell on thai thought in looking ahead to future i|lcc- tions and potential candidates, Indications are that the vote will be light. Those who favor the proposal will be more prone to stay away from the polls than those who are opposed. .It is ..t-h ere fore with an interest in the adoption of the pay raise—not for the sake of politics or personalities—bid. for tho betterment of the office and the prestige of the borough that we urge: Vote! Tomorrow Ig Flag Day Throughout the length and breadth of the United {Stales of America tomorrow t.lie national emblem will be paid special and appropriate.' tributes of respect. Pledges of allegiance to the Flag and all that it symboli/es will be renewed by millions of "people all overt the land and wherever else i 'its beautiful colors are flung to the breezy. . .It is well lluil a day has been set apart for honoring tho Flng.'.>!' our country. ."It is important that nil who enjoy the privileges and liberties granted by the Constitution shall ever remain fully aware of the principles for which A.mcrica stands. Tt is likewise important that the 1 , whole world shall be kept, mindful of. the fact that Americans are determined those principles shall be preserveel and defended at any cost. . . Lei us, therefore', display the band- some and inspiring Stars ami Stripes of the "land of tho 1'vco and the Iconic of the brave." And lot us resolve that the. quality of our individual and collective citizenship shall always be .such as to commmul the respect and admiration of all liberty-loving people throughout the universe—a citizenship so strong, unified tuid courageous that no earthly power will over be able to, ,t,car .down our Flag or destroy our beloved nation. When the world is entirely organized, we can' take a crack at the stars. . ^Business •wilV liiiss/j -when Oios'c «'t'ril<cs ro all over, __. »._..• ., .,^ Do Ybii Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuck New* 20 Years Ago Pnul Buckmlllcr's orchestra played nt tho senior nurses' dance at St. Vlrtcont'a hospital in Bridgeport. o—Co- Mr, and Mr fl . John Rico of Aetna street returned from 'ix visit to New York city, o—Oo-SO Years Ago Mr 8 , Elizabeth Miner of New Haven was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Miner of Hill- aide avenue. o—Oo— Miss Sylvia Eastman, Pleasant avenue, was president and valedictorian of the graduating class of Frocbnl Normal school In Bridgeport. Around The Clock BITTER BLOSSOMS The sweet full blossomed flowers Of my neighbor's 'cross the way At last began to bother me I had admired them every day. But I simply couldn't ask her If I might have a few . ; . Wo had quarreled only recently And ehc air was still quite blue. So one dark night a week ago My scissors In my hand I. told my conscience: "Go llo down , And I trespassed on her land. I snipped nt every blossom Tho pale moon put in sight . But suddenly, a growling noise Filled my heart with fright. I clutched my purloined blossoms Then tried to set my course I missed! ! and set my hcnd Instead , Against a tree with all my force. How I made my exit I never really knew I'd torn my dress, cut my head And worse, I lost the flowers too. Next morning after breakfast I viewed my neighbor's land Imagine then, my shocked surprise When she appeared and waved her hand. She said: "Isn't this perfect weather? And my flowers!—They're gorgeous today Let's forget our silly quarrel- Come over and pick a bouquet! JENNY LEE All local teachers aren't satisfied with tho proposed salary increases granted by the Freemen at their most recent nic-eling Andy McCann is having tronble"with his appendix Kay and their new youngster h;ivc returned home from St. Mary^s hospital. The eighth grade of St. Francis Parochial school has, unbeknownst to us, been giving us minor competition. Their competition being in the form of a class newspaper that in the excellence of its form and copy certainly rates an honorable mention The paper which is written by students of the school has sections enclosed in it that certainly cover little less than that of an actual paper. The members of the paper staff arc as follows: Editor-in-chief, James Gunnotid; class events editor, Barbara McCarthy; sports editor for boys, Stephen .O'Neill; sports editor for girls, Kegina Sullivan; and the social editor, Carol Bradshaw. On the business board of the staff, Henry McCarthy is the business manager, and "Ruth 'Wood, is his assistant. Helen Schiller and James Gunnoud comprise the clerical staff The name of tin: paper is the Eighth Grade Currier and it has as its motto, "Stay in the path of our Lord." Jim Casey, 24 Goodyear avenue, performed the golfers' feat of feats last weekend when he made a hole-in-one at the Waterbury Municipal Golf Course. He made this perfect,shot on the fifth hole of : the Waterbury course, and what's more Jim has witnesses, to prove his feat. We believe that Jim is the first man in this area, who has accomplished an "ace" on either the Waterbury course, or our own ABA 'Country Club course. George Kennedy, Pat Regan, Paul Gallagher "and Jim Moore were unbeatable the other.night in a setback tournament with other" teams of Ojcda .Council, Knights of Columbus Joe Knowlcs, Anthony Chiulli and Jim Kennedy took the shellacking of their 1 careers. Good to see Hans 0. Nissen, Sr., around again after all those weeks he spent in the hospital "Pop" was laid up a long time after being burned in an attempt to put out a brush fire. CiirisvMcBvoy of tire YMCA is nursing a totigh case' of sunburn Joy Heavens lias successfully come through a tonsillectomy, we're happy to report. Sona Moran is due home^this week t'o~'spc'iicV tlic siVmmef month's in" tile' I56r"- .oiigh.. . •__ ... ^.... G6ast-Td-Coast (Copyright, 10-16, bjr The, Poarat Corporation) BROADWAY BY 'silhouettes About Town: Jennifer Jones, the star, halting her taxi nt the corner of Hudson and 10th Sta.—to gaze at her old borne ... Andy Russell, the canary, making The Big City for the first time— and being traln-ill all the. way. With his new bride ft's nurse ... Dindh Shore arid husband legalizing their New York, visit by being seen in the Stork ..Jack Oakle and. Gene Tunney. among the stay-up- all-nighters spellbound by Geo. Welles' card tricks in Reubens... Nancy Carroll, who deserted Movie- ville for Manhattan, vainly arguing with a NecUck's counterman (at Lexington and 59th) to split a hot durg, "It's against the rules," ho snld with finality,..Rocky Otazl- tmo, the nght game's best new aoY vcrtltiomcnt being ogled': at .Olin s, Etlicl Merman, the North Star of "Annie Get Your 'Gun," walking her image in Ihe Central Parkltec- turc...Mi's. C. Vanderbllt; who pluns merging with C. A. Monroe, ex-lnsull exec. They sail for the French Riviera on Satdec. Sullies In Our Alley: One of the notorious belles sig-zagged into a night club on the arm of a ' renowned wolf. ..Someone remarked that her husband ought to-put, an end to her philandering.. ."Maybe," maybe'd a dope, "her husband won't let her pro out alone'...It happened In a clip joynt. A waiter complained to the boss about a patron. . ."What's the matter?" asked the owner. "Is he drunk?"... "Nope." wept tho waiter, "sober." Jerry Lester plans writing a play about Washington. He'll title It: "Harry Truman Slept Here!" . Midtown Vignette: Al 'Schmid, the Marine hero who'was blinded killing over 200 Japs, was' christened "Father of the Year" the other day at the Hotel Pennsylvania. Before the ceremonies u gal reporter (who apparently didn't know his breathless history) said to.him:'"I •must leave on another assignment. May I have a copy of your speech 7^' ."I haven't any prepared speech,' said Al. .."Oh," she oh'd- Impatiently, "this Is most inconvenient, Wnll, what will you talk about?" "I dunno," said the blind hero. "i KUCSS I'll just ad lib like I did on Guadalcanal." Monios of n Mldnlffhicr: Did the gazettes make a note of the gems swiped last week from the social Mrs. Dodge Sloar.e?. . .It's a boy at the M. M. Powells. He's the barrister... Bernard Miller, who gave a song recital at the Steinway Bids., is one of the St. Merits! doormen". . .Lena Home will be'in'D'ukc Ellington's "Beggar's Opera".... Harold Gary is an added starter in •'Billion S Baby"...Nat Olpin of Int'l News Photos won the top.rib- bon for the- host human interest shot...One of the prominent show gels was talked out of suicide the other nl^ht. Her' parting note would have embarrassed several gents. ried a book under » wi-t "•' " ankied.lnto Murphy's salopn at the corner of Third and «th....Hc Stood at. the bar.:,He. stood and •stood ..The barkccp ignored him for 15 minutcH. . .Finally one of the regular customers (known as Paper Collar Joe) tapped the strnngci on the shoulder .".."He ain't gonna Solve you Mac,",, said Paper Collar 'Joe "He thinks you're one o£ them intcllechewals who hangs out In Co'stcllo's saloon on -toIn Street. ',',Cur'!biUn-CalIs: Noro Morales' big- time rhumband at the .Riviera toying with "Rhumba Rhapsody" and •anything''else...'."Atlanta, Ga." as the Rod Calps. .. .Tho Blend Tone's via. WOK. from the Village Barn—they lilt gracefully.. Gertrude Niegen's Decoa version of "I'm a Bis- Girl. Now,", very sassy.. "The Red . Mill" show. . . .Mara Kim's tcrpsichore at the China Doll Ace' Harris' Hub recording, of "after Hours," gentle on the ears. O. Henry Would Have Enjoyed This One: -Baron Von . Kahlcr, an Austrian wit, has been an insurance man here for years. ... .He was 'seated next tc a lovely girl..?" a bus....She Iced his attempts to strike up a .conversation. .. .The .Baron suddenly noticed the Empress Zita of .Austria in another 'part of the bus. She-seemed .to. bo ihaving-difficulty Ending out which .street they were ncaring. .. ."Your 'Majesty," the Baron said as he bowed; "we arc how at G5th Street" A- -The Empress thanked him and -left the bus He turned to the ,gii'l alongside and said:'"That was Zita the Empress of Austria and .Queen of Hungary". .The gal glared .'at him and warned: "Lissen, you. must be drunk! If you don't DO YOU LOVE ME" lHOWm(*FOW AT SALEM PLAYHOUSE • Local movie-goers arc in for a-s merry a musical funfest as ever rainbowed across a theater screen when "Do You Love Me," 20th Century-Fox's gay, song-splashed Technicolor musical hit starring Maureen O'Hara, Dick Haymow and 'Harry James now .it the Salem Playhouse. Produced and directed by two of the entertainment world's most famous nnmcs-^-Gcorcc .Jcs- sel and Gregory Ratoff, a'nd. flooded with the tuneful, brilliance of four new;' surc-flro song lilts', 'Do You Love Mo" Is beinK, jubilantly acclaimed ns a rare and exhilarating musical Brimful of high hiln'rlty, ex•citing romance and melodic delight, the film tells the story of' the men nnd music In the life of a beautiful girl whose glamour is smothered by staid, small- town restrictions until a trip to New York brings her chcek-to- checlt with a croonfng b'oGfyy- socks idol and-a. wolfish, trnmpet> blowing bandleader. Maureen O'Hara appcara aa a bespectacled, shy and conservative dean of a classical musical school who goes to New York In search of a gflost conductor. She finds herself smack in the middle of the screen's wackiest four- sided triangle -when Haymes and James convert her from a "strictly tintype gal" into a terrifically "slick chick." New York Story: You prob'ly read about 49-year-old Spud Arsenault, the Canadian prospector, who hit a gold mine in the Yellowknife belt of Northern Canada. He was recently brought to N. Y, C. as part of a publicity splosh for the Congress of Mines...It was youthful David Lown, an energetic, ebullient press agent, who dreamed up the trick ot landing Spud on the front pages. Ho reported that Spud's trip to Now York was to "And a wife," etc....The editors from coast to coast fell for it. Anyhow, hero a tour ot the night clubs followed. . .At the Copa the "natural tie-up" was found... Hoi- name: Doreen Eagton, IS, of Canada!. . .But the romance between the rich, grizzled prospector and the dimpled Dcrecn never started. ..Because Lown, the press agent, proposed first...They were married in Baltimore Tuesday. Manhattan Murals: Dorothy Mackaill, the former film favorite, passing out those miniature orchids to friends. Her fiance grows thorn...The famed firm's clock (which gives the time at the American Airlines exhibit on 6th and 52nd) two hours slow. . .Scrawled placard in a 9th Avenue haberdashery: "Booby "Sox"...Sign in Topsy's Chicken Roost: "Not Responsible for Dates Left Over 10 Minutes". . .The indllTorcnt-to-thc- wcathcr . crowds at the Iceland show...The 14th Street nstrologcr who horoscopes animnls. Your pet dog. cat or canary for ?2, Your wife for ,$l...The swanky black-fronted store on 23rd Street, which cullsi itself: "Artistic Stoppcurs." .It's a tnilor shop! Blirtowii Side-Show: He wore a Hamburg hat (among other things) anci his specs wore thick. He car- quit annoying me I'll call a cop." « Lat'rt Watch: Judith Ander=„.„ one of the theater's top Lady Macbeths, is now playing Juliet to producer Luther Green's Romeo... Black-orU-d Nerita, the lass who maraecas a rhumband, says that sh'u and D. Darrin are ^unofficially .engaged."' Meaning what? The big late business hasn't returned since the curfew... .Despite the doldrums, nearly all the Broadway spots ore safe. Rochester's first 30 days at the Zanzibar .attracted 77 Gs'. ....$100 ringside passes cost tho lucky few $25 tax. .' Sounds in the Night: Tnvcrn-on- t'he-Grecn: "Only on Broadway can a" guy be !i flop and nobody gets hurt—except his backers". .. .At 'Giro's: "His wife caught him play ing around—so now. he's paying show-galimony". . . .At Chateaubriand: "He hit the bottle for a long time. Now it's hitting him back," There wore about 2C3.000 milking machines On U. S. farms in 10-12. KNITTING MILLS 73 South Main Street We're All Set to Make You the Prettiest of Mermaids . . . See Our Large Selection of VENETIAN BLINDS .. In Stock. Tlirre IJnj Delivery. LEBON'S VENETIAN .BLIND CO. 27« ,No. Main Tel. 8-7221 ,Vilt«rt>ur.v FREDS HI-WAY GRILLE 501 South Main St. Regular Dally Dinner 50c up A La Carte Menu . ' Spaghetti To Take Out Banquet Room, Cocktail Lounge . Full Eiquor License,-,;.'..•„ / If Yon Want to Buy or Sell REAL ESTATE See "T.ony"...Farrar Tel. 4233 In Ali the Gay New Colors and Styles $3.95 to $8.95 We Carry A Complete Line Of SWIM WE ALSO CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF BOYS', GIRLS' and TOTS' SWIM SUITS Men's Swim Trunks Pure W66l or Gabdrdihes SOLID COLORS and FLOWERED .AJ.L SHADES

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