Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 9, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1912
Page 6
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-T 6 • ~. THE lOtA DAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER 9.1912. HORTirUlXrHU. SOriBTT nECIO' tED O.V'i BEST VABITIES. t• ••^:• ill. XoTi>mber .Vpellni; HeM Vcsterda} { PniTed oM «f tkr Most Iat«r. r<>tlB |r of Uio Trar. Tht> Allen County Horliculiura! So- cU'iy hplil icii monthly nipetini; for Xo¥*>nib«>P at tho oflicp of H. Klaii- iniinn In lola yesterday, and the session proved to be one of the most interesting ones of the year. A rc |>ort of the proceedinK-1 was furnished by J. W. Johnson, official reporter for the Society, as follows: Th" bHSihess session selected Mr. K; I. Crowell. S. H. \\Viih and the reporter as alternates to the Stale Horticultural Society which meets at Topeka December 18 and 19. Sevccal new prospective member? were present and the intercs* of older members seems unabated. Reports from several inembers who have enjoyed a vacation in other sla'ys wer*- deferred until the Decerob»;r liieetink. when the election of officers will also occur. A paper by Mr. J. B. Fergus on "Six ;Sce»e fr^m Act II, 'THE ARAB," Edgar Selwyn's Great Pj^ay of the Orient. Grand Theatre, Tuesday, November' 12. A MILLION MOREWOMEN VOTE FOUE STATES EXTEXDEI) KlOlIT TO THEM TliESDAY." i Kansas IVomen, 850,000 SIronir. Plan ° to lirep Tab on the rolitiriuDs for the Future. One Interesting and iinporlant ro- of the election last Tuesulay was Lhe adding of something like 1,<>00.000 women voters to the countn"* voiInK strength. This i .s due (o th>' l .-xt that amendnu 'Dts c.vtcnding the right of "equal suffrage were adopteii In Arizona Or«'pcin. Mi'-! ;i; .11 .1. ' 'N.-iii-iiis tJefore Tuosday " •uei • r lo riglii <•!• oiffragi- in th- ».• o"i '!i' ji.ii',".^: t'all- ! ua.i. Itali, Idai. \ •HKhington, Wy- .^omi&g and Colorat.o, • ) that hereafter the women will votf n leii. siai< s. It Xras 4 >stiinat<-d I'lior to tli «x election that between two and tlire<i million women wguld vote on president and other off iters, and the four new etateav will add alxjut l.Oua.ftOit more voters. In Arizona about i'5.iM«» women will vote; In Oregon about 100,000; In Michigan about .'lOn.OOO and It. Kansas about 350.000. In connection with the new status of women in Kansas politics, the following from the Wichita Beacon le of Jntereat: FoUowing the granting of fu'll citizenship to tlie women of Kansas'there will be a reorganization of the State rE/l'ial Suffrage Association. This was decided upon at the state convention of tli.> .'t^<so^i.•ltil)n-which met in Wich- Itp laFt Fprint;. The n«;u- orirnniza- ,tlc".i for wiiuien. of course, will lie nonpartisan, only individuality of women will coant in ihiH n<w suUt- organization. at present Kansas women are tr>ing to »at<;h their breath after months of catupainning and to find out •where "they an- at." But it will not take long to do tliat. for in anticipation of their full enfranchisement iwliich they wi -re sure would come they have been making definite plans foi" future stale work. It is probable the new organization •will be on the order of a Good Gov- ernmpnt Club. Mrs. AV. T. Johnston, Sedgwick County prosidvnt of the Equal Suffrage Association, who was i;nninicr while studying conditions in the West of the women after they'had j bei'n given ilie right of the lialloi, and she will be able to give many valua ble suggestions to her <-oniuiittec. All politicians whether in proniinetil offici'S or tliose r>r minor luiporian<'C will have to k<>>|i close tali on (heir bolnivlur I'or there in going to be ke|>t a r«>cord of everything they do liy an Outlook ("oininittiM- of the new organization. . Th." Slate K(|ual Suffrage Ass<icia- tioii headtpinrters at Topeka will b<- dosed l-'riday. SPKriAL «'IIRISTIA> >iEllVI("K. .«ertes of .Meellngs »tt the CJinrch Will Ki^ln With .Snnda). A series of six'cial meetings will bigin at the t'lirisiiaii Church Sunday. Pastor \V. V. Allen, of Fort Scott; u man of unustial acholarsliip and ability, will highly e^ify with a .series of I'vangelistlc. sermons. Pastor Will .1 I Declare War on Colds. A crusade of education which aims j "that common colds may Ix'come un-' common within the next generation"has 'been bejiuu by prominent .Vew • York idiysirians. Here is a list of the don'ts which iln< doi-i <ir8' say will, prevent the annual vlsiiatlou of the' cold: "Don't sit in a draughty car. j "Don't sli 'i 'p in hot rooms" "Don't avoid lhe fresh air," "lUin'l slult yourself at mealtime Overeating rediu'es your resistance." . To which \\,- would add- when .vou tiike a cold gi-t rid of it as iiuickly a> 'Possiliie. To accumplisli thai you will 'Ind Cliambwrlain's Cough Kenu'd) most excellent. Sold by all dealers $3.50 RECIPE FREE FOR WEAK KIDNEYS KELIEYES UKIN A RT AND KIDNET TBtiUBLES, BACKACHE. STRAIN SWELLINU, ETC. Stop* Pain In the Bladder, Kldueja. and Back. TV. J. SLATER. Comini; to the Grand—"The Arab." "THE AU.\H" which will be presented at the C.nind Theatre on next Tuesday ••vcning. .N'ovenilier iL'th 1.- me of those play.s th.ii grips file au<'!- ence with so firm a grasp liiat one is ap" to forget fvr-iytliing while follow- , ing the formniS of ".lainir" the drago- 1 man and .Mary Hillirrf. the .American j Slater of Humboldt will direct the girl and the splendid array of i.lctur- inngregation and chorus in singing, esque characters surrounding these .or isouie time he was an evangelist two heroes of this oriental roinan< e. j. v song and a success. Music ol H Tl'.e play is from tlie pen of Kdgar,: i.ccinl nature eacli evi-ning. Selwyii, author ol 'Tlie Country Hoy,' I The Italopticon will We used from "Pierre of tlie Pl.tins." i-t<- C.iy amljtiUM- to time and will phase you. Constance Caiitliian In-ad a cast of; n-al nicri'. ' - Twjmres of r!ieuniatlsm, iiackache. . ' Iff joints and siuToting pains all show —.l-pscpli .M<''arf:ey, Vice Pre?, for • • .rir kiiineyp are not working right •.inary Irre^'ulariiics, l(»ss of. sleep. •; vov.sncrs, weaV ba'k and .=ore kid•>-• tell the n«-ed Of a good reliable •:n<n medicine. Foley Kidney Pille tf tnnlc. strensthening and restora- v. They huiUl up the kidneys am! •liiilate their action. Tiiey will give u quick relief an'! contain no liabi: iiwr .g drugs. Safe nnd always sure y i:.i-in. Burrell's Drus Store. Nehr. tJieot. rs of American, Omaha, states: "1 che«rfully recommend Fo!i -y"s Honey & Tar Compound as a j sure cuH! for coughs and colds. 1. have used it myself and have recora- : mended it to others who have since • told me of its great curative power in ' disease of the throat and lung.=." Hurrell's Drug Store. i ^appointed last spring on the state committee for reorganization, is keep-, ing in personal touch with women on!\isit wuh her daughter. .Mrs the Pacific Coast whom she met this! Thoinp.son. Mrs. U 1-. Tlioinpsou left tod;iy foi Collinsville. Okla., wh. re she will i Ulanche l.n.^T—PAIR COIJi KKAMK ChASS on •^outii sjile of square. Kinder •:;.-«! return to 20:! S Sycanurre. I- Your Appetite Calls for food that not' only plea-^^es ilie palate but contain.^ true nourishment for rebuild!ate daily the tissue cells u.sod up by phy.sical and meni .il activity. e- FOOD Combines fascinating flavour and-the rich, .sturdy nutrt ion of the food grains —wheat and barley. This idelicioiis food needs no cooking. It is ready for use dii^ctj.from the •pacl&ge, and ni?!- s an t^asily dige^d, toothsorirt£:"disl: of decide^lly unique flavour. we:c0Mie alike to athlete, bi-am worker and inv.Jid. "There's a Reason" for GRAPE-NUTS Postum Cereal Co., Ltd., Battle Creek, &licbiKJM. Wouldn't It be ntce within a week or two to begin to say goodbye forever to the sc&ldlDK. dribbliog, straining or too frequent passage of urine; j the forehead and the back of ibe head aches; the stitches and pains in the back; the growing muscle weakness; spots before the eyes; yellow skin; sluggish bowels; swollen eyelids or ^ ankles; leg cramps; unnatural short i "irealh; sleeplessneRS and the despon- • lency? I have a receipe for these troubles that you can depend u|)on, and if yon want to make a qntck recorerjr, you •ughl to write and get a copy of It »lauy u doctor would cliarge you $3.60 just for wrKlUK this prescription, but I have It and will be glad to send It 10 you entirely free. Just drop nte a line like ihl.s: Dr. A. B. Robinson, K932 Kuck Diillding. Detroit. Mlcbl- i;an, and I will send It by return maU In a plain envelope. As you will sa€ when you get it, this recipe contaiiu only pure, bannless remedies, but It has great healing and pain conquering powers. It will quickly show its power once you use it. so I think yoc had better ae« what It Is without delay. I will send you a copy free—you can usa it and cure yourself at borne. BAVAKD. (Hulda .Norrlckl Nov. 8.—Mr. .Mann and son are picking aiii>les for Mr. Mose Xevitt. .Mr:;. Warren is on the sick list this wei k. .Mr. .\. P. Uiggs is on the sick list also. .Mr. Fred Paul shiiiped in a l.o:id of cattle from Wichita. The Iadie.s served dinner at the polls at llayard for the heiietit of the Sunday Scliool. Tli'-y cleared $11. .Mr. .Vorrick took a load of apples to Kronson Wednesday. .\orricks hav.- Imshels of ajiple.s to sell at ."iiii- a Inishel. .Manila .\orrick is helping Mrs. (leorge Warren a few days this week. Peari Norrick s\icnt Siindav Queenie Hert. .Mr. Brack l.aiul>elli to<.;< !'.:i ' ''I apides to iirimsoii .Motnla;.. I .Mr. Palmer iiiissell \\a-; i;; vicinity Sunday. Mr. Karne^Jt .Sniiili and family has been visiting iit Kd .'Stafford's. Kd Stafford made a trip to lola last Wednesday. .Mrs. Vaughn is visiting at the home of Mr. Frame this week Mr. Norrick took a load of apples to lllue .Mound Friday. Mr. Dunlap .Mc.Xdam is helping John Hyerley shuck corn. .Mr. Dunlap, who has'been sick, is at the switch hoard now. Hazel McClain. who has lM.-en going to Mildred to scliool started to Bayard Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, of Blue .Mound visited Uie latter part of the week at H. Norricks. Queenie Best visited the last part of the week at Center Valley, there be- ins no school in Mildred on account of the Illness of Prof. Cox. Hill Stanley came up from Chanute this week looking after his farm. l>jla Smitli Epeni Thursday evening at Baker's. Clare SIgler. of .\Uldred. visited at .Mr. A. P. Higgs' from Wednesday until Friday. •. best applei lowed;: a nu sat tin' we^e*"bV lie ion •sevtn u*"' An English Antlior ITmte; ••.No shade, no shine, no fruit, no flowers, no leaves—November!" Many American^ would add .S'O FRFKDOM FROM CATARRH, which is so aggravated during this mouth that it becomes constantly troublesome. Thei:e is abundant pro«|f that catarrh is a constitutional disease. It is related to scrofula 'a 'Sa"<Jonsutnptlon being one", of the'wasting diseases. Hood's Ear- saparilla has shown that, what is capable of eradlc^ing igcrofiila. completely cures catarrh, and taken in time prevents consumption . We cannot see bow any sufferer can put off taking thi.'i medicine, in view of the widely published record of Its radical, and permanent cures. U is undoubtedly America 's Greatest Medicine (or America's Greatest Disease—|Catarrb. —A Lost Ad la tlw Bc^tCT n»i» It. it home orchard,^,fol- initted. In tbj^lidlB- Iier twenty. vatifcU ^S by ,a vote „!«^^JC lie iind* .Bei&P'a.vis ^.W«t'e Chosen tdJd,six o^ t»ilft-»eft> included In .Mr. Fergus- suggestion. We give the result of fhi vote for the bet»efit of any new resident who may be contemplating adding new varieties in this climate. Nine votes for Jonathan. Six votes for Primate. Fi.e votes for Vor.k Ihiperlal Four vo'es for Grimes Golden, Wealthy and Ben Uavls. Threw votes for .Mammoth BI P. Twig, Jeffries, Maiden Blush. Wlne- vati. Two votes Karly Harvest. One vote each for Sweet Hough. Red Astrlcan, Coopers' Early Whii Williams* Favorite, Delieioiis. Arkansas Black Twig. Mr. .FerfruH's Paper. The paiier by Mr. Fergus on the best varieties of apples for Allen county orchards, was as follows: Our reason for placing York Im- p<-rial first in the list is because of th tree which Is easily iJrown in good form to hold up the loads of fruit thi' limbs being shaiM-ly and stron The leaves are rich in color and medium size. The fruit is large, of good color and fine flavor. Its faults are only two—Irregular form and texture a Utile coarse. The Ben Davis Is a variety that will stand the abuse of the elements and cume up smiling with a * bountiful crop of nice looking apples of good <iuali(y If planted on good moist land and kept in fertile condition and in seasons like I9ir it would shame its traducers if they knew how to ix shamed. Gano" is no better but in color. Winrsnp needs land that Is adapted to it and with proper pruning it is a fine apple of best quality and the mother of some good ones such as Mammoth Black Twig, Klnnard's choice, Arkansas Black, Stayman and others. The Jonathan is a good tree of good looks; the fruit of high quality and some years we think that with cold storage we could get along with it and no others, but we need a change and are glad we have other good kinds of apples and more than six. Weally is one of our best fall apples here and one of the best winter apples up north and Peter M. Gideon needs no other monumeilt than the production of this.noble variety, that moved the apple growing line miles to the northward of where it had ever been before he planted the tiny seed that produced it. The Primate is the best of the summer apples by far with us. From the one tree in our orchard we have had more satisfactory fruit than from any of the others. These six varieties will cover the siason with the best there is.In.ap­ ples, but we would plant some niore of other, kinds, because no variety is I ho best every year. There are some very good apples that have weak tri «es but on account of their high quality should be budded or grafted into other good trees, as the Northern Spy for sttKk. Some of these are Ramsdell Sweet, Grimes Golden. Other good ones that are not grown much are Perry's Russett, Autumn Swaar, and Coe 's Quince. Duly a Fire Hero —hut the trowd cheered, as, with burned hands, he held up a small round bb.x, "Fellows!" he shouted, "thi.=5 Bucklen's .Arnica Salve I hold, has everything beat for bums." Right! also for boils, ulcers, sores, pimples, eczema, cuts, sprains, bruises. Surest Idle cure. It subdues inflammation, kills pain. Only 2:» cents at all drug- eUts. HIS SYMPATHIES FOE JEFF. Ten.Year.Old Falrrlew Lad Thinks MattN Pal U Mlxtfvatei. _ • "Mutt" and "JefT* are two artist's characters similar to Felix and Fink. Jeff, like Felix, being always In trouble The Joplin Globe, which print.'' Jeff and Mutt, recently received this le'ter: , "Dear Mr. FTsfcer: I am a. little boy 10 yeara old. Jeff Is the nicest one, I rblnk. Mutt throwe stones and other things at blm. 1 have a UtUe d<^ named Mutt, and lie la as'mean as Mutt He is 8 bnlMog. He looks more like Jeff than be does like Mtitt am so sorry for Je^, I hope some day he if III get the best of Matt, I have gtatbes of Mutt and Jeff and'they are Just like the pictures you make of them . I will close by asking you to haw Mutt be better to Jeff In the future. Lovingly yours, "QITJVXOH SHERMAN' M'CAIX." Cause of IiiMaiiia. The most common caiise of insomnia ia disorders of the stomach and conatlpiitlon. Chamberlain's Tablets correct theae disordera and enable you to alcep. For tale by all dealers. SPEEDY SAFE A Powerful Car at 1^ '.'tlie hilB'<i>r etc inkling—Jinti tm^jiigl smodtK 'deep iiiud a steady-j=^Bilentpovver fcliat is fetltntly etiuaTl^^ any test. That's the kind of sen'ice you get in the " you get: Here are specifications which show that this great car offers you tlie topmost value for 1913. Fully Equipped—$1585 Self'Starter—Electric lights—Qniei Rpimiag Motor NU-I:»I »rinil:wl--tr/nir.ini-'thrxiutficut • Tire imrsaiHi t >xtrm rim ' S« lur cUs'triti liffht« Sillir m-ihair t:}p Fairfic-M rubber iJu«f h<».-l Kain vbioa vvniilatuiK wwtl «hirM iMnountable rims Klectric aUcrul Foot and rub« rails Tool bux and tools L h<>3il i^k xHVt long Btn>L<> m<iU>r Full 40 IIoiv Powrr Acr<^.<ible unit pvwrr iilinr knrl.x -L .tl VB I VHM all oti on«* »idi» lis ir,cb wbnl bate (iaMiliri*' tank xaUKC lH!*p iiiihwUu -riTiC. h!:rS -bafr <.u loaljtr • iivtsibirruil with lock Kwitrii .U .-k. pump and tit* repair kit ru.I i^itins rear uxUa with larxrc Nsw Dvfiarturs and Hyatt t»..arinL-s LarKe powerful tlxlbJo icij-mal upsad- inc brakes Tu- rod behind axis fMlular front radiator I.att«t Kerov matn>*'r<* with Vi'-V switcfi Kifv ric!inir Vanadium sieej Hprtn ^s llaiiiNoiae imm'v. tlt^-u i..i.« •..Ii«-. M.i'.k walnut trii:utit :.iib. .3 j.r.'. —.. The 1912 Great Westf-rri \va .-5 one of the most admired of all cars at the auio shows—the 1913 model is a sensation for beauty, completeness, power, speed and safety. Don't miss seeing the Great Western. It is the one car you \vill want to buy. Ask us for catalog or demonstration. DICKINSON Hi KELLEY Dfiiiiinslnilioii on I.VJinosf. . HI'MKOI.IIT, h W.Sl.S •ft Hot Blast Coal Stoves, Bum Less Fuel, Make More Heat. Easier to Keep Going. rRESCE >T VALLEY. (Dora Knilicott) \ov. 7.—Mr: WiUiani!!. of BiirljnK- ton. KaoKu:!, was risitinK friends in this part Saturday ad Sunday. He returned to lii.s home .Monday. There will be a iiu-i-tinK "f the ilub with .Mrs. .1. C. IJornbergh this after- .loon. _Misses Gladys and Kthel Wright, Heleh anil M.igRif Willenbnrj:.>- Dornbergh. .Mes.srs. .Merle Overholt. U)u{e SInniions. Karl Wright and Frank Sievers were visitors at K. B. Tweedy's Sunday evening. •Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Wriglit and fiini- ily, Mr. and .Mrs. C. D. Wright and family, Mrs. E. C. Wright, Mr. Franlt Williams, of Burlington, and Edith. Lavllla. Wallace and Frances Wlllhile were guests at J. P. WiUhites Sunday. Mr. and .Mrs. S. W. WillhUe and-son Gt^rald visited at Carter Rhodes" Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Simmons visited at .^sbiiry Simmons Sunday. Mr. PoH .'s sister and family, of RoEe. Kas.. are visiting with him at this writing. ^riia.'- -S. Hedge. 146 E. 2nd St., 11:! ritij.' . .\<'br, writes : "I have been triJ!;:.!<';! 'vitii severe pains ^ -hi:-my ba< k anil kiiineys. and pains were e.--i>e:'ially ?<>%ere mornings.^ I have US»H 1 throe boxes of your Foley Kidney Pills and the pains have entirely left H!" 1 now feel well as ever." Burrell's •Drug Store. Mrs. O. G. Seevers of Cherryvale, who has been here visiting friends, returned home this afternoon. NatDfc's laws are perfect if only w« obey them, bat disease follows disotwA- eaee. Go straiKbt to Nature for the cure, to the forest; there ar* mysteries acM«, •ome of wbidi we cao fatiiom for you. Take the bark of ibe WiId.ehetTy tree, with mandrake root, Orefoo <r«pe root. Heme root, queen's ToM, bioodrooc and lolden seal root, make a'scientific, ^ycene. extract of them, with just the ri^ proportions, and you have 'H' ', . DOCTOR PIERCeS GOLDEN MEDICAL DISCOVERY. It took Dr. Pierce, with the assistance of two learned chemi»er ;Biid' pfaarma* * ' cists,'ti;«iy months of hard work experimmtiii< to perfect thsi ve^Uble alterative and tonic extract of the dealest efficieney. Ma. C W. PAW1 .EV,. of Mfllville. Cali£. writes: I wish to tell yoo that I have pscd your 'Golden Medical mseont^ in my &mily for twenty yrars. We have had a doctor called in but oiice dnrinc that time. I have a fondly of tea diil- dren. all well and hearty, for which, to a KTCat extent, we owe thank-t to yon and your 'Golden Medical Discovery' aad ' Pellets,'which we use when sick." Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets re<ulate and iav>|ofat» stomocb, liver and bowels. SuKar-ooated, tiny fanoUai SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. , i C. wJpAinjIT .'llVQ. World's Dispemiary Medical AMOCtation, BtiCiilo, N .Y. 1

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