The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 7, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
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Monday, February 7, 1977
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Kaugatuck 91st Year Number 139 Naugatuck, Conn. Established 1885 Baily u Pages" I5c Per Copy We Weekly Carrie^ Carter, Udall Backers Seen Dominating State Democratic Conventions U..I convention Connecticut 1,505 debates he reeds for the *.«« I* Democrats were to, By PETEIl A. BROWN HAHTFOHD, Conn. (UPI) Jimmy Carler and Morris Udall today. supporters were expected lo Carter, all bul conceded Ihe dominate the 51-membcr na- nomination as he nears Ihe i,. rrtmzrv Mav u Ihp first in isnea a strong becum ate™storv <a«sed a great deal of concern But Udall,' who has said his for the former Georgia governor who had been expected lo Church To Honor Couple For Work In Rhodesia OTB Split Gives State Short End earn $4.9 million next fiscal year and Ihe slale wilt reap only S3,2 million. A report prepared for Gov. Ella T. Grasso by the slate Department of Finance and Control Friday also showed OTB will lose $8,374 in its firsl H days of operation, primarily because of start-up costs. llyllUTHSI.OAM Fifty yearsagoThe Revs. John Naugaluck Congregational was an investment that would Church for the opportunity to serve as its missionaries in Rhodesia "with our life". This weekend they are returning to llie church to celebrate with (he congregation Ihe fulfillment of this pledge. The rouple have spent the major porlion of their adult lile (39 years! in the far-off land returning periodically to their sponsoring church to reporl on Iheir work in Africa. The church will observe its second unique service, 50 years to Ihe day, jointly observing Ihe anniversary of Ihe couple's commission. The descriplion of the commissioning service and the or- cSnation of Mrs. Marsh appeared in The NEWS June 14,192fi under n front page headline — "Woman Ordained Missionary From Naugatuck Congregational Church." The account of the day-long events tells of Dr. D. Brewer Eddy of the American Board of Missions taking over Ihe Sunday School session to explain to the children what was happening, and wiial life for the Marsh couple would be like. Mrs. Marsh told the children why she would like- lo be a missionary, saying thai as the daughter' of a minister, missionaries were often entertained in her home. She became interested in their work and decided this was what she wanted for a life. On June 13. 192G Dr. Eddy, assisted hy Rev. Marsh and Rev. Van Wie. ordained Mrs. Marsh to the ministry in what was described by Dr. Eddy as a rare and unique service. As Mrs. Marsh knelt before the pulpit, Ihe hands of her father and husband were laid upon her head. Her father gave the ordination prayer. win handily. The national delegates will be named at six congressional district conventions by local delegates selected in 169 town primaries. Based on the May 11 voting, slate parly officials projected sermon to the mean more to the Naugatuck Carler would gel 18 delegates, Dr Eddy said the Congregational Church than any Udall 16. an uncommitted slate of three spots were uncertain. Bul since then all sides had heen conducting behind-the- scenes negotiations to improve their representation. Carter's emergence has clouded Ihe situation. U is expected thai eventually most ol Ihe uncommitted , pastor of chnrd, presented , he ™p,e 800THBAY HARBOR, MAINE: The largest passenger ship buill ontheEastCoaslin Ihe pasl 20 years, the Independence, lies up to the outlining pier afler its launching yesterday. The 275 fl. Independence, built for American Cruise Lines of Haddam. Conn., will luffl HAHTFORD, Conn. (UPI» — later qualified it by saving Ihe State financial experls say the commission must firsl approve firm operating Connecticut's Please turn to Page 12 off-track-belting system will SeniorW eek Activities Scheduled support Carter, but because party leaders who backed the uncommitted slate in Ihe irimary voting want to go to Ihe convention they must withhold their support of Carler al least until they are selected for Ihe national convention. If they were to throw their support lo Carler before then Ihey might not gel a delegate Senior Week aclivilies at spot because his backers might pram,, of starl-un costs NaugatuckHigh School will begin want to instead send some o! ThTflTB svrt?ra has been on Monday. June 14, at 8 p.m. Ine people who had been with The 01B svstem nas neer, ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^^ Georg|a governor s ' ' Evening will be held in the campaign since Ihe beginning. money"bel^nd giving the firm Since IHs is the Bicentennial American Totalizator, loo large year. «* » participants have a share. Mrs. Grasso is a chosen poems about America, staunch opponent of legalized gambling. Meanwhile state auditors say Attorney General Carl Ajello had his fads wrong in his report on Connecticut's off- Irack-betting contract. her Kslory, her leaders and her traditions. Judges will be- Thomas Darmody. Miss Elizabeth New-ton, and Mrs. Robert Sutherland. Darmody.o native of Naugatuck. tiling contract, is presently a member o! the The auditors said Friday faculty at Cheshire Ugh School. Ajello had erred in saying the In 1974 his first book of poetry, slate gaming commission au- "Sea Songs", was published thoriied former executive Miss Newton is on Ihe faculty of secretary Joseph Burns lo Westorer School in Middlebury make contractual arrangements Mrs. Sutherland has done many Please turn lo Page 12' Today's News In Brief By United Press International WASHINGTON (UPI) - The reporl on Ihe first week of During our recent vacation wanderings, we ran across a great many memorable scenes, met some delightful people and had our memory refreshed lime and again about things pertinent to our nation's Bicentennial Celebration. Last week we spoke of Appomattox, where one great war came lo an end. VVe also paid a \isit to Yorklown, where our Revolutionary War came to an end. Yorktow-n, too, is a peaceful place—although it did not affect us as deeply as did Appomaltox. II was particularly touching for us to read Ihe names o! the Connecticut men who died at Yorklown depending Iheir liberty, inscribed forever in granite. Standing on the low promontory overlooking the vast tidewater area, it seemed almost possible to envision the French fleet at anchor, effectively closing off Cornwallis' only avenue of escape and forcing his eventual surrender. Jamestown, too, we found rather inleresling-and something that some of our Polish neighbors may not even know was brought to our attention there. We certainly didn't know it. On the wall of the Historical Museum at Jamestown there is a beautiful bronze plaque on which are enscribed the names of five Polish sailors who came to Jamestown in 1607 as members of Ihe crewofCapt. John Smith's ship. The plaque was placed there several years ago by Ihe Polish Falcons Society of Amorica-so here's a nod lo our local Falcons, who must have had a hand in lhat ceremony- carry 82 passengers on coastal cruises after its inaugural cruise of New England pok The keel for .he vessel was laid last October a the Eastern Shipbuilding Corp. here and .he work has proceeded aheadotascheduled early 1971 launching dale. <u> New Sunday Sales Law Has Loophole HARTFORD, Conn. (UPII - to repeal all restrictions on the contrary intention .! the tngand. ' e C™gisa± signed bv JotaVWy said his office Gov El a T G asso earlier this was analyzing Ihe legislation W^k was ''aimed at allowing "lo guide our prosecutors w,.h The iegislalure, alter consid- The list of stores specified erable debate, deiealed a plan Please turn to I age I. _ make contractual arrangements Mrs. Sutherland las aone man> , M , he firs i week or , ft B without specific commission dramatic presentations for mmml , rcia | Concorde flighls lo somewhere along me ,1 erouns in the area. fiiA nniipH stales were released approval. The auditors said the commission gave Bums approval lo exccule contracts, but a week HOSPITAL NOTES Mrs. Hazel Fairview Ranslow of 8 is a medical groups in the area. The Mistress of Ceremonies for the evening will he Susan Hess who wrote Ihe class Poem. Miss Hess will read her poem al the end ol the program. Richard Tavares will present musical selections. Faculty advisors for Poetry ire Mrs. Pauline Aiken the United Stales were released Friday and showed Ihe super- r%™ I'uTV'air Had a few peasant moments Ihe other day wilh Probale Judge pollution as other jetliners. Bob siuzdak. when ! was describing Ihe beauty of the University of However, noise readings varied ^^^ pusalC nar]ollesvilleardhesmi!edknowiiigly.Wehad ^' 8 rairview nvc., u " .UI-M.^— r-vennig Att: *"**• ' oui "-* patient at Waterbury Hospital, and Mrs. Charlotte Scully. p^icte^ forgotten that Bob was a graduate of U. UV Uw School and had spent several years there. He heartily agrees with our opinion lhat utiful in the country•Hi levels. _^ Federal Aviation Administo trToldVv campus is among .he most beautiful in Ihe country- lion, states there were difficul- f^^ | arge iy to Ihe architectural knowledge of Thomas Jefferson .:.. :. .u. c, 0 „;,!;„„ c«. sm ^ ^ ^^ rf ^^ ^ ^fcfi over later additions to Ihe campus and adhered to the Colonial architectural traditions o! Ihe nation's Uurd President. Spent a pleas anl evcni ng Ihere at Ite new college theater to take in a new play "That Man Jefferson"-the Iheatre is ultra-modern bul beautifully designed for the production of almost any kind of play or musical. As for the play itself, it was done well enough bul we doubt lhat it lies'in the S1.2 million system set up for Ihe monitoring, which made Ihe readings somevvhal less than accurale. H also said there were complaints that the SST frightened children and disturbed animals on landing and lakcoff. BARNESV1L1.E, Ohio (UP1) - Dr. Richard Phillips, Hep. THIS WEEK'S MYSTERY PHOTO is worth JZ lo the first person who correctly identifies Ihe object and its location which may be anvwhere in'Naugaluck, Prospect or Beacon Falls. The winner of las'l week's contest is F.rin O'Boyle ol 933 Rubber Ave. Erin identified a photo laken at the Xaugaluck Fuel Co. on Neumann St. All cnlrics must be mailed in sealed envelopes lo Ihe Mystery Photo Editor, Naugatuck Daily News, 195 Water St.. Naugatuck, Conn. 06;;(1. Democrat had laken as much ^ er get even to Off-Broadway. as 10 times Ihe. prescribed s , m it was an cxper j cnce lobe remembered. dosage (usually one or two) ol ' sleeping pills. Hays, who had been in a coma for 20 hours, is wS A A -it .0 Charlollesville. of course, is r*. complete without a trip Please lurn to V»%t I Fnoco. FMM-A»€«f.«wl«rtatl««f«»«*hr"«»yl«»l p*«. «"» n M* h dJ^ .cental *e key, 1. 1* vrtkte ft*. Fir,. SActm.n M.rto G. ™"- J (NEWSfMo ky Do« PMCile) his "patWt whether the over- to the Michie Tavern and lo Monlicello. We enjoyed our "Colonial dose was '"'^"^"^p style-luncheonverymuchandsurelytheMichieTavernisaboulas lalWng n0 *bour C In authentic as they come. It stands high on a hillside overlooking the citybelow.ronote enough so lhat ilretainsitsColoniainavor despite the oarkirg lot full of very modern automobiles instead of hitching posls. r-j-; • :j - Monlicello, of course, is incredibly beauliful and has lo be seen to 1 '-THE.V TfinAV has been said lhat every American schoolboy (and I J. 1IIIIUT ^ r)) 5n ould visil Washington al leasl once during his years as a scholar, and Mount Vernon as well. Having seen Monlicello, we would add that lo the "musts" of the things lhal will make an impression on youthful minds interested in the early history of our nation. And speaking of Thomas Jefferson, we tan across a "Prayer for Ihe Nation" written by the man who was chiefly responsible for the language of our Declaration of Independence-and lo us it seems more appropriate than ever at this moment, with the world in turmoil. Please turn to Ptge 12 ANNLANDERS CHURCHES CI-ASSIFIED COMICS HOROSCOPE OBITUARIES PICTURE PAGE SOCIAL SPORTS TV PROGRAMS 2 4 II Id 10 12 3 849 11 UConn Wants 876 Million Next Year FARMINGTON. Conn. (UPII — The University of Connec- licul Board of Trustees wanls S79 million - 56 million over this year — Irom the state next year. The board Friday made Ihe requesl and said in recognition of the stale's budget problems it was S85 million less than they had asked tor lasl year. The request asks $19.3 million for the health center and S39.9 million for the rest of Ihe university. When other revenues — including student tees, grants and federal aid - are added in the trustees want a budgel of $168.9 million, up from this year's figure of $151.9 million. Trustee Finance Committee Chairman Robert F. Taylor saod more lhan $11 million was eliminated from the final proposal because of the state's financial problems.. The request goes lo the Commissioner on Higher Education and then lo Ihe Gov. Ella T. Grasso and the legislature. Please lum to Page 12 Weather Mostly sunny and much cooler loday except a liltlc temperature change Cape Cod area. Highs mainly in the 70s. Clear anrt cooler tonight. Lows mid 10s lolow 50s. Sunday fair wilh lillle temperature change. Hi&hs in Ihc 70s. (By Bristol Recorder) Trmperalure Midnight 75; 3 a.m. 6S; 6 a.m. 61: 9 a.m. 66. Barometric Pressure Midnight 29.1:5 a.m. 29.-I: 6 a.m. 29.5: 9 a.m- LAFF - A - DAY "I want you to give up smoking, drinking, fitly foods tnd diutttr tUroi."

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