Covina Argus from Covina, California on November 21, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 21, 1908
Page 8
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***##*** ' Social IHcws Mr. niul Mrs. J. M. Kurifi of Glon- dnrn, fojnif-rl.Y of Cnvimi. who e.vpnrit, t.n return hern, Milfrinined last, .Saturday evflTiing with » dinner party in cold ration ,of the first, birthday of th«iir little son, John ilayden. Tim hoii.if; W?)H ta.Htefully flfriornt.fifl with sniilnx and pink rosen and the chief ornament, of t.he exquisitely appointed tnble was a birthday cuke wil.h one candle. TK IHO pre.sent were Messrs. Hiul Mrnes. Mandevillo, Howard, Urondwell iinrl OrifFIUiH. Mr. find Mis. Krmis and Mr. and AlrH. VV. J|. (,'olliri.H weie among tin hridnl party nl. the wedding at, 0 :.')0 o'clock Tuesday evening ill, I ho Kph- ropnl nhnreh of Ontario, of Klizabeth Low is, formerly of HUH- lingN, Minn., a coiiHin of Mrs. Collins 1 l.o Mr. Kdwin King of Hastings, Minn. Tho pretty litt.lo nhnrch was artlBtically decorated with ehrysan- theinnms and tho bride, charmingly gowned in whit.o .silk, carried a shower bo<|iiet, of lilies-of the-valiey, mid waH attended by her "Inter, Hul.h Lewiw, as maid of honor, and two brides' maids. It WIIH a iriorry |inrt,,y of little poo- pic who enjoyed tho hospitality of Mrs. U. (J. Kring ItiHt .Saturday aftornoon. Master Herman Kring was the guest of honor, as it, WBH his sixth hirthday, and very siirptiBod lio was when l.ho little OIIOH, who had assembled at (Jrandmn Followell's, jumped out and .shouted, "Surprise!" They had a good time, played all sorts of games and made a big noise; then they were Heated on the lawn and enjoyed ice cream and a big cake with "Herman'' on it. Tho guests were Harold Wilson, John Poo, Cecil /ug, Lewis Clarke, Carl and Tiny Kicholt/, Leora, Kea and Ada Kring. Four others were unable to crime. Little Herman received Home nice presents of which he in very proud. The spacious verandas which mir- round the home of Mr. and Mrs. (inn. Van Vliot wore a scene of unwonted gaiety yesterday afternoon, when Mrs. Van Viiot entertained in her usual chiirrniiitt and hospitable manner in honor of her sisters-in-law, the Misses Mattie and Mabel Van Vliet, who with their mother are visiting here. Borne of tho young iadiCH made a poteiiHe of being busv with dainty needlework, but merry conversation proved a distraction. Dainty chafing dial: refreshments worr; served. Just think! "a I fresco" and the tsnrl of November near! ThoKo present were the Misses lOllio t, DuiigliiHH, VVidney, Edwards, HiiHliugif, Kaiisonie, (,'onk, Dol.y, Vic anrl Anna Reynold*, Anna inn! Charlotte Hurrnn. The hostess WIIH iisHisled Ijy lier friend, Mrs. Delia Arthur. ATTENTION. Ordinance No. 18 of tho Covinn ! City fltntufcH specifically Miatfla that no person or persons dial I erect n | building without, first, obtaining a jspeeial permit from the pity trnsteefi or othnr proper authoritien. An.y person violating thin IHW from this ! date will he prosecuted, Permits will ; be iHfiued on proper applicaiion. M. ! L. MKHNKKT, City Marshal. STOCKHOLDERS' AN.NlVtL MKFCTINa. To ihe stockholders of Covina Fruit Kx'jhang-e: I'lcnse take notice that the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Covina Fruit Exchange will be lu.ld ;it the oflir:o rif the coii>p;i <-y in the city of Covina, Los Angeles county, California, on Monday tile loth day of November, 1008, at 2 -/clock \i in.,' for tin: purpose "f electing directors anrl for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the meeting. I). Kyrnan Huff, Secretary. City Taxes Due. City taxes are flue. Taxes will be delinquent on Monday, December 28th, at 5 p. m. Call at the City Trustees' room, No. 0, K'jcd block, i Hours 2 to 4. Dog licenses are also payable. All owners and harborcrs of dog-* arc warned that they are subject to line if doff licenses are not paid before December 1st. City tax and dog 1 licenses arc payable to Tax Collector Mehnert. IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. Estate of Columbus C. liohaiiiian deceased. Notice is hereby given by the under signed executrix of the estate of Columbus C. liohannan, deceased, to t h c cred i tors o f a n d a 11 pe rso n s h a v i ri f, claims against the deceased, to exhibit the same with necensary vouch ers,within four months after the firs publication of this notice, to the sale executrix of the above named estate, a the law office of A. M. Pence, Room.' 7 and 8, Reed building, Coviria, County of Los Angeles, Slate of California which place is hereby designated a* the place of business of said estate. Dated this the Kith day of November 1WH. Mary E. Bohannan, Executrix of aforesaid estate A. M. Pence, attorney for said estate First publication. Nov. 14, l'W)8. 5t Get our special prices on these Men's Blue Serge Suits Children's Coats Splendid new stylos, priced $2.50 to $5.00. Unmatched values. Resolutions. Selected from the of a special meeting ul the Covina (/ity Hoard of TriiBtoes, held Thursday evening, in which the attention is solicited ot Coviiia ami surrounding pro vinous. That Whereas: It. IIIIH pleased the all- ruling (iod l.o remove from our midal, one who ban commanded our love and highest respect. Kri (iarlleld ('la)ip, and, Whereas; It baa been known among UH that this citi/cn served IIH community in the highest olllces of its civic ruling, transacting talthfully nil rltitii'H made to ho his cBpociiil burden, e.xcrcie ing the (iod -given in tugrity which was a purl of his every act through life, and Whereas : This citizens' unexpected demise has aroutuul universal re- grot and grief in our hearts, bringing us to tdiuro a soi row with tin cHtoom- i'd widow and family of thin, our most rcupcolcd fellow townsman, who while removed from the community Notice To Contractors. The Covina Union High School District will receive sealed bids up to one o'clock p.m., Monday, December 21st, for the erection of a High School building', plans and specifications of which may be seen on and after November 25th at the office of G. D. Jennings, Covina, California, and at the office of F. S. Allen, architect, 304 Slavin building, Pasadena, and 712 Security building, Los Angeles. Rids mist be made upon blanks furnished thy the architect and accompanied by a ecru lied check for live per cent of the same drawn in favor of (!. I). Jen- ning.t, Clerk, which will be forfeited to the school district in case the successful bidder fails to enter into con- r aci and give Surety Company bond within ten days after the contract is awarded to him. The right is reserved to reject any anrl all bids. C. D. JENNINdS, 12-12 Clerk. in latter yearn, \VIIH i«v«r eltiao in ' our couiiNulH anil in our regard, we, Tin members ot tho Covinii City Hoard of Trustees, do in (bin, a S|IDO- ial uesHion of Hiiiit In aril, culled into 1 execution !<>r ibis I'.\|IICSH pinpi:si', lii'iciiy indite thi.s icsului ion, set-! ting forth and voicing I lu< HIIITHW of ; thu community )HT;IUH<' of t)n> ilratli ol our tiirini, cili/i'ii mill lii'iiijfucliir, I'.ri (iiirlli'lil Cla|ni, mill dn iiistnu t (bill it shall tie jn-crii.i-il in full upon the pi'i iiiani'iit miimli'H nt (lie ('o\iiiu City Uoanl of Trustiies, and tliut the churlDr of tluil iiieni |,ui uli .1 cilvehall lie diupuii in inoiifniim f> r u periiMl ut thirty <layv Jndittil as ali.\e ami set to our hand ainl ^eul, this l)ay ot Our Lmil, Tbur-,ii uy, Nnvt'iii I i;r J'.i, T.IU8. K. H Lahee, ,li:.-epb M,,\|,.y, t'. W. 1'iillir, lv H. Wai ner, L. L. b'atekm. Hourd n)' 'i'l u.-jU'ei. Notice of Sale of Real Estate and Personal Property at Private Sale, In the Superior Court of the State of California, in anrl .for the County of Los Angeles. In the matter of the estate of George Smith, deceased. Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of an order of said Superior (.'nut t made mi the 2Mb day of ()ctober, 1'KIH, in the above entitled matter, the undersigned A. ti. Smith, administrator of the estate of George Smith, deceased, will sell at private sale to the highest bidder for cash, gold coin of the United Status, (subject to confirmation of said Superior Court) <>n or after the ISth day of December, I'MKS, at the oflicc of A. M. Pence, roums 7 and H, Reed building, in the City of Covina, County of Los Angeles, State uf California, (at which place offers or bids will be received), all the rights, title and interest of said George Smith, deceased, at the time of his death, and all the right, title and interest which theV,aid estate has since ao|iiircd by operation of l.iw or otherwise, in and tu the following' property: H'eal estate described as tollows u>- wit: West 5.? feet of lut.i . ne and twenty and all ut lots two to nineteen, inclusive, in block I'l of the City i-f d>- vina, County ut l.u.s Angeles, State uf California, a.-> per records in the office uf tile County Recorder ol' .-aid v'oun- ty. Personal property desi'ribcd as folio \\ •> tu-wit: One piano and hi'iisebuld furniture Ter;ii.-> of r,.iiil sale are as follows: Ten i In; per ivut ot die purchase price. pa>.ihle at the time uf sale and the balance ot t he purch.'i->e price pav- able upon Continuation of said sale by the ubu\e entitled Court. A. (,. SMITH, Administrator of the estate of lieorge Smi 11;. deceased. A. M. Pence, attoi.iey for administrator. IM>. Underwear Our fitock of men's, women's and children's underwear comprises all of the g-ood makes in cotton, wool and silk. We invite your inspection. -SS* HOVI NO EAST Household Goods For Sale Also fine driving horse and rubber-tired runabout. Three incubators, New piano, concert cable grand. HerL'oom furniture, library furniture, business desk, sectional bookcase, revolving- chair, etc. Now dining- table, golden oak. Physician's office essentials, surgical chair. Many other articles. Please call and g-et prices. Good Shoes The Brockton lines of men's shoes are well worth a trial. (Juit trying- questionable makes. Shoddy- shoes and poor leather are often found, but never here. Many satisfied customers testify to the splendid wear of our men's line. Do you know it takes six to eight months to tan leather? Much leather is preserved or embalmed in a process requiring but two or three weeks. These leathers, owing to the chemicals used, are injurious to the feet. Shoes made from it do not hold their shape or wear. Reliable footwear has a value just the same as a gold dollar and it is very rarely you can obtain good shoes for less than $4.00 and up. We do have out-of-date styles at reduced pmces. Sample shoes are always in sine 7B men's and 4A or B in Women's and are usually slightly damaged. Factory damaged and mismated shoes are also sold at a reduction. Comfort, wear and style in footwear command their price*. If you want to gamble, play poker. It's more fun and you have a run for your money. Don't gamble in buying your shoes. You haven't any chance to win and the misery of ill-fitting shoes destrcj-s the fun of the risk. The BROADWELL Store Union Thanksgiving. A union meeting of tlio cvunj»eli- cnl clmrclie.s will ho hold on ThaiU<H- vlng morning in the Mettiodibt l<]piH(!nnnl Church at. 10:fiO o'clock. A spui'inl IlinnkFgiviuK sermon 1ms been prepared for the nci'iioioii by Kuv. S. W. CIIKO of the Baptist Cliui'C'li, and the choirs will ooiiHnli- lalc in ThankHKiviiiK anthems. It in tho denire of the clmrHioH that every-! mo, whether c'oiint'cted with any •hurdles or otherwise, lie present and participate in the son^s "f riiank.s^ivinn and make tho service a iciyfiil one. Spcoial invitation is nado to persons away from home at bin time. Cyril DeLancey, son of Mr. and Airs. P. VV. DeLancey, roturned thia week from Central California, where be has been engaged on the government survey. «• * * * * # * * * CHARTER OAK. Mr. Chase, who lias been working 'or the Stowell Fumigating Coinpa'iy, taa returned to his homo In Keilliuul.-i, .he work lioing over for the season. Mr. Homsteut! andjra Doll of Coina, are both building on their •anch properties. Miss Anna Hall of Stanford, Conn,, vho is visiting her brother in .\laim- na, spent a tuw duys this week at In: Stowell hnine. (Maude Cnnv uf Los Angeles \MIS a guest last Sunday ot .Mrs. U. K. Kent.. Pride Takes a tall. Darnoy, u HDO pound draft In.r-e belonging to the Sail (iubriel Valley Milting Company, hacked into a cement cellar Thursday at'leniuou taking with him a heavy grain uagi:u, tor a sheer drop of ten feet. He landed upon that, part where the tail is spliced to the backbone. He le maini'd in this painful position until help reached him. The Uitgun was si wreck, t:nt alter Contractor Allison had hauled ll;r animal t» (he t»p im trestles', it iii>l nor .seem to he seriously injiii'cd. liaiiit-v is the jiiile of the mill ![:_• c imp.uiy. We Can Sell Your * • Orange Grove ' Our branch office in Los An^e- T Jfr * les, 525 So. Spring street, en- * ^ 3t * ables n * to get in touch with * * * #• buyers. ^ * . * * T • A. List your property with us. * •* -* * * 11-28 0 P. SHOEflAKER Corner Second and Puente St., Covida has sold 875,000 worth of paying orange and lemon, groves in the past month. The man who sells is the man you want to list with. Want to sell your ranch? Want to sell anything? Doing business when others are idle. George Covert Office on Citrus Avenue 11-7 Now that he has been elected, let's all get in and make things hum. Business has been good for us. It is going to he better for all of us. Call and see our large stock of builders' hardware, tools, oils, glass, stoves, heaters and ranges, gas and gasoline stoves, cutlery, gloves and house furnishing goods. ,. Scissors and pocket knives. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL. Twomey & Diller The Implement and Vehicle People of Covina Have a complete line of implements and vehicles. The season is now on for Disc nnd Walking Plows, Peg, Spring end Disc Harrows Seeders and Drills BUGGIES, CARRIAGtS, BAIN WAGONS The Best Tools ot Lowest Prices Coalman Block, Opp. S. P. Depot, Phone 29 COVINA Shoe Repaying (o. i j FINE SHOE REPAIRING * Covina Realty Co. * Plans! Plans! Complete pi,in-, and specifications ol lilyh class rc.-.ilieiices, bungalowa, stores, Mat:., etc., fiirnisiied tur aid and up. We also complete plans after your own ideas at a reasonable coat. Send in your sketches. Handsomely illustrated Bungalow Hook tor SUi-, postpaiii. W. E. ALLEN S. Spring St., Los Angeles Phone F. REASONABLE PRICES Citrus Avenue Cement blocks for sale cheap. S W. Gage, Hgeut for D. E. Stltes. tf Furnished rooms for reut. Apply to Mrs. Martha Hibsch, Cottage Drive. tf THE NEW IRambler Automobile Better than ever. Better than JUST RECEIVED anv regardkssof P rice We can "show you." See local agent or A new and up-to-date supply of r A A c u w - B - COWAN Lards and Folders ., „ I S. Hroadway, Los Angeles for your pi otos. | ALT< nt for S'.utiiern California Special prices (hiring September. C. W. Tucker's Studio A i DOHk^ KODAKS AXI) SUPPLIES ™* "' K V/W l\ O Coviiia, Cal. | Cj^^tlf^ I~d 1 SlacRsmitHIne: F F WOT FARTH * • *-" W V-/_-.r.fVl\ * ** | All kinds of general and - j i heavy Blackstmthiug. J ' We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Large and complete stock of every-' Racks uad Box Presses thing in the line. M u • c • i Horseshoeing a Specialty Repairing of all kinds. Fine watch work a soeciahv. Home Phone 100? i.-uvina. cai.. Shop West Badillo St, Csvina Citrus Avenue

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