The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1942
Page 3
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JUESDAY, APRIL 14. 1943 • EDSON IN WASHINGTON BY PETER EDSON Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, April 14_Supe you are a real estate man or .private building contractor or just an ordinary citizen brought up on all the old copybook maxims to the effect that "You, too, should own your own home" to be considered a respectable citizen in the community- Suppose further, that in these flush war boom times, you decide you want to build a new house— Where, does this- new War Production Board order placing limitations on building construction leave you? In the first place, if you don't in one of those localties still known as a "defense" area, you might just as well forget all about building that dream -house-\vith-blue- room-up-stairs-and-rambier-rose- climbing-over-the-door - and-yard- where-the-kiddies-can-play. Until the war's all over, PRIVATE BUILDERS GET I A BREAK II' you live in i defense area, and Jif you work in an essential war [industry you have a chance. No one has yet accurately defined just what a defense area is, but if you'll take a rule of thumb definition, it's an area within two miles of a war production plant, or hard I by a transportation system that will I take you to this aforesaid essen- jtial war production job within one' \ur for a cost of not over 10 Tliis is the National Hotis- jing Administration's unofficial jguide as to whot constitutes a de- |fense area. Suppose you qualify as to location. What are your chances of getting in on any of this new [construction? In the long run, whatever new [construction is • done will be done Iby private builders who' get the con- I tracts from the government for approved jobs. John B. Blandford I Jr., new National Housing Administration boss, insists that this war I emergency is not to drive private Ibuilding out of the field and set hovernment housing up as'a mon- hpoly. Blandford 's idea is that pri- Ivate business shall do all the nous- ling work it possibly can, the gov- lemment stepping in only when Ithere are temporary rousing pro- Ijects to be built, or low rent pro^ jects which private enterprise can- pot finance or handle profitably. The remaining restrictions are [primarily concerned with the types hf housing permitted. First, there Imust be established a clear cut [proof that additional housing- is [needed, because ot existing or future [shortages of shelter sufficient to [house workets in war industries. No [need, no house. After that, no [housing unit will be authorized Lvhich will rent for more than $50 h month or seii for more than These restrictions are- to be situation will be on buliding materials' by the end of summer. If shortages of metal for plumbing and wiring * and eaves and heating units become more critical, by 1943 the order may be that the only new housing construction permitted will be for barracks. Sugarless Cookies ^A young: cook makes sugarless; cookies for' brothers in uniform. JM tightLv-administered -^hat rthe pSvenimenTTmay even step' in -"ami htop construction on houses already Started, if they are to rent or sell Ifor higher figures. (SO YOU'D LIKE |rO REMODEL The restrictions will apply even l:o remodelling. Tf your house can be made into a duplex or small jipartments to shelter additional [families, the chances are'such re- Imodelling would be approved—if it's in a defense area. Aside from J:ha.t, any new costruction or repairing to cost more tran $500 in I/he city, -or $1000 if it's an essen- Lial job on a farm, must get local Make Sugarless Candies For Boys In Armed Forces BY MRS; GAYNOR MADDOX JNTEA Service' Staff Writer ^ 'Even' in" wartime, s\veets are clear to_. the American appetite But' those' sweets must use very little or no sugar to comply with national rationing; These recipes easy for the schoolgirl cook, fit deliciously into our sugarless schedule. Young sisters may want to ship a box of them off to brother in uniform. HONEY DROP COOKIES Two cups sifted flour, 1-2 teaspoon soda, .1-4 teaspoon salt, cup sugar, 1-4 cut butter 1-2 or BLYTHEVILLB (ARK;), GOUREER NEWS PAGE THREE 10 HEflL -- They Build Road to Alaska ipproval from your nearest ;FHA^ [Federal Housing Administration — pffice, which will handle this con- Irol job for- the War Production I Board. That's the way the picture stands ow, but there is no assurance j,hat even this will be permanent. No one knows what the stockpile Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices IKirby Drug Stores Start The Day With— 7-DAY COFFEE A Maxwell House product, blended by Maxwell House- Regular Price 1 Ib: 25c 3 Its. 69c (Watch for week-end Special) Exclusive at — Pickard's Grocery 1044 CMckasawba margarine, gated rind 1 of 1 lemon 1 egg well beaten, l cup honey 2 tablespoon's lerhbn juice, 1-3 cui chopped nuts. Sift flour, soda and salt together Cream the sugar, fat and lemoi rind together until light and fluffy Add. the egg and beat well. Add the'_ flour mixture alternately witi honey and" lemon juice. Add th nuts. Drop by teaspoonfuls on a greased baking.- sheet and bake a 3-75 P. for 10-15 minutes. Fo young children the nuts may b omitted.. . ... . . ". . CHOCOLATE CHIP PEANUT CLUSTERS (Makes 12 clustery) j One-half package semi-sweet chocolate" chips; 2-3* cup roasted peanuts, skinned. Keat chocolate over boiling water until partly melted; then remove from boiling water and stir until blended. Add nuts, and mix •well.- Drop" from teaspoon on wax- id paper. Cool until firm. Peanuts- may be' salted or unsalted. . For chocolate marshmallow clusters, substitute- 6 marsh mallows, cut in eighths, for peanuts in above I'ecipe. For coconut cluster, substitute 1-3 caii moist, sweetened coconut for peanuts in above recipe. For chocolate raisin clusters, substitute 2-8 cup seedless raisins for peanuts in above receipe. CHOCOLATE CRUNCHIES (Makes about' 40 cruhchies) One package semi-sweet chocolate chips, 5 cups'corn'flakes, 1 1-3 cups or 1 can sweetened condensed milk'] Combine chocolate chips and corn flakes. Add condensed milk and mix well. Drop from teaspoon on greased baking pan; flatten slightly, shaping edges with spoon. Bake' in slow oven (325 F.) "15 minutes, or until done. Remove from baking sheet immediately, using knife or spatula: <NOTE k . If crunchies stick, place pan over very low flame for a few seconds. CHICAGO (UP) — Dr. Sidney Smith, Jr., scientific prtee winner as an undergraduate for his dis- of sugar rod "darning eggs" or sewing 1 torn blood vessels, has •evealed} a new treatment for ser- oiiSN>«rns. In a thesis for a master's degree the Rush Medical College graduate ecommends a warm, moist a>r ;reatment — "air ointment" — in- tead of ihe common chemicals low used for serious burns. Smith has been engaged in research at the University of Chicago for the past two years. Two years ago, as a junior, he won the [larry Ginsburg Memorial prize for inventing the sugar-rod "darning egg." He solved the knotty problem of sewing the delicate tissue of i«r jured blood vessels by the use of sugar rods to hold the tiny tubes firm during the operation. The rods; inserted into the torn ends of the blood vessel to bp patched, dissolve in the blood stream after the severed edges of the tube are stitched. Says Lessens Infection Smith's new theory for the treatment of burns resulted from his recent experiments with rats in which he discovered that warm moist air proved superior to applications of tannic acid' and bu- tesin picrate-ointment. Neither tannic acid nor butesin picrate ointment possess specific accelerative ' healing action on the basis of experiments. Smith reported. It seems their main function is to provide an insoluble coagulant over the wound, he added. "infection under the coagulant prb'duced by tannic acid has been reported many times and constitutes the chief objection to its use as a medicine," Smith asserted. Alkalinity Delays Healing Four weeks of experiments with rats showed that 70 to 82 per cent of the animals given the "anointment" were healed compared to G3 per cent given the butesin picrate and only 48 per cent given the tannic acid. Combination of the "air ointment" with either of the other agents did not improve the rate of healing. ' Smith.tested his new method by enclosing the burned surface in a humidity chamber which was kept at 90 degrees Fahrenheit. He found that debris of the wound softened and sloughed off within five days. accelerating the healing action. Alkalinity of tissue is regarded as important in promoting infection, and dryness brings about alkalinity, Smith pointed out. He explained that by preventing dryness, his moist air treatment avoids the "chief factor delaying wound healing." . PITTSBURGH »UP) — When a Gorman .submarine torpedoed and sunk u merchant .ship on which he was first mat? early in the war, August Hiirtnumn "took it" with the stoic culm- of an old seaman. But' when 'the same submarine sunk, without warning, another ship Hurlmann was .serving; aboard, and he recognized the U-boat kipper as tho same om- he had talked with during the first Incident, (he veteran first. uuUo be- num 1 annoyed. So now lu* wants rovenjjv, and has unsuccessfully tried to enlist in the army, navy, coast guard and marlne.s They tell him that his teeth aren't good enough, but Hartmnnn hasn't given up. It was back in November, 1939, that. Ihu-lmann, 47, us first mate of S.S. Romney, had his first encounter with the U-boat, skipper The Romney was torpedoed several hundred miles off the coast of Ireland after giving the crew time to abandon ship. F-pokt! Good Kuglish At that time. Haitmann had his first "chat" with tin* comnwndci j of the raiding vessel. The crew was adrift for only a few hours before an American ship picked them-up. Last fall. Hartmnnn, first mate on the SiS. Empire Attendant, found out that It is u .small world, after all. Ills ship was torpedoed vithout warning, in approxin lately he same position. J About 25 of ,the ^Empire Attend- nt's crow were lost but .'Hart'- vuuin, who'has be£n at seat since ie was 15, put'Into'a lifeboat^ wltft he survivors.-The sub came ti) the urfiice HO the captain coulcC Ulk vit.h the men and identify the* ship 10 had sunk. i Hartmann found the skipper*, was he same one he had talked 'with ho last time his ship went do/wri. "He was very polite and spioke perfect English." the first mate ' ' , \ .: said. "But he said he didn't like to see the same man twice." , ThW time Hartmahh- was picked up'-by a destroyer 1 and landed- in England 1 . -, ' - - r ^ Puget/, Souno'- region"-a? western Washington produces most of the cabbage seed' in the United States. BEEM "THWHK5H MILL" ON THERE'S NO LIKE ! PRINCE ALBERT FOR SMOOTH, NO-BITE SMOKING JOV-SO TASTV YET SO COOL, MILD. AND SO TOO,' WITHOUT FUMBLING, SPILLING roll-your- lowii diuretics in every Imiidy . jpockcr can of Prince Albert THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKC - 1C J, KtrnuMaTutwcco Co.. WlasU>a.3*!«u, N.C., 2U43 These fellows look as if they'd-enjoy n SC ^P' Jllld lhc - v Probably will. They're American soldiers who artf helping build the- highway through British Columbia to Alaskf 1 - where they may meet the Japs—or start 'after variety, in her appearance. She'll find 1 more suggestions along this ihe iii her newspaper. In short, this' is a spring to do a real spring-cleaning job on your beauty and dress ideas, to discard those that are just "excess baggage." and to plan your time so as :o have plenty of it for essential Retired Officers Need Not Register •Retired officers of : the Army or Navy, with few exceptions, are excluded from the requirements of Selective" arid consequently will not be required to enroll on April 27 when other men from 45 to 65 "years of age must register, National Headquarters, Selective said' today. The; ruling does not. apply to officers "wholly retired" whose names Uie Army or thc Navy, or to persons whP sft " J3mergci> c J r orfi cers' Retired lists. ' retired enlisted men are. not required to register. Flag: Sales Soar in West SEATTLE. Wash. (UP)—Local dealers report the' sale of American flags has doubled since Pearl Harbor. Furthermore, all purchasers examine them carefully in advance to make certain they were not i "Made in' Japan." The human nose" can detect one two-billionth of a milligram of msrcaptan, a strong-smelling chemical. —For Sale— COTTON PLANTING SEED Certified D. & P. L. No. 12—Graded; Delinted & Ce- resan Treated. Stoneville 2B—Graded, Minted & Ceresan Treated. Ambassador (Stoneville' 4) Graded, Delinted & Ce- resan Treated/ §5.00 per hundred These selected planting seed were grown from Pedigreed seed last season and have been carefully handled by us, assuring you the best. COTTON IS TOO HIGH TO TAKE A CHANCE ORDER TODAY WE WILL SWAP WITH YOU RED TOP GIN Thone 2U2 North 61 Highway Blythevine New Fashions Launch Need For Vision Ry ALICIA HART NBA' Service Staff Writer Most women probably finished reading Uncle Sam's war-fashion pattern and sighed with relief. We won't look like stopped barber poles. We won't all look alike. However, the clothes' regulations do eliminate fluttering capes, whooshy skirts, pock-sts-where-are- you-going-with-that-gal clothes whereby too many of us achieved a kind of individuality. Soon to go under forthcoming regulation beauty gadgets, are the countless shades of face powder and some other cosmetics, too, that were worn for sheer shock value. And there's a cue. The way to individuality lies now, more than in pre-war days, along the path of advance planning. From here on, the smart woman will put her mind to her whole wardrobe, to her whole bathroom and boudoir shelf of beauty aids, before sha shops. She'll know move about them in relation to her own personal plan for beauty and charm. Instead of the startling lipstick she might have bought- last year,, knowing she'd want a change within a few weeks anyway because everybody else would have a different one she'll choose a color that harmon- izss with her own skin color, and with the color in her wardrobe EXERCISE IMAGINATION AS WELL AS MUSCLES She'll be more interested, too,- in exercise routines to do faithfully because she'll recognize that now more than ever, natural grace counts. She'll value her good beauty salon's advice, particularly its courses designed to teach hsr how to supplement, by home techniques, the basic workout she does in the shop. And she'll exercise iher imagination as well as her muscles. She'll have a lot of simple devices—for instance, hair ribbons to tie her curls back, at home—to kesp her looking and feeling attractive anc to keep that all-impotrant element A Cordial Welcome Awaits You at The Beauty Bar One of the finest, most niod ern shops in Northeast Ar kansas. Phone 3202 Glencoe Bid?. True Value LIQUID WAX Stll polishing, dries to a gleaming brightness. 33cPint With f- ne exception of wholly retired o(^ ccvs names 'tf ro on tnc Emergency Officers' Retired lists, retired officers arid cnt istecl men fu ' e sublet to recall I'd 1 " Active duty by the armed forces, consequently are consider- not ' required to register, KITCHEN TOWELS NEW! KITCHEN AIDS that will add charm to your kitchen and efficiency to your wojfk. New Plastic Tops for ecny cleaning. National Headquarters said. Free-French Toast Now CAMF* ROBERTS; Cal, (UP) — Ftvt full 20" x 31" extra absorbent cloth towels —•cellophane wrapped. The idea came from Pvt. John gherman and 1 was adopted , 5' for 98e So far nothing has -been- done on the meP lt about Fi' E "ch fried po- George Bernard Shaw, wrote most do not appear on the Registers of Casserole Relrig.Set Fire King Wars. UllI- ily cover can be used lor pie plate. IVz- quart, Firo King, 6-pc. ict for refrigerator or baking. SERVER Haitfc K Creain.Hoa.ey GRAVY MIXER Inild* ribbed {or easy a Ixlna of qrary in?. 14-or. The perfect cleane floor, woodwork. TOILET TISSUE Refuse Can 'Whippet Mixer Holdi 1 ONION CHOPPER 'Grad. mtaiur- ing cup, •!••! blado, chop* ping block. Domed, hinged cover, easy pedal release, Holdi 14 qts. Pure white tissue, large size roll. 6 for Kitchen STOOL Fed leatherette RANGE SET 3-pc. set. Salt and Pepper Shaker with Prip container. 19c NO-DRIP SERVER SET HA°MMER Made of special era- cible sleel, full polished head, hickory handle. Length 13". $179 Swivel-Head Flashlight Tops 'are "durable plastic. Set Corrie iaand s«e'.this amaiing flashlight : todayl Refrigerator Set Fire Xing, 6-pe. set for refrigerator or baking. 98c Lady Hibbard Furn. Polish Cleans and polishes, No grease. 24 cr. 17c BEVERAGE SET G/OSS WhaUotSbeif Waste Basket Oral shape, 12 W deep with ottraefiT* fapered sides. 39c Glass Mirrw large 22" Mirror- decorated with open work patterns. Circular or octagon. 98c Clear glass. 3 Jar*, glass tops. 7 piece set. Wz Pitcher. 6 Tumbl^» ported with cad* miura uprichti. 98c Tom Little Hardware Co. The Complete Hardware Store" Blytheville Phone 515 126 W. Main Street

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