The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 21, 1892 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1892
Page 4
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, MAY 21, 1892. THE MARKETS. MONEY AND STOCK. NKW VIIHK. M.iy 'Jl. A tr. Ii Inon. Jl.lft. Missouri P.-iclllc. MIX. Hiick Island. Hi. Paul. 77'i. Union J'ai-.lllo, M>j,. silver, HHM. 1'KOIMJOK. Chicago, CmoAtto, May 21—[Special ucl vices rt;- ceiviMl by the ICUUMIS drain ami f-iivi: Stock company. \ —WIIKAT —The weult- noHK t-o-ility originated in the fine wcatlicr. I'ossibly the stronger ealilcs might have acted as a tonic, hut for the fact that the Hhoits hail generally covered, there licing little outside trade there wa» no support t& the market. Operators do not euro to leave trades open when the weather conditions are underlain, and a holiday in- terveneN. Hence there was a general liahincing of accounts. Generally fair : and warmer weather tis predicted for to-morrow and if this should be real­ ised on Moudiv.y lower privies may bo anticipated. COHN ANii OATS —The market opened weaker on the weaker prospect, hut the severe twisting of short interest in May corn had a stimulating effect on later options, and there was a sharp rally which was not sustained. For the lack of an inlluuntial short interest in the late futures it is not unlikely that lower prices may prevail for a time if the weather is good, hut the long'side on breaks is favored by the best traders. Provisions lost their strength oil the wcakuess in corn for lack of outside support, professionals being generally bearish. The following In the range of prices for active futures: wheat, 2 out of 112: spring wheat, 3 outof 21; corn, 2 out of 177;oats, i >4 out of 143: new com, 175; No. 2, :i(i; No. 3, S8. KEELEY AN AUTOCRAT- I Opcn'd Hlgh't. LoWSt Clos'R. WHEAT. December... May "W -iJi 83 »i Ju ly H.'l.^ H!1S UOUN, * August July •IK August July 47 ""47 ?i ' 4ii ?i w\ .Iline •IN!li 4IIK <lH'.i September.. 40»i 4714 4U!i 4(l?i OATH. July J. May.. ..<.. am •MH •M% »H4 31H July J. May.. ..<.. »H4 31H June 31« rnnK. July 10 25 10 'jr. 10 02M 10 07'.4 September.. io 37« io r.7!'. 10 20 10 20 1.AH11. July (1 40 II 40 II 30 u 40 September-. " 57W II -,7« 11.5254 II 52!i mils. .Tulv r> nr. II 00 r. or. ,.'. 115 September.. 0 10 II 10 0 0.'. 0 0714 May H3Hc; May anil May TW, WIIKAT—Easy; cash K.'I'ic July K3c; December H4?.i<\ CORN—No. 2 lower; cash 4H0OIIC 70c: June 4K->jc; July 47; August .September 40?^e. O.Vl'S-Nn. s steady; cash mac; :il">;r: July JllMc. MKSS l'OKIC — Weak: cash 810.0: July 10.07V4: September510.30. LAltD-Weak; cash 8«.2tl4; July' September »ll..'.214. SHOUTKills—Weak: cash anil July $5,115; September £11.055011.07'/,. ItYK-tJulet; 7Hc. IIAKI.KY-No. 2 nominal; H0c. '• Kt.AX SKKD—No. 1 nnsettlcd: J1.02W® 104. TIMOTHY SKKD—Prime, linn; $1.34. HUrrKIl— Weak. KUUH-SteuOy. 1 WHISKY -81.14. St. I.ouls. ST. LOUIS, May 21. WURAT— Cash better sue; options lower; May HSKc: June 84c; July. 81»c: August «1 '.ic. OOKN—Cash and May llrm; 4l)c; options lower; Jnue 44^c; July 4l!ic; September 44c. OATS—Cash nominally llrm; 3(lc: futures lower; May, H4',ic:.luly. 31 ?«c. POIIK -Dull: jobbing 10.75. LAUD-- Nominal. WU1SKY-J1.14. Ill' Itenllir-n n Half Million •• Yenr Dill of • II* Well-Kent Secret. CiiiCAoo. Jhty 21.—The announcement that Dr. Leslie K. Keeley, who is now on the ocean en route for Liverpool, has disposed of his gold cure rights for England and a portion of the continent in consideration of a cash bonus of a half million dollars with prospecth-e percentages which, if the hopes of the English syndicates arc realized, will net him a half mil- liou or two in addition, has tended to attract renewed interest in the ethical side of Hit; Dwight method, and the opinion Is largely growing that the time has arrived when Keeley will be justified in making known his formula to the medical profession of the country, or at least in putting it into the possession of the medical staffs of the hospitals of the land. When this point of view was originally advanced by prominent members of the medical profession it was urged in reply that they were simply jealous of his powers us a discoverer, and envious of the results which he had achieved. To-day, however, the profession is not alone in its opinion. The same views are en-i tertained by large numbers of people who have no direct or indirect interest I in the matter, and including many of those who are. graduates of Dwight, and who have hitherto been amongst the warmest champions of Dr. ICeeley. According to one who is supposed to know, Keeley is to-day making money faster than anybody in the country, save perhaps the Astors, (ioulds anil Vanderbtlts. His present fortune is placed at between three iipd four million dollars, nearly all accumulated within four years, while the main institute at Dwight and the subsidies and royalties which he has received and is receiving from ' the various branches organized within tile past year through the country it is estimated that his ujt income cannot be less at present than Slid, (100 a month, or at least u half million a year. He is also something of an autocrat in his way, for he has established two weekly organs as special advocates of the gold cure, and makes it compulsory upon every branch and institute through the country to subscribe for one-hundred or more copies of each issue. Whether Keeley proposes to forever maintain secrecy regarding his formula, and to goon piling up wealth until his fortune is colossal out of the dram­ shop wrecks of the land only himself probably knows, but it is strongly urged by those who believe that, apart from the'considerations of humanity, the fortune that lie has already accumulated is large enough to warrant him in giving his secret to the world, that an excellent precedent is afforded him in medical annals in the matter of vaccination and numerous other medical discoveries extending back year by year for nearly a century. Quite a number of Dwight graduates and others in this city, New York and other places, who hold to this view, are seriously talking of inaugurating a movement, national in its character, and looking to the holding of a national convention for the purpose of requesting' the Dwight physician upon his return from Europe to acquaint the medical profession of the United States in the interest of humanity wit h the secret of his discovery. forage and grain crops on dry soil without irrigation and all their attempts have been successful to a most extraordinary degree. The report of Professor Sewall to the agricultural department last year is of great interest and well worthy perusal to those living in western Kansas. The Windsor Hotel has again changed hands, Mr. Ashley of Pratt Center being the new landlord, taking possession yesterday. Every citizen wishes him all possible success and good fortune in the management of this the grandest hotel in western Kansas, and one that would be creditable in any city. The district court convenes here on the 21th inst., next Monday, Judge Abbott presiding. Kennison .€ Melteth are making arrangements to erect a large grain elevator on the right of way of the Santa Fe railroad. The indications are that this enterprising firm will make it a complete success. The Western Kansas sanitarium is I now open ready for invalids, D. .). \V. Holmes, resident physician, and John .1. Memger, manager. The building is a splendid one. heated by steam anil lighted by gas, with every possible facility for the comfort and complete recovery of visiting patients and invalids. It is now the last of May yet a tire is comfortable all day. This is considered unprecedented. It is a truth in medicine that the smallest dose that performs the cure Is the bcBt. tie Witt's Little Early Risers are the smallest pills, will perform the cure and nre the best, ileum's Midland Pharmacy. It is a fixed and immutable law that to have good, sound health, one must have pure, rich ami abundant blood. There is no shorter nor surer route than by a course of I)e Witt's Sarsapa- illa. Beam's Midland Pharmacy. POWDER Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar hairing powder highest of all in leavening strength.— Latest U. S. Government Food Report UOYAI. HAK1NO PlHVDKH Co.. ' 100 Wall street, N. Y. Ureal, lleml tioHftlp. (•itKAT HKND , Knn., May 21.—[.Spec- J ial]—Hun. Morgan Caraway, .Sheriff| Geo. .Spencer and H. C Bailey, have returned home from Pittsburg, where they have been attending the Pythian Grand Lodge. They report having had a very pleasant trip. We arc still having lots of rain, wheat never looked better. Jhtrtim county has some 2(10, UOO acres that will make thirty bushel per acre. We have a number of visitors in the city from Lyons, Sterling, Pratt and other neighboring towns in attendance at the Inter Urban oratorical contest that come, off last night. Still*. Tournament, Eli Young, tleorge Webb and Will Allen have returned from the State .Shooting tournauieut held by the State .Sportsmen's association of Kansas, at Council Grove. May 17, 18, 19 and 20. Thev pronounce it the best meeting ever held in Kansas. The boys made a good showing at the shoot, making high averages in both the live bird and blue rock events. The next meeting will be held at McPherson, under the auspices of the McPherson Gun club of which both Young and Allen are members. A. C. Wilcox was elected president of the association and J. DF . Laderer, secretary. With these gentlemen at the helm the tournament of '03 will be the grandest ever held by the association. dose to elt'et a cure, in most eases one dose will do. Besides its other good qualities it is plesant to take." 2ft and 50 cent bottles for sale by C. I)\ Winslow, Druggist, 15 S. Main. ,. THAT HACKING COuFlT can be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee it. Sold by A. & A. Drug Co. Some of the Grand Army boys may be. interested in the following, from Alex. B. Pope, A. D. C. Commander department Tennessee and Georgia, lie says: "We have had an epidemic of whooping cough here (Stewart, Tcnn.) and Chamberlain's Cough iiemedy has been the only medicine that has done any good." There is no danger from whooping cough when this medicine is freely given. It completely controls the disease. 50 cent bottles for sale by C. B. Winslow, druggist, 15 South Main. It Should Ito lu Kvery Huutic. J. H. Wilson. 371 Clay street. Sharpsburg. Pa., says he will not be without Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, coughs and colds, that it cured his wife who was threatened with pneumonia after an attack of 4, la grippe." when various other remedie and several physicians had done her no good. Kobi 'i -t Barber of Cooksport, Pa., claims Dr. King's New Discovery has done, him more good than anything he ever used for lung trouble. Noth ing like it. Try it. Free trial bottles at C. E. Sidlinger's drug store. Large bottles 50 cents and SI. KHIIMHK City. 21. KANSAS .CITY. May WHEAT— Kntlrely nominal. CORN— No. 2 caali.4(l',ic: No. 2 May white. 4»MC. OATS—No sales reported. HOTTER— Firm; creamery 14©20c; dairy sialic. KOfJS-Vlrra to higher. 13c. •MVU STOCK. CIlleiiKi). May : ClIIOAIiO. The Mvenlng Journal reports: CIATTIjK—Kecelpts 2,50ll. of which 1.200 were Tcxunn; shipments 2.1100; everything la the beef and steer line Hold, the market t'.loHeu Hteaily at an advance of 25c. over last week. HOtIS— Ueccipts 17,000: shipments H.000; market active and .VTclOc higher: rough and common 83.7 <Va5 .00: mixed and pack»4.(>5 <a4 .si>; heavy $4.H0<f/i4.l>5; light, S4.1I0 m .KO. SHEE1'— Hccclnts 3.000; shipments 1.500; steady: everything sold. A Itusy l'liice. A call at the grocery store I)r, Oniii|'» Onion Syrup This remedy is a sure cure forallj eases of tlie Throat and Tilings, en by taking cold. It will slop a col iti one night no matter how Severn' It is just what its name implies; or/ onion syrup, compound in such manneiV as to do awnv with the unpleasant taste \ and odor of'the vegetable. When in need of a cure for a cough or cold, try it. Price 5n cents. Sold by C. I!. Winslow, druggist. B-31 PARALYSIS. BEFORE USING. No More Drugging The Art of Surgery is a Messing to the world. But the practice of medicine is a curse to the community. If every drug store was closed no one would be sick except through accidents. Take medicine and die Wear our Magneto - Conservative . Garments and live. AS It STUKSOril. An Important Itallwuy Ulll. Al.tiA .NY, N. Y., May 21. —Governor Flower has signed a very important railroad bill. The new law provides that no railroad corporation shall permit or require any conductors, engineers, firemen or trainmen who have, worked twenty-four hours to again go on duty until he has had at least eight hours rest. Ten hours work performed within twelve consecutive hours shall constitute a day's work on all steam surface railroads. For every hour worked over ten, employes shall get extra pay. Violation of law by corporation or employe is punishable by a S500 hue for each offense. Cases of accident are excepted. A N*«.U'H|iuper Change. E.Mi-oitlA. Kan.. May 21.—W. Y gan KuiuuiH City. KANSAS IJITY. May 21. CATTLK-ftecelpts 2,100: shipments 1)0(1; market Bteady; steers *.'l.25®3.40; cows S2.10@3.40; mockers and feeders J1.-10® 3.75. IltXlS-Kecelpts 11,000; shipments 5,300; the market was lOdtiir.i'. higher, closing weak, all grades 84.:io<f(i4.05; hulk 84.45 <a4 .(l0; sniSKl'— KecelptH, 1.70U; shipments 000; i nominally steadv. I he market wa: HUTCHINSON MAKKKT. 1'roiluce. l-'LOIJlt—Highest patent. 82.40; second patent. 82.20: extra flue. $2.00. HUTTKK-In demand: creamery, 25c; ilncst dairy. 20c; Hue dairy, 15c; common. 10c. KOtJS—In demand. 10c. POTATOES-Oholce. 50l?(.75i:. AI'PIJSS—J1.5U&2.U0 per bushel." ONIONS—In fair demand; red, 75c per bushel, home grown; Spanish, $1.25 per bushel. OA1IIIACU—Pair, 4c per pound. TUK.NIL'ii~lndemand, 4ocper buancl. 1IKKTS—Steadv. 50c per bushel. SWEET POTATOES—Plenty, 50Q75C per huBhel. HAY—Baled, $5.00185.50; loose, $3.00®5.50 per ton. Uruln. WHEAT—No. 2 soft 72c: soft <lfic: hard UOc. 0OKN--2SC KYK—J4o 2 UOc; No. 3 Dili' OATS-WHc. hard 05c; No. 3 Mor- formerly of the Strong City Republican, purchased the Emporia Gazette, the only Alliance daily published in the state, and assumed control this morning. Financial troubles caused the change. Murilorur Lynched. Moituii.i .Tox, Ark., May 21. —Chas. Stewart in custody in the jail of Perry county, twelve miles south, murdered the jailer. The citizens discovering the crime, broke open the jail, took Stewart out and hanged him to the nearest tree. Elevators jluriind. OKWKUO , N. V., May 21.—A big fire here lust night practically wiped out the milling and elevator interest. Only one elevator is left, the Northwestern. Five elevators and several mills were destroyed. *Loss, 8500,000. f .1. M. Brehm, any day and Suturday especially, will find Mr. Brehm and his many clerks busy waiting on trade. For several years past Mr. Brehm has been making a specialty of queens- ware, and lie to-day carries the finest stock in this line of any house in the city. lie can furnish you anything from a gallon jar to the finest of decorated China ware. Completeness of stock is one of the secrets of Brehm's large trade. Tuki. a llrlve. If to-morrow is a pleasant day there ciin be no more agreeable way of putting in the afternoon than by taking a drive in the country. If you do, call on Smith. Miller & Carpenter and hire your team. You arc sure to get a good one. Telephone No. 131). There is one remedy whicii every family should keep at hand. Mi - . John Carpenter, of Woodland, Indiana says of it; "f tried Chamberlaili's Cholie, Cholera and Diarrhiea Remedy for diarrhina and severe cramps, and pains in the stomach and bowels, with the best results. In the worst cases 1 never had to give more than the third She Committed Suicide. Mrs. F. C. Boe, at Watkins. left this letter: "My husband—Forgive me if I cause you trouble, but 1 sutferso. You do not know what these long, wahcful wretched nights arc to me. and I um so tired, darling—the pain will never be better. 11 is not easy to take ray own life, but I have been sick so long. Good-bye, my husband, I love you— your wife.'' This is but one of thousands that gives up, instead of using Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine, and being speedily cured of their wretchedness. Go to A. & A. Drug Co and get an elegant book and trial bottle free. 11 French. Tunny Wafers, These wafers are for the relief and cure of painful irregularities, and will remove all obstructions. They arc sure and safe every time. Manufactured by Emerson Drug Co., San Jose, Cal., and for sale at A. & A. Drug Co. 10 (1 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kan. "AC'ITNA" BYK KKSTOUKtt. AFTER USING. PROF. WILSON'S "ACTINA" CATARRH 0URB. M AGNET0-C0NSERVATIVE GARMENTS. Our Mneiieto-CuiKcrvntlve Helta una Appllnsu -M will POSITIVELY CURB all forma of ilineate* 1" Imth nuxnn without the use nl droit*. Hundreds of tliousnniln testify to that annlinncas wllliout bolug benefited. If you follow oar I1BWAKK uf the ao-called electric or magnetic belts. Wo are the aole proprietors and mnnaruclurcra of Prof. Wllauii'a world renowned Magnelo-Klo when need as directed. nlwajB effect a cure. fcff-Lunir, Kiduoy, Liver and nil forms of Dlaeaso cured, effect. You call not wear our belt or ndvice TO-U will be free from dlscane. lor Ibcy only load to disappointment. ,. ,, ... . Wilson's world renowned Magnelo-Moctilclty Conserving BcllB and Appliauces, which, «Knn to any Physician or Electric Bolt maker to enow each marvelous cures by medicine or electricity as can be abown by the uso ot Professor Wllson'o Macneto Coniervatlre Qirmenta. Og ^AA to any Oculist who can flhow Bnch I iptJl/V cures by their troatment as are bo- I Inir effected by the "Actlua,''' removing Cat- I aracts, grannlatod lids or any abnormal | condition of the eyo. Under the Oculists' treatmont 00 per cent are-ruined for life, j With "Actlua" perfect safety Is assured. I Private Parion tor LatlUt. Offlet Hourt—H turn, to 10 p.m. Sundays—9 a. m. U 4 p. «n. Addrtat all private matter to PROff. WILSON. (ST HMD in TMAT1H 01 TBI HOIAH ITtTIII FREE. •A VAliCABU-J BUUK FREE On application. I 'tfntains treatise on the human system, its disease and cure, and thousands of .references and testimonials. Sew York and London Electric AsS'ii, * Mairafacturers. DR. F. B. ROBINSON, Manager. BRUNSWICK HOTEL, HUTCHINSON DREADFUL SKIN DISEASE Afflicts a Well-Known Mereliant. Itch- Hog and Burning Terrible. Doctors and All Remedies Fail. This IH I'rcty Good. Mr. .lohnC. tloodwin, a carpenter of Danville. 111., writes: 'Ahont two weeks a^s a henvy saw lo^ fell upon ray foot very badly crushing it, so that 1 was unable to walk at all. 1 scut for a bottle of Ballard's Snow Liniment and kept my foot well saturated with it. It is now two weeks since this happened, and my foot is nearly well and I am at work. Had I not used Snow Liniment I should have been laid up at least two months. For healing wounds, spraines, sores and bruises it has no ecjua). No inflammation can exist where Snow Liniment is used. You can use this letter." Beware of all white liniments substituted for Snow Liniment. There is no other liniment like Ballard's Snow Lin intent. Sold by all druggists. Bright people are the quickest to recognize a good, thing und buy it. We sell lots of bright people the Little Early Risers. Do If you are not bright these pills will make you so. Beam's Midland Pharmacy. Tries Cutlcura. Believed by the First Application and Kntlrely Cured in Five Weeks. I.lvo stock. (JA'ITLK—Steady, stockeru ^.an^l.Tfi; Iceilevs J3.i;5<a:!. - 2i>'. fat cowa and heifers In demand at *a.Ul)®'J.7ri; fat steers, (fil.uO© 4.110. UOOS—Steady; wagon, tops, H.OII: oar, J-J.loa-f.L'ft. SllKBl'-ln : J'oultry am Avild ilauit.. OUIOKENS-Chii'k chickens 514c per poi I roosters ic per poul pound. I C1AMK—Wild ducks I g.O0iierdozen! plgcoiL -,- -- v , • per (ina.: geeae per doss. i geeae jKIOS-SlV. weutlier in the $:i.00 per dozen; ; liens Uc per pound; turkeys 7!,c per demand at *l,0l>(if> la demand at SI .00 northwest is The weuther in clear and very flue. Chicago reports grain out of store: wheat, 208,000; corn, 103,000: oats, 134,000; ryo, 0,000. inspections ut Chicago? Winter Know la South Uukotu. DKAiiwoon, S. I')., May 21.—A terrific snow storm raged here yesterday delaying traffic to a considerable extent. The snow piled upon a level six inches, with prospects good for more. A Knrmor's Sons Turn Stage Itohbors. STOCKTON , Cal., May 21.—The Redding stage robbers have been identified as Charles und John D. Ruggles, sons of a wealthy farmer of Tulare county. tinrtten City llrlst. (fAitiJKN CITY , ,Kun., May 21.—[Special.]—Weather still very cool and showery, with the ground completely saturated und small grain growing splendidly. The United States experimental farm has a sample of rye exhibited in the postoftico that is three and one-half feet high aud well headed out. It is a splendid specimen of spring growth. Rumor hits it that Professor Sewull, the manager of the United States experimental farm here, has resigned his position as professor in the Colorado University to give his entire attention to the institution here, which has now become something worthy the public attention. The efforts of the farm have been concentrated on growing About eighteen months ago a smalt speck an. cored on my ankle: it resembled a Mali sculc; It ecaiuo lurifor, and 1 consulted a physician oho irouounced it psoriasis or roonled disease, becnuse .. rcaomttlod money. I applied as ointment, but it spread until at last It covered almost my eullrc body. My suffering was "omothlDg terrible, burn, lug und Itching sensation continually until It became almost unendurable. I suffered tortures especuillt- at night, and for two months I was compelled to sleep with gloves on. I became desperate. 1 would have given anything to be relieved of the itching msutlon. I tried a number of remedies without iy relief. I was requested to try OUTICUKA: this - did, and to my great surprise, I was nlfered after tbe first application. I used the COTICUIU, CirricimA Soar and Cimcniu IUSOLVZNT according to directions for about four or five weeks whi-n 1 was entirely cured. But what a relief It was to me after the suffering I went through. I cunuol speak with too much fovor for the "CDTICUIK itxMEDiis," and I would recommend It to all HHJHC who are suffering from the same disease that I have suffered. JOIIN T. MELODY, of HIXODT BROTHERS, Wyandotte, iflco, Til© IT CURES IN MAN: RHEUMATISM SCIATIC* BITES CUTS LUMBAGO NEURALGIA STINGS BRUISES THE AILMENTS OF MAN m BEAST HAS STOOD THE TEST OF for IT CURES IN BEAST: FOOT ROT SCREW WORM SCRATCHE8 SPAVIN HOLLOW HORN SHOULDER ROT WIND GALLS SWINNEY Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, membranes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, which is a property not found in any other liniment The Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cannot afford to be without it It should be kept in every household for emergencies.* It will save many doctors' bills/ For sale everywhere at 25c, 50c. and $1.00 a bottled i t HIGH GRADE FURNITURE AT LOW GRADE PRICES Cuticura Resolvent The new Blood and Skin Purifier and greatest of Humor Remedies, internally (lu clcuuso the blocil of ail impurities, and tbus removo the cause), und I;L'T!CUIU, the great Skin Curo, and CurlerIU riOAr, an exquisite skin Ueautlller, externally (to clear the skin and scalp and restore the hair), cure every species of agonlitng, Itching, burning, eualy, aud pimply diseases of the skin, scalp, aud blood. Bold everywhere. Price, CDTICUIU, Me.: Soil-. *J»c.; USSOLVKHT, $i. Prepared by the Duuu AND OUBKIOAL COKI'OIIATIOM,Boston. 43- Sund for " How to Curo Bkln Diseases," el pages, SO Illustrations, and 100 testimonials. DIUI'l'GB, blaokheads, red, rough, chapped, and rim oily skin eured by OUTICUKA BOAV. Buy Furniture At*. Manufacturers' Prices, At Home. Bed Room Suites, Parlor Suites, Folding Beds, Dining Room Tables, Side Boards, Rockers and Chairs, Picture Mouldings. l>la*ter, I CAN'T BREATHE. Chosl Pains, Soreness, Weakness, Haoklng Cough, Asthma, Pleurisy ?and inflammation relieved In one i minute by the Cutlcura AuU-Palu Nothing Ilk* it for Waak Lung*. IN LATE STYLES AND LARGE ASSORTMENTS The grandest improvements of the age. Don't fail to see them. Gunn Combination Folding Bed and Windsor Upright Be) JH. W. WILL ITT. Corner Main and Avenue A.

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