Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 9, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 9, 1912
Page 2
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ximiOLA Pi^ILY BEiaglm SATtmC^ ' .My ('rpfd. I would be true, for, fliers an- IIIOSH who iruat me; 1 would purt", for then' are those who care; I would be strong, for \\UTO IS much to Buffer: : 1 would be brave for I here Is mueh to dare. 1 would be 'friend of all-ihe Uv— the friendless; I would be giving, ami forset the 8lf«: I would be humble, for I know my weakness; I would looV u|i— .nnd laueli— and love— and lift. —Howard A. Waller, In Harper's Ha- zaar. -7-Cut Flowers, Chrysantliemums, ycilcm. white and lavender, at $1.'>0 and $2,00 per dozen. Phone '.lar.-r.. . Peckler's Greenhouse. . ^Tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock a temperance program will be given at the Christian church under the aus- " pices -of the W. C. T. V. Members of - all the Sunday schools wllltake parr. The program follows: iSonis—"^ward Christian Soldiers." Sertptnre Reading. Invocation. Song—"Forward, Ye Soldiers," by Junior chorus of l*. B. Sunday school. Recitation—"A Vision of Heaven." Arneta Washburn. Solo—"The Violet's Answer.* Lola Wbeaton. Rlecltatlon—"Why Johnny Failed.' Ijofs Irvrln. Recitation—"The Boy and the Clg- . arette." EBnis Peters. Vlbllri :8olo— Cladya Marmont, ac- eompahled'by Genevieve Bowman. Recitation—"Two Offerings." Nettle Blng^nhelme-r. Duet—"Hark. My Soul." Eva H.nll nnd Maud Rtce. Recitation—Miss Allen's class of .the V. B. church. Song—"Away With the Bowl." by Misses Shndwick and Shepard's, classes of the Baptist church. •Recitation—"How a Littlei , Girl Rmptled the Jug," Juanita Day^ Solo.—^"Help Somebody Todp.y," Recitation—".Nellie's Victon."! Bor- rJce Connett ' Recltatlonj-'Tom." Mable Oracle Sampson. ^ Remerirber'thaf you J want'stini(iq;fjtl)LQie" ' New.CfirrespoiMlence with gold initial. ^ 35 c'erits a" box i BURRELL'S^ The BeuU Ston Piano Solo—Joy HershbiTg.'r. OITorlng. Son p—" America."' Benediction. • + * • — .Mf /Dday and Tuesday: Flour $1.12, bian !>Sc, shorts $1.22. Car near -Mo. Pac. Depot. KI.MOTT'S. .J. A The next social affair to be given by the Clinker Club is the card party next Monday night at the club rooms. .Mrs. Frank Wood and Mrs. J. T. Price will be the liostesses. The Clinker club parties are always very enjoyable and the members are ex- jiecting a big crowd for Monday night. The Allen Co^umy^Enual Sulfrago r^l,""^^''^ Association will meet in the farmers'i ^»;„'*,%f,.^^XonfS .2r^^^^ room, at the court house next Monday ] afternoon at 330 to rejoice over the' .p. c „na.™ 'IB South First re«Sent victory and to finish up a lit- «relt entertained rtrCK^^^^^^^ AH members are asked to be in at-1 needlework and social convert. ndance. j. . ! satlon and at the close of the after- J, . I noon- the hostess served dainty re- n,;;;;^.'.'J««^'ol!S^ f/e%?t^ "^r^^/^^l* fre«hment«. The clnb members are: mopolltan Quartette at the Grand to-lj,„ RH^I Weekly. Mrs. Harry Slfers. I Mrs. E. D. Robertson, Mrs. W. G Mrs: W."A. HoITner was hostess to ik^^/'.^nlet- ciub'>y«»terday afternoon nt .her hom^east'of the city. The members who. were in attendance vver.?: Mesdnines, Bonewell, Slack, Stebblns. Kemmerer, Alexander, Davis. Smith. Ijicey, Ouncdn, .Moore Kllngensnilth. Woodruff, Wright, Stockton. Coffield. Malone, Moore, RoWmnn, Braaafleld and Humes. The guests were Mrs. Chnpin and Mrs. Cnrler, of tola, and Mrs. Kinman and .Mrs. Foster of Gas. The hostess was Assisted in servfng refreshments by Mrs. Humes; .Mr^. Casey Craig. * + * Three reels of moving jilctures i- V t ery nljflit at the Grand Theatre. There was an enthusiastic gathering of the members of the W. C. T. l'. yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. R. B. Stevenson. , The number pn the program which was of e8])ecial interest was the paper rend by .Mrs; Redmond on the "ValiH> of the Printing Press." .Mrs. Leonard of Xeoshu Falls, Is In the city visiting her sister Mrs. Win OberdorfT. + <• <• One of the most picasnnt mei>lings the Priscilla club has had this heas on was held last Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. W. Beck when Mrs. John Delap and Mrs. Beck entertained. Besides, the members several giii>Si were present and th afternoon wus spent with the club oc cupation—needlework and social eon versatlon. * + —FLOUR! Come to Mo. Pac. yards KTYl.K TENUESriKS FOB THE SEA- SOS. Provided one adhet-e.t to the spirit of pre.oent day styles, the letter may lie changed to one's heart'a content, liien. c.r co«r!«e, the question props up "what i.<« the spirit of the present day style."?"" To, begin with It taig' : be well to mention that the width < " the skirt l« not one whit Increased; hat the narrow, silhouette is luo^i , arefiilly retained, and the long, slender lines carrleil out. no matter what else la and Mrs. I „pg]Pt.i,.,j jj„t »vhen this fundamental I point Is iiiken care of. you may Introduce any feature In your skirt, that the moat flighty fancy can suggest. Itraper.v. in the many different form* and modifications. Is* still greatly in favor, but none the less liked and use*! are the flounce, yoke. Inset section, or tunic. In the blouse, the imint under the greatest ciJislderatlon ,U usually the sleeve; and In that, (oo. Dame Fashion extends remarkable latitude. There is night. <• * * The Daughters of the King and the Woman's Auxiliary of St. Tlmothv's I liurch held a joint meeting yesterday yfiernoon at the rectory. The winter's work was planned but officers will not be elected until the next meeting to be held in two weeks. At th. close of the buslni?ss session refreshments were served by the hostess, Mrs. Nou. * • + —The Co=mopolltan Quartette dishes out "Oodles" of harmony.—Tulsa World. MANY TAKE ADVANTAGE I =OfOur=— 10 PER CENT DIIICOUNI OFFER There aire two good reasons why you should buy now: First, you get the choice of the stock; second, you have more time to buy and we have more time to show you. In addition to the above, if you buy before December 1st, you save ten cents on every dollar. Ojur stock of Watches, Cut Glass, Sterling Silver, Rings, Chains, Bracelets, Diamonds, etc., never was more complete than it is now. Many will remember the saving made at .our ^ J4i0^^^scount last year and will not overlbok it this ' ~ ar., .Why not you take advantage of it also. ten.: Everything is marked ip plain figures Jentbff! - . . .: -*"1T^ Short, and Mrs. Fred Plunell. The (suest of the afternoon was Mrs. Beam of Sious City. la. I * • * Next Wednesday evening at th Kliiscopal church there will be a lec ture on Winchester Cathedral by Rev Carl W. Nau, who recently visited number of the famous cathedrals of This lecture will be follow ed by two others on Canterbury and Westminster Abbey on the two succeeding Wednesday evenings and all will be free except for a sliver offering. Later in the season Mr. Nau will give a sterepptlcon lecture on the city of Ix)ndon. material for which he obtained while visiting in that city. * • * Miss Lucile Copeland. who formerly attended high school here, was in the city for a short time yesterday vsiting friends. From here she went to Colony for a week end visit with her aunt. Mrs. W. T. Watson. * + * Dr. J. W. Bolton has returned from a business visit in Warrensburg. • • • Mrs. J. A. Osborne and Miss Hattie Osborne went to Gamett today to attend the dedication of the beautiful new Methodist church which will be held tomorrow. • * •> Miss Helen Campbell 'was hostess to the girls of the Ave hundred club lest night. The club game and dancing occupied the time until late in the evening when luncheon was 8er«*d The members and'guests were: Miss es Louise Heylmbn. Glennis and Ber- nlce Bartles, Anna Smith, Lousia Miller. Lillian Kortbrup. Ruth Scott. Bes sie Featherlln. Adelyne Lyons. Esther Redmond, Jessie Fry and Helen Anderson. 4. 4. 4. The rooms of the Presbyterian Manse were filled yesterday with guests who attended a tea given by members of the Missionary society. Although preparations had been made for a large crowd those in charge are delighted that the number attending exceeded even their expectations, and the afternoon was a decided success both socially and financially. 'The guests remained for the entire program of Instrumental and vocal mn- Eic and readings and tea was served throughout the afternoon. • • + Wtih ThankEglring so near at hand the old dIaeasslOn as to the origin of the day has arisen. Certain it is that it did not originate with the Pilgrim fathers and the .Voreuber National Monthly ascribes it to Hebrews who cielebratcd the "Feast of the In ^ther- ipg," or the "Feast of the Tabernacle" at the end of each year, when ftmi- Ucfi gathered together in booths and gave thanks for the bountle* of the harvest. Mrs. D. W. Sanford. of Altoona, who has been here visiUng friends went to Garnett this afternoon to spend. Sunday with her sister. Mr. and Mrs. A. Woods went to Gar aett this afternoon for a visit with their son. Mrs, L. B. Miller went to Colony ttUs afternoon to visit frieods. .he quaint mouquetaire sleeve, that is so well adapted to t;ie rather dressy .vaist, then thehre is the short elbow tnd puff sleeve and by no means of he least Importance, is the long, one- piece, inset sleeve, that is peculiarly neat and becoming. Of the other striking features that characterize the new'blouse. much could be said, but a concrete example will serve better to illustrate some of them. The one shown here. Is of the Direc- toire Coat blouse type, charmingly slm pie. and wonderfully becoming to the tall slender woman. The Inset vest, collar forming a point on the shoulder, cru^h girdle and long one-piece *Ieeve, are all distinctly prominent style features, and make this blouse ultra fashionable. It can be developed beautifully In nut brown velvet or heavy black satin, with Bohemian lace. Tlie skirt Illustrated here. Is an extremely attractive model, biade In three sections, with a four-piece J^oke that is lengthened by two flounce sec- Ions. Made of the same material zf the blouse, it will harmonize splendidly, and make up a very uncommon ooking street dress. ilky! lifter Trinity. ". .je^dtay:"" "O God, «>ur refuge find strAigtlir-who Irt the auth or of all godliness: Be ready, we beseech thee, to bear devout prayers of iny church: and grant that those things which we ask faithfully we may obtain effectually through Jesus Christ our l.ord. Amen." Services tomorrow will be: Holy Communion 7:30 a. m. Sunday school nnd Young People's Bible class conducti-d by .Mrs. K. C. Reynolds at 9:45 a. m. Morning Prayer at 11 o'clock. The Venlte will be sung by Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Reynolds and Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Burdlck and the sermon will be preached by the Rector on the stib- ject of "Sincerity versus Sensationalism." Bvents during the week wl' Monday, the Vestry will meet at the] Rectory at 8 p. m. VVetlnesday. 2:30. Ladles Guild. At K p. m., lecture at the church by the Rector on "Winchester Cathedral." Thursday, 7:30 p. m. St. Margaivt's Guild will meet with Mrs. E. C. Reynolds on South street. F.^day Choir practice at 8 p. m. The public is earnestly invited to attend these services. CARL W. \KX', Rector. Trinity V. E. Cburrh. Services will be held tomorrow as follows: Sunday school 9:4.'i a. m. .Morning sermon at II a. m. Junior l.,eague 2 p. m. Meeting for ladies only at 3 p. m. Epworth League C:30. Evening services 7:30 p. m. At the morning service E. B. Travis of Newton, will occupy the pulpit in the interest of the Y. M, C. A. The ladies' meeting in the afternoon will be conducted by the devo- lionals committee of the I^yal Women's Class and all the ladies, old and .voung are invited to attend. Sec. C. T. McCuIIy of Pittsburg, will conduct the evening service. Interest in the revival services Is steadily increasing and the attendance during the latter part of the week has been very good. The special services w*Ill be continued through the coming week every night except Saturday. "It's the old time religion" and it's just the thing for you. A. L SAMPSO.V, Pastor. Grand Ilheatre ^ Tuesday, November 12 \ JONES AND CRANE PRESENT MR. GUY CAUFMAN ^ . -IN— . 44 A NEW PL.AY OF THE ORIENT By E(!gar Selwyn, author of "ThiBGoiintry :6oy," etc. As played at the Lyceum Theatre, New York. HII- Fresbjterliui rharrb. FIRST CHURCH—Rev. S. S. scher. Pastor. ' In the morning, Mr. C. A. Musselman, assistant state Y. M. C. A. Secretary, will occupy the pulpit, and In the evening the speaker will be W. F. Marring of Carthage, Mo. These brethren, with others are In the city jn the Sabbath In the interest of Y. M. C. A. work. An urgent invitation is given to all to hear them. Tl"* special music for the day will be a solo in the morning by Mrs. La- Orange and a duet In the evening by Mr. and Miss McKnIght. Sabbath school at 9:45 a. m. and young people's meeting at 6:30 p. m. LITTLE BUILDERS' CHAPEL.— Mrs. E. X. Jones, Saperintendant. Sabbath school 2 p. m. Teachers meeting at 3 p. m. Young People's Meeting at 6:30 p. m. Flrsf Chnrrb of rbrist SflentJst Sunday school 10 a. m. Church services at 11 a. m. and 8 D. m. Subject. "Ada;n and F^allen Man." Testimonial service. Wednesday at 8 p. m. Services are held in the church at the corner of East and Sycamore streets. The reading room adjoining the church open from 3 to 4 p. m. each week day. You are cordially iil- vlted to attend these services and visit the reading room. CAST AND CpSTUteDWira ItlBENTIGITY jmi) CORRECTNESS. -1 Imagine there rorLD .>*T be a lietter drumu of tbl« kind." —Perry Hammond, Chicago Dally Tribone. "Offer* a most attractive picture o{ prestent day life In the country tbat lie* in vagne environment of Bjroasirns." —("hlrago Evening Post.' "Makes » biic hit at Uie Lyreum,"—>. Y. Teleeraph. "Rrigbt dialogur and ever chuniriug scene keep up the Interest at } aU times."—Y. C'ommerrlaL Prices 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c and $1.00. Box Seats $1.50 Free Vethodlst Cborcb. Sunday school 10 a. m. Preaching 11 a. m. Class meeting 7:30 p. m. Tuesday; evening. Prayer meeting 7:30 p. m. WednelS- day. Sfiecial services this week, every body invited. C. L. WRIGHT, Pastor. Cbrlstlan Church. I Meeting begins. Every member hi urged to l)e present. Cordial welcome to all. W. F. Marring, of Carthage. Mo.,t will speak in the morning. L. K. Hall j of Topeka, in the evening. Pastors | Allen and Stater will arrive Monday.; Bible School and Young People's meet | Ing at the usual hours. Invite others to attend. * 1 Miss Grace Fox of Humboldt, who has been here visiting Miss Travis returned home this afternoon. This IVUl Stop Your Cough in a Hurry Sm» at HMM. This recipe makes a pint of better eottgh syrup than you could buy ready made for |2 .oO. A few doses usually conquer tb« most obstinate wntrib— stops even whooping eough quiduy. Bim. ols asjit i«, no bettcc rmtaj can be bad A any price.. . . Mix one pint of Kraanlated sanr with H ^at of warm, water, and stir tot^ fluantea, Put ty^ oonces of Tiaex (Utar xBt^ worth! la a pint botUe; tbca aU th«. Sugar Eymp. It has a pleaaaat taafe ud :iasU. a fa &lr » long timei Tan *, tcaspooaful ewery one, two or I aut'ltd this tal^ bold of « eooi^ «H^. that means liitHaess. Has a table effect, braces up the appetite sliriitly Liuitiv «rto «x wb& is A handy remedy for boaras* ne«i crona^ broncbitiiL asthma and aU tbr&ti>ted hmg tronbles. ' T%» affect of pine on the membraaca {s -«dl known. Pinex is the nost nia> abk eoaeentratcd eonpooad oC. Korwc. Ciaa. adiita pln« extract, aad is rkh ia gittiaieot and all the aatnrsl bealimr plaa etemenU Other preparations wul not vratlt IB this foramla. TUa Fiaex and Sugar Syrup icdpaMa bct«,laHiitt4 tbougii nei»r siisiassriillj Anaaaailyof ab«>hrtc aatIai»etioa,.or retipe. .^OR dragrhi baa ffoa Co, JtWayWi laC Second Baptist Chnrrb. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Preaching 11 a. m Theme "Cliris- tlan Loyalty.' B. Y. P. U. 6:30 p. m. Preaching 8 p. m. We desire to see a full attendance First Baptist Chnrch. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Sermon at 11 a. m. by L. K. Hall of Topeka, state secretary of high school Y. M. C. A. B. Y. P..U. 6:30 p. m. Sermon 7:30 by E. B. Travis, of' Cloilxesl Suits Made to Your Measure. Suits Cleaned and Pressed. We have moved from 113 West Madison to 1091 West Street. GUS KRANNHl 109 West St. tailor^ of the membership as this is our Ral- v-p~,on Y MCA 1v Day. Our IndehtedneuB itomnnrta V" V Day. Our Indebtedness demands that each member do his best in light ening the burden. Come out and pay your honest church debt. We want to make this the final effort. Strangers and visitors welcome at all times to our church services. The District Executive Board "will meet Thursday and Friday at Osa- ^atomie. Kas. The Willing Workers will entertain tonight at the parsonage this being their first public social The president. Brother C. W. Hickerson hopes to see all the members present. J. W. GORDOK, Pastor. Baracas will be taught by Miss Lieu ranee, let every Baraca be in his place. Prayer service, Wednesday 7:30 p. m. LAHARPE—Sunday school at 2. p. m.; sermon 3 p. m.; prayer service 7:30 Thursday. 6. W. SHEPARD. Pastor. HYOMEI BANISHES CATARRH itrm DaatrayiBf TaparliH Air Tbat ClMrs StafM^ip JlMHl !• a F^v Isn't it (jf^b^a'^M^ eaort to Itor- wer rid yourself of Catarrh when C, •%tarrh. or money back? • To banish Caurrh you must destroy ''xUrrh germs. HTOMEI, the vron- le'rfui remedy made from Auatrallan ^calyptus and other antiseptics will lectroy these germa: will end Catarrh; Till overcome CaUrrbal Deafiiesa. Complete outfit wltb fokaler, |L00: <!Xtra bottlea; 50c: In each jMcJoige ia \ lltUe book that tiaia bow fiiia aimpi* raaufdy beiieflU safferera from Catarrh or Coogfaa. COM*; Citoap and Gatarrbal Deaftaesa. • - - A. C. Elder. First .1. M. E. Cburrb. Quarterly meeting services. Preaching 11 a! m. by Rev Terrill, the new Presiding Class at 12.30. Simday school at 3 p. m. Presiding Elder Terrill will preach at 3:15 p. m. after which will be administered the sacrament of the Lord's supper. Evening services at 8 p. m. Preach ing by the Pastor. Ijet everyone come out and hear the new Presiding Elder. C. A. WOODS. Pastor. ralt««d BrHbren fhnrcb. Sunday schcool 9:45 a. m. FYeaching II a. m. The imlplt will be-filled morning and evening by speakers from the Y., iL C. A. Jnaior and Senior Christian Endeavor meets at 6:30 p. m. Mr B. M. Anderson will lead the Senior so- clet.v. The Ladiea' Aid society will meet in the church Thursday at 2 o'clock. Hra. J.. Ronnd of Lawrence, who has been, here visiting friends r«- tumed home this afternoon. Every woman's £eart rMptrndaj t» the charm and sweetness °ot )|'bal>y'ji Tolce, because natnrer>littend4<i 4ar for iQotherhood. Bnt even tbe loTlak nature of a -mother atarinka f^aaP^tt* ordeal because such a tiste la nniffly a perfod of. aufferliig and-dABiir. Women who use Uotber'a-Frfaitd iuM- aaved much discomfort andwitierlifc ~ and their ayatema^. being tltM ««iVr prepared by fbia greafc T«mdyv -«-aM in a healthy condition ta -aMt>-«lM um« iritii the least posaibI(h«a«il|it ana danger. Mother's THSii recommended only for th* teUtfTiM comfort ol ezpectaat iaoVb»Hi Vtit'A: ' no aeaae a remedy itor --Mi|M »^into> but Its manr Tnars" nf rir^spif^'ihiit the thousands of -eBdonieamt^ st> :'; celved from vontea -wWlMT^vaad U '% aregaaranteel-tf th»t%iiMttvfc4ij:.' derived troa ita nsikr T&ft iJMafr" il' does ntyt accoaapltth iroiil»t« " ply asslsia natoHTto pelt ^^l Uotier% F^end knays JBIMI vents caktag of -i-g-^- the breasta. and ia every "way, contribtttea to ttrqnfc healthy; , n^^^^ motherbbbd. MoOiwhi fiHgt 1 at drng atorea. - yttt^m book for ezpectaat' «HlWi-' J. Saundera of Oarnett was a visitor here thla afternoon. Three reels, o# iA^g^td««I^^> ery night at t |ie t3tj^'li^{t«: ^'

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