Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 6, 1974 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 6, 1974
Page 6
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t»age Six ilftEGLAHCfS MOI»E (AUK.) STAR ByGiUWX H l'm not saying Ernte is lazy, but If he were an earthquake he'd register mlnuMO on the Richter scale!" CARNIVAL By DICK TURNER C) W74 by MA. Inc. I M. (tag U.S. Pal Ull. "You know Dr. Beasely better than I do, Pet! What does his 'H...r:..rmph!' mean?" OUR BOARDING HOUSt By MAJOR HOOMI —••MT- ' i i .•—•••••••• MY W0RR JAKE, YOU MAVe NO IDEA HOW HMVY IT MAKES ME TOiEE y^U B5TABLISHEP AFTER SO LONG! I AOrfAtt FATHER YOU'P U66EN, AMO5,1 REMEMBER VWEN YOU TRIED AFTER-SKAVl LOTION FOR AM AFTER-PINNER POINK'. POP NEVER V/OUL^Vt KNOWN IF VOU DIDN'T HAVE HICCUWl . THAN MAWN' RR* CHIEF/ Answer to Previous PuiiltS Patriotism _. ACROSS i Free nation (ab.) 4 Banner 8 Ri;volion 12 Pinpoint 13 Air (comb, form) 14 Declare openly I5flesid»ntof 'suffix/ 16 President's prerogative 17 Partner 18 Great fear 20 Fur hunter 22 Unit of measure 23 Elongated fish 24 Older citizens (ab.) M Passed by 29 Paid notice 31 Jacob's son (Bib.) 32 Important person (ab.) ?A Hod gem :«i Give- food to 3!) Winglike part FLASH GORDON Friday, September 6 By DAN BARRY 10 Nautical term 41 ^ hercfore 43 Basic part 45 Governing rule 48 Legal point 50 South America Lib.) 51 Greek market places 53 fielp 57 Become weary 58 Distant (prefix) 60 Maiden name g Buddnist priest 61 KindsfScol. 9 Football fields dial.) 10 One who elects 62 Ireland U Pitchers 63 Soak fiax 19 Turbulent part 64 Bird home of river 65 Nerve network 21 Bombast 66 Dutch city 23 Roman DOWN officials 1 Distinct part 25 Gnome 2 Building location 3 German conjunction 4 Kindnesses Look askance 6 Talent 7 Fowl 26 Southern general 27 Mail! 28 Feminine name 30 Stage plays 33 Close friend 35 Rubber tree 36 Franklin's nickname 37 Still 42 Mouths 44 Jewish ascetic 45 Ancient language 46 Supple 47 Labors 49 Organic compound 52 Repose 53 Landed 54 Concerning (Latin) 55 Sow 56 Head (Fr.) 59 Before MtJFYOUU5E.lt NOW, ESON... 1 LEt HIM HAVE ABOUT THAT... >/.THE SAP&ET, 0SON... SO HE CAN LEAVE, US IN PEACE/ tHANKS, GARCIA.' I'VE BEEN WANTINS SC&/1E CtOTHES' W.AD you KEPT THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM ] 12 15 18 2 3 19 By DAVE GRADE ALLEY OOP MARKOfYOU CAN DRIVE THE TRUCK. TO DOCTOR WONMUG'S LABORATORY NOW/ ...HE'S GOT THAT'S ^* A SUV .'TRUCK THINk HELLO...GIVE ME THE MOBILE OPERATOR PLEASE/ WHERE IS THIS ) IT'S IN A TRUCK CAR WE'RE /THATS PARKED SONNATEST, /NOT FAR FROM ORVILLE? 7 HERE,ALLEY.' ...MAY I USE \OLJR PHONE DOCTOR? GUARDING £818 ABOUTSIX- FEET- FIVE: ByHEGCOCHRAN OUT OUR WAY yO'J'P SrOf COIN 1 IT PRONTO IF VOU COJLP SET YOURSELF IM Aft DEEP TROUBLE AS. HE CAW WITH JUST OWE MOT ICE HOW LOMOTH' BULL THIMKS BEFORE HE AMSWERS A QUESTION/? IT'S MY BIS MOUTH THAT'S HELP ME BACK/ A OUV HARPLV GETS HIS MOUTH OPEW BEFORE I'M ION' AKJ 1 BLAHIM'.' I'VE TfZl AM' TRIEP BUT I CAW'T HELP MVSKLF.' By CROOKS & LAWRENCE CAPTAIN EASY MAYBE WE ^HOULP JOIM HIW! OWNER TONI6HT1 THEN VOU'KE BOTH COMIN6 OUT TO THE KIUF»IN<3 HOME TO MEET OAPDV- YOU'RE PISHT IT ROUSES THOU6HT5 TOO DEEP AT UEAST WE'VE THE WORP THOSE MEM WILL BE HERE SOON TO BUI" DAPDV'S CLAIM!. WE WON'T F0K6ET! WHAT CAW I PO&SIBLV SAY AFTER GETTING TWO IWTO A FRISHTFUU- MESS? THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER By CHIC YOUNG WELL, CXDNT BLAME ME IF YOU GET STUCK WITH THE ^ HALF THAT DON'T YOU 4! S WANT ME TO ] ^ LOOK f PRETTY I'D BE HAPPY IF VOU JUST LOOKED HALF AS PRETTY Dull press releases out of the statehouse could be described as capitol punishment. .DOYOU REALIZE THAT YOU SPENT $36 AT THE ' BEAUTY PARLOR LAST MONTH, SLONDIE Whenever we Iried to determine our fortune with cards we wound up broke. Why listen to gossip when you can make up much better stuff yourself? EEK&MEEK By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WINTHROP VfUW* ^00? WOOP ^^ V00F ByDICKCAVALLI WAPP / I'M CERTAINLY SLAD ( I GOT THAT OFF V MY CHEST, ^^Q PICK. 9-6 HANK AND ERNEST ByBOBTHAVES CAMPUS CUHER By LARRY LEWIS YOU KNOW Tfril A6AIN/T AFTER R|VIEWIN$ OUR BUD6ET, THE CHANCES OF FlLLfN<5 VOtlR REQUEST FOR A PHONE SiEMEP SAPL.V REMOTE HOWEVER, PROFESSOR AR/£>,1 HAVE TO COMPRO/MISB... BUGS BUNNY ByHEIMPAHi&STQFFEl SURETH' HOT. FUODSY IF YA WATCH ' CLOSE THEV OVER-COOKED PRISCiLLA'S POP ByALVERMEER YOU'VE <SOT ALL , , THE / \ O BILLS? <SOOD! LET'S V CSET ON WITH IT' AND TME WINNER IS

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