The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 4, 1977 · Page 3
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 3

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1977
Page 3
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BITS OF BEACON By HARRIET R.RAU 129-1621 MRS. Martin Christeosen, librarian, has announced thai next week will be "fine free Recreation Field is still available for rental according to Mrs. Blanche Vardon, Park Comsr., who is in charge of reservations. Several openings remain and both local and non-resident ap- Elston Elected NCA Chairman weekatlhePublic Library. This plications for reservations will be is an excellent opportunity to considered, return Ihose books whose fines Mrs. Vardon can be contacted now equal more than the books at7294658 or written applications may be submitted to 491 Burton Rd. in care of Mrs. Vardon. are worth. There are two avenues available for book returns. The brave type can march 'em up to the library or more timid souls can deposit them in the book drop in the entry way of Town Hall between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Rimmonl-ll'ers Active more than J2 to be paid per family. The fee provides for insurance coverage for the duration ol the program. Al Concilio and Pat Beauchemin will direct the program this year and have instituted many new and rjoyd w. Elston, president, innovative ideas. p e t e r Paul, Inc., was elected Mrs. Beauchemin has con- chairman of the Board of ducted an arts and crafts Directors of the National Con- program (or girls during winter feclioners Association (NCA), at months with great success, a meeting ol the Board held in classes having grown from 10 to conjunction with the NCA's 93rd 60 in two years. Concilio is new to Annual Convention which con- the scene but is well qualified for eluded, June 5, in Palm Beach, Ihe post of director. A teacher in p| a the Woodbridge School System, for the past three years Elston his idea of a summer program is na( j held (he post ol secretary- one which will provide a fun lime treasurer of the (rade association learning experience while ex- whose members produced about May. When using the book frop, be sure Kim Dumschott, Margaret the librarycard is enclosed and it McCauley and Suzanne Me- will be kept on file at the library Cauley participated in the New for future use. Haven County 4-H Selection Tea. The object of "fine Free 1 week The affair was a dress revue for is tohave as many overdue books gjrls 14 and older who are vying 'to LLOYD W. ELSTON returned prior to summer vacalion so that patrons during summer months will have Ihe widest variety of reading material available. When summer heal gets to be too much, (he library is the coolest place in town. RIMMON Hill 4-H Clubs were posing youngsters lo games and 85 percent of the nalion's con- very active during the monlh of ideas Ihey might not ordinarily fectionery products. encounter. Field trips loo will Earlier, Elslon had served as a lake on a new dimension with v ;ce president and a director of quality rather than quantity o, e Association. In 1974, he being the criteria. received the NCA's Distinguished In addition lo new ideas and Service Award for his oul- concepls, Ihe directors plan lo standing contributions to the call upon citizens of trie com- confectionery industry, munily with special skills and Re-elected as president of the talents to demonstrate these : Association was James E. Mack vice president -Sales Chiodo skills lo lhe children in the hope w ho also is general counsel for Candy Co., Inc., Oakland, LaiiL, of sparking thoir interest*. the association. an .. ?"1J , ' m. i..^. 1 ^ . FlK , lc d as vice presidents of president, Schuler Chocolates, the NCA were Harry Hintlian, Inc., Div. of Brock Candy Co., llelladADream president, Deran Confectionery Winona Minn. DEMS F. BRODERICK, like K OOQS Div., Borden, Inc., Henry Blommer, president, the late Dr. Martin Lulher King, Cambridge, Mass.; Menlo F. The Blommer Chocolate Co., for a place on the county team going to the state contesl which mil be held in June. Later in thc program, Ihe New Haven County Dress Revue was held with the following participants for the 4-H Ilagdolls: Karen Barnell, Tracy Barrows, Donna Cina, Kim Dumscholl, Margaret McCauley, Sheila Norlhrup and Suzanne iX.Lt. Carlson Continued From Page 1 Monday at tl a.m. at Salem Lutheran Church with the Rev. Lowell Bernard, paslor, officiating. Burial will be in Grove Cemetery. Friends may call at the Alderson Funeral Home, 201 Meadow SI., Sunday from 7 to 9 p.m. Contributions in his memory may be made to the Salem Lutheran Church building fund or the Naugaluck Volunteer Ambulance Corps PO Box 249, Mayor William C. Rado this morning expressed the deepest sympathy on behalf of lhe community lo Mrs. Carlson and the family. The mayor said "Ray was a dedicaled police officer and will be sorely missed by lhe town. We are saddened by his dcalh." C'apt. Joseph Summa, in the absence of Police Chief Frank Mariano, commented that Ray Carlson was "a fine officer and gentleman." He said he had lhe NAUGATUCK NEWS (Conn.) Friday, June I), 1916-Page 3 Grant Approval Imminent Congressman Ronald A. for Development, by lhe regional Sarasin learned today that final Economic Development Ml, in approval has been granted from Philadelphia once a echmcal IheBoonomic Development Ad- review ol the application had minictratinn in Washinfilon for teen completed. rSTx Or* a^icalion Th jr*. .he Cor^essman which will provide an Economic continued, 'will proide funds Development Office in Ihe city ol necessary for the long range Waterbury planning needed to develop and The grant was forwarded to promote a new industra! base John V. Eden, acting assistant that will provide jobs and economic stability for this region . Court Ketorni Continued From Page 1 an j improve present economic conditions. use of ' . Dcve | opra ert and had a dream. Smith, president, The Sunmark Chicaj He knew (hat the state would Companies, SI. Louis, Mo.; and Ireasu _„ j —•.„,!.,>*> f a*i'innn\ e^hnnl ii...~\nr A Cmvlin nrp^iilpnl. Y & r. Burgess Marjorie Carlson jed the following statement > morning on hearing of lhe ,jlh of LI. Carlson: "The Town of Naugaluck has the last r^rrtaVV " rrtie Town °' « au SaiucK nas approved b y the 197S legis- rfaTinn losl " dedicated, devoted servant ]aturc was ihe object ol strong lcia „ in lhe death of Raymond Carlson. 1C' - - • ' commercial and industrial development of the Waterbury courl ""»• said, „ . S Borough Continued From Page 1 ,., 1959, under former Gov. p ro g ra m is to enable pre-school Abraham Ribicoff, now a children from disadvantage^ Democralic senator. The bill, one of "And this provides for a logical evolution of reform," the governor comparing it to the last major overhaul of the stale's judiciary Barbara Caron. Bicentennial YouIh Day THE Beacon Falls Junior Woman'sClubwillsponsor Youth Day Sunday, June 13 a( the Pent Road Recreation Field for (own youngsters. The schedule Ragdolls and the Rimmon Hill Raiders participated in the Oxford Memorial Day Parade. Sming as color guards were Louis Schubert, Mike Gondola, Laura Weed, Tim McCauley and Paul Bcdryczuk, Sheila Nor- lhrup, Karen Barnetl and Tracy Barrows wore Bicentennial \\(\\ -L^" 1 Hanlon His Job his job and people of the town was his badge." Democratic Women sheila Norlhrup and Suzanne He knew (Hal the Hale wouw'Companies, M. LOUIS, mu, d,m ''"^^"^IT °s re- - k , A THE Democralic Women's McCauley. When lhe Selection one day mandate regional school Qiarles A. Smylie president, Y& M ss Them, \asrf *« « H e was lhe 'cop on the beat' and Club till m™ Monday evening Tea timers were announced, dislricts without regard to s Candies, Inc., Westfield N.J. elected ass, anl o thepresden . themanat[he desk'.Hislovefor a 8o"To™H y all. Margaret McCauley was named, compatibility and chose .he road Rejected lo I he office o vice "^ ^sistant secretary Hostess tor lhe meeting will be On May 31, lhe Rimmon Hill to rcgionalnauon on a com- prcsi dem were Harry L. Rohrer, treasurer. - ••=" patiblc basis, with superior education as ils goal. An educalional process which would be financially impossible individually. His efforts toward that end hove been recognized and appreciated hy those who supported regionalization and have followed its stormy history. Throughout lhat storm, Denny was often the object of ridicule, abuse and scorn but his strength of character and the courage of his convictions helped him to weather that storm and be all lhe more respected for it. He had lhal quality that allowed him lo disagree without being disagreeable and never were his actions governed by cludeT competition games with outfits and carried 4-H banners, prizes Margaret and Suzanne Me- Activities will take place Cauley rode a float corn- between 1 and 3 p.m. wilh lhe following schedule: Pre-schoolers from 1 lo 1:15 and participants are asked lo bring a paper bag; kindergarten through second grade form 1:15 to 1:45; third and fourth graders from 1:45 to 2:13 and fifth grade from 2:15 to 3 p.m. All youngsters in the age categories listed are invited lo come and join the fun. Political Inconsislenci«s GOV. ELLA G1USSO recently issued a statement relative to federal funding for the relocation of Route 8 citing the need for and terming the float memorating famous American Women. The group expressed Iheir thanks for Ihe interest and support given 4-11 events. numbers mean with respect to Frank Klonoski. a former Saugaluck deleriorates to a the classrooms within Ihe chairmanoflhelocalDemocratic ghost town. II is time to elecl district. and a candidate someone who cares for the The non-public school.student for the Democralic nomination people, someone who is willing to enrollment shows a fairly confer stale representative, said work and slave lo see that they slant numberwith.a 1 ™°'^ a " a _ today lhal the incumbent are properly represented and a high ol 08. The largest number LVUUJ ,.,*.. .... , .,, , ,\.„l :i ..r ~,...)i*nir iltontiMicj nrivalp Republican candidate Neal Hanlon "is not doing his job." homes to develop those skills which are vitally necessary if school is to be a successful ex- isiuic, waa me uujw* v. j*.~.. & perience for them. These skills lobbying by bolh its backers include communication, molor .._ r — an d opponents, who dubbed it skills, perceptual development, 'themanatthedesk'.Hislovefor "-The Judges'Full Employment j n | e |icctuai growth and social Act of 1976." adjustment." The measure was the result f)i e rjepi. of Community At- of several years of study of lhe f a j rs |), e funding agency, added judiciary and al least one lna t i ne program, now in its fifth unsuccessful try al reform by vear 0 [ funding, is administered v, i ih to letting Common Pleas Courls b y tne Naugatuck Board of better evaluate what these hcar cases jn whjch (he E ' ducali|)rl and provides qua lity maximum penalty exceeded serv i ce to 22 children in the area, one year in prison. That action was overturned last year by (he Superior Court, which ruled the state Constitu- ar that the people will know .hat if of students a«entog private riime-A-Dip Picnic THE 1-adies Auxiliary of lhe Beacon Falls Baseball League will sponsor a Dime-A-Dip Picnic current strike at lhe local Uniroyal Footwear Planl? Hasn't he teen elected lo represent Ihe lion gives it original jurisdiction over such cases. there'i'sa'jo'blobe'done lhat Ihere schools is in (he 12 year old age Ground beelles, which are .,, ._,. . i !.„. A t,,t.,i n f iu ctuHpntc found under slones, eject a puff of gas or smoke as a means of defense. In a pr'cparcd news release is someone who will work to see bracket. A lotal of 744 students Klonoskisaid "Where is our stale that it is properly fulfilled. attend private schoolsAwhile represen.ative during this . , 5,724 students are enrolled m the • Today's (News , local school system. „...,... r personal vendetta. In short, he Sunday afternoon althe Peril Rd. could take it and take it he did, o( (h( . Recreation Field starting at 2 p.m. rain or shine. Families, friends and relatives are cordially inviled to atlend and each family is asked lo bring a dish designated for the various learns. Meal dishes will be supplied by families of (he Dodgers, Eagles, „„...., .._ ,.—d that lacking much formal education, he had attained a doctorate in the School of Hard Knocks and that his achievements in the industrial world qualified him to teach industrial arts provide A he was not a member of thc Board ol relocation imu H.-IUIUIB iin - mimm-i ^. — .v ~v- 0 -.-, — a ---. — - --•existing highway "one of: the. Yankees andiRod, Sox;: toasedi F,dJcalitm>:.i ir. i Hi * -*• macaroni.and potato-salads', with /..We somehow,had the I .„,„,„ be supplied by''Die Athletics;' that had he not chosen to serve on j^,,^- representative of the casseroles will be supplied by lhe lhe Board of Education, he would ^^ and [hc economic S [ a bilily Tigers and jello and fruit salads have laugh! countless youngsters of tllc & sl[ ^ was i n jeopardy as by the Red Sox and Colonials the pride and dignity of choosing i( js jn thc pre5cn i s j( ua iion. I (Tri-Town League), a career in which knowledge, • • While Ihe Recreation Commission supplies financial support to the league, its successes have been largely due to the most cfangerous portions of higlx way in the state." Having been a campaigner for that relocation, we find ourselves between lhe devil and lhe deep blue. If Route 8 is termed by the Slate's First Lady as "one of Ihe most dangerous in the slate", how come it was seleclcd by the governor as lhe safest route for the removal of nuclear waste material"! Continued From Page 1 - -- . ,„, I) — A bus rolled off a peopleinall mailers? Doesn'l Ihe sraa || bridge and down an well-being and financial security embankment in Sanla Cruz, IIABTF . nBn Conn (UPI) - '- °™,"• '* afler colMrg wilh arother Ms ^S^^mTilu r ;,, u- a [^ ' n t ^°' r ^ so careencu in o a ^ rsus conventional heating ts laurels of a' 'do'" nothing toLa 0n ds a of U AfriLn P °kmer W tees P" aralM for a housing - pro ! ecl representative, five excused j^je tfoej r home. absences on the roll call vote and the mere facl lhal the an{ j attacked the bus, slinging Democralic controlled dozens ol high school students. legislature would not listen to p 0 ij cc sa j,j 45 persons were him because he is of the minorily ~ " "'' 'Kl'orfesk'i l 'Said' u lf''l SO I. All PROJECT for lhe elderly in Hamden. The „, stale has put up 5700,000 for the tees became angered ^.^ ^ wi]) solar heated units . The pro wildly' stinging bees while feg fw . - ]anni ambulance crews remold Ihe COIlstrl]( . lkjni iniurra. This Week's LuckyNumbers 42-Green-423 Bonus 2214 SATURDAY SUPER SPECIAL A.M. TO NOON ONLY RITA'S BAKERY 51 Spring St. Union City n.MLVr. A.M; TO lu:M P.H. ROLLSU.lOdoz 'rRye-Pumpemickel , efforts of league members who .. ._ pros - - would leave no stone unturned swealandefforlwerelhingstobe un[j | sora elhing was done imp-cud of-things equal to and as mc dj a i c ]y to alleviate lhe con- meaningful as college degrees. ^^ His spiril was rellectcd in his . ([ wou]|) ^ parM „„ Q OV balllc wilh lhe disease which . 0 _ - - balllc wilh lhe disease which E]|a Grasso . s doorstep until she volunteer materials, time and finally took his life -- fight the did sometfung to intervene in ToOpenBids THE Beacon Palls Sewer Authority will meet Tuesday night al lhe Waste Water Treatment Plant on Lopjs Bd. where it isexpected that bids will be opened on the Area Six sewer project. Area Six is comprised o[ Burton Rd., Bethany Rd. from Buckingham Dr. lo the intersection of Munson Rd., Blackberry Hill and Skokorat Rds.; Munson Rd.; Cedar Lane, Cedar Circle and Cook Lane. Pavilion Available THE pavilion al lhe Penl effort to make the field whal it has become. This volunteer effort would have been impossible without the Ladies Auxiliary whose fund raising aclivilics have provided the "extras" such as thc annual banquel and accompanying trophies. Public support for such projects has been vital lo (he successes achieved and is most appreciated by the auxiliary. iclhing to intervene in lhe odds to lhe end. stalemenl and help bring it (o a successful conclusion. "1 would hound bolh U.S. H'sAHoy! Senators Ribicoff and Wcickcr Mr. and Mrs. Lcroy Hennessey, a , wi , h Cimg Sarasill unli i Jr. of 18 Commodore Avenue, lhcvu scd lhe power of Iheir office Huntinglon, became Ihe proud , 0 C|)d [hjs 5 , rike at thc loca i parents ofa firstborn son, Carter f))olw( , ar p| an( if nec essary I Declan Hennessey on May 25 al Wou |,|g 0 t 0 Washington and park Park City Hospital, Bridgeport. m |hcjr imrslefs artcr E |] a B01 Grandparenls include Mrs. |( her du[f and starlcd Dorothy Canright of Columbus, Ohio, and the late Donald ^^ gojng .., am 5urc Olal h W eicker Miss Crystal Columbus. Regislration REGISTRATION for lhe Summer Recreation Program for toys and Girls between lhe ages of 6 and 12 will be held tomorrow al Town Hall from 10 a.m. lo 12 roon.Applicanlsareaskedlopay causj rai|lion , a registration fee of $1 with not damagc atmually , .. am 5urc la ecer Canrighl and Mr. and Mrs. Leroy and Sarasjn ' s being of thc same Hennessey. Sr. of Beacon Falls. (y ^filiations as the state The lillle fella's only aunt is rC p r ( SCn i al i re they would listen Canrighl of Charter Boat Trip To Quincy, Mass. SAT. JUNE 19th BUS-BA1T-BORT PROVIDED [ *9t A^« per person JIM'S BAIT & TACKLE lohim. What excuse can the slate representative give for this short The collon-boll weevil is Ihe coming? most harmful pesl in the world, "The job of representing the millions of dollars people all of the dme, in all matters, is what representation all about and this man is not oing his job. We need a change d we need it fast before P£W Helper A Utility Rack For Use In Conjunction With A Step Ladder CUT PAINTING AND WASHING TIME BY 35% Taking Reservations Now... 729-7489 All Your Bait Needs For Hometown Fishing 4 CHURCH ST., NAUGATUCK 5 A.M.-? P.M. MON.-SAT. 6 A.f*.-l P.M. Sun SAND WORMS FIDDLERS GREEN CRABS NIGHT CRAWLERS SQUID BUNKER SAND EELS CLAM NECKS SKIMMERS SPEARING Our "Bait-Mobile" At The Milford Public Boat Ramp Carries An Assortment Of Our Bait & Tackle 6:30-4 P.M. Every Day Ih-rc June 16 On Wednesday, June 16 ol SI. Michael's Parish Mouse. ( there will be a communily- sponsored Red Cross nioodmobile. This vlsll ol Iht Connecticul Red Cross Bloodmobilf was originally scheduled lo be sponsored by Uniroyal Chemical, but due lo the strike silualion. it has bad (o be changed lo a community visit. The Naugatuck Chapter is counting on lhe pcnplt ol Naugatuck and employees of Uniroyal to malce thts visit a success. IM.EASK- Be a life saver and give a pint ol blood You'll be glad you dM. For Painting Screens Storm Windows Cutting Small Glass Saves Your Back Other Uses Easier And Faster Portable Adjustable For Washing Windows Blinds Anderson ETE Saves Time ONLY 4.95 S I'aroli'c Continued From Page 1 Dade Counly, Fla.. authorities took Carr lo Gramarcy. La., and lhe body believed lo be thai of 11-year-old Todd Payton of Miami. The boy disappeared from his home Nov. 13, 1972, wilh another 11-year-old, Mark Wilson, whose body was found Tuesday near Bay St. Louis, Miss. A Must In Home Care For The Painter P&W Helper Mfg. By J.J. San Angelo 413 Field St. Naugatuck, Ct. 06770 203-729-7170

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