Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 8, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1912
Page 7
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THE lOLA PAI1.Y REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 8,1912. "I WAS A PUMPKIN-HEAD TO TRY THAT STUNT,** SAYS FELIX TO FINK. reuX »BOUGHT THIS PUMPKIN PROM 6onE Qonrs, AND I've «0I ^«CHEWE TO n^K£ ftot ^E HONer OUT OF «T. Professional Directoiy. WANTS—ALL KINDS FARM LOAXS WANTED—I AM prepared to Uke care of Farm Lo%g,s large.or small; at the lowest! rate to be obtained anywhere. . Privilege to 'pay Tany amount at any interest paying time. See me and get terms and' rate, before placing your loan. R. L. Thon^pson, Over Evans Drug Store. _ WANTS-ALL KINDS I FOR SALE—FOR SALE ! FOR SALE-FOR SALE ! FOR SALE—FOR SALE WANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL boasc work. Apply 606 East Si. WANT—YOU TO KNOW ABOUT tha finest fruit and farming section in Florida. Address H. G. Gates, Arcadia, Flerida. P. O. Box 20. WANTED—GOOD SINGLE »L\N on farm. Phone 994-13. WANTED—TO DO HOUSE WORK by the hour. Address "B" Register office. WANTED—AT O.NCE, EXPERIEN- ccd men In every departmcat of brick maniifarturc, such as shale lift uieu, dry pan feeders, tossors, setters, and burned brick vhcelcrs. Good wage?, steady emploympnt the year round, and cheap house rent. Address, Continental Brick Company, Alcdo, 111." WA.VTED—WOMEN AND GIRLS at Whcolor & .MoKor Shirt and Overall Factory. Steady work. $2.^0 PER DAY PAID QNE I.JVDY in each town to distribute free circulars for concentrated flavorincr in tube.«. Pennaaieni position. F.. E. Marr Co., Chicago. FOR SALE—GOOD APPLES. 15 TO : FOR SALE—REGISTERED PO- FOR SALE—10-YEAR-OLD M.^RE. •:0c per bushel. S. H. Weith. LaHarpc. land China boar, one year old; extra ' will bring colt in April. Harry Blake•~~ — "(good. Also spring boar. Address j ly. Route 1, Elsmore. Kans. FOR SALE—GOOD S YEAR OLD I More Bros.. lola. Kans. Phone 988-33-1 ^ hors>?. '300 lbs; 620 N. Washington. ! i CRYSTAL WHITE ORPHINGTON FOR SALE—MANTLE FOLDING : chickens fcr sale; Kellerstrass strain FOR SALE—AT A BARGAIN, OUR i bed. Inquire 208 N. Buckeye St. 'and prize winners. Cocks, cocker*^ modern rcsidpncc. Call ai COS E • pullets from $1.00 to |.'..00 eaBch. j .Madison. W.T.Watson. I FOR SALE—GOOD FARM HORSE | according to si/.e a«d age. Delia .1. — lor will let out for his keep. lola I Waters. Tnioulown. Kans. LOST AND FOUND. LOST—S C O T C H COLLIE DOG about 4 vears old; will answer to name •Bob." J. F. Halderman. Phone 1256. Reward. •> DB. C. X. BUSS Dentist Extraction without pain br tb* use of Nitrous 0.xlde Gas Boom yo. 1 >'orthrup BIdg. Phones—OSIca 553; Aes. 852 _ HONEY TO LOAKl Will lend on household gooda. pianos, organs, sewing nur chines, diamonds and lewelry. J. W. COFFEY. Ofiic^ Ko. UO Kortta Street • -ft-,* •> . ^ • ' •> PHILLIP jHEIOELB. 0' HIBXESS AXD SADDLEBT •> GensraJ Bepalriof <• 110% South Street—loU. KM, I I GOOD GIRL FOR GEXEILVL I house work. Telephone 932. 219 N. j Colbom. $2..-i0 PER DAY PAID ONE LADY WANTED - SUCCESSFUL DEMO- In each town to distribute free circu-:f "^^^ ""'J defeated Republicans, sore- lars for concentrated flavoring inj •^"d bosses, all to meet and tubes. Permanent position. F. E.H '"ake-up at the altar at Trinity M. K. ' church toni Barr Co., Chicjipo. tonight. : W.VNTEIWSECOND MEN WANTED—TO LOAD CE- 1 State sire and price, ment at the Lellunt Plant of the Unit- i Kan.«. ed Kansas Port land Cement Company ' — near Independence, Kans. HAND SAFE. Box 2S2. Gas. • \ FOR SALE—FOR SALE W.A.VTKD—SKrOND HAND HEAT- Ing stove, jjultnble for office. Must be FOR SALE—PURE BRED CIllCK- gotxl size and CDiiipleie. I'lnlnnoss ens; S Crystal White Orphlngton hens. ',H«d| oldne.<!.< InnDjiteriul Name price | Kollersirauss strain, 1 cockerel, $9. qnk^k. Aildre-'s •stove." Care Register, j Telejihone 1210. FOR SALE—HOUSE FURNISH- •ngs, rugs, linoleums, trunks, • suit cases and combination heaters. Bon- aeli, 9 N. Jefferson. Phonfe 1290. FOR SALE—RHODE ISLAND RED cockerels; 7.",c each. Phone 9S-2I. Gas. FOR SAr.E—G O O D. M ODER N house, well located., Cheap If taken at once. See J. E .Powell, or call on J. F. Halderman at 319 S. Cottonwood. I .aundr>'. FOR S.^LE—SO ACRES, GOOD S- rqn SALE—HAVE GALLON GOOD rieh milk to spare daily. Will make room house, splendid barn, good cave, i cheap price to i>arty who can use en- wells; about 50 acres under plow; ' tire quantity each day. Telephone 1210. near school; not far from lola. Priced lower than any other land like it in the county. Small payment buys it. Call on The Allen County Investment Co:, Kelley Bldg., lola, Kans. FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR SALE—DRIVING MAHE .\ND huggy; city broke. Phone 2'u. '^FOli SALE CHEAP—TWO 'PHILO i'o'.ony" Coops. Phone 1034. FOR SALE—EUM LUMBER: EX- ;)ert sawer; have new mill. Ctmie and jce while mill Is on the ground. W. A. Dawson. FOR SALE -ONE OF THE HEST locations in tlie county; so acres ,'>U .nlles so^lt!^we^I of lola; good 3 room house; fruit and water. See the owner, A. 11. .Miller. Route 1. lola. FOR RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS FOR SALE-60 HEAP HIGH GRADE ^^^bt housekeeping; 2% W. Jack- Shropshire breeding ewes; 40 lambs; 1 purebred Shropshire buck. Farm 1 i mile east and mile south of Carlyle. Kas. Phono 984-1. W. F. Weber. son. Phone 954. FOR RENT—S ROOM MODERN house close In. Phone 3f2. •?0R SALE—40, 80. 160 OR 200^.^.^.^^.,.^.1^ acres nice meadow land; 5 miles from I* Icila; 133 per acre. Want no trade.!' See owner. S. W. Lust. LaHarpe, Kas.! * ' V FOR S.\LE—CHA,MPI0N COMBLN- atlon coal, gas and wood range; used two winters, lola. Kans. R. M .Colo, 809 North St., !• FOR SALE—BEST TEAM OP TWO-, vear-old mules In the country. S E., McGlnnls, I..aHarpo, Kas. j • AUCTIOXEEBl 4 A. D. Collins < General Farm Sales; Livestock 4 a specialty. Satisfaction guar- < antecd. Address, Carlyle, Kas. « • < LOST'— SOMEWHERE ON THE road between Childhood and Now, a .soul. Created in Gods image, sin Iias|-> def.ired it. Bring Trinity tonight | •> • • •> F. L. B. LEATELL, M. D, •> Specialties: •> Diseases of the Cheat •> Diseases of Children X-RAY Phones—Office 147; Bea. 147 lola State Bank Bldg FOR EXCHANGE FOR EXCHANGE—GOOD CLEAR western Kansas land for clear lola or suburban properly. • J. E. Quick, 203 S. Third St. TO EXCHANGE—A NICE l-ITTLE homo for good team, wagon and harness. A. W. Beck, 15 E. Madison Ave. IRA B. FRANTZ THK •rrOMBTRIOT «xaJu»Jv« aiSM- Pttttng tp—lsBsl At Banna's JeweliT Btor* T.O.CANATSEY Expert Piano Timmf and Repairing, Roberts Uuslc Co FHOKB-tfi —S. R. Mass, Benchley, Texas. «ays: ".My baby had a dangerous attack of croup, and wo thought we would lose him. But one bottle of Foley 's Honey & Tar Compound pulled hlni through. We would not be without It In our house." Burrell's Drug Store. —Try a llcgrlster Want Ad. UHHRPE NEWS FOR TODAY BKtN>M\ ITT Oil BY.IHKT FIN GEIL JOHNSON MINS. Leroy Defeat.s Lnllanie Football Team in Hard Fought Game, TIeIng Ihe Score. WALL PAPER. * "Wall Paper that has made a hit. Don't pass It up. Buy some of the.«e papers even If you don't use them for a year. It's an Investment that is worth your while. Early callers get the best selections. WATERS & D.V>FORTn Drugs and Jewelry LAHARPE. NOV. 8—The LaHari.t football eleven motored to Ixroy y.-'.«:- tcrday and met defeat by a score ot 7 to 0 in one of the hardest fought battles in this part of the state. La­ Harpe had the ball on th^ .5-yard line twice but fumbled both times. Both teams have won a game and as both managers are anxious for a third game it is probable that one will be played in the near future on the lola field for a large pursp. If this occurs it will draw a hoHday crowd. I.,a- Harpe's lineup was: Center. H, Limes ;• quarten Meyer; righthalf. Lawrence; left half. Barker; full. Busle.y; right end. Means: left end, O. Limes, right tackle. Street: left tackle, Stephenson: right guard. Kerr and Tempy; left guard. Pettit. Mrs Wm. Mills is nuite ill suffering from injuries received in a runaway a few weeks ago. She received a number of bruises in the accident but they were not tliought to be serious at the time. Walter Johnson pitching for Humboldt yesterday defeated the lola aggregation of ball players by a score of 4 fo.l. Ad Brennan of this city was to have pitched the game for lola but when .-it bat in the .first Innlup he suffered a badly mashed finger on his pitching hand, and consequently was compelled to turu over the job to Fullenwlder. Dvfr 800 fans saw the game the receipts being $18K. Miss Gertrude Gllmore of Moran. Is spending the w«>ek end with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. P. N. Hartzog. George Ktrkpatrlck of Blue Mound visited, the J. A. Brown family here yesterday enrtjute to Humboldt to see the ball gtime. Mrs. William Vaughn and two child ren have gone to Bayard to visit her brother. U You Have * PICTrRES TO FRA.MEj S bring them in early to avoid the holida.v rush. Frani4og a S* picture is the only sure way to * preserve its beauty. Tliey also * make nice holiday presents. 2- We carry a complete line of picture frame molding. THE L.\HARPE FrRXlTURE STORE H. R. MARTIN, PROP. « * « A NEW I^T OF » 3^ Fountain Syringes. BuU> * 3r Syringes, Whlriing Spcays, * 35 Hot Water Bottles, Ice » * ItaRs. Atomizers, Few * $ Thermometers, Bobber Mp ' % * pies. Etc « We Guarantee 'All Rubber 33- (Joods. « « At « $ F. A. Cooksey's Drag Store £ $ J^Harpe, Kansas. $ « ;• » $ £.$ 3- $ $ S S « $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 9 Miss Colleen F'owler wilt visit til I.,oue Elm until .Monday. Rev. A. J. .Morton deliver.-d a Iw- ture at Moran last nlshl In the Methodist %hurch before a larpe crowd. Mrs. Libble Goss lift y.^sterday for I'leasanton. for a short visit . She will visit at Garnett and KIncaid before returning home. Rev. W. L French, formerly pastor of the M. E. church here but now of Yates Center will deliver the next number on the lecture course on the evening of December 10. THE ours DOINGS AT 6AS Gin .11RS. PAYTOX TO HOSPITAL WITH BANGEHOrs ILLXES.S. iTIie ToHU Boys Are Pnicticlug I'p on the (.'ond Old Game of "Shinny" During Holidays./ * 3- rS FIHDAV * FRESH FISH AXB OYSTERS * '•^ 3- Phone 3I»3. =• CARL & HUXTER RELIABLE FIRE INSURANCE—IN renewing your insurance, place some of it with roe. I will sec that your Interest.* are safely guarded, by writ- ng you in a first class company. Be- -iidc.s, we need the business and will ipprcclate your patronage. R. L. Thompson. Phone 142, . Over Evans Drug Store. —Mrs. A. Grove, 114.' Dayton Ave. Wichita. Kas., states: "I suffer.-d witij icldney trouble, with a s'-v^re pain aero.";? my hack and fe'.t miserable and all tired out. but after' taking Ko!ey Kidney Pills for a few dny.s. the (lain eft my back and I felt full of Ufe and acthnty. Gladly do 1 recommend •^ole}' KIdne.v Pills to all whom have kidney trouble." Burrell's Drug S'orc. GAS CITY. NOV. S —.Mrs. G. W Payten, wiio !ia >i been dangerously ill for months at her home on North SicRca "^irte*. was r»'nioved yesterday to the lni.i)ii:il whrre she will undergo an oirTHtion .Monday. Her children have air, been called here. Will Ireland, of Uconson. was in tins Cily yesterday. J" Charlfy E. .Tones, of Peabody. Kas..' .•_ w:i- a i>'i>asant vi.^-itor in this city ye ,!i;,'r <;,:y. ••:>!:inn,v • is getting to be a poi)Ular ganu' .~.::;<ing the younssters. The two holidays are giving fh<' l>oys ample thne t'» -^i-t woll In practice. Gay Kobons and his hrotJier. Charlie, W10 i.= down from Kansas City. Their n<>xt pame will be with the Emporia .Normals cne day next week. .Mr=. Bo wen and family are moving (from iJiGranue to NcTth.McRae street. ] .i .".Mies Cc'viii of t 'le Be?k fann. will V :• ,. ij-.v,-,.;. • - ^":t.. iJeujamin. of lola. i< spend j ic wpek-eu'l w!th Mif .s I 'ea.' Hearh. O X'TK'T an dtamily. w';o i-.ave ;;( •:• li.'.ng <;n a^tarm 'aoi^h of town rro movin? :> lUi .s %veek. Mrs. .1 W. !x>wer made a trip, to tJiC l.ower farm south of (own yesterday. Mr llowerton and family will leave •^:;is evening for Arkansas to make Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Tredway received word this week that Clifford, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Tredway, of Basehon, Kas.. who had been dan- g<T0UEly ill of uphold lever is rapidly recovering^ Kev. Cady. of th>- l»rt'sbyl<rian church at Colony was a visitor in thr city yesteraay. Miss Lou Hartl'-y. who Is a gu<>st at the O. B. Hartley home will spend the week-end wltli Miss Hartles anil ih.> A. W. Beck family in lola. R. E. and I. E. Lineback b-ave lo•lay for a two weeks' business visit in Galveston and other Toxu^ points H. O. Stephenson. C. H. Hackney, li'hillp Cob1ent« and Mr. Hubbard mot dred to Humboldt yesterday to see ilie ball game. i Miss Graw? Nellson. a sister of H. I J. NoUson of this city and Mr. F. R. I^urns of Bums. Kas.. were married Wednesday. The young couple arrived here yesterday for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Nellson. Mrs. A. J. Settlemeyer and children have gone to Chanute to visit her sister. Mrs. \jou\s Richardson is visiting her mother in Kincaid. Miss Bartles of lola, was a guest of Mrs. O. D. Hartley yesterday afternoon. Everjthing sold at a good price at the Frank Potter sale north of town yesterday. Mr. Potter will more to town until spring wben he will move to Colorado. Russell McGinnls has gone to Moran to risit until Snnday. The' Ladies' Aid society of the MetJiodist cburch met yesterday aftci'i noon in tlte cburcb. bpen yesterday hunting on Deer Creek. • ^v^ciT home .Mrs. .\!i<e Hall and 'la«K|>ter. Mis*; " ^eorce Sein.. of Travis Addition, is Sadie, ar- exi-ctod froifi Wichita i „.„vin-' ro tlie property recmtiy week for a vi^it at the Kelshelnier I home. Tom Goes and Betinet I va- Jvingston " ' i tated by .Norman l.iOwc on North Daily IMPORTANT! Train 409 goes through Wichita. Hutchinson. Sterling and Lyons connecting at Geneseo wliii through service to Pacific Coast. Train 4«7. leaving lola 4:46 p. m.. goes through to Wichita mak ing conikHition at Wichita for Colorado and the Pacific coast Train 410 has through, first- class coach and standard sleeper to St. Louis, making good connections with all lines at St Louis. Train 408 makes connection at Rich Hill for North East and Southern Missouri points. LLinniGER 16EHT. from the city, played with the lola ball club v.>st"rday at Hunil)o!dt The lola tioys tr:et at the hands of Waller .lohnsou 4 I D 1 Tiie .•••cori' w<iuld ii.'-obably have been ehanged if .\d Itr»-nn:in hiul liecn able to |>itcb for ; lola fJirougiiout the game. He re, c<'ivi-d a niarh<>d finger In the first In: nine which retired him the remainder lit tin- uanu" 1 .Mirra I.lxlnsfton find .\I RI «K.-- wc«t ill lli!n^br>!i!; In an auto yesterday to >• f '.c g.itni- .Miss Mabel Wo<«!, w'.io has been acting as stenographer for l-awyer Irvin I of Klneald. returned liome yesterday. ! f{.iytu<ir.l Meeker and John Apple- I g ;t !e drovt' to Humboldt yesterday for .\gn"s Shepherd spent the with -Mifs .Mabel Woods east of ; I' 1 ;')wn .-on of Mr. and -Mrs." "liiiton. of Concreto. Is quite ;"eriu!i froni ebick*U|>ox. n 1:" I.-.iilurpe foot ball boys were i-fcatei! Ill IvcRcj- yesterday by a score of 7 to 0. Prom the noise they wtTP making as they came town last night at 10 o'clock one wontd think they had woo a ^decided victory. !* a 3; Oftr store i.-i now open to serve 3? * you of the best there is obtain- * ' S able. We carry a fuU line of * * r.ROCEBiES a * tilass. Tin and Granite Ware « « And Xotioa<« of All Klndx. « ; * Come In and lej us show you * i 3; our stock. • * « Spot Cash—Xo DelfTcrjr 33- . « :-B F. H. and 8. J. BOTD « » Hiram ill .-uf- Tlme Limit to Sermons. The proper length of a sermon is coining up anew for discussion because of complaint of the bearers that It is too long, and complaint of tho preachers that they are not allowed time enough. One commentator passes the observation that thirty minutes is not long to listen to a man who is worth listening to. at all. and that if the sermon is cut down to twenty-five or twenty- minutes it is apt to lose Its most Important functions ot gniijance. Instruction and inspiration. All of which resolves itself into the proposition tliat a preacher, like every one' else who has a message to deliver, either by voice or pen, must conform to the conditions confronting hlni. If he really has something to say he can talce all the time re^jnired and liave no fear that his congregation will go to sleep on him; while If be is simply pounding the air or serving out sawdust padding it is better for him to qnit before beginning. . As a rule the sermon that has to, be meaanred oif by the minnta might as weU to measored oft by the yard.— OBHlUrBM. AND PRINCETON MEET EQR ANNUAL QAMl^ Kcteham. Yale Carter. A battle wiU vaga within a batUo wben Tale and PrUiceton plar tltelT' loinual footbaU game on Nor. IC. Ketcham and BXothcnthal vIU fl^ tt out for center ot e AU-AmerIca, team. . Ketcbam. Yale's center, made tbe AU-AmerIca laat year. Joat going out the Princeton star. This seaaon. however, Mnthanttal h««J_*«»|"J marked improvement and apparientlr haa tha edge «» hla TaJa opposcnt.: limWMiKiilMi Cat out A* •be .w&Iilfivaeacnorca •tin da •f DfeUoaUT Mkded (wiucK cov4n the itctas af Ifaa coct oC pscUa«. esaran fean tka factarr. ebeekinc. clerk IsL-o and atlKT aacamiT EXPSMSE ftraa). ••d laedra yaor cfaoica of a <M tiiK« fcaak*: : The $4.00 (^^' nittstrations in the annotim-ements from day to day.) New ,. V WEBSTCBIAN l>shers 1912 greatest authorities frnni leading universities; is bound in jl DIGIIMIAKYinll Limp Leather, ficr.ibk, stamped ia gold on back and \ I mai^iaiKl sides, printed on liibic pspcK v/ith red edges and comers < I foonded; beantiru). strong, durable. BcMdes the general contents, there ] I are maps and over 6oo subjocts beataifuliy illustrated by three- color plates, nnm rous subjects by monotones, l6 pages of iBowiJ educational charts ar.d the latestUmtedSnics Census. Frelsent ec- r oil FTlt * \^at tliis oflice SIX CossacctWe 'IKctlosary Coopona cnd|| tfw Ike 93.00 Ic U exietlv Iho i «i the H«> bade, ex- ei ia with •qnate comers. SIX Comaaehra CnapoM and Am jBoMBaf -Mc Tbe $2.00 U ia flWa.ekidi bind. 41 New T*. •« <"»ed ia coM WEBSTEEIAN «°d bl< cfc r has. una •iai<> pscer, snae illustia. 90it cbatt* ara enitted.^. SPC * JiO^' Camacngaa CeapaM a»i-*ha ^OC^ Us Aor Book fcy.MaO. 22e.Bsi» faa PiMlaaa

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