The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 21, 1892 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1892
Page 2
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4. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS. SATURDAY, MAY 21, 1801. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. OFKICIAT J PAVKK OF CITY AND COUNTV THE NEWS PUBLISHING CO. A. I..BI'ONm.KK. Kriltnr* TKKMH OK HI IISCICIITION. TlK- NKWH IM delivered tjy cacrlcrH in Hiitctilnnon. South Utitchlnnon. and all Hub- urliH, at I ft cents a week. The paper may he ordered by rwul card, or by telephone "(No. •I), and will oe nerved t ;arly und regularly. IMeane report any JrreuularJtv of service or rhaiiKe of atblreHR to the NKWH oillce Immediately, and U will be rect'.Ucd. iiAii.Y—nv MAIT.. One copy, one year JM 00 One copy, nix month* 00 Onccopy, one month no WKKtU.V. One cnpy'l, one year.. 81 00 One copy, nix tuonthH '10 Advertising rates made known on application. Telephone No. In ordering- the NKWH by mall, state issue wanted, dally or weekly, glvlnc name. city, county and state. II subscriber changes place of residence, give former address aH well as present, and state Issue of paper taken, dally or weekly. Clilr.agoonice, f>70 Hookery building. O. E. SIDLINGER, THE Y DRUGGIST Prescriptions a Specialty. No. 17 North Main Street, HutcUinson. HiMiuturlitl Con von lion. A ilelcfjatu convention of the Kcnublirans »r the Thirty-sixth senatorial rtlnirlct uf Kaunas will he held at Hutchinson on Monday, July 'jr>, 18li'J, at 11 o'clock a. m. to nominate a uiiulUlaU for Htate senator from salil tllstrict. At said convention each voting precinct lit Haiti district will lie entitled to one delegate at large and one additional delegate for each 100 votes or a major fraction thereof cast for Hon. William IllKglns for secretary of Htate In 18110: I'rovlded that no delegate can clvea proxy to anyone outside the precinct for which he Is elected. Under said apportionment the various precincts are entitled to the following num- lier of delegates: ' KINOMAN COUNTY. Allen Belmont Bennett Canton Chlcaskia... Dale Dresden.... Kagle Evans Oalesliurg . Hoosier Kingman ... Liberty... . Ninncscah. Peters Eureka..... Rural Richland.. Rochester. Union Valley Vlnlta .... White. iClty of Kingman- Flrst ward.... Second ward.. Third ward.. . rBATT COVSTV, Haynesvllle. .. Carml Iuka WestNaron... Kast Naron. . McClelland .... Logan North Valley. South Valley. McPhemon ... Saratoga North Center.. South Center., Richland Banner Sprlngvale Grant Klin Pax ton Uove ItENO COltKTV. Albion 1 Arlington J! Bell 1 Castletou I Center 2 Clay a Enterprise 1 Grant •! Grove 2 Haven 2 Haves 1 HuntHTllle 1 Luu^don,.... 1 Lincolri il Little River t Loda 1 Med lord 1 Medora 1 Nlnnescan 1 Plevna ll The primaries for said convention will be held on Thursday, July til, IHfitf, unless oth- wise ordered by the precinct committeemen. By order of committee. A. L. Si 'oNKi.Kii. Chairman. MOKTON AI.IIAITOII. Secretary. North lteno 1 South Reno !2 Hoscoe 1 Salt Creek 1 Sumner 1 iSylvia .. 1 Troy 1 Valley Walnut 1 Westminster 1 Nlckersou— First ward 3 Second ward 'I Third ward 3 Hutchinson— First ward 4 Second ward H Third ward ;l Fourth .card :l ANNOUNCEMENTS. Full IIIHTItlUT CLBIIK. 1 hereby announce myself as a candidate for the ofllce of District Clerk of Reno county, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention which meets July :l'A inns w. s. YEAUEII, Sylvia, Kan. KOK UlSTIUCJT CLKKK. 1 hereby announce myself a candidate for the ofllce of District Clerk of Ueno county, subject to the decision of the Republican nominating convention. Z. W. W1I1NK11V. KOU UI8TUICT CI.BUR. Iain a candidate for the ofllce of clerk of the district court of thlB county, subject to the dcclfllon of the Republican convention. J. A. LKWIS. POIt BnPKHINTKNllKNT OF IMIlll.ll' INSTHUU- TiON. I hereby ancounce myself as a candidate for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction of Reno county, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention, to be held July 'J.i, 1KI).'.». CHAH. p. DAWSON, Abbyville, Kan. Westminster township. FOIl HOI-KltlMTKNUKNT OK I'UUt.IC INBTIWO- TlON. To the Republicans of Reno County: I am a candidate for the office of County Superintendent of Public Instruction, sub Ject to the decision of the Republican county convention. W. W. PAYNE. house rode into power seems (to have been broken into spray and mist on the roeK of Democratic selfishness. And now the leaders and press of that party are mourning over their wasted opportunity, and refuse to be comforted. __________ ' Opposition to Harrison. There are about a half-dozen would- be Republican leaders who are fixing themselves to be "turned down" lit the Minneapolis convention. They arc prnneinff around with chips on their shoulders, but if the}' are not very careful they will "get it in the neck" so hard they will never, know what SI ruck them. The Republicans want harmony this year, and they propose to have it, even if they hove to pitch four or five, fellows out of the windows of the Minneapolis convention hall to get it. For the post few weeks a coterie of disgruntled spirits have been plotting and scheming to defeat President HARBISON, though it might entail the defeat of the Republican party at the polls. These fellows talk about Hl.AI.NK, SllKlt.MAN. MtlKlXIXT, RKF.P, and others, but the sum and substance of their little plan is anything to beat TtAimtsox. Hut their scheme will fail. There is but one man who can defeat President HARIUSON, and that man is JIM HI.AISK; and if HLAINK takes the nomination it will be by n. mutual understanding with President HARHISON and not through the intrigue of these schemers, nor in fulflllmentof any portion of their plot. The list of these disgruntled Republicans, who aru holding star chamber sessions, is headed by PI.ATT of New York, and contains the names of {MATT QUAY, General AT.OKK, ex-Governor FOKAKKK and CI.ABKSON of Iowa. By a recent dispatch from Detroit we see they have called in LAKOSTON, the colored politician of Virginia, in the hope, no doubt, of attracting the votes of colored delegates from the southern states. These fellows are, of course, inspired by a spirit of selfishness and revenge. PLATT wanted a place in President H.vitmso.N's cabinet and didn't get it. QITAY thought he ought to be the "higheockaloruin" of the party, not only in Pennsylvania, but in the nation at large. QUAY was sat upon, as he deserved to be. That accounts for QUAY'S animosity. ALOKR wanted to be secretary of war, but the president didn't see it that way. Besides this, AT.GKR is as crazy on the presidential question as IIOHACK GBEKLKY was when he tried to beat GRANT. CLARKSON wanted to be secretary of the interior, and because the president did not remove Secretary Nom.K and give the place to CLARKSON the latter has a bad case of billiousness. Then there is FOJIAKKH, who wanted to be governor three times in succession. He wants to be "vindicated." The colored gentleman from Virginia— Well, that is probably a case of tickled vanity. This sextet constitutes the opposition to 3'resident HARRISON and the Republican party, can better afford to lose them than be dominated by them. No responsible Republican will consent to be their candidate, and consequently they have none—except ALGER, whose nomination means defeat all along the line. When the great representative body of Republicanism meets at Minneapolis, these fellows will get a deserved disciplining. Wisdom and common sense will predominate and HARRISON Or HLAINK, as these great statesmen and warm friends shall decide, will be the nominee. FOK COUNTY HUPKUINTKNUKNT. 1 hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of County Superintendent of Pub lie Instruction, subject to the decision of the Republican county convention. GASl'KIl EllWAUIIR. Grove township. yoR 1'ItOllATK JUDOK. 1 am a candidate for the office of probate judge, subject to the decision of the Republican county conventibn. J. A. FOSTHON. FOB COUNTY ATTOIIKKY. 1 hereby submit my name to the Republl cans of Reno county for a rcnomlnation to the ofllce of county attorney, subject to the decision of the Republican convention. Z. L. WIBK. The Democratic congress In squandering so many millions of the people's money on deep water harbors hus sue ceeded in getting tlio party into deep water, sit leoslr , JONKS of Hutchinson, and Lom of Medicine Lodge, are neck und neck in the race tor the nomination of congressman of the Big Seventh district. JONKH has the etneb on matters at present and is very likely to be the mun to get the plum.—Colwich Courier. The great wave of "honest indignation" on which the present Democratic After recommitting the numerous blunders of the Democratic majority in the house, the Atlanta Constitution, in great alarm asks what it all means? It closes with, "No wonder the Republicans sit by and grin. "Give them more rope," says Reed. "Egg them on," says Julius Caesar Jiurrows. What do the Democrats mean? What is the matter with themV At this rate, not only Mr. Cleveland, but the party itself will be eliminated from the next campaign. What is to be thought of congressmen who deliberately sacrifice their party in this fashion?" popular secretary and treasurer, of the organization: Whereas, Death has claimed Frank T. Lynch, the editor of the Ijeaven- worth Standard, and the secretary and treasurer, of the Trans-Missouri Associated press, and Whereas, His services in the infancy of tliis association and during its existence have contributed to make it one of the strongest and most prosperous branches of the. associated press, and Whereas, His genial nature, his many companionable characteristics, as well as his mature judgment and conservative counsel have made him a valuable member of the association and a favorite among men, therefore be it Resolved, That in his untimely death the Trans-Missouri association hus lost a trusted and tried member, the press of Kansas has lost a brilliant editor, and the world has lost a true man. Resolved, That these resolutions be spread npon the records of the association, and thataeopy of the same be sent to the widow of the deceased. The many favorable reports we hear about the government agricultural station near Garden City lead us to believe that it is a good thing, and if managed in the future us in the past will prove a valuable accessory in the solution of the agricultural problems in western Kansas and eastern Colorado. KiinsnK I>eIeg :ntoH. The following is a complete list of the delegates from Kansas to the Republican national convention at Minneapolis: At large—.lohn .1. Ingalls, Atchison; ti. A. Jiiggcr, Hutchinson: Calvin Hood, Emporia; A. 11. Ellis, Heloit; Ed. C. Little, Abilene: C. C. .lames, Lawrence. Alternates—A. 1). Keller, Leavenworth; Ira F. Collins, Sabetha; Chas. W. Hull, Kirwin: II. F. Mason, George N. Mickel and E. N. Emmons First district—Cyras Loland', Jr., Troy; S. H. Kelsey, Atchison. Second district—O. 13. Leonard, Lawrence; E. F. Ware, Fort Scott. Third district—II. F. Hatch, Arkansas City, .1. Gibson, Erie. Fourth District—Ira P. Nye, Eureka; 0. W. Little, Alma. Fifth District—Perry Hutchinson, Marysville; J. S. Davidson, Junction City. Sixth District—George A. Spaulding, Phillips county; A. M. lirenneman, Cheyenne county. Alternates—R. F. Hurke, Rooks county: W. K. Braun, Sherman county. Seventh District—Ben. E. Page.Clark county; S. 1. Hale, Rush county. Alternates—II. P. Myton, Finney county; M. W. Weeks, Kingman county. A Uoud Mint Vllldlentcd. Mr. J. M. McKnight of this city, who has been subjected to the most searching examination in pursuance of charges made against him as United States bank examiner, has just emerged from the contest without a spot or blemish) and has been restored to his position from which he was suspended six or seven months ago by the treasury department. In point of efficiency and native talent he stands among the highest in the service, and while he was forced to go through a trying ordeal, it has resulted in benefit, as it hus more firmly established him in the confidence of his supporters at Washington. He left Tuesday evening for the south to do some, special expert work in the examination of several of tl/e leading banking institutions in that part of the country, (lis many friends in this city rejoice with himj in his complete triumph and indulge ihe highest hopes for his honorable and useful career.—Hutchinson Times. What an elation it must be to the honest Democrats to have CAT. BRICK, the New York "money king," who purchased a vacant Ohio Senatorship, make the suggestion that "Intelligence and enlightenment are with us, but the brutal force of the money kings 1B against us." Almost the entire force which used to get out the Hutchinson NEWS when it was run by KAl.l'H M. EABLKY IS now at work on the Chicago Inter-Ocean. It Is remarkable how successfully Kansas sustains Hie continual drain which outside Journals make upon her sparkling newspaper talent—Great Ucnd News. Pretty In sentiment, but weak in facts, Tribute to. Uiu Dead. Tho directors of the Trans-Missouri Associated press, at their recent meeting, passed the following resolutions on the death of Frank T, Lynch, the A WESTERN WELCOME PREPARING FOR THE NATIONAL REPUBLICAN CONVENTION. Minneapolis and St. Paul Vying In Elaborate. ArrnngeinontA to OIVo Dolo. gate* and Visitors a Oond Time—Some Dacca Worth Looking At. Minneapolis and Bt. Paul have determined that when the Republican national convention meets in the former History Against Them. From the Boston Journal. Th at the literary wave has struck Kansas there is no ground to doubt. Its presence is proven by the fact that the citizens of Osage county are trying to have the name of their most famous schoolhouse changed from the "Red Pepper" school to something classical. But history is against them. When the Osage county school was built it was the finest in the state, and the building was opened to the public with a ball that was intended to go down to posterity as something Biiperb. It would probably have done so had not a mischievous boy sprinkled the floors with cayenne pepper and sent the whole party into the street in undignified flight. History, we say, is against a literary name at Osage. Congreufimuu Clover's Wife. Kansas has hadTnany celebrated women, but nono is inoro noted just now than the wife of the.Alliance congressman, Hon. J3. H. Clover, Sho has for the past two years managed a 1,600 acre form with such ability that the woman suffragists declare that as soon as Kansas grants political privileges to women they will mako Mrs. Clover governor. It is freely admitted that tho boom of 1891 helped her out wonderfully, but it takes genius to utilize a boom. Tho Clovers located in Cowley county in 1871, a»d for some yeare prospered greatly; all his means wont into land, and when 'ffl the dull times t'or-f;, farmers caino on ••' he had 1,000 acres. In 1800 it was plastered HON. B. H. CLOVBB. with mortgages to the amount of about $19,000, und when he started on his political campuign that year his wife took charge. She has paid all the floating debts, all the mortgage indebtedness except $5,000, and improved the place considerably. Personally Mrs. Clover does not correspond at all with the typical "hard working woman" of border romance and ba^edy. Sho is quite a society leader In her neighborhood, dresses with u»- usually good taste and is bettor educated than her husband. He was lK>rn InFrauklin county, O., in 1887, located in Kansas in 1871, and held no higher office than "school commissioner before 1890. Out of his salary as congressman ho contributed $3,000 to lifting the mortgage. THOMAS LOWBY. city next Juue they will outdo in the, magnificence of their hospitality any previous efforts. At least 50,000 stran- gerB are expected, and yet the Twin Cityites assert that there will be ample and comfortable accommodations for all. The cities are 80 close together, and there are so many means of rapid transportation between tho two places that St. Paul will be just as available as a stopping place as Minneapolis. The principal hotels are magnificent hostelries, capable of accommodating thousands without undue crowding. Many of the distinguished delegates will bo entertained by the wealthy residents of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Fine quarters—the best, it is said by Secretary J. Sloat Fassett, of the national committee, ever provided on a similar occasion—have been set apart near the convention hall for the out of town correspondents, and the local press. While the hotels, large and small, will naturally bo crowded to their utmost capacity, they have prepared for the coming event so elaborately that it is not likely that any one will be much ahead on the convention. In short, the people of Minneapolis and St. Paul seem desirous of showing outsiders how hos- ttounds So. Mr. Suhnry—I wish you would send me a pair of Cochin China fowls, Dealer—Yes, sir. I'll send them tomorrow morning, sir. Little Miss Suburb—Papa, are they the kind that lay the China eggs?—(Jobd News. POUT SNELUNQ. pitably and elegantly they can entertain. The capacity of the exposition building, in which the convention will be held, has been variously estimated at from 13,000 to 15,000. It is said that ample provision has been made there for the telegraphers, of whom it is expected there will be more than 100. There are many pointsof interest near Minneapolis, uotablo among them being the state park, within the borders of which are tho Soldiers' home and the beautiful Minnehaha falls, which would havo become celebrated even if Longfellow had never written "Hiawatha." A short distance from Minnehaha stands grim Fort Snelliug, the oldest fort in tho northwest. Jtwt outside of Minneapolis lies the far famed resort so much affected by southerners. Lake Miuue- tonka. It is unquestionably one of the most beautiful lakes in the United States and is surrounded by fine summer hotels and cottages for visitors. Qther near by lake resorts are numerous. This is. indeed, a region of lakes. The matter of transportation for tho large crovd which will attend the convention is on important one, and this OOV. W. B. MEKRIAM. work will devolve upon Mr. Thomas Lowry, the controlling spirit in the electric car system of Minneapolis. Mr. Lowry is a public spirited citizen, who Btarted life- as a struggling lawyer, and by industry and faith in the future of his city has amassed a largo fortune. Another prominent fignre at the convention will undoubtedly be Hon. William R. Merriam, governor of Minnesota, who will, in a measure, stand au the exponent of the hospitality of hia state. Mr. Merriam, outside ot his offl« cial position, has a keen interest in tho convention, as he is a wealthy banker and an ardent Republican. 3,000 SHOES. 1,500 PAIRS. 125 Dozen. -10 5-12 Gross. Is the Quantity of Custom Made Shoes ^- now going rapidly in our great Special Bargain Sale. J Every pair you buy saves HIT you at least a;dollar. us, IS' Every pair is guar- \ anteed First-class. Don't fail to lay in a supply now. I We can'fit and suit you all with the best strictly custom made goods at almost one- half actual retaiFprices. • A. J. LUSK, Pres. C. H. MEN KB, Cashier. .INO^CHAPMAW, V. I'res. HUTCHINSON .... NATIONAL - BANK, HUTCHINSONrKANSAS: Capital, $100,000, Surplus, $20,000, _JrkitGhinso^ Houses. nUDESILL & DA.YKIN, \ ~ k Wholesale Queensware, Glassware, Cutlery, Lanterns, Fruit Jurs, Etc. I I Close prices to dealers. Mail orders solicited and carefully filled. 1 1> 204 North Main and 8 Second Avenue EaBt. P ARKER & UPDEGRAPF. Wholesale Dealers in Butter, Eggs and. Poultry; PROP RS OF QUEEN CITY CREAMERY- First avenue eas t, Woodard block, and 417 South Main. B ALLARD, SEVERANCE & C0.~ J Wholesale Notions and Fancy Goods. No. 10 Second Ave. EaBt. Close Prices to Dealers. UTCHINSON HAKDWARE and IMPLEMENT CO. ______ Wholesale Dealers in SHELF AND HEAVY HARDWARE m iaS 0 ^ Salt Supplies- ^ ALL & WALL, ' T Wholesale Carpets and Draperies Only Exclusive House of the Kind West of the Mississippi River. No. 34 South Main Street. H UTCHINSON WH0LESALE ~6R0CERlca; Wholesale groceries. Second ayenne east. \ Telephone No. 79. A E. VAUGHAN & CO.\ Manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in Flavoring Extracts, Rock Candy Syrup aW Soda Fountain Sup• plies. 406 North Main St, VUorresponaence BOlldtea. r ^v,v. iiuuu ULMU. Dk \Mail orders promptlj attended. = —• 1 1 J'< MAOTJFACTURKRS AND WHOLEBAL A DEALERS IN "THE ^ WOODRUFF GUITARS MMANDOLINS omc «,;l> and u« Snerman ^eTtt a Bt,^hln 8 omWnTar^ J,/V ^+ JJ " tN ° Agents wanted In evert townin the Vnlted ^tates.

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