Covina Argus from Covina, California on November 14, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 14, 1908
Page 8
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Col. F. M. Chapman III. Only intimate friomlfi hnvn her>n nwnre of Urn gririnuo illness of Oil. K. M. Chnpman, who Ims been conflncfl to bin residence nincc Monday. Col. Chapman has been suffering from pneumonia and cenernl rlobility re- NultlnK from riverwrirk iiml cxpofltire, .For several weeks hctor* 1 election h») labored iirnrJy ni^ht nrid day direct iriR the Hppnhlirnti fl^ht in thin county, overtaxing his fitren^th, and on the night, of election, returning home, was obliged to stand on the platform of the electrio car from Kl Monte l.o Covina, contracting th'i cold which developed later into pneumonia. For the pBHt week ho IIHH been under HOHO scrutiny of expert medical cure and his condition fit time of writing shown improvement. Covert Hakes Sales. fieorge K. Covert haH returned from n trip to Porterville, where he conducted a party over the 2,700 acreH of orange hind under his agency. Jn the party was W. K. Fogtt of Pasadena, who purohaHorl 700 acres of tho now land. Nathan Ueulton of Covina haH traded a fine residence at Angeieno Heights for a tract of land near Porterville, comprising fiO acreH. The Los Angeles properly was considered worth an,000. Mr. Heallon will probably start an orange nursery. Ten acres of the Uadger estate has been sold by (Jeorge Covert to (). (J. Kelser of Lordsburg, Who trades ] ?1 Join in .Lordnburg and a portion of a feed and fuel business. The consideration in trade is * Hi, 000. K. E. Leech and (jeorgo Covert have jointly bought ten acres of walnuts two miles west of Covina, which will be torn out and planted to Valencia oranges. The land is worth 8 50 00, BANQUET OF UNITED FRIENDS. Continued from first Successful Meeting. The annual Thanksgiving meeting of the Pastor's Aid of the Presbyterian dhuroh, proved successful beyond the hopes of all concerned. A basket Inrush was served at noon and at 2 p.m. a program wnn given under direction of Mrs. (J. D. Jennings. The onening number was the singing of "Columbia" by all present, after which addresses were given by Mra. Ennis, Mrs. D. E. Huff, Mrs. Wator- lioiiae, Mrs. Bernis, Miss Lilian Douglass and Mrs, McDonald. A trio was Himg by Mrs. Emils, Mies Pomoroy nnt] Mrs, Stevens. The chief event of Uio afternoon was the opening of the bn>;«, which wore found to contain 81-l'i. 02, more than enough to liquidate the debt on the pews, pledged by the ladies, and thus proving the success of thu "free will" system. The next, rncetinig will lie held at 2 p.m. on Wednesday in the church pariocH. Something Worth While. You will (hid an announceini'iit from time to time In the Argun, pertaining to the lecture course to lie held hero this winter. While lectures generally are of two kinds, Hood and Intel, it is safe to say that this course hi to lie reckoned as good. At least here are the names of the lecturers: Oovernnr Folk one of the big NtiiU'Hiiu'ii of (do present, lime, combining modern thought with splendid oratory, a doer of things; .Jacob Uiis of New York tho writer of III in article OIICH heard him address a glrlt*' .seminary on commencement day, when lie took "Motherhood" as his subject, to tho dismay of ,'100 uirls, including MH own daughter; the Philharmonic quartette of great musical reputation; Alton Packard the sketch artist, and oilier talented and fanioiiH American entertainers and stah'Miirn. The in an u.x- ccptionally good one. Watch The Hoys. Sometimes there are as many as twenty-live tine automobiles ntuiuling in front of the churches, while Her vice is going on inside. Ksprcially IIIIH this been true nt lute, while tint union meetings have been in progress. Here is it Kindly word of \\nniinn to the small hoys who ha\!- been in I Inhabit of climbing into iiiiielunes lelt minuting outside of churches. .\iilu mobiles cust money. They are easily liiible to injury. Stay out ul them lioyb. To injure onu of thewo ma chines is mtil iriuiib mischief. The trustees of the Presbyterian Church fay tliiit they will proMiuMite peiriis tent olt'emlers. Hut it is only up to the boys to stay out of the machine*, anil linii tiuinu other aiiiiisemenl. liny a grooving laiite. ('in e lor gum disease in \i:iir lael.unl. The Kellar Tiioniasoii Mtg. (V. For Sule Prime Ttanks^ i\ ing turkeys. Order now of .Mr*. IIAUI. Phone HIM, h wimble. 1111 There were mnuv nther speeches, and songs galore, songs without number, and tho affair was one of the I most hilarious this community ever ! held, The banquet broke UP nboiit j ten-thirty o'clock, nil joining In "America" and "Home H*eet Home." II, L. Marshall was in magnificent voice and his rendition of old favorites was one, of the many pleasing features of the evening. He waa accompanied on tho piano by Mr. A. W. Aridergnn, a pianist and pipe organist of merit, who has recently I marie his homo in Covina, having ac; copied a position HH bookkeeper wltli tho (Jovina Fruit Kxchangn. Death of Hrs. DeForest Relchard. The sad and hiidden death of Mrs. UeForest Keichard fnee Miss Emily M. Htetsonjat her liomo in Hollywood early Thursday morning brought cloKO personal sorrow to many a homo in Covina. .She was ailing but a few hours, and Dr. A. Davidson, who was called to attend her, was unable to do anything for her, as she was In convulsions when he arrived. As during her years of residence in Covina, Mrs. Keichard was one of the most prominent, club women of Hollywood and was especially active in tho work of the Woman's Club. Hho attended a meeting of that body on Wednesday afternoon, when, during a discussion of the subject of public parkways, she became suddenly ill. Hhe was hurried to her home in Mrs. Graham Hmith's carriage and a physician was called. She failed rapidly and when Dr. Davidson arrived there was no hope to aid her, expiring at 12 :.')() on Thursday morning. Tho funeral services will bo liel.-l at 2 o'clock today at Ht. Htephen's Church, Hollywood. These services will bo attended by many from Covina. Prior to her marriage to Mr. Do- Forest, Hoichard, son o< Mr. and Mrs. Dan Keichard of Irwindale, the deceased was vieo-principal of the Covina High .School. A woman of marvelous mental attainments, she left her impress on Iho school, which is felt I'Von to this day. It over a teacher- was worshipped by her pupils it was the deceased. She was also active in club work, serving for two terms as president of tho Coviua Monday Afternoon Club. Her loss will bi felt keenly by many u young man and woman in Covina, who point to her as the one who taught them lo strive after tho great and good things in life. Get our special prices on these Men's Blue Serge Suits IN TMH SUPfCKIOR COURT OK THK STATIC OK CALIKOKNIA, IN AND FOR THR COUNTY • OK LOS A NO 10 L1CS. ( NOTICK TO CREDITORS. Kstate of Columbus C. Uohaniian, deceased. Notice is hereby given by the undersigned t'xeeiitri.x of the estate of Columbus C. Hohannan, deceased, to the creditors of and nil persons having claims against the deceased, to exhibit the same with necessary vouchers,within four months after the tirst publication of this notice, to the snid executrix of the above named estate, at Mu: law office of A. M. Pence, Rooms 7 and M, Reed building, Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California, which place is hereby designated us the place of business of said estate. Dated this the 10th day of November. l'«)H. Mary 1C. Buh.iiman. Kxeeutrix of aforesaid (.state. A. M. 1'eoe.e, attorney for said estate. Kirs! publication. Nov. 14, 1'JOH. 5t Don't lie deceived by imitations of DeWitt's Carholi/.ed Witch Hazel Salve. When you ask for DeWitt's be Mire you get it. The name is stamped on every box. There is just one original. It is '-specially good for piles. We sell and recommend them. Sold by C. K. Clapp. A Tdble for the Whole Family at the Children's Coats Splendid new styles, priced 82.50 to $5.00. Unmatched values. Underwear Our stock of men's, women's and children's underwear comprises all of the good makes in cotton, wool and silk. We invite your inspeetion. Good Shoes The Brockton lines of men's shoes are well worth a trial. Quit trying questionable makes. Shoddy shoes and poor leather are often found, but never here. Many satisfied customers testify to the splendid wear of our men's line. Do you know it takes six to eight months to tan leather? Much leather is preserved or embalmed in a process requiring but two or three weeks. These leathers, owing to the chemicals used, are injurious to the feet. Shoes made from it do not hold their shape or wear. Reliable footwear has a value just the same as a gold dollar and it is very rarely you can obtain good shoes for less than $4.00 and up. We do have out-of-date styles at reduced prices. Sample shoes are always in si/e 7B men's and 4A or B in Women's and are usually slightly damaged. Factory damaged and mismated shoes are also sold at a reduction. Comfort, wear and style in footwear command their price. If you want to gamble, play poker. It's more fun and you have a run for your money. Don't gamble in buying your shoes. You haven't any chance to win and the misery of ill-fitting shoes destroys the fun of the risk. The BROADWELL Store HOVING EAST Household Goods For Sale Also fine driving horse and rubber-tired runabout. Three incubators. New piano, concert cable grand. Bedroom furniture, library furniture, business desk, sectional bookcase, revolving chair, etc. New dining- table, golden oak. * Physician's office essentials, surgical chair. Many other articles. Please call and get prices. 11-28 0. P. SHOEHAKER Corner Second and Puente St., Covida has sold $75,000 worth of paying orange and lemon groves in the past month. The man who sells is the man you want to list with. Want to sell your ranch? Want to sell anything? Doing business when others are idle. George Covert Office on Citrus Avenue 11-7 Now that he has been elected, let's all get in and make things hum. Business has been good for us. It is going to he better for all of us. Call and see our large stock of builders' hardware, tools, oils, glass, stoves, heaters and ranges, gas and gasoline stoves, cutlery, gloves and house furnishing goods. Scissors and pocket knives. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL, Hotel Yendome We cater especially to home trade and always to the traveler and tourist. They say we serve better meals than tl'.e IML; hotels ot LOS Angeles. Let u~> prove it to Null. f i (token Dinner «'ti Wednesday and Sunday. A 4 J. .1. MTX.iIKKAI.D. 1'r,.,-,. 4 Hello! s this the advertising 1 man? well, you're the man I want to talk with. This is Jrenshaw— Jjob Crenshaw, grocery near the S. P. depot, meat shop and all that sort of tiling you know. Now what I want you to do is to put me up a good readable notice—Got a line trade here—want more. You tell the people that I handle Cudahy's beef, mutton, pork and cured meats of all kinds. TeU'em that Cudahy sends all his meet out in modern refrigerator cars, killed right and cured right and kept right. You can't make native neat compare with this meat of Cudahy's. The peoole know it >ut I want to remind them of it igain. Finest moat shop in the valley. And then our groce'ry department—-I want Covina to know that wo keep tabs on everything that's new in grocery line, and (.•very lino of standard goods. Hot a big stock now. I want tele- phono orders—my 'phono's Homo 22, put that in the ad. We'll de-j liver anywhere the stuff is ordered And say, don't forgot our line of trosh berries, apples and all fruits in season. We put in oysters pretty soon.'s all. Bob Crenshaw Near tli> S. 1'. Depot Phone 2:. A Healthy Family. "Our wiiole family has enjoyed good health since we began using Dr. King's New Life Pills, three years ago," says L. A. Bartlet, of Rural Route 1, Guile ford, Maine. They cleanse and ton- the system in a gentle way that does you good. 2Sc at Clapp's drug store. ***#*•####*##-##### . * We Can Sell Your * • Orange Grove Our branch ortice in Los Ange- les, 525 So. Spring street, en- ables ui to get in touch with * buyers. ' List your property with us. # * * * * -# * Covina Co. J * Plans! Plans! Complete plans ind specifications ot lii^j h. Class I r.Mdrlll'.f*. hll ItgaloWa, stiiivs,>, etc., furnished for ^10 and up. We also complete plans after your ow.i ideas at a reasonable coal. iH-iul in Your .-.ketche.-.. HamUomelv il'.u.M rated Hungalow liook tor .^K-. postpaid. W. I:. ALLHN S. Spring St., l.o.-, Angele Phone F. .'^> 11 >p Twomey & Diller The Implement and Vehicle People of Covina Have a complete line of implements and vehicles. The season is now on for Disc and Walking Plows, Peg, Spring end Disc Marrows Seeders and Drills BUGGIES, CARRIAGES, BAIN WAGONS The Best Tools at Lowest Prices Coolman Block, Opp. S. P. Depot, Phone 29 COVINA Shoe Repairing (o. i j FINE SHOE REPAIRING AT REASONABLE PRICES Citrus Avenue JUST RECEIVED A new and up-to-date supply of Cards and Folders for your photos. Special prices during September. C. W, Tucker's Studio KODAKS AND SUPPLIES Covina, C'al. F. E WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , . and complete stuck of everything in the line. Repairing of all kinds. Fine watch wurk a specialty. Cement blooks for sale cheap. S \V. Ciage, agent for D. E. Stites. tf Furnished rooms for rent. Apply to Mra. Martha Hibaoh, Cottage Drive. tf . THE NEW IRamblcr /\utomofc>lle Better than ever. Better than any, regardless of price. We can "show you." See local a'gent or W. B. COWAN )-v.U S. Broadway, Los Angeles Agent for Southern California Citrus Avenue '.'ovina. Cal. A. J. ROOKS General BlaolcsmitHIng All kinds of general and heavy Blacksmithing. i We manufacture Ridgers, Orange Racks ^;id Box Presses Morse-shoeing a Specialty home Phone 65 Shop West Badillo St, Csvina

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