Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 8, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1912
Page 6
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 8.1912. ^ Dr. Hartman Invites Doctors to Visit His Off ice In my last ar- •tTclc r referred' r<>:tho:fact Uietl 111 any doctors have U8od Peru na and haVo offered' to write me testimonials If I would pay iT'sem for their trouble. The publica- tlcu of these facte has caused «ome comment, espeoialljr some comment from I. c orrespondeots. y^.^'^ The doctors 8. & HanmaB, m. IK themeelves especially emphasize the subject I give on etxraot Srotb a characteristic let- tor written by a doctor. He says: Dear Doctor Hartman: I have read f wCiBt you say. about the reg:ular ph;-- •ieiana using: Penina and their aui-| tnSe toward written testimoniaI.<:. 1' ttlttk 'i^TOU treat them generhnrly by j&t odfiiemmne tlieni for making snefa ofCersf I'fcnow^rom personal expcr- ;' feikce tiiait most of the regular drug - . iittiises are willing to pay for that sort of work. I wish, however, you had Shren the names and addresses of the .doctors you refer to in your article. Y^ur «tatement.s would have been mJUch diore com>-inc!ng if you had done > MO. Y<m will exr,ig"e mo if I express -•gme doubt as to ilie good standing of :1S |B^yBtcian» that you refer to. Do % yfo irfSaa to say that you ha,ve in your ' ' lilM tbe letters w4iich rou quoted from .'Itt^otir 1^ "^Vlll you let me •«r tSioee letters If ^.^i-:ild call at your Otfice? >1 am the cOi'.r of a mcd- lotl joniiial and would b. p'k I to take ^matter up as a ncw^ .tiv .i inter- •v^jng to phj^clane. .5v> this letter I made tli- : lo\i1ng rwlyr' My dear Doctor: I am g'; ' 'ou arc Ipterasted in uiy article concomtng the (Toctors and their aUltudo toward Pernnn T assure you that I hftve the tetters tbat 1 quoted in the article and iltat >-ou arc perfectly welcotne to >ex- umino them if you will ^aU at my office. And at the same time I have many other letters quite as remarkable as those, that you may examine. In fact I will open to you my files, which are so arranged that faundredF of ttiousands of letters covering the last twenty years (are available. You may spend as much time as yon please in looking over, the correspondence. To each letter I have received, filed in alphabetical order. Is appended a copy of the answer they received. Yon being the editor of a medical Journal, T should especially appreciate If y^ov would spend some time in looking through my files. I am sure you will find the most remarkable letters you ever looked at. They tell the story of thouFitTifls of inrallds who have been .niilii with some chron'o «itarrh,i! I'l .^'i" and have found citiplete rein; i.v lakinp: Peruna. If I should pub ii: ii ;!ii>'ii all they would make a II- Irrary equal in volume to any law library In the city. C<vnie rl.^ht along. Doctor. You shall not only see the two letters referred tc In ihy former article, but I guantnteo that you will see scores of oth^rr equally as interesting and valuable Bring as many other doctors with you as you please. Pe-ni-na, Man-a-lin and La-cu-pla manufactured by the Pe-ru-na Company, Columbus, Ohio. Sold at all drug stores. ' SPECIAL NOTICE:—Many persons' InquIre|for The Old-time Peruna. The.i want the Peruna that their Father? and Mothers used to take. The oW Peruna Is now called Katarno. If youi druggist or de.Tlor does not keep It foi sale write 'he Katemo Company. Co- tumhn.«. Ohio, and they will tell you all ni«"it it. " m9 • Mon in " •• ly and '. in the rc; PLEASANT VMXET. - ' , (BerklV .H "November 7.— T'" - Oreek passed off some were dtsappoir all seem to be e&ti r Mr. and Mrs. Bui . • • have returned home after V • sant visit , ••wlflii Dr. Harry ar > .v.i!^ Abble |VjOrieve», ,of Langdon, K;-. ;. Qtas. Robinson was in lola and Gas ,.;Ci6r Saturday on business. DolUe Davis wa« up ^oar Colony S^faxta.7 after apples. •Jlr.. Lower, of Gas City, whd has t>ee& working on the CJias. Robinson ttadn has finished his work here and returned to his licme. j ;^lie and Ddma Grieves,—^isit Sunday with t*« ir brother,^en. John Jocksc/)^ making arrange- mei^. to start .^ •-'•mnx farm. John - fca^ some nice <kiin«s now and is Kl. catching more at> I'.-rt as ho can find ^ theW. T?:ie wet weather ;ias put thrashing ft/^ ou.tiic bum, so Harry '^eloplaln is help "Ingi with the work at -ne at present. ISv Mr. and Mrs. John ^lartln, of near Lojlarpe, visited here Sunday with 3(r^ Martin's parents, Mr. and Mrs. . Rjafus Martin. ^y Haokett wa^ calltng on a "frtond" near Carlyl.^ Sunday, afr. Thomhoff was lola on husi- ^ Biask Thursday. -. IChe Utefary at "Wise 'is been post^; poQed to Friday night, .November 22, l^'oii account of revival meetings at the chii 'rdt. .., T. J. Anderson was in Tola Wednes- p-day. He says on jbuslne8s,'but every |>.on«f-np here thinks It-was to get elec- |t'tlm.Teturns as they came in. Any- |c *-way he spent his time at the court **aionpe. |i JKvery one knows Uncle Joe Eastis wooil. Well, since the Democrats put Wllkon over, Uncle J09 won^ speak Ij:. to^ common ^Republican.' But that Is , all rright U)ide Joe. was a .Wilsqn Mr. Wm. Cllne has his sale billed After the sale Mr. Cline and family win mpve to their old home In Iowa. The carpenters are getting along fine with the work on the A. T. Balp lard bam and that Is some barn too': 60xS0 feet and as big as all out-doorsi KUCK CREEK. tGeorge Marks) November 8.—When Mr. Bert Wilson and his family were driving in a carriage a dog came running and barklnp to the road it scared his horse, the horse slipped and fell, turning over the hugg}-, throning the occupant* out I.#ety ru.stained a broken arm, the rest far .-i ii .-Uer.? _ ^ I':.'-'- who were neiUicr ibsent nor i jnaa from theword go. and to hack up ' .,:i:y ;..t Hock Creek last month were ''SSwood's Judgment we sur^ hope f-..'!, vs: Katherlne lilmer. Belle lYPU^on makes'good. bmiU). Edward Elmeh Ivan Hughes. Jtrs; W. M. Price has been helping Glen Cease and Harold Shafen We l4.t»k« care of thatjiew baby at the Jeff OS.IGE VALlEYi (Beula W. Best) •November 6.—Beula Talley is reported on the sick list this week, and has had to miss school for t^c jmst three days. Sophia Newman and Artie TalI.ey spent Sunday afternoon with Bertha Rudisill. • Bill Miller is having bad luck with three of his horses which got poisoned by feeding corn fodder. Li. Brown baled h^- for L. Rudissell Monday. Several of the young folks from Osage attended League at Fair View Sunday- evening. We are again ha\ing fine weather after o'.:r recent rain. Mrs. Ed Shively spent Tuesday af- iimoon with Mrs. W. M. Cutbirth. * Jlrs. Hiram Hoffman and daughter, Nola, went to lola Monday. Guy Hickman is suffering with appendicitis, Mr. Gabriel Harmcm wife and daugh ter, departed for their home in Kinsley, Kansas, Monday. They have, for some time, been Visiting Mrs. Perry Hoffman. borhood, for county Mfperioleadent Mrs. Marka' paronta* Mr. aii«> Mrar Ftichenmeyer, <rfiP14ua, visited 'tier TuMdaji* and WeMeMoy.' Tiiey also visited liieir oon, Jobo Friohenmeyer, NVaAieaday eyenlBtr and Thursday. 1 ^^'RaM fiBialied oarrxliv.iniUl.for Ml*. Turaar wlUle he waataUns*.va- catlbn. Mr. Rees will deliver miail on route 3 while Mr. Woods is taking a vacation. Mr. Davis has a fine well of water It the depUh of twenty-three feet on 'he Powell place,-kao«-n a« the Delap farm. WEST OF THE RIVER. (Sarah Preston) November 7.—The Turner baby is just getting over another sick spell. We know of several who were too busy to go to the polls to vote this year. Fred Beaty and wife drove over to vis mother's for a visit Sunday. Sarah Preston visited Lizzie lAitz Tuesday while the men folks were in town voting. . Mrs. Kelthley came ouf to Grace Os iiom's' Saturday where she is quite ;lck at the present. Her brother and vfife arrived here from Indiana Wed lesday to \-isit her. Frank Bliss was called to town Wed acsday to see his mother who is suf- 'ering with an attack of heart trouble. Mrs. Everly who lives on the Hen- Icrson farm is preparing to go to Colorado to keep house for her son. C. P. Clark Is trying to get a thresh ;ng machine to threah his cowpeas so 'ie can bale and sell the straw. Free Preston .is helping on Ebb Baird's barn. It now looks like Mr .Turner wouM •je the first r6ady to thrash kafflr -lorri again this year. Modt of our people thing it is too green to pile up. Florence Hicks spent a few days at lome this week, while those less for- 'umife than her were taking examln- •rtlon at high school. Those who attended meeting at J. M ^repton's Sattirday night and reraaln- ^ all night were Lizzie Weaver from Uartles>1lle, Ofcla.. Mr. and Mrs. Slioe maker and little girl from near Wclda, lesse Rlggs from near LaHarpe, Ellen Preston, of lola. and C. D. Nowlcs of Parsons. Mabel Bliss visited at her uncle's R. Peck, Saturday ni^ht. BvSc homeincar Gas City the psist two f., : f E^l Henderson is feeding the stock i:iimiiM:Mr. Griff It Is ^-intering on his i/ttat here. Vr -^^^^aok Lacey. of Diamond, is mov- 'f;ln»^5on the A. N. Tiitehell farm recent- £.]X.1(acated by.Mr. Bolby. tfiH S«vei«l are planning on attending jSthelG. W. Smith sale near Oamoad will be glad to learn of theeWtT.;^ l -,chai!Ch next Monday, November 11. of Mise Vide FethernglU of thisSSt^ are trying to have a better report next month. Mr. Frank Marks and family visited with Mr. William HIeman and family Sunday of District 40. Mrs. Albert Chick is on the sick list • , Earl jMonfort is husking com which he purchased at the Weaver* sale. The people of this nel^borhood HRMBOLItT. (Will J. Slater) November 7.—D. W. Thompson who lives about 3 miles south of ton-n while gathering pecans Monday even (ng fell from a tree and was seriously 'njured. He had climbed the tree to >hake down the nuts, when the limb upon which he was standing broke. ->recipltatlng him about 35 feet to the ground. He alighted on his back and 'lead and it was feared for some time lis Injuries were fatal. He had not vet regained consciousness at last rc- >ort. and is In a verj' serious If not langerous, condition. Charlie Ford w*b has been here for 'he past two years, left for his home n New York Wednesday. Rev. Will J. Slater, pastor of the •'hrlstiaa church, will a!<siat itev. Moomaw of lola, in a meeting beginning Sunday, November 10th. It was erroneously stated in these notes last week that the meeting at Star Valle.v school house wss to be^n lost Sunday when it does not begin until next Sunda}'. Rev. Sheiiherd. of lola. will conduct the serricei?. . Rev. Geo. E. Lyon of Toppka. state corresponding secretary of the Kansas Christian Mi8sionar>' Society, will preach at the Christian chuiich beginning Friday evening and continuing •>ver Sunday. Mr. Lyon I!r-one of the foremost speakers of the Christian -'hurch in Kansas, and his lectures will '^e Instmctive as well as entertaining. Miss Ruth Kelthholtz who tmder- vent an operation in the hospital at "hanute. returned here the latter part <f last week and is again making her lonie with .Mr. and Mrs. %\'!alter Burtls. William Senner. whose sister was iiirled last Tuesday week, was sevorc- V Injured by a fall and was removed '< St. John's hospital in lola, Simdny iftemoon. » Mrs. Clara Keramerer who has been visiting relatives and friends here re- 'luned to her home In CoffeyvIIIo Sun- lay. Mr. and Mrs. Crifzer, of Wichita, at- onded the funeral of llitl*^. Dorothy 'tiauMnc. who was buried Tuesday. \lrs. fritzer is Mrs. Straublng's sis- cr. T!if first number of the J^cture 'nurse was given at the opera house riiursday evening. The Arthur E. 'lunieston company was the attrac- ion. The advance sale of tickets, as n imllcatlon. shows the interest man res-ted and according to this the house •..IS well filled as the weather was ne. ROLDEX VALLEY. Lefieve J^^tunatism 'ith* body-taadte proJacing uric laci'<£ must be l^admatty tareated aridtl^ blood purified. h Correfct'diet is (.--.ntial. Abr^ta'.!; from tea .and anythingcontaiaiiig alcohol; eat meat only vonce a day and take SCJOTT'S EMUL- rlSfOiV after everj- 'neal. ' SCOTT^J EMULSION is rich in blood- .rs -makingqyaiities and makes new blood free -yirom the poisf )r .;us products which irritate, ithejointsanri muscles; i:*wonder- |;rlul powers r i. -e the enlarged, stif- • p.nd 1;.ore, MULSiON re. c .ikness with sound body-strength by its con! ;j5entrat«i nourishing prop ^es. ^'J Phy^ant eTerjnrhere prescribe l£001T^2 |StnJSION "lor rhein^^^ C ScotTABowyi; Bhya^^ J. |;!;feiied jain ^COIT'S '/places boc mi' (.Mrs. HatUe Gullett). Nov. 7.—Sam Cain came out to Ritend Sunday with his unc1«> Wm. Mills. Leonard Donald is husking his corn Mr. and Mrs. Tip Williams and family were guests of ye scribe Tues- j'ay evening. Protracted meetings will commence soon at the Valley. "May they have success." is our prayer. All the farmers who have the time -re plawing now. Ed Boyer has had a very sick horse. Will Wagner delivered cattle and iiogs in town Monday. Harry Backus purchased one of the 'argest pumps he could get at Hlnes" hardware store in LaHarpe Saturday.' Mr. and Mrs. Will Wagner were' dinner guests of Ben Smith on Sunday. Butchering is the order of the day. W. C. Walker has had brick walks laid around bis residence. We all rejoiced over the rains. Mrs. Dayton and.Rose came out home on Sattirday. Mrs. Kelley and her daughter were I he guests of her sister, Mrs. McComb on Sunday. .Miss Winnie Kerr has returned home ilfter a visit with the Paske family. SIlBs Louise Kennedy intended start ing to Wichita to school Monday but an attack of grippe prevented it Mr. A. C. Kohler celebrated his Ux- ty-seventh birthday last Friday. He Is enjoyinc life on tb« (arm. Ray Wgentr 'WM belpinc Harrjr SOeCESSFIIttYTBEIirED Xaay ('nrp!i Have Reea Reported. A Uttle tablet called "DigesUt'^- has been found to be certain quick rcUef for acute indigCftI<«. Many cases have been rei>orted where instant relief resulted from its use. Brown's Oigestit is. the successful treatment for all stomach disorders, tl relieves indigestion instantly and cures dyspepsia. Sold on positive guarantee—.'Oc. Bur- rcU's Drug Store. Boeken with his kafllr corn last Monday. cHERiiv uwnn. (Leota Wilson). Nov. 7.—Miss Montgomery visited at her home In Gas City Saturday and Sunday. G. W. Adams and Rev. Moody spent Tuesday and Wednesday at Mr. Jim Adams. Mr. and Mrs. Oren Adams spent the day with Mrs. Belle Adams Sunday. Mrs. J. C. Dornburgh and Miss Kl- sie Dornburgh spent Wednesday with Mrs. J. .T. Wlllenburg and Miss Maggie. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Peak were guests of R. B. Wilson's Sunday. Mrs. Harley l.umry called on Mrs. C. C. Peak Thursday. Master Clyde Van Fossen visited with Lloyd Wilson Sunday. Mr. Ernest Peak visited Mr. Maxwell and other friends in Gas City Sunday. Mr. John Holcomb is remodeling and building an addition to the house on his farm. It was somewhat rainy here election day hut we guess ev«^ry one voted. The M. B. S. will have a meeting with Mrs. J C. DornberBli Friday afternoon. toona came home to vote. As Mr. Bert Wilson and family were on their way ,to church .Sunday momipK the horae became frightened and upset the buggy. Mrs. Wilson bad her stoulder dislocated and the yonneest daughter sustained a broken arm. Mr. Dudley took them home in his a buggy and a physician was called. We hope to see them out again soon. The' Indies' Missionary society served dinner and supper on election day and cleired about $16. Miss Edith Gilkerson is in lola hav ing some dental work done. Mrs. Harvey longshore and Mrs. Nona Sutherland have been quite sick this week. Mrs. D. M. Smith who lived here for several years died at her home In Liberal. Kansas. Sunday morning. The body was shipped here and the funeral services were conducted at the church Tuesday morning at 10:30. Rev. Tichnor officiated. The remains were accompanied by a son and daugh ter of the deceased. Mr. C. P. Smith, and Mrs. Lillian Pierson. .Mrs. Smith was a true Christian woman and took a great interest in chjirch work. The sorrowing relatives have the 'sympathy of a large circle of friends. Miss Dora Hamilton Is asslting with the work at the restaurant. PRAIRIE ROSE. GEXEV.V. (Dorothy Call). Nov. 7.—Jas. Christy Is quite III al present. Dr. M.irtln of .Colony is attending him. Miss Ida Perkins Is helping Mrs. Olile Sutherland In Carlyle this week. Miss Lottn Yowen went to lola Friday eveninc Mrs. Sadie McKIernan of lola. Is here visiting relatives. Mrs. Smith of Oklahoma. Is here visiting her parents. The i.adles' Aid made o\'er $12 on thr dinner and suppor served election day. Mrs. King and children left Thursday for Bluo Mound. Kas.. where she will keep house for her brother. George Perkins and wife have moved into the Woodruff house. Miss Yowoll and Miss Taylor left Wednesday evening for Topeka to attend teachers' meeting. The I.adles' Aid society will serve lunch at Mr. Ho'.ipcrs sale Monday. November 11. " (Vera E. Rogers). Nov. 7.—L. W^. Sloan was a business visitor In- Tola Thursday. Alice Robb who has been helping Mrs. Robert Rogers with her work sjient Saturday night and Sunday with home folks. J. L. Brown of Tola spent a few days last week .at F. E. Knapp's. L. W. Sloan left Tuesday morning on a brief business trip to ^lowa. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Robb and Curtis S!>ent Sinday at J. A. Robb's. J. W. Mattock and family-were Sun day guests of J. W. McFarland's. Miss McKlnney spent the week end wtih home folks in lola. Prairie Rose school was dismissed Wednesday evening that the teacher Miss McKinney might attend tlie statf techcrs meeting at Topeka. E. E Wood and family and W. T. Wood and family spent Sunday at the parental Wood lioma busy dellv- OLI) ELSXOKE. (J. L. Thompson). Nov. 7.—The farmers aro plowing and husking corn. Frank and .lames Caldwell eri 'd hogs in Moran Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Harley Huss vlsiti-d at Ills parents' Sunday. Chester and Clara Miller attended the party at Have Tlce'g Monday evening. Thompson Bros;., are building a broom corn sh^d. Maggie and Lillian I'niphrey spent Sunday jat D. M. Allderman's. Miss Agnes Alderman returned home Sunday from west of lola where she has been visiting h^r sister. Chris. Norskov is building a new- barn. Justice Thompson called on I>eslie Ford Sunday afternoon. Edgar Trammell helpod Thompson Bros, haul hay Tuesday. Grover Stanley attended ehureh al Jeddo Sunday evening. There was no school Thursday and Friday on account of the teacher at- ITCniNG, FIERY, RAW ECZEXA Believed in a Fed Seconds. Yes, an Itching, buming. raw, irritated skin relieved the moment Zemo touches it Zemo is a clean, soothing, healing wash, composed of Thy­ mol, Glycerine, Witch Hazel, Bor- nclc Acid and other medicinal healing properties. Zemo relieves and cures every form of skin and scalp craptlon. and if you are not entirely satisfied with results from the verj- first 25-cent bottle, draggists will re- .{q n[Oi n| p|08 pun pssjopuH 'it einoq 8Z|S "o S jc '.fauoui moS. punj Morris & Howard Drug Store Zemo is prepared by E. W. Rose Medicine Co.v St. Louis. Mo., and their guarantee is as good as gold. \K(ISIfO V.\LLEV. iC. U Arnold) XinrniliiT 7 -.Miss Flo.'^sy Miller will sJvi- a farewell discourse at S.ileni Chapel (in Snnday evening, the 10th yMf» Millor wlio ha.-; boen reared on a farm a half mile south of the church, though still yonng in year.«. helipvoi^ it is I kt iluty to go to Africa .a.'! a missionaiy. and notwltlivtandlnir she has had Iiut little experience in the .if- fairs of the world, she does not falter at the thought of taking the long trip «o the place that the feel.s that duty calls her. Since enlisting In active work the past summer when a camp meeting was held on her father's farm she has attended several Pentecostal ramp meetrngs. so that from a fwlnt of .spiritual fitness she Is tlioroughly eiiulpped for the um.lertaking. She will leave about the 1.1th for Chicago where she will remain a sJiort time l)e- fore fhe takes up her long journey. PUBI4C SAUE! I ttlli ficll at Public Auction on farm known ihe Wblpple farm, 1 mile iibuth of lola, on Kentucky St. rond, unit >4 mile ru !<l, 1 mile Mtuth.^nnd U west of Electric I 'ower HouHCt .on ', Monday, November 11, 1912 Hcgiawlag at IM o'clock, n. ni., the Jfollowlnp described property: S 11 K .I n HURSE .S .1X1) MULES. .'> head good brood mares, all in foal. 3 aYe foalcd to Stafford s horse. 2 to Harris'-horse: 1 coming 2-year- eld flilcy: 1 gelding, wt. about i:WO lbs.; 1 suckling colt. 7 HK.ti) 3IILK nms. 1 tlioniiighlin-d .ler.':ey lu-ifer. ;ill giving milk. All bred, u will have calves next month. 1 HEAD OK H(n;s. ?, will weigh about P.'.". lbs. cadi: one aliout 90 It>s. lOU Chickens; 11 Ducks: .". Turkey.^: 3 Guineas. II.VV AM) (.'iHiX, 7tMl bii. corn In crib; 2i"i shocks of corn fodder: 3t» shocks of cane hay; ."lO shocks of kaffir corn; sonic hay in barn. KAUM I.MPi.KMEXTS, ETC. 2 wagons, good as new; I cultlva- lors, 2 walking. 1 riding; 2 ll-incli breaking plows; 1 barrow; 1 corn planter; 1 .McCormick mower. '< ft. cut, new: 1 .1. I. riding lister, good as new; 1 Go-Devii. good as new; I to)> buggy; 1 fneri grinder; :'. sets work harness; 1 set single.harness: 1 hay frame. iior .sEiioLD Cdons. 2 good organs. 1 cook stov, 1 heating stove, table;;, chairs, beds. 1 cream separator (Butterfly) used about two months; lots of canned fruit; about G tiu. sweet potatoes, and many other articles too numerous to mention. This stuff will positively sell, as I leaving the state. TERMS OF SALE—All sums of $10.00 and under, cash in hand. All s^ms ever $10.00, a credit of 12 months wl.l be given, purchaser giving note with approved hccurity, hearing t; per cent interest from date if paid when due. If not paid when due to draw 10 per cent from date of sale 4 per cent discount for cash on credit sales. No property to be removed until settled for. "'ll'iio™'!"''"""'- J.OHNWALDEN G. \V. SMITH I will sell at Public Anrtion on m; farm, (i miles we.«t and }i niiir south of Mildred. I mile* east nnd li 'a niile> north of LaHarpe. and mile south of Dinmhnd ('hiircli. on Monday, November 11, 1912 Beginning at 10 o'clock a. ni., the following de-crilied property: 4 HE.Vn IIOKSE .S. I t bay team of work mares, wt. ahonl 1100 lbs.: 1 l>ay driving mare. T years old. in fcal by standard bred trotting horse, wt. 10')0 lbs.; 1 tiay gelding colt, 1 ye-'r old. Bri-d for driving. I i HEAD t VrTI-E, FARM IMI'LLMEXr .'i. 1 riclin.!? ('anion cultivate!-; 1 walking •".-shovt I cultivator: I It-inch stirring phiw; 1 harrow; 1 (i-sc: 1 John iH'rre lister: 1 ninvvr. and rake; I- Dieriug Rrain liindi-r: J wagons; 1' 1 good milk cow. 8 years old. giving surrey; f .-.ingle biigyy; T set of new milk: 1 :-l-year-old cow. giving milk: both will l)e fresli in spring; 1 sliort yearling heifer calf: 1 heifer calf. HOfJ.S. ?, heail of shoats. wel);ht aliou! I'l" pounds. FEED. ;!t'i) bushels of good corn in criln 40 bushels of cane .seed in Ui -ni: I" tons of miUet and prairie hay in l)arn; .10 liiisbels of lirst-class se-d eorn anil other articles too numerous to mention. .•-ingle li:irne>'.<r I .si >l of liarneiis. liiritilo work H<iu >eh(tld and ki|ch»n KurnUnre. 1 KcoDoiry Chi-f cream separator; 1 live octaw- or:ian; 1 good boo 'K case; 2 iidii bi'ds with springs: 2 r<>''d 100- "?c itici:liatnr.s; ' 1" g.-uloiis f-f new .orr^'iiii iii ('!a .-Fe . .".I' i;eM.s '()! I.Tl.'V. pullets. • i !(i /.'>n lii'. k'-i;s TKR.MS OK SALE—All sums of $lo.tH» :ind under, rash In hand. All sums over $10.00. a credit of 12 niojiths will l )e given, p-srcliaser civing note with approved sectirily, bearing 6'^,r interest from date if paid when due. If not imid when due to draw 10'; frcn-. d:>ie of .sale. 4'/ discount for on credit .sales. No property to 1)0 renioMrd until sctilcd for. COl.. ('. E. DKAi.'OO. Auctioneer. K. ('. Met LA1.\. Clerk. G. W. Smith .\b I s usually the case the result of tending the state meeting at Topeka. I the election overflowed tJic political .Mr. George Welch, of Moran. was j ,.„,, of joy In the hearts of many of in this part of the county this week. Dave Brown helped James Caldwell fix gencc one day (his week. Mr. Will .Miller Is cutting; kafli-- corn. I '.lRl-YLE. (Jessie Caldwell). .Nov. 7.—Mr. Weaver's nioiber Norton. Kas.. Is visiting bhn. Mr. Al Shore, who is working in Al- of EVTi ill Little Sage and Suj.ohur Makes Gray Hair Vanish—A Remedy for All HalrTroubles. Who does not know t'ne valne of Saee and Sulfur for keeping the hair daiic, soft and glossy onn in good condition ? As » matter of fact, Sulpbiu: is a natural elemmt of hair, and a deficiency ofit In tbe'harr is'.held by many scalp apedalists to be connected with loss of color and vitality of the hair. | Un- oaestionsbly, there is no better remedy for hai^ and scalp troubles, espe<^ially prematnre gra3-nes.s than Sage and Sulphur, if properly prepared. The Wycth Chemical Comgan^ of New York pat out an ideal preparation of this lund, called Wyetli's Sagq and SoJphnf H^Kcmcdyl m v/hich Sb^eand Solpbnr arc combined "with other Valuable remedies for keeping the hair and scalp in clean, healthy condition. , Iz your hair is losing its co<oa- or constantly ojinirtg ont. or if you are trocbled with dandruff or dryl itchy aealp, get a fif^ cent hottleof Wy^ Sofie aad Sclphor from ycnr dhii nse it a6ecn]tng to the simple direct aodse^^hiita difTerence a few <^ys' trea^neht wili make in the aj ofyoorhair. • it, under guanmtca ryoor hatr. a U dmggietj sell tbat tfa0inor.ey v.-il reoia^y'is not ;>xaitly as represented. Special Agent-ijS. R. B^U. be reftoded U the our people. Others of ns are not so well suitetl. but al! are satisfied and heartily join in the hail of welcome o our incoming president. Mr.s. Frank Bale went to lola last :-.aturday io ."pcnd a few days with her iiarents. Mr. and Mrs. Tipton. W. B. and Chas. Gay delivered a car "oad of hay at lola last week. Tlie rain fall made the last part of their Job a task net previously counted on. Mrs. Glenroy Flake was at A .J. Mc- ''arley's this week. Geo. Wilson and family. John Harris and familv and Winfield Drake and wife visited at Frank Drake's Sunday. C. Fontaine and family vi.sited at H. I..orance's Sunday. Mrs. W. H. Root and Katie. Mis.s Fay Powell, and Miss Gladys Mars^h and her sister, were on the west side Sunday afternoon. .Miss Sarah Preston spent Tuesday at Mrs. Rebecca Purdom's. On Friday of last week; Mrs. Bert Cleaver was lured away ^o the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Cleaver, where ahe was ushered into the presence of a lar^e crowd of people who had assembled to celebrate her birthday. The dinner was supplied by those attending. While Mrs.. Bert Cleaver was truly the guest of honor, the occasion was a source of unusual pleasure to, Grandpa and Grandma Cleaver, and those in attendance feel that they were tnlly repaid for any sacrifice they made to be present. Prank Gay brought his sorgum home from the Billbe mill Tuesday, so will try to keep sweet for some time'at least. The young jieople including many of the older ones of Union neighborhood, are making extensive preparations for a pie supper at Union school house, tomorrow, Friday evening, and as the proceeds go to a good cause, it Is hoped they will not be disappointed in the attendance. W. B. Gay and family visited in Gas Sunday. Mrs. Gay's sister who had been visiting her. accompanied them to her home in Q^. I nill sell at Public Aurtl«>n al my place, knonn a.s the old Kunloir farm. li mile east and miles south of' (>as City. 4 miles and '2M miles snnth of lohi. on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 15,1912 Beginning at 10 o'clock a. ni.. the following descriiied property; 7 HEAD OF HORSES. Consisting of I brown mare. -S ye.-ir .s old. .wt. II.'.O lbs.; I brown mare 'J years old. wt. 14nil lbs. These mares are fine, both in foal. 1 gray horse. 0 years old. wt. KIOii ll.s.; 1 yt-arling FARM IMPLKME.Xr .S. E'rC. 1 ridinc cultivator, gooci .is new; I good ItMncii riding plow; 1 mowing i!i;u-l)ine. jusl run one season; 1 sulky rake. go<.d as new: I .Itrlin Deere corn planter. lined 2 years; 1 buck rake-: I horse colt, coming two; 1 span of baled hav rack; 1 pair of bob sleds, mares, f. years old. wt. SOU and 90u. p„st j.,. , Hirdscll wagon; 1 sin- safe in foal. All these are gip i.nggv; I 6-tine grahlde fork; 1 sound. 1 fine spring man- colt. .loiildc shovel plow: 1 water cream li> HEAD OK CATTLE. separator: log ch.-iin: scoop shovel; 7 <'ows. some-giving milk and sonn- sonse hog wire: cni.-s-ciit saw; good will be fresh soon; 1 fine Jer.sey heifer set of work; 1 set of single with calf; 1 giK .d yearling steer; in harness: 1 set of double driving bar lieail of good S|irliig calve .s. ness. colfars. p:ids: I saddle; I pair 17 HEAD OF HO(>S. breecliinps; 1 ^-iior .se feed crinder. Consisting of 2 brood sows with pig as n-w; and titlie: articles tf»> ^nd fifteen bead of shoats. ranging in nunieroni, to ni .Mfioii weight froml'.*. to CO lbs. I'acli Im. e .vtra tin'.- ii'it:;t<ies first year Also about two dozen chickens. from the .\ortli. TEK.MS OF SALK^All sum?, of $1M0U and under, ca.-h in hand. .\I1 sums of $10;00, a credit of 12 months will' be given, piirirhaser giving note witii approved sci uriiy. bearing i't'i interest froiii if i)aid when due. If not paid when due to d,%aw lu'v from date of sale Vi di.-iount for cash on credit tales. No property to be removed until settled for. COL. C. S. BLSKOP. Anclioiirer. Y 1} f TC J. IL CAMPBELL, t'lerk. J* AVV /aXJ. I will sell at rnblic Aaction at ni; farm, n miles north of lias Vitr, and 3 miles north and 3 miles east ui lola. and I mile north of the Silver Leaf School lioase. on Tuesday. November 12, 1912 Beginning at 10 o'clock, a. ro., the following described property: II HEAD HORSES. 1 black mare. 10 years old. wt. 13«"> 9 HEAD CATTLE. 4 milk cows, all giving milk now, and win he fresh in the spring; 1 • bs.; 1 gray mare, 10 years old. wi. ^.year-old heifer, will be fresh in the IF THE PAPER BOY FAILS TO deUver your paper, ^1 IS and we will send you a itapm by special carrier 10.".") lbs.; 1 blacit gelding, 3 years olcl; 1 black gelding, i' years old: 2 bay Clyde mares. 1 year old; :: bay Clyde inare colts. These mares are all high grades. 1 gray mare. I year "old; 1 gray mare colt These colts are roadster stock, full sisters and are .well, shover~ri'din^euUivator: 1 l(j-lnch matched. •walking stirring plow, one mower. spring: 1 yearling steer; 1 heifer calf: 1 steer calf; 1 yearling bull. FARM IMFLEME.>TS. 1 binder, in good repair: 1 Clover Leaf manure spreader; 1 hay rack: I buck rake; 1 hay stacker; 1 basket hay rack: 1 grain drill; 1 Dutch six- TEKMS OF S l ILE —iMl sums of $10.00 and under, cash in hand. AH sums over $10.00. a credit of 12 months will be given, purchaser giving, note with approved security, bearing C% interest from date if paid when due. If not paid when due to draw lO^o from date of sale. discount for^cash on credit sales. No property ^to be removed until settled for. COL. C. S. BISHOP, ^nciioaeer. / J, rf. CJIMPREIJ., Ckrk. WWJan P. OK

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