The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 21, 1892 · Page 1
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 21, 1892
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, SATUBDAY, MAY 21,1892. NYE AS A NATURALIST CINCINNATI FURNISHE8 SOME ZOOLOGICAL TH0UGHTLET8. Mr. O'Hoollhnn'. VlnwR on Dher* .Subject.—Seeing the ICInphniit—A Bnd Tnlo of « fight with riniric* find How Four Bool. Wer* Snved. [CopyrlKht, IBD2, by Edifur W. N>o.) Cincinnati has ono of tho most at- trnctivo zoological pardons in tho United States, tho fauna displayed thero being of an uunsuully rolmst mid attractive quality. Fondness for a closo study of animal life has ever lieon a characteristic of mine, and on arrival in any city of considerable uizo 1 register, sond up my luggage and inquire at onco for the zoological garilonB. Soon afterward you may see me engaged in studying the sloping shoulders of tho giraffe or the low, retreating forehead of tho crocodile. AT TflK ZOO. Professor Louis Agassis, with whom 1 have lectured a number of times to standing room only, divides tho earth into three fauna, viz.: 1. Tho arctio. 2. The temperate. 8. The tropical. The arctio fauna was homogeneous, and embraced tho northern extremities of the sovoral boreal continouts down to the isothermal zero. Possibly I do not make myself quite plain, but a little thought will mako this perfectly clear. The arctic fauua embraced those animals which, like tho polar bear, profer a strictly meat diet during the winter, exhibiting a strong repugnance to oatmeal and adhering to their heavy jaegors the year round. Tho arctio fauna also embraces the walrus, the pongnin, and tho ponimican. Tho Bait horse and Cincinnati quail are also found as far north us the utmost limit of exploration uad human verto- "brato. Bodontia and pachydorms do not do well in the arctic fauna. Tho season is too short. 1 would novcr Uiko my pachyderms too far north. Insectism does well here, and some gallinaceous birds, notably tho penguin and the toboggan, but pachyderms and articulata are very seldom found hero. Cincinnati has two good specimens of the polar bear. This animal is found in the extvenio north, subsisting mainly on kippered herring and young explorers. The white or polar bear can sit for hours on a cake of ice without taking cold. What a wise arrangement of nature this is which imahh 'H tho polar bear, oven whon heated and perspiring after u long, hard chase afturmi explorer, to seat himself on an icoherg with impunity while eating his explorer. This animal is also enabled to go for days without food. Last winter, for instance, is said to have been u very sovore one on arctio fanua. Toward spring, it is said, thousands of arctic animals were driven from their usual haunts by cold and hunger, many of them barely eking out a wretched existence by licking tho axlegreaso off tho north polo. The polar bear, however, pulled through without great suffering and in very fair condition, while thousands of other arctic animals died off, owing to the fact that curiosity regarding the open polar sea is apparently falling off, and the carnivorous animals of the polar rogion aro now often seen to pause and look at each other as who should say: "Don't it seem to yon that it is getting to be a pretty long time between polar expeditions?" About tho only real merit attached to tho arctic regions, it seems to me. is tho fact that there is said to be absolutely uo malaria thero and very few mosquitoes. On tho other baud, the tropical fauna mast continually grapple •with a very malarial climate, Tho very sine quinine of a climate, as it were. Tho tropical fauna is represented in tho Cincinnati zoological collection by a nam bor of good specimens, ainoug others a pair of chimpanzees, called Mr. and Mrs. O'Hoolihan. Mr. U'Hoolihun is somewhat boluwtho medium height and resembles the late Mr. Crowloy. of New York. Mr. O'Hoolihan has a pale gray eye and John C. Calhoun whiskers. In jiolitics ho favors a republican form of government with a Democratic majority. Socially ho is rather liberal, and would no doubt lead a doublo life if he had not been placed where his actions are constantly under tho public oye, as it were, Ono of tho most touching pictures 1 have over seen, 1 think, and one well worthy of tho brush of a Item- braudt or a McOougall, is that of Mrs. O'Hoolihan on a Sabbath morning fussing arouud among Mr. O'Hoolihan's John C. Calhoun whiskers with a lino comb. Mr. O'Hoolihan favors tho election of senators directly by tho people, and also urges that in this day jf populur prici>s for good entertainments that seat* in the Bonate are too high. Ho would favor wuking them ton. twenty and thirty cents. Air. O'Hoolihan also favors tho free und uurastrictod coinage of silvor, together with tt moro rigid rule regarding its absorption by those who already have some. His theory is that the govern ment should offer a certain percentage of premium to those, who now have money, and by that means ascertain truthfully what amount each citizen has. Then ft should announce that it had made a slight error as to the meaning of tho law, and turn right around ivith what silver it has and what it can coin by means of a now brick and tile machine which will mako money as fast as n hig factory can mako carpet tacks, and even up tho whole thing so that all mankind may start in square again. Mr. O'Hoolihan favors also the apportionment of brains in the same way if possible, otherwise the able men would fool the other folks out of their money again in n week, and all this apportionment would have to be gone through with again. He does not know yet very fully how he will even up tho gray matter business, but he thinks it can bo dono. Ho claims that when surgeons are ablo to open the skull of a foolish person that has failed to grow, thus giving room to tho brain so that the idiotic, by having a gore or a gusset put into a skull, have been ablo to almost think inside of a week, whereas they formerly did not know enough to ache when they got hurt, he thinks tho day is not far distant whon the man who knows too much maybe made to "whack up," as it wero, with tho mental pauper. Proper officials will go around with a brain tester for people to think against, and by means of a graduated scale the official can tell whether a man kn .ws moro or less than the law allows. In this way tho smart Aleck who knows it all, and who tells his parents how to grow up to be good men and women, will be compelled to fork over some of his ability to tho poor fellow who has failed as a sand pounder. Mr. O'Hoolihan favors more rigid marriage laws, especially requiring those who marry to rof rain from shooting each other within tho first year, and also restraining them from publishing their divorce proceedings, so that children aro liable to get hold of them. He believes in having suitable places, with sanitary plumbing connected with them, where people may go to get their divorce business and soiled linen attended to. Asked liis opinion regarding English humor as compared with Irish and American humor, ho said: "Tho English humor of today is of a restful charactor and used mostly as a moanB of relaxation. In tho days of Thackeray - and Dickens Englishmen seemed to 1 enjoy a mirth provoking humor of the American order, it seems to me, but now it runs largely to puns and petty larceny. It is a sadder humor than ours, a good style to adopt during Lent. English humor with sulphur and treacle can do uo harm, 1 think. "An Englishman camo over on a Cu- narder tho other day, and tho passengers put tho customs officers 'on to him' because he seemed to have swollon up so rapidly tho day before reaching New York, But how do you suppose ho got out of it? He told tho officers that the day before he landed the passengers got him to talking on tho tariff, and before ho had an idea what ho was doing he had enlarged upon it! 'He turned out to be the aoug aud dance editor on the staff of Punch, who was coming over to America for his health, also for the purpose of organizing a school of what is called White- chapel humor, which is quite popular in England now.' - Tho-Cinciunati zoological works possesses tho tallest and handsomest giraffe graudiilora that there is in America, M> 1 am told. Itcan easily eat out of a third Btory window, and belongs to Rescue Hook and Ladder company, No. 3, of Cincinnati. The elephant was feeling very poorly when I Baw him. His skin looked dry and foveriah. When he walked his overalls rattled together like tin clothes fastened together with wire. TUB ELEPHANT WAS NOT PEEUNQ WELL. The mandrill is a strange looking beast with a brief but spirited tale. It has a blue nose, but flushes easily if taken by surprise. It then goes aud buries its face in its hands in au embarrassed way, erroneously thinking that it is secure from view. It was on board a train botween Wheeling and Pittsburg tho other day that 1 heard a sad tale. It was told to me by a rufined Kentucky gentleman who wat) selling ballot boxes under tho Australian system. Ho said that ho could also provide voters when it was desired. He said that nothing for years had called forth so much genuiuo ingenuity as the Australian ballot system, not only on the part of those whd wish to defeat its operations aud effects, but on the part of those who wish to make the successful ballot box booth, etc., so as to be tho official manufacturers of voting furniture. Ho. told mo of a Swiss gentleman from Toll City, Inil., who hus perfected a portable booth, ballot box, guard rail, rope aud six chairs, all of which fold up into a space lt}^ inches thick, and the package does not look larger than a good sized atlas. This gentleman was attending church a few weeks ago when tho shrill cry of fire burst forth oo the Btreet of the village. The pastor had been unusually interesting in his talk and unusually Stick to a I Sometimes you may havo to wnit Tho troubles that have l )ocn years flRftt, In gathering can't always be cleared awnv in a day. For all tho dis- II oases anr> dis- H orders pecuiiar to £ womanhood, Dr. Tierce's Favnrito Prescription is tho surest and speediest remedy. Yrm can dcjxmd upon tlint—but if your case is obstlnato, give It reasonable time. It's an invigorating, restorative tonic, a soothing and strengthening nervine, awl a positive specific for female weaknesses and utlinentH. All functional disturbances, painful irregularities and doraiipomcnts aro corrected and cured by it Ail unnatural discharges, bearing -down sensations, weak tack, accompanied with faint spells and kindred symptoms, aro corrected. In every case for which it's recomnionded, " Favorite Prescription," M guaranteed to give satisfaction, or the money is refunded. No other medicine fur wonen is sold on such terms. That proves that nothing else offered by tho dealer can he "Just as good." strong in his vigorous attacks, especially upon gambling, drinking and the desecration of the Lord's day. Every one was greatly interested, for the pastor's heart was in tho work and his burning words wero listened to with rapt intention, for his language wns as powerful as it could be without violation of clerical etiquette and the statutes in such case made and provided. Firo, however, had broken out in the hotel near by, it seemed, and BO in the midst of his eloquent and fearless battle against these vices ho broke off suddenly to aid iu saving property. ' Ho formed a bucket brigade, and aided by tho four other pastors, who had also hastened to tho sceno, a lino of pails soon extended from the nearest pump to tho ladder running up tho side of the building. For hours tho good man fought the flames without ever pausing for breath. Tho hook and ladder company did tho swearing while he carried water. They pulled down ivy vines, ate hotel pio. rilled tho air with imprecations and ever and anon rolled up their sleeves to see if their muscles had grown any since they last examined them. <t . Finally, seeing that tho hotel could not ho saved, aud that n little cottage near it was threatened, the pastor suid: "Let us save ibis little home at least- Put blankets on tho roof and keep them wetted. Work with 'a will, boys, and wo may snvo this little 'cot' even though the hotel perish." " Finally, after hours of struggle in the choking smoke and heat und discouragement, tho flames died down and, surrounded by ruin and wreck, tho little house stood by itself safe aud unscathed. The pastor wont in to seo if everything still remained unharmed and to receive the thanks of the occupants. There was no one there, but on tho table, face down, were four unusually good hands, running all tho way from the straight to tho bobtail flush, while in the center of tho table stood tho tempting jackpot, and near by, on a sideboard, a tall receptacle with willow environments containing spirits, arranged and dramatized by a gentleman named Pepper. The cottage was what is called in that country a "Speak Easy.'" A "Speak Easy" is not a moral place. The pastor put on his coot and princess vest and wont home, and as he went some ono heard him say: "Whoso is simple, lot him turn in hither. 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For tho first time in years I can Bleep well and my system is regular and in splendid condition. Tho old Mexican herbs in this remedy aro a certain euro xtx constipation and, bowel troubles '" Ask or M >® Vegetable OSarsaparlUa Largest bottle, isost effective, »amo price For sale by door north of £ BOARDERS WANTED At the old reliable barn of J. H. M'CLURG, Corner of Second and Walnut, adjoining Brunswick hotel. This barn is neat and clean, having all been overhauled and white washed, and is well ventilated, conveniently located and the safest barn from fire in the city. The proof of this is thatinsuranc^om- punies give the lowest rate of Insurance on it than any livery barn in tho city. It is also furnished with electric light, telephone and water. IlorsesTlc- livered and sent for. Satisfaction is guaranteed to all our patrons. Wc also keep a few first-class rigs, safe single and double drivers. Uigs and harness new. .T. II. M'CfiL'RH, Prop. 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Freights Freight Arrive Hutchinson. :50 a in 10:3!.'am 8:15 p m 4:00 pm Leave Hutch- lnBon. 10:32am! 8:35 p mi 1:28 pm' 8:35 a m|0:30 a ml Arrive . Kansas u City. r 4:40.p m 0:015 p in 7:00 a m Chicago, KniiHHH Si Western KtUlroad. Hutch lnson Kxteuslon. Trains. f Leave Hutchinson. Arrive Kinsley SanPranc'co &Texas Ex.. Acco'md'tlon 3 341 8:20 pm 8:20 am J-2:20an£ 1:80 p m ( ' Leave Kinsley Arrive Hutchson. Arrrlve Kansas City. Ne^v York Limited Ex. Accom'd'Uon 4 342 4:37 a m 2:25 p m 7:50 a m 7:50 pm 4:40 p m No. 3 carries through Pullman aud tourist sleeping cars to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and City of Mexico. No. 5 carries through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Pueblo. Coloradao Springs and Denver, making connections at Pueblo and Colorado Springs with through sleepers for San Francisco and Portland, via. Salt Lake. No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper to Dodge City and through coaches to Pueblo and Denver. No. 4 carries through Pullman and tourist sleepers, also chair jara-to Kansas City and LChlcago, also-Pnttman sleeper to St. Louis. No. u carries through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago No. 8 carries Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo. GEO.' T. NICHOLSON, G. T. & P. A., Topeka, Kan. J. W. TBQFOUD Agent Santa Fe Route. H'ltchlnson. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. S PHYSICIANS. H. SIDLINGEnT Physlcllin mid Surgeon. OBice over Sidlinger 'B drug store. Onice telephone, 10; residence, 00. D RS. STEWART, 327 North Main. DR. J. E. STEWART. Practice limited to Surgery and Diseases of Women. DR. R. A. STEWART, Eye, Ear, Throat and Nose. Glasses properly adjusted. J. \V MAGUIRE, M. D., Treats Kye, Eur, Nose and Throut Diseased Carefully. Office, No. 110 North Main. Residence, 608 North Main. J G. MALCOLM, Pliysleiuu und Surgeon (Homeopathic) Office 118 1st avenue cast. J. U0,M CONN, Dentist. Parlors corner of Main and First avenue, over Reddersen's store. ATTORNEYS. JNO. W. KOUKRTsT Attorney nt Law. Rooms 2,3 and 4, Mo. 3 South Main. L ESLIE & CRAWFORD. Attorneys ntl.uw. successors to Swlgart & Crawford. Penney Building, opposite'Court House. JgDWARD A. HARKIMAN, Attorney at Law. Office in Hutchinson National Hank building -yy -M. WHITELAW, Attorney at Law, Office over First National Bank. Entrance on Sherman street. i 1 •^yHITESIDE A OLEASON Attorneys at Law, Office, 1,2, 3,4, over No. 84 South Main St. rjlAYLOR &.TAYLOR, ' At torneye at Law, Office, up-atalrfi, Masonic Temple. nr /i,: BEFORE The CBlelirated'freiifili Csrs. 'W 1 "APHRODIllK^^a: Is BOLD OK& . POSITIVE GUARANTEE to euro any form ot norvoua disease or any din- order of tbo Rcii- -erativo organs vt either BOX/ whether arising from tho execo- AFTEK HITC OHO of Stlmnlantff, Tobacco or Opium, or through youthful indiscretion, over indulgence, Ao„ BUCQ as L«6B of Brain row or, wafeof ulness, Bcttriug down Falna In tho bacK, Beminal \Ycakiit ?HH, Hysteria, Nervous Pros- tr».tlon ( KooturaalEmlH8ionH ,LeucorrlicEa.,Dle- slnesa. weak Memory, LOBS of Power and Im- potenoy, which ilnojriecteu oltcn lead to pro- maturo old apo nnd Insanity. Price $1.00 aba* ft ba&ea for $6.00. Bout by mail on receipt tf P ^S L WKTTTEN GUARANTEE la given hr. every $5.00 order received, to refund the money If a Fermaneiit cure is not effected. We nave thousands of testimonials from oldandyonng of both sexes, who have been permanently ourod by tho nee of Aphroditlno. Circulars tree. Mention paper. Address THE APHRO MEDICINE CO. r Aflhingtoa 8t„ CHICAGO. IZJb For Bale by A. & A. Drug- Co. fi Paul Lam ois. MM US Mil Mm HAIIM . SOR TO WM. MORRISON.) Tho pla veal and i fish and t Telephone! of Main und Fourth. to buy your heef, pork. 1 inds of sausage, oysters,' Jobn H^rtman, cutter

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