Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 8, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1912
Page 5
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V THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING. NOVEMBER S. 1012. MOILY hff^DONMD A TMX or THE rRONHER JufhroT "Keith o% ^Border: Lady o/ I[iu:straiton0 CHAPTER II. "Brick- Kamlin. The two officors looked op ' with some eagerness, Molkinnld ptrcigh'tcn- ins in his chair, and r-ntiming th€ cavalryman's salute ir..-t!activcl\". hi; pyes expressicg si:rjirise. Uo was a 6traight -limbt>d f-^Mov.-, s!'--r.dor!y buil: and appearini; t.-iK.r tl::'a h»> rcii'v was by reason of Iiis • root, soidi- ri> carriage: thin of w.;'<t, brond ol CORyRJOHT 19:2 BY A.C.M<<.LURG & Ga and had the Btory firil hanTl. TJUII^- was a lieutenant in "D" Troop, OJ! with his first indepecMi-nt coiuma' ^ scouting along tho Canadian. i:« know as much about Indians as a co docs of :n.UE!c; One morning t!;« young Idiot loft camp with only c trooper along—Hamlin here—and !u was a "rookie,' to follow up what lo<ik cd like a fr. sh trail. Two hours late: thpy roiie slap into a war party, ntif tho fracas was on. P'lgan got a ball throuKh thi» body at the lir.^t Sie t'ui p.iralj7.od hiaj. He v.aa couscous, but ctiest, drossod in rou^'i svrvi.o nr.i form, without j.:cl:of. jj.-;t .is lie \v.\i'> couldn't move. Tho"r.'sl was up ti rolltid out of tlio siid,;!.-. r 'iu ::h shirt j Hamlin. You cwaVX to have hear. oi ..?n at the thro .i'. !>atol;.d. di.-colov.l"'i«aa toll it vben h*- got so he couh trousers, with bro..d >.I!.nv .•••riii-:-j -^I'ak. Hamlin dra;;c<'d lae Iwy dowr down the sear.!, sruclv i'.to :. rvici" r,.1 t -i" I'urfalo wallow, shot bdi ing boots, a tevci..r .l.u;»:.r.; a; h..-i i'"-^'--'. ar.d c:U b, hi::d the!:i. It w;.; t 1-ft hip. and a" s.Mt h.u, f :.d.-d tadl; ; -l"'-'^ it^ Uv-- *• r.: cf a lamb's t.v.l crushed in on.! l;..r.d. | The ni.ijor saw all thi.-, yot it w.i>' at the nuiiis uncovi ^nd fjce ho s.i:. J' i::ost itiientlj;. !!•> lool.tvi u;*.");! ;r countenar.c-' browr.-d b;. sun ca.l a:-j kali, intollig^ f.t, sob.r. h'-;-^ ily brov. I ed. with eyes of di'rk f:r.-;y rat;-.-r deeply sot: .'irni i:;<. a o'.iiu son; ';'..-.r prominonr. ;-.:-.d a Lr.iai! :'...-i ;h -a .i. \\:light colored ;'..i-r a'ci ve -"•'.i'^. . trimmed: tlv^' c. -s -vor-? d,,:;. :. hy jtwo days" r;; of b-ari. ?•". IVinald uuclosod. tain 1. ^ hand. ••Yor are from .^.Tt. I'.-.:on, Carta;:; Travors to'.ii ni.^."" "Yes. sir." the r--;'!;- ate. as though t!..- sp-ak. r ;;j:d r.-. (!•• sire to wasto v.crds. ' "I 1,--' despatches: thf-y were deiiv-i ;• Captain Travero." •"Yes, I kr>c^: b":t I r::-y r'-c;:;r. yo"i ILT o:r. T service. What v.-r your p.-ders?" •"To rtruriv at, convo„Ti»^ncc." •"Good. I kno-.r li.iwley. -ind do V'-^x • thir:k h>- wcuid ob; ct. V.hat is your reisi.'Eer.t?"' ' "Seventh cavair-." , '"Oh. yes, ;u=: organir-d; bcforo that?" '•The Third." "I ?•••• yo"J ar"? a r.'^n C'-i:.-.—rcr- poral ?'" : , ""Serc-'-ant. sir. ?-n.--' r-.y trar;?r.^r." •"$of-ond f'nli.-^T.-.-r.t•.'""_ '"Xo. f.r?; in t'a.-? r-^r':lars—:!:•• SoToTith V. J 3 i:c "K ':d from ether com mand<." •"I tir.iiors'asd. Ton say first In the \\:.\ two iionry rilV s. and tl;' r. Okie' 1 •Tt th.^m bo'h He g.; > .;;» of ".i-.o buck?, t.o. buj of coar.i< v.f nt 'V' r kr.ew h.v.v niisny. Tli'r- wo.'-e f.v r.ty in the party, and ihi,:- . liarijod fvice. r:<ling tlii ir por.i'^s al i;;-^t to th.; edse of the v^-al!o'.v. ba" •:;':;;liu l;.id foiirt! on si..its without r- ;> .iU;.".p. a;".d t!;-/ could:; t qu:ie maU- ;T . KaLin :-aid tlirr« w> re nine dfai T :;;o3 nithin a nuliua: cf thirty fc": .',•;:. ho..- It fit," ' jrs bofore "D • . I p c.;:".:e up. jr.d t's what th':'::o -.1 hon t!i' y th»:ro—Dusar ia;d o;::. a.? ?0' d P ~ il'-a-.'. and Hamlit r".!'^'. t".-. : L --'. r-i.d orh" ton cartriajo.- ; ;•. i:. !!.'• 1. d dipcustedly .:; i y( r .• r > vou hoard of it east ' •' ••' Mi.ouri."' '• r - v.~ a of color on th- i rr a:".".'5 ch •• !:". hut he i;ever mcv I."" h. • ".vhat :; 'r.-:::: cT-e to do bui \, ;. d simply. ".\v.\ \ i .-. t>\.:,; hav.; dono th'; ;;ad b<;a :ip against i'• M;iy 1 ask." his eyo;i and then the other in i w'as ycu wanted; He.- •hat mean yon saw! regulars. ToI-.;n'*^er p-rv:,> '" "Thr.* -years. :.,r • i •".*h' " *:•'"-•' "f: '--v.X'^z instantly. Til,;; i;.,,\ d..-s it hai>p«-n vol: failed '6 :r:. for a r.i:..m.j.s;on after, the wa.-' Vtu apr'ar to be Intelli- \. gonr. y-:":fato(!: • • ' • Th'^ :•^rs a;:- s:;;;:^-'!. . , ' yr.Ur- .:\\:. ;;;i jirovinus STr- Ic? bad Iv . :; ;-rr .Tr:.^d ir; the wroa,< \:;iiform. > r." !:•• .•^i i :'.y. "i was ^ Mi :!Jon ;i !d dr -^.v a long breath. ! :"('• .-aialy. i-.-vz^-..vx, sit dc-n—yes ' • :. th..t cha.-." i . i: -cr.^' i •'••^ .-ituation in a fow: crl.. a;;J th'> tri ,";.or ii.'^tencd (j-ai ;t | ; :;- ; i;e w..> iirr.'\ Travera ir.tor 1 ' : ,o, \(i;i-,> r-mergi.-.g fron:| < ".• ".d .,f r ;..-;.\ the major con j : i-!, !".r;'n ::?'.: d a Question oi' o rr.;v ly. : • i;.;^- lAA is your d-itichter, sir?" ! "In h-r • vri::;.'Th yoar." , .•:;v3 you a picture of the young ^ Ti:-' r-;;or cror-.--od ovir to hia fa < ' "Good-by and go|)d Inck." and Me Donald put out bif band, whicb the gtber took hesitatingly. The next Ini stant be vras In tbe Saddle, and with a wild leap the startled niostang ronnd-. • rd the edge of the bluff, flying into j thenisht. All had occurred so quickly that Humlin's mind had riot yet fully ad j 'usted Itself to all the details. He < -vas naturally a man cf few words, do- i (•iding on a course of action quietly yet mt apt to deviate from any clusii :i fnally reached. Put h been h"jrTied. pressed Into this venture, and now welcomed an portunity to think It all out coolly \t first, for a half mile or more •he plunging buckskin kept him busy V uuckin? viciously, rearing, leaping •radly from side to side, practisina overy known equine trick to dislodge 'he grim ridrr in the saddle. The mar 'out ht out the battle silently. Immov i.blo 33 a rock, and apparently as in 'ilTTont. Twice his spurs brouRhl, ' bW !, and once he struck tbe rearint hoa.i w ith clenched fist" The light o: | iho stars revealed the faint lines oi j •':e tr.-til. and he was content to i>er i nit the maddened brute to race for j • ard, until, finally mastered, the ani \ :".-.l sottkd down into a swift gallop ' ;,;:t with ears laid back In ugly defi j ;-aco. The rider's pray eyes 8mil>">r j •..lo.isantly as he Fettl-'d more com fortably Into the saddle, peering out from beneath the stiff brim of hif M -o-.;ting hat; then they hardened', and, •i'.e Iran swore softly under his bronth. .Tho poru';b .r natiir.» of this misslor Th:i ":i ho had t;ik-:'n tir<in himself hac" h ^<r. rocaird. TTe was always doins ;o.-:pthins lik' that—pormltting h:m If to b'^.-rr," inv'olvod in tho aff.iir. of ofhor.-. .\why should ho b-- hore. fiijlnr nlone throu:ih tbe dar! ro pr«>veni tl:!.-? unknown rirl fror:. r aching nev -ro? She was nothin.^' •o hira—even that plimpi ^o of ' h-'i ; .crur-d face Iia<! not inijrossod bin proatly: ratbcr ir.ter6.-iti::c, to b- .-;:re. h-at nnhlng p :;fraordsnary; !>F'.'.os he was not a woraan's man, and ;h:-oush yiTir.-i of :.-oIr :on. he hr: ' -Town to a ^oid orir .iact -.viTh the gox— a.-id h" was iirdor no jK ^s.^ible oblica t-on to ei'h »r .^!cl>-'•t:.-.I•l or Travi :r? ^•et hor» he --a.^. f:;lly committrd dr.awn th-? vortox. by a h.i.sfy ill rorsidorf-d docision. He was tired stili i"r< m his swift journey across t!;- •;• sort from Kort Union, and no-.-, fao. d a :.o 'hor three days' ride. Th'-r ".'. ba"? .-V b.oaistrong girl to be con v::.ced of ua::g -r. and controlled. Th-.-' 1' n?v>r he thought about it all. th. : inton.=oly disagroeable tho task aipeared. yet the clearer did he ap urociate its necessity. .He chafed at the knowledge that it had become his work—that he had permitted him.sel: :o be <•:.snared—yet ho due his spur'.!;'Q the c-.'j.?.tar.g and rode stead:iy rr;ml>r. forward. T!:e real truth was that Ham'in rompronond-d mtieh morr; fully thai, dill liio mon at Dercre th«» dansor :;;-naring travelers along tho in.iin Trr^;l to San'a Ke. >.'f;-vs reached P'ort i.r.ion much quic'iter than it did that, i.-;oIatcd post up on the Cimarron, H, kn»'w of the fight fn Raton i'ass. and i that two Etage3 within ten day.-j had bocn at'ackod, ono several miles ea.^t Shit) Laavin<^. tha OriQnt With i'-.;".^ ooat han.;;:;i; on th» wall, and! of T:.-nl"a f-'crt. This ratut mean that, i.-ii.-act-d .: s:,nai; photograph from an; a d^rjornte party of rai-lora had sue- i:;.--.t.% r .-ck t. I oo.-d.-d in slipping past tho-o sent• T:;'-. '\ '..koa .1 year iz^." ho ex- -t'rid ar:::y dotails scouting into tho r'i:. ; •..:;d was conridcroil .a good; t;.~rt!:•»orr. V.'he'hor cr not those :;" th'.-. " ' V ?rr;.'-3 •• - ro in any cons;d«rablo ;:;;:!;p. '.•w'.. the rar.I in h's hand"?, forco •;.• ,".':\ \ rot determlT>—'V.o ro- •.li-d »ho fa.:o ;'. iimir.. at, ar.d tifea ! l^Jrts of thHr d";.rPdation.-« wer- bi:t .'•••1 it ur''n th;' tab!-. • r':~or.-. a; I'r.ion when he I^^ft—y.;:. w!;- •':or in lar-r-- body or small. th<'v In a Tox.i? n -.:a.:.' " Th.r> was a :;..•::• nfs s;;.-nce. dur- ..y^^ „„^,„ jj,p. Ins w..!rh Tr^--.". r3 st::okrd. ar.d th- .., ^.p. tho --h." he said s'.owlv. •Th.'n •.•••"aM havo a run i:i fae .\Tn -a .or fi-'x-d to hesitate. Finally , ^v^j, to start at onco to make' kam^s Vail-y I.ofore any tr.--c:.:^ could t;: > l.-.t?or aos.-d; Lv.d;o i.". t'imo."' be gathorod together to driv.- ?hom „n••1"." ^"^"'^"^ ' -Vou mccn to CO th«>n? Of course, j -h.-p^'evon no^-. t!:.- r:.;i.--= s".r. . rpiljze I hav? no anthcritv to oi^ had bron withdrawn, commtirioac-on T...-> p.r- cane 0"Jt of Trarers g^^j, private service." with Fe aband'-r.-d. Th!^ hsd ~That's true. Im a volunteer, btit h-• n spoUe of as fossib'" a* I'-ion mc';"h. nr.d :;:• half aro5 -5 to his feet. "V.y a'.l th-- rods: " he excia::::od "That's X ^w- !"ve got you p'.aced —you".re—y,--a'r-? "I'rick" Hamlin!"' r.I ask yoti for a written order Just i ' the night he left, for it v-a3 w-el The !::a- ;T'r--- or.-ciou3iy p-at on,e hand the sam-^ in ease my troop comraacd-, .rno-xn thit there waa i. ir'shculd ever object, and Ml need a \ eit at Dodje which li no cavniry force could be utl:.7.^•d to his 'cir p~^=" I-Ts't'ng ' 'r'sh horse; I rode-mine pretty hard r-iards. The wide map of ths si;.-. . -som'- o' t'--- -ro-.-, c.-Ii i"» that-' cor.:;:£: v- here." • -ound:ng region spread out bof^.-t hia yoj." he cor.-e*?'d'r::o;oe=---:caIly. ' Voa si'.ail have the pick of the ;n memo.-y; ho feit its brood:r.g deso- Tmvcrs T .a,5 oi Y.:^ fee: ges ; -'abl'S. .= rsea::t," t:cuiati.".g w;rh hi^ pipe. ' t-iry car'ain. interjected the cav-; lation. its awful Ionel:ne;«. Never- knocking the ashes theless he moat go on—perhaps at the "Damn! I kr.-^vv Id seen yotir faci= • from his pipe. ".-Vnything else? Have stage station near the ford of the j somewhere. It was two years ago at vou had rest enough?" lArkaasashe could learn the truth.; V.'ashita.! Pcy. Dan. this'is the rieht*^ "Four hours." and the sergeant! So he bent lower over the b'-^ckskin's ' maa for you; better than any Sedslinj Stood up agaia. ".^11 I require will be ; neck and rode straight through the ' : t-^o days" rations, and a few more re- black^^ilent night. ' irolvrr oartrids-.-s. The sooner Im ol ,T„ Bp f"«nJinned,) \ : i.he V:ttvr.'" . ; ! It he h-^ard Travera' attempt' at -j -j,,, 5,15]^^ f.^r ,ho meorin;: of 'h-! ;.conversation as the two stumbled t<^; ,..„ri,,,i,,n .hurch in G as Citv '.,r.-ht j . gother dovrn the daric hllll^ te p^; .. ^ ^, ,..^,^^u..r .n-i ro- i , sn-all attention, .4 .t the stables, aided, ..^.^ .. • , by a sn:oS,y lantern, he picked out a. ,^^,,| j^^^. y Goodrich i.= in oh ;.r =o 1 tough-looking buckskin mustang, with. r.K-irinra and will j .r '.'.rh or. ' \ an erii pye: and. using his own saddle : both ev<ninc.<;, \^ : and bridl". he finally led the half-brok-j , . en animal outside. _' Can^ of |w.,ni„fa. •That t«kskin's the devil» own ^^^^ ^^^^^^ , otested Travers, careful, to keep to j. ^j^^rders of th^ .--.m.Kh and I one side. < onstipa: jon. Chamb."r!ain s Tahli-ts 1 "11! take it out of him before mom- j f-orr^ft ilhose diaordors and • n.-iMol ing." was the reply. "Come on. boy! ! you to sle'^p ,For sale by all d. alers. i "a.oy now—easy! How about tho ra-i ' tions. captain?" —i^^^ "Carter will haVe them for you at; , the gate of the stockade. Do you know: the trail?" "V\'o!i enough to follow—ye«." j MoIJonald was wai'ing with Carter.' and the din gleata of the Untem re-j vcaled his face. ••Remember, sergeant, you are to make her turn back If you can. Tell her I wish her to do so—yes, this let-1 tor will explain everything, but she', ia a pretty high-spirited gjrl.and may! fak»' the bit in her teeth—Imagine i 1 He Wa» a Stralfiht Limbed Fellow * Etc West Pointer. V.'hy, he Is the sam* lad w ho brought in Dudm—you hear* «he'd rather be here with me. and I about that!" "I =11 that. If she does I suppose youlli The major shook hlA head. i l^a'"* '° let her have her own way—: "So'. Oh. of course not. Nothing i the Lord knows *er mother mlwayi did. Anyhow jroall sUy vitb her tiB jAe-cnte." **! rare v{9,'*retar|Md tlM that goes on out here erer drifts east of the.,lUssoUrL Lord! We mic^ U •well bje serrfng a toceisn; pottafif c. c. MCCARTY & SON rhoM Sl« Sei Soatb St. Carriasf'e and Antomo- g bile Painting. Put on Rubber Tires •and dolall kinds of re- Cargo of i^J/oo'. for WhitiallRugs Reasons Why We Urge Our Patrons to Buy This Reliable Make an Earnest Plea to Particular Housewives to Inspect Our and <0 IJ .-:^t lutiful av'j the New "WfllTT.M.L" Ruifs. so perfect arc their imitation of lare, o!d Orientals, as to l:c justly I'.rmcd ' i':r:il Oriental Rii^r.^ In .America." They .have the rich lustrous .^hten and the deep rich pile thi'.t is charactcri-^iic of Oriental weaves. In the maMnsc the "Whittall" mills use exactly the same sort of vveels as are used iii Hie much hieher priced products of Palestine, Persia, Arabia and the Himalayas. Piire afiiline d> forced throuv-^H the yarn iri\e l!ie-e "Whiltair' Ilu '4S their beautiful la:>linjj shades, colors and tint-*. The fineness and beauty cvprcscd in the New "V\ hiliall" weaves add s^racc and disunity to any home. The ran ;ifc of cilors aiu! shadinirs is of the widest. The liiins are adapted to any purse and purpo.^e —For Living' Room, DininiT Room, Sleepin-,: Room. Library. !';:r'f;r, Ifail and Den. ^ We price and de-crihc a few of »uir many qualities: Whlttair' Anglo-Persian Rug's Mirf]^.- froiJi c :.;'(.-f ;i!'y -'••( rifi u.--tefl yai 'nv aiid woven so cl<'~*'l\' l.'v .ii they * i'v";;i ibo fin*-hand-made Persian ini; la'lation.-. L'yed hy i.hf- fa.-^test known meth'-d.- wi^h n hi.Lrh lu.~ti -';U.- finish. nuikinjr liio ir.n.-i i>e;u;'if'il ;ind .-^-."rvice- ai.lf Riiy--^ in .\n -i"';'"ri. Dosi^zns ai'c faiihl;)! c<:|)i.< uf r:tvv iriinoi-i.'.! Kut/s indiidiiiL'' I^H ' '"ivpciriaii.-lv-ih."' "K!i'"<i'>l:ui," Tiiiii'i''," '>;ii';'i'aii-."' iore-;;!!.*' an-i "Sarol ."' \\'<- -hov: line of heauiiful Pavers, in'-iudinv^ Kasha n." ".Suinnak.' Whittall's" Royal Worsted Rugs \'>v>i whii: f 'M' ihe "ri'-e 'ti a \\'ik<»n Ri;:y iiiiuh- ip-m ••j:M!;h:i!'a." (i'".-i;rns. •!'l^-c*eri yaiiis. clo-^oiy v.'(A'en in a '^r (iesiffns and coli'-s. includint^ '.•^ai'uk." ••Kern'i;in-hah" and othej- i"i-.. sj.i .no .8in.((!> liieiilinned ak -ovc. n<>\\ })oiiitr sh.sw.'i. . Th'.' U\\2 feel .-fiis f..r . .\ s.',7..")U Tne 8-:;xlO-(i foei ^:;<e sells f-;:'. :S5o .OO Special ^:"l•s of thes- Riicfs ••(.tain:-'! w'lhiii :'iasona!'k> tiniL": ihey are mafle in 2') si>.e< fi'-'in 22J-x:^() inches up lo li feet •] inches l-y I-"* feel. r i "Whlttairs" Chlidema Brussels The hc.-l quali'iy Pody iiru.-sek- Rj-js al a p'-pular price. We can-y a v-ry ei-iripleie line of patterns and colorinirs. esijeeiaily suited for (iin- in;,'' room or living roo^n .also special Ku;_''s to order in hi.trh coliirintr f' r cha'mher. The 9 .x 12 feet si/.e sells at S ;J2..')0 The 8->IxlO-(i ftet size svils at. >;:i0.00 "Whittall's" Peerless Brussels Spkial Sale Price on ail Bagdad, Wiltons and Big'elow Body Brussels 1 Jujrs that we have Vf ar>- offe-'in^ them .1 !U"ii-'..- tha* wiii ^.;kinf for a liiLfh u^'^'y ii'ttrr-st ys^u :f you are rraij: r;.ir c.t a very low price. \U ''\I2 ifct sizes Cairdad Wiltons, regular S:]0.00 and i^^ZM •••••> \i^i\>.^ .Mi i'vi2 feet six. iiar ,N;;i>.'^i» value a Brussels, Hodges Wool and Fiber Rugs ! Are thf iiicai i>ed-roi;m Ru;r. We are dis-r Diavini: larT-: assortment of tl•e^e Ru;rs in These are .StandanI e'radc Pody;sels Rntrs in a wide-rant^e of popular |;atterns. Newest Fall Dcsijrns now l /ein.crsltow'i. The 0x12 feel size 11.^ at :•, .... .S27.r>0 Tiie 8-^x10-6 feet si/e selU at . .$2o.00 I F t J Itlues. tans an-il crreen.-, an*i can funii?h the Rugs in an\- size from Gx9 feet to 9xlo feet and 11 -C^ 12 feet. Wo I'efer you to any numker of ourj cusiomers who are u.-iiy these Rui's. who will testify as to ih*"- fastr.----.- of the colors an-l li;e quality of lite Rui's. Tt - 1 »:12 fct'sir^c .-elis ft .'?11.00and .$M..'){) We Pay Mileage. Rug an^ Drapery Department 1st Floor. YOUR CREDIT IS .ft. "Hi J

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