The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 3, 1977 · Page 15
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 15

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1977
Page 15
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NAUGATl'CK NEWS (Conn.) Thursday. June 10,1976 —Page 15 FREE STUDENT ADS...CALL NOW TV PROGRAMS • g Q) ow MWS-WMK CAM* An)y te h«n« a Irmato prisorw Paan Hagen). but novtaa to put h*f. Bamty: Don (toons. S AaKMOn 11.1, B c O89M«V>E-D»fU ShW*/ arm ptsftfp- wtiOM addiction to. -gwftbtlftg (to- 1 riroyw) hw- lirsl mintage and now is threatening her s«co<id in "Wlnoei Uke All," > 1975 TV-movfe' g AVUTWHIHATHDt CAMNOCAHEM O HDUnmOO SOUAMS- •9WAM-12— Citea Draaa* AMWA1S A trip to wit an Did Iriand tixns into a e (or OMj and her hw ciAdren when a HM tire leaves them st/anded in an urrfamdiv. Deaf-inhabited luest Ovu Ukhaei Lumed. John: natah Want. JohnBoy: Richaril Thomas. Gmdp* Wm Ge«. (fkput. 60 min ) O 8 MAC OAMS-V«Wr Drvni A sJicJt con artist tamuion l worMn^ wofoen. wheedling Intormi- Uon art ol thwn.w ha can Ml up rob- bariM wbve. they wcrK. Bainabr Buddy Ebsin. (Rwul; 60 mi n.| O KEWS— SHI JorgtnMn O (E MARRY O-Crtml Dllmi 10 MS) HEWS S) EVEKiNa EDITION WTH MARTI N AOHOMSKY ED NOTICIAS-fltkirtooM/Plwd i QJKEWS BD TOURISTS AXE COUINO-Tll .It 11:00 Anrw JacVson, Eti Wallach, Gary Burrjhotl. Jacques Coustesu and comedienne Julie McWhlrter ire Mervs guests (90 mjn.) O(BBARNEY MLUR €B BLACK HBWtCTItt OM IKZ NEWS 03 BAHATA DC PHIMAVtRA S3FAMOU3 TKLEfl SHARKS 0D MOVIE-To Be Announced *00 O CD HAWAII FIVE-O-<Mne A ransom ol JI.Kfl.OOO 13 demanded by terrorists who kidnap & Japanese induslrialrst's son and hide the. boy in a capsule containing only a 52-hour supply of oxygen. McGajrett: Jack Lord Danny James MacArthur. Chin Ho: Kam Feng [nepea1;60min.) g N£W6-Ctiuck ScKtxxaojn UAHY HMTtUN, UARV HAHT- UAH-S*ri>! Mute (Otl>ttri Coiwnuij offers lout- la a chance .to fce a totoJst In the choir, Ms/y. Louise -.Lasser. Loratla: ««iy Kay >t»ai. Cilliy: Oebralw Scott. Tom: Greg Mullavey. ONEWS-OUalBoixk (SHEWS Th. Last Gnnada" QEngMt: 1970) Mands romanc* vx* /*Mnga in aMe abcvt a ntfcttwy on •• Mil ol Iht tx^oMegu* «to anctuahad Mm. O^JY St»*y Batof. TKnplon: Al- Daadtocfc." <19C9) r<Ko«ng 0» nu>- dat ol > btact youth. « c*i gtatto anjpt in *olenca. A F*ed>9. Dankxtt L«sie liatem Co- are about to Invest oney for a Classified Ad, nd yuu are entitled to get e hest possible results. To ccontplislt Ihis. vou shoulri HI.I. ALL about the stalls of your oiler. He ire you don'l ntaVr any of ie follovsin^ mistakes that nil to cutdoun DEI results. ^e sure s ""'to" include" the address ny itiit-of-lown rcuderb ill urite lo \ou bill -sitalp lo pay lor a long slance call. Be sure to include the phone number lanv readers will call you ut d*o not find it convenicn' o conic lo your home. 3. Avoid blind box numbers Icm'l use them if at al iDssible. Many propl night pass over your oiler 4. Be sure to include price... Surveys show lhal a hi|> percentage ol readers wi SOT answer an ad nnlcs the price is given. 5. Stay Home on the days you advertise... Many good pmpecU » NOT'call the second time your phone is unansuerc Bareback Allure 'rititfd I'litti-rn Siirng your shoulder coolly under sun or stars i Ihe long or short version Ihis bareback beauty. To on the for coming an going! Printed Pattern 4C9G: .1 .MissSizes?, 9. n.1.1.15. Si, II ibiist 334) lakes 2 van 00 inch fabric. TIME FOR ANOTHER 1 ^»^«<> >< *»^»*»**e*<?S«>x^x<^<^«^x < >x<>x^x^«^«»«^)x^x^»tfx < ^^ 38 Professional TRUDY "WELL, IF YOU'RE REALLY DRESSING PLEASE ME, YOU'LL DO IT FASTER!" TO 2 _ Work Wanted 3 Brokers — Estate Real I'lANO LESSONS - Experi-' enced teacher has openings (or Septemlwr. Call , 729-6W8. ongraiulaiions Birthday? Anniversary? CALL 729-2228 COU.KGK STUDENT needs work. Any kind, part-time or full-time; life-guard eligibility. 729-6779 after 6 p.m. CCONNSKN'WH - child development major, will tutor your child (grades KG) in'most subject areas. Experience uilh exceptional children. 7292859. A.IIEMiyilADWICK Heal Kslale Broker IMMaySlreel i2a-l"13 F.E. (Red) Smith Heal Estate Broker 729-G072 — 723-3130 «Hir«?x0i«x«>x«x*x0H4 12 Lost and Found \VLNU lost passbook No. 14307- A on the Naugatuck Valley Savings & Uan. application has been made Eor a new one. .OST I'UJISK (black) vicinity Craig Circle. Reward. 729-5623. 18 Boats and supplies II FOOT Homemade boat and trailer. 5 hp, Kvinnide • must see - S300 firm. 7231598. 24 Farm Products 12A Personals Illtll farm loam C. & I. Exravalina. 729.|f>51 - IHISE'! rir cnw manure Tor sale, "iii i-enls |»r Imshel Ytuir containers Wil ilcliver hy (ruck-load. 72") Hi:>l nr 7L«l-3lH(l Autos for Sale Services POWER EQUIPMENT New and used lawnmowers, tractors and chain sans. Hours8a.m.-6p.m. Men.- Sat.9a.m.-l p.m. Sunday. 723-0651 Small ueWing and braising. CAItl'KNTItY. masonry, painling. land-scaping, trees cut. gen. repairs, any areas cleaned 729-liW 28 Articles For Sale ANDRE'S (statewide) MASSAGE. We come to youvdays a week,24hours a day or come lo us. By r*v«0*e"&'^'&*&*&*0*< appointment only. New Haven I'JO Pond Lilly Ave. Exit 59, Wilbur Cross I'kwavl-391-2111 CIICCII PAINTING Kree estimates — insured contractor. 729-9119. SWIMMING POOLS Guaranteed luxury above ground pools. Must SACRIFICE! 19' x 31' O.D.. complete with filter, liner, A Land for Sale PICASSO Painting Service, two college students experienced in exterior-interior bouse painting; reasonable. Call 729-6127 or 723-1152. 1 — Help Wanted \MIIITIOl'S girl, age 16 will do odd jobs. Call for more information. Nancy Ward. 729W05. \SIM.\L l.OVEH Mill lake care of your pet while you are on vacation. Call anytime 729-7034. '^^ AsVi aliuulour r ^ Slate-wide listing Service Itl'I'VlAMASSOCl.ATKS Iteal Kstaleand Insurance ItSI \eu llavpnltd. Naugatm'k ^.1.715S 21 lir. service JOHN F. DEKGAN It tailor-Appraiser 1I.I..S. 729-3073 729-3911—KSMUZ 7 .M.lNUKI.X.VIKIIi.V 305Cllurch,St. HealKstate Insurance The Person to Person Agency '29-22JI after 5--';2M JOIIXHEAI.Y (teal Ksfate 729-7398 ,«i(l VT acres. Excellent limlier. ample frontage. $150 [»r acre. Begin and Chaloux Iteally. US H.H. St., St. Johnshury. VI. B«2748-8169. XAUGATLCK tKAL'TIFl'l. LOTS - In Gunntown Dev. All ulilities underground. Smallest lot '•• acre, wooded from 513.900, XAUJATUCK VALLEY AGENCY 129-25 U 1871 GREMLIN X. 28,000 miles Ex. Cond. Asking $1,800 or best offer. Must sell. Call 729-4376 a fieri: 30 trm. every day except Thursdays' SHKA.MOTOI!'; 7iXI llubhcr Avf.. Sang. 29-'^S9 729-22SO cri.W>.|.AHKl\ Chrvsler.Ply mouth Tliriiiiiisloit ' 28.1-1316 ladder, pump, sundeck, fencing and stairs. Completely installed for only $647. Financing available. Call toll free Mass res. I- 800-332-9670, out of state 1- S»M28-9607.9a.m.-9p.m., 7 davs a week. <'<). fully Call NTKItlDII and Kxtehor Painting anil wal - oaooring Kree Kst. call tr>m Piihorilak 729-1849. Associated wilh Slopes Pain!. TREE IVOKK done verv red. reasonable, fully instii Free estimates Call collect I-736 0333. SWIMMING POOLS, Coleco guaranteed luxury above ground pool. Must SACRIFICE 16'x31' O.D. complete with filler, pump, liner, ladder, sundeck fencing and stairs. Completely installed fur onlv S787 Financing available. Call Carl loll free, 1-800-382*586 anytime. KIUXK BUICK. INC. Authorized Sales AV Service liuick-Onel-G M C Tru cks 373 \o. AlainSt., \aug. 723-8201 9A Apartmonls Rent for 1 KM. APT. 1st n. h i b w furnished, ref. 4 sec. Call after 5 p.m. 729-1690 KUHNISIlF.Di APT.-, 38- Cherry St. Full bath, h S: hw included. Call 723-0916. 2C Babysitters When YOU Want To lltnl — Buy Sell - CALL " FI1ANCIS T. ZAPPIINK CO. Realtor - Appraiser - MLS 70? Kubocr AVC-. 723-1424 Dr. Mp^r. Joseph R. Himanv r in my home home - days. Beginning Sept. 1st. Naug. \Vlby. line 729-4613. .. I. babysit (lays your home or mine. Ages 3 and older. Call 723-1939. VANTEI) -- A mature woman to work in a local insurance office. Average 35 hr. week. Must have at least 2-3 yrs. experience in all kinds insurance. Cocci pay, also excellent benefits. Send previous employment to P.O. Box 52S. N'augatuck, Conn. Brokers Estate AVON SEES BIG it IN YOUH FUTURE 1 . Make excellent earnings this summer selling quality products. I'll snow you how. Call Mrs. Gray 729- SICIOforeacbpallcrn Ar 1 9351 ' fflr each pa/tern for fir rlass air m.iil anil hamllin .Sntrl In Anne Adams, P,- Icrn I>i-pl.. Xaugaluck Dai Xcws. 2H \\W 17 SL. New- York. NY. moil. Prinl Xame Address, 7ip. Size and Style Number. — GKT \ SI 00 [Bltcrn free - j,OUSEKEEPKR 11AIIY-S1TTEK wanted. Your house or mine 1 child. Call 729-1741 after 4:30 p.m. hoose it from XEVV SPHING-SUMMEH CATA- I.tlC,' P.irkeil wilh bun- rtrexls of greal sun. sport, rity. (ravel styles Send 7Sc for Catalog Nnwl So«- i^ Knit Hook S1 1: Inslanl Money Crafts Inslanl .Sewing HooV Instant Fashion Hook SI 00 II. 00 Si. 01 DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMF.NTAI. PROTECTfOX STATE OF CONNECTICUT AIRCOMPLIAXCEUN1T E-PEN0.3118-3UZ NOTICE OF DEC IS10X ON AP PLICATION 1 FORPERMSTS TOOPEFUTE FIVE SOURCES OF AIR POLLUTION The Air Compliance Unil, of the Department of Environmental Protection hereby gives notice of Ihe final decision on Ihe application by Uraroyal Chemical of Elm Street, Naugatuck for permits to operate new organic chemical manufacturing cquipmcnl. The Department has decided to grant (he permits. The decision may be examined in the Office of the Assistant Dircclor — Engineering, Room 132, State Office Building, 165 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut. $-10-76 wanled, Sunday only, 7 a m. - 3 p ,m. Apply in person to Glen- date Health Care Center. \ Hazel Ave., Xaugatuck WORK AT HOME on our new telephone program Earn Si> • $100 weekly, depending on lime available. 729-8250. — Real DaSilva Realty Showcaseofllomes Display a(I6S I'rmpoctSt., Xaug. - - JOHN L. WOERMER Ural Kslalo llmkcr 1J9-BOS7 PHYLLIS FLEMING Real Kslale Broker 729-33M THOWRKIUnE HOUSE APAHTJIEXTS :IS Highland Ave. i Nau»atuck jCentrally located, close to everything. <iua]ity 1 >edr6om apts. available, ncluding heat, hot water, and electricity, with every modem appliance. all adult building for ienior citizens, single adults or newly-weds, ^o jets. Available August 1st. L'all Mrs. McKcnna. 72963% or 272-7211. \Vi:SCAI)ll.l.AC- (II llSMOIlll.K •Where Everyttotty Saves" .V2(lv(» \Vattrtoun A^e. 7St-Cl'.t5 FOIt FOHI> SALESiSEKVlCE 7S7.-.';n SavelleFord :-._,-li2-\Wp[cotlRd. Waterbury, Conn. 1971 H1YIKRA — private! > owned. AC and Power Mint condition. 61.000 mite. 52.300. Tel. 729-71J5 or 729-8783. HEXRVEXC.I.E 729-29 SI j. "DOC" AQUflVIA Heal Eslale llrokrr '/IGHAHAMnVSKI Rroker Appraiser f'roperly Management Naugatuck 729-1127 NAUCATICK VAI.l.EVAfiEXCY Henry Kogut Broker "ListingwiChus hringsrcsulls"729-25ll aflerS— 729-SI22 3D Houses for Sale Mrs. AlbenaChrislio T29.fi3.iO DOMINICKSCAVOXE Real Eslale Broker Appraiser ' LAWRENCE M. .WEKXKY AGESTY WILLIAM VAX.\RE1.1.A J29-SSSS 729-2125 .MAKE excellent earnings! this summer selling] quality products. I'll show you how. Call 723-16H, OPENINGS AVAILABLE for hostesses and masseuses. Earn over $150 per wk., days or eves. Travel allowance. Apply 156 Arch St., New Britain, Corai., or call 1-223-9709. 1200.00 WEEKLY possible stuffing envelopes. Send self-addressed, stamped envelope. Eoray Mails, Box 188 NS. Albany, MO 64402. NEW 3 bdrm. ranch, large l.r. with fire-place, large eal-in kitchen with fire place; 1'j baths, al utilities. Call 729-7329 after S p m. HOl'SE on WeslSide - bdrms. upstairs, country style eat-in kitchen, 20x1 with pine cabinets, new perma-wax finish linoleum and self-cleaning oven Urge I,-shaped LR. wit wall lo wall sage greer carpel. Lovely land-scapec 1 private yard with patio 1'j baths, modern wirin and plumbing. Manv ex Iras. Reduced to $41,000 Principals only. Call dail before 10 a.m. and after p.m.,729-3704. 967 IILTCK Sports Station Wagon - excellent running condition and rubber needs minor body work - SoflO or best offer. Tel. 729 7145 or 729-8783. XAVCATCCK VV.ilcrlniry Maltaluck Manor Aols. L Spring SI. Quality 1 btlrm. apts heat, hot water, cooking gas. range, refrigerator. garbage disposal. TV antennae, parking, swimming pool, washer and " dryer facilities. No pets. Adults onlv. Call Mrs. Johnson, rental agent — 729-24M for appt. '272-7211. KM. IllTI.EX APT. 1': baths. Wall to wall carpeting, elect, stove. 7294238. VAI'GATITK - lovely 3 room apartment, convenient location. Stove and refrigerator. Call collect 1- 379-73S9. 11-B Miscellaneous Rental r POSTIAC Tempest Wagon. S400, needs work Call 729 9366. 11 EN HICK CHEVHOI.ETIXC. Naugaluck. Conn. 06770 OR SALE — Avocado gas stove; .Maple dinette set. 4 captain cnaire, 1 maple beu 1 , poker table - 7231510. 9 Tag Sales KAM. TAG SALE fishing hunting gear, bar-bells, archery, power ice auger. golf clubs A-cart, ski racks girts' nearly-new clothes housewares, glass, pottery, much more. ri. 'S5f:, "Stiff. iOtCTO'Brfaf wood Hd., Naugaluck. KKXNKTIIGItOllS Plumbing & Piping 72MOSI Experienced and Dependable Master Charge Bank Americarrl •.AHJ'KNTItY \ I'AIXTINC of all types. Ceramic tile. Hoofing Wallpapering, deferences on rerjuest. Kully ins. Eree Est. Jack Slan'civk 72:)-ll!B. PHOKESSIOXAI. Dressmaking and alterations,good prices, 7231593 a tier 3 p m. I'RETA ItllOS. Concrete work and stone walls. Call after 3 p.m. 729.-2037. 729' MOWKItS. Tractors. Chain Saus. small welding i brazing. S CUrlils St. TAG SALE - Fri., Ihe llth and Sal. the 12th. 29 Walnut Terrace, Naugatuck, from 10 a.m.lo 5 p!m.; clothes, bike, housewares. 3 FA.M. TAG SALE. Kri. 4 Sat. June llth 4 12th - 10am.-4pm. lOOAllerton Rd., Xaugaluck. Large selection of articles. SUNSHINE NCHSEHY TAG SALE — Sat, June 12th & Sun.Junel31h.21BeebeSt. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. household items, furniture, clothes, etc. Rain or shine. 31 Dogs. Cats, & Pels ttoscoDiinc.E 790New Haven Ilnad Naugatuck 729-ljfiJ 16 Autos Wanted IIGIIKST price paid for junk and wrecked cars picked up '' I'OXIMlll.l.l'ET SALON Piuxlle Clipping Custom Dug Grooming CAHPEXTHV and general "repairs, porches, playrooms, sundecks. You name it-we will doit. 7230862. J A ASSOCIATES mr company specializes in interior ana exterior painting. Sheet rock work, carpentry of all types. Alcoa siding and gullers, paneling retinishing of all lypes. 729-8355 anytime. 38 Professional Scr\ices CAIIS AM) TIll/CKS. Up to S75 some models ED'SAVTOI'ARTS VVTltV.736.rilS 16A Repair Automotive House of the Month '39,900 IOHN IlIMKl'S Used Cars Auto Body and Painting, automotive glass. Cherry SI Kxt. Call 729-1282. E-7. RENTALS. 457 N. Main St.. Union City. 723-2009. Open 7 days' a week. Tillers, chainsaws. Moor sanriers. cement-misers and finishers. Floor polishers, nig shampooers. tow bars, generators. pumps, automotive needs, party goods and lawn- mtnvtTs! Repairs on ail makes of mowers and small gas engines, sharpening, Daily 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.. Sun. 7 a.m. • 1 pm. is I KralEslalr tluinn si. Naugatuck Appraisals ''Mm ;»n7;:i AI.VIKKHKKSIIN HKAI.TIMI-.M'I'H.IISKII MLS .VHi lluhhrr Ave. 72.1-1116 BY OWNER — Naugaluck. 7 rm. Garrison Colonial. Lisingroom, DininRroom, Fam. rm., large kitchen. Many extras. Principles only. 73W839. BY OWNER - 5 rm. ranch, 2 car garage, landscaped lol, walflo wall carpel, screens i storms, h.w. firs. Call 729-2949 before noon, 7295782 - 3-7 p.m. Byappt.orily 12 Lost and Found HAVING lost passbook No 22-1720 on the Xaugatuck Savings Bank application has been made lor a new one. IAVIXG lost passbook No 82605 on the Naugatuck Savings BanV. application has been, marie for a new one. .UTOI'.MNTIXi; Complete Aulo Kit \NK\SAtTOROIIV 1'rwpcclSlrrrt 129*711 VILLA SOL d'OR »HMOU i-IK VOOEL OPEN Oi CompletB Construct excavation and cellar diains, land-scaping, sewer lines, tie-ins and septic systems. Residential, commefciai and industrial, neatness is nut motto Valley land-Scaping 735-3590 729-0301 W110X Plumb, i Healing 24 Hour Service 'liable. Reasonable Rates. 711-1770 VIt.I. w-ash & wax cars. Call after 3 p.m. 729-2*23. MAN for general cleaning. offices and homes. Will also cut lawns, small trees. hedges trimmed, fertilizing. seeding and grading. Good prices. 7231593 alter 3 p.m. 38A T.V. Repair A.!.. ITHCAHO Klr>clrouic Kqiair Srn ice ONIIriilgrSt. 2 STORY HOME Tovtly landscaped exlra lot. Eal-in kilchfn. formal dining room, enclosed porch, full basement, fireplace, euellfnl condition. Must bf seen. If you have any questions about REAL ESTATE Call Wilson T. Clark Reliable 729-6973 Expeuence We have other homes in the \ow 30's

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