Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 2, 1969 · Page 5
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 5

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 2, 1969
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 2, 1969 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS 3—A EYE ON THE COM MU N I S T S — A Chinese Nationalist soldier mans the Man Shan observation post on Quemoy. Through binoculars the observer views activity 2310 meters away among the Red China fortifications on the Horn Islands just off the mainland. Report From Cambodia Ail Livestock Producers Invited SWINE DAY PROGRAM IN Mt. V. ON JAN. 7 -0- -o Jefferson county livestock producers are urged to attend the annual Swine Day Program on Tuesday, January 7th at the First Presbyterian church m Mt. Vernon. Registration is at 9:20 a.m. The meeting will start promptly at 10:00 a.m. Pork production is an important livestock business in Jefferson county. According to the latest census, about 83,000 hogs and pigs are sold in the county each year. "This is a business that brings in over 2.5 million dollars annual income," said Don Lee, extension adviser. "Almost $2.50 out of every 10 dollars farm income in the county comes from the sale of hogs." With this in mind, the Jefferson County Extension Service Livestock Committee and the Extension Council have planned this production day program. Among the program topics that will be discussed are "What do you look for in buying a better boar," "How can you improve your herd at a faster rate," "Are you feeding rations that are adequate and economical," "Can you manage sows for bigger litters," "Will we have a lot of hog cholera since we stopped vaccinating," "Is there a better way to control parasites," "What's the future of feeder production in Jefferson County"? Neil Becker, extension veterinarian, Dick Carlisle, swine extension specialist, University of Illinois, and James McKean, marketing specialist for the Interstate Producers Livestock Association will be present to lead the discussion. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions. The Jefferson County Livestock Shippers are furnishing the coffee and doughnuts to the early arrivals. The serving will start at 9:20 a.m. Automat is Closed Down PHILADELPHIA (AP) — America's first Automat, which served breakfast, lunch, dinner and a mess of nickel coffee breaks to some 50 million customers in 66 years, is a victim of modern times. — Horn and Hardart Baking Co. opened the original coin-operated restaurnt in 1902 to provide clear and fast food service. It folded last weekend bc^a^se it was a museum piece, inefficient and slow, in a computerized world. — "We took mis step mo:-t reluctantly from the standpoint A nostalgia," said Nelson G. H?r. ris, the new H&H president. "We have to uc realistic. The Automat in ii; existing form meets the reqivioments of this space age a? oir as well as a Model T alongside the Apollo 8." At the peak of its popularity, before and after World War II, the business .founded in 1888 by Joseph V. Horn and Frank Hardart operated 32 Automats. Now there are two left in Philadel I j phia, and eight in New York k I City. "They are not really automatic," suid T-iarris. "And definitely uneconomical to maintain and By Dr. Carl Schweinfurth Because the United States does not have diplomatic relations with Cambodia, it seemed a daring act to go there. A year ago Jackie Kennedy had made a presumably illicit trip there. It is still confused whether the front pe,ge publicity was due to the trip to an unrecognized counry or' her accompaniment by Lord Harleigh, then a British suitor. Needless to say, it was astounding to arrive at the Grand Hotel d'Angkor in Siem Reap, Cambodia and find the place bulging with Americans. Most were tourists from California where, perhaps, non- conformity is more expected. Formalities for entering Cam- Upon arriving at the airport in the capital city of Phnom Penh (pronounced Nome Pen) a visa is quickly issued! upon payment of $4.20 U.S. -o- *o- -o- Curlously, at every turn everything has its price figured in American Dollars — this in a country with no formal relations with the United States. Even the French and Japanese tourists paid in American Dollars. -o- -c- -o- Why doesn't the U.S. have diplomatic relations with Cambodia? In his attempt to be neutral, the Prime Minister Prince Norodom Sihanouk, issues alternative blasts against the United States and the Communists. One day the wrong government official heard that day's castigation of the United States and that was the end of diplomatic relations. Recently the picture has become more complicated 1 . Because of ;*.e difficulty in determining v •er.zzi border between South nei Nam and Cambodia wher t fa unmarked, American irrcops have ventured accidentally fcifio Cambodia. One American ship salted too far up the Mekong and was captured by the Cambodians. The 11 captured men, prized official prisoners, were released last week:. The Prince recently, only half in jest, stated that it was keeping him broke sending them to dinner in the capital's best restaurants. The prisoners were his guests of honor at the recent opening of the Cambodian Film I Festival. He sent a tailor to ! make new suits for them and they sat in his personal box. At one time Sihanouk demanded a ransom of one tractor lov each man. Recently, how- be closer as a target for diplomatic rotten apples. Perhaps the present stand-off in relations is the most satisfactory for all concerned. -o- -o- -o- The communist world and Cambodia are useful friends. Cambodia can get aid from the communists by feeling her natural animocity to South Viet Nam and Thaisand and Communists got aid from Cambodia's examples of American a- pression against a defenseless neutral nation. For one long critical of the — supposedly the next domino. The larger question is whether Americans should try to determine the future of these developing nations where change is coming at a rapid revolutionary pace. For an outsider to get pulled into a revolution can mean disaster. -o- -c- -o- Editor's Note— Dr. Carl. L. Schweinfurth, associate professor of history and political science and director of international education at Bethany College in West Virginia, recently returned from ta three week- study tour of the Repulv lic of South Africa as the official guest of that, country's gov- Mt. Vernon, is foreign student advisor at Bethany, and state chairman of the National Association of Foreign Student Advisors. During the past five years he has become a leader in African studies In the state of West Virginia, In 1965 Dr. Schweinfurth was group leader of a Summer Fulbright Program in East Africa . He was director of NDEA institute on Africa and Asia for World History teachers in 1 967 and 1968. The Bethany College Student Board of Governors elected Dr. Schweinfurth as the outstanding teacher of the year last year. Dr. Schweinfurth joined the Bethany Faculty in 196-1. He received the B. S. from the Uni- 50 ft domino theory in South East i ^rnment. On his return trip Dr. i a Asia. I ran now see certain 1 Schw einhirlh visited East Afrl-! versity of Oregon in 1952: the ! aspects of it more clearly. With I ca . I" ( 'ian, Ceylon, South-east, M. A. from the University of 'a settlement of any kind in' Asi «". I,on Z Kong, the Phillip-! Florida in 1954, and the Ph. South Viet Nam. Cam bod i a i >'- c s and Japan. D. from the University of Sou- would no longer serve the Com-' Dr - Schweinfurth, a native of'thorn Illinois in 1961. He munis} aims. ; " Hardly would Hie Communists j other than for their own ends, really support such an autocrat as Sihanouk. If the U. S. were to support him, the Chinsesc would have double reason to condemn him. With a settlement in Vict Nam, the Communists would have no difficulty in turn-! Ing from the role of friend to that of adversary in Cambodia, -o- -o- -o- Sooncr or later the United' States will confront a crisis! in Cambodia no matter whatj the settlement in Viet Nam. Tt | therefore seems misguided to j try to influence the Viet Nam J policy on the premise of trying | to avert a crisis in Cambodia ded Harding College during 1948-49 and the University of Pennsylvania during 1949-50. His father was the late Carl Schweinfurth, president of the Mt. Vernon Furnace Co. VOICES OBJECTION MADRAS, India (AP) — A letter-writer to a south Indian newspaper noted with dismay that the newly issued ten-rupee notes have the signature of the governor of the Reserve Bank in Hindi, the language of north India. "I wonder if the appointment of the governorship of the Reserve Bank will henceforth be restricted to Iho Hindi-speaking people or to those who can at least sign in Hindi," he wrote. Anli-Hindi sentiment is strong -sometimes violent-in south India. L 6 ° Worth 50 Extra This coupon Is worth 50 extra Top Value Stamps with a purchase of $3.00 or more gasoline at the CLARK Super 100 Station 1515 West Broadway — Mt. Vernon, III. Limit one coupon per customer Coupon Expires Weil., Jan. 8, 10G9 Top Value Stamps ' ZTIJ?' ""V 90* h ANNIVERSARY staff..'Fresh food must be placed ever, he offered to allow the into the sloped compartments by people behind the equipment. Customers open me glass dis- men to return home if President Johnson would state that he would try his best to keep \ Big Savings on our... ME AND OFFICE SUPPLIES play doors to get at the items American troops from wander-1 they want by dropping in coins ing into Cambodia in the future, and twisting knobs. ! "°" "°" "°" The original Automat, its me- He proved his point that some chanical equipment imported care should be exerted vy Am- from Germany, was a tourist at First official U.S. government weather forecast was issued Nov. 9, 1870, from Chicago under Army supervision. NEIL BECKER It took four minutes for President Abraham Lincoln to deliver his Gettysburg Address. MACHINISTS MILLING MACHINE MACHINISTS BORING MILL MACHINISTS (Verted & Horixontol TURRET LATHE MACHINISTS Requires the skill and experience to read and interpret engineering drawings and manufacturing process sheets; set up and operate machine tools and attachments; perform layout; and check work with precision measuring instruments. Requires a high school education or equivalent, with vocational school training or experience in Machine Shop practices. MECHANICS Must be a high school graduate or equivalent with vocational school training in automobile or diesel mechanics with job related experience in assembly, disassembly, rework oYiffYepair of automobile, mining, and mechanical equipment. Requires the ability to read and interpret blue-prints and drawings. WELDERS Must be able to read and interpret manufacturing process sheets, drawings, and blueprints; lay out objects, parts and sub-assemblies to be fabricated by welding. Set up and operate oxy-acetylene and electric arc welding equipment and perform all position welding. Requires a high school education or equivalent with vocational school training or previous experience. APPLY or CALL Monday, January 6 through Saturday, January 11 from 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. NATIONAL MINE SERVICE COMPANY Clarkson Division Mine Road Nashville, Illinois 62263 (618)327-8276, Ext. 64 traction, situated as it was two blocks from historic Independence Hall. It was used yearr ago as a setting for movies. Songs were written about it, and it was the butt of many jokes. Comedian Jimmy Durante got big laughs when he said, "I put a slug in a slot at the Automat and what do you i *»»iTk came out?—the manager." Paris, France, is known as the "City of Light" because of its countless street lights. BLACK CAPE covers jewel-sprinkled gown worn by Britain's 18-year-old Princess Anne for a London premiere. Her brother,: Prince Charles, is in background. ericans. On the opening day of his film festival lie invited all to journey to the border village where atray bombs had killed 12 Cambodians, including i nine women and two children. This film festival reflects a special trait in the Prime Minister's personaltiy. He desires to be the Renaissance Man, to do and to be everything. He is both Prince and Prime Minister. He is sponsoring an International Film Festival. He wrote, driected and acted in the opening film. He invited leading film people from friendly countries such as Algeria, Czechoslovakia and! North Korea to come to Phnom Penh at Cambodian government expense and to bring their films and see his films. Here is a Head of State and Head of Government, dearly loved and admired by his citizens, acting like a child. When a Cambodian is asked how he can admire such childish activities, the response comes with a grin and a twinkle in the eye. "He has kept us neuteral, peaceful and prosperous still with a great deal of progress taking place. All of this is in the heart of that part of Asia which is presently full of tensions and violence and war," is the argument. -o- -o- -o- New factories, roads and schools are being built. Mr. Ho Tan Ho, Director of the Division Pedigogique said that, "When Cambodia became independent from France fifteen years ago, only 200,000 children were attending elementary school. This year it is over a million. Twenty five percent of our national budget now goes for education." Here is a country ruled by a virtual dictator by popular demand 1 . This situation presents a problem for the United States: Should it attempt to support him because of the popularity of his regime? If so, would Americans not then fall into the trap of supporting an autocrat? The prob T lem does not end here, however, for the Cambodians also have many suspicions. They are suspicious of the United States. Cambodia has long traditions of animocity with two of her neighbors, Viet Nam and Thailand, both of which are strong American allies. Under these circumstances Cambodia can not really be a friend of the United States. If America were to re- establish, » diplomatic relations she would | Fire resistant! mm CHEST 7.74 Reg. 8.64 Asbestos filled! IZZxMxW 3iv 1 chest with lock n' key. E :.t . 2.29 A to Z index file I .9» Green or grey I ANT STEEL 08 WE FILE 47 Hem. 2.99 Holds up to 1600 letters and documents under lock and key. 12^x9x10" size. Beg. 2.19 metal file... 1.67 Hold* STEEi CARB FILE 2.29 Steel divider. 6 -inches deep. 3x5 file cards 29 < 3x5 index cards 49 « mm Holds 4x€ cards STEEL GW FILE 2.S4 Steel divider, ti-inches deep. 4x6 file cards 29< 4x6 index cards 59* Famous Paper Mate® FLAIR PEN 42° Reg. 49c Write with a Flair! Make your mark in blue, red or black. Porous, tapered nylon tip. Norn in family packs FAMOUS BIG PENS 1.49 doz. Reg. 2.28 Cheaper by die dozen! 12 medium point pens for or office. Choice of colors. "CHARGE-IT Grained vinyl cover BUDGET INK 9 n< 81 Regular or lined ENVELOPE PAG 'eekly record book SIOKKEPEI 75 sheets ... 150 ruled pages to keep an accurate account. For daily budget, tax records. Package of 12 FILE FOLDERS Heavy weight, standard size <9K x US") file folders. Straight or third cuts. Reg. 49? Box of 50 Herald Square lined check mailers. Or pack of 100 regular GH" white envelopes. 3.79 Simplified record keeper of expenses, income, tax deductions. Sample page included. • Reg. 17.44 All Steel Cabinet 1 C44 30* high, 9-drawers for checks. • Reg. 22.88 Steel File Cabinet ^O 88 Two-drawer style. 15xl8x30*h. • REG. 14.44 SECRETARY FILE 30" metal Filing and storing. • REG. 4.99 STEEL CASH BOX Lift-out tray. Lock 'a'key. • ATTACHE CASES Vinyl Coated, 16x12x6" Size Just Say "CHARGE-IT* 44 399 499 Our otrn tine quality 36 PENCIL PACK Terrific buy! The big pack of wooden lead pencils. All with erase-clean rubber tips. Heavy Kraft fibre. PERSONAL FILE if Durable expanding home file is cloth reinforced for long wear. Indexed pockets. Size 7&"x9&". All bookkeeping need* t to 80 page ruled journal.. ., .39< 100 page columnar book.. . 69 « 160 page clay book journal, 99 1 ^Srl &OMu^lion GwmuUeeil Ik^Im^meid or Motu^ Rethtukd

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