Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 8, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1912
Page 4
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The lola Daily Register -91 M lata OaKjr RtKortf ami tiM Iota Daily THl BKfllSTEB FUBUSHIKG GO. CHA8. F. BCOTT. Proa, and BdtUM* r. W. BRKWBTER ,.Manag«r Katacad at Uie loU Post >mea aa Second- Ctiaa Matter. •Avattttlnc Balca Mnde Known on AprU- ', , cutlott. Otnelal eapar City of tola. Offtelat Papw Ci^ of Baaaatt Otfletal P^ar of Allan County. SUBSCRIPTION BATES. ^ By CarHar In Iota, Qa« City, Lany««> .Vina, Conerato. LaHarpa and Saaaett: On* Week 10 «nt> Ona Month « c«nt» Ona Taw - BY MAIU: One Tear. Inside ount.v JiO© One Tear, outside county U.OQ • ' TELEPHONES: Bosineaa Office I> Society Beportpr 1* Job and Btndenr Dept. 141 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTEU, FRIDAY EVENING, NOV EMBER 8,1912. / THE DE-HOCRATIC PARTV. On the. fourth of .March. '1801. the UemoGrallc party laid down the roins of gorcrnmont, having drlvpn the nation over the brink of )>oliticaI ruin. It did not take them up agnin until the fourth of March, lSii3. and four years later it a^aln laid tlicjn down this time having (irl\*en (ho n.-i(lon over the brink of mntorial dlsastpr And now, sixteen years later. Ihr reins, are agnin t'lneed in its hands. Whither wilJ it drive iho nation time? For «txle«'n years the DetnocrHtli pnrly has iit:iy'"d the role of rriilc Not In a positron to do anytlilnR ItiteK it has atood by raviliiiK at tlie thliiKr the llepubllcan party has done. What will U do now touching Ihe thinjiv about which It has so long and so bitterly complained? It voted solidly ngninst the net rr.<. ating the gold standard. Will It n- peal it now that It has the jwwer? It Invelghrd against "inipcrliilisni' becjiuse the Republican party insist cd that we should hold the inilUppin. Islands. Will it let the Islands go now that It has the power? It protested against the annexadoi of Hawaii. Wai It cancel the treaty now that It has the power, and let tht people of the islands resume iheii own sovereignty? It has insisted that we are playini the tyrant in Porto Rico becnusc \y> did not give the people of that I.< land complete home rule. What wil it say or do now touching that mat ter? , It declared that the Republican M 'a> of handling the railroad ))rob1em w-at all wrong. Will it undo what h;i! been done and try another way?It has jeered at the idea of "regu lating" the trusts, and has maintainet that the only way to meet that prob lem was to utterly destroy the trust.' Is that what it will do? It has denounced the protective lar iflr as unconstitutional in theory nn(' infamous in practice, and at the las session of Congress it passed l)ill: taking all protection away^ from in dwBtries that employ four millioi workmen and produce annually six teen billion dollars worth of goods Will It j)ass thosf bills over apiiiis and follo«' them up with-oth ^s alont the same line? "Governor Wilson, in the event o' his election, will have but two alter tion. dishonor or disaster." said Co' dishonor or disaster." said Coione Roosevelt in one of his recent cam paign speeches. It was not a vcr: nice or polite thing to say. but ii w.i! more ljr;r:y true ith«n most of the Coiouct's camiMUsi^ uUcnuic««. Wbat he meant was tl»t the Democratic party would either hare to forget a lot of Ita protestations and a good many ol Its present i;^ts^% or bring ruin upon the business of the country. It will be interesting to see which horn of Tthe dilemma It will choose. It w -tu have to choose one or the other,—unless by an access of blundering it should do both. And in any cv^nt there is bound to be troubie.—trouble for the Democratic party if not for the country. For the Democratic vnr'V is no more homogeneous in the view taken by its members on public questions, than the Republican party Is, or than it was a year ago. There are radical and conservative Democrats, just as there are radical and conservative Republicans. As long as the imrty was out of power and there was nothing for it to do It was e .isy to Ignore these differences. But when the time comos tor afflrmallve action the line of demarkation will Ijecomc apparent. It js understood that Col. Bryan is to be the Premier of the new administration, and the President-elect 1ms emphasized his "progressive" beliefs. The program they will ' lay down, therefore, bucked by the scores ol new moniber.s from the North who hnvo won an uncxiieclod eietttion l)y catering to the wave of radicalism that has IHMH Hweeiiinjf over the l«n«l. will bo "advanced" enough. Hut the liiickbone of ilie l)emi)cf !illc House and Stfnato are t)ii> men who come U|' from the .South with "old line Di-- mocracy" bred into their very bone. These elpmeiilH will mix -about like lire and guti-iKiwiler. And the result- lii^ explosion will he easy enough In see and hcVr trotn J \e !irly any <i«avter. Of course the unexpected may happen, as Sam Hlythe so fretiuently and shrewdly pointed nut In his recent Satwrday Kvening Post articles. The cohesive power of vii-tory. won by good luck .Tnd prec .Triously held, l« strong, and Mr. Wilson may tlnd some way to piit out the Are or wet the gun. ixjwder. Hut the chnnct'S are against it. The chances are that before twc ye .nrs are over "Trium|ihant Democracy" will he at each o'lier. tooth an<' nail, anijl the terms "Insurgent" am? "Standpatter" will be no more ;iu exclusive Republican |)ossessfon. Meanv.'hile it is up to the country to go about its usual business in itf usual way. Sufficient unto the d.i: is the evil tliereof. After all the iv- mocracy may not have the counigt Df its bad convictions. Just think of it! There is oh Chaftip Clark. For thirty years In '.las gone about over the land with tht orch of Democracy in his time won and weary but resolute hand, by in finite bard work keeping the fire alivi in tl»e hearts of the faithful; And just as the aforesaid faithful were about to give him his reward here comes a man who, during all those thirty years had given no sign that lie ever cared wheiher Democracy lived o: died, and snatches, the crown away. .\nd there is William Jennings Uryan three times a candidate when no iriar. could have won, and now when any man could have won he must serve a private in the ranks while a collvg* professor, keenest interest ir him during the days of hopeless sini.e ele was Me might be "knocker! into a cock*?;! lint," moves on to flif s?at of th'^ Mightv. And yvt tl .ort- Soda crackers more nutritive tlian any other flour food. Uneeda Biscuit are the perfect soda xcrackers. Therefore, Uneeda Biscuit. Thou|:h the cost is but ^ five cents, Uneeda Biscuit are too good^ too nourishing, too crisp, to be bought merely as an economy. Buy them because of their freshness—buy them because of their crispness—buy them because of their goodness —buy them because of their nourishment. Always 5 cents. Always fresh and crisp. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY est crop of wheat in her history this year and it w^llt i^'ot tall far below the hundred million bushel mark; this being nearly twice the measure of a year ago. In dollars thia means wealth of almost uncountable extent. In corn Kansas is expecting a yield of inore than two hundred and t.;n _ million bushels, which is nearly twice las much as a year ago. And the prvs ent price proves a feature la prosperity addresses. There is an increase in the size of the oats crop -of al>out 6fi jier cent J this year, as corotwred with a y,»ar {ago, and the value adds much to iht bank account. < These are a few of the r<'asons why Kansas is proud. And there are many others for .the retorns from all i the other agricultural and lionicul- ' turai resources of the stat* add u j grraf deal to the grand total of its i 'Wealth. And- Kansas has only £cratch<d tlu soil. She has not come in sight cl the limit of productiven<'.ss. She can greatly surpass this yield in all <u> with better farming methods. She intends to talk of thfjie tiiethods .-'t -li* state-wide conrertncc here in No! vember. are some who say Uiere is no thing as luck in politics. such party would i Sociiili.-Jt ;ind I 'rogrfS .sivr t tirs. so that Out ill ('<>loni<lo the TUinl 'I 'l -rmvis -split into three 8i -par:il<- and distir.c hraii('li<-s, "i'rogrefsivcs." " velt." and *I!ull Moose." In addiitnit I ol |in nil's there w<Te of conr.'-i". the R <<iuil>'.i( an. llie I>«-mo< nitic. t!i<- the Prohibiiioni .st iiir- Iw prop! irouMd, TIK - result of yesterday's elcciion.s showed indisputably Hint if Uoosevi-lt had been given the nomination to which he was rightfully entitled at Chicago, the Republican have, continued as iht party of the Nation and it would have won yesterday's victory.—Wirll- !a Beacon. Which is a very^ irank n^ii.^sion that the Republican party is the luir- ty of real -progress, and that iliosc who I^ft It. like ihe editor of the i;e;icon. did so, not because its principh-s wore wrong but because the partit-n- !ar candidate they| favored was nfit j nominated. This is a poor apology for ! ' . turning the country over to ttie H< iii-' Wh.n ii has IM-OH more or lis.s ocrals; but perhaps it is bi-tler t;i.»ii f iniimatrd during the lai- ciinii);ii.i:ii none. • • ' I (;ov. Stiilibs was not a Itt<|,ulili- ' : can. tlie Governor \ hotly res<'ii»'d One of the earliest callers in lliisiit. When Rill Whiles Progn s.sive office on the mornftig after <!ec;ioii j St:ite convention ni-iio v.e shall see was one of our old time Democratir ] wh:u w.> shall see. friends, a wheel horse in Mis party for many long and weary and hmisry years, who called to get some a'J-.-;<-< Foi\'rEi» iMiruiim 'Ji.s. ; From the Chicago News. A busy tcnguf Is n .•ipousiiilt' much idle talk. Faith in your own aliiiity ijj' two- thirds of the battle. Most of the dooriiial.^ with "Wit- come" on are dirty liars. The only iiois<!css ivp <writ.r y i discovereil is a deaf niutf. .Never put olV uutil n.iniirrow ih' favor you ran do n» toiiay. When « girl scre.ima on uei:lii.v kissed It Is usually in i\ \vlii)<ii<r. Anyway trniililo » ICVIT IIJ(1V;CS HI ill", alley wtn-n a is livikili;; i'. II !»<» .1 Irlend a favor . IIHI II- V.I; think he Is doing ymi u f.>\.>i in l.-i ling yon do It. All fKotl ^t is II liiMi V till li<'lli'V< s i: he were to hide liii< liKhi lind' I . liUt.lK '1 tlio whnle sstir',:! wii'ild ln' ll (t .-irklie.HS. / i5Km;rTioN.s OK \ i?i< HKI.OI:. Fn>m the .\'<>vv York I 'fsv All men wi'nt lo vji -i iiiniic.v; !iii;-,lii; few want to «'arii it. The rli-hist father faii 'd lo 'io duly III his taniily l>y um b • uu iw '•' cr. y T!u' r'-ason girls v.:m' ;o .-••(• i hurt in footiiall is tin y <aii !>•• sorr; for tli <-ni. What niak« s a girl <<> ind' veiiili ir is how safe it is for li.-r to be l»'>w lepued instead of stooij -simtild.-re,!. It takfs a woman to d-siuse l .f. husband's Oliinion of it:c jlniln'.^ n Iv^r sex. but always to ;:.-k him f<'i of rolorailf)' his :a>out hers, had plenty of room in wliii-h ,to s'.o.-U ' This wasn't a good year for pu:n shoes Kvery candidate for Congnss in Kans:is wiio tried to pussy-foo» through the campaign was df-feat-'d. Which is as it siiould Ije. God and lh<> people hale a coward. ItKST HF r.Vr.K .SI'KVT. itr!>t<>l. I'ii. So in Thi Growing Children Need Good Bowels (live it .Mild Liixatlve Oreu^lonally lo liiNure Iternlnr Itonel Action. As a child grcws older it require- more and more personal atte:;*ioc fitmi the mother, and as the ftmellonf of the bowe's are of the utmost lmi>or- tance to health great attention should be i>aid to rhem. Diet is of great imi>orLancc, and the mother should watch the effect of ce^-taln foods. A food will ccostipate one and not another, and so we liavp a healthy food like eggs^ causing biliousness to ihon^ands, and a wholesome fruit like bananas consfipating many: It Is also <o be considered that the child is growing, and great changes are taking place in the young man or young woman. The system has not yet settled Itself to its later routine. A very^ \-aIuable remedy «t this stage afld one which eve.'y growing boy and girl imould be given often or occasionally seconding to the indJ\iduaI cir- comstances. Is Dr. C-aldw^U's Synir- Pepeia. This is a laxatirie and tonic combined, so mild that itiis glveo to little babies, and yet equally effgc'Ive fn the most robust conetftution." At the first sign of a tendenciy to conrtJ- ptUoa give a email-dose of Synjp Pen eto at niAt <m retiring, and.prompt action will fallow In the n2onilng. It not only acts oo the stomaoh apd bcw- ds btit its tonic properties bu}id up sail ^rengthen the system igwefBlIy, ^ieb l8 cn opiaion shared by tbe D«r> .«nt* of V«!<» Beatrice^ Haon*^ 116? V^:ST.l nKATKICE HAK.\f.i .V H. .Miller. NeUrsiska City. -Neb., ant' thcuSinda of others. Its use will teach yoii to avoid cathartics, sa'-.s and pillg as f.:ey ere too harsh for the majority and their effect is cnly temporary. Syrup Pepsin brings pe.nnancnt results, and it ciui be conveniently obui>!iied cf any nearby druggist at fifty cents aad one lol'ar a bottle. If no member cf your family has ever used Syrup I^epsin and yen would iike io make a per«>tial trial of if before buying it in the regular way of a 1 ugglsi, send your address—a postal «-iIl do—to Dr. W. B. Caldwell, 415 Washiaglcn «t., Maoticello. III., end a fr«e sample bottle wlir be .mallet! you. Remits are tcfmnatteAjoyiaon Taft and th«» R< iiublican "Kirty likely lo look niTchty ?ooii four yt :!V3 about getting the postoflice in hisjtrnm ni-w io let of iieopJe v .!;o ;:re town. The advice was given free'.y i chiickJin.q over their def<;!t to'lay. and gladly,—as it jnill be given tc • any and all other Democrats. clAwr Tli<> c.ianiry has subsiitnied the in or" out of Allen county, who niay ):arty of exp'rinif iit for ihe iiar'.".- of apply for it. And may the god of j rvii< neui-•. li wil! lie interestin;; to things as they ought to be have mer-!w!<ich the outcome, cy on the miserable soul of .loe Ti.-y- j •• • garl! The Coloti"! i'Viilfnily h;vd a pr'ni')- • • liiilioi: wli<n fie told those .Vcw York And so I.. I'. King has come to lii'e 1 andienns lliat lie wou.'d rather have .Man Saj * I.etitr. ..Mi >r.t"-.- iif r^inTeiin-.,' an-i anxiet; O'./r j^is f. ati'ijt^n cair-eri Mr. .V 1 Kenntily r.f I'.ri-tn;. to write ; :i letter. Me ,=ays: "Gripi-e and a \>:i( rniifih caused tin- tr.w'.t biif .'^.Tinj.' ani worry ff>r five !"ni: nioni:i.-, ]r.i tha is a!! o\er r:iw for 1 iiave nks-n V:n- he--; five i;-); iiest five ti.e It agjiin. and will once more be "the rf<ri their votes thnn rliei.- ch-iTs ator from Cowley" wheii the next Iri;- ' - islature meets He held that PI-MH -i'> office twenty-four years' ago as a K >- luilibllcan, siid twenty years ago. anj^, a Populist. Ho comes back this y e;, as a De-nocrut. So far as we know i ho never made li study of meterol<).ny! but ho certainly is good at guessin:? •joti'.e- :t was hfitfi'es .111 (';; W.I-' la :.s I ever .--pent." • in he'ili':! one eann-.t ri >alize iiov (!5 »;ire -.>-ed a perpiin may lie-'mie af .'e rryirii ont- reii:<-»y j-fr .-r another fo .-i;;-h a condii:. n a.-; .Mr ..Kcnneiiy wa in. wirhoilt tjcaefil. cr V,:J:.'J a reliei i is t> find .'•.elp .-;:;(! I.e :• >:orei u hca!::i 2i :rj .'^trf -nsV 'i. It i.-^ the .-oi.:!>in'-<I niticn of t;:' .'ueiij -iaal curative e'.i^'ient of C.TJ; liver.' wff:t;i!t the -.rrca.-y i-U. ciried b; the Ijlosd-rrakinii ::n.l sfren^th-creat ing properties rf uiilc iron, -'la n-.nkes Vin~I -o ef'.ioifit in i>verc->ii :!n' f>rf;ni." coashK. co.'iis and l>ror'-)ii:i at t ^e faiiif> tiir.o Inilil'.r.-^ up tl-e weiil: en"d tun-down ivsteu:. W 'e s'larantc' Vino: ?<> i;;vr yoii f-f. f-'ft sa!:.-fact :cn. K V.. iliirre!:, K.-u? git", lo '.a. Kan^n.•-. I*. .S. .i-'or rrus'.,. scr''.v skin, t.-; ou» S -.'.xo Halve. \V'> ;;»ar;intee U. k v >svs tJKTS i>T<> Tin: \\\K. :• •> .:• •:••:•.;. ^.;..;..;, .VS tITIIKKS SEE THIM;!S, '> • •> •:• •:• • •:• •:• •:• •^ •:• I - KanMi> Is I'rund. • Mutcliiits"!! -Vews: Is ili .ri i wonder tliat Kansas pu's Iier (•'ratliiatc of K. I'. Is an tUfirer >n Ih Itnigarinn Army, Ijiwrence. Ka-.;.. Nov. T.— Itoris .1 Paichejieff. ^radnat.- r)i' Kansas i"n' versify of tiie clat-^'ot r.'i". i.s now i' |f Itiie iieart of the IJalkan Star.-'.'J-Turkis ^I'twar. He is a nal.Ve of ititigyria ati '"'lan officer in Ilic ^HiiJgariaii Bni;y. Patchejieff received the degrees < A. H. and ft. t5. in I'.Hn and is renn- 1 , ""-^Mbered bv e.ianv stud* nts and profit which way wind is blow-iiors as a hard worker and g.,-..| sn -in vest holes and struts this nig. I, Those sincere but misguided pat- rioLswho In times past have Ix-en vociferous in declaring that the ''<\y^or\i;'';^;:;^;^'\,^^^,^^^ Kansas will have i of this paper was out of harmonv i with the majority of the Republican i J'«"''r<i'l -t'd iweivv million rtoUirs i j,,,^ hminiT served t !y party in his home county, are respectfully referred to the returns from the election: "Taft l.tiOr,; Roosevelt j led S92. liore than on. more wheat, corn .American' High Sehool or .Vcailcni- Me car .'ie to Uii.< country in Hi'j wj;i iliis v...r .-,,1 1 ;<^"l serve! t!:" r-'riir-d thrr IIIIS >ear, tor tier ihre** errtti .i rf ' ... •.. .•t .\i .u ,"^"1'^.'^' .vears in the amy. That is one question which i!.-;!. is a lar^e'Jim d\-;' urgrowfru; ^ ^''''"'i^''--^- ""1 '""^V'r -'f"---!" elo<.io„. it would seem, has -etin.e, | ^^..^J- -onn., t^...e nJp''^:':.}^^t^:^^^^;-^^^^ «*"'^<1- !-rAl..°^ wonderful agricultural re-,,.,„„ w.xs U.-med-ntely draU.-d into th The vote for Taft in Allen;.^ \ v .:as nearly twice tha\ for Roosevelt, j The reason for it is that In this coun- 1 ty the Republicans understood e'.var-| ly that they didn't have lo vote for Wilson in order to defeat Roosevelt. If the 'Same understanding had prevailed In every other county in the State the Rooserclt vote would have been limping along with that of Debs. 'i t Among other things which Senato.- Dixon Is' going to do is to demand recognition at Washington In federal patronage on all boards anJ committees which are apportioned between the two - leading parlies on the; ground that the Progressives are Hhe second party . in the nation. There ieviBr wai: . )Mtter, -yittlle'^mander j staie of I sources. _ . amiv 1 Kansas exi>ects to market tt;,. Inrg- net • I ALL Firsts because it lasts- First choice of those wh^ know —Pccrlcs.s Prcpart'd Roofing—'because if Lists longest. knCt that's just what j 'v -^re entitled to ^\heH you buy riX )fing—-years of wear. it mv:? If j-6u'Ii investigate Are you jetting you'll readily realize tlmt it cfFers nn\ t for the money, not «!iily«;e it outwears other kJn<l<, hut outwears tilt-::! wi :iioi:c a pci-.ii '.'.s r ';Ar ?;r expense! That m-.-ans -hat the. few tloUu;j it .v to t '.tr >our I)i.;iil:r.^- v.-'uii i'cuiivss Ptcp::rcd of the acu:al Ro< cash ro rtv IVerk-"--' i'r< [i 'l K- ...rr .r n-'^'*^-* ti'.'»^ *>r'l-n,-?o- -.v..' 'Tbor. - It's .-.1 ii.'i ;-rjr,,]......L; .i .i.i ll.;.- "luDg rua." l .c: 'J:, .(-•!; i.'ii t.'.-r V.:':JL- iJrup in a;>»i tji!; it over. rilOS. M. JIOWLir .S, rrir*ldcnl J, F. W«TT, Caililcr Alien Coisnty State Bank lOLA, KANSAS ; RSTABI.ISHEU A yi;.\UTEU OF A CENTtiKY. i Capital $30,000.00 Surplus $40,000,00 Deposits $550,000.00 ISTERKIST l"AII> OS TIME nf .POSITS S.VFETY DUPOSIT BOXES FOB REST J. D. .\K\KTT, President J«K .IfcKIM.KV, fashJer J. F., Vire-Presidenl. E. (. ncl'l. U.\, .l»t. Cash. COLO>EL H.>VI>.\, 2nd Vice-Pn-*ident. 8tate Mayings Bank t'.lIVT.lL SL'KPLL.S i^i^m lOLA, KANSAS Wc Pay Interest OR Time Deposits and Savings Ac- coiiiiLs. Safety Depo.^it Boxes PVce to our Customers. lOLA STATE BANK Capital Stock ... .f........ $25,000.00 Surplus §12,500.00 WE PAY INTEREST ON TOIE DEPOSITS L. r. HOBVIM.E, Pr**. W. S- KAL'I-llA.N, 2nd Vice Prwi J. H. f AXPliELL, Cashier. A. If. BECK, TIce-Pres. F. O. i;E>S()?i, Asst (tasklar 8AFETY DEWlSIT BOXES FOB BEST, 1/ m NORTHR«P NATIONAL BANK ItH.A, KANSAS OVKIl FOKTT YKAK.S OK (0.\SEKVATIVK lIA.VKI.Nfi I.V lOLA DeposHiiry for Uic United .State?., Htatc.of Kansas, and Allen (IFFK E J, Mll.LKR, Pr.-sidcnt I. I.. .VOKTifRf'l". Vi(-e-Pr»sl .«l-:i.Vf.\' KRO.VK. Cvhic- . T .N'OliTIlKUP. Vicc-Presl= R. J. rtjKKKY Asst. Ca.^liier U. P. .N'OKTIIRUP. Vire-PresL CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000.00 YOII: I '.r .si.NEss . SOLICITED Interest Paid on Time Dcpo.-IIs Safety Deposit Koxes lor Rent SpecificBloodPoison Everyone realizes that this disease is a blood infection of the most powerful nature, the virus of which so thoroughly poisons the corpuscles ol the circulation that its symptoms are manifested over almost the entire body. First comes a tiny sore or pimple, tlicn'the mouth ami throat uU fcmtc, glands in the groin swell, tlic bair begins to fall out, j .l .in diseases break out on the body, and even the bones ache with iheumatic pains. Only a rca! blood purifier can have any curative effect on a biood poison so powerful as this. S. S. S. is the greatest of all blobd purifiers; it goes into the circulation and by thoroujjlily cleansing the blood of .e\-ery parti- elc of the insidious virus makes a permanent and lasting cure of Specific Blood PoisOn. If j-ouare suffering with this . disease SAl '**iC> ®' ^' ^' 5'*'° purify your blood _ and enrich its health-promoting corpuscles. S. S. S. is '8b absolutely safe and certain in its results, that ever>-one may cure themselves at home and be assured the »*.ip>m-w«i,«»' coTC '^U be permanent and lasting. S. S. is a ptirely nEMlESfM. vegetable remedy, being made entiidy of roots, herte and barJfs,^Specifio 0kwd Profesr-'or liav.e.rt'.i, under wiioin Patchejieff took. a Bn-at deiTof v,*>rk.i is confident ttiat 'Un.i.- in t (-.i> ti-ick'-st 3f tin* f.piif a .Tl :-i sivini; a !,'o<.d ar- •ount of hiiti>-e!f..jof). • ChiciiRo Examiner: AnliUF Critten den is »tie new ratina ciiam>)ion of Alton. He won the title from "lluck" RoenicJje at tlie annual fal! outing of 'he PeiVinunon club i>y a margin of Sve persimmons. C'rinenden's score was: Oqe whol,; chicken, yix potatoes, eight CKps. si,x pickles, four doughnuts, forty persimmonfS. Roe- nickc's si :ore vias «-xartIy the sa:ne with the exception tiiat he was ahle to put awaj- only thirty-tive pergim- nioQs. Farm Loans lowest Kutcs i Branch Office pf Ihe Menlam ^ Mortgage Co. Topeka, Kan *.i Optional Payments. Any Time. Will Let 00% of I^nd Value. BEST LOA.MA ALLfe'X COOTT SICK lOLA LAfSD COMP'Y The friends of Mr.«. K. tl. IlouRh regret to learn :hat she has been very ill tor the past weckj ! —The Harmony Singers are In town an4 wIH ai^P^^r at tjlie Grand Satur- I Someliody hasi figured that the av- I erage man of 15(> pounds contains ttie constituents found in; 1.200 eggs. There is enough, gas in him to fill a gasometer of 3,649 cubic feci. He. contains enough iron to i make four ten-i>enny nails. His fat wobld make tw€nty-fl«e candles and good, sixed < cake of soap. .His phosphate conteafc-.'! would inake8 ,m .hoxe*4>f.

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