Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 27, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1954
Page 2
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MOM Sf AR, I tfttieA fa&m Page pne Hfiilh economic e can be cited, ._,' tilfcjwg % look hlch he said show* Heft Is teducing and that* his predecessors «Jwi« "Asserted that J?ep. Condo [f tlwSaHf) has every right to clea *•*" '* charg^ t>t subversion t year was refused per —,^.. ._ View atomic tests per tose of information the Atom! 'k*g> Cony«!ssi(Sh said it ha l -*ve& about hiftj, Th6 cOftgresi hnn dented that he is or eve ._— j5ct>tt a COmrtiUnJsl or a sym [JathmivHe Is being given a hear 'to by,the $e»aJe*House Atomii Snerjjy Cojnjnltteje, 5. Declared a measure of human jw. ut*. -, —.—*-f inm MARKETS LOUS LIVfeStOCK 1 TOCKYARDS, ID. «d* gs 4,500; active; barrows U " S and gilts 25-35 ligher; choice evernl loads i -. sows 25-50) ) Ib 29.50-27.00! No. 1 and a ' n receitr ' 5 °f S^ coops; lnhangec ' ; News Briefs Will be employed by the Army handling lha case of 'dpi. Ed ird S. Dickeniion, thp Americsn ^..."me' prisoner 1 of war who first |i,Cnbse''to remain with the Commu- ""'its , end, Ih.e4 .elected to return ""id. The Army nas started courl 'tigl proceedings ugalnst Dlck- lil^bn the prburtd that h c had tvfu 1 dealings'with'the enemy: ^,-,,-ia,, .Preside^ -jsajd. Joo, he Is |e|rtaln «the a.rmed forces ,wlll yse s^pathjr ^n .d«alinj; w|th'Amerl- ,,f»-f.'J, ,W'B0 • cpnfes^l und^r duress lfo'eft^elng'ia.|«rm warfare. The 'Marlrie*Corps; MS crilered'in in tiry feto «e*ca«ft bt Col. Frank tA*Scfwable, ''MalriVie flier who ™ Jfafltf*,' a' prisonerA' sfsned , a germ |S\V?rfafe confession \which he re- '-'"ikpunqed «*e*n r«lfeaiii!d. ^7JBiseiiliiow*j *»iid h6 was so dis- tujrbed-'when }}6 Teed, about the '-*-<-« i '-«"-^uj.t 'mnrtifcl proceedings [bkerison "tliat' he got in at 1LEO; bulls 50 higher; utility and commercial 12.50-14.50 cuttei JUlls 10.5.0-12.00; vealers aivl onlvns active and fully steady; few- prime vealers tp 34.00; food and ohoi.ce J8.0ft'32.,00; commercial and good 19.00-2G.OO; cull and utility 56,SOi 270-300 Ib 24.2j-25.25; 150-1? Ib 15.MG.75; sows 400 Ib dowi 23.25>24.26; heavier sows 22.25 43.23. Cattle 2,500, celves 600; steer and heifers steady it< strong; fe\v good and choice steers and heifers 26,60-22.00; cows relive and strong s6me improvement in canners anc cutteri: utility end commercla' cows 11.00-13.00; canners and cut lers 3bO-H.OQ; some strong outlet .. •calers 10.00-15,00. Shpsp 800; trade active* fully i50 19, fryt-rs or broih.rs 24-27; old 19; fiyers or broilers 24-27; old rooster.! 17-19; ducklings hone.Btntor: 1,053,297 pounds. Market steady. 93 score C5 cents a pound; 92 score 0 5; score 63',4; 89 score 62 \'z\ canots: 90 score- 64; 89 score 02. Eg B 's: n,602 eases. Market stea* dy, Wr.ite lar^e etrus 60-69.9 per cent A and over 49-4&V& cents a dozen miled large etrps GO-69.9 cent A and over 49; mediums "dO- 59.9 per cent A and over 46 J /&; standards 45'/ 2 : current receipts dirties.42, checks 42. LITTLE ROCK, — The Arkansas Watlonal Guard's non-divisional troops will take field training at July 16—Aug. 1. The state Military Department announced the dates yesterday. NEW YORK COTTON NEW Y ORK (M— Cotton futures •vere steady today. Active tr ode and commission house demand' e- ended early 'gains to 05 cents a sale. After the buying had been iatlsficf.1, the market turn'ed quint . and eased slightly on scattered gm-j a nd liquidation. ate afternoon prices were 5 to cents a |jaie higher' than the >revious close. March 33.80, May 3.92 and July 33.37. ligher; spots up more; top 22.00; hoice rnd prime 21.50-22.00 several lot*: mostly choice with good nd 21,00-50 one lot 112 Ib lamLs l.Op; load good to mostly choice all's^rn lambs 21.25; slaughter w^s^stea'dy; light ewes up to 5.00. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO tf)-UDA- Live poul- „„„,„ 11UU1 yi . Bieraj . y . s sn atl . ry firm on hens, b aiely steady on vanca came into the stock market today and cut uric.es down. The market advanced at the LITTLE ROCK, —Gov. Prancis Cherry yesterday re-appointed two members of state school boards. . J. E. Bell of Hickory Plains got a five-year term on the Bebe Junior College Board, and Moody Irvin of Heber Springs drew a five- year term on the Clinton Vocational School Board. LITTLE ROCK, — Gov. Francis Cherry will review his first yeai in office in an address to the Arkansas Sheriffs Association here tomorrow night. LITTLE ROCK (/B — The State Racing Commission will meet here Feb. 10 to pass upon track officials and personnel to be employed at Oaklawn ark, Hot Springs. Oak lawn s spring racing season starts Feb. 2C and ends March 27. NEW YOR|< STOCKS NEV/ RORK,' MV- Profit-taking risins from ycsterdj.y's sharp acl- > : 0r brlno (itmt to M lit Turiwr Jfr * f -?j J&m VfiB al|p fti twfo fiester , arjfiij- . Fin- i A. S F 8 R i «Uch with Seer^ary of Defense 'ilson about the case. {I, Tagged as an idea worth look- ig^ fnC& a reporter's suggestion int tile administration adopt a neU)Oti of giving something like fipnorablc discharges to those who res/gn 'from the government without auy sjispjoion that they might be seqijKity risks. 7- ppclared with o trace of ir:-- f.atfon ti:at his new f arm program, palling for a systen- of flexible price supports eventually, repn- sents no basic .change in his think ing. 'Ha added that ho nevep prom ised Curing the presidential cam paign to maintain price support at a rigid 80 per cent of parit beyond 'the 'end of this year. 18. Said he probably will seni Congres; a special message de,i' Ing with his recommendations o fen/ |?ased. he said, it f bv , ni s soecia and in part m ( Jha.t s^udy now be pgifte by various .governmen agencies.' * i.- Sjid th,p administration aban start, ?Iowed d own anc) went 1 ower The rl ecline went to h etyveen 1 and 2 points at the outside' with gains at times etenriing to between 1 and 2 points. ' ' Trading came to an estimated two shares. si^re > p| flip l its call foi per cent socia iXj/bqcayse th> y*in effect wil r*v ,,«, e ^ e expanded pipgr&m the administrfl .«» t. ~,r C $?S- TIlS proposed ex Mjripjpn wo^ld bring an additions, 0 million Americans under socia' „.. gopinient on the 1jS5tween Secreta'ry of es apd Soviet Ambassa- iln pn Pi^cnhower's pro- creaticn of an interna injic pqq) for peaceful Thp President said he >w w ( hpn there woujd be Commenting OP the proposal f .{he-vefprns of foreign wars in ?owralk, Conn., tp send to the ?| /•" a p!?9 9f res^dpntg of thnt « ^fTied "Cpnunqnist," said ftfe^bjy nothing pan be done to >P fUftM ^rpgrjim. But he added ?£ tjje^-p ar^' Jibjjl and slander ^fi to tS^P car « °l t h e situptiou r Unwarranted apcusatlons should e made. Lowei were such issues as-Republic fcteel, Snudebaker, Hudson, United Aircraft, Allied Chemical, and Paramount Pictures. Considerable strength was main- l ained by Radio porp., American Tobaq.eo, . Bethlehem .Steel and Goodyear. GRAIN ANP POQVISIOIVJS CHICAGO, W — An i rregular mpr- ket spotted with mostly small gains ancf loss.es was r ecorded in grains on the Board of Trade .today. Firmest tone developed in I cqrn, reflecting Jight cash receiptjS arid wintry weather i n the Midwest, fl- thougn icte in th.-j se.isipn' new prop wheat contracts enjoyed §• sn^ali rice runup. ' •'. n contrast, olid crop gpybjsans contncls went itbrqugjl a s.je^ling squal} iate in th.e s.essiqn. Prices dropped aroun.d 3 cents Before the market atanlizcd. closed y^-l , higher, jyiai-cn $2. 13-^,14, , porn ,>/ 8 ->/2 : hig^r er, Marph $1.5^ %,-. pats unchanged t o y a lower, March '7p«, rye 1 to "i higher, M ; arch $1.25 'fa s'oy- 3can$ 2>/ 2 lower "to 1 y A ' higher, Marpn $3.111/4-1341, lard 10 t o 22 cents t, hundred pounds Iflwer, March -16.35. wheat: -Nc.. 2 yellow hard 2-226. Corn: Jtfo. "'z yellow 1.58'A- LITTLE noCK-.m — The State Cancer Commission said today that it didn't have enough money last year to provide adequate care of indigene cancer patients. In its annual report' to' Gov. Francis Cherry the commision. said row interest in cancer control in Arkansas was evidence by the requests of physicians for estab Jishment of tumor clinics at Harri son and West Memphis. "Because of limited funds," the commission added, "the State Can cer Commission could only pledge its co-operation and suggest that such clinics be 'Organized on a vol Untary basis without benefit of sec retadal and clerical aid." WASHINGTON, tffl— Sen. Ful bright and McCk-llan of Arkansas voted in favor of the South Korean lyrutual Security Treaty'which was ratified, 81-6 by the Senate yesterday. fe r Aft KANSAS Labor Leaders HitatStafid on Strike Vote By HQWLANb EVANS JR. WASHINGTON — CIO President Walter Reuther said today President Eisenhower's recommendation for govei nment - sponsored strike votes reflects "a deep-seated anti-labor prejudice." Reuther bitlngly criticized most of Eisenhower's 14-point program for revising the Taft-Martley labor relations law, staling on testimony prepared for a ertate Labor Committee hearing that Its net effect would be to make the law 'even worse than it ia." "This is not a middle-of-the road approach to labor-management relations, "he said. "It is essentially the approach of the National Asso ciation of Maniifnclurers, the U. S Chamber of Commerce and of the anti-union employers wnom thpj represent." Only yesterday. WilUam B. Bar ton, the Chamber's general coun sel, told the committee his organization has serious doubts about lalf tite administration program. However, the Chamber did offer qualified support for the strike- vote idsa which Reuther attacked today. .. '."-•.. Under this proposal, the government would hold a secret poll to find ou;. if workers want to strike against their employers in labor disputes. Six-Year-Old Cancer Victim No. 3 No. . 3ats: N o. 1 heavy v/ hite 83'. oyseans: none. ' Barley nominal; mtilting 1.20r.82; eed 88-1.20. Fiel d seed per 100 b nominal: white clover 9.500.00; red tbp 57.00-58.00; al- bike 10.00-17.00; timothy 12.00-13. 00; ed clover '26.50 27.50. TO UT 'DEFENSE: FUNDS . BELGRADE, Yugoslavia, (Kt— Yu- oslavia plans to cut its defense pending 11.6 per cent in 1954. Ob- ervers here view the slash as eflecting a belief there's less ihemse of a Soviet-led war oh Pres- dent Tito's government. Hemingway Declines Offer of Experience ENTEBBE, UGANDA (UP) — Renst Hemingway said today he had. refused an offer from an American magazine (Life) for his own account of his African air- crash experiences, because, he doesn't want to "make capital" of his two .lucky escapes. "I gave the Ipcal newsboys a break because they. deserved it," the bearded writer said. He added that Mrs. Hemingway is "out and about figain" and "doing fine," do: spite -two libs eracked in.... t|ie crashes. ..... . ;. .. ... - iV/ .Hemingway said he and his'.wife will stay, on here for "a couple of days" and then return to Nairobi ."to £et purse'ives a nevy Ndpg plane to continue the tour we' hav planned." •: The Hemingways plan to, visi ihe Congo' and then travel througl (Britain's Kenya, colony as " t fa as th<; So.malilnnd border '.area where he lias been commissipnec by the^ Kenya government to'c'pn cjuct an elephant survey. WEST MEMPHIS, Ark., — A 6-year-old boy who celebrated Christrhns-early last year as death chosed in, died yesterday. Cecil Lee Hfnkson son of Mr. and Mrs. Ulcie Hinkson, died from cancer. Christmas wns held last November for the t>oy when it appeared that h> wouldn't live until Dec. 25. Jasper McLevy, a Socialist, is ser ving his llth consecutive term as mayor of Bridgeport, Conn. Poinferefs Unbeaten in 43 Cage Gomes LITTLE ROCK —Van Buren's Pointei ets, unbeaten in 43 games, held the favorite's position this morning as the annual state high school basketball tournament for girls got underway. Ber«man and Berryville opened the competition, which will run for foui days, at 10:30 this morn- iing. Eipht other games were scheduled today. • Van Buren plays its first game tomorrow, meeting Leslie in the final game of the first round, Bi.?gest stumbling blocks to Van Buren's successful defense of its state title appear to be Grubbs and Cnlico Roci:. Nine games are scheduled for both Thursday and Friday, with the semi-finals Saturday morning and the finals Saturday night, Cage Tourney Bids to Be Open LITTLE ROCK (M—Bids for the state high school basketball tournaments will be opened today, shortly after the 1 p. m. ' ' filing deadline. Jennie Burnett, executive secre tary of the Arkansas Athletic Association, said the AAA's Executive Commitle will choose the sites this afternoon. Sites are to be selected for the 21ass A senior boys tournament Marcn 17-20; Class B senior boys, Marcn 10-13 ;junior boys, March 3-6; and senior girls, March 17-20. Most Interest centers around bidding for the Class A senior boys meet, 'which brings together most sf the top teams.Jonesboro, Little Rock and Fayettevilie are expected to compete for the tournament. Casey May Lend Aid in Signing NEW ORK, t/B— Casey Stengel, i wizard on th? diamond, joins the ligh brass of the New York Yan- cees at the conference table today as the world champions step up heir efforts to sign their players. Stengel is coming to town officially to attend the New York' Baseball Writers' Dinner Sunday night. But he has been known to take a welcome hand in adjusting salary differences with his star performers. So far the Yanks have signed only catcher Yogi Berra from their 1953 regulars. They inherited a running contract when they got Eddie Robinson f^om the Philadelphia Athletics and have agreed to terms with pitcher Harry Byrd, the other big name in the wholesale swap ivith Philadelphia. Tom Gorman, a relief man last season, and two outfield prospects, Art Schult and Emil .Teliinger, came into the fold yesterday but third baseman Gil McDougald left the Yankee effices unsigned after a conference. McDougald said he needed time to think over the Yanks' offer and the management hurriedly called the jes.sion a "preliminary conference. 1 ' Wednesday, January 27 U. S. Debates Resumption of Parley * WAHINGTON, (U P) — The State Department faced a tough decision todny o n whether to direct Special Ambassador Arthur H. Dean to resume negotiations for a Korean peace c onference on Communist terms. Dean was expected tc arrive here from New York to confer with department officials on the latest Chinese and North -Korean bid to £Et the stalled peace falkr. going again. They proposed in a letter to Dean that the negotiations resume at Panmunjom next Monday. Oil Loop Folds Before it Starts down in plans of five points to FORT WORTH, Tex. — Break ! ield teams has forced abandpiv nent of attempts to form the Oi: States Baseball League. Big State League President Howard Green said yesterday that 'Greenville, Lohgview. Paris, Mag lolia, Ark., and Sherman' will not ield teams. 'Wichita Falls has been, admit- ed to the Lbnghorn League, so we mve dropped plans to form an Oil "States League, he'added. Green was assistlrj; in the at- emptcd organization of the Class C circuit. • Pope's Condition Is Improved VATICAN CITY, IB— Pope Pius XII, suffering from a nervous stomach and occasional attacks of hiccups, was reported improved today. " . . The Simplon tunnel in the Swiss Alps, 12 miles, required eight years to build. Cooper ofter is found in nature inn pure state, having all the characteristics of the smelted metal. >IN«ORMS I MAY BE AFAMIIYAFFAIR Fidgeting, nose-picking and a tormenting roclul itch ore often telltale signs of Pin-Worma;.. ugly parasites thnt medical experts Mr Infcat OHO out of every Ihrco persons examined. Entire families miiy be victims and not know it, ' To Bet rid of Pin-Worms, thcito petjtii muat not only be killed, but killed in the large intestine where they live and multiply. That's exactly what Jaync'a P-W tablcto do ... ond here's how they do it: First—o Eclentiflc coating curries the tablets into the bowels before they dissolve. Then— Jajne'g modern, medically-approved i"? Ercdieht trbes richt to work— kill* Pin-Worms quickly and easily. Don't take chances.with till* dangerous, highly contapiouu condition. At the first sign of Pln- Worms, nsk your drucgist for genuine Jaync's P-W Vermlfuie... the small, eaBy-to-tnke tablets per- ; fect.ed by fa'moun Dr. D. Jaync ft • Son! spuciallsta in worm remedies for over 100 years. >out the fj, •fe j' T 6\ m r-'\ W*«'^ **;>•& >\ Y" ^M.-^-^- m ^jit- ;Vm^^ BUY A USED CAR iwfeJip- .T*NI< '-CAR $ woyi If Hw • Therou|l}ly Iptpectcd ft Rf«>ndit!s>ripd for Safety fy >< #2 s.*. 1 xi N & '!?„ * ? *%">.•*. m, DIAIER Cfdig Talboy was a br.ipi^it youne| dpctpr, &ut eyen'-'bfll. l.lqnt young doctors often dop'f know how they feel about a keagtifMl woman. And when that beautiful woman happens to be his best friend's wife, the doctpr's in a dilemma. Follow this highly, charged Story of modern* day conflicts-profes. sfonal, family and romantic conflicts- THE DOCTOR by |jrizu-winning nov Llnabuili Seifert in 'I"-' ia c- \ \ Make THES DRYER y WORRY-FREE! 1 1'W^i^**'-^ ^ • Bricks;*"*- * N» more back-breaking wef.woih to » N« m«r« "raw!* trip" backach« from rt« fflffi^W*""*'*** . cioih^MrtNJrpnrngbP^ 1 f ^^ ? hin 8 ,n4>rr^tp^ * ZJS<^*FJtStS i*9mtfi¥f»flH9tfcfr*?y! . wummcA$w< U<<: -,f^.Hi

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