Covina Argus from Covina, California on November 14, 1908 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 14, 1908
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CAL1PORNIA. Rntered at the Pcmtoffice Covina, Cal., as second-class matter. Published CV-'ry Saturday by the Covina Aigus Publishing Company, Inc. SUBSCRIPTIONS: SI. 50 .75 .50 One Year in advance Six Months .... Three Months Single Copies .... .of. A nVI'.RTISKMKNTS: t)isplay advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. L,iners Sc per line each insertion. Legal notices $1.00 p<:r inch first insertion, F.Q cents each subsequent insertion. Band Concert by 14 Musicians 3 p. m, Thirty People, Two Cars Under Canvas The King of the Cattle Ring A GRAND MUSICAL ATTRACTION 16 Acting Parts. Clever Specialties. Special Engagement. At Night Only COVINA, THURSDAY, NOV. 19th COVINA. November 14, 1908. Shooting of Senator Carmack. The pity of t,ho shooting affair in TcnneHHoe is that it should )mv» boon brought about, by tho written word artioloH in Senator Carmack'a newspaper. Tho rmri is a dangerous thing in the hands of men who do not know tho value of charity, arid in saying this, il, i.s not, intended to show that Carriionk wan urir.hari table. Only that he was not a newspaper man. Carmaok lout, hi.s lift; because he could not wee that it was wholly uri- ncoeHHary for him to rovilo hin enemy in a public print,, bringing the <|iiar rel on I, where all would Heo tlie whole dirty buflineHH, the wholo dirty, political \vrangle. This if) tho (act that not any man in the world knows how to run a newspaper o.xeeptiriK the men born in tho craft and to tho waft. How often does Homo talented man, with a penchant for literature turn his thoughts toward the editorial page of some daily, and exclaim: "I oan- riot understand why tho editorials are not more pithy; I cannot, understand why you don't come out and say that a spade is a Npade. " And then he fondly fmyu to himself that ho can beat the editorial writers all hollow it they would give hi in the chance. So indeed ho could. Ho oould the editorial writers indite lines of ilro and brimstone if they didn't know that the policy would probably kill the newspaper in a few weeks. Does the gentle reader know the reason why H spade is not always called a spade, oven in tho great metropolitan dailies? It is because tho spade ia not tho property of tho newspaper, and it is not the newspaper's business to stir up rancor for the mere sake of writing Hery editorials. That is the reason why nuoh men as Carmack become dangerous to a community when placed in an editorial position. There is a vast difference between strong editorial writing and simple vituperation. Almost any man with courage can indite editorials which will sting. It is not the great men of the craft who do this. The Carmaok murder is a regretable thing, a terrible blot on American politics and the work of the American press. Carmaok was an orator, almost, a statesman. Whatever his licenso had led him to do in tho editorial chair, there was no reason for hit) murder. The European press lake up tho matte and d'lHCUHH it, and put it do\vn to one more hot-headed affair of the har- bario A morion us. We have too few men of Carmack'H caliber in this country. Ijot murder remain with I ho degenerate, the low in character, and not creep into tho ranks of our near-groat Americans. (let the Habit. i'lospurity wook has noomod to take effect in tho himrt.s o(' tho people of Houthoin California with great, /oat. Coming immediately after tho impetus to liusiiicNH was given by thodo- oieion in I ho election, tho six days of home trailing and patronage of home produnts bids fair to ho a lively one, Tiio idea of the Chamber of Commerce of Los AnnoU'H is to distribute literature and advertise from balloons over Southern California, KO watch tor the hig gas bugn during the coming week. llecd the request for homo trade, not only for this week but for all time.. Tho Argus has lieen writing home trade articles for a long linns and the merchants huve been endeavoring to impress tho fact upon the people with more or lens hiiccuHS that they mtint trade at home or rob themselves. A Guaranteed Attraction. Uy special arrangement VV. A. Kiler'n great musical attraction, "The King of tho Cattlo King" will give one evening performance only at Covina, Thursday evening, Nov. lf)th. Traveling in their own special car tho f'Mler Hhow carries thirty people, Including Capt. Blondius' noted military band of fourteen noted musicians, and a full acting company. The performance is given in a mammoth, lire and wuter proof pavilion, comfortably arranged so as to seat, '2,000 people. - Adv. City Business. An adjourned meeting of the board of City Trustees was held on Wednesday overling with all members present. An ordinance of intention to vacate tho alley running through the Hmith properly on Citrus avenue was read for the first time. This is the site which has been selected for tho now high school building. On motion tho street superintendent WHS instructed to put irj cement (iii I vert at the corner of Puerile street and Citrus avenue, made necessary by the widening of the road at that point. Tho following bills wore allowed and ordered paid: Jlu tori Lsou Bros., $21.21; A.M. Pence, 82G. 50; . M. L. Mohnert, «;j7.8fj; A. F. Anderson & Co., 195. GO; Ed Rebbam, $16; Chester Chapman, IJl.nO; H. Damerel, 14.50. Lower Azuaa School Itemtt. The different rooms at Lower Aznsa and Center Schools are competing with each other for tbe best attendance. The room having the highest average daily attendance for any month wins the silk flag and holds it/during the succeeding four weeks. Tho first month in tho school year, Miss Manning's room won the flag with an average of 99 3-10 per cent. The pupils from that room marched down nnd captured the Hag from Miss lladdock'u room, where it had been since last year, and con tinned their march through the building Hinging, "Ually 'Round the Flag." The children down stairs mado their boasts about what they would do tho second month. At the end of that month Miss Manning's room again won tho flag with an average of 100 percent, having not one absent mark against any child's name Tho lioya and girls ot that room held a party Friday after tichool, in tiio vacant room, to celobrato their victory, loo creiuii and cake were nerved. If any of tho other rooms wins that Hag next, month, they will have to work for it. ATTENTION. Ordinance No. 1H ul the Covina Cit} olatiitcs specillcHlly slates that no punioii or peieons ahull erect a building without obtaining a special permit from the city Hunters or other proper authorities. Any person violating this luu lieiu this dale uill lie prosecuted. 1'eiluiis will be ibciieil ><i' |>io|iti application. .M. J,. MKHNKKT, City .Marshal. liuiul ran lni_'i' ti.r 1'lujne. lU'JiJ, or hu\ i'T CHARTER OAK. Mr and Mrs. H. C. Mace entertained at luncheon yesterday in honor of Mr. arid Mrs. Lewis L. Comstock. Mr. Cornstook is Mr. Mace's nephew and IB a member of the "Iwlo of Hpico" company at present preforming at the Grand theater, Los Angeles. The house was artistically decorated with chrysanthemums. Other guests were Mrs. Mace's niece, Mrs. Hyde of Pomona and Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Mace. Mr. Kdwarrl Leigh of Fredalba nnd Highlands spent a few days this week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Colo. Misses Alice and Mabel Uurbank of Pomona were guests last Wednesday of Mrs. Kent. Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Bartlett and family of Jiedlands are week end guests of Mr. arid Mrs. Stowell. Mr. Bradshaw has sold his ten acre ranch to Wm. Bell. J. VV. Bush was in Los Angeles on business this week. Mr. and Mrs. Stowell and family were guests last Hunday of Gleudale friends. IRWINDALE. On account of the death of Mrs. DeForest Kelcbard of Hollywood, and out of sympathy for her mother, Mm. D. Reichaid, the Miscellany Club have postponed th,eir meeting, which was to have beeii on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Coffman and daughter May were guests last Sunday at a family reunion at tbe home of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Coffman, to celebrate the arrival from the East of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Coffman, who expect to locate in this locality. Miss Mary El ledge spent Sunday in Hollywood, the guest of Mrs. Beck Myer, who is seriously ill. Born to Mr. and Mrs. V. M. Ward on Tuesday last, an eight pound sou. Mark Kioe of Orange avenue is ill with typhoid fever. Mrs. Meigs of Ocean Park, mother of Mrs. Edgar, is very ill. Miss Phoebe Brown is spending the week with friends in Los Angeles. Christian Church : Bible School 9:45. Preaching by the pastor 11; subject, "The Conquest of Fear." Junior3. Senior Endeavor 6:30. Preaching 7:30; subject, "When God Laughs at Us." Good music. A cordial welcome to all. Services in the Church of the Holy Trinity— twenty-second Sunday after Trinity: Holy Communion, 7:30 a.m. Sunday School 9:45. Morning prayer, 11; subject, "Life, a Building." PJvensong 7:30. Offertory anthem by the choir. Presbyterian services: Sunday School 9:45. Preaching 11 by Rev. H. N. Richardson of Azusa. Junior 3:30. Y.P.S.C.E. G:30. Gospel services 7 :30, conducted by pastor; subject, "A Friend's Compassion." Prayer meeting Thursday evening 7:30. All most cordially invited to any of these services. Paul G. Stevens, pastor. For Sale — 4 room cottage on largo lot, 81200. Terms. Jeromo Reynolds, Coviutt. Human Life. Attention must be called to the fact that Covina automobilists arc becoming careless again as regards the turning of street corners. It Is only necessary to mention this and not to go further into the matter, for the men who operate machines are fully conversant with the law. The state law provides that the horn or bell shall be rung before the corner is turned, and tbe speed that a corner shall be taken in ia also regulated. The corner speed law SB almost universally violated as pertains absolute text, but the main thing is to be care lul. Some pitiable things may happen at the corner of Citrus avenue and Badillo street, or at Citrus avenue and tho street junctions both east and west as far as Cypress avenue. City Marshal Mehuert says that it may be necessary to arrost some persistent offenders, but will do Mottling of the kind if a reasonable amount ol care is exercised in turning the busy corners of the town. It's up to the automobilists. They don't want an accident to happen. That's why they'll be careful about those corners. Fresh oysters. 20o a dozen al Cronshuw's Grocery. Notice to Orange Qrowers. Wo, the undersigned fortill'.-.or dealers of Covina, Glendora, A/lisa and Charter Oak, give notice to mir patrons, that \vo have disposed of our drills to Mr. H. C. iJcnton, who is prepared to furnish twmo in first olass dominion for a minimum charge. Wo have demo this in urdor to give tho growers bettor uorvico than I hoy havo had boforo. Tolo- phono your orders to H. (,'. Dontoii, phono '.Mil), Covina, w. 11. COLLINS, A. M. HKKLKY, F. K. IHMlDKKAK, T. K. FINCH, 1'. K. STANTO.N. HP Death Was Sudden. K. Morila, n Japanese employed on tho Adams ranch at li \viiultile, was Iniririt beneath tutmty teel ot dirt while cleaning otii a well last Satur day. Tho body was not ieer,vereil until late Tuosilay evening. A cor oni'l•'* lliOjiiciil WIKS lichli and lu v. Harry W. While of tho Mt'th-'ilisi church c.iiuliicteil a service over the luiily, which uaa interred in (he Ineal cclllel i IV. 101 Stationery W. W. NASH Rresoription Druggist \\hite Minorca ei/us, 1 ."> (» the M.'t ling, £1..~>U. C. I». lianiflx riume ll.'iO. If HOME BAKERY In Its New Home that has no equal \YHOU:*OMK, SWKKT, APPKTIZINV, Pics, Cakes, Hot Rolls &»!&&&&^^ DIRECTORS OFFICERS G. E. Anderson C. F. Clapp J. R. Elliott W. H. Holliday Marco II. Hellman W. H. HOLUDAY. President H. M. Houncr J. O. Houser C. Menefee A. P. Kerckhoff MAKCO H. HELLMAM, Vice Pren. J. R. ELLIOTT, Vice Pres. W. M. GRISWOLD. Canhler .1. C. HUTCHINSON. Aswt. Cashier Capital and Surplus $90,000.oo Covina \Dalicy Savings ttanlt r> Covina, Cal. DIRECTORS OFFICERS Geo. E. Anderson W. H. Holliday A. P. KERCKHOFF, President J. R. Elliott H. M. Houser H. M. HOUSER, Vice President Marco H. Hellman A. P. Kerckhoff J. C. HUTCHINSON, Cashier W. M. GRISWOLD, Asst. Cashier Capital and Surplus $42,000.oo O. r.RINKK, Prop Are You Going to Build? If so, it will pay you to let me figure with you. First class work, prices right, satisfaction guaranteed. M. B. FolSOtn, Contractor and Builder Phone 214 COVINA, CAL. Before you let any contract for the FUMIGATION of Your Orchards think of the importance of careful, intelligent work, and consult the STOWELL FUMIGATING COMPANY Oldest firm in the state, having the largest outfit of tents for every size tree. We exterminate red, purple and black scale. Satisfaction guaranteed. Prices reasonable. Phone 199 Covina Phone 177 Charter Oak \A/;VV. SU7V\7VYERS Tree Pruner and Budder COVINA Residence, corner 3rd and Orange St. P. O. Box 413 Over 20 years at the work. Very best references. L. JACKSON Plumbing arid Tinning Repair work promptly attended to. Agent for solar heaters. Work Guaranteed First-Class Store Rooms West Badillo Street Residence Phone 50 COVINA, CAL. rswsssss Banking The First National Bank of Covina is conservative in its policy, prudent in its management, thoroughly up'to'date in its facilities, liberal in its treatment to depositors, New accounts v/ill be welcomed, and receive the best of attention, Checking- accounts cordially invited. Capital 650,000 Surplus S40,ooo

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