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The Robesonian from Lumberton, North Carolina • Page 6

The Robesoniani
Lumberton, North Carolina
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The Contrary Male. Eloping Children Hide in ai noiue uauery. MRS. SARAH J. WINDROM march.

Wadesboro, 0. May 80- Allcntown, May so. adohiqoi wnisney in trie Hands A farmer In Kentucky sought advice from a veterinarian about elopement unique came to an end I of a mad ucgro, JNatban Williams, sick mule." Tde doctor 'advised bv the capture of Paul Shelling, came very near putting another calomel, live times tne close tot a aged 16, who fled with Ida Davis negro, Charles Smith, out of bus man. aged 15. They were-discovered iness yesterday in this town.

it How can you make him take and caucht while walking in one After Williams bad hit Smith on it? Those who visit our Store and go ttirbuerh the of the unfrequented streets of the head with a bottle of whiskey "You put a stick of wood three- the city. knocking him down and fractur quarters of anvipch thick be The bad not proceeded far with ing his skull he jumped on bim Dieasea wilq olvib. wuaiiLV ann ranrfJi tween bis teeto, and then you their elopement on Friday when in a tussle, threw his headagainst I nf take this rubber tube, put the r. our not surpasaea. both got scared and came back and broke the heavy plate glass the, same day.

The girl was in front of W. A. Lucas' store. calomel in it, insert in the mule's mouth, which is held open by the afraid to co home, and so they Williams was placed in jail to piece of wood, and blow the med concluded to hide in the Presby await the result of the injuries terian church, and there they inflicted upon Smith, which the icine down his throat'. OUR DRY GOODS DEPARTMENT Shows English Baize, Tailor and Taffeta Suitings "That's easy enough," said the remained until last night.

physician says will likely prove farmer; While the ministetf the liever- ratal. at 25c to 75c per yard. 1 Three weeks latur the doctor enn J. F. Pollock, was preaching It being known by several ne met the farmer, who had chang til 1 .1 T1 1 on ounday evening iney ma groes mat me coioreu man, jui.

ed, greatly:" He was emaciated, themselves in a closet. Dockery, who was drowned in Mrs. Sarah J. WIndrom of Chicago cousin of Zachary Taylor, twelfth president of the United States, and grandniece of Alexander Hamilton, who signed the Declaration of Independence, says "Vlnol is a Godsend to old people. I am 76 years old, but have a hearty appetite, sleep soundly, and feel ac- live and well today, thanks to When I was young cod liver oil was dispensed in a greasy, unpalatable form, and It fairly gagged me to get It down.

VInol is entirely different, very palatable and nourishing to impoverished blood. It is the finest tonic and strength creator I ever used In my life. Vinol is a real cod liver preparation, from which the useless oil baa been eliminated and tonic iron added. Try Vlnol on our guarantee. 5o-Inch Mohairs at 60c per yard.

50-Inch Panamas, First Quality, at 75c per yard. Imported Swis3 Mull Chiffon at 40c per yard. Irish Dress Linen at 12Kc, 25c and, 40c per yard. Persian Lawn, India Linen and a Great Stock Of humped, ghastly and bundled in i The boy went out at night and Pee Dee river, a few days ago heavy wrappings. secured food.

One evening they while drunk, had a one horse Why, what's the matter?" became so hungry that young I wagon load of whiskey in jugs, said the doctor. Shelling went to his home and I the negroes have been fishing The farmer sighed deeply and managed to secure some food, and diving in.the river for the He was seen by one of the ser whiskey with the result that spoke feebly. That he I s-rid, "that cussed, idiotic, fool mule! You see, I got ready just vant girls, but managed to es- they recovered several jugs and Plain and Brocaded -White Goods. Our Millinery Department Sustains its Great Popularity. Come to see OUR SUMMER HAS.

cape. iocatea several more in me ooi- D. J. Son, as you told me, got the tube in Last night they decided to risk torn of the river, too deep in the D. McMillan Druggists.

his mouth ready to blow, and then," he paused on breath, a walk, were seen by the girl's sand for recovery as yet. father, and caught. A cloud burst during the n'l 1 tl 1 1 .1 'then the mule blew first!" do lauier uau cuusuiieu ueavy raj us in tois county, a. lew A Nine-Day Old Baby Talks. Roanoke, May.

29 The Pox postoffico neighborhood of To Suppress Smuggling clairvoyant, who, he claimed, had I days ago bad! washed the lands told him where the couple were and damaged the cultivated crops Washington, May 30. The Ladies, Grayson county, this State, is in in -Wolte Stone township. but he did not Misses, Gentlemen and Children Shoes. a state of excitement and per Both of the children came from President has issued a proclamation creating a reservation ,60 feet in width along the entire Bine' and Gray Join In New Or- among the best fami'ies. plexity as a result of the prodig ious performances of a nine-day northern border of Mexico, in Leans Service.

New Qrleans, May 30. first -time in history HamiLon-Brdwn Sh6e Oo's Shbea have a Great old child, the baby of Mr. and One Train a Year. Exchange. cluding the IState of California Ttfrs.

Leftwich Brewer, well and the Territories 'of Arizona ana we nave rouna xnem wortny Ot 1W In Pennsylvania there is a rail here, leaders of the Confederate and Union armies sat side known people of that section. E. Daniel, a travelling man way branch over which but one and New Mexico. The purpose THEY ARE GOOD SHOES. Remember that we sell of the reservation is declared in the.

Celebrated Douglass Shoes. THEY ARE by side in church in commem train a year is run. Think of missing that -train! Chilhowie, who has just returned from the place, brings the the presidential proclamation to GUARANTEED. be the suppression of smuggling oration of the Grand Array of the public Decoration Day. news of the consternation caused Imagine yourself starting out from home you hear the engine across tbe international Jine.

by the talking perfectly "Believing that the Civil Private entries in the line of the whistle on the west b'H. Think War ended at Appomattox and Dr. B. Halsey, a reputable physician of Bridle Creek, near projected reservation and such of legging it down the incline and Qur Men's Clothing Department Contains Nice and Good Spring and Summer "portions of it as are needed for I Fox postoffice, has corroborated pelting across the meadow and I years ago and that all can join burstinginW the station platform iri hetidfirig the dead that fell roads are reserved from the op the story. Dr.

Halsey furnished eration of the order. A Clothing for Men, Boys and Children. Cur Cloth- with your, hart pounding holes in that gigantic strug-gle, Joseph the following data, which is un Since the abolition of the old ing ia Made Right and we Sell it Right. myour, nae ana your oreaia a. Mower KOst, li.

A. ex- impeachable: coming in frightful gulps only! tends a cordialinvitaticu to all iurs. iseue Jtsrewer, wire tween Mexico and the United Leftwich Brewery thrifty farm participants in that war. Fed to see the rear end of the- last car of that annual train 100 yards States it has been found increas er living near the North Carolina eral or.Confederateto all par- A Little Money Makes a Great Show When Spent in our ingly dimcuit to prevent smug- away and gathering speed at ev Ime.and whose postoffice address to join in thismemorial service. across tbe boundary.hence ery yard! And then think of In his Sermon, the Rever is Foxfc two weeks ago gave birth to a normally developed boy the presidential proclamation.

the anxious rnd J. C. Barr said the day parents who begin to feel wojr Furniture Department. Our Bed Room Suits, Hall Racks, Wardrobes, Life Tbe Forfeit. baby.

The little thrived had come when the lion and the ried about the time yearly train Clinton, N. May 30 The j'Ke any neaitny new-comer ana laml could lie down together its mother progressed to the road negro, John Mathis, was hanged Chiffoniers Iron Bedsteads, Baby Carriages, Rock is due and Who say to their children: "You mustn't play near of recovery without any backset. here to-day at 12 o'clock for the Unique Marriage Notice. the railroad track to morrow? ing Chairs and other Furniture, have Low Prices attached. See our Good Mattresses also.

When the child was nine days murder of his step-father, Thom A valued exchange recently dears the big, black engine and old Thomas Brewer, a brother as Merritt in the year 1905, contained the following: the bumpely cars might run over Leftwich Brewer, together with Don't Forget our Wilson Drophead Sewing Ma which was a most atrocious deed- Miss Jennie Jones "and Bob mamma's darlings and cut all to his wife and other relatives and neighbors, went to visit the home Henry were married at the Jones He killed the old man in the house with an axe, and then to chines lor $18.50, Spot Cash. Our New Century Drophead Sewing Machine, with Extra Fine Cab- ittle tiddlebits." mansion last night The bride And think of the strain on the in which the stork had so recent add to the horror of the iet work, at $22.50, Spot Cash, good as machines is the daughter of our constable patience of that careful old lady ly paid a call. While Mrs. Thorn ones, wno mane a good omcer, TZ V-. a sold for $60.00 by some dealers.

who always sat down in the sta as Brewer was holding the baby in her arms calling it endearing and will undoubtedly be re-elect tionand waited until the next ted the body. He professed re Inspect our Stock of Mattings, Carpets, Rugs, ed in the spring. He offers train went by for fear she ceiving forgiveness and stated Linoleums, Curtain Poles, Wall Paper, Crockery, fine horse for sale in another might otherwise assume dan during his Incarceration that he Hardware, Etc, column- The groom runs gerous chances by coming ex names and congratulating its proud parents on the splendid specimen, the little one suddenly began talking. It called the names of its parents and grand was ready to die and prepared grocery store on Mam street We think our Stock is nearly faultless as to press. for the hereafter.

He met death and is a good patron of ad Yes indeed, it must be a ser- Quality and Complete as to Assortment and Sat- with apparently little dread, vertising coltfmns, and has a parents and of other relatives walking with' steady step from isfactory as tO Prices. ious strain on the people who have to live along the trail of the good line of bargains this week. present, iouowing eacn name his cell and ascended the gallows All the summer be paid two annual and serious, too. steps as he was being held by cents more for butter than any with the word "Heaven," the ar ticulation being perfect. mi a or the mother-in-law and the Messrs.

l. Carter and w. a. We have Just Received a CAR LOAD OF THE Crumpler Non either side. He I CELEBRATED RICHMOND STOVES.

Come and other store in town. The happy couple left on the teno'clock train lor Milwaukee to -visit the bride's monstrous oeoavior on the part of the nine-day babe so had previously asked for time to inspect them. We can please the Cook. other relations who design visiting you, anf still more serious when you consider the means for getting them back home again excited and scared the party taiK wnicn was euowea. nei uncle, who is reported to.

have that a number of persons fled stated that a lack of training had from the house in dismay, be lots of monejftfc, and Bright 's disease. Bob certainly bad an eye brought him to such an end and Balloon With 2 Men May Have Remember the Celebrated "rlOB ROY" which lieving something terrible was waiting parents to train their Been Lost for business. children or they would come to is the Finest Michigan Fancy Patent Flour. Guaranteed to Please. Bondoo, May 30.

-A military To Aid the Exposition. harm. ballon containing two men Norfolk, 30. James YOUR GRANDMOTHER USED IT. which went up at Aldershot on M.

Barf, former president of Tuesday is missingf. Car Load of Farm Wagons, both one-horse and Bat She Never Had Sulphur In the Seaboard Air Line Railway It is feared it has been Such Convenient Form as This. two-horse wagons, just received. has acceded to the. request of blown out to sea.

Full Stock of Oats, Hay, Corn and General the board of the govern6rsof Your grandmother used Sulphur as her favorite mmsenoia remedy, and so did the Jamestown Hixposition Groceries. hkr grandmother. Sulphrr has been Company to lend his aid in the Badly Mixed Up. Abraham Brown, of Winterton had a very remarkable ex curing and blood diseases for a hun tired years management ot the exposition about to take place. Every word spoken by' the child was repeated three times and this only served to intensify the spell cast over those who heard the voice.

News of the marvellous actions of the latest arrival in the Brewer home spread through the vicinity like wildfire and threw the section into a state of perturbation, The child died yesterday and the excitement has somewhat subsided, but the people are yet in a maze of wonderment, having never before seen nor heard of anything like what has happened in their midst, and many are said to be, living in fear and trembling lest the child's death will be followed by some terrible But in tne om aays tney uaa to Uke perience he says "Dootors got Mr. isarr will direct the com owdered sulphur. Now Hancock's Li FARM ERS. Remember pur Genuine Peruvian As to how Ions' badly mixed up over me one said oensation. 1 II.

iu.ll iimiystitPHVA gives it to you in the best heart disease two called it kidney Guano and the Great Dresser, "Cerealite." he willhold the reins is not possible foim und you get the full bene trouble tbe fourth, blood poison. and We sell 6oda also. It will pay you to use these Hancock's Liquid Sulphur and the fifth stomach and liver ZSit Fertilisers as second application to crops, trouble; but none of tbenr helped certain, 'this being left with him. -He will corfducthis private affairs simulfaneously with the conduct of the exposition company. me; so my wife advised trying lured air ugly ulcer for Mrs.

Ann of Washington, D. in three ftlectrio Bitters, wbiob are restor We Strive to Please all Customers. ing me to perfect health. One bot taken internally, it purifies the blood tle did me more good than all tbe and clears the, complexion. Your drug- Ocrara Good Advice.

ve doctors (iuaran gist sell it. teed to oure blood weak Sulohur Booklet tr'e, it you write 0.. Wbolever, one of tbe best known merchants of LeBaysville. Hancock Liquid Sulphur Company, uess and all stomacn, liver and CALDWELL CARLYLE, Baltimore. b-7 all drug.

I N. says "If you ate ever trou idney complaints, by gist, 5oo. Subscribe, for, the Robesoniatfl bled with plies apply Bucklen'a Arnica Halve. Jt cured me of them Remember, every article of jewelry bought from ns saost be as represented Everything in rings, from pidn band for good Zo years Cores ev- tired of be Ltlllibert011, N.C we ell BOtaisg; but a reliable of to the handsome signet ring. McLeao-1 ety uon wound, burn or abrasion.

RozierCo. '26o. at all drag store. cooda. JicUaa-Kader Co.

paper. I May 6tb,.

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