The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 3, 1977 · Page 14
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 14

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1977
Page 14
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I'age 14 —NAVGATUCK NEWS (Conn,) Thursday, June 10,191' Redeye Dear Ann Landers: 1 have read many letters in your column about men who enjoy wca r ing worn en's clolhi ng. You seem to ha vc the idea they are "peculiar" or sick. Why? Everywhere you look you see women wearing men's clothes — trousers, vests, shirls, tics, coals, shoes, even hats. No one suggests tal Uiese women are strange. In farl, Ihey arc considered fashionable. When did it become acceptable for women lo dress like men, and why Ihc discrimination against men who dress like women? We hear a lot ahoul male chauvinism. What about the crass discrimination against men by members ol the opposite sex? How about bringing THIS oul o[ the closet? - The Time Is Now. Bear No*: Women started to dress like men during World War II wlwn Ihey were doing men's work on the assembly lines. Rosie the Iliveter couldn't very well climb on beams and girders wearing a skirt and high lieels. Panlsand boots made a lot moresense. Kosic grew to like panls because Ihey were practical, cornier table, and different. She never gave them up. Mm who enjoy dressing like women do so not for any practical reason, bul because Ihey like lo pretend they ARE women. Invariably, they slarl by wearing women's underwear in secret. This is sick. If a female gol her jollies wearing jockey shorts, men's sox and Barlcrs. I'd say SHE was sick, loo. Dear Am Landers: I found the letter by "Blemished" interesting. Why dirln'l you Icll her the problem isn't on her face but in her head? I iiave three birthmarks on my right cheek. All my life people have been asking, "What are those?" Some have said, "When are you $>infi lo have those things removed?" My answer is, "Whal is it to YOU? It's MY lace." That stops them cold. For anyone who has kinky hair, crooked teeth, or an oversized rose, I have a message. It's what's inside that counts. My mother laughl me this when I was a young child. One of her favorite sayings was. "You can't judge a book by its cover," — I'm O.K. Dear O.K.: It's good to Ihink well of one'sself bull don'l agree with your philosophy. One who judges a book by ils cover may be misled — but it's dumb to settle for an unattractive cover on a good book. These days no one ttas lo go through life with kinky hair, crooked leeth or an oversized nose — unless they want to. Your answer to people who mention your birthmarks smacks of Mligcrcncc, almosl as if you arc-keeping them to show people you (kin'i r.ircwhat they think. II, however, you insist on hanging onto il. for whatever reason, it's your business. Dear Ann Landers: You've printed several lellers about relatives win tickle children "all in fun." May I comment? As a student of Oriental history and Far Eastern culture 1 can (ell you thai tickling was a form of lorlure several centuries back. Any pediatrician will verify the fact that prolonged tickling of children can cause hysterics and even convulsions. The expression "tickled to death' 1 is more than just a phrase. 1 hope your advice lo "cul il out" does some good. — Vallejo, Cal. Dear V.: If my advice doesn't persuade them, perhaps your letter will. Tlonks for writing. Do you/feel a^ji«ard. sel[<oricioVs'—"loh'clyi'toleorric'lo'the dub. There's hclfr for you in Ann Landers' booklet, "The Key lo Popularity." Send 50 cents in coin with your request and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope to Ann lenders, P.O. Box 1400, Elgin. 111. 60120. FOR FRIDAY, JUNE 11,1976 Ixxik in the section in which extremes, also, if not alert to your birthday comes and find Ihis tendency now. Look for that what your outlook is, according to the slars, ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Make preliminary plans subject to final touch-up on Monday. Thus gel the jump on time pressures. Exercise patience, forethought, no matter how tighl your schedule. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) Unusual situations will now call for top-flighl performance, Sudden shifts in circumstances should not deter you from pursuing meaningful goals. GEMINI (May K to June 21) Your ambitious, enterprising sell can take a real Hing now. You are in a position to make fine gains — material and otherwise. CANCER 1 June 22 to July 23) Planetary influences now warn against misleading statements, deceil and dubious schemes. Be alerl, and counteract with your innate honesty and good judgment. 'middle road" and stick to it. SAGITTARIUS . jjrJiA (Nov. 23lo Dec. 21) VF You have an exceptionally good planetary set-up yet must still toe Ihe line in order to avoid friction with those who are not in so comfortable a position. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 lo Jan. 20) Belter-than-average day, but you will have lo grasp the good things firmly, and quickly put aside the undesirable. Use your best judgment, AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Harmony and self-control needed now. Don'l antagonize those in a position to help you. Aim to improve ideas and methods, PISCES K^ 7 (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) *&* Wade through possible difficult issues, or relax in Die pressureless periods. \Vhich- ever, you will need these trails: imagination, ability to see the humorous side of situations. YOU BORN TODAY are full of life and love oyil! You have a penchant for unusual activities. Indeed, you like activity itself, and normally gel many things done while others arc still thinking them over. But you lend to overtax yourself. Learn to relax. Your versatility, progressiveness and keen imagination are outstanding but, despite your most I July 24 to Aug. 23) Slow down for a better look at your involvements. Don't snend money before you have il, but don't fear a competitive fry at something new. VIRGO troyv (Aug. 24toSepl. 23) ' ^A Ask, if in doubt, but do not become unsettled al every sign assiduous efforts, you are often of complexity. In general, hold dissatisfied with your al(he line against wavering. tainments — with resultant LIBRA _nr°X anxiety and restlessness. Try to (Sepl. 24 to Oct. 23) — * Q curb Uus. If you KNOW you are Bag that prize - but with doing your best, be contenL You your Sign's usual Integrity and have a great love of knowledge forthright effort, Stabilize and are intellectually inclined; personal relationships; could excel as a writer, painter, strengthen the peacekeepers musician or theatrical en- ro l e tertainer. Birlhdate of -.Richard SCORPIO "I'/'SP Strauss, composer; John (Oct 24 lo Nov. 22) ntr -. Conslable, painter; Rise You can be very thrifty, or too Stevens, opera singer; Hazel extravagant; can indulge other Scotl, pianist. N'ew England paid an oc- In 1S ". President Richard cupalions or -faculty" tax as Nut*"" """"ratei Kansas City Sr as 1W6. The Ux is credited ™* 9"'"»<™ as the ancestor of our income tax. «<«i« l °r of the FBI. It's A WAUTIFIM. lit ANP TH6N EV'NIMS/MINNIE-.Ui HAPPENS/ ANCIENT LET'S SIT ueae THIS 106 ~*"iC~ Heart Ot Juliet Jones FIRST THINGS FIRST. 6ETOUT • mECAB? -M1P1 PROMISE me WHOLE THIIIG, O.K.? JUKI MM YOUXE HOIf-e FREE iHSTEW OF BEHIHP gnus. O.K.?' 0ACK TO c/Tyfff Bringing Up Father HORRORS/r HOPE i DIDN'T HIT GOME DECENT CFriZEN! VOU HAVE NO THAT SCORE,DARLIN'- ITB ONLV YOUR BROTHER; VHS,ir WAS.'THATS WHY YOU COULDNT eer UP TO eo TO WORK.' INSECT.'i HEARD >bu COM INS HOME AT" FOUR THIS MORN INS.' /THE NATIVES ARE 50 DEPENDENT ON HIM, I 1 DIDM'1 WANT TO r TO KMOW YOUR WD, . is lit COTMUG EDDING* HE'S TOO NEEDED AT W MISSION SCHOOL. HE'S THE MOST DEDICATED MAN I'VE EVER KNOWN. IRMA'S VERY PRO-FBVltNIST FRIEM3 DROPPED IN TO 5ES WE A6AIN TODAY. SHE MADE ANOTHPS. STROPS PITCH S ME TO JOIN THE WOW EN'S LIBERATION MOVEMENT. =/ IT REALLY TICKS WE OF F ID TELL HI HA TO t= ! THEY YOU TO RUN PER PRESlOlMK OP 600M ISLAWD ' THE: 600WS WANT ME TO BECOME you -SMACKEP HIM roz. MAKING 'BUM A BRILLIAKIT, LOVELY NOT NOW, REGGIE, RONNIE - HOW MANY seoovre IMA RECORDS HEXWAlTA MINUTE/ /JO- /HIMSELF, AUOW ME TO BUY US TWOTICXETS HEY, ASCH; IGOTATCUSH RlDDUFORYA; 4 1, TOST AT 1HETICK-T \V1NDO by WOMAS JOSEPH ACROSS 39 Ten years I "Ballad of 40 Actress, • a &id —" Barbara 5 Skilled hand II Swedish wine measure 12 lltwiviiuj visitors (2 wds, i 13 linmthnd or Kliuer 14 Oversized (2 wds. I 15 United K "Cogito ergo -" 17 Generation 18 lioomer 20 Phoenician sun god 21 "Under the Yum Yum " 22 Female suffix 23 Scorch 24 Noggin 25 l/ean-lo 2< Door sign 27 City in Syria 28 Aim 31 Indeed (Ir-l 32 Gypsy horse 33 Curtsy 34 Hebrew O.T. notes 36 Prop for Astiure 37 Prompt 38 Formerly DOWN 1 Seasonal sow 2 Kind of acid 3 Owned up to |3 wds. 1 Before 5 Grow i up li Iiifinilosimai bit 7 Japanese , measure 8 Vigorously (4 wds.l 9 Arab chiefs jurisdiction 10 Delight 16 Prophet Yesterday's Answer 19 Alumni, informally 20 Horror movie star 23 Vocal work 24 Undersized 25 Embarrassed 29 For Ihe - JO Twist 32 Electric- power network 35 Wood sorrel 26 1'itlsburgh 36 Iowa pro college 6-10 DAILY CRY'T'HIUOTE-"lore's how lo work it: A X V n 1, B A A X R is I. 0 N (I F F. 1. I. 0 \V One Idler simply stands fur unoLlicr. In Ihis sample A is used fnr Ihc Ihrrf'l.'s. X fnv llii- lim (Vs. c-lr. Single toilers. aposlroplii'S. tile K'finHi null fnniKttiun of llir \\nnls arc all hints. Each 'lay Ihc nnlo IclU'rs arc ilirterenl. CRVPTOQUOTE 11 I, U X (I X A A 1, <! (1 D 7. A A Q N- H N Z X F Q K X K G X C! A Y F C X J X F C U Y 0 7. B X Q D (J Y S A 1. Q X N P X K K* - I, Z N N U B Q G X K Yesterday's Cryploi)iiole: WHEN' YOU SIT ALONE, MEDITATE ON YOUR FAULTS. IN CONVERSATION, DO. NOT DISCUSS THE FAULTS OF OTHERS. - CHINESE PROVERB 'Nagged' for Railroad Stock Q. 1 am 69, slill working part state and, perhaps, also to Ihe time. I've been buying slocks attorney general if you suspect for about three years and have fraud, been lured Into a lot of railroad • • " slock. II was only by persistent Q. We are retired, with port of naggingIhallgotmybrokerto ou r Income coming fromsale o I buy some top quality Issues. options against slocks we own, A. The only comments Imight such as Kodak, Avon Products, make on your letter are: etc. Comments, please. 1) There are many good A. The proof of the pudding is quality rail issues. So don't tar in the ealing. If you are the whole industry wilh the augmenting your dividends by bankruptcy record of some option premiums, you must be roads. doing something right. 2) Any broker who has to be Hut! have a question: If you "nagged" by a 69-year-old are retired and income- woman in order to include oriented, why not include higher certain securities in her port- yield stocks in your option folio should be avoided like the portfolio? Under the new option plague. rules you keep the dividends You live in one of Ihe world's whether the stock is ultimately financial centers. There are daimed or not. It would seem lo scores of brokers you can give me lhala 6 or 7 per cent yield on your business. stocks heldwouldbebetterthan few top quality bonds as a foundation for your income list? And why are you all in stocks yielding 3 or 4 per cent. commons shares? What about a Q. I disagree with you when you mention selling options against slock held as a means of Q, Will Ihe double taxation of dividends — al the corporate and private investor level — ever be removed? A. 1 wouldn'l hold my breath until it is. Q. i am a widow with part of earning additional Income. I was stampeded into selling too low and lost "«,UOO. A. The key word here Is "stampeded." (I'm not sure eiacUy what it was you sold loo low.) I have pointed out many times my funds In a savings cer- that almosl any market"device llllcate, part ID blue chip can be dangerous if used in commons and part In a mort- highly speculative fashion, gage on a home I sold. Should I When 1 talk of selling an option keepltlhatway.orputlulllato against stock held, 1 mean just that — no guessing, no stam- one basket? A. Assuming Ihe savings peding, no wiseguy"maneuvers, certificate is in insured in- no allempts to outguess the slilulion, thai Ihe commons are market, really blue chip, and thai you If ihe market price of Ihe have failh in the person who stock goes down, you continue bought your home (or in the to bold it until the expiration of house's ready market value, in ihe option, and then sell another case of a default by that buyer), option. If the market price rises I see no reason lo change anything. Q. I vet talked Into some medical Insurance I DOW realize I didn't need. When I called the company they said they would return my check. Bui months have gone by. A. You'll have lo talk lo the insurance commissioner of your Four earthquakes, al! of Ihero of slight inlensily and causing no appreciable damage, have been recorded in Texas. The last and largest Iremor happened on July 30, 192", and was felt over a 20,000 square mile area wilh an epicenter northeast of Amarillo. you either allow the stock lo be .tiaimed or else you buy back (he option and sell (he stock yourself. A whopping 93 per cent of readers responding lo a straw poll conducted by the Newspaper E! Espectador in Bogota, Colombia, said they favored birth control. Colombia is an overwhelmingly Catholic country.

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