The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 3, 1977 · Page 13
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 13

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1977
Page 13
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Martin Given Heave-Ho NAUOATUCKNEWS (Conn.) Thursday, June 10.1976- Page 13 Yankees Conquer Ang Red Sox Topple Oakland !)> CHIUS SCIIKHF UPI Sports Writer That old devil temper got hold of N'ew York Yankee Manager Billy Martin again Wednesday night. Martin, who said umpire Larry McCoy lied after McCoy accused him of kicking him in the shins twice, was ejected in the third inning, for the first time this season, over a close play at first base. Despite Martin's premature departure, the Yankees defeated the California Angels, -1-3. "He kicked me twice," said McCoy, who had enraged Rivers at out first. "Us ray word against his and he's been known to be a liar," countered Martin, who argued with McCoy last week in Boston. "1 thought he missed the play entirely. He threw me out of the game because I threw my hat. I don't think I kicked him-,.." Catfish Hunter received ninth-inning relief help from Sparky l.yle in gaining his seventh victory in 12 decisions. Rivers scored one run after a triple and drove in another with a sacrifice fly. Oscar Gamble singled home what proved to be Hoy lloweli doubled home two In other American League runs and Jeff Burroughs and games, Boston topped Oakland, Jim Fregosi each had run 6-4, Texas beat Baltimore, 4-!, scoring doubles The loss was Clevelanddefeated Minnesota, the Orioles' ninth in ihcir tot 4-1, Chicago heat Milwaukee, 4- It games. 2, and Kansas City topped Indians i. Twins I: Detroit, 6-3. Cuddy Bell's pinch-hit. t«o- Red Sox 6 A's 4- FUn double enabled the Indians Cecil Cooper's'two run homer t" sna P a four-game losing led the lied Sox over the A's in streak with a victory over the a game highlighted by six home Twins. Pat Dobson gamed runs. Carl Yastrzemski, Carlton "^ tor lh(? Vlclor >' wl ' h a Kisk and Jim Rice each had four-hitter. Steve Braun horn- solo homers for Boston and Don ered for lhc Tlvms Baylor and Sal BaniJo homered "'''»« s «" '• Ilrnu ' rs - : for Oakland. i>al Kc ">' had Rangers 4, Orioles I: double and two waits lo lead Martin by calling Mickey the" winning run in the eighth Gavlord Perry picked up his ltie white Sox P asl thc ' Iircwcrs isions as for Chicago's 17th victory in its sixth victory in it) decis NEW YOHK: Yankee manager Billy Martin (1) slams his cap on the ground as he rushes out lo protest a call at first with first base coach Ktston Howard against umpire Larry McCoy, left photo. McCoy's rebutlte lo Martin's gesture was not as vehement but very effective. McCoy motions, right, that Martin is out of the game. (UI'K Messersmith Zips Cubs Quebec Defeats Berkshire IK L'nilrd I'ress International Greg Eradi watched the ball roll down the first base line, hoping it \vould go foul. It didn't, and Eradi was tagged with his second loss of the year. Quebec City defeated Berkshire, 5-3, in 10 innings Wednesday night in the Eastern League. Eradi (2-2) gave up hase liits in the 10th lo Juan Navarretc and Ed Creech. Lionel Carrion then bunted and the ball stayed fair, Navarrele scoring the winning run. Dave Urunwright (20) was the winner. Hay Crow-Icy of ft hit a solo homer. and scored another and Burl major Hooton and Charlie Hough Sports Parade 1 By Milion Richman the loser, reducing his record to 8- Slant's I'mmisv NEW YORK (UPI) - At first, all the other kids looked at Dwight Stones and didn't say anything, then Ihey laughed at him. They Ihought he was trying to big-shot them, trying to lay the mustard on a little too heavy. El was only a junior high school competition. \o superstars. These were simply a bunch of 13 and 14-year-olds, when suddenly from out ol nowhere this slick kid here, high jump was in Munich four Dwight Stones, no older than years ago in the Olympics and any of the others, walks over to " even though he finished third g" the bar and easually raises it to ,h Er e, he still was the center of ^'^ cubs. It wa's the sixth a single and Gary N'olan 1|VC fc«'- attention, partly because of the s , raj h( ldumfh for , he Bravcs pilchcd a five-hitler for his fifth style he uses, flopping over the and , hc six , h Mn5KU i ive loss victorv for lhc Reds. Jerry possibly jump bar. and partly because of his [{)r (he Cubs Rca ^ suf(ej . ed his | iflh i oss that? What was he trying to do, personality. Some call him . Tve got - mv conM en« now despite Al Oliver's eighth show off or somethmg? Thais conce ited because of the things and ^^ - g( (he team has homer when they started laughing. he says, but he doesn t come con[idcnce in mc t(x ,;. said . Vslros 5 , tards , : Sgrillo's Diggers Bury Chemical Five feet! Who could "What are you all laughing off that way to me. their sneakers to clear four feel, livo inches, or four-three. In UCLL action last night the Cubs defeatedI IbeJigers'I^ **hind the no-hit pitching of Rick Rucsl. The Cubs'tallied in Ilie 2nd, •tm'.'and Wh innings and were paced at the plate by Chad Allison, Rick Rues'f. and Darryl While. Playing a good defensive game for the Cubs were Bill Morrissey and Chad Allison. The Tigers tallied two runs in the 4th on three walks and two hit batsmen. Mike (Jeruch, Charlie Howlcy, and Joe Vidal paced the Tigers defensively. Hay Kean and Joe Vikalshared thc pitching chores with Kean taking the loss. In the Peter J. Foley I.itlte League, the Cardinals tripped the Braves 7-1 behind the one-hit pitching of Chris Ruccio. Kuccio struck out 13 bailors while walking five. Eric Ileston only allowed four hits, while taking the loss. Steve Macary rapped two hits for the winners and Tom .Murlha drove in two runs lo pace the olferise. Tel. 888-2272 Take Rte. 8 to Rte. 67, Oxford FRIDAY.SUPER.TWIN *6.95 Soft Shell Crabs Are In Season! Open Salad Bar No more laughs. N'o one even was paying attention anymore. -But-after-making his little speech that day in 1%7, Dvvighi Stones cleared five feet and, good as his word, he broke the world record six years later by jumping 7-6V He still isn't the Olympic champ, but unless he breaks a leg between now and then, he should lake care of that little matter next month in Montreal. Making predictions has become rather passe in sports, chiefly because today's fans arc- much more sophisticated than Iheir fathers were. They know nobody's clairvoyant enough to call the future with anything approaching precise accuracy, not Muhammad Ali, Joe Na- math, John Monlefusco, or Dwighl Stones. Hut Stones has a belter batting average with his predictions than any of them. Three weeks ago. at a luncheon in Los Angeles, he [old everybody. "I am so strong, so fast and so ready righl now that it's just a matter of getting good competition on a good facility and I'm going to break the world record for sure." Stones did it last Saturday in Philadelphia when he jumped seven feet, seven inches in the iVCAA Championships to wipe out his own previous mark. Only 22, Dwighl Stones swiftly is emerging into track and field's most colorful personality. He feels he can do 710'., before he's all through and has a way of doing tvhat he says he will, lie's also thc best at what he does, and he keeps getting belter all Lhc lime so how much more can you ask By FRED DOWN Padres 3, Mels 0: UPI Sports Writer Randy Jones, the ..._,Andy Messersmith says he's leagues' leading winner, combined in a four-hitler for "got everything together now" pitched a seven-hitter, struck the Dodgers. Hooton laced the and it's no coincidence that the out lour and extended to 46 the minimum 26 batters unlil two Atlanta Braves are beginning to number of consecutive innings out in the ninth when the think the same thing about in which he hasn't allowed a Phillies rallied for both their themselves. walk in raising his record lo !)- runs. Jim Lonborg was Messersmith has now pitched 2. Jones' performance tagged two straight shutouts and may Torn Seaver with his fifth loss 2. be the pitcher who can make against five victories. Jones has the Braves a factor in the now pitched 10 complete games ... National League's Western and has a 2.26 earned run The first lime I _saw Stones ^^ ra( , e avmgc Messersmith fired a three- Hcds G, Pirates I: hitter Wednesday, giving the Tony Perez drove in three aves a 2-0 victory over the runs with a two-run homer and In the NEWS Softball league last right, John Mengacci picked up his third win of the Season as he pitched Sgrillo's Diggers to a 12-6 victor, 1 over the Naugatuck Chemical. Joe and John Healy paced Sgrillo's at the plate with three hits each. The pair contributed a home run, Iriple and single each to pace the 20 tit attack. Jim Gerrity also rapped three hits for Ihe winners and Boh Dunn pitched in with two. The Four Sons Caterers nipped Ihe Dutch Front Restaurant 8-7 in eight innings. Bob Short won the game for the Caterers as he singled in the winning run to give pitcher Dave Dubey the victory. Mike Baranowski paced the Sons offense with three hi tswMIe Gary Zennis and John Delaney socked' last 23 games. Kelly scored Iwice and drove in two runs Rich Gossage won his fourth game in a row lo mate his record 5-3. ftoyals G, Tigers .!: John Mayberry's two home runs carried the Royals over the Tigers as Al Filzmorris won his seventh game. .Mayberry's two-run homer in the first highlighted a four-run burst and he led off the eighth with another home run Stones also .Messersmith, who has a 4-5 J.R. Richard pitched a seven- some competing in thc high about?" Dwight Stones wanted lo has been labeled cocky and rcfo[t a(u , r [ os j n g his fjrsl four hitler and Greg Gross had a jump for the first time in their know. "1 can jump it. I've been obnoxious. When he talked ^with j^s^ ( r jpi e an( i three singles as the lives, most of them busting doing it in the front yard of my me about it from Las Vegas j(e wal)(e( j one Caller, struck Astros dealt Lynn McGlothen home and 1 know I can. This is where he's playing for the ou( six and al!owed Uvo nHs by Ws fi{lh dc f eat u was the serious stuff wilh me. I plan to Dewar's Cup in a tennis S((W Svvj£[ler and one bj , R jc~k seventh win (or Richard, who keep jumping in college and then tournament for sports cele- Mon(!aJ , as hc tea [ r orra er struck out seven and walked go lo the Olympic Games." brilies, he put it this way: Detroj[ J<K Co ] enlan j n his N'L two. Jose Cruz doubled in one More laughs. "'Cocky' to me is a word that debut ^ and F|M5 CabeM Eingled in "I'll tell you something else." has a negative connotation. I m Rowlami office singled home two when Houston took a 3-1 young Stones went on. "Within 10 such a positive person and I m (he fjrst Atlama run jn , he [ead in tne rj rst . years I'll have the world record so outwardly self-confident that six[h jming and Rod Gilbrea|ll aiarlls 6> ESI)OS 2 . and I'll be Ihe Olympic cham- il evidently bothers a lew knockcd jn (he olher ren with a Jim Ear[ . T wi [), n i n th-inning homers in a losing cause- for the Dutch Front. Fortin's defeated the Christoforo Columho 1R-3 as Hill Lee paced a 25 hit attack with a perfect five for five nigh!. John Himkus and John Crotly ;\Attn four hits each incl^'iir.!! in dividual home ru:ts- l^ck Tamil! paced the Coltimhti willi a thr^ 1 for three night. NOTE: An impnrl,ir.t f.vilisht league meeting is scheduled tonight at the Dutch Front Restaurant beginning at 7-30 p.m. All teams must he represented, i^ .. people for me to exude so much sacrffic( , in [he :SEl(-coniidence and enthusiasm. would love to San D; help from Randy Moffitl, won York, his fourth, game for the Giants. These people Mulct love '» 3 . 0 cind n nali defeated Pitts- Barr also"singled home two have the same qualities but Ihe bu[] 5 _,_ , (ous(()n beal S( ^ jn ^ fifth imijlg wjien more I exude them, the more Uujs ._ 2> Sa[) Franc i sco i he Gianls uxfc a 5-0 lead. Don they realize they cant, bo hey ^ Montreal. 6-2, and Los Stanhouse was the loser, simply try to get around it by Ange]es ^^ ptl - 1 ] adelphi . li 3 . naAgm 3, p ni ilies 2: calling me 'cocky. „ . 2 in other NL games. Bill Russell drove in one run "As for having been called " obnoxious, 1 think that was a very good adjective to describe my altitude in 1913 and 1974. f got to the point where I was having ridiculous arguments with my mother. About what? You name il. IE she said black, 1 said white. When 1 start arguing with my mother, then 1 know I'm out in left field." Pool Wslei Deliveiy . ':. Septic , : tyjwumj Swsiiw ' Call Oak-Ridge 888-6240 • G©LF By Thor Evensen ALL p OOLS INCLUDE F.lter S pump i Pcol ladier Sim d«k • Sal Ely Icr.ce e. CHICAGO (UPI) - Southpaw Tl IF. LEFT SIDE: KEVTOiMORE DISTANCE Ken Trailing was optioned ( to H youneedmoredistanceandaccuracyoff the tee, thesecret is a strong, straight left side. Take the club back in one straight piece, club, left arm and left shoulder all in one straight line. Take the left arm well above the waist before you break the wrist and get the left shoulder and arm up high. If you break your wrists too soon, you'll hook badly. From the top, pull down with the whole left side and then finish high. You'll find you're hitting the ball farther and straighten Ihe Wichita Acros on a 24-hour recall basis Wednesday to make room on the Chicago Cub roster for Joe Coleman, purchased Tuesday from the Detroit Tigers. Coleman started Wednesday night against Atlanta 31'x16'xfi' S: 24'xW zi HOUR—i DAY SERVICE! HIEKSHOP-AT-HOMR SERVICE Call celled nnn\ Colony Industries \LUO J ANNOUN IDEAL FOR COOKOUTS, GRADUATION PARTIES, BUFFETS. 5 TflWS OR MORE SPECIAL DISCOUNT CAll 24 HB N.Maln St.. Union City :iNG OUR NO-FRILLS SPECIAL WATCH FOR FURTHER NO-FRILLS SPECIALS BAKED ZITI TRAY W/Melted Mozz. only S 3,50 feeds 4 or 5 STIIL AVAILABLE ZITI TRAY WITH GARLIC BREAD & 4 SALADS only *4.50 Call In Your Order 729-8043 CLOSED MON. & MS OPEN 3:15-10 Fish & Chips Special Regularly H.70 2 PIECES OF FISH BISCUIT FRENCH FRIES COLE SLAW THE EATING PLACE 101 RUBBER AVENUE, NAUGATUCK 11 A.M. to 9 P.M.-Fti. & Sat. 11 A.M. to 10 P.M.

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