The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 20, 1892 · Page 1
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1892
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2. HUTomarsoy DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, MAY 20, 1892. HOW TO HOUSE THEM. MINNEAPOLIS SOLVES THE PROBLEM OF CARING FOR DELEGATES. 8Ue Has Miule Amnio 1'rovlslon for the Comfort of the Republican Nntlonhl Con- ventlon—Where the Delegates Will n« Quartered—Twin City Attractions. IBpeclfil Correspondence.) M INNBAPO US, May 12.— Tho Minneapolis "convontion hustlers" propose to hftvo the army of delegates and alternates to tho national Republican convention treated in a manner which will make it hard to do any kicking. There trill bo 1,800 of thorn to look afvor, if Alaska is recognized and given a share in tho job of nominating a Republican presidential candidate. lHTBIUOn OP CONVENTION HALL. If any of tho state delegations have a hard time of it it will not be because the local committoo has failed in its doty. It will rather bo because a few of tho states noglected to apply for quarters. The sons of these delinquent commonwealths will get a good placo to sleep and plenty of good and well pro- pared Minneapolis made flour, but they will not enjoy tho luxury of quarters at the West or Nicollet or some other equally good hostelry. What some of the states lacked in vigilance others made up for in the very prompt way they asked for accomoda­ tions. There was New York, for instance, which nevor gots loft when it comes to securing a good place at the table. It had hardly recovered from the surprise over losing the convention when Dwight Lawrence was dispatched to the victorious city with instructions to got the very best thero was going. TIHB emmissary came west for a purpose, and it looks as if he accomplished that purpose in a manner that should secure for him tho otenial friendship of Chauncoy M. Depew, Warner Miller and tho other members of tho "big four," and the other good livors who will ccrno along with them. The Boventy -two delegates and as many alternates from New York will hold forth at the West. The West, with its eight stories, ought to accommodate about 1,000 guests, espe cially in such times as those. More than half tho space in the house will be taken by 500 delegates and alternates. A comparatively small part of tho Now York crowd will have to be less aristocratic for a few days and bo guests at tho Holmes, a . very good and cheery house two blocks from the West and further from the convention. Tho Michigan people oro all right. They will number fifty-six, delegates and alternates, and they have managed to fix things so that about every man has a room to himself. Tho big Pennsylvania aggregation will not mix with the New Yorkers, at least thoy will not have to ; for they arc to be housed at the Nicollet, three blocks away. Tho next largest delegation, that from Illinois, will dwell with tho Ponn- sylvauians at tho Nicollet. Thero will be no chuueo for friction between the Bhermau and Foraker elements in the bunch of forty-six delegates from Ohio, for tho fates have decreed that half this party Bhall bo at tho West, while tho other half shall feast, at tho Nicollet. The thirty Harrison men from Hoosier- dom will bo an element in tho great mix up at the West, where they can confer at the breakfast tablo with the twelve Blaine outlmsiasts from Maine or try to convince the twenty-four sons of tho Badger State thnt Undo Jerry Busk is not in it with President Harrison as .presidential timber—at least for tins boat. , The thirty delegates from tho Bay State will bo neighbors at the West of the dozen gentlemen from the Nutmeg State. The eight cotton men from Rhode Island and the half dozen sturdy wheat growers from North Dakota will be across the hall from each other at the West, and probably be able to agree on a tariff schedvtle which will strike the average. Tho twenty-six nninstructed gentlomon from Iowa will have tho attention of the West hotel crowd until the littlo-but-oh -ray half dozen cowboys from Idaho slido into town on their favorite bronchos, and regale tho gentlemen from the cast with some interesting yarns about those cattle troubles. General Powell Clayton, tho one armed veteran from Arkansas, and his eleven colleagues, will also bend the elbow at tho Bame table with the notables already mentioned. The eight sons of Now Hampshire wero scheduled for the West, but they are likely to break bread as tho guests of Senator Ingolls' bailiwick, all of wboui will recline on wire mnttrasscs at the Nicollet. The same register will nl«i> bear tho autographs of the contingent* from Nebraska, New Jersey ami Now Moxico. The Iowa delegation, already mentioned, will not all be quartered ut the West. Somo of tho southern neighbors will consort with tho small detachment from New York who are domicile;'! at tho Holmes, while others will be sent over on the convention Bide of the river nnd be given virtuous couches at the Windom. The Holmes, besides looking after the comfort nnd the shekels of those already referred to, will entertain the twonty- two Alabamans, the twenty -six statesmen from Georgia, with tho cool and nervy men from Washington and Montana. Then the Holmes will bo further distinguished by having the two gentlemen who will try to see that Utah is not entirely forgotten. A portion of the Iowa delegation, the main body of whom will stop at the West, is also assigned to tho Holmes, while another Bection is booked for tho Windom. The twenty-six moonshiners from Kentucky weTe late about letting the local committee know whother they wanted an early or late dinner, but they have fared very well. They will keep the two boomers from Oklahoma from getting lonesome, and this will be done at the Victoria, a good but not so very spacious tavern. Tho Kellogg, or what is supposed to be the regular delegation from Louisiana, will take twenty minutes or more for refreshments at tho St. James, where they will consort with a part of tho Mississippi delegation and a few of tho gentlemen from South Dakota. Tho delegates from South Carolina and West Virginia will be at homo to friends for a few days at the Brunswick. Tho national committee will have headquarters at tho West. Their interests were looked after very early by the local committee, as was well, and as a result tho big committeemen will have a pretty comfortable time of it. All the larger delegations, like the New York Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts, etc., have arranged for headquarters at tho West or Nicollet. A large number of tho delegates and alternates who are booked for a hotel are very likely to bo taken in as the guests of prominent Minneapolitans. who have offered their homes for tho good of tho cause. It is very largely a matter of local and state pride, and every effort will be made to mako everybody happy. If it is not done it will not be for lack of proper effort. Senator Washburn, in his palatial Fair Oaks, will entertain Senator Hoar and other equally prominent gentlemen. Minneapolis is a city made op very FAIR OAJEB. the Pillsburys. Tho Pillsbnrya make up four families in Minneapolis. Thoy ore rich and have beautiful homes and an abunduricu of hospitality. They are natives of the Granite State, and no man from that state need leave Minneapolis and know what it is to want a meal, for it will be another case of Pillsburys best. The Nicollet House; has us prospective guests, besides those already mentioned eight Green Mountain boys who can oompnro notes with uu equal number of boomers from South Dakota. Clutuncey I FHley anil his good sized aggregation from Missouri will commingle with the forty delegates and alternates from ex- Stick to it I Sometimes you may havo to wait. Tho troubles that have been years in gathering can't always be cleared away in a day. For all (he diseases and disorders peculiar to onianhood, Dr. Piorce 'B Favorite Prescription Is tho surest nnd speediest remedy, YOU can depend upon thnt—but if your case is obstinate, give it reasonable time. It's an invigorating, restorutivo tonic, a soothing and strengthening nervine, ana a positive specific for female weaknesses and ailments. All functional disturbances, painful irregularities and derangements are corrected and cured by it. 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For the countless thousands who will flock mto Minneapolis for an opportunity to rizo up a national convention and to witness tho wonders of the twin cities, tho hundreds of lessor hotels and private boarding houses will open wido their doors. Th.en, too, the fair city of St. Paul Bits upon its seven by nine hills only half an hour's ride from tho convention hall. Thousands of visitors will bo well entertained in the saintly city, where are several spacious caravansaries of the At order and an unlimited supply of modest In t meritorious houses of smaller dimensions. Tho two cities are practically one. Thoy are connected by half a dozen railways and by electric, cable and horso cars. One may journey from the heart of one city to the very center of tho other in less than half an hour. No national convention ever met in a more imposing or capacious ediiico than the Minneapolis exposition building. It will accommodate from 12,000 to 15,000 people, and its acoustic properties uro perfect. Thero is no doubt about your being able to hear tho speeches if yon are fortunate enough to Becure a seat in the gallery. The accompanying illustration gives a very good idea of the hall as viewed from the stage. Ample accommodations havo been provided for the press, and tho able pencil pushers may be relied upon to give prompt, accurate and complete reports of tho proceedings. To the disappointed boomer whoso favorite shall huvo been defeated in the convention the beautiful environments of Minneapolis will offer sweet solace, There is fair Minnehaha, made famous iu Longfollow's romantic poem of "Hiawatha," only four miles away. It is situated iu the midst of a beautiful park which the state has reserved for a soldiers' home. It may be reached by half a dozen differont routes. Only a mile from Minnehulia is Fort Snell ing, on interesting spot. It is the oldest fort in tho northwest and one of tho most picturesque in America. 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No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper Dodge City and through coaches to PuebB and Denver. No. 4 carries through Pullman and tourlsL sleepers, also chair cars to Kansas City anfl Chicago, also Pullman sleeper to St. Louis, fl No. 0 carries through Pullman sleepeiT and chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago No. 8 carries Pullman sleepers aud char cars to Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo. ill GEO. T. NICHOLSON, O. T. & p. A., Topeka, Kan. J. W. TKDFOHD, , Agent Santa Fe Route. Hutchinson,? Office D RS. STEWART, 327 North Main. DR. J. E. STEWART, | DR. R. A. STEWART, Practice limited to Eye, Ear, Throat Surgery and Dis-1 and Nose. Glasses eases of Women. | properly adjusted. J. W MAOUIRE, M. D., Treats Eyo, Eur, Noso and Throat Diseases Carefully. Offlce, No. 110 North Main. Residence, 808 North Main. J Q. MALCOLM, I'hystcluu nml Surgeon (Honioapatblc) Office 112 1st avenue east. J. L. COON, Dentist. Parlors corner of Main and First avenue, over Reddersen's store. ^ATTOllNJStfS. JNO. W. 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Frlcl : l f JB tJaJ 6 boxes for $5.00. Sent by mall tt ^Hiit ol price. rwtr- r m A WRITTEN GUARANTEE ig given fo! every KS.oo order reoelved, to refund the monej l( a l 'ormunout cure la not effected. 'Wefcavll thousands of testimonials from old and youniS or both sexes, who havo been permanent^ onred by the use of Aphrodltlno. Clreulail tree. Mention paper. AddreaB THE APHRO MEDICINE CO. 67 Washington St., OHI0AGO, T" For sale by A. A. A. Drujr Co. J aul Laoriois •^HITESIDE & QJLEASON Attorney: 5.00 Office, 1, f, 3, 4, over Nl at Law, 14 South Main St. jAYLpR & TAYLOR. ", TRj,V Attorneys W Law, 2i JjVlra. Masonliy Temple. BttiB MMDDMCJLMj CO., lluffttlo, N.Y. Learn ''WHAT AILS YOU?" Office, UE&CO SSION [Pop* * Lrwft, M Established 187: 88 6. WATER 8T RCHANT; lORN «• 't. u ; -..WMI« (SUCCESSOR TO WM. MOIUUSON.] Corner of Main and Foulyth. The place to buy your beef, port veal and all kinds of sausage, oysteJ ash and game. John Hartinan, cutt J Telephone 32. 1

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