Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 8, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1912
Page 2
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DITIUC DIfK;flntnit. "Were man contented M 'ith his lot forever. He had not sought strangi- seas sails unfurled; And the vaet wonder of our shores had never : Dawiied on the gaze of an admir- . Ing v.'orld. Priae what Is yours, but 1H> not qtilte t'ontonted, There Is u houUhtwl vt'stfviluvas of soul, Bj- which a- mlRliiy purpose Is uug- monted, In tirgiiig nifii to rciirh a liipher r Konl. So, when the driving Your calm conl<Mit hoforo grieve; U In the upward n>nt'hinR ptrtvlng Of the Ood 111 you to ; :i{"hlf>vt'. -Author liiknowii. rcHtli 'Ms fmpulsc rlst>8, it. (lu nut .-iiid tho arhli'vo. Let us show you a 6©dD pen that will not cost'you much. The Kextll 8t«N . Mr. and Mrs. M". S. Bunilck. assisted by Mr. and Mis. U. S. Aspiiiall, i n- tertalned lafet niglii for Mrs. IVurdirk's class of boys of the Presbyterian Sunday school. M:iny of the pames were suggestive of ballowoen and the sup- jier hour was madi' merry with stories and conundrums. Several Ruess- Ing contests also helped to make the evening pass pleasantly and all h.ive "voted the ovoning one of \hr niost • enjoyable they have spent for some time. •>•«.« . —imi \en ^Viuter Toats will he plared on .sale .Satnrday niornhiir. New York .Store, • • • - Mrs. R. Lowdcrmilk, who !ias bcfti .visiting her son J.. T. I^owdermilk for several weeks, will loavi- tomorrow for Kansas City for a visit with » son there. ' She will be accompanied as far ns Kansas City by Mr and Mrs. J; T. l.owdermilk who are going to Seattle, Wash., for an ex- t?jBded visit with their children. •:• •> At the business meeting of the Alta Setn Club liisi nU:hi nl the homo of Mrs. S. S. llllscher the work for th«year was planned and the otllrers chosen. Miss .lean Delsarno was <>IectP(i lu-e.'sldoiii. Miss Mtiry Marker, vlci'-i >ri 'sldf)i(. Miss Helene I'otter. s <>iT >';:irv and Miss Inee Cook, treas- WT.'Y The moiHines will be held for the purpose of charity, work and sHuly. The members of the club are: Mis.sos Inez and Uess Cook, Kunlce .lackson, Uiuia Cooper, Edna Kakin, Klorlne Wheeler, Hen ha Swignrt. IMP Duncan, Keltic Woodin, K.ite Geyer, Helene Potter, Jean and Viola Ual- Rarno, Mary Marker. Pelle RtMMl. The nicsts of the club wore Miss Davis, of Pittsburg and Miss Cauphllil, of Rich Hill, .Mo. + * <' — Ilig reiliiction on all trimmed hats V.iis wpok at .Mrs. Pe'lys. ]on K. .Mad- isiin, lola, Kansaj.-. • • Mr. I .Oiller, the Jewlcr h.-^s presented a beautiful clock to the library board for use in the city library build ilig. It will bo appreciated by the librarian and patrons of the iuiiti- tution and all poin the members of the board in extending thanks to Mr. I .effler. "IfQut It li atxrat tlms I want my things fixed after I am gone, beeauae I bavo nobody to depend on except var staters. I hope they tee to tlilnga and I do it in tho way I want it done. It ia A' great task, but it cannot be fixed otherwise. They alwaya helped ma along. I want them to divldft my Riothes among them, becanie I hava no ohidlren. so they are nearest. I hare :i-good Jot of things tbat-h^TO to bo void for expenses and then I guess tt will reach to bury me. decently. "Such things as tny big copper ketr 00 and tubs, washing machine, sew- tng machine, watch, bedroom suit, boreau, chest, trunk, n'altorti (two nice iner-K costers and other artlclca are to tio sold. There Is also a stoyepipe la •ho garret belonging to the parlor ;iove. dozen sauce dishes I believe •bev dent ni'cd and a white gravy 'jowI I paid n quarter for, and two big jlasR 8tniid.«, which are to be sold. •Il 's hodsfoad, which lays In tho garret, I paid a dollar to get It stained md varnished. He can keep that for Mary If he wants to keep her, and my lew dough trough I also want sold. I )we R little at I.abach'a and I want hot paid If there is any money left. 1 can't do it In my lifetime any more. I'ours in hope."—Allcfllown (Pa.) Register. SHOES*. ' l*ii\ .\>iiir luMT wlii'if y<iii liiivi' .-I liirjy' stock 1o CIKXI "*' fnuii |;, and wlit-ei-f \ir,i m -i tlic U'st i«) IM> II.KI fur tlii> iiMWK'v. l-'r.iiii Iht* Wiiv ; oiir Slioe liitsiiu'xs is ^rtiwiiijj the 1 |M'o|)l;> lertiiiiilv :; i|iiri-i!it«' tlii' * vjiiiics thfv in-t I. —A l.ij; .'^iiipnient IMchardFon's. dt new Suits.— WHY CALLED "BLACK MARIA'* Boston Negress of Colonial Times Responsible for Desianatlon of Police Patrol .Wagon. The At Homo ehib was pleasantly entertained y.'sterday afternoon at „ the homo of Mrs. C. T. Kirk, —100 >ew >oliby Winter Coats just i .South Chestnut street. Mr.s. Fuller, Terehed. Big sale toniorron. S:itur. .day. >ew York .Store. * •> * , —Another big shipment of \ew Coats only in the advanced styles:— Ifjchardson's. * • * the president of the club had charge r.f flio program. Mrs. .\oaI led IM scripture lesson and roll call was ro- .••ponded to with the names of island lapit^ls. Mrs. Hollner read an interesting paper on • .^ilaska and the mooting was closed with a song by Mrs. J. T. Rono led the lesson at tlie j liir club led by Mr? .\»al. The nu-in- mceting iof tho Missionary sorieiy of iho I'nited Rrelhren church yej;torday ^.•ifiornoon at the church parlors'. Ai *thc .close of ihe business .nioeling Mrs. Gard, Mrs. .I.u-obs, Mrs. .\yliiis and Mrs. Keim served the mission;;ry lea. * •*• * —Silks that will delight you: the new things you will find here. UicU- ardson's. ^ b'T.s who were in attendance wer4' Mesdaiues l.:ieey, H.iird. Iloltner. Fuller. Fife. HaniCi!, Slehbin.s -Neal, Kirk. Ciirfman, and Carter. * * • —An elegant line of New Suits am' "oats marked special. Richardson's. .\ nieetin.c of the missionary society of the Reformed church was held yi 'stcrday afternoon at the homo of , Mrs. K. C. Remsberg. The papers Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Drake and Mrs. j .iiul discussions were on the subject Frank Robinson drove over to Hism-: of Home Missions and Miss Mary boldt yesterdny to witness th.; I)all j Remsberg gave an account of tho game. i Syiiodical meeting which she attend•>•>•> I .•<! in Iowa last month. The society —Fxelashc styles— 100 new nnhhj has decided to meet every two weeks Winter fronts on sale .Saturday al the r,,r some time nov.- on account of thf >C1V York Store. i press of work for the church. * * * The Philathea ::nt\ l.o.val Son." classes'of. the Chrislian church were royiUy entertained last night by the we.abers of-^he Ixjyal Sons class. ram-"S occupied the first part of the evening after which the voting men served »n elaborate spread and the l:;ter hours were spent with a taffy * * * ^ —Fifty New Suits in all the wanted ^nat^rials, i>riced from $10.00 to $:{0.oo Richardson 's.- • * • Mrs i: Bnimbaugh-Gelvin is kco;i- ing her iii^nds here postet! .on the do lightful trii) she is taking with her husband. On eleetion day they were in W.Tshingioii. I) C. and .Mm. rtel- vi'i states iha' the erowds in the streets were so <!< use- that it was almost impossilile lo gei through tb^ iiiniii thoroughfares. The trip so far has proven most doIiBhtfiil. The next stop will be in -Vow York. • <• •> —Male nuailolte at the Orand The- tro Satiiri'ay ami .Monday evonings. * * + The Philathea class of the Chrislian JThurch will hold n postponed met-tin.c J Miss Clara Lanry. who went to To- tonight at the parsonage. } peka to attend tho Teachers' Asso. • •> *> • uiaiion meeting will stop in ISaUiwIn —-WtlMid tho KIg Coat .Sale at the I on her return for a short vi?ii with ;?.>en YorV Stow toniorntw. j i.-r brother. .lolin l.aiiry. wlio is ai- + tdKlina IJak'^r t nivi rsity. : Mrs. H. H. Ftmk and .Veva . •:• •> •> 'Funk have gone toiKaufas Ci:y for: iuui in tlio Wichita Pi-aeon « week end visit. i, lis of an interesting doDanmont • tii;it has boon opened in ihe Y. W. C. ' \. there. It is a story telling class . ;;iid mothers ;ind tr.icliors who do no' ' know l;ow lo op" n their < hildren's , o .'.es with the adv'Mif.iif s of .Tack and ; tliv bi ausTaik or lell them the story of ill.' Garden of Kd^n without mak- iiifc it st>:iiiu like a lirst dass s-^rmon. will be instrii'if.; in this very nice : \,m diflieiil! an. Miss .\fyrtl. G"ttys ;i teacher In in? Wir hita public ;-<liools will be the instructor. =f ; .> .% .;. Tonif;ht at £pv <Mi -thiny there will ho .1 metiini; o! tii.- clicir of St. Tiiur othys church. + • * i >lrs 1. P.. Prather and children will ; EC to Chaniite to;nprrow to join .Mr i Prather. -.Nho has rio '.nlly taken jthargr of the I'aitod Hrdhren church there. A terror to evildoers was the real original Ulack Maria, and quite as useful in helping to keep the peace a.^; the black maria of today, niack .Maria lived In Porton and .In Colonial times, ohe was gigantic negrcBS, named Marie 1 she was mistress of a iailors' boaiojug house down near the wharves. Sailors came to her from all over the world. Thoy 'wore often a wild, rough set. biM they never gave Maria any trouble, for her huge size was well (lalancod by her prodigious strengil •t is told thnt she once brought three •Irunken sailors at once to the lockup ivhen they had grown too obstreperous •o ho Uoiif longer In the hontie. The fame of .^larla's strength grew so that she became of great assistance to the authorities, for when men got to be violent or quarrelsome Plack .Maria was sent for and soon reduced he unnily to obedience. In time her reputation spread all over Boston, and the lawless element grew so afraid oj her that often the threat of sending for niack Maria was enough to quell rhe worst cases of insubordination. Pew people know of Rlack Maria t .ee as the boarding house keeper of 'olonl'1 days, but she handed her name ^uvp aa a menace to the vfclou of generations, in the modem 'all wagcn. To "send for the black maria" is as much of a threat now ar It was in ."Maria Lee's time. I..\ MHOS' sn()l::S ill I.iii. umi iiiiil kill iiMihiM:-!, , |iii.('i| fioin .Sl..'(t. .<1.7 .~i. i^J. • -**:'..."tt .111.1 si. SCHOBL SHOES. IJii\>' aiitt liirls" SrlioDJ SInii's \vi' r ;n -:'V till- IM'SI iiiii' "H tin- m:if kci. I'iiofs tiiti;:f lf<»ni •'?I..'t -'i. .•?l..-itl. !?1.7.".. I.) .^•J ..-.ti. t'oiiie willl I lit" iI-ii'.ViN. !{ii;.;mil <iit-Is" ilinintl"! <v;iii;i lil 'Cil tlloM 's ill !:!li ;lli<l Mill k. pi'l" (Kiir 50c* GIRLS' YARN GLOVES. tiirls' V;ini (;i.)vi>.-; ;!ii 1 .Mittens, tulors. |>iiir !J -5<*, 53.^ KLMONAS. \\':!iiii I-'i"('ri'(l Kiiiii>ii:is |iri '*i '"i finm .SI TO Si !3.50 GOWNS. Oiiiiiiv; Fhiitiiel tiowns. prii-eil ;ll ."ittr. "."<•. U> *l.."ll. How They Managed. Kvpensively shod and gowned 'la'ted in wldp-brimmed. costly crea 'ions from which depended closely en olnping. Intricately fastened veils, hey sai on a cross seat on the "L rain. One held an open box of allur •.!g chocolates in her daintily gloved land. "Will they extricate their lips .rom their inextricably fastened veil to parta"n"e of them or are the sweetij o fcrni for the present merely a visual "east?" -wondered the spectator. "Hav.- one Sade." the holder of th hciolates said to iter companion. Ana -ado consented. ".V( w," thought the spectator, "all will be revealeriV .\nd so it was •ado and her companion simultaneous '•y lifted tho lumps of sweetness to 'heir e.'.prctant lips and sucked and libbled bappJIy-through their veils! ^ Mr. and Mrs. Frank Anderson Carlyle were visitors h6re today. of There is a periainetit beauty in • LIBBEY Cut Glass which is not V possible in inferior glass and in shallow cutting, its the depth of ' cutting, the rich design and the scintillating beauty and briUiancy <,;_of the crystal which gives such '.. 'lasting \-alue and satisfaction to i' - LIBBEV Glass. Theres choice ' '.from $1.50 up —no more than in- i<-.,-ferior glass costs. I - All pieces are marked in plain p"^. figures and are Jess 10 i>er cent ti J'tf you select before Dec. Ist. i'-' Our magnificent new display Is -Jworth inspection. Youre welcome. I': 2*^ V Clothes! Suits Made to Your Measure. Suits Cleaned and Pressed. We have moved fi^m 113 West Madison to 109 West Street. GUS KRANNKH 109 West St.[ Taiior Waterproof Seven-League Boots. Hero is the groat and only way rack greased his seven league boots •.nd waterproofed and snowproofed rhcni .Melt in an oartlien crock, over i very slov.-, gentle fire, half a pint if lin.'eed oil (good, raw oil), one »unce of beeswax, or paraffin, half an lunce of rosin and one ounce of oil if turpentine. If new boots or shoe? .trc soaked and well nibbed with this •varm. grea.<y mixture, then left to hang in a warm place for a week or 'en days, not only will they be en- Mrrly waterproof, but the leather.wili 00 soft and pliable. The soles may "oe waterproofed by painting on a coat of gum copal varnish, repeating It from time to time until It is a smooth job and all the pores of the leather are filled. Pretty, But Useless. Mrs. Hugh Praser tells a story of a holiday spent In an out-of-the-way part of lUly. Sbe bad occasion to reward a countryman for some service with a gold coin. Apparently, be had never seen such a thing before, for be looked at It dubiously for a moment, and then said: "It Is very pretty, but I think I would rather have money, please." When the same sum was counted out to bim in silver he took It with loud protestations of gratitude, and went away feeling, apparently, like a BxOlionalre. MUFFLERS. IJ'MiiiMJilK'r wi> c:iirv iln- rd"- l.niiiMi r;i-;itlli'_\ .Miifilcis in ,-ill tin- W,l!!icil coldVs: i';li-li' 50^ .WLVTION CAPS ill x'iMti- .-liiil loiiirs iilj the in\v slu-ipfs. I'li.cil ;ii .-iih-. (;.-,(•. .*j;i,ihi. i<\.-'< ,ll|tl .S'l..""lll. CO/VTS AT $15.00 Kvfrv dtiy l»rin;:s suiiietliiii;; tn 'W in I.ji«lies" (' II:II>J. <»wiu<; In a late pimliase »if I.;i<r»t"s" t'oals— li<iii<;lii ;uv:iv IIIHII'I' |iiiri'— wi' .ire ,il»ii> (<> offer you llie iimsi jitirar tivi" <'<»nts at ^l.l y<Mi iiave s »n >u litis season. Tlioe I'oals would IM - wuflli—it' l».iii«ilil in :i lemiitif way—from -?2 ..".ii lo -ST.riii nioif (liaii we ask. Voti will lind litTe all th- iiew «>st styles iinil <olorin <;s. flolii. I :ii-j;(' as.xui-iiiK'iit of other I'oals. s|i)-i-iallv (iriccil ?5.00 T(|'JP35 .(M> SUITS If yon SIC the hiMiiliriil new- Suits we aii^ sIio\viii<;, yoii will lie loiiviinei! tlicy-.-ii-e llie most iH-aiiiifnl ^'ar- iiiiMilsyoii h.ive lookeil at this s<>a.<on. an<l the jirii-i-s are lower tli.-in I 'l.sewlii'ii' -i|ii,ility and style ionsiiIm>d Vo?i will find them here in ail the newest weaves and color- inRs—specially priced from SIO.OO TO Jj!35.(M) * Children's Coats ^'«Mi will sa\<' liiiic and nitnu'v liny i-oniiuir lien- lirst. for your <'liildit'irs <'<iais. Otir assortiiieiif is the IK'SI we liavf i'ver shown niitl onr jiriri's ate the lo\i('st. Priifd from $1.50, .S2, $2.50 T<).510.50 FURS I'm- l>nyiii;.i liiiu- is IICK- aii<l we can siijiply your w.iiils Willi till" IK'SI line of l-'ni-s lo In- roiind and our priiTs will save von moiii'v on vour l-'iir S<'l.< luicrd from . ..". '..." .•^.SO To Mentor Crepe 1'."^ 111! lies u i<!i'. lo.iks like wool. I 'li-fiaiit for >i'i\W ilii-s.^c-c. ill diffei- I 'lit i -olm- [il.wti'^: \ai -i| lOf* OUTJNGS in li;:;lit .•iiid inlt'i-.-^; I >;-;i-i 'd at FLANELETTE for Kii ::i >ii:i -i : ]>i i'-'il at !<•<• ai:il I.".- a xatil. I KLMONA SILK. Ili-aiilifitl paiii-'rijs. |)iiii-il (•>."»-. SI ami -51.!.'."> vard. at' BLANKETS. S|.crially,;iri:i-il .-ii 7."M-. --^l. :,•,•> .*1.."•••». ^'J. to Sr, pair. COMFORTS. I 'rin-d from sijtn. .*l..".ii ii[> to^ ?:5.."iU iMcli. 39c Dress Goods Special 39c One lot of Di-i'ss (ioods. rojisislinj: of Soi-j-cs. Ilaski-t (lotli. Miauoiials. Suilin;;.s, I'laids. etc Tlie.'ie matcriiils are :*.(» inilies wide—some are pari lotton aiid stum' are wool- iiiiisj all till* wanted (•olo!-in;js :iri> liene. Tliest- an? if'jiilar .">(li.; and <i.">o values. S|K><ial price for 00#» Sa:turday & Monday i^r y.ud Jdli RUGS AND DRAPERIES. A visit to our Hii;r ;iiid. Mrapcry I>epaitmenl. upst.iiis. will profit voii. HAND BAGS. ill all the newest. slia |i «'s; s |M'i -ially priced from oOc. .?l.L'."i. i}\.TAK -S :.'..'>l' lo §1 (»..".<!. RIBBON SPECIAL. I'laiti and Fancy fliMioiis, li and 7 iticlies witle. worfli ."!."')<- and f.7ic. y,-iiiL sjMM-ial MUNSING WEAR for women :ind ciiiidreii. Xoiif liciter—few as pood. W' them once and von'll .ilwavs wear tliein. SOLI: AO i :\TS. FOK lOLA. BRINGS NO TERROR ' KSTEWRISE. TO JMILADY'S HEARl ! AowMnhor7::l:;^.5 ^a.?'havln. are having dif- j icr.nt kinib- of weather this monf!^ I .Most everyone in this neiKhl>orIic;)d attended the election at lola, thouirh ;si:n.' were prevented by the,rain. We conRratulate Miss Vide Pthern- l.'om!s Saturday and was taken sick :ind forctHl to stay. , (Jrandiia Uawvon is vi^i'.'ns n-ia- !;ive.-- at IJurlinj;ien and !!;......: DKKil CREEK. I. Mr.s. McKJnney) .\ovtMiihf>r 7. —The rcad.^ are very , sill on heinc e!eci«l as luperinicndent : muddy and rouga since the rain. .\lr. and Mrs. Ijcorge Grieve »vre sboppinK in loia Saturday of in.n ' r,[ public ini^truction. .\ I'ainliy from Morri.s county, who l' \v;u« travelfn.:; through here la.-^t week and yt.ipi'od at P. 1'. Southards on ac- ccnni if tile rain, vefumrd their journey .Monday to .Miss-oiiri'. ] Henry Rratty sold a team of horsts I .Monday and Thursday he and his hrotiicr Ciiy. attended a sab- mrth cf l,;il!arpe and hoiigiir a horse. j .Mr. and .Mr.-:. U. W. Hurtneit visited i a? V. .1. Sof.thanr.s Sunday. I Mrs. Guy fJealy ha.s been vi.-^itinR in I lola ;-;!in"c .Monday. [ Mr. 55ink and far.'.i'.y and Mrs. Fis-ii- f.-.anil dauL'htors, riara and Vera, vis- ; iird a; .\. ('. Hayes Sunday. .Mv- K.-Sr^.lc-y ca:uo out to Kd Os- ucek. Vir.gie and iLiiby and Kay Chilcotc are visltini: hen:e folks while V.:c teach ers are attcndinK teachers" nieetini: at Topeka: .Mrs. .Mli.'^on wa.-; shoppiuK in lola Tire.'^day i ;t Oiia weak. The e!tH-;;cn cf offirf-i-s has iia.^'-ed and wc sujiiKJte the excitement will soon be OAcr. Mr.'^. Ijjv.u.-hine is on the sick list :!;is week and also Mrs. Sutherland, i Gay Ilendri.x ,"f near I.,one K!in. ; s!>»nt Satur;!ay ni.cht and Sunday with Kiley .McKjnney. 1 1 hp revival meeting at Ihe Valley is j -till proKrei.-ing. .-Ml are invited to at- ; I tend. j Itoy Bird, of lola. is visit;nK at the ' Kni-klcr home a) ))re.-ent. Mr. .Jone.s .-md ^on. Gei.rBe. made a i.asiness trip to lida Wedne.'^d.'iy of this wepk. Scho<d wa.« disiiiisspd Wednesda.v eveninir for the rest of the week as the teach-'r is attendinc: teachers' meeting at Topeka. Martin Hamilton and family were -•chopping in !o!a Thursday of this week. The ca.-' comjiany is preiraring- to drill for pas on the Dunk farm and it i.-; hoperl t;.'-y will strike a snod flow of ga.'-- .Norval White, ef Carlyle. visited Friday an"! Saturday wifti Senix McKinney. Will and Delna Crie ^i- spi-nt the day Sunday with tlieir hroiiicr, Hen, and family of Diamond. Mrs. .7. .M. Copening and children went to Ch.-snute this afternoon to siiend the remainder of the week with relatives. The most feminine heart wouldn"' : think of leaping at sight of th!a Uttl* ; mousle—In fact, one can sit in per-' feet calmness while he gambles en. one'a instep. For the mouse ta merely embroidered on the silken stocking, . The embroidery is done on the thread silk stocking with mouse colored stl>« and the ofTect Is v«ry natural and ^ rather atartllng at flrat gUmpMi > HOY 0> WllKEI. Kl.V IM>\VN. nriver ei Wujriin a'rd lie Wi-re lare- le>s and Cnilidcti. Joe Krause. elevator boy at the New fork store, stisiaiped rather severe injuries vesfrday -when he was run lown by a "wagon belongin.?; to the ^ Biijus Fruit ••tore. The accident oc- tirred at the northeast comer of the . siudre. The boy was on his bicycle ielf and the driver, was struck by the. -ol fand ttie driver, -van struck by the I'roni wheel of the vvaeon and thrown "icavily to the 'lavement He was car led immediately to ;l>.e .\ew York store and his father called Examina- ion showed the boy'« am:s and legs' badly bruised and '.here is evidence of slight Internal injarles, but he Is doin?; nicely todny Find Out For Yourself 7.000. FEET tiV PirTlRES. The Elite, lias Sperial PriHrram \r- f ranged for Satnrda.r. The Klite will on Saturday, commencing at 1 p. ra.. nm in addition to the great Sarajh Bernhardt-Queen Elizabeth attraction, their regular program of three reels, making In all 7,000 feet of films—enough pictures, placed end to end to reach half ay to Gas ciy or ihre«' times around the s<iuare. jf MM- great .dlflerenre between niv'rely Iniyiui: Shoes and liu>. hig them al the .Sample Shoe Store. To the outsider il would sri-m that tlirrr was not niurli differenre, but in reality .11 means u sarim; of from in M per rent. Yon sec prices like these mean stimelliin^: I.,ad!cs' Shoes in patents, gun metal and velvet. 16 buttons, U Shoes _ ..JiiS I.adies" Shoes ;n patents, gun metal and vici kid. button or lace, high and low heels, $3 Shoes !flj>8 I.adie.<" and Misses' 16 Button Boots in patents, gun metal and vici kid. $3 and $3..=>o values iiJOS .Misses' high top .lockey Boots in tan patents and pun metal, sizes VZ to 2 - ._.i5l.9S Sizes SU. to 11%, $2.&0 values tl.75 Sizes 5 to S, J2 values. fl.50 Men's Shoes in tan and gtin metal, button or lace, $.-. values ; . fiSS . .Meti's .'^Ifoes in patents, tan and gun metal, button or lace. $4 values ?2.4S Mens Shoes in patent.'; and gun metal, button or lace $3 and $:i ."u values : $1 .98 .Men's heavy Work Shoes—the kind you pay $3 for, our price _ _ -$1.98 Hoys' Shoes in gun metal and bo.v calf. $2..';0 values, our price , $1.50 Boys' high top I.ace Boots in' black and tan, two buckles,'$3.-•>0 and $4 values, sizes up to S .-$Sj2ri All kinds of I^adieb' House Slippers, $l.r.O values, our price . -. 98c Ladles' Rubbers, all sizes high and low heels, now priced at _ , . 50c We Pay Car T Sample Shoe Store 110 East Madison

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