The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 19, 1892 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1892
Page 6
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8. HUTOHIKSOK DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, MAY 19, 1892. THE MARKETS. MONKY AND STOOK. NI!W YnllK. Maj III. Aii-hJ .»on. MlRHourt l*acl!U., r ,7. Hock '.llanfl, KOV St. Paul. 7?H Union l'aclllr, :w,- Western Union. I>SV Silver. SH I 'KOIMKIK. The t 'ollDWUiB I active (uturew. L'llliWK"* CIIIOAUO. May in. the range of prices to Open'tl WllF.AT June ... May July HORN. July.... June . May OATH. JlllV ... May June VOHK. July.. September l.Altll. Julv . September inns. July September Might. HI 44 II H-l", 1 II 0(1 tl .'10 li 4 .'i r. sr. l »7>4 4H\ Lowntlcioni. II HO i <i on Ml'* 44 1( HO H II H:l II 77 Smith's at. Tulhihoimi, hnel been entered by the negro Monday night for the purpose of rape, although the ne­ gro claimed robbery wan his objeet. Surrendered Clmrlpr. SKW (titr .KAVH, J,n., May Iff.—The department of the f/ouislana and Mississippi <i. A. It.. IUIN passed resolutions surrendering its division cause t.'ominander-in-Chief Palmer sus- pen4ed the ilivislon commander for not recognizing colored posts. A roMlmnntcr In Trouble. Four S MITH, Arlc, May 10.—Robert M. Ciilmorc, postmaster at Muskogee, 1. T., lias been found to be an embezzler of postal notes, money orders mid stamp funds in his office and is under arrest. The anuftint of the embezzlement is Kansas, should he succeed In getting the nomination. 44 s •I 'D* •Mil Wh II H7 ',i II 77W | r .i .1.... WHKAT -CloKC-. So. 'I stcadv.casOl K'-icV. May x-ihr-, July s-,"i®KU?ie; December <.'t)KN--Ni>. a til|£her; cash •IIJ'4c: May •iUc\ June 4tlr; July 4-17.; AllgUHt anil September 41 \c. OATS-No. •-' steady; cash Mlc: May :iOHc: July \Wi <rii 'M\c. MBSS I'l.lKK -Caxh $l).H!» k : July S!I.K7'J: September Jio.oa"-;. L.Am>-Hi R her; .:asliSH.':.V. July Jll.H'JM® ll.TiO; September SII..V.1. SHOUT KIIIS -Higher; cash Sii.H0; Julv »5.ll(): September Sll.lio. ItVK-Flrin; 7ilr. HAKI.l'.Y -Nii. •; nnmlnal; H2c. KL.AX Nk'.KH - No. 1 quIutlSl.OXH. TIMOTHY SIIKI) Prune, SI..10. III/TTKIt- Steady. H'.i'.CS Steadv. si. l.iiuls. Sr. Louis. May in. Wlll'.AT- Higher: cash RIHtC; May XHV. July. suv. Auiiiint 71"/^-. COUN- Hlgher;Cnsh 47c: May. 4!iHr'. July 41?ie: September, -tl'.ic. OATS-Higher; Cash MHJc; May. Ml«ic; July. :i(i4c. f'OKK—Quiet; JuhliltlK. 10.:I7H. I.AHI) Dull; Jfl.115 Jll.'" 1.00. KllllHUH Clt.v. KANSAS OITY. May 111. W 11K AT —Nntli I n tr dnl n R. l.'OUN-•Easv; No. '•! cash, :{»%; May 41c. DATs-Dull and steady; Nu. a cash. :iH4c hid; May, :\\HW.!c. KOIIS—Strung at l:ic. BUTTKK—Steady. Creamery. WrtVJnr Mil for May. I .1VB STOCK. UnnniiH Oily, KANSASCITT. May in.«lpts:i..'llM); shipments"!,"!"): market dull and priceti weak but about lire changed iruiriyesterday. HOns-Hecefpts 11.000; Hhlptnents U.liOO: market opened Hteady and closed weak ami ."«• lower; extreme range $4.iri(f(i4.(IO; bulk tl.40((jl4.fiO, SHEB1'— Receipts, 1100; shipments •-'(10; market Millet and w llodfru City Doing*. DonnK Cirv, Kitn.,May Iff.—[Special.] —Attorney (iencrnl l«es came In from the west this morning, having been called to Macksville to look after abank trouble In that town for which a receiver has been appointed, and went from there to Hartlnnd, the county scat of Kearney county, to investigate an important matter. He is here to bold an important council, lie said to a NKWN reporter that his trip is altogether free from politics. lie says he has too much rothcr business just now and that the politics will come later on. .Judge A. .1. Abbott is holding a term of the district court here at this time. The most exciting case is that of the county commissioners against the Hock Island Railroad company which is attracting a good deal of attention, and the result is looked for with eager suspense. Hotel arrivals at the Delmonico are as follows: .1. N. Ives, W. T. Kvans. C. K. Eldridgc. U. W. Day, Tom I'. l<Vulon, T). T. Kcro. Topcka; ,1. U. Jlrunger, K. A. Huslicr, Chicago: Wm. A. Martin Detroit: John Gribc), N. M.; M. Broad wiek. Carl Browne, has Vegas; Hen. E. l'age, Aslilaiul, Kuu.: E. Strotibe, Chicago. These in addition to a number of our Kansas traveling boys makes a good showing at the Delmonico, We are just having an immense amount of rain, and western Kansas is all (). K., in the tiptop sense of that term. Everything is simply superb with neither prospect of Hood or famine. The very best of spirit prevails everywhere throughout the west, and this will be a golden year, with plenty of silver thrown in, and greenbacks to make up for any deficit. Hand Iteuntmt. The .Second Regiment band and many others from other towns and cities, came in from the band reunion at Kingman this morning. There were about twenty-live bands represented at the reunion. Of there there were about ten complete bands. The boys give a grand report of the occasion, and say that Kingman is a grand place to go for a reunion. At the business meeting the following officers were elected: President — .Sol Hawthorne, Kingman. Vice-President—A. Z. Hamilton, l'ca- body. .Secretary—Elmer May, Hutchinson. Treasurer—1. I J. Diesem, Garden City. Grand Drum Major—"Old" Jones. Ellsworth. Chns. Steinbergcr, (Uihnore No. ~) was selected as association musical director. After a healed contest it was determined to hold the next reunion at Hutchinson on May 22, 2.1 and 24, 18'.i:i. Kingman bus not had so much music in her midst for many a day as during this occasion, and she treated the boys royally. Next year, when the boys meet here, Hutchinson will— Well, everybody knows what this city does for her visitors. To Wed. Judge Kontron issued license to-day, to Henry Hillmer of Haven and Martha Koch of Mcl'hcrson. to wed. Mr. Hillmer is one of Haven townships best citizens, and his many friendi offer congratulations. tions, and that the vacancy created by the resignation of Miss Olive Willctt be filled bp the appointment of Miss Stella E. Myers, formerly of Mcl'hcrson. Kan., but now teaching at Carthage, Mo. nitAMMAB SCHOOL. Mr. D. A. l'augher, principal. Miss Louise Heers. Miss Lizzie Hullawell. Miss I<!iunt Payne, principal. Mr. W. D. Puterbaugh. INTKIlMKniATK AND I'ltlMAHY flltAIIKS. A'cak. se. LI.IIIM. ST. Lotus, May 10. CATTLB-Kecelpts .10 car loads. HO(IS— Receipts 2 carloads. SHEKP—Itecelpts 10 carloads; no market im account, of high water, HUTCH INNON MAUK KT. KLiOUK—HlKhest patent. $2.40; second patent. S2.20: extra fine, $2.00. HUTTKK—In demand; creamery, 2oc; lluest dairy, 20c; One dairy. 15c; common, 10c. KCU1S—In demand, 10c. POTATOES-Chnice. JiOfrwflc. APPI.BS—Jl .fillir »2 .(l(l per bushel.'. ONIONS—In (air demand; red. 7fic per bushel, home irrnwii; Spanish, Sl.Mfi per bushel. OA11HA11E—Fair, 4c per pound. TURNIPS—In demand, 4oc per bushel. IIKKTS— Steady, line per bushel. SWKUT POT'ATOKS—Plenty, ri05i7Bc per bushel. HAY—Haled. $!).oo@r>.ri0; \ on!ie , $:i .oo <Bi!i.fiO per ton. (irnlti. WHKAT— No. •& soft unit (lAc; hard OQc. CiOUK-tiHr. IIYK-No 2 06c; No. ;lB0c. OATS-24C. hard <(f>c; No. ;i Live Slock. eady. W.'.Ti; I OATTUi-Stearty, Blockers $S!.SA®:).TA. feeders t2.2Wii:i. an; fat cows and heifers In demand at Sf2.00iiiii2 .7r.; fat steers, $11.00® 1.00. HOGS—Steady; wagon, tops, »4.00; car, *4.1(XB4.2ri. STCKKP—In demand; $4.00. I'oultryand Wild (.111116. 0I1ICKBNS—Chickens 5:i.00 per dozen chlckenH 5>4c per pound; liens (lc per pound roosters 4c per pound; turkeys 7Hc per pound. a AMI!- Wild ducks In demand at Jt .oo® 2.00 per dozen: plfc'eous In demand at $1.00 geese tl.uogfel.fio per doz. per COSSI1'. Inspections at Chicago: Winter wheat, 2 out of lift; spring wheat, out of HI; cxirn, 10 out of 247; oats.uri out of ISO: new corn, 2J17; No. 2. 23; No. 3 142. . Sawyer KketeheH. S AWVKK, Kan., Moy 11). —[Special.]— This vicinity is receiving plenty of moisture and to spare, although no damage has yet resulted from excessive moisture. Corn is somewhat retarded in growth, but is in very good condition. Prairie breaking is being done on a large scale in Pratt county this spring, and many other valuable improvements arc being made. A trip through the country northeast from this city, reminds one of portions of Illinois and Iowa which have been settled for over half a century. A large hotel will be erected in Sawer at once, the contract having been let to Baehinan & Miner of this place. The next thing needful is a bank. IJuitc a number of farmers living near this place stand ready to subscribe for stock, and a better location for a bank to step in to a good goueral business could not be found anywhere. William Jourdan is preparing to raise his hotel another story, and add a large front to the old building. Mr. Jourdan proposes to keep his end of the town square up. A camp of the Modern Woodman will he organized here next Thursday night with a membership of twenty-two for starter. The goat will run down from Wichita, and if he is not a tough one, twenty-two fat, lubbers will take the starch out of him. Politics are not in it here as yet, although some men are uncommonly friendly of late. Jerry's free trade speech reached us in due time, but it is so profound that we can't understand it. It is Baid by tiie wise men to contain utterances unsurpassed in wisdom by anything since our Savior. Hill Nye could no doubt put us on to points Jerry was driving at, but he is not here, so we will have to take it for granted that Jerry was trying to do us good. We know Jerry loves us, and we love him so well that we will keep him amongst us for the next two years. Ktver Pirates at Work. Sr. Lotus, May Ml. —Ueports from va> rious portions of the Hooded district state thtt people who left their homes when the floods came found on return ing to them to secure, necessary urti dps. of clothing, etc., that the Iniildiugs had been systematically looted by river pirates who had re moved pictures, carpets and every thing movable. The. thieves have Be cured over $100,000 worth of plunde within the last week. rim Persons DriiwiieU. Ci .AiiKsvii .i .K, Ark., May IV.—-Th flood in the Arkansas river is a very disastrous one here. Yesterday two Germans who resided on the opposite side of the river were drowned while attempting to cross to this city, and threo children were drowned at a point a few miles above here. ltuiinl of KdticutUiu. At a call meeting of the board of education of the city of Hutchinson, held Mav ISth, 1-802. in the office of Moore & Chrisman, A. \V. MeKinuey, president, in the chair, the following business was transacted: Roll was called and the following members answered to their names: S. Ely, John Chapman, ti. U. Miner, A. W. McKinney, T. V. Leidigh. F. R. Chrisman. Mrs. C. li. Easley appeared before the board and asked the privilege of using one of their rooms in the Sherman street building on each Saturday afternoon during vacation, for the purpose of conducting a free Kindergarten school for indigent children, to be conducted under the charge of the ltenevolent society. On motion the request was granted, with the understanding that the society become responsible for the conduct of the children while on the premises. C. A. Kj'ker and S. K. llawley entered and took their seats. The committee on teachers and salaries reported as follows: After a careful examination and discussion of the present corps of teachers, and of the numerous applicants for positions, wc. your committee on teachers and salaries, submit the following report: In considering the subject we have recognized the principle that it is de- desirable to make as few changes as possible. Every change is somewhat of an experiment, and wo feel that to maintain the present high standard of our schools we should indulge in as few experiments as possible. Therefore, we have recommended changes only where we considered a teacher's work quite unsatisfactory, and where there was a strong probability of improvement by making the change. In filling the several vacancies, we have drawn upon our home talent first, then upon the county, state, and country ut large. mou SCHOOL. 1 \V« recommend that Mrs. E. H. 2 Richardson and Mr. 11. S. Rogers be retained in their present posi- !l Miss Lulu Hallinger. 10 Miss Jessie Deem. 11 Miss Gertrude Hrelim. 12 Miss Caroline Huddle. 13 Miss Lizzie lioyd. H Miss Sadie Eastman. 15 Miss Delia Follmer. 10 Miss Dijah Grant. 17 Miss Ida Kanaga. IS Miss Edith Kanaga. Id Miss Sara Kelley, principal. 20 Mrs. Kale F. Maury. 21 Miss Cornelia Moore, principal. 22 Miss Mamie McKcc. 23 Miss Fannie North. 21 Miss May Payne. 25 Fred Robinson. 20 Miss Ella Ilea. 27 Miss Myrtle Simpson. 2S Miss Luna VanEman. 20 Miss Ethel Woodward, principal. 3d Miss Helen Willard. 31 Miss Luresa McElroy. CHAHT TKAOUKHS. 32 M.iss Anna Carll. 33 Miss Orrel Coffman, principal. 34 Miss Louise Eriekson. 3;-, Mrs. L. M. Fall. 30 Miss Helen Kotelson. 37 Miss Nellie Malcolm. We recommend that W. 1). Puterbaugh be promoted to the plnee made vacant in the Grammar school by the retirement of Miss Woodson. Wc recommend that the principals of the several schools remain unchanged, and that the salaries of all teachers remain unchanged. S IMS E LY, Chairman, T. F. L EIIIKHI, G. H. MiNKit. Committee. On motion the report was received and placed on file. S. K. llawley moved that the report be read and each applicant passed on; the motion carried. S. Ely moved that the committee be allowed to withdraw their report for the purpose of umending it; carried. The report was amended by inserting the name of Emma 0. Hart instead of that of Mrs. h. M. Fall in the chart grade, and inserting the name of Mrs. L. M. Fall instead of that of Miss L. McElroy in primary grade. The report was again received and placed on file. The report was then taken under consideration and a motion was made to strike Miss Hart's name from the list. Lost. A motion was made to strike the names of Miss llallowell and Miss I'nyne from the list. A motion was mode us a substitute to refer the report back to the committee and postpone further action on the matter until the next regular meeting. Lost. | A vote was then taken on nthe original motion. Lost) A motion was then made to adopt the report of the committee as amended, and employ the teachers named therein. Carried. The committee on buildings and grounds then reported ns follows, viz.: Wc recommend the employment of three men until July nth, and two men from that date until September 1st; the men to be employed with the understanding that they arc to make full time us mechanics nud to perform such labor ns may be required by the board, for which they are to receive wages at the rate of forty-five dollars per month. Respectfullv submitted. S. K. H AWI.EY, F, H. CliniSMA.N, C. A. U YKKII, Committee. On motion the report was received, adopted and placed on file. • A motion was then made to empl J. 11. Fortner. W.*E. Hnwley, and It Clearwater. A motion was made to substitute t! name of A. >S, lloyd for that of Clearwater. Carried. The original motion as amended was then put and carried. The boiird^hi'ii adjourned. MM F. U. I'limsMAN, Clerl-f^ uuintoo iiiu.u s.iiMM siqt A\ IA> H PARALYSIS. U'FJHE USINO. No More Drugging lhe Art of Surgery is a blessing io the world. But the practice of medicine is a curse to the community. If every drug store was closed no one would be sick except through accidents. Take medicine and die Wear our Magneto - Conservative Garments and live. I'liHt'lSVT MCAI.TII AX I) STllliXOrit. AFTER USING. PROF. WILSON'S "ACTINA" CATAKB11 CURE. '•ACTIXA" EYE R liSTOUEH. "MA^ NET0-C0NSERVA.TIVE GARMENTS. Our MuKneto-Conservrttivc Helta nnd Ai>pllnncep will POSITIVELY CUKE nil forms of (llnoaaOB In buth suxofl without the use of drti^s. Hundreds of Oiouatmda testify to ttitt effect. You can not unnr onr belt or apnlunc** wliliotu bcln« benefited. It yon follow our advice Tou will he frcn from (license. UKWA iiH <>r thu no-called electric or magnetic belli, for they only lead to disappointment. Wo aro the aole proprietors and manufacturer* of Prof. WUOOD'B world renowned Magneto-lileclilclty Conserving Bella aud Appliances, which, wheu u«ed aa directed, always effect a cure. tS5r"Lung, Kidney, Liver and nil forms of Disease curod. tfjpJAA to any Physician or Electric Belt * maker to Bhow euch uinrvctoUB cures by medicine or electricity as can be thown, by the uee of Professor Wilson's Magneto Conservative Garment?. <C~nA to any Oculist who can show such WOW curon by their treatment as are be- Inn effected by the "Actina," removing Cataracts, granulated lidt* or any abnormal condition of the eye. Under ttai Oculist*' treatment 90 per cent are rnlmtd for life. With '•Actina'' perfect safety Is assured. Private Parlors tor Ladie*. Office, Hours— .V a. ?H. to 10 p. m. tiamlaus—lt «, m, to 4 p. uu Addrcm all private matter to VROff. WILSON. jar UHDL.F0R.TREATISE DM 7 ;Ejl H FREE.. : A VALUAlHiE 1.SOOK KHEE On application. Contains treatise on the human system, itH disease and euro, and thousands of references and testimonials., I \m York and London Electric Ass'n, Manufacturers. DR. F. B. ROBINSON, Manager. BRUNSWICK HOTEL, HUTCHINSON. I 'lvi- I'fint Uiitlnr M'Btnr. S AMX , In., May l!i.--This town is U VB feet undur wuti-r. 'I'liV duuiuvavto proptirty unci stiH -lc is mimi 'iiMs.' i,.AlJ InlKlnesHIs ut n Kliuiil hlill. HUH Auotlie; NvtTri* l..i>i<'h«ij. S MANtiitKBiKii, Tom,., May ill.---At 3:30 tbiB morning, thirty mi>n unli-i'od town, ffolng- to IhojulltieinutiCedCJiur: loy Everett the TuUitUo)!) 1 ' uofffo, The sheriff lincl spiritedhjin'-'wu/ toa i,. m , in the Hiihurlis. At t*r tHrty ft-ttmtjv search Jio waa fonn^; cariled li u mil-1 road bridgo just nhoTi'. town, iu -,.1 hanged. The ropo broke,V>*1 his ii .«iy WHS riddled with bfUlutt.. :.4llor the hanging nt tho bridge, A». »JMUi (,f TullHuomu, unuounueii h(n:f,Mits tl>« lender and his wiUiiigltMrttottftiMiuiu tho responsibility for w^AMU'-The room of a young ludy iklmtmm Wr. ______ • ""*~'"ifrtiiiiBitil^|fCTIoilWliii»i |l "»iirii'ii'ii <i«|ii ~ ~ lllidkcll Cuuiity AflltlrH. SANTA KK , Kun., May li).—[Special. J—The wheat crop is the finest and most prosperous condition in the history of the county. 11. Omer of Springlleld, assisted by S. It. Hutchinson, has began repairing the center well in this city and is making good headway. .1. h. Konnard returned last week from a three month's trip in the east, and reports southwest Kansas as the country for farmers. While the eastern states aru Hooded with water and continued rains, we are plowing and planting with ease and pleasure. 1 Rev. S. A. Stuart of Pennsylvania, arrived on the Hth and has taken charge of the First Presbyterian church. He is a young student with marked ability and drew a large congregation at both morning and even- DREADFUL SKIN DISEASE Amicts a Well-Known Merchant. Itching and Burning Terrible. Doctors and All Remedies Fall. Trie* Cutlcura. Believed by the First Application and Entirely Cured in Five M r eek«. About eighteen months ogo a smalt ipeck appeared on my aukle; it rewnnbled a lUb ucalc; it Wcnmc larger, KO A I conBUlled n pliyiiciau who f iroQOimcedlt pflortula or mooted dlaeate, bicaimc t resembled money, 1 applied on ointment, but il •pread until at lait it covered almoat my cutlti- body. My suffering WAR Hometbing terrible, burning and Itching sensation continually untilUbt *inniL- utniost unendurable, I suffered tortures especially at night, and for two months I was compelled to Bleep with gloves ou. I became desperate. I would have given anything to be relieved of the itrhiug BenNiUon, I tried a number of remedies without POWDER Absolutely Pure. A cream of tartar baking powder highest of all in leavening strength.— Latest U. ti. Government Food Report THE AILMENTS OF IT CURES IN MAN: RHEUMATISM SCIATICA BITES CUTS LUMBAGO NEURALGIA STINGS BRUISES MAN ™ BEAST HAS STOOD THE TEST OF for IT CURES IN BEAST: FOOT ROT SCREW WORM SCRATCHES SPAVIN HOLLOW HORN SHOULDER ROT WIND GALLS SWINNEY | Mustang Liniment penetrates the muscles, mem- ; branes and tissues, thereby reaching the seat of disease, | which is a property not found in any other liniment The | Housewife, Farmer, Stock Raiser or Mechanic cannot ; afford to be without it. It should be kept in every ; household for emergencies.* It will save many doctors' j bills. • For sale everywhere at 25c, 50c. and $1.00 a bottled* HIGH GRADE FURNITURE AT LOW GRADE PRICE^ any relief. I was reqnMtcd lo try CUTICUIU ; thl» I did, nud to my great aurprlse, I «» relieved utter the first application. I ««ed the CCTlcno., ing herviees lust tiiibbuth. A heavy rain and wind storm raged here from 1 oVloek till 5 p. m. on the lUtU. A great deal of small hail fell doing some damage to wheat aud gar- ijtans. About two inches of water tell. Sonlfi damage to buildings reported. Thbvi? rot on the Santa K>i hotel was about htL" M ow l» oil, Hooding all the upper j^iups of 'the hotel and dania- •gfilg tho ph^terUig. Several uwnlugs p." . «- 'piio blueksmitli shop at CUTICUIU 8<ur and CUTICUKA RKBOLVKKT accord- lug to directions for about four or five week" when 1 was entirely cured. But what a relief it »>• lo mo alter the tuffcrtog I weut through. I cniinol •peak with too much favor for the '* CUTICCHA KRMKDIBS," aud I would recommend H to all tlione who are aufferlng from Uie same dlBcosothotl have •ufforcd. JOHN T. MELODY, of MKLOUT DIIOTIIIHS, Wyandotte, Mich. hlpwrt down. IviVnlioe wn» deft Stnokof all kin' farimjrd never season of tho year. The A1HWIO0 part past. Hon. Miitoa ktato semilog is 1 W* a good shO' Mini will he allish lire doing well mid jubilant at this (i thing of the , candidate for [>w«, Mr. Urown s the southwest, to southwestern Cuticura Resolvent Tho new Blood and Bkln Purifier and greati*i>i of Humor Itemt'dlea, tiit«riml)y (to cleniiBe tbu blood of nil Irapurlilt'j*, uud thus reinuvu tho cuiue), nud OuTict'iu, the yreat 8V\n Cure, and CUTICUKA tfiup, nn exqulsUo wklii Ucautltltir, oxteroiilly (to cluur the ikln and itciilp nnd rcatoro the 1mlr), cine vvery Bpe -cieH ot ngon.iirigp Uchhtgi bum\Dg. w-uly, and pimply dincosuit ot tho akin, ecalp.atid blood. Sold ovnrywlioro. Price, CUTIC\TI\A, 60O.; PO.KP, •ifn.*.; HH«UI.VK»T, $1, L'rupurtid by lhe UUUtl AND ClIBMlCALCOKPOIlATlON.BoBlOll. «j|-tJund for " How lo Curu Hkiu UUuauiV pttliua, &0 Uluritrutloiia, nnd 1U0 toBUuionUIa. QlMPI'^H, hlttckheada, rod, rouyh, chopped, aud rllll oily akin cured by CUTICUIU SOAP. 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