Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 13, 1949 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1949
Page 14
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13, 1949 ear Adventure Collm LORING Copyright, 1948, by tmilie Loring •• D/sliibuled by King f tolurtt Syndicale Frances Phillips, heir to her Aunt Becky's estate, resents the fact that her brother, Ken, on oversea* urmy duty, has placed his buddy, Myles Jaffray, in charge of her affairs. She meets Mylts for the first time at » f»y dinner party in a small Maine town where she Is working for the summer. She is endeavoring to forget chat-mint, well-born though weak Blake Sinclair, an old beau, but Blake persistent, turns up at the Maine resort to atain woo her. Ciene, Frances' old Try and Stop Me — By BENNETT CERf TJICHARD WIDMARK, who plays all those snarling, sinister, •«-*- sadistic villain roles so effectively in Hollywood, was asked by Earl Wilson, "Hasn't your home life been affected by the horrible deeds you perform each day in the studio?" "It certainly has," admitted Widmark. "Every evening I come barging arrogantly into the house, where my wife promptly beats me." * * * The Friars Club in Hollywood staged an evening: in honor of comedian. George Burns, and as Is their hallowed custom, made him the target for an endless series of jibes and good-natured roasts. Eddie Cantor declared, "There is a rumor that before Burns discovered Gracie Allen, he starved with nine different- partners. This is .a bald-faced He. The fact is, he ate the partners." * * » * ' , Two old friends met at Seventh Avenue and Thirty-Eighth Street. "Did you hear about Sam?" asked one. "He's' taken a turn for the worse." "What happened?" demanded <he other. The first answered, ''He died." Copyright, 19«, by Bennett Cerf. Distributed by KIBc Features Syndicate school chum, has fallen In love with him and Is unhappy. Fran avoids her guardian, Myles, until he tells her that he has a, secret -message from her brother, Ken. They find a rock Jutting far out into he ocean, a quiet place well removed 'rora possibly listening cart. Here, Myles :ells Fran her brother has disappeared on dangerous mission leaving her the message that she is to carry on and believe that he will come through safely. CHAPTER SEVEN "I WAS CRAZY to let you come without a wrap," Jaffray told Fran. "You'll freeze. "I'll sprint to the house and get one." "I don't need it. We won't be here but a few minutes. The salty breeze is like warm velvet." Now what, she wondered, what message had Ken sent that should be delivered in private? The tide lapped against the rocks and swished in recession. A boat with a mother-of-pearl sail drifted by slowly not far from shore. A salty breeze picked up the skipper's voice. Nita, Juanita, Ask thy soul if we should part. "What a voice and what a song, perfect for this night," Myles Jaffray approved. "Not such a cockeyed world when one sees it like this," Fran declared. "Right. Smoke? No?" He returned a silver case to the pocket of his white dinner jacket and clasped his hands about one knee. Fine hands, one with a dark seal ring; she liked them if she didn't like him. Why didn't he talk? She regarded him from the corners of her was cut with ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN AH, JUNIOP.-THE EARL OF SHANKHAM- BLESS YOU/---JOVE, I WAS JUST THINKING OF YOU WHILE I WAS PUSHING THIS INFERNAL VACUUA\ CLEAN ER./-AWVI- AH HI, JUDGE/g^-I JUST GOT BACK FR.CVA VOKIN' UP AT A LUMBER. CAMP PER TWO MUNT5/ • • -1 BRUNG ALONG A FELLA XWIT'ME FRO/A DA LUMBER. CAMf? I WANTCHA TUH MEET— • ••HE'S OUT IN DA YARD AN'HE'S SENSATIONAL/ DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Strong vaults 6. Sacred bull (Egypt.) 10. Barter 11. Heal 12. Glib and rapid talk 13. Fencing svv'ord 14. Type measure 15. Fresh-water porpoise 17. Writing fluid 18. Single metallic sound of a bell 20. White poplars 22. Wild ox 23. Support 24. Young sheep 26. Male duck 30. A sap used in varnish 32. Minced oath 33. Picture- taking box 36. Crowd 37. Sleeveless garment (Arab.) 38. White ant * (Phil.) 40. Pen-name of G. W. Russell 41. Male of cattle 43. Outer garments' 45. On the ocean «. 46. Tuft on a bird's wing 47. For fear that 48. Dens DOWN 1. Vigor 2. Skill 3. Easily tired 4. Paradise 5. Successive 6. One-spot card 7. Student 8. Goddess of peace 9. Searches for 12. Part of a • flower 16. In bed 19. Name (Fr.) 21. Flagrant 25. Girl's name 27. Turkish title 28. Native Hawaiians 29. Borders 31. A French dance 33. Intrigue 34. Misuse 35. Men or boys .Ve«terd»y'« Anrwcr, 39. Dovekie (var.) 42. Monetary unit (Latvia) '44. High (Mus.) eyes. His profile cameo clearness against a sky turning from blue to violet. Perfect nose. Determined mouth and chin. Was he waiting for her to throw the opening conservational ball. "Here 1 go," she told herself, and plunged: "What's is Ken's message? If it is about his appointment of you as trustee under Aunt Becky's will, the subject is closed, definitely." /'You're the doctor, but before we close it definitely, I want it understood that your reaction doesn't make the slightest difference to me. I have undertaken a job and I intend to put it through. As I told you earlier, you are quite outside my life except as a confounded responsibility." "If you hate it why did you take the trusteeship?" "To help your brother and incidentally this country." He rose, looked toward the house, and at fore, we both decided. 'Fran can take it, she's a good soldier,' Ken said." She choked back a sob of terror. "Is — is he in danger?" "Yes." "Did he have to be the one to go?" "He and the higher-up so decided." "He is all the family I have in the world, I adore him. Why, why did you let him do it?" "You overrate my influence with your brother. I volunteered to go in his place — my married sister is the only near relative I have, she doesn't need me, he had you. No dice. Ken had a source of information that would dry up if anyone but he tried to tap it. He declared that L could help more by taking the trusteeship, then he would be sure ' that no matter what happened to him you and your affairs would be taken care of." "How can I live with this terrible anxiety? He may be tor — " "Skip it. Keep your imagination on leash. When you begin to think of Ken's danger tune in on another station and quick. Each time you allow fear to get you it will be more difficult tp keep the next crack under control. You lived through the war when Ken was in the thick of the fighting, didn't you? This is a different war which may prove quite as devastating. He told me you were valiant then and added: "'Tell Fran that the certainty that she is carrying on, chin up, will help me, tell her to believe that I will come through safely, to the rocks sloping Something about to the shore. his narrowed eyes sent a chill along Fran's veins. He had said he had something to tell her privately, did he suspect someone might be listening? Apparently satisfied that no one was near he sat beside her. "Ken is fighting an unseen enemy now, an enemy determined to smash our plan for a united, independent Europe which is necessary for the survival of the civilized world." "There is something terrifying in the thought of an unseen enemy; it must be so much easier to fight face to face, if fighting is 'ever easy." "That's right. We are fighting over there to make the prirpose of the United States understood and appreciated, to prove that we are not in Europe for selfish gains, but to help people work together, to create conditions within which every individual may thrive without dragging down another. In short, opportunity for all. Having explained why I took en a job most distasteful to me, I'll close with the information that I am entitled to a vacation before I slip into harness. I shall spend it with my sister here. Don't let it worry you. You won't see me, Is that clear?" "Crystal clear, especially about Ken's objective. Now that you have crunched the bad little girl to powder, let's proceed to the reason for this private interview, or have you already told all?" "I have not. That preamble was to lay a foundation for the rest." He lighted a cigarette, tossed it impatiently into a tide pool and faced her. "Your brother has disappeared." "Ken! Gone! How long have you believe it hard.' " "Oklahoma coming up!" The voice came from the terrace. "Calling all players! Calling all play — " A door slammed on the last word. ' "Come, Fran. We must go in." "How can I with this horrible thing on my mind?" "You haven't 'a horrible thing' on your mind, remember. You don't know what Ken is doing. No one here will know if the higher- ups succeed in keeping his disappearance hush-hush in this country, as they hope to do, a rumor will be started that he has been sent on a secret mission to a far country. No one must suspect what I have told you. Keep your mind shut tight against fear and your lips against confidences. Even in this sm^ll place there may be prickedears. We have handed you a tough assignment, I know." I will do my best. Will you tell me if you hear anything, good or bad news?" "I promise. Look up. How are your eyes? We don't want the people inside to suspect that I have been beating you. Okay. Not quite normal, but they'll pass." He caught her arm and steadied her as her heel turned on a jagged rock. She clutched his sleeve with her right hand and brushed toe left across her eyes. "Wait — a minute. I — I want to say that I'm sorry I was so hateful about the change of trustee. I didn't know—" "That subject is definitely closed, remember. There you go again," he flared as she stumbled. "Why do you girls wear such fool heels?" "I — couldn't see where — " "Because of tears in your eyes? We'll fix that, pronto." He swept her up into his arms and carried her to the lawn, looked down at her. The sailboat had come about and was nearer shore. Nita, Juanita, Be my own fair bride. (To Be Continued) known this? me before?" Why didn't you tell "Sit down, please, or you'll lose your balance and hurtle down this cliff. That's better.' You knqw, don't you, that there has been much un-American activity in the zone where Ken is stationed?" She nodded and clasped her hands together tightly in her lap. "That activity has been driven underground. Ken had information as to the iderttity of the leader and decided to follow it up. The only way to avert suspicion from his purpose was to hint that he was being held somewhere as a prisoner. He asked me to tell you the truth the day before he was scheduled to disappear. No use for you to have it on your mind be- REDRESS YOUR HOME WITH ATTRACTIVE SLIP COVERS The thrifty home-maker can make covers that will prolong the life of comfortable :hairs and davenports. Trimly iitted and in delightful colors they will add much to the attractiveness of your home. The government publication, SLIP COVERS FOR FURNITURE, contains easy to follow instructions for making slip covers, and suggestions on selection of materials. Redress your home at little expense. Order this booklet today; 10 cents postpaid. —Use This Coupon— The Mason City Globe-Gazette Information Bureau, 316 Eye St., N. E., Washington 2, D. C. I enclose 10 cents in coin (carefully wrapped in paper) for a copy of the booklet SLIP COVERS FOR FURNITURE. Name Street or Rural Route City State (Mail to Washington, D. C.) AfoAH Vou'uu A Cryptogram Qootation G E P AMMNGM SL.WFC L. W F C R,W T FRCUIJVLBMF M M LCK, WRBSD — GIWBAMGGIZ. /'R A fj W U G RWDI •S>»t«rd»y'» Cryptoquote: AS YET A CHILD, NOR YET A 'fOOL TO FAME, I LISPED IN NUMBERS, FOR THE NUMBERS CAME—POPE. 1 .... DUtrlbuUd by Klnf rMtww •rn<Ue»t« A [JO-13 - DOES THE" BUH V// COOK SETS IT AL-L. UPT MRS H.M OURS A10AH-IF WOULD YbU <SFT— Fioyo WATE-f? ?• NOTIONS MICTH- *4 tf KKNT F«llu Most of the mica produced in the United States comes from the western part of North Carolina. On Page 2 "Etta Kett," the comic missing from this page, will be found on page 2. HERS woocn-B/SHAME ON OAGWOOD BUMSTEAD, iWE HAP A LOVEUV TIME, TOOTSIE--- THAMKS so MUCH FOR INVITING US OVER VOU, GOING TO BED BEFORE V//-M i<-» /~r-\* t rvvLINV i cr/vwcrc' PUT VOUI? CLOTHES ON WHAT BECAME OF THE BOYS? YOLW COMPANY LEAVES.' WHERE IS CWGWOOO? THIS MINUTE AMD SO I TOOK OFF THE BELT ANP APDED A FLOUNCE COME HOME) SHIRRING WOULD LOCK CUTE ON IT IN THE GUEST ROOM IT CAM SHOCK... IT CAM NOT1IE... IT CAN Kill.' IT ) DREW XOUE SHIP INTO ITS : ' FOLD ASiTDtDTHE"MM.WW'/ VOU NO DOUBT HAD A SMALL 5AMW-E OF THAT POWER BE THERE ARE BUT TWO CHOKES HERE. OKE MAY SURRENDER TO IT,.. OR UME OUTSIDE \T! BUT MO OKIE CAN ESCAPE IT.' THECE. \S SOME STPAHGE j FOGGE \NITMIN THAT MOUNTAIN, ' CAPTAIN CRUDD, THAT IS MOST POWERFUL... KNOWN AS THE FROM THE MOUNTAIN THATS COME OUT FROM UNDERTHE TABLE, MARTY! •• IT I&N'T ' EXPLOSIVE!--BUD is ALWAYS SENDING ME. SOME GAG 61 FT FROM FAR. AWAY PLACES! APPARENTLY I WAS WR-R-RDM6!- ABOUT OUR MYSTERIOUS RABBIT BEIN'AMONl- WASN'T!? BUNNY? f ANDTH15 ONE'S i EXCEPTION! MAY I SEE THAT E, BRIDGET? ITS A NEW 11 BOOK ON ETIQUETTE! MOT AT ALL/- IN FACT, I WAS JUST REAPING SOMETHING THAT MIGHT INTEREST rr TELLS HOW \: LGAR IT IS TO READ OVER .MOTHER SHOULDER! DO MIND IF I LOOK ON? WHAT ARE NOU READING. WU66S? SHE'S TAKING A LONG TIME TO COOL OFF. LISTEN* IT'S TF THAT'S ALL SHE WANTS SHElL HAVE BETW CALLING USM TO GIVE US f NOW THE FIRST THING I MUST DO \ IS CALL THE BOYS AND MAKE < MY APOLOGIES ^TO THEM TO WAIT A BIT TKCOLDlNGy IBETMOU THE WESCOTT WILL SPECIFIED IF >OU ANARRIED, YOU'D BE PRACTICALLY NOTHING/ ISN' 'THAT THE REASON YOU MABBIAGE TO STEFAN A SECRET, MRS. WESCOTT? A MINOR TECHNICALITY, MRS. WESCOTT/ STEFAN MERELY FORGOT TO GET A DIVORCE FROM HIS OTHER WIFE... BEFORE HE MACRIED YOU/ HATE ID AWAY LEAVE GET EVEW WITH VOU, OAKY - WALDO WACKEY, THE SPACER'S SON WILL ELOPE WITH ME/ THEM I BET' NOU'LL BE SORRY/ BEST WISHES, DEUC1A/GIDDAP, NELLIE/ LETS FlCHT A DRAfiOW/ SAFER THAkl MIXED UP WfTH A DAME/ V<2f/e JOB J5 FINISHES PHILIPS: OF FRAUD FOR YOUR INSURANCE COMFWJVJ THE PREF6CT HELPEP US, NOW I MUST HELP HIM UNTANGLE THE MESS X MAC* .' ALSO THE RAJAH EXPECTS ME TO CLEAR BTZANPUIt IM THE KILLING OF VOUR A«l5T/aWT GKWE5, ReMBV\8E(?? I'LL PtLOT THE POLICE PLANE TO OVERTAKE^ SIM5/ OOF! WISH SUPER'N RICH WAS HERE' !MO ONLY KOLSOMBftEAO

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