Covina Argus from Covina, California on November 7, 1908 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1908
Page 8
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#########*#####••*## jjSocial (Hews; RKALf V FIRM AIJVH. Doujrlas and Hlltcr Open Branch Office in Los Angles - Heavy Property List. Ill The Misses Lnmmis, Abbott fltid Hall <if the "barngfllow" entertained with a Hallowe'en party on Saturday evening, their guests being several of their fellow teachers and K< ; me other friends. Mrs. ('. .1. r.randt nnd dnngliterH CMitnrtairierl at an r,ld fashioned dinner ori TnoHtlay in honor of Mrs. Otto Mn.yder, who leaves next week for her home in Coaeliella. The guests included Mrnes. M. I). (>. .Anderson, VV, JI. Overholl./er, John Hod' and children, Chfis. l''esler, MrH. Otto Hnydor and baby Dorifild, Miss Mnrv Anderson and lit.t.le Inez NorcroaH. At 7 :'.W a.m. last, Hiniday morr ing at the residence of the Kcv. Me'ice of. A/IIHII, Dan Wilberri Mitchell and MisH Ruth M. Hrnilh of Covina were united in matrimony. The bride is one of thn charming sisters who have presided at, tins HtriUh restaurant. The groom is an energetic business man who has been working for Mr. Kistlei here. After a honeymoon trip to ML Lowe and LOH Angeles, the young couple- leave today for Monrovia, where Mr. Mitchell will go A large number of Oovirifi'n young people at tended the Ifallovie'en danne given hy the II PeimnroHo Club at the (ilcmlnni opera hall hiHt . Saturday evening. Tho hail had been made heautifjl with exteriHivo deeoratioiiH snitnhln lor the day, nnd oxcellent, HIUNJO WHS dinperifted hy a four plow orchestra. A litrgo gathering purlin! - pated in the evening's enjoyment. The c.lnl) will give n Thanksgiving flanrie. Mrs. Kan nil! KobertH, more <!nrn- rnonly known as firaiidma Jiobertn, WMH very pleaHantly surprised hy frierulH and relatives nn Friday of this week, it, being horHOIh birthday. Tho.He present were, C. II, Roberts, lienedirt, Noh., Mr. nnd Mrs. C. C. Harding, Monl.o Vistii, Cal., Mr. mid Mrs. ,1. (.!. Leant mH, LOH Angeles, Mr. and Mrs. 10. M. Lyriian, Mr. nnd Mrs. Cormvell, MI-H. ('. .Iman, Long IJeiioh. Mrs, H. .1. Har iintn and MisH Kdna IJarnnni, (lnr- dena. A very enjoyable time \va.s spent by all. A delightful ilallowe'en party was Riven hisr, Huturday oven I n^ at tho benutil'nl home ot MIH. J. J. Cook by the MIHHCS -Vyvyonno Faulder and Marjories Capron. Tho IIOIIHO was arllH- tically llowerN and jack o'lanteniH nnd other apnni- priate inutlf.H wciro in cvidunee, A cotiiinillee of awi)-iiiHpirin/! w iDisnlvud the MueHt.H at. the door nil wi'l 1 -i; ini\vii foilnne telling \vnri« onjoycil. A witc.h's cave \vilh caldron, i!|iidiii'H and other linrri lili'H \viis vinilcd by cuch in turn nnd n fearful \\itoh tnhl forhineH. Unfresli- nicnts we.rc. served nt, Hinnll ti>blen unit at a late hour I lie parly broke up re' utter it miiHt, en.jtiyiihlr (tvenin^. The ^ue.Hl.s wero the MJNHI-H I'otter, Arthur, ClilTurd, Urundwell, SJHHon, (Irodk, Phllleo, AlwoinJ, Jjciihriek, l^lliott, Way, and MudK» of Sun Dinian, Men.srH. Sinnon, (i. At- wodd, M. (hi.sLiii 1 , Kabrick, 1'aul Lee brick, Ilubeit. Nell. Fill I loo. Cyril i'lall, Hnnald Taylor, Klchnrd J lushes, \\'alter AHelionbicnner, (ilcnn and lloyt Lrisure, Lloyd Tay- Jor, The Ainphiun Clnb ti|)i>ntid thn sen- son last Friday eveninn \\ith v\hai \VI\H one of the ulcnmuitcvrit. and iiniftt iirtiHlid ini-etliiKH since J|H ineipieiicy. The chiu'initiv! Imtiii 1 •>( Mr. and Mis. A. I 1 . Kercliholf uaH nblii/n \\itii soil lit^lil. and perfumed with many l"t)^ stemmed rumm, ^>rown on the plaec. Mrn. I!. M. (liven also aettid an joint 'Hrt and abHiHlin^ were three ls from Santa iJarlnua, ino Kurokholl 'H mother, MI'H. KoHa 1'drter. The program opened with a ))iiilM> duet, by Minns. Ilannio van V'liut anil John ItiunjoH, "l'!f>inunt Overture" by liect hoven. Fur encoro they navt) llrahm's "I liin^ariaii Uanee. " Mr. llouanl (Marku oi (ileudora bus a purl .icnlarly pleasing basH \dice and delJMhled his hi'iuers with "The liandalerii" by Sli>v\ari, "Thy Deamin^ Kyr.s" by Mael IO'.MI! I, anil even then his hearers culled him back a third time. Miss A hint Sticlcel of LIIH AliKeh-s, \\iin is a violinist of meiil, Ka\e a chin m itiL! rendition of "Mnir 1 Actn, " Miii-sanei . and ". \neient I'lince" by (ialn'iel Marie. Tim pianofm-ic pb'.siny ot Mr. l)emiliK "t PiisHilena \\as lull «t luilliaiil 1 1 i'lin i.|iie and feeling, lie hides "The Wind," by Alkan. and Mud >uivall 'n ' '.Shadow I lance, " alter HiljipiT bf ^eueiniislv playvd a med ley of telertjuiio fur lliu I'litellaill liiblil nt' this (•\ilii|i!iny. lu'tre.shmeiil-i weru eervud late in ihe rvi-nini;. Rtiticipntion of the ir •SH which comes from th iiii-iil, of nil doubt in political matters many of the realty concerns in '.he Han fJabrif! valley are preparing for Ihe bundling of a large amount of listed property. The CJovlna firms are every one active. The new firm : of H. Houghis, !iod son, Howard T, ; Douglas, of which Mr, Clark was f'or- ! rnerly a member, known UK Ihe Co- I virifi Realty Company, hns opened a brunch office in Los AngeleH. Another member of thn firm has been added. T, M. Miller, who recently purchased t.he Henry Krey ranch of ten acres in Covina, has joined the firm, and will maintain an office at. .V25 Hont.h Hpring street. This firm has a reputation for integrity and fairness in business matters, and the property owners of this valley will not make a mistake in Hating property with them. Tho office in Los Angeles will enable this firm to make r|iiick sales, and an extensive line of advertising is to be carried in the papers of tho city and in the Han fJnhrk'l valley. Prosperity Week. Commencing Monday, November 10th. Southern California will celebrate a "Prosperity.Week. " It has been planned by tho LOH Arigoles County Chamber of Commerce for months, and is doubly appropriate now that real prosperity in in fiiidit for the whdle country. In common with the other towns of this valley, Covina will do Us pait. The merchants of (Jovinn flre preparing for Ihe week, and an OHpeclal line of KOodN will bo dinphiyed, and espe('ial attention paid to tho trade of the Covina valley. It will be a week when the merchants will prove to the public! that home trade is the moHl, logical, most inte llJKent, most, profitable miinner of trading. Next, week the Ar^us vvill announce tho program fully, loiiothor with the big dinplay ad- verl iHements of tho local merchantH. Watch for next week's ArgiiH and for tho opportunities to trade, Banner Apple Crop, Jo 'cph Heath, buyer for tho Edmun.. I'acking Company of Los Angeles, is back from an extended trip through Orfigon nnd Washingtoji, where ho has been purchasing fruit for his company. Mr. Heath reports <an enorinouH crop of apples in the Vakama valley, and nays that, the fruit in of an nxcupl ioii'dly linn grade. Nearly all the apples packed by I ho Los Angeles firm are corning from these northern stains, he says. The fruit, will probably remain in .storage for several months, as the prospects lor better prices later in I ho season i'l guod. IRWINDALE. Mis. JiunoH Heath entertained thin week an old Hchool-l'ellow, Mra. Wade, of KanmiH Oily. MIIICH. Cjiiinby and FergiiHon of LOH AnuclcH, warn giicntfl hint, Thni'H- day of Mrs. I). Roiehard. Arroyo Drive, which Iia.s long been the de.spair of l.ravcHorH, ha> been graded and put into tine nhiipc. Mr. and Mrn. liert llfiiry of IJOH AngclcHand Miss Love Seymour of I'omuim C 'ullttgo, \vi\n\ gm>Hts at the home of Air. and Mrs. Ji. Miller this V\ IMlU. MIH. I 1 '. .1, Wilnon and children of Montana, s'lHtcr of Mrs. Ji. Miller, him located here. II. (!. (iordon ban left on a bnsi- nesa and hunting trip to Modesto. STOCKIIOLDKKS' ANN 1'AI, To the stockholders df C'ovina I'Yuit Kxi'liuiigr: I'lcasi' lake notice* that tin: annual meeting of the stockholders »1 (he i'tivin,k [''mil Kxc.hungc will lulu Id :il tin- ulluv ul the company in I he i it y nl i 'uvula, LI is A uncles cuiiiit v, I ,i 1 1 tin ni.i , mi MiMul.iy the lolh ilav ot N. ivciiilici , I'M is, ,H - i>'cli>ck p HI., for the pin '|>' "»e . .; I'li-ciin^ (iiivctors ami lor the Iran*., o. I imi o| -,uch olhei" luisi- ni's-^ a-, may (in-peily couu- tn-to:;' the meeting. 1). !%v man Hull, SiK'retarv. \S'e have a iMit-lomcr for hand <in'hard dici: haiio\\. & Uiik-r. Stockholders' Annual Meeting. T.I tlii- .Moi-UholiliT^, ut' the Covina i.HM^e.v M.u'hiiii 1 Slinp A s-,. u'ia t i.ui: 1'lia^e I.ike nutii'i the iH-vliiii; "t the ^lui-kholiU-r-, .,| llie 'lA'i'i.i ii.u.i^e ,v M.ii'liiue Sliup AH.MI- •ia tiiHi \s ill lie held at 1 lie ulliiv ».' the \il |iu| .11 loll, ili the I'ltv ot I'oviin. I.os j^i-!e» eoiinl \ , California, on .M.,n, the ''th it.i \ ot N'oveiul>% r, 1'iis, ,ii 'v'l'H'K p. 111., I'll' t||,. plltpo-l. 1 ol •In,;; dn ei'toi -.-, anil tor the tian>- i ni ot »iii li otlie 1 ' liu^ine-,.-, a-> ina\ perls I'oine helore liie tneetint;. li. M. i,l\'t:N, Sc.icUu-\. Get our special prices on these Men's Blue Suits Children's Coats Splendid new styles, priced $2.50 to $5.00. Unmatched values. Underwear Our stock of men's, women's and children's underwear comprises all of th'e good makes in cotton, wool and silk. We invite your inspection. Good Shoes The Brockton lines of men's shoes are well worth a trial. ljuit trying questionable makes. Shoddy shoes and poor leather are often found, but never here. Many satisfied customers testify to the splendid wear of our men's line. 4 Do you know it takes six to eight months to tan leather? Much leather is preserved or embalmed in a process requiring but two or three weeks. These leathers, owing to the chemicals used, are injurious to the feet. Shoes made from it do not hold their shape or wear. Reliable footwear has a value just the same as a gold dollar and it is very rarely you can obtain good shoes for less than $4.00 and up. We do have out-of-date styles at reduced prices. Sample shoes are always in size 7B men's and 4A or B in Women's and are usually slightly damaged. Factory damaged and ro.ismated shoes are also sold at a reduction. Comfort, wear ami style in footwear command their price. If you want to gamble, play poker. It's more fun and you have a run for your money. Don't gamble in buying your shoes. You haven't any chance to win and the misery of ill-fitting shoes destroys the fun of the risk. The BROADWELL Store Hello! is this the advertising 1 man? well, you're the m;ui I want to talk with. This is Crenshaw--- l.oh Crcnshaw, yro-j eery near the S. I*, depot, iiK-utj shop and all that sort of tiling vou know. Now what 1 want you to do is to put me up a jjood readable notice (lot a line trade here—-want more. Yon tell the people that I handle Cuchihy's heel', mutton, pork and cured meats of all kinds. Tell'em that Cudahy sends all his meet out in modern refrigerator cars, killed ri^-ht and cured riyht and kept rif^ht. You can't make native meat compare with this meat of Cudahy's. The peoole know it but I want to remind them of it u£ain. Finest moat shop in the valley. And then our "Toeery dep.M't- ment 1 want Covina to know that we keep tabs on everything that's IH-W in grocery line, and every line ot standard o'oods. (Jut a hiy stock now. I want telephone orders---m\ 'phone's UDIIU- 22, put that in the ad. We'll deliver any where the sturt is ordered And say, don't luryvt our line nt fresh berries, apples anil all j fruits in season. I We put in oysters pretty soon. i That's all. Bob Crenshaw i Near ths S. 1'. Depot 1'hoiie 22. Plumbing Plumbing Materials WATER pipp SEWER rlrL ALL PLUMBING REPAIRS We contract to furnish all the materials and do the work or furnish the materials only. GET OUR PRICES JAMES W.HELLMAN Hardware, Stoves, Etc. 157-161 North Spring St. LOS ANGELES 1-0-0' riOVING EAST t Household Goods For Sale Also fine driving horse and rubber-tired runabout. Three incubators. New piano, concert cable grand. Bedroom furniture, library furniture, business desk, sectional bookcase, revolving chair, etc. New dining table, golden oak. Physician's office essentials, surgical chair. Many other articles. Please call and #et prices. O. P. SHOEflAKER 11-28 Corner Second and Puente St., Covina C-O-V'E'R-T has sold $75,000 worth of paying orange and lemon groves in the past mouth. The man who sells is the man you want to list with. Want to sell your ranch? Want to sell anything? Doing business when others are idle. George Covert Office on Citrus Avenue 11-7 WELL Now that he has been elected, let's all get in and make things hum. Business has been good for us. It is going to be better for all of us. Call and see our large stock of builders' hardware, tools, oils, glass, stoves, heaters and ranges, gas and gasoline stoves, cutlery, gloves and house furnishing goods. Scissors and pocket knives. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAT, IK YOl' WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOM1NING OR PAPER HANGING lUil.H 1 , Sc'i' UK' liL'toTi 1 VuU K'l VtiU!' job. All work guaranteed and Twomey & Diller r The Implement and Vehicle People of Covina Have a complete line of implements and vehicles. The season is now on for Disc and Walking Plows, Peg, Spring end Disc Marrows Seeders end Drills BUGGIES, CARRIAGES, BAIN WAGONS The Best Tools at Lowes! Prices Ci,uIman Block, <>pp. S. P. Depot, Phone 29 COVINA FINE SHOE REPAIRING A 'P ± REASONABLE PRICES Citrus Avenue JUST RECEIVED A new and up-to-date supply of Cards and Folders for yuur photos. Special prices climiii,' September. C. W. Tucker's Studio KODAKS AND sri»iM.n-:s (.\ivina, (.'al. F. E, WOLFARTH , , Jeweler , , Cement blocks for sale cheap. S \V. Ciiige, HKcni for D. E. Stites. tf Furnished rooms for rent. Apply to Airs. Martha flibscli, Cottage Drive. tf THE NEW IRambler Better than e\ r er. Better than any, regardless of price. \Ve can "show you." See local agent or VV. B. COWAN '-"nS. r.roaihvay, Los Angeles .\uvi-.t for Southcrii California A. J. ROOKS All kiiuls of general and heavy Blackauiithiug. We inanufacture Ridger.s, Orange Hacks i::d iius Presses Phone 51. C. H. Kistler Lartfo aiiii ooinpK-te stock of cvory- thing in the line. Kcpuirin^ of all kinds. V'ir.e wa^cii work a aoociiilty. Citrus Avenue i^vina. Cai. Shop WeSl Badillo St, Csvinfl Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone 6 3

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