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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Friday, November 8, 1912
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VOLUME XVI NO. 13. •uccettor to th« tola Dally RcgUttr, th« Iota Dally Record and tha lola Dally Indax lOLA, KAS., NOV. 8,1912-FRIDAY EVENING. Weekly Register. Eetabtlthed 1867. Dally Regleter, Eifablished 1897. EIGHT PAGES 1 Bm MED BALL JOHNSON'S nri.LFT-KIKK HALL CAUGHT HIH ON FIRST FINUEK PITGHEO SIX INNINGS STILL THE ^\(TinENT TKOHAULY LOST THE GREAT GAME TO lOL'A. THE WEATHER. Fine Crowd Turned Out to S«>p Battle nt HnmlHiIdf Retnern Allen Conn- tjN Fiinious Blir Leacnei>:. A 'uUy one fliousand Iiase ball btijrs from all 6vcr this s^cUon, 3<i0 of theiu froni tola, witnessed the pitching ddol between Walter .Jolinsoii and Ad Brennan at Htimholdt yesterday afternoon, .and incidentally saw the lola White Sor. defeated by Humboldt by a 4 to 1 score. The weather was comfortably warm, and while the diamond was heavy the game was a sood one, some • pretty plays_b£in6„uuljed_offo .-Mayor Leltzbach. of Tfuiuboldt, •tossed the first tjal! of the game after a f^' words of welcome to the out-of- town visitors. . ^ Ad Rrennan, who started the gaine for lola, Hiifferod an acoI<lent in the • sec&nd which marred the game. On his first trip to tlie plate one of .lolin son's speedy s !iOi >ts caiiRht him on the first flpger of his pitchins iiand, badly mashin!; It.- .\lilioiii ;h it'bled profusely he slaved saiueiy until tho fith, wiien he" was relleveii by Pullwidor. Of course Walter .loiinfon was the whole show, and t 'u- expectant fans jrot to see some of hi>- niiich talked of speed and breaks. Tho Washington "phenom" s;ni>'k out l."> White Sox, and let them down with two bits, a two^lmgfrer by Kpling and a three-ba.a:- ger by Ptraui^ Strawn's blow scored lola's only run. In the sixth Kpling walked and .-cored when Strawn connected with nt fast one. Brennan. the l^Harpe boy who gained liitnself a regular berth with the Phillies, j'orfomied well in spite of his handicap, until the fifth inning, wihen a cc.uple of errors, one his own wild throw, with three hits, netted the HunilKJldt crew their four runs. He was touched for fi^ur hits, one a three- sacker by Walter .lohnson, in the five .innings he worked. Fullwidcr, who relieved him. was e/fectlve the iretnnln ,der of the contest. Both catchers. Woods for lhi!ul)oldt. and Gray for lola, handled the big league iwirlers commendably. A. prety double i<lay. Uoberts vo Goes, featured the lola (eani>s piny. The Humboldt outfield did not have, a cJiance. .Tohnson was given a great hand on his first trip to Uie plate and to show his appreciation he cracked one way out in the direction of the city's water lower over left field. "Shorty" Mar' Itag. however, elicited rotmds of applause by capturing !=aid drive after a hard run. Three of the famous Olson boys play ed with Hunrt^oldt and rhey took care . of everything that ijic White Sox could hit in their t !irr-!ion. plaving a good game at b;>th the li.nt and on the diamond. It w,",« a cont<-t that will be lopp re- wembered by those who were fcrtuii- ate encugV. to jittemt and it is l>e- lieved that had it nn! heen for ISren- jian's injury, the g.iuie would. l;;iv( gone 10 extra innings FORECAST FOB KANSAS: Fair lo- nipht and S^tlurday; moderate temperature.' Data recorded at the local office of the- Weather^Bureau. Temperature—Highest yesterday at 2:30 p. m., 6r.; lowost this morning at 7:30 a. m., 37; normal for today, 46; deficiency since .lanuary 1st, 2S") degrees. Yesterday. Today. <; p .m .">B 3 a. in 43 3 p. ni -Tl 6 a. ni 40 J2 radt. 46 9 a. m 49 Precipitation for 24 hours ending 7 a. m. today, 0; excess in precii)ltaUon since .January 1st, .'5:86 inches. Relative humWity 7 a. m. today, 9."» per cent; barometer reduced to sea level 30.2r> Inches. Sunrise today, G-JiCt a. ni.; sunset, Ti p. ni. WON HER SEVENTH Miss Vide Fellierngill Hiis Been a Fiiltlifiil Menilwr of llie Deniorratfc Connlj- Ticket. The morning papers carry a dispatch frcm Rhode Island voicing tiie lament of a man who has been run for coroner in a small town every two years for twentj- or thirty on the Dem ocratic ticket, without causing him any trouble or absence from business. Ijist Tuesday he wn.s the nominee of the nemoci«ts as usual and the upset iKJiiflcally carried him to office and he is sore about It. -Mien county has a case in some slight degree similar in the person of Miss Vide Fetherngill. Kor'tlie last six electlotis. the l)em<rcrats have nominated her tor county sui>erintendent only to li>se Fethorftglll nev«r souciit the nomination, seldom bade the least effort at campaigning and ac cepted defeat with admirable philosophy. I-:ist summer when the Democratic conveiition was making up its ticket some discussion arose as to whethehr the party should nominate Miss Vide Fetl\erngin or her sister, the fact being brought out that one of them had tjuit teaching, the convention did not know which, and that^it was incumbent on the delegates to nominate the one who was still a te-^her. .\ffer in- "stigation it was found that Miss V "e was still teaching, and she was t/.orefore placed on the ticket. .And when the votes were all in and counted the other day. nobody was more jistounde*! than wa.s Miss Feth­ erngill to discover that she had been elected county superintendent the seventh time she had been nominateil. S1ILL iH Nuer MI GoemR HODGES ANI» CAPPER BOTH ASSERT THEY ARK ELECTED. MJIR6IN EITHER WHY NARROW INOFFICAL RETl'RSS FROM NINE COUNTIES DIFFER WIDELY. It mil lake the Return of the -Ah. >fnV Vote and Possibly the Of. ficlal Connt to Settle It. / f (V.y tlifl s.soel.ntcJ Press'* Topeka, Nov. 8.—At noon today both Hodges and Capper still claimed the Governorship of Kansas Uy about SOO majority outside the mail vole. The, mail vote will not be known before night .y At Democratic hcadqtiarler.'* it was announced that complete unofHcial returns give Hodges three hundred and seventy-one plurality. Members of the Democratic conimlttee assert that Cth per cent olj the mail vole will be for Hodges. Republican chairman Uolley ai one this afternoon placed Capper's lead at six hundred and si.xly-three. He ass«>rted thcNmail vote would not overcome this lead. Kvidently it will take the olTlcial count to decide the contest. The figures nnofficially reported conflict or are uncertain in nine counties. The State .lournal tabulation jl'ves Hodges 12.321: Capper ll.SO.S; Hodges lead The Kansas City Star tabulation gives Capper the lead by 641. CLOSE IN CALIFORNIA. DEATH OF H, S. SERGEANT. Well Wnonn Old Resident a Victim of Cancer. CONTRELLWINS-IN CRAWFORD Former lola Sorialist I> Elected t 'ouM' f) Atlnruev There. News reac'.'.td lola this morning announcing the election of E. W. Cantrell. until, about a year ago ope of the leadiiig Socialists of .Xllen county and lola, 2S couiiiv attorney of Crawford county. Crawford county was carried by the ~ Socialists- and Cantrell. their candidate for county attorney, went in with his ticket by a safe majority. LIFE'S NEW rrzZLE IMCTrRE- Joke .Vamzine Has People Puzzling Their Wits Agstin. You rememl>er those puzzle pictures which Lafe has been running oft and on for a year? And the one which showed the youthful Puritan enroute home from church who inet the gauzy gowned chorus girl seated on a rock in a snowy field-, the winning title for which, submitted 'by a San Francisco man, ran: •Ah, Brother Piety, which shall .it be; Onward Christian Soldier, or Abide with Me.'" Cash prizes are offered for the best title to the pictures, and the cleverness of the American people makes one feel humble. Just now Life has one of these pictures. It shows a wedding ceremony under way in a church. Tiie bride and groom are kneeling before the minister with solemn faces, but everybody else Is laughing.' The people in the audience are grinning; the attendants are laughing outright and even the clergyman ts covering a broad smile with his bund. Query: What has ^an l>eDcd? iJfe offers a reward, and the answer must fit. covering the '.incon- scIousnesB of the bride and groom and the uilrth of the friends. AddreK« Wanted. • The Register baa received %IM oa subecrlption from Wilbur Pisk. the letter faill&K to give the postofflce ad- dr««k- Anyone kaowtas tJte tune pI«aMaoUfr«lit«ofnc«. H. S. Sergeant, aged K2 years, died at the hospital yesterday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Death was due to cancer, with which malady Mr. Sergeant had had suffered many years. The body-was shipiwd to Harris, Kas., Ujis morning and burial will be made there.- Jlass was held at the Catholic church this morning at 7 o'clock over the body. Mr. Sergeant is survived by two sons, one of Ba.rtlesville. Ok., and the other of the V. S. Army, also by a daughter, Mrs. P. .1. Melvin of Harris. SIX DE.MOCRATS FRtl.H OKLA. Democratic Nominees Win In .Most of the Okliihnmu Districts. f)klnlii)nin City, Nov. 7.—Oklahtmia win have six Democrats and two Republicans as Representatives in the Sixty-third Congress, according to the complete unofficial returns. The contest in the Second District was In doubt until this evening, when returns from all of the counties indicated (hat Dick T. .Morgan, Republican incumbent, had lieen re-elected by a majority of 877 votes over .lohn J. Carney. Democrat. Bird McQuire. Republican, was re-elected in the First District. In the other districts and from the state at large the Democratic nominees won by large majorities. Sounded Like Xemorial. Yates Center Advo<ate. (Dem.*: Charles F. Scott closed the campaign here Monday afternoon with a good talk on National issues. He is a fine talker and his remarks were clothed in elegant language and so carefully selected tht^t no one could tak^ exception to anything that he said although we !did not agree with his views on the subject. We listened to every word and it did sound to us like a memorial address to tfie Grand Old Party. Roosevelt and Wilson Riinnlne Nerk and Nerk Out There. San Francisco, Nov. S.—With one hundred and thirty-five preceinets missing and Roo.sevelt leading Wilson on the face of the returns by 130, California Is still in the doubtful column. Indications are that whatever - the finding the winner's margin will be so small that the official count of the entire state would prolwbly bo necs- sary to determine the result. WILStIN MINS WYO-IIINti. At Least it Looks That Way Bnt the )Ianrin is Narron. Cheyenne. Wyo.J Nov. S.—Indications from aiiproximatdy three-fourths of the precincts in the state indirai«> that Wilson has carried Wyoming by a plurality of a thousand o\er Tafi. DEMOCRATS SWEEP ILLINOIS AN CNPLEASANT RESINDER. BUL6liRlli'S6UIIS THE ALLIES WILL NOT STOP SHORT OF TURKISH CAPITAL. THE PORTE SOES FOR PEAOE TIRED WAITING FOR THE POWERS ro CO-HE TO AN AGREEMENT. The News Is jlosely Censored, Rot Enough Hsi« Leaked Dot to .Make Tiirkej's Exirentit} Certain. fBv tho Assochitfd .rrcsiil • ^ Cologne, ^'crmany. Noif. !s.—It is xe- porte<l in a* Sofia. Bulgaria, dispatch to the CGl »!i;ne Gazette that the porte , has proiiosed to Bulgaria to begin peace negotiations without waiting for the mediation ,of tlie powers. RANOITS MAKE OFF WITH LOOT TRAIN HtlBRERS GOT AWAY WITH Urc HAIL IN ALABAM.l. Held up an Express Train on the and N., and Rifled Mail car of Forty Tbon.snnd Dollars. I- They will be Able to Elect Two Dem- erratic .Senators to Succeed Cullom and Lorlmer. Chicago, Nov. 8.—Sufficient Democratic strength in the Illinois legislature to enable that party to elect two Senators to succeed Cuilom and I-orimer appeared a possibility at noon today with the fJicrea .se of the I >eniocr4itic vote in the Southern counties. MAV CALL SPECIAL SESSION. Illinois Kepublicans Plan to S»\v V, S. Senator from Wreckage. Chic:>go, Nov. 7.—Republican members of the present legislature are dis- ptXsed to forget their factionalism and work together to save a I'nited States scoatsrship from the wreckage in the event thPt Governor Deneen calls a spe.--!al session of the assembly. On joint ballot the members who were elected to the present assembly as Republicans can master lie votes. Ijiwrenee Y. SBerman, who defeated Senator Shelby M. Cullom" for the nora Ination at the primary last .^i>rll, prob ably will be a candidate for the I>ori- mer vacancy if a special session is called, and it is understood the governor »ill call it within a few days. NICK LONGWORTH DEFEATED. The committee through whose invitation .ludge Smart, of Ottawa, spoke in lola last Monday night, disavow any unfriendliness to Jndge Foust or any expectation on tbeir part that Judge Smart would attack him. On the contrary they say they knew before he was iniited that Judge ^mart would speak well of Judge Foust,and no suggestion was made to him that iie do otherwise. All of wiilch the Register is very glad to report, regretting that it was ted by misinformation into error in the matter. Miss Klsie Crone, a stenographer employed in the offices of the Concrete Construction and Engineering Cominny. had en accident yesterday that might have proved serious. On learing the officii In the Northrup bulidlDg about noqn. rJie tripped and fell the full leiMirih of the stalra. Her face was bruised and cut in a few places and ahe suffered a general ahak Ing up. but lockll]r, it proi-ed to b« nothliif Mriooa. I'nofflrinl Canvass Shons District Democratic by Eigbty-fkc. Cincinnati, O., Nov. 7.— Congressman Nicholas Longworth was defeated for re-election by Stanley Bowdle. Democratic, by S.'> votes, according to the unofficial cancass of the vote in the First Ohio district. Congressman Longworth will net admit his defeat, however, and the result will not be fin ally known until the official canx-ass has been made. (l;y the .\s <i"i I'i<-«s> IMrmingbam. Ala., Nov. S.-Ixjol, lo he value of $40,000 is said to have fallen into the hands of bandit.s who robbed a south bound express train on the Ixjuisville & Nashville road near Blount Springs today. They entered the mail car, awi-d tlie clerks by a flourish of revolvers, took several registered packages and e.-scaped. .SON (HARtiED WITH PATRICIDE. quarreled With His Father, Charged With .Murder. Now 6DARDING RELICS OF WILSON (V.y the A.-ssocLitcd Pres .i> Greenfield, Ind.. Nov. S.—('harmed ; with shooting and kil^ng his father. Dr..A. A. Stuart, ag< d tJS. ai Forlvilb' ; near bcTe hist night. Guy .Stii:irt, b "s : soil, aged twenty -ei ^ht, was placed in jail h"re toda.v. Dr. Stuart heard \ soni'-one at th/" back door jtisf after' he retired. He l>eg:»n an iuvistigaiioit . and saw a njiin rimniii:: down Ibi- ; back yard. When he railed lo liim >o i stop lie wa.s answer-'d by a bullet. Dr. ; Stuart . Hjrsisfently denied tlTat 'he' man who fired was his son with whom lie iiad cjuarreled. PIHNIETON SIDDENLV WAKES IP TO HLSTORIC INCIDENTS. London, Nov. S —The correspondent of the Daily Mail sends the following frrm Bucharest. "1 have just arris'ed from Sofia and have good grounds for believing,that •Adrianople ha.s fallen..but Bulgaria Is concealing the fact lest the powers should Intervene before the capture of Constantinople. "Kxtraordinary endeavors have beoo^ made since Monday to prevent news leaking, the censorship being even extended to letters. "*1 understand that the whole garrl-- son surrendered Tuesday unconditionally. Meanwhile, with the utmost energy that they have, the Bulgarians are concentrating an overwhelming force wi|h a view to the occupation of Con.itantinople so that intervention by the iMiw. rs will follow tie accomplished farl.i U»nd n. -Nov. s —The Time-s prints t!ie following disjiatch dated Sofia, Nt)veiiiber 7. 11:20 p. m.: "It is reporte<I, h\it without official confirmation, that the Bulgarian troops have occtipied the Tchatalja line,*;." Sojthomore Who Oceu|iies "•Tommy" Wilson's Old Room Fears He Has Obliterated Initials. the the ma- RI66EST CORN CROP EVER A TAGt;ART VICTORY BY 3*'0. Ilher Three .Hilllon Riisliels Allocetber I and the Average Is Nearly .W ' linsliels Per Acre. Sv\rn Counties In Second District Carried by Democrat. • Jr WasUI 1 crop re fly III.- .X.'^s -H I 'nssi sbington. Nov. .s. — .Noveiufi.-r port: Corn production;:'.- Jo.seph Taggart wa.^; re-elected rep- 1^oiiii husbels: acre yield. I'lt.:! bush-^ resentalive from Ihe Second District n -is; .November 1st. avira:;e farm was; of Kansas . He is tiu- lirst Democrat , .-,s.4 rents. Quality I'd.I per nut I to ever be rciurn<il from that disirii t ; I: corn on farm Noveiiiiir l~t.' without the aid of another parly. »;7.7«;4.<mo Jmiihels. j \ i-u A .Mr. Taggart carried, s-v.-n of lb.-i Oats, farm pri( c T .'.r,; weight j « "awrt nine counties in the district ncrordlng ^ • r.y ttie .\.';.-'»| IY'<<» Princeton, N. J., .\ov.S—With ; «-l<>crion of Woedrow^ Wilson as twenty-eighth president, .a great ; ny things in Princeton have assumed \ historical value. Vaieoulon Kllirott, a Princeton ' soidiomore. who now occupies room seven. Witherspoon. Hall, did not j know wh^n he got it that it was historic. When he i>ut a coat of black paint on the mantel and puttied, up its various carvjngs he fears he covered up the initials, "T. W. W. '7^." For it was "Tommy" W. Wilson, I'res • idenf-elect who occupied that room ^tbeii. It is said he dropi»ed the initial I T. from his name so as to have fhir- 1 leeh letters in it because "he b«'lieved thirteen a lucky numl»er. . Belgrade. Nov. 7.—Official reports •b-.-cribe the two days' heavy fighting: which preceded the surrender of Prt- •ip. 20 miles to the northeast of Mo- nastjr The Servians out nnmbeted tlie Turk--- but owing to the nature of t 'lo ground were unable to ^use their artillery. They could bring only,pne tuounrain battery into action ag^ttst the \igor'in= fire of the Turkish artillery. "fhe STvian.'' were not able to form up in figtifing line and were obliged to make big s.acrifico?, tJikiiig' one posi-r ficn after another at the point of the bayonet. The Turks held such strong position that -they should have been able t() annihilate the siotTiiing parties. Only at the end of the second day did the Servian infantry succeed in driving the enemy from their strongholds and put them to flight in the direction) of .Mona.'-tir. The ^Servian woimded numbered nmny more than the Turks. MI'RDERER MOBBED IN .N, DAK. With Killing His Wifi^ and Her Father, He Died. to reports received at his lieadijtiar-' ters on the .side. He carried his home county of Wyandotte by 2.047. The returns received gave him the district by an estimateil majorliy of ".•J2t' over .1. I.. Brady of I.iiv.rence. The majorities by counties as received lij- .Mr. Taggart follow: Taggart Brady Rig CottoM Crop thinned. I I5y the .X -iWKiat ^l fY <-s.-<> Washington, Nov. —The rensL 's bureau r< ports S ,S4 '.t.H"JS bales of cotton of the growth of i:*12 ginned to November I. Round bal.-s included ."..'...<il 1: sea-island 2s.t ;."i.-) hales. Oklahoma SO:!.."!*;*.. 'It.>- t^.• .\«<»i-i!.tp.t Sl '-ele. .V. D.. .Nov. .S.—George Baker, in the Kider county jail charged wi?h the murder of his wife and father-in­ law. Thonias Glass, was taken from bis cell and Ivnched todav by a mob. It wa.-; tl :e Mr:»t lynching in .North Dakota «if bin a decade. • Allen _ .Anderson . Bourbon Douglas . John.«)n . Miami Wyandotte . Franklin Linn , . Total . . _ 4<C S '.i 17.-. K'2 \<>i . . - !•••; :VM7 HERE. IS A REAL SENSATION .\. Y. GIN MEN ON TRIAL They Are Charged with Kniing (iam. bier Rosenthiil Today. 3.41- IS.-. Taggarf-{ majority. 3.22". Mr. Taggart was first elerted to congress a year ago to fill the vacancy cau.^ed by the death of Alexander Mitchell. .Vt a special election he defeated I'. S. Guyer. former nm.vor of Kansas City' Kan . by 1.1."".3. Colonel Roosevelt, .Motorins to His Office. Derlare> He -Adopted the Policy of SHcnce." iRy 111...New York. Rome. Nov. 8. —That Germany, AtlS- tria-Hiingary and Italy, during a conference at Berlin, have detiided to propose to Great Britain, France and U».s;sia the formula of "Albania for .Mbanians." as the solution of the Balkan problem according to InMnna- tion received here. Both Austria and Italy have agreed not to make territorial claims, but to bar Servla from reaching th^ sen through Albaitla. Vienna. Sov. S.—Informal negotiations for the surrender of Constantinople already have been entered upon, aeeording to the corre.=tpondent of- the Reicojiost with the Bulgarian army. Wa-shington, Nov. S.—Two Amerioati: armored cruisers, the Teimesaee and the .Mcntana. have been given rush or-v ders to proceed to Turkish iwaters, to- look after American citizens' inter- ; esfs. I • . ' Athens, pre^ce. Nov. S._The Greek army commanded by Crown Prince THEY LIKE TAFrS PLAN. (By the .•\.-« ->«l Vrr^i} .New York. Nov. ^—Colon-l Bixi^.- velt motored to New York from Oyster Bay today and visited his editorial offices for the first time since he wa-s shit. He said he had adopted the policy of silence. He said lie was feeling fine and had almost forgotten t";e bul ict in his chest. .\.>v. s.—The four sr>- |e ,i !l.rd R\in nien. ciiarged with the ac-has occupied Salpniki. [ tual murder of Herman FJosenthgT. were plari^d on trial today before Su! preme Court .liiitice Gf>ff- The l>xam- Ination of veniremen began immediately and inside of an hour two jurors had been obtained. THE SAME OLD STORY. WHO WILL SrCCEED SHERMAN { .Man From tine of the Taft Slates May : Be Seleeted. MANY TE.U'UEK.S PRESENT. Topeka Meet Largest in History KauNUi Organization. of Toueka. Nov. ".—The enrollment of attendance at the meeting of the Kansas State Teachers' Association here, is a little .more than 4.500 tonight and indicates the gathering will be the largest In the history of the organization.. One who has been away from lola for two months has no difficulty In discovering many improvements wade Ibroughout the city la that time. Set- eral ^houses have ,been practically made over, walks htive been put In repair and paint tia» been applied w^erc it was needed, lolk vlll go into the winter u .handsome and up> to date a ioirn «* Aajr of IvTsIxe tat tti« state. Orininlzatlon Net^ssarv (« Peri»elo-- ate Repahllean Party. (By th" A9snriiiu-d Prei-Ji Washington. Ncv. 8—President Taft today received the first assurance of support in his plan to perpetuate the principles of the Republican party by the organization of a National Republican cliih with branch es throughout the country. ,-„ J • f 11 I, II <• ti ^'ew York. Nov. 7.—Comments on |Mar.,.!ard m Troul .le BeraDv- He Got; election of a Republican vice- Into rrouiiie. ; presidential nominee to receive the ,By the A.s.soc.:.t..i Pres-^ j ^- el^^toral votes of Idaho. Vermont Atlantic City. N. J.. .Nov. x.-On an! » brought out the fact affidavit sworn to by Joseph Kane, of;'^at a number of the national com- New Hampskire 'Relums. Concord. .\. H. .Nov: 7.— Complete returns for the entire state ticket give TAFTS CABINET TO STICK There Will Be No Resignations, It U Said, Between Now and the 4th of Marrb. New York, and two detect.ves. Police! mittee favor a man from'one of those the Republicans a majorUy of tw^et:-1 "5""^ Blossom Se-ky. ty-one on joint ballot in the IcRlsla-1 I '^lf i>een appear.tig in a ture. which win be railed uiwn lo!y?*"****"?. ' cboo.*e a go-.ernor and a fnited States I ^'"'•'""'^^ * pro«es.^ as a ;.ltc.-r. SenAtor. Thirteen Magistrate Jagnetty today issued a . '^I^f states. .. warrant for the apprehension of! The results of Tuesday s election •Rube" Marnuard. the New Yoikl^a^^ made the appoiattnent of a suc- pitcher. Kane charged that he andi<-«^>: t^e late \ ice-President the detectives found Marqur'rd and • I'l'^eLv honorary^ connection Kiines wife In a hotel here this i.u .rn- , Senator Borah of Idaho, was suggest! ed by several members, and former iGovei-nor Mead of Vermont, whose name was proiKised before the Chl- ing. Mrs. Kane is an actre.=s. her;' Republican and seven Democratic senators-were elect-! ed. There was no choice In foiir of the senatorial districts. The Housf will consUt ot 210 Republicans and inocrats. The complete \ote •esldeut was: Taft 32>54; Wtl4.743: Rooaevett 17 ,S »>2; Cbafln - bs 1,640. ( A Prominent (Ml .Man Dead. in« Ai«soi-la'.«ra tT-.-o. Tulsa. Okla . .Nov.. S.—W. ,1. Si-.irm. a verj- prominent oil producer, aged .••»2 years, \» dead of heart df .ie .-i ^e. cago convention, was also favored. The national committee me«s In CJiI- cago Novemlier 12. . If the national committee , makes the d(>sigiiation. Governor Hadley of Missouri will 'have the-support of many rei\bers. An E. M. P. 30. bearing an Elsmore taf «as la the city toda)-. Wilson Easy Winner in lilinolM. iUr the .\.<«>K-tul..>il Vrf^) ChUtigo. III.. Nov .S.— Wilsons lead iu lilinols over Roosevelt is — with seventeen precincts uacouniied. (By the A .ssociated Press> Washington. Nov. 8.—It Is understood that no member of the ^Cabinet will resign until March 4tb. at least. A feeling to loyalty to the Preiddent is expected to keep every officer at' the head of his department until.the' administration goes out of office. LONG DISTANCE WEDDING. The Bride wa.« in Amsterdam and fte\ Groom in Texas. f By (the Assoelfcted Press) i Wichita. I Falls, Tex., Nov. g,—The | sequel to i marriage ceremony per^ S formed with the bride in 'Amsterdam^ J apd the prospective husband In Texa^^ took place in Galveston today •when -;'-4s Harry ^Teabrick reached. ther« to -i claim .his wife. Th,e' wedding wlilclt^ required the sanction of ,the N«Uier->" lands consul at Washingtonlmij^' Kcials of the Slate Departwestf' place several weeks a^. went before an and took h«pr. .vow» croom pwfmi ^^lB

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