Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 5, 1974 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 5, 1974
Page 10
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Page left (Continued from Page 9) .•>•••<••««».•»44««»««»«i« 78. Miscellaneous MARTIN & ROWE Chain Link Fence. Call 983-2875 or 9832393; Washington, Arkansas 71862. Free Estimates. Cash and Save. 8-19-tf CHAIN LINK FENCE - Fr"ank Hot-ton, Phone 777-3812 Residential or Commercial Terms Arranged, Estimates Free. 8-10-tf DEEP WELL JET PUMP with accessories. 1% M.P. motor. Excellent condition. Call 7776685. 9-3-6tc TRUCKING COMPANY SELLING OUT complete facilities and equipment. Four miles South of Mope, Highway 29. 6 International Diesel tractors - 1968-1972 models; 1 Mack Diesel Tractor - 1971; 1 Hobbs Flatbed trailer - 1971; 2 International Pickups -1972; 20 acres of land with fuel shed and facilities; 3 metal construction shop buildings; 1 RCA High frequency 2-way radio system with 156' tower. Contact - Day 777-8315; Night - 777-2767 or 777-6668. 8-15-tf SEARS CONSOLE COLOR T.V. Walnut Cabinet. Very good condition. 777-8747 after 4:00 HOPE (ARK.) StAR Thursday, September 5, 19t4 p.m. 9-5-41C 79. A. Mobile Homes MOBILE HOME -12' x 64'. Split level. Four bedrooms, 2 baths, central air conditioning. Patio cover. Call 896-2308 after 6:00 p.m. 8-13-tf 79B. Real Estate FOR SALE - Mobile Home Lots. Highway 67 East, next to Lakewood Estates. Call 7778221, 777-5520. 9-4-lmc LOT 175 ft. x 150 ft. in Country Club Addition. City water and gas. Call owner after..5:30 777-3354. 9-Wtc 82. Pianos, Organs WURLITZER PIANOS, ORGANS. Buy, Sell, Trade. Also, tuning & repair. House of Music, 219 Main 777-3095. 8-26-tf 83A. Pets DOG - 11 MONTHS, MALE. Registered black and white Cocker Spaniel. Call 896-2308 8-13-tf REGISTERED POINTER PUPPIES for sale. Phone 7776478 after 3:30 p.m. 9-3-tf -85. Wearing Apparel NEW ARRIVALS - JUNIOR AND MISSES Jeans, Tops, Pantsuits, Dresses. Also have Sale Rack. Open until 8:30 and Sunday afternoon. Bonnies Dress Shop - Bodcaw. Come Browse. 8-8-lmc LEGAL NOTICE IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF TOPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS MAX COMBS, PI.AINTJFF VS. NOMIA JANE COMBS. DEFENDANT NO. E-74-m WARNING ORDER The Defendant, NOMIA JANE COMBS, is hereby warned to appear in this Court Within thirty (30) days and Answer the Complaint of the Plaintiff, MAX COMBS, and upon her failure to do so, said Complaint will be taken as Squirrel feeder bowing out Buried with honors, but why did he die? WITNESS my hand «s Clerk Of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County. Arkansas, md the seal of said Court, this Sin day of August, 1974. LeonaCole Chancery Cter| Bonnie Lively D.C. August 1$, 22, 29; September 5; NORFOLK, Va. (AP) Navy Ens. Richard Feeney, 29, plans to relinquish his special presidential appointment as Official White House Squirrel Feeder to a younger man. Feeney was named to the singular, unpaid position in 1949, when he was 5 years old by President Harry S. Truman. "It's a title I've cherished for many years, but there comes a lime when one must step down," the newly commissioned naval reserve officer said Wednesday. "I plan to write President Ford, telling him of the appointment's existence, and perhaps he'll find someone better for the job." When he was a child, Feeney and his mother would go to Lafayette Park, across from the White House, to wait for his father, Capt. Joseph Feeney. Feeney was a Navay liaison officer and administrative assistant to Truman. 'One day I met the President and told him that the Lafayette Park squirrels were real fat and that his own squirrels at the White House were skinny," Feeney recalled. Truman, he said acknowledged this dire problem and, to remedy it, appointed the youns- ter Official White House Squirrel Feeder. At the time, Feeney said, he was sitting on the President's lap in the West Wine of the University accused in bias suit LITTLE ROCK (AP) - A white woman sued the University of Arkansas Wednesday, alleging that it had denied her admission to its law school at Little Rock while admitting "males of a certain minority race" with allegedly lower qualifications._ ( Frances Henson of Little Rock asked U.S. District Court to prevent the university from continuing to exclude white female Arkarisans from the UA Law School at Little Rock solely on account of race, color and sex. Mrs. Henson is represented by John T, Harmon of North Uttle Rock. The United States Supreme Court refused to rule on a similar case in April but based its refusal on technical grounds. In that case, Marco de Funis Jr., a white Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Washington, filed a suit at Washington when he was rejected by the Washington Law School but blacks with lower qualifications were accepted. His suit was granted by the Washington trial court and he was ordered admitted to the school. When the Washington Supreme Court reversed the trial court, Justice William 0. Douglas of the U.S. Supreme Court granted a stay to let de Funis stay in law school pending litigation of his case before the Supreme Court. But, by the time the case reached the Supreme Court, de Funis had only two months left until graduation from law school. The Supreme Court ru- fused to rule on the ground that the case was moot. Kindergarten aide requested LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The state Education Department reported Wednesday that school districts had applied for $7.8 million in state aid to operate kindergartens this year. Applications still are arriving, but most of them are from school districts that are raising their original requests because enrollment has exceeded their expectations. A total of 295 of the state's 384 school districts have applied for state assistance. Six others had filed applications .but withdrew them because of a lack of facilities or other reasons. SLATED FOR REPAIR BLENHEIM, England (AP) — Blenheim Palace, birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, is to be reroofed with blue-grey slates from England's oldest slate quarry in Cumberland. The quarry recently exported 12,000 slates to Canada for roofing the Historical Resources BuUdxng in Fredericton. White House. Newsmen overheard the conversation and asked Truman to elaborate. "Those characters on the Hill (Congress) are on vacation, so I don't need their confirmation," the President said. So the appointment was issued, with no expiration date and a stipulation that the job would be without pay."Who wanted pay?" grinned Feeney, now stationed at Atlantic Fleet headquarters here. "It was a lot of fun to feed the squirrels, and I went to the White House as often as I could." Later, when word of the appointment spread, he said, the Feeneys were deluged with bags and boxes c." peanuts from across the country. "We lived in an apartment, and I can remember one room literally filled with nuts," Feeney said. "They started arriving when people began wondering where I'd get food for the squirrells without funds." When Feeney grew up, he went to work in the White House himself—as assistant director of the Office of Special Projects. After joining the Navy, he served as a congressional liaison officer. And later, as he moved into other fields—which have included commercial photography and wine importing—he confesses he sadly neglected his White House squirrels. "It's time someone took the job from me," he said, a bit sadly. WEBB, W. Va. (AP) - Pfc. Roland Salmons was buried with military honors. An Army honor squad fired three volleys and a lone bugler played taps over the flag-draped casket before it was lowered into the ground beside the Community Church of God. Frank Salmons says he is satisfied with the way his son was buried, but not with the way he died. "I've been told so many things I don't know what to believe," he said before the burial on Wednesday. "Some say he yelled, some said he didn't. "But the Army investigator told me my boy yelled and cried and hollered for help and nobody came." Young Salmons was on leave from Ft. Eustis, Va., when he was picked up on a drunk charge early last Sunday morning in the community of Kermit, some 15 miles from here. He died three hours later in a windowless cell with no jailer in attendance. "I asked them why they left him alone," the elder Salmons said. "They told me it was because they were short-handed. Why, I don't know yet what killed him. I don't even know if he was alive when they put him in there. I didn't even find out tin-: til eight hours after his death that he was dead. The authorities never even notified us, it was a man who owns a restaurant in Kermit that came by and told me." According to State Police Trooper Gene Whisman, who investigated Salmons' death, the 25-year-old Vietnam veteran died of natural causes, although an autopsy report is still pending. Whisman said he interviewed three other men in the cell with Salmons. He said he was told that Salmons had gone to sleep shortly after being put in the cell at 1 a.m. but had awakened about an hour later complaining of stomach pains. Whisman said he was told Salmons died in agony about two hours later. Kermit Mayor Bill Brewer said the town's long-standing practice of leaving prisoners unattended during the night was a simple matter of economics. "We have only one police officer," he said. "And besides, men have died in jails before.... They've died in this one, in fact, if a man's going to die, he's going to die ho matter where he is." NOW HE KNOWS WHAT IT'S LIKE LONDON (AP) - Challenged to sample rush-hour conditions on the subway, London Transport chairman Sir Richard Way spent 21 minutes being jostled on a commuter-jammed platform. The chairman, who said he uses the subway but not at rush hours, conceded: "It does look a little crowded," The highest price ever paid for a bottle of wine of any size is 55,000 francs (about $13,200) in Paris for a Jeroboam of Chateau Mouton Rothschild 1870 at an auction in 1972. DYNAMITE DOLLAR SALE! BOX 0' CHICKEN BABY FOOD HEINZ STRAINED-ALL VARIETIES 00 9 $1 CAMPBELL'S CHICKEN NOODLE 5 $|°° 10K-OZ. • • CANS V TUNA A&P LIGHT CHUNK 6Vi-OZ. CANS LAUNPRY DETERGENT WITH 49-OZ, 'COUPON BELOW BOX EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE 3 IB PKG. KRAFT NOODLE WITH CHICKEN DINNER SPINACH AftP Chopped f, Uqf FROZEN GRAPE "A" 4 10-OZ.^^T ^H rites. VI CUFF HOUSE MANDARIN QRANG1S, GLADIOLA White & BORDEN'S ULML/rwL« nniiv w i*mf«» __ *»/%/% CORNBREAD MIX 7^*1°° »xM unurrew ruwtcix dM*r «JR*UC « O £ 1 BROCCOLI 9 R . PE . A f & . ^ A ? R ? T . S .. 3'°KGs: * I CHOPPED FROZEN A&P GRADE "A" U.S.D.A. Impeded Box tontoltn: 3 L«'g Qtr»., 3 Breast Q»«., 3 Wings, N«k» and SeHof GlbUk U.S.D.A. GRADE A INSPECTED FRYER PARTS Breast LI. 89« Drumsticks LI. 79« Thighs n. $9t "SUrW-WGHT" QUAII1V HEAVY BIEF CHUCK STEAKS CENTER CUT 7-BONE S9« Shoulder Arm Pot Roast ib 99< Boneless Top Round Steaks or Roast. .. ib $ ] 79 Boneless Bottom Round Steaks or ROOM . .. ib$1 69 Boneless Rump Roast ib$l 69 Allcjood Brand c i. i D 2 ' lb - Mb.* 1 1 o Sliced Bacon pk g .$z.37. .. P i< g ?] Iy A8.P Skinless Franks P ° g 59C "Super,Right" Qualijv . Sma " . ....... ,,,,, ,.-„ ~C "1 " J W- • ' -Ito'cVlb. >'ft > Smoked Picnics Lean Av g OTV Sliced, Skinned, Deveined Beef Liver )b 89< A&P Beef Sausage Pk g : 79C Chuck Wagon Chopped Beef Steaks chock wagon . . P k g :$l 25 Cap'n John's Fried Fish Sticks P k g 99«. P k° g . 59C Cap'n John's Shrimp Cocktail Btls. 3 ,or$l°° weo WHERE ECONOMY ORIGINATES PRICES GOOD MON SEPT 2 THRU SAT., SEPT. 7, 1974 WE RiSERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES A&P SLICED BOLOGNA GREAT FOR SCHOOL LUNCHES Mb. pkg. "SUPER RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY BEEF CHUCK ROAST Boneless Chuck Roast lb.'1.09 k?ii' •? Sweet & Juicy PEACHES Washington State Bartlett PEARS ** Lbs. $|00 CREAMY SKIPPY PEANUT BUTTER WITH COUPON BILOW 13-OZ. •*••»*••»•*•*••••••< A&P 49* COFFEE VACUUM All GRINDS 2-lb. WITH COUPON BELOW .......»»••••• can JANE PARKER BAKERY BUYS Hot Dog Buns 3'?£*1 00 WHOLE Wheat Bread PORK IN BEANS Pascal CELERY 3 Stalks Ripe TOMATOES 3 Fresh Clipped CARROTS 3 FUNK (k WAGNAU'S WILDLIFE INCYCLOPiDIA I A ,.,«.I.J «.< *„,*, -'•^'"^V^O? 1 'i&jfflr TOMATO A&W ROOT BEER 28-Oz. Btls. No Return TIP! OETERGENT It's here! A w on the world of living Limit or*e coupon per tuimy Good thrgSul . Sept 7. creatures. 22 Volumes world of living creaturfi More 2500 color illiiStrgtions VOl. I A&P Laundry Bleach Gal. 49 C I SKIPPY PEANUT BUTTER CREAMY Limit one coupon per fomily Good ihru Sal . Sept 7. ' 97j> f i "* M ™' COFFEE VACUUM PACKED ?•« $ 1 95 CAN ^ I I Limit ana coupon per tgmily [loogii thru Sal . Sept. 7. 1W- YOUR DOLLAR IS PACKED WITH POWER !

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