The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 3, 1977 · Page 9
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 9

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1977
Page 9
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* Borotighitt's Continued From i'age 1 XAIXJATL'CK NKWS (I'onn.) Thursday. June 10.1976 - I'ageS NAL'OATL'CK HIGH STUDENTS rehearse a scene from "Outrageous Fortune". Ihe senior class play which will I* presented Thursday, June 10 and Saturday, June 12 at the MIS auditorium al 8 p.m. From left to ri&hl in Ihe first row doing deep knee bends are: Annette 1'oudrier. Gail D'Avino, Charlotte Braziel, Shari Cowan, lletsy llurke Marianne Carlinski, and instructor Veronica Florio Islanding). Second ro»: Karen' Hennessey. Marlene Sojl:a. Nancy Kilgallon, Crftdicn Woodsitlf, I.orelta !lra7icl, and l.ori llziura. ..... " ' -'-ibvDonOiuseyl i/' Region 16 Continued From Page 1 if their attendance was necessary. The freedom of Information Commission will also look into whether Ilic board was legally required lo honor a petilion for a hearing on the evaluation o[ the __ _ Patricia Paoli. commented the .he Nation. she fell controversy betweenone^ent eouUlhave knocked Ihe ,,„, then ' between profit and loss lo our eliminated This assistance will Waterbury mills ' include using our own Kmployee received bv the borough's mayor. ",Mi intensive effort has been Relations personnel, plus local William Ka-lo She was greeted made lo offset this labor cost and state offices, to counsel and there with another beautiful disadvantage. Since 1971, over 57 advise employees. We have also txjuuuel and everyone in Town million lias Ijeen invested in scheduled early meetings with Hall plus several local residents Connecticut for modern equip- political and erne leaders lo had a chance for a short visit wilh men! and facilities in order lo enlist Iheiraid and support in this the feistv redhead. improve Ihe operating efficiency effort " Miss " Baddeley and her of the Water bury lube mills Kiflh District Congressman traveling companion, lady Joan While these investments have Ronald Sarasm said today he is Ashlon Smilh then were received resulted in significant cosl irn- "deeply concerned over Ihe bv Christopher Buckley, provements. we still cannot announcement this morning of president of Itisdon Mfg. Co. in compete successfully under a the plans lo close down his office She toured the plant labor cosl handicap of $3.72 per operations 11 of the lute mill lie and was greeted by Hisdon's tour. said "such a closing will be an employes in Ihe firm's cafeteria. "During June of 1W5. we met extremcharAhipformany ollhe Hisdon paid the air fare for Miss uith our Waterbury lube mill workers and deal another severe liaddelev's trip lo the borough employees and advised them lhat Wow lo the overall economy of following a time to relax with our labor costs were sub- Walerbury and the surrounding cocktails and hors d'oeurves at slantially higher than our area, Korlin's Restaurant, she was rompelitors. a situation which "I will of course lend all the whisked off lo the Congregational threatened Ihe future of our resources and assistance at my Church with just enough lime lo Waterbury operations We disposal to the efforts to find an change before dinner. received no constructive alternative to the closing and to The crowd waited until 8 p.m. response from the union help the individual workers in- for her appearance on Ihe Green leadership al Ihal lime. volved. but their enthusiasm was not newest Denied "The decision to terminate the dampened and police had lo clear "in September. 1975. al our operations were communicated unlbesubjecl.StacieVariDelft.a article when it appeared in the board lhat several ceiling liles in senior at Wilby, said Ihal more paper." sludcnls and parents had planned |i e p a i rS a,idKfplaceineiils to attend lasl night's session bu M( . m | wrs | )ac kcd a recom- uere under the impression thai il mendaljon of Ciarfella lo con- been cancelled due to death sjl!erre p lacemc;1 , 0 f , hc toiler at Community- School and cm- powered Ihe board's pro mem tier hearing on Ihe evaluation ot inc "-- a " d ! tat m ™> "'" superintendent. The petition unable lo attend since liey were commmccall>rl gwith Ciarfella lo signed bv some 1.200 residents f <?*"* the ^f "°. nor was turned over lo the board a >««*>',7™r B ,T,ha?t a few months ago. The request for JIl f VanDelf noted thai as a a ruling bv Mrs. Hardnswick, «fll of her allendance al the Mrs Raymond and Mrs. Grace *''<">' lorr ' ou . r ,'M? t ,£, fro,,, The Slate Board of more quahfieu to tel about Ihe Education was forwarded lo Ihe ^hool lhan the hoard She freedom ol Information Com- ""intamed that \MI»y was i» rwaru iu«i st-nnm *.m.j. b ...-- — t , ~ . ,. ,'., ,- ci ^->;,i i^r ,icit ii\ Vmuninrk thic ^mmiu^ fnr a red 11 rt ion in aimmnv's LOS it ion. I hope to r, M ^«'Sv^v S^^l'ere,^"^ , ^ o^T *T& our "s'"^ —ee" hJVsLmL discussion^ Cta5 ±lv'ft?"eAVtad ^ringaroJ-^Mur.ff remember and , ha, she would dalied our request without with representatives of the nnton iortljailcrtnetcac.jiirii.iu .^v«j B | ^.^ ^^ | jt; e very much to spend some .tu,.,,™™ involved. more lime here, perhaps next vear. ind tiuirneu MI«I .^H-" money alter bad." February were inadequate. She Mrs. Haczkwski pointed out t minted oul thai she contacted lhat since the pioblem seemed lo - , . ll ° USC Itavmond <ar,"o a local profes- be almost exclusively in Ihe OTonnell m behalf of he tu ,, v „ .. • . | ra i|,j; ne contractor who window area of the rooms in boiough. by the mayor at ins continue explore the possibility of pur- '°™ * ^ ^ , !Ues ii 0 ,i lhat the windows should office, by Buckley and Itisdon chasing a new boiler lor the '"' m , JKausc hc a | s(1 ta checked lo see if Ihe from Cniroyal and the Colonial building. Board Chairman "„„,?%„„„ wav patch the situation emanated from (hem. liankandTrustCo. Thc key lo the Murolf's suggestion thai the ; ' OUK1 ln • .!" , involved. ""Having exhausted these ef- Sen. Lowell Weicker told The forts at bringing our labor costs NEWS Ibis morning "Anaconda s Gifts were presented her by mo! - c . j n line with our com- decision to close down their „„-.... <.[.!])„» and be responsible for (he in addition, thc board voied to city was presented h> House Committee members be ^ B . £ , 5 - h»velhere=pccliveto-.viibuildmg Bicentennial tommitlee. included in the decision he said. •""": ' mw-rtors check Ihe ™mm's Those in charge ol was due to Ihe fad he did not She said. Caruso informed her "'-"-• i iom- --- • , . want to leave the total respon- lhat he told the superintendent m'issfon'airf its decision is still worse than any other school and siMilvlo i h( , SU pe r i,,iendenl who and principal at that time thai m tt , orsc lhal) Crosby lo winch il , a|d .. has |,een criticized patching would start a chain jrs and in view of the Walerbury tube mills is a d unsatisfactory ear- potential disaster for an area rangs performance, we reluc already suffering from high lanily arrived at our decision to unemployment. I will do all I can dernlinale our mix? manufac- to help avert thc shutdown and check ^ Committee 11 was "" the luring operations in Waterbury. loss of jobs." "While (lie factors supporting - , pd out "" t)V (iou5c * ' region's Those in charge ol Ihe our action are clear and corn- (indings arrangements for Ihe visit were pjijing. we are deeply concerned ov er the serious economic impacl ih Mrs Althea Lewis and Mrs. 1Jt , ns Johnson for the liken- ; mill closings will have on IIKMOIUAT.STOMF.KT The regular meeting of the If the Slate Board ot Education rules in favor of Hie (legion IG TeachersAssocialion charge lhat nooTsesions lhat day were no. conducted in a regular manner in Ou.1 certified personnel were m. ; indicated al the Waterbury "<« • I>fl>s P cc . » ^ transferred. »" »' Ijiuis 1'oc-ta that some items, such a» Ihe liles. could go un ^ospect clft eon- jugh already." reaction and loosen other tilts. Ciarfella pointed oul Ihal one causing n dangerous situation quote has been received by a She said she-Ihen learned that the toiler firm and another is ex- tiles were replaced in the way peeled this Friday. According to Caruso fell would jeopardize Ihe the superintendent, checks of the safety of the children, an,! that old boiler show the front section reliable source; hail told her the "is gone" and although a repairs were made by the pressure lest did nol indicate Ihe superintendent himself. She back section was impaired, one of cautioned "unprofessional repair children hud no place logo. ml ..— •- ihe firms indicated Ihe back jobs and penny pinching may witlmit funds anil they wen iml clause in the ten-year contract ^ K{[m m5 a , 50 a pro t)i env ,-csult in a child being hurt and a Me also noted thai once the old law snil for Ihe region " irs of the huilding and Ihe jjcrtise of the inspectors might of assistance Hanlon Asks Continued fnnn I'f.e I tennial Committee. .Incl Dobbins. O ' u 7empi'oyees"and their families Democratic Town Committee vicechairman ol thc- Committee. was the master of ceremonies. -andonourne^.rtS^-he.Mon^ announcement was made / A A in: Continued Fiom I'age : Walerburycommunily. For these rfclay our final decision until Aug. with Ihe leadership of our local - , , . . Iransferred M because o IIISTIIL'BAN'CK <>\ .,, ,. , union to consider any alter- THKWIKKX placed on these mills, (.ompared , ml ; ves uhich ^ey may propose. Harry Elnitsky. 58. of 40 to our U S. competitors in Ihe Mosins of'Ihe Walerburv Fainvood Rd.. was arrested by tulK business, our employment * ...... „:,-.--. i... fearful about the effects nn their higher n .. . T(iie s hav( , |K) dfK{ O ' n [> atrolma n Peter DiSliso last almost 50 percent thc lonlmu i n a operations of tlw night following a disturbance on an lire average. St.. the Xaugatuck Green. in charge o suens an tlrefore ADM monev should .be ^icd several years ago which " 55 ' 1 ' 10 ™ c ° and disrupted Ihe educational system, we how have to pay for Ihal inconvenience." Supl of Schools Francis Ciarfella. in his rcspoase lo UK slale board's request, urged its support for local school ttoard and added "I feel the loca! authority has been moujih," Wilhv Supported The board also heard from Itnse who su[iport Wilhy High School as a result of a recent reported le llid nol make that persons win are in autbrhly •u ucui uuiu-iu> m-. •» -.-i r ™1 w ho can make decisions few™ea'rsVn7theTvork"s'cneduTe'd and"bis""direclion' s were ap rcs;l rdins an scciiunl cannot be - --- forthissummerwillcompletelhe parenlly misunderstood The reached amounts lo umiuc- *ililren to Wilby and found no umtertaliing -pic Beacon Falls replacement liles were screwed pressure by ihe tnminny on its fault wilh the school. She added scllM ] mav a ] so gel a new fence inlo Ihe ceiling and Ihe remaining customers 1 wouk. greatly ap- thal she was not concerned about or rcpairs ' ms ^ c m ,he present liles which .should have been lr matc il if ynu would ,n»K inlu tlw "newness" of Ihe school ont . ;| feas ii)| c and the area in were not. and therefore the chain this mniter and sw i! it wd'.ilil I-.' building as long as Ihe w , ij(;h , lu , p ] a vg rc und e[|iiipment reaciion resulted witliin the piovirre nf trie I'om- ,, educational quality was there js | K j t(x i w iil |« revamped. In He was not convinced that the mission id vevii-w and added thai she tell thai a(idi|lm cc ilings oflhe buildings tiles simply fell by themselves-pr eilucalional quality was al Wilby. wi ]| i,,, rc p a j rci i ; ,,id or replaced however, stating that \v; fell Hoard mcmbc, Ronald Foley , v]lpre , lrceisa ,v. In staling Die error. Mrs. Robert Van Delft pointed out Ihal she bad senl Ihree ol her Give the GIFT that GIVES mlcd Ihal Ihe meeting with Walcrbury officials was in itself a session lodelerminc what, if any. nationally Advertised BERKIM Quality "vandalism" was involved lie said one of tlie tiles loakcil as though il was poked with a window rod and thai thc school Coiniiumilv Ceilings VMUUVJ^ .uu - UIL-i ,^ i> Falling liles in a classroom at budget rcleiendum was held si >vari of af Community School touched oil a Ihe school Ihal day und someonej All Berkline Recliners BERK. LIME MODERII TV RECLINER LATEX STAIN • Gives your home thai ruslic look. • No primer needed • Color retention double Ihnl of solvent type stains • 30 minute Lntex only. • Easy soap and water cleanup. LATEX HOUSE PAINT One coal hiding WALLAWAY WtchBqj Excellent color retention. Glides on easily. No lap marks—slop & slarl when you please. 30 minule Dry. Water clcan-up. 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