Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1912
Page 8
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THE TOLA DXI£.Y REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, N OVfeMBER 7,1912. 3.-' Hi c 'J II We are noted for our Linens and in this sale we again demonstrate our supremacy.' Word from Belfast, Ireland, Germany and Austria indicates sharp advances in price, but we maintain our own prices; In fact> in many of ferings we are quoting the lowest pieces we have eve The Record of this Store calls for the Best Qualities that satisfy: Right Price: Up-to-date JMercfcandise: Plain Figures: Full Values Now Is the Time to Buy! Note Prices: GO inch Biirnsley Itloaolied l>a- uiaRk. nOc quality, QQf» special, JHT .vard ...uub (»S iavh IJloat'lKMl Damask, mw 1912 pndonis. STio qnality, pC« HjH-'clal, ]»'r yaiHl Uuli 72 incli Hh'Uflu'il Moi'n<rixo«l DainaHk. ranny, I'opp.v, Vloxw W»< }AH pHttcrnt*, Tnc quallt.v, jkAi^ Hprt 'Ial, pet* .vat'd. UUb KtaiiiiM'd UiicHl. Towi'JH willi .voiii- own pcniiaiiciH iiu'ifi- (•{{ratn, carli ,'.0U Stani|t('<l (tiicMl Towol-^. .I •(• KHidt' IJtit'ii Hurk Towel:., onrh uUu^ .'I0x:?0i I'liion LiiiPH ^qujin-s—' lipiusfifcli ami drawn work. 'iP--, ;j'Jc quality, each iJb SATIN DAMASK. 12.35 quality Double Satin Da- nwsk, the «ud most i)er- fect woven flak thread; newest of putteniR; Tigi>r Lilly border with Satin Strii>e, Dot center; Violet, llok Knot, Tulip, IJIuek'ljH; 8| M»- eially priced, per ifi flO yanl • V • N'a ]ikinH to nuttdi; wize 27.\27, |M »r down ^. .85.98 Kixo 22.\22. iloxen JW.50 72 inch ¥1.1)8 doiddu Mitin Dam- nsk, every thread pure llnen.ifood heavy quality, u wear rpHiKllnR DjMiiaHk. iH 'nutiful pnllernH: I'Vrn ItiblxHi How Knot. Ti«er Mlly or ItoHe; Hpecial prh-e, 22x22. per dozen 94.50 Kize 27x27, per dozen ^^^.08 $l .r >t) (pnility Katih Danmitk— heavy wlec^ted fine flax — fully bleached. 72 inchcH wide, elegant assortniiMit of patterns; napkins to match; s]M>cial price. 01 0(11 IKV yard ip I iL\3 jier yard XapkinH to match. Hize .65c Sheets and Pillow Cases. Stxno Seaiiieil She<'t8, worth 5tJio, each •... .'Wb 72xliU St »ainle8 .s Torn Sheets— worth HTiV each, . on Hale Slx}>» ''IndejK'mlent" Toni and Ileiunied Sheietw, »»n nale, JJ^Q 81xl)(» '•I'reuiinm" Tom and Heinnied SIKHMH, OU wile, QQ.^ each ....due SLxKlS "HahMu" extra Hixe Tifrn and lleninied SIHH>IH, on Hale, each "Al" p-ade Pillow CHWH . 411-, on Hale Illu "Tlica" Brand, 12x:Ui. OC^ on Hale. each. cUb '•('ainbridjp?" Hrand, 42x:{, each lUb 8t :]in |H>(l Pillow <'JIS«»H, JQQ ^iM- mill $1.00 .^Oc quality, JKM- pair i New Stamped I'ilhtw Cfl^ Cases s|iecial, pair ilUb Towels and Toweling. . 2n.\-i2 plain hemstitched or scail- IOJHMI pun; liuen iluck OP** Towels. ea»'h .^Ub .l.Sx2t» fancy linen Hack Qpp (hu'Ht T«»wels. each CUb 20.\42 l.inen Muck Tow- frtp el^, Hcallo|M>d. each %)yv 'J'Jxl't linporl<>d i^iitin DanniNk l.inen TOWCIH widi embroidery or drawn work, on Hah>, ' QDM each uOb llleached Crash, with bor- JH^ der, H|MM 'ial, yar«l .W ' SleveuM' Cranli. extra Iflp ptod qnalily. yard lUb ItaniHley Itleadicd or (*nbleach- ed rVanli. special. 1Cf« per yard lUb IX iru 'li Linen ^Il^k T<»weliir;j. fancy patterns. OR/* per yard iLlIb 22 inch Lnien llu<-k Tovi-elinji. f .Tucy pafleniH. ^Of* p'-r yard wUb . SALE OF NAPKINS. 20x20 heavy Merc«*rized Napkins, |1.2.'> quality. OP't |H >r do3M »n Jub (i (>mia !i Silver Ml(>aciied I .incn Danmsk Napkins, very 7p new, per do/en : .0 I il U 22x22 heavy Satin Damask N.ip- kiaK --n most exquisite a.ssorlment of pallerns, %K quality, d|9 PA IH>r doKen ywiUU I»aitcrn Tahlc Cloths. S JxS 4 Kose. I'ansy. ItlneUdl or ('hrysanlhiMimm pat- fl 'Q AA terns, special iPwiUU S-lxKM pallerns similar to the above, extra heavy quality, price «|mi .'H>.\:;n Fan«-y i^qiiaivs. on .vale, each gS^-, 50<^ Our .$1.25 Table Linens, Special $1.00 Yard. This will 1H' of inteivst 4o all houst'keejHM-s. We aiv {joinsi to sell I lie iK'st §1 .«H> [ler yard Linen to 1N« had. 72 inch jtrass blvaiched J l'un« Lin^n Damask—{(tniranteed iibsohitely pnrtv linen; six swell pallerns.; ank for them. Tin Stripe Kose, l-'leur do Lis, Mow Knot, Tnlip, t'jirysanlhemnni. Plain Satin Damask .Vapkins to match. ISxIS K.iiind ISaltcnlMM-;: Doilies. 2rjr (|nalily, IQl* sale piiif. each .^ lub F;iii«v lMc.s.vr and T ;il»lc ."^'virfs earh... .'.. ......25^, :4J><^, 50<^ 75c to $2.50 Shadow Laces and Flouncings, Special, 50c a Yard. Beautiful Dainty Shadov.' Laces for trimmin;; partj' dmsse.'^. eveniuj; K«wns and dress waists; wide b:in (lB and wide edjres. ranjiiiii; in width from 4 to 4.'» inches; ab.soluieIy new; .sjjecia I ROp per yard .uUb BEACON CRIB BLANKKTS. each 39<* Eitrsi size IJKACON Crib Blankets. .$1.25, $2 .<M) CHILDREN'S WORK BOXES, each.. . .35^^, 50^ 32 inch FRENCH GlNtlllAMS, rejtular 10« 2.50 quality, jK'r yard 1 Jb spec .no inch Fleewd KHIONA < :LOTH, 1 r\\ •iai, JHT yard -;..lZ2u Extra good quality AI'KUX (SINti- Pl^ HA5I, special, |K»r yard 02b Kew ratlerns NURSE STRilMD C.INtJ- \ HASL special, jk* yard ..;. I «lb. 40 inch high gnide S1LK<)TINE. In-auti- 1 ful asKortmeut 6f ;pattern8, yi-rd iUb Big Values in Oiir Silk Department Friday and Saturday only we shall place on sale our choicest Dress Patterns These are a|l high grade imported Silks and Satins—exclusive novelties—four to six yard lengths—priced as follows; One jKittern. S yards, Bhu- Cre |ie Meteor. 10 inch, was ?l ."i.O(); now One pattern, 3 yards. Lavender <'ivpe Meteor, was $I ;~,(K»; now 5 One pattern, ."i yards, Yellow CIVJH? Meteor, was ."Jl.l.liO: now One i)attern, r» yards. Brocade Cre |M» Meteor. 40-inch, White, was $14.00: now... One iKittern, a yards. Brocade Crefie .Afeteor. 4l)-in<-h. Yellow, wa.s $14.00; now... One pattern. yards. Brocade <*J -epe Met«'or, 40-inch, JMne. was $14.00; now One pattern, imported eiid»o.ssed velvet Satin ('liarnieus<". ^(d<Ien bi-own. was fiHl; One pattern, iinportpd endMissed velvet Chirf(m ('loth, new Co|»enHa};cn. was ?40: One pattern, Ti yards. Cliarmeus<'. White, was :Sl ,~).«H»; now One jialteru, yards, Charmeus*', (^'onil. Champagne. Yellow. was$12.r»0; now... .... ..$11.«).S ?11.98 ?1I.«KS flO.OO JUIO.OO ?io.oo m.w ...$25 .(K) now.. .$25.00 ...91t».5«) JiW.SO special Sale of Castile Soap, genuine Castile Soap, regular price 5c, 10 bars... 25c $1.00 Quality Satin Messaline Goes on Sale at 89c a Yard. Satin M.e.«saline, .<:uitable for F'rinc«-.<s SIip.s, w.iisfs., nnderskirt.s. cir.; all |IH> Ic.-idin^ shades, in this sale, v.-ird 89c NEW SCARKINO. per yard 50<: .-.0 inch FANtY OBEY CLtJAKINti. d»1 QD $2..~)0 <piality. per yanl I lUO r.O inch fill.\CH ILLA CLOAK I X<;. CO Rfl in tan. ivd. navy; sjH 'cial. yard. .«|lbiuU ~vl inch Heavy Storm Scr^e rioakiii'i. fill brown, ml, navy: $2.."it» quality; yard.. yibiUU New lines of • roLAK" CAPS AND HOODS— all colors. s{>ecially priced 'iSr-, 5*)^ jo iitl~.25 New.niAFIXO DISH ABRnNS--the verv lat- C.-J oiic priced at 50<-, 75f, fW<, $1.50 ains for Friday and Saturday " Chil .'rcnV ("<.;iis. -izes 2 to ti Avars, in Noveltv. Caracul aiid. IMushcN. $2.50 and $:?.50 Children 's Coats in fancy cloths and niixtuivs. ajre 2 t ol2 years *. Children's ('oats, sizes 2 to (> vears, in Silk riuPh. .at $1.50 to $5.98 Coats for the School Gii!;-,. §izes C to 12 year.", in Fancy Cloth Mixtures, at ..$3.98 Croats for the School (iifis. sizes (» to 12 yeai-s. in t?trii>ed t'amcul, at ...... $3.98 • Coats for the J^clmol Girls, sizes' <» to ISyears, in fiealettc Blush, at $4.98 •Innior Coats, ages \'.\ to 17, in fancy liroadtail Blush—snake collar $7..'50 .lunior Coats, apes 1:5 to 17, in Seal Blushjind Fancy Caracul; j)ri<-o $5.98 Misses* Coats, ages 14 to IS. in Fancy Cariicul, black only, pricetl at $6..W to $8.98 .Misses' <'oats, ag»»s 14 l<» IS, in jtri'tty Novelty Cloths. s |K ?cial $.1.98 Brett V Felt Hats in red, brown, navy; all styles; ea.h ....* $1.00 10 Hats for little girls— an accumulaticm of «»dds and ends, values up to ^l.SO. each ...10^ AilwautifnraRsortniient of the new style "Norfolk" Waist, with kilte<l skirt, in French Serge nn*!* Chevi»»t. size 4 to 14; price $2.98 to $T.50 'Children 's ScluMtl Dresses in fancy T'ercailes and C.alalea Cloth, .size (i io 14; prices 98^ to $3.50 27 .\11 Wool S<»rge DiTsses in white, navy and black; ?8 values for $3,98 'M high grade Fn'uch Sei-ge Drcss«>s in wiiite. navy, brown, black; and .?B;.."»0 values, .$7.!)S .\ Navy and Black "Beter Thompson'" Divss cs for the .S«1HM>I girl at $7.98 40 All Wool French Serge and a few Silk Dresw- es ill this lot; ^12 value.s for $.>.}»8. 2t» fine Sei*gi» Dressi.'s, also Fancy Silks and Taf- fet.-i.s. lM *antifnliy ni.-ide and trimnied. at,... .$J>.98 Genuine Canttiul and S<'alette Blush Coats, ."it inches long, high storm ciillars. larg»> fancy frog fastening turned cuffs, .\-arn dv «Ml s.-»tin lining: sjM 'rial l»ri.-e $1.5.00 Si 'ah'tte «'oa>s for the stout w.>iiian—we have them—sizes fitun 44 to •")<» bust. Tliex-' i'oats are cut on siont lines. j|ien»fo-,-e they are |n'rfi'«-t fitting; storm 4ir shawl roll eollar. ile;*p turnback cuffs, elabonife rastctiiiigs ;tnd gnar.-uit««<-d lining. Sfiecial prbe $20 and $25 ^ lieautiful Novelty .Mixtui-es in l^idies"" and Miss«'s' «'oats. }!t $8..10 to $20 Canicul <'oais with high gnoie iiierterized satin lining, large shawl r«dl collar, in sizes f «ir women and-iiiisscs. S|H»«-ial jiriiv ...... $8.98 .\ Bmm to Stout Women—siwcial Ciwits in Seal- etle Blush, large shawl roll rollar. «leep <-uffs. ."Jatin lined: size 4 to 'A. SiH 'ciaL each $20.00 Neir Quarterly Home journal Style Books Are Now In. NEW YORK STORE Watch for announcement of our celebrated Gossard Corset Demonstration. 'TUr nriTll nr U I rOldlllllll ^^^^ ^ treatment and wa« ant utmn llr m. J. rnlonraftNi;»»>;^t«"'»^'^'^iy 5«ip«^ by visits to ftiealtJi resorts and springs. During ^— :! Utv'past summer lie failed rapidly. . „ . , „ .1: niiering from insomnis wtiicb wreck loin Dry Goods Merchaiit !sn«;urali> • ^a. his'nervous system. About a month to Chronic Digestive Trouble After Long Illness. ^ Mycr J. FrisJiman, a mercbant of Jola. Kas.. died at 9:30 oVlock last |;.rflig1it at 3001 Uvdia street, ICaiuas Cltr- He wai; .lO years old and is sur- *vlve4.Py IwO brothers. Harris U Frish in^n of this dty and J. A..Krit>hman of -'Clay C«ntcr, Kas., and two sisters. 'Mrs. Antia Martin and Mrs- I. Lc^cm, Iwth of this city. JOHNSON lUliyNST BREKNIIN Big Leagne PilciiinK Stan are 0np«8> cd •( Humboldt Today. ngo bis condition >became so aerious that bis brother, H. U Frisbman, from Kansas City, come here and sent bim to a sanitarium. The^first new» fccre \ To see Walter Johnson, one of tiie that he wa« not regaining his liealtbj brightest stars In the pitching world. The above item in <hl« momlng'tf 'Kansas City Jourual »1H be read with ^•^rrow by Jolans w ho knew Mr. Frish- .man. He c4me to this city from Clay .Center, seven or eight years ago and • eBtsblisbed « first -cl &se do' good* store in, -the BarCles building on, the /'.fiodtb side -of tlio square. He attehtf^ ;.Led strictly to bis own affairs and c made comparatively few acquaintances in town. But t^e men wbo learned j to know liim at tUs boarding boiiee y /ound ' him a well -educated, broad} rmindedrb^lr -tralned business man, \iaaA it was interesting oftMi to sur- 'p!^e in bim a famiUartty witl^ the Old '.<Kestemet and' other evidence-of 'care- ;^fiil tntaiiis iiLthe Jewisb tatth. About [ttjro idofk ago be began GoCferinK Cram ' ..iffito ^Mmxk>, tawfljilpjiAWIi ;«>pr, was tlie item above quoted. The sisters mentioned were very dear to bim and he carried life .insurance for many years, |10.t«)0 fa favor of each of them. An insurance company change some years ago caused bim to lose his potIcles,.but he renewed in another company and it is bellwed carried tiil»4nsurance to the time of bis death. Stncc hj« Aleence the storelms been closed while aa.involce^was being taken and arrang«mentK&iad« with the creditors, aa be 'bfrfrailed dnrtag the last e4x mouthy <5 keep his affairs in shape 1 as b^^fdre. H. L. Frlahman. a l-broIber.^jBe'nled all claims and plans to come'to tola and conduct the store. XalM ^iigbtir j Democntle. Portland. Me.. Nov. •6.—For tbe first tfttae in its bistory Maine wiU sandalx Democmtic electors! to the nattaoat eljBCtoral college according to-todays revised retums from yastendajr'a re- toniK. Wltb fifty dectioK.fraeincts, .SWELTEB WITH TMELTE BLOCKS I DIKE DLSf KESS rolllngsrille Boasts the Lannist Plant i It is .Near at Hand to Hundreds of In Coantry. ' Keglster Kradeni. would appeal to' strangers, and it is not Btrange that tbe homo folks should «how .,evcn greater intcrcstl Therefore a k-t of Allen county people stuck pins in their calanders for today and have hiked to llumVwldt to sec) bim work for tile Humboldt team ii^ a game against lola this aftemoonl And the local bunch, a baseball stew the ingrod- leots of wblch were collected liere and at Gas and I^aHarpe, uill Une up behind Ad Brennan, another county 9tar aind.some inlbenders bim- Eelf. Thfragb the roada are a bit rout^ t3ie dax was attractive and people gath, ered trom all parts of the county the game. William Hall, better Jmown among the n^gtabors who bad mef bim some time since 1858 when be^settled south of Devon in Bourbon county, as "Uncle Billy" died at his home yesterday morning, aged 74 years. He was a veteran of t)te civil war and a bi^Iy rapectefl resident Qf bis. county. He ii sorriTed by his widow and six children, anu>iig.irliom.iii'Mra. JBrnaia SUnunoBa ot.-Iotat' " •' Hartcy Dowlcr came up from Col- linsvillc fast night and will return there tonight, as he says he Is too bnsy to vieit and was too busy to take murti Interest in politics, lie is. connected with tbe DartlesWIle Zinc Cibmpany's plant at Collinsvllle which is completing its twelfth block, making it tlin largest zinc smelter in tbe country. .Vo only are the blocks "sten- dard," biit they are forty-retorts to the block larger than thQ smelters in this field. There Is th/Collins%illc Zinc Company's plant JAere also, the one built by tbe Prin^ WeJBt«m Company. PACIFIC T TABLE CHA^IflE. WlnMr Seiednle .HaM to be Dae by _ yT 5axt Handay. , b. -^;^(ccordlng to a Fort Scptt paper the r, •regnlar fall change la' the schedule if trains on the Miuouri Pacific is lue to become op^atlvdtnext Sunday. Owing to the.coming ot'winter and the early darlmess tbe morning train win be advanced to an hour later and the evening train moved a trifle earlier. 'Tbe .evening . passenger eastbound, is said U^lw scheduled to arrive at FL Scott ten nUnntea earlier, lite motnlng train, west-boond wll b«...diis in Vort Scott arS o'eloelc in- •tafid tit SJIV which probably meana a alrel^r cbuiifa bare. Don't neglect an aching Imck. Uackache often IK the kidneys' cr>- j for help. Neglect hurrying to their aid. Means tliat utinar}- troubles may; follow. I Or danger of worse kidney troublo.' I. P. RombergAF, 20 .\. Highland St.., Chamite. Kans.,n6ay8: "A member oft my family was troubled for about tlrree years by pains in the back and dull, heavy ache across, the loins. Thia suffering was caused by disordered kidneys. Doan's Kidney Pills were finally procured and tbelr use effected a cura I have also taken Doan'^JKldney Pills and have received relief from a dull, hea\T P»in across ^ the small of my back. 1 know that this remedy Mvea up <o representatlonB and whenever 1 have had tife oppor- • tunlty. I have recommended it" (State' ment given in. April. 1905.) THE CURE LASTED. On .£)>Tll 19, 1910. when Mr. Itom- berger was Interviewed, be enid: "I gladly recommend Doan's Kidney Pills again. During tbe past sevend years there baa been no further need of a U^ey medicine in cur family." For aala by all dealers.-, 'price 50c. Foatar-MUbum Co., Buffalo, N. Y..«>Ie agaata for tJie United 8ta«e& ' Bemembcr. -the nane—Doan'a-rand take no. otlier.. y - Cfaanute Tribune: Miss Pansy Xes- Ut, clerk at the Fred Harvey news €-.and at the Santa Fe station, is all stuck up since the election of Wilson. She wagered five pounds of candy on the election and won, and the loser iwjd in gum drops. She will be more explicit abont the "candy" next time, she sr-aj-s. 1 Tonight Tonight, if you feel dull and stupid or Wllous and constipated, taike a dose ^Chamberlain's Tablets and you will feel all right tomorrow. For salo by all dealers. We w Patterns in JHiinerware Itiiy a whole set or part of a ' set at same rate. All soldT from o])en stock ,and at extremely moderate prices. ^ y THE EUL.1TE. THEATRE ^.-^ The Heme «f C<i«i Pfetares Saturday, Nov. 9th~Aftemoon and Eveningf. DA.VIEL PRdHMAN PRESECTS MME. SARAB BERNflARDT And Her All.Sfar Caapaiiy, in tlie Grea( Speetacalar Pltato-Play QUEEN'EUZABETHi-IN FOUK PARTS One of tbe Stro«|(est Starles<: History Has ETer.Becorded. ADMISSION^ lOc aiid,15G SPECIAL MUSIC V

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