The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on February 3, 1977 · Page 7
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 7

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 3, 1977
Page 7
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Motorized Bicycles Used In Europe, Come To U.S. "The requirements translate into a $100 difference in cost," PolliU said "Bui the moped sold here is a lot safer. When However, (he New York Stale Motor Vehicle Department got the governor to veto a bill thai would have approved mopeds te«ause as a spokesman put it, By ritKI) T. I KHUl'SON NEW YOUK (Ul'U Mopeds have an identity problem. In fad, moped owners are given a special identity card lo tell a cop wlial a moped is. legally speaking. This is in slales where the law now allrws mopeds. Most still don't — mopeds also have an acceptance problem. "Call it a molomcd bicycle first," says moped entrepreneur Edward A. I'ollitz, Jr. "Don't call it a moped. People don'l know svhal Ihey are yet." Not in this country, al least. Although Ihcre now are 17 million ol the bikes putt-pulting around Western Europe and as many as 4(1 million worldwide. I'ollilz figures (here are no more lhan 70,000 in Ihe United Slales. Pollitz intends lo overcome the problems and promote mopeds' mass use in the Untied Slates. His moped import firm i.Motobecane America issues special cards to each moped buyer in the 10 slales lhal permit them. The cards quote Ihe section of state law permitting Iheir use. "So, if a cop pulls you over and tells you it's a motorcycle, you dangle it in from of his lace," Pollitz said. I'ollilz has made a good slart on bis plan. Ten more slates have legislation pending to permit mopeds. But several have rejected (hem with reasoning such as that of New York's officials. They say. in motorcycle accident rate, two- shorthaul transporlation." thirds the rate for cars — they While petitioning the Depart- are very safe." mcnl of Transportation to Mopeds' acceptance problem change its standards, Pollilz relates parlly lo fears they will learned up wilh Molobecane of appeal (o the teen-aged market. France, which produces Ihe "] want lo save our children's 900,000 mopeds annually. blood, nol gas," said a New In 1974, the federal govern- Jersey official before Ihey were menl approved moped sland- approved there. ards - slringenl ones. As a pnllitz said CO per cent of He cites these figures in result, mopeds cost between owners are over 30 because supporl of his contention Ihey S3IS lo $500 in this country "every kid in (he United Slales can he used to alleviate mass teause of requirements for wants lo drive a car. The Iransit problems in many such things as sealed beam realily is lhat teen-agers will ar( . as headlights and brake lighls for not be a major part of our "I believe in mass Iransit in the fronl and rear wheel hand market." city like New York," he said [«?r cent gel to v;ork on them. Mosl are factory workers living close to their jobs. Others include a doctor who makes his rounds by moped. He says 46 |«r cent ol all agricultural workers in France, where there is a moped lor every 8.8 persons, make it lo the fields by moped ccrned aboul such things as rear-end collisions. This is a motorized society." So Ihe state, wilh a few- exceptions, prohibits anything with a motor lhal cannol do al least 40 miles an hour. Accessories now include has- kels specifically built (o hold :wo shopping bags. "It's plain silly lo take a H,000 car to buy a loaf of iread," I'ollilz said. The hump of a camel carries a reserve of food in the form of fat. State Plans Check On Freeloaders NALOAirrKNKWSIt'onnJJhursdayJ^l^^J fay for their meals, even though state auditors three months ago reminded him to observe Ite slate policy. Tepper Tuesday said a check of records would be made to sec if revenues for rneals have HARTFORD, Conn. IUPI) - increased because workers are Finance Commissioner Jay. 0 supposed lo pay. or if food Tepper says stale institutions costs have fallen because they will be checked lo see how are eating elsewhere, many have ignored a require- The audilors wrote Gov. Ella ment lo stop providing free j (Jrasso on Marth 8 and said cafeteria meals to employes. hundreds of state workers al Stale Personnel Commission- stale correctional institutions er Frederic Kossomando ac- and hospitals continued lo eat knowledges many workers are for free despite imposition of a ml being required lo pay for 5.75 cenl charge as of Jan. 1. cafeteria meals despite a six- After lhat letter was sent, month old slate policy to do so. Rossamando said he would do Kossomando admitted he has an institution-by institution sur- nol ordered workers be made to V cy lo see how Ihe policy was being (likened before aruiounc- iiig any corrective plaas. - liut Kossomando said he had still nol spoken with the _ administrators (if all Ihe •..-. institutions He said he had not . cited any institution for violal- 'f. ing the policy. Rossomando said he would seek a clarification fmrn the state Personnel Policy Hoard -J\ and then issue a letter asking .' institutions to obey it > The issue was brought about last year by a change in the Griffcuhagen Plan, which had . given employes at stale institutions low-cost (o«l and housing benefits Those benefits were -^ laken away when doctors al iw- .institutions were given a pay lake "But when you have billions being spent on mass transit systems you may never be able to finish or get people to ride, il is lime to consider the alternatives. "Mopeds are no panacea or replacement for the auto. Hut they arc cheaper lhan mass Iransil systems which are not going lo materialize out o! thin air." Talk al»ul a motorized bicycle in Ihis country and someone invariably mentions motorcycle, motorbike, minibi- ke, or trail hike. "There is Ihis confusion between minibikes and mopeds." Pollilz says, hy way of example. "Minibikes are universally offroad vehicles suiled (or small adults and children small wheels, lubular bodies, lawnmower engines, very noisy. no safety equipment to speak of. Every state has slringent laws against using minibikes on Ihe road.' FEED 'EM OR FIGHT 'EM WITHQRIHOJMNJLGARDEN ORTHO Rotenone Dust or Spray DRUG • An organic insecticide lhat controls certain garden insects on vegetables. » Can be used as a dusl rx a spray. • Can be used up lo one day before harvest. Contains: V from cube i Rotenone, 1% other resins effect, mopcders musl lie protected from the high speed gas burners liy banning mopeds. •'This country may be able lo afford two chickens in every pot," Pollilz said. "Bui the time is fast approaching when it can no longer afford two cars in every garage." Mopeds have advantages as a method ol short haul transportation H'or btarters. I'ollili said, "A moped is ijuicl, economical on fuel, cheap to btiv. easy to park and easy lo maintain l>ecause its motor is simple "It requires less coordination to ride than ;< ID-speed bicycle, reduces traffic congestion, conserves energy and has, a letter safely' 1 'record "lhan cars or motorcycles. "II is very hard to hill yourself going 20 miles an hour." he said. Some of the stales which permit them say. "No title, registration, driver's license, inspection, helmet or insurance is required " Olhers have some requirements. Nevada riders need a driver's license and insurance. California allows riders who have an instruction permit. Texas insists on inspections and a ninlor-assisled-bicycle operator's license. Minimum operators' ages range down lo H except in Hawaii, which only "suggests" U as the minimum age. I'ollitz concedes mnpeds have a disadvantage. The only thing to do when it rains, lie says, is "get wet." Bui he insists they arc so slow and slable, they are safe lo ride in Ihe rain "Everyone docs in Europe." Of current moped operators in this country, I'ollilz says 43 A minibike motor is Ihrec and a half lo seven horsepower and can push a minibike lo speeds ol 5IJ raph. A motorbike or a Irailbike goes still faster. A motorcycle can lop 11X1 mph easy. Therein lies par! of the rnopcd's identity problem. The federal Department of Transportation came along in I9M with a code that described any two-wheeled vehicle as a motorcycle. It sel standards lumping mopeds. and everything in between, with motorcycles. Among other Ihings. it required powerful brakes that could bait 300 to 900 pound motorcycles from high speed in 300 lo 3511 feet, and headlights with Iwams strong enough for those high speeds , "A moped engine; at 1 one lo two horsepower, couldn't power : Ihe beams and push the hicvcle, loo." I'ollitz said "The code effectively eliminated mopeds from the American road." Then came the 1H73 Mideast War and Aral) oil boycott. "People became aware thai oil is a wasting resource," I'ollitz said. "We must find alternatives thai use less energy. My car gels eight miles a gallon Mopeds get V25 lo MO." The following August. I'olhtz, then an investment analyst, w;,o summering with his family at SI. Tropez. lie got to thinking about how their 70- year-old maid. Madame Vcndu. traveled three miles daily lo their villa on her cyclomoteur < moped 1. "I had never seen one in Ihe United States." he said. lie Ijegan checking and found Ihe United Slates "is Ihe only country in which the moped is not a principal form of ORTHO Lindane Borer & Leaf Miner Spray . Recommended by many authorities for use on ((i/il aid ornamental irees for Ihe contioi oftorcrs « Wilt control leal mine's on elm. birch and locust frees. • Controls juniper lv<ig girdler Contains: 20% Lindano. 59% Aromatic Petroleum Derivative Solvent ORTHO Brush Killer A • Kills woody plants such as poison ivy, rMispi^bak'w'iitowroaK.rnapfe and delt^ '"oihet wd'b'cly p'fants, ''•.•'::'" '-..,••, ,• Pie\eniscut Slumps from resprouling. • Label directions cover Frill Method of Killing trees and snubs too large to be sprayed, Contains: 43 c ,b Ammonium SuHamate Contract^ Bridge Piece de Resistance Soulh dealer. NortWiouth vulnerable. NORTH »A762 » A 9 8 4 4843 + AQ WEST »9543 EAST 4K108 « Q J 10 5 *io8752 + KS63 SOUTH »KQJ 1073 » A96 + J1 The bidding: South Wcsl l» Pass North East Pass Opening lead • five of clubs. Let's assume you're in four hearts and West leads a club. You can see at a glance that il either black-suit finesse were to succeed you'd make the contract, so let's say you start out by taking the club finesse. East wins dummy's queen vrilh the king and sHIls lo Ihe queen of diamonds. It doesn't matter whether you win this diamond or the next one with the ace; sooner or later you'll have lo try a spade finesse to K< make Ihe contract. When you do, it turns out that East has the king and the contract goes down one. If by any cbancc you played Ihe hand this way you could commiserate with yourself on Ihe bad luck you had in losing both finesses. You could argue Uial Ihe malhematical odds were 3 lo 1 lhat at least one of the finesses would succeed. But this argument could be destroyed by your partner, who might say with some asperity that you had blown an ice-cold contract! All you had to do, he might say, is go up with Ihe ace of clubs al Irick one, draw trumps, lead the queen of spades and finesse. True, you'd lose the queen lo Ihe king and East would cash the king of clubs before shifting to a diamond, but Ihis would nol stop you from making Ihe contract You'd win the diamond with the ace, cash the ja ck of spades, enter dummy wilh a tmmp, and discard a diamond on the ace of spades. You could Ihen afford to concede a diamond trick lo the enemy, bul you would have ten tricks lo show for ycur efforts as a resull of having resulted Ihe made-lo-order club finesse at trick one. ORTHO Malathion 50 Insect Spray . Excellent multi-use msecticide-conltols a Y,irje range ol insects on (ru.l Irees. vegetables and ornamenlals. • Use in or about homes lo control household pests Centrals Iteas on cats anddogs • Also user! lo control certain livestock pests. Contains: 50% Malathion, 33% Aromatic Pelroleum Derivative Solvent ORTHO Hornet & Wasp Jet Spray • Shoots a concentrated spray to give a fas! knockdown and Villot hornels and wasps. • Also conirols anls.ear.vigs. fleas, clover mites, cricketsand certain other insects. Contains: 0.5% Baygon, 0.1S Pyrelhtins. 02?i piperonylButoxidc. 0.331i V.GK264 and 83 37=i Isoparallinic Hydrocarbons TR10X Liquid Vegetation Killer • Pievents plant growth lor^p to • E 3 sy to a p'ply wi1 h aVprinkl in g c a rt. • Particularly uselu! LO clean unwanted vegetation ou! o' driveways, walks, paiios and tence rows. ORTHO Vegetable Garden Food 5-10-10 • A specially prepared plan! food lor vegetable gardens formulated for high yields and top quality vegetables. • Canbeusedonallvegetablesinlhe garden. • Convenient easy-to-use caiton. • Clean-odorless pellets. Contains: 5-10-10 Fertilizer (5% Nitrogen, I0°o Phosphorus and 10% Potash} plus Iron and many other minor elements Contains: 1. 86% Pramilo1,0.66 c .:= PCP and 0.03% other Chlorinated phenols ISOTOX Insect Spray • Systemic action. • Bioatf spectrum garden insecticide. Kills manycnev/ing and sucking insects. » Economical--kins last • [/ay be combined wiihPna'fsn Rose & Garden Fungi-aide for biacVspot and insect control on roses. Contains:5% Meta-Systox R,5?» Sevin, 2^i KcKhane. W> Aromatic Petroleum Derivative Solvent ORTHO Tomato Vegetable Dust • A multi-purpose dusMo control many in seels and diseases on tomatoes, melons and ceitainolher vcgclabfcs. • Can be used on lomatoes up to 7 days before harvest • Packed in arcMlabte.sell-contained plaslic squeeze duster lor easy application. Contains: 5% Cnplan.5% Melhoxychlor. 0.75^o Rotenone and 0.75^o other resins ftom cube ORTHO Rose & Floral Dust -ORTHO | • Proven lormula. combination insecticide and fungicide. • Conirols aphids. Japanese bcelles. black spot and certain other flower garden pesls • tasylo use-reliable squeeze duster. Conlain$:4% Malathion,3% Scvin. 1.5% Kelthane,,ind 5% Folpet ORTHO-KLOR10 Chlordane Dust • Easy lo use. Ready to use • Use in soil application in gardens to control ciJi'/.orms. Jur,e beetle qrubs. v.iremorms ORTHO 3-Way Rose and Flower Care • 3-way action-sy&temic insecticide hills ceitain suc^ng insects. pre-err)ei.gence , , f e pie'-ents weeds and grasses a.r»d. .""£_; B-12-K fertilizer " and s • Easy to use granules-spread evenly vound tl-.e pran:. work iito !op ore men o )il andv.aler m TRIOX Liquid m Vegetation Rifle • Controls sucXing insects for uato six Ase Contains: V,a Di-Syston, 0.174=s=Tn1luraiin. ORTHO DIAZINON Insect Spray • Multi-use insecticide, for use on lawns fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and shad trees. • \Vorks ia$t — controls many different insects. • Economical pint makes ^8 gallons of spray for ornamentals and trees. Cori!,lir.s: 2.y,s Oisi'mon and 57-o Aromatic Petroleum Derivative Solvent ORTHO Fruit & Vegetable Insect Control • Conlrolswide rir fruits and vegetables • C.mbe used up to 1 to 'days before harvest on ceriainvegetattes labels spealic days befoie harvest. • Economical ore quart maVos 9£ of diluted spray. Contains: 25*!: Diazinon. 57=^ Aromatic PctioIeuTi Derivative Solvent ORTHO Liquid SEVIN arvae. baqAorms p'ui many otter nscct ORTHOCIDE Garden Fungicide • Versatile fungicide conirols biackspo! on lose, scab on apples and damp-oil on bulbs and cuitings. • Controls brown patch, leaf &pol.damp-off plus certain other diseases on lav.ns. • Controls early ar,d late blight on toma'oes. Contains: 5Q"s Captan BUG-GETA Snail & Slug Pellets • For use around lisied (ruiisand vcgDlable • Easy-to-use, clean, economical peilels. • Altractsand krlls snails and slugs. • Remains cHcclivc after ram or sprinkling Contains: 3 25"ii ?/cta!dchydc WEED-B-GON Lawn Weed Killer .Spray-cite f > 2.4-Oand Silvex Iwmula thai broadleal weeds, rools and .VI < Easy application m'.ti ORTHO or OHTHO Lawn Spra>cr • Does not harm lawn grasses when usej according To directions Contains. 21.4S.J.4-D. 10% Silvex ORTHO DYRENE Lawn Disease Control 4000 so fi Ccmains: 50 3 o D\rc Tomorrow: Bidding quiz. 160 Rubber 729-7200

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