Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1912
Page 7
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 7,1912. "ALWAYS BE VERY EXPLICIT WITH A DRUGGIST," SAYS FELIX TO FINK. POOR RNK » S»CK I MUST AND 00 SOUETHINGFORHIM. Professional Directofy. >JleT .hf. -> • •» DB. C M. BDSS . • C> Denjjst • •> Extraction withoui pain by tb» ^ •> use of Nitrous Oxide Gas' 9 •> Boon So. 1 >'orthmp BIdg. • •> Pbonea—Office 553; Bes. 852 • * - WANTS-ALL KINDS FARM LOANS WANTED—I AM prepared to take care o£ Farm Loans large or small, at the lowest rate to be obtained anywhere. Privilege to pay any amount at any Interest paying time. See me ^nd get terms and rate, belore placing your loan. R. L. Thompson. Orer Evans Drug Store. WANTED—GIRL FOR GENERAL house work. Apply 606 East St. WANT—TOD TO KNOW. ABOUT the finest fruit and farming secUon m Florida. Address H. G. Gates, Arcadia. Florida. P. O. Box 20. WHEN YOU WANT SOMEONE TO serve lunch at your sale see H. B. WiU^TS—ALL iUffpS WANTED — DISH WASHEit AT once. Krause Cafe. FOR SALE—FOR SALE FOR S A L E—MANTLE FOLDING bod. Inquire 208 N. Buckeye St. FOR SALE—FOR SALE ! FOR SAIE—FOR SALE ! FOR RENT—FOR RENT hi"^ rcf.rnei to her .,<hooi w„rk FOR SALE—GOOD AIM'LES. I.'-. TO ' FOR SALE—REGISTERED PO- I FOR RENT—FURNISHED ROOMS | 'Jl'l?J.^\*'^^^^^ 20c per bushel. S. H. Welth, Lallarpe. : !and China boar, one year old; extra for lislit housekeeping; 2*^ W. Jack- sood. Also sprinj; boar. Address FOR SAt..E—GOOD S YEAR OLD More Bros., lola, Kans. Phone y8S-3:V hors?, "300 lbs; 010 N. Wa.-hington. son. Phone 954. •.vork. .Ur. Earl Brooks is workingi for I FOR SALE—GOOD FARM HORSE or will let out for his keep. ' lola Laundrj*. FOR SALE—SO ACRES. GOOD 8- room house, splendid barn, good cave, wells; about, 50 acres under plow; near school; not far from lola. Priced lower than any other land like it in the county. Small payment buys it .Mr. .1. Andruss. 1 Elmer Duggan spent Sunday In lola. FOR SALE OR RENT—FOUR ROOM I Mr. Darnell is cutting k'affir corn ^ . FOR SALE—I AM BREAKING UP modern liousc, 412 E. Uncoln. See M. j for Mr. .I. Andruss and others;. FOR S.\I.E AT A B.\RCAIN. OUR '""""^ keeping in lola. My household j L. Decker, 211 N. Sycamore. Miss Jcanette Seymour who has modern residence Call ut COS E gwls for sale. Call at residence, 422: \ 1 ; been assisting, her sister. Mrs. Myers. Madison W T Watson ^- Cottonwood art.-rnoons between 3 , FOR RENT—S ROOM MODERN j with house cleaning for the past ten * • • MOXET TO 10A5I • •> Will lend on household goods. •> pianos, organs, sewing nisr •> chines, diamond:: and Jewelry. • J.W. COFFEY • > Office, K G. UO Korth StrMt * • PHlLLfP HEI6ELK • • • BABXESS ANP S J IDBLEKI tienen] Bepalrlng. UO^ South Street—loU. K M. FOR BALE—HOUSE ings. rugs, linoleums, trunks, suit cases and combiUHtion heaters. Bonnell. 9 N. Jefferson. Phono 1290. I and 6. Must bfl Fold at once as 1 am ; liou .'.e close in. FURNISH-j vacate the house. C. ! Phone 372. Kessinger, at Red Light Restaurant, on The Allen County Investment l^Hari)€, Kans. ;('o..Kelley Bldg.. lola. Kans. WANTED—GOOD SINGLE MAN on farm. Phono '.t!l4-|3. . WANTED—TO DO ilOUSE WORK by tho hour. Address "B" Register office. |2.r.O PER DAY PAID ONE LADY in each town to distribute frcp circulars tor concentrated flavorin.i? in tubes. Permanent position. F. E. Barr C^.. Chicago. MEN! WANTED—TO LOAD CE- ment ali the LcHunt Plant of the United Kanl«is Portland Cement Company near Independence, Kans. ^A Lost Ad In the Bcgfster finds It. FOR SALli~60 HEAD HIGH GRADE Shropshire breeding ewes; 40 lambs; 1 purebred Shropshire buck. Farm 1 mile and M mile sotitli of Car- lyio, Has. Phone 9S4-4. W. F. Wober. FOR, SAL1>-CHAMPI0N COMBIN- allon rioal, gas. and pood ranpe; used two winters. R. M .Colo,-809 North St., lola. Kans. KOll SALE—BEST TEAM OP TWO- vcir-old mules in tho country. S. E. Mci'.tnnls,: LaHarpe, Kas. VOR SALE—40, 80, 160 OR 200 acres nice meadow land; 5 miles from lola; $35 per acre. Want no trade. See owner, S. W. Lust. LaHarpe. Kas. .r'FOR SALE—FIRST CLASS MA- terial and workmanship on all kinds of books, at the Register Bookblndery. FOR SALE—RHODE ISI^AND RED cockcrola; 75c each. Phone 9S-21, Gas. Perbam. FOR EXCHANGE FOR SALE-GOOD, MODERN house, well located. Cheap If taken at onio. See J. E .Powell, or call on .1. F. llalderinan at 319 S. Cottonwood. FOR SALE CHEAP—TWO Colony" Coops. Phone 1034. •PIIILO FOR SALE—ELM LUM11E1|; Expert sawor: have new mill, ("imio and SOP wlillo mill Is on tho ground. W. A. D.awson. ' I FOR SALE-ONE OF THE BEST locations In Wn- county; 80 acres .".V4 allies southwest of lohw^pood 3 room house; fruit and water. See tho owner, A. H. .MlUor. Route 1, lola. iCIIE.lP FARMS IX ALLEN COUJfTY. — j SO A. 3 miles Moran; fair improve- i.nients. $3,000. T^l' ICO A. near Geneva; good Improvements. $6,000. FOR EXCHANGE-GOOD CLE.\R go A3 miles lola. all level, black western Kansas land for clear lo a janj jn culUvatlon unimproved, $3200. •J^o ^J'H^."''^i'o'""'""*'''^- ^ Q''''^'*': Unimproved 40. level land. $1200. 203 S. Third St. , These are all bargains. Why rent TO TRADE-FOUR YOUNG HORS- ; ^"'^ °° ^'^^ OS for or on a 5 room house in lola.' IMione 257. days, returned to her home in lola Wodne«Iay. Here is an Item we overlooked last week: Misg Leona Tippy who for so long has been unable to walk, wa.s able to attend Rally Day at the Hall. We were glad to see her out. Mr .and Mrs. Sam Baker and family silent Sunday at Mr .Stut'erille's. LEGAL.S. I OLA LAND COMPANY. TO EXCHANGE—A NICE UTTLE home for good team, wagon and bar-! nesa. A. W. Beck. 15 E. Madison Ave.! How's This? Wo offi -r Onr llundird DnIUra Reward (or any ' t caw o( Cbtarrb Hut citiuiui be cumi by llall* ! Cturrb Cure. I K. J. CIIESEV * CO., Totfdo. O. juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumj U-UTJ-UTJ ^ : W>. tlut imdcrslcDnl. luv* knowii K J. ClKnry i for xlw iMt 15 Tram, and bfilr\'c htm iN>rfuctJy bun* LOST—SCOTCH COLLIE DOG ' "S'"" «" buaiawa tranMctloa. auU m"CUlly LOST AND FOUND. about 4 years old; will answer to name j •IJob." J. F. Halderman. Phone 1256. 1 (First Published November 7. 19121 SlIEKIFrS SALE IX PETITIO.X. I Suae of Kansas. County of Allen, se. I Edward G. Pettegrew and Fannie ! Pettegrew hH wife; Florence .\. WIl- ! son and William Wilson her husband. Plaintiff.';; x-.s. Harmon S. Pettegrew and I.,aura Pfittegrew his wife; Swlth- en C. Pettejtrew and Bessie Pettegrew his wife; Myrtle F. Stevens; Maria J. .Albrecbt; Minnie Mallett and Harry Mallett herbusband; Frank Barkmnn; Fred N. Pettegrew and Fannie Pette- •> F. L. B: LEATELL, JL D. ^ Specialties: •;• Diseaaea of the Cheat > Diseases of Children ' • X-RAY Fkones—Office 147; Be«. 1471 •> lola SUte Bank Bldg. T.O.CANATSEY Expert Piano.; Ta lint and Repairing, WItk Boberts Muilc Ca N ATIONAL u *.\K or a.uuE »c«. | prew his wife; and .lames Mills, De- ^ Toicaix Ohio. ; . Reward. i Ilaira Catarrh Curr Ix taken Inlcmally, actlB( | fendantS. . LOST—POSSIBLY ON NORTH .lEF forson ,a small accoimt book; rod. co\or. Return to 2I."i N. .lofforsou. Ill-ward. , dlrtrtly UIKMI the bl.KKl auil niucat» nartarr* n( the . •>-»lcm. Tiiillninnlala apit trre. Price 71 centa per bolllr. (Solil by all Dn»iiii>t.< Tate HaU'9 Fan-ily fills (or cocutipatlco. —Try a liegi.ster IVant Ad. UiHIUiPE NEWS FOR TODAY * 3r * * * rS « 3-.rS « 35 •£ $ * * HIGH SCHOOL UUILS PARADED FOB SlFFiatJE TUESDAY. WALL PAPER. Ad Brenuan and Walter .Tohnson, AI- len County Star Pitchers Bat- ! tie at HnmlHiIdt Today. "Wall Paper that has made a hit. Don't pass it up. Buy some w of these 'papers even if you * don't use them for a year; It's * an investment that is worth * your while. Early callers get the best selections. WATERS & DAXFORTH Drugs and Jewelry LAHARPE. NOV. • 7.—Tuesday af- | tcrnoon about thro*- o'clock tlie girls l A g; g; jg g; g; g; ^ 3: g; ^ of the high school armed themselves | with banners and signs labeled, "yotes for Wom<'n ,"8Hnd gav*- a suffrage parade down Main stropt. Con- siiierable excitement and mu<'h discussion of the amendment was created by this unique advertising method. The girls are credited with carrying thfe city for suffrage. A lad jerked a banner from one of the girls I and started on the run. bat he didu'l. get 3: LOOK! LOOK! . 35 Remember this Is the last week .rk 3? of our liig sale on U IIRF. All our 3; 3r $25 rugs in assorted Floral and 33- OrienUl patterns go for $lS.oo3- 3t this week only. Come in and let 3; ® us show you of the (nany advant- * very far. The girls captured him and !3f ages of buyingnow. administered a good pounding. The girls doubtless read and approved of the English Suffragists' methodr, of treating the unbelieving. The lad also suffered a hair pulling. —Everjbody come and see the demonstration of Cole's Hot Blast Heaters on Tliursday. October 31st. at Hines' Hardware, i Harold Roberts, while hunting specimens for his botany class encouiiter- «di some poison weeds and as a result is sufferlnp considerable pain. A few of the friends of Rev. and Mrs. Irn M. Benhnm formerly of here but now residing in Garnett arc receiving programs of the Dedication servities to be held at.the Methodist church in Garnett, November 10th to 17th Tlie cornerstone of. the new church was laid on .November 6, 1911. Thomas Church came in from Altoona yoslerdaj- for a .short visit with Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Robins enroute to Baldwin to visit his son. Harry Wilson now claims that Woodrow is his first coysin, but he on ly discovered the relationship after the returns began coming in. —Car of potatoes 65 cents a bushel out of car Tuesd.ay.—J. R. Smith. Mrs. C. J. Halm accompanied Mrs. G. A. Cowden as far as Fort Scott yesterday. LaHarpe seemed unusually inter- » LAHARPE FIRMTrBE STORE 3- H. R. Martin, Prop. 33- 3- 3-3-3r«3j3-3t3t3-3r3'3J3r3'3'3:3- 5- 3; 5 3r a- 3- 3- 3r3-3-*«S3!3-$3-3f 3- 3r Go To 33- 3^ 3; 3- 3t COOKSEY'S DRrC STOBE for all your needs In DRCGS, Expect only the best of everjthlng. Prescriptions and family recipes a specialty. • w 3? 33- 3t 3- 3r THE DAY'S DOINGS AT GAS GITYi: HIGH .SCHOOL PKKPAKIXJ TO PRO DICK (iOOD OLD "I'l>AKOKE." Humboldt lod.ny. Mr. and Mrs. Tliarlos Vestal and son who have been suffering from scarlet fever nro convalescing. Andrew Smith has gone to Wichita for an extended visit. Harold Ruble is quite ill with typhoid fever. Mrs. F. S. Halm entertained • tlie Embroidery club at her homo on South V.'ashlngton yesterday afternoon. Don Nesbitt is reported better today. Don Withers of Bronson, spent r;AS CITY. .NOV. 7—Tho high school Tuesday night at the J. A. Brown nmsic c!:iss ha.s lieen strengthened! home, enroute to Emjioria to visit hisjpreatly in their abilliy to give "Plna- daugliter. I fore." I!n> eoinir opera, by (lie addi- L. C. Siirlen, of Hen'.on. Kas, li:iK|fi(in of i:ii«in Hunter. Mr. Hun(er accepted :i position; ;is liuniT and i will i;ik'- t'.ie jKirt. of ("aptain. on*- of plumber to take the jilacf* of Mr. .Mor- ilie liejui.-t parls. Tlie il:ile for the gan alHiuf's" Hardware. prrdnrilia 'MI.- derided last niclit a( ; practi!-"' to I'" Ilie 2«lh of (;iis niontli. 3:3-3-3r3-*3r3-3r3-«*3r3-3;»3r 3r 35 3? .Vnnierons Persona! Xote« and .Vention of .lliinj Interesting Loral Items of News. FRIDAY FKJISII FISH A.\D OYSTERS Phone 31)55. CARL &HCXTER 353-v3-3^S«a-E®S3-r£' $53- RELIABLE FIRE I.N'SURANCE—IN J ^-t -r I .e.vm.m left lart m:xhl for renewing yo.rr Insurance, place some '^'f' ih-re on ac.oun: ..f of it with mo. I wlil see that your in-'•'<"'' "f '^'"^ Biandir.other, .Maiv terests are safely"' guarded, by writ- '''"^^ ing you in a first class company. Bo- .Mi>s l.iii.-* I'.-nneii .spent (lie even- slde.s, we need the business and will ins witli .Miss I {o .>-f Corns, appreciate your patronage. R. L' Mrs .M M I '.olxTts of C.hanute, who Thomp .son. Phone 142, Over Evans was taken ill at the T. .\I. Roberts' Drug Store. rsted in the county oloction Jind when it was learned that some of the caiidi.- d.ntes were running close, the street cars were watched for persons return ing from lola thv seat of the eounling.! Others even ctillrd up 'long distai 'eo. j Tho suspense was over wlien the Reg | iBtor came with tho unofficial count. Sir. and Mrs. George Inwood tind Miss Hatlle Fitzpatriek after :i visit wth Mr. and Mrs. E. Wllll.nins. returned this Week to their home In Erie. Mrs. .Tames Reamer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .1. E. Bronnan Is <iuiie ill nt her home In Kansas City; The football boys left this jnorn- Ing for I..eroy to battle wilu a team at that place. Ad Brennan of this city will oppose Walter .Tohnson in a game of base ball at Humboldt this afternoon. The weather Is fair and a good crowd will attend from here. Mrs. Ed McVcy. who has been visiting, her parents near Elsmore, re^ turned home yesterday. ' Misses Alma Poisett and Lutie Barker attended the base ball game at —Let a Register For Sale sell IL 35 3-S 35 S 3: 35 « $ a 3-S 3f 3-* 35 « 35 35 35 35 35 3r 35 3^ 35 35 WATCH OUB WIXDOTf THIS WEEK. SOHETHIXG XEW EVERY DAY. — PABKHUBST IMPORTANT! Train 109 goes through Wichita, Hutchinson. Sterling and Ljons connecting at Geneseo with through servlca to Pacific Coast Train 407. leaving lola 4:46 p. m.. goes through to Wichita maJc Ing connectlbn at Wichita for Colorado and the Pacific coast Train 410 has through, first- class coach and standard sleep? er to St. lAiMia, making gooti connections with all. lines at St Louis. Train 40S makes connection at Rich Hill for North East and Southern Missouri points. E. L MONGER IGEHT. lioiiie. Is rejiorteil worse today. Superlntenrient OslHirn :;nd the en: tire corps of toachtTs left this uiorn- ini; on the early Santa Fc for To|ieka for tlip Tiai h /rji' Association. A num- 1 her of tlie tenclnTS expect to return to I.flwrence Kriilay night and visit until .Sunday. .Mr. anf! Mi>. .lanie-- We.-i are the proud i>ar"nih of a <I.'.if,;i"iter. Imrn the first of the wei-k Mrs. F W. Fre.cii lift (his morning for Kansas City to enjoy a visit with her daughter. Charlii- It. I HT I S. of Kansas City, will cp.^nd I !e \\i,"-k-eiitl with his lirotlior. Ciiy ICiitierts. and family. M!.^;; lln/.<'! IIow iid ;:rriv»>d yester- •':<y f:i<m Kiiieorin to enjoy a vlit v.itii !ii-r .-i!-!. :•. Miss .Mary Howard. She • H :;1 al-o visit .Mr .Mr?. Alvln I^ff. Kr. of I<;!a, b.?fore returnliig home. T .1 Payton, of Guthrie. Okla.. W. li H;r: n. of U'oia; Kas.. and Peter V,'. Pavton. of Kiilton. Kas., and Mrs. ('. S Cook, of Emporia, are at the .heme of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Payton. Mrs. Payton is reporteil ; not rn well this: week, i Willie Scruggs is acting as dellverj'- i man'for the .\lstott gfocerj- during Mr.'s ul)sence. .Mr. llMnly, of lola, is shipping a two ioome!l hr,i!«e to his large ranch in western K.iC' .Mr--. MiHrfili' will enjoy the week< 0 (1 witli !:;.- yon near l>ono E!in. ' It; 1 'in I-.v. v ir • ; :-irri:; • 'iiiie. lf< heel ." •.'••. .lat licCer i;i th" la.'-t fov. v>ork.^ .' ••. .\. J. ;;>es ;>.,nd .\!:.sse; I;: laehe 1 .1 V'T.'.i t.oos were Kue.^•;s c' Mrs- : "1 ;.aH.-:rp<'. last evf-.ii.s. (;re;.'t:. aire yparn, is r-ported .•.'UiL'eroiisly ill at hi.-; home on South Mrlioa street. -Tells the Whole Story." To say tliui Foley's Honey & Tar :'ii;n!Hiun<! is host for children and .^rown per.-otis and contains no opiate* t. Ms only part of tTiC tale. The whole >ti'Ty is that it is the tuedicine 'iM- |(<iu .::!is. colds."'proup. bronchitis •iitl M;;.!- effc'.tlojj's l>f the" throat, •:<-( nt'il liincs. Stops la grippe, •i )i !;:::s .in. I liKs a healing and soothing 'ffort. Kciuonjl'or the name, Foley's I! ,ney Ac Tar CpiujioiirKl. and .tccep lo sii'..-!it:i'e. i:nrrcir» Drug Store. 35 35 35 3^3^ 35 35 «S35«a5S35353JS5 ' 35 . 35 ,& bur store Is now open to-serve S :35 you of the best there Is obtain- 35 , 35 able. We carry a full line of .3« 35 GBOCEBIES 35 1 35 Gljiso. Tin no«^. Granite Ware 35 » \ui NotlonM of All Kinds. 35 35 Come in and let us show you 35 .35 our stock. $ '35 Spot rash—5o DeUrery $ :35 .35 35 F. H. and S. J. BOTD ® ? « 35 95f5 35 35 35 * PKMRIE MALI.. I.Mrs. Frank Myers.'* Xovciiil 'er -Sunday fieluMil every Siindty .Tt ti-n o'clotck. Kvcjyhotl.x -Dine .-ind hr\n-A some." one with yois T '.-a .'ii iu:r nex; Suhday at ebver jcle .i -k )>y Ri 'v. Atherton. Fian.t .Myers will lead Kpworth League i.-.oeting Sunday night ^nf' "ame -Miy i inquests year presence a' the church. Qr.ite a niimiier from this nelg;:bor- '.lood ^w•:lt down to Jcddo Tuestlay tc '•jei.'- vote in spite of the roln.' .Mr and llis. Frank Myers and family cud Miss .loanette Seymour were calling at ^Ir. L Venable's Sunday afternoon/ , . . • Mr. A. R. Stewart, of Gladlxrook. Ta.. came i>-n to Mr. J. Cusick's last Saturday (o lo;> ka.'ter his farm interests here. Oi!": srl 'ool will have vacation Thnrs day and Friday o fthlsf week that Mr Rockwell may attend teachers' meet- i^g at Topeka. ( "Ttic^p who were fortunate enougl ro be iMirmltted to attend the surprise iwrty at Mr. Darneird reiicrt a fine time. Mrs. Rodda .has a niece visiting bei from Kansas City. Mrs. J. Cusick visited her sister Mrs. Kelly Monday to pay a farewell rUit to her olece, Miss Louise, before By virtue of an execution In partition to be- directed and delivered. I E- sued out of the .17th,.Judicial District rourtof the State of Kansas, -sitting! n and-for.Allen County, Kansas. Inf 5aid State: 1 will at 10 o'clock a. m. on the 0th day of December A. D. 1912. af. the south door of the court house in rhe City of lola. In the Coun>ty and State aforesaid, offer at public sale and sell to the lilghest bidder for cash In band, all the right, title ancl Interest the above named plaintiffs' and defendant in and to' the following described property in Allen County, Kansa^«. to-wit: The Southeas"t Quarter of Section '\ieht (S). Township Twenty-four (24>, '-lange Twenty f20); ICO acres more 't- les.s. appraised at $r.200. Tlie West Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section Seventeen fl7). Township Twenty-four <24); I^nge Twenfy (20i; SO acres mori .or less, ipprafeed at $:;oflO. Said tract.of land will be sold sep; •iiTJtely. but neither of them f<ir less ban two -tlHrds of (he appraised value n=, above given;, and- said land "will be -old w )thoii( the riirht of redemption. Saul property is ?old as the prop- i^rty of the ahovt« named plaintiffs and lefendants other than their'husbands ind wives and other than th^ defend- "nts Hat ;i;on S. Pcitogrew and Minnie Mallett and other than James Mills, 'n an action for partition. Sheriffs Offiro. lola, Kansa-s. N<>- vemher 7. 1012. • HOOVER KERR. Sheriff of Alien County. Kansas, naxtcr D. McCIain and -Morse & Pees. Attorneys for Parties. • • • I • • AUCTIONEEBt A. B. ColUns General Farm Sales; Livestock a specialty. Satisfaction guaranteed. Address, Carlyle, Kas. FRANTZ THE OPTOIMBTRiar •Jceiiiaiv* Olmm- Fitting S^aclaiiat li Huma's JewflliT BtM» fFirst Pnblisbed November 7. 1912.) . XOTICP OF FIXAL SETTLEMENT. The State pf Kansas. Alien] County, si. In.tie Probate Court in and for'said County. In the matter of the estate of C. M. Eaton, Deceased. Creditors and all- other persons interested in the aforesaid estate are hereby notified that I shall apply to tlie Probate Court In and .for said Connty/sitthig at the Court House In lola; County of Allen. State of Kansas, on the 6th day of December. A. D. 1912. for a full and final' settlenient of said estate, and for an-order finding and adjudging who are the heirs of C- M. Eaton, deceased. JENNIE EATON. Administrator of the Estate of C. M. Eaton. Deceased. November 7. A. D. 1012. (iri -7-14-21-28 tBKASB. yfci.fh^ MM villi Cluo.Ribtxn. trhor. BUT otwmmr y«m t nn >ii as Cnt.<at, Alnn R.clbL.ic S0l9Byn!>[T ,nRT5EVEftYWHaf PUBLIC sm^m I will sell nt Public Aurtlon on farm known ns'i the Whipple farm, 1 mile south of lola. en Krntnrky SI. road, and ?4 mile raHt, I niile south and »4 west of Klcctrir Power House, on Monday, November 11, 1912 Brslnnliig at 10 o'clock, su ni., tho following described property: .s IIEVD IIOUSKS .WD MILKS, .'• head good lirnod nnres. all in oal. 3 are foaled to Stafford's horse. to Harris' luirse; 1 comlug 2-year)Id filley: 1 gelding, vvt. about 1300 'bs.; 1 suckling colt. 7 HK.ID MILK COW.S. I thoroughbred Jersey heifer, all giving milk. .\II bred, 3 will have calves next month. 4 ilE.VD OK HOG.S. 3 will weigh about 12.0 lbs. each; one aljout 90 lbs. 100 Chickens; 11 Ducks; .=>.Turkeys; •{ Guineas. HAY A\D GRAI.V. 700 bu. corn in crib; 2tiu shocks of iorn fodder; *?.0 shocks of cane hay; )0 shocks -of kaffiP corn; some hay in barn. FARM IMPLE«E.\TS, ETC. wagons, good as new; 4 cultivators. 2 walking. 1 riding: 2 14-Inch breaking plows; 1 harrow; 1 corn planter; 1 McCormick mower. 5 ft out, new; 1 J. I. Case riding lister, good as. new; 1 Go-De\il. good as new; .1 top buggy; 1 feed grinder; 3 seta work harness; 1 set single harness; 1 hay frame. HOUSEUOl-D GOODS. 2.good organs, 1 cocikj stove, 1 heating stove, tables, chalks, beds. 1 cream separator (Butterfly); used about two months; lots of canned fruit; about 6 bu. swqet potat(fes. and many other articles too numerous to mention. This stuff wiU posUively sell, as I am leaving the $tate. TERMS OF S.\LE—All stiins of $10.00 and under. 9ash In'hand. All sums . over $10.00. a credit of 12 moirfbs Tflllbe given, purchaser giving note, with ipproved security, bearing 6 per cent interest from date If paid when' due. If not jiaid when due to draw 10 per cent from 4ate of sale. 4 per cent dia- • •:ount for cash on credit sales. No property to bef removed until settled for. > 1 ^ JOHNWALDEN ' UUNCH SERVED* ON GRODNDS. .

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