The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on May 19, 1892 · Page 1
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 1

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1892
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2. HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, MAY 39, 1892. HOW MISS PAM MANAGED IT. By MARY KYLE DALLAS. ICopyright, 1802, by American Press Association.] CHAPTER I. "It'll a rati hnndmma ring." Ono orap, clear autumn morning, just as the sun began to show a red rim upon tho misty horizon, Miss Pamela Pnlinor —usually called by all her friends and neighbors "Miss Pain"—a lady of uncertain nge, but with many evidences of beauty of tho New England type still lingering in her well cut fenturoH and well set shoulders, and, on the whole, yet fine looking, opened tho door of hot houno and emerged, bringing with her a little pile of rugs, lampmats and tidies and a Email wickerwork furuitm'o boater, Her gray dress was covered by a largo drilling apron, and on hor head she wora a bluo Hilk handkerchiof to keep the dust from hor hair. As her foot touched the porch a ponderous gray eat, with white feet and forehead and great, yellow eyes, sprang forward to greot hor, uttering that melancholy and reproachful cry common to felino pets who think themselves injured by their human protectors. As she heard it Miss Pamela paused and a con- trito expression appeared upon her face. "Why Socrates," she said, as seriously us though sho were addressing a human being. "Why Socrates—Aunt Pam didn't mean to Bhut yon ont. But yom milk'is right thero on the kitchen hearth in tho bluo naucer—go in." She opened tho door, and as the cat dashed through shut it again. It was a pleasant old house—that ol Miss Pamela's—quaint as to roof ami windows and hooded porch, with prim poplurs standing on either side like sentinels on guard, with u gilded weather cock n-crow upon its roof always pretending to tell which way tho wind blew and always pointing to tho wrong quarter. Strawberry shrub grow in Mias Pam's garden, and old man and crimson coquilicot and snowballs and wax berries. Two old peahens walked sober! y about tho lawn, and u peacock spread his Bplondid tail in the sun and utterod his liideous shriek to call attention to it, and over tho wall of the brick carriage house a strange, dark ivy crept—an ivy loved of tho birds, who built their uesta in it. Au Aldemey cow belonged to tho establishment, loo, and a solemn horso. warranted never even to wish to ran away, and a highly varnished little vo- hiclo with red cushions, in which Miss Pom drovo out when sho wassoiuclined. handling tho reins herself. Miss l-'am likod to do things for herself, though sho was comparatively rich. Her fixed idea beiug that sho could do anything better than any ono else, homework particularly. Having shut Socrates into the house alio carried her rugs to a space of grass to the west of tho coachhouse and began to beat thorn. Talking to hersell meanwhile in a murmuring voice: "1 hopo things aren't goin wrong," she said. "1 hopo it's goin to bo happy for 13d- wina; but she didn't come in to tell me ubout tho party last night, though 1 left the door open and tHu light burning a-purposo. If sho had anything good tc tell she'd have come." Sho beat the largest of her rugs with vigor tut she I spoke: "Norman Driscoll certainly began tc come horo on Edwina's ucuouut," she J went on. " 'Twarn't on mine natrally. It'B a match I want for Edwina. He's real nice and his fainil} is good; and she'd bo real happy with him and he'd bo happy with her, but then"— She beat a lesser rug in a melancholy fash, ion to dead march time during a pause, then with a sigh she said: "But tnen is carried away with looks. Jacintha doos cnt Edwina out at par ties, in low neck and short sleeves, fm looks." Then a more hopoful rat-tattoo echoed under tho touch of tho beator. "Every eye makes its own beauty," she said, "Jefferson Fui-diek used to say 1 was tho prettiest girl in Hingham. Dunno as anybody elso thought mo any nioro than ordinary." She paused to beat more vigorously. Two rugs hung on the lino before her. A quiet little Turkish affair, of softest blended hues, and a brilliant bit ol Brussels carpet, whore crimson roses were glowing on a white ground amid greener leaves than nature ever pain ted. "Them two girls," she said as sho suspended her labors and leaned against tho trunk of a tall cherry tree to rest—"them two girls is as differeut UB them two rags. Jacintha is like this one," and • sho indicated the gaudy confection of rod, green and white, which in her eyes was very beautiful. "Kind of takes you right off somehow. Edwina is like thut," and sho glancod at the Turkish rug. "1 didn't see what besot Cousin Sarah to buy that for mo a Christmas present at first, but it's growed on me every day, and my! how it does last!" She gathered up her rugs and went into the house, and baring placed them and washed her hands began to get •breakfast, Socnitos waw;hing the process ;.»,<gjjUi deep interest, especially when some V nWM^e>re put upon tho frying pau, for ' like all cats ho adored pah. "Which is it?" Aunt. Pam said again. "I do feel beset to know, and I do hope its Edwina." She was not sure whether sho had not said this aloud, and felt startled when sho saw a pretty, slendor, but rather pale young girl standing on the farther side of tho stove. "Up already?" she said, in some eon- fusion. "Aunt Pam wouldn't have called yon. Sho felt you'd like to sleep a little after the party." "Oh, somehow I was restless, Aunt Pam," the girl answered. "I don't think I've slept at all—only little naps that seemed worst) than nothing—starting out of them thinking I was fnlling from some high place. Jacintha is sound asleep though, and smiling as though sho was having pleasant dreams," sho turned her head uway as sho spoke. "I never know any one like Jacintha before," alie said, "she's always pretty, awake or asleep, hot or cold, tired or angry, always beautiful, even when any ono elso would look plain—like a girl in a novel. I did not believe in such girls, but she is a proof that thoy exist." Though Aunt Pam could not see hor niece's face sho felt snre that sho was crying. "I'll carry in the fish; you bring tho coffee," She said, leaving tho room with a hot dish in her hands. It was qnito a little time before Edwina appeared in the dining room, and even then her eyes wore wet and hor features swollen. "She's been crying dreadfully," said Aunt Pam to herself, and hor feelings would bo restrained no longer. "There's a girl I know that ain't a bit like Jacintha," she Baid, "and that's Edwina Palmer. Whatever she feels she shows it BO plain that her Aunt Pam don't uoed to be told whether she's happy or in trouble. Tell me what has happened to make you cry, Edwina?" Edwina looked at her for a moment, and then turned and ran into the corner of tho room and hid hor face thera, crowding heteelf into tho wall as though trying to force herself through it. Her shoulders woro Bhaking with suppressed sobs. Against her will her grief had gotten tho best of her. 'Oh, Aunt Parol" Bhe gasped, "Aunt Pam, I can't help it. I felt as if ^should die, and 1 want to—yes, 1 wunt to." Aunt Pam knows all about it, darling," the spinster said. "Life is real Bhort, come to look back upon it. Don't seem no time since Jefferson Poadick came courting me. I've never given nobody the particulars of how we broke') off, and I guess I never shall. But I felt liko you do now. Tell me what has boen happening. Is it about Normau Driscoll?" The girl left her cornor and came to Annt Pam's side and knelt down, encircling tho spinsterY ample waist with her armB and hiding her face in her bosom. "Oh, what should I do if you were not so good to me—if I had not you to tell?" j she sobbed. "It is about Norman Dris coll. 1 am ashamed, but I cannot help it. 1 liked him so much and ho liked mo, auntie. Ho loved me dearly. I knew it by every sign, not so much by what he said as by what ho looked. And then sho came and took him from me. He did not go of his own freo will—she did it. With all tho power sho has to charm men sho worked to get him from mo. Ho is hers now, hers—oh, Aunt Pam!" "Why didn't you tell me, dear?" Aunt Pam asked, laying her cheek against tho girl's satin soft hair. "I'd have stopped it." "Oh, what could you have done, aunty?" Edwinu asked. "Well, 1 think I'd have Bent hor home. Anyhow, 1 could have gone into the parlor and Bot," said Miss Pam so quaintly, that in spite of her grief Edwina gave a little hysterical laugh. "Thero, it is over," she said, rising. "I've told you and I'vo had my cry out. He gave hor a ring last night—1 saw him put it on her finger. He kissed her goodby, not caving if 1 saw them. It is all settled. They are engaged; His almost the same as being married. 1 must not liko him any longer, I should never dare to go t<< church again if I liked another woman's husband. Don't worry about ino, Aunt Pam, it's just as it is when you have a tooth out—it aches a little afterward, but it's gone." "1 had oner know," said Aunt Pam. "1 had twelve out at once when 1 had my set made. With moat of them it was over pretty soon. But one kept on hurting. You see some of the root was left in." "Oh, the root shall come out in this case," said Edwina, rising and taking hor seat at the table. "I think I'll send you to town to do somo shopping before Jacintha gets up," Aunt Pam said, "and if your eyes should continue red when you come homo, you can talk about gotting a cinder in 'em— needn't say right out you bev; 1 wouldn't adviso you" to lie, but yon could act it out." And grateful Edwina had taken the cars at the railway station before Jacintha came dancing down, that ling, which Aunt Pam pretended not to see, flashing on her finger. At last she fairly put it under Miss Palmer's very eyes. "Isn't it lovely?" she asked. "It's a real handsome ring. Who did you borrow it of?" M. I Pam asked. "Borrow it," cried icintha. "Don't you see it's on my engaged linger. Aunt Pam, Norman Driscoll put it thero last night." So poor Edwina was right, Aunt Pam thought, with a pang that she thought afterward was as bad as a stitch in the side. Aloud she said: "Well, I always keep my congratulations till I see whether or no an engagement isn't broken off, So don't oxpoct nouo." "Oh, indeed," said Jacintha. "But every one need not ho as unlucky as you were Aunt Pam." And sho looked into the square of looking glasB beneath the round, white face of the eight day clock, as though she would liko to say, "And ovory one is not so fascinating as 1 am." Her speech made Miss Puiu furious. "Unlucky!" sho cried, "I feel myself very lucky, I can tell you. 1 lie down PltOOUESS IN CHINA. Tho Wheel* Move ftloivly In the DrnRon's Empire Hts Majesty tho Kmporor of China and the " Son of Heaven " Is enjoying a trnJn of miniature railroad cars, presented to Win by tho French syndicate of capitalists who wish to get contracts for building railways. In China, they will wonder nt its steam engine ; and tho 8ix thousand electric lights, which nro now lxjing introduced into tho holiest of Chiueso sanctuaries, cannot but turn tholr eyes to our civilization. It will not bo long ore a material advancement will be made in tho science of medicine, which has for so many centuries remained a hlot upon their civilization. The missionaries are doing much to dispel tho mysticism and reverent awe which the Chinaman holds for tho concoctions of snakes, toads, lizards, etc., prepared by tho nntivo doctors. They recommend standard remedies which have long boon favorably known in America and Europe, such as Dr. Pierce's Qolden Medical Discovery, a remedy for all cases of blood-tainte or /minors, which has had years of uninterrupted success in tho Uuited States, and numbers ita cures by the tons of thousands. This is a point gained for tho future Welfare of the Drngomen Empire. completely cured after twelve years suffering from Heart Disease. This new remedy is Bold by the A. <fe A. Drug company. Books Fret!. f> Frcneli Tunny WAlorn. These wafers arc for the relief and cure of painful irregularities, and will remove all obstructions. Thuy are sure and safe every time. Manufactured by Emerson Drug Co., San Jose, Cal., and for sale at A. & A. Drug Co. 100 N. Main street, Hutchinson, Kan. mistress in my own house and rise up master. K Nuff sight better to have no husband than to have a bad one. I don't envy nobody." Then she stalked out of the room, leaving Jacintha half frightened. "She wanted him for Edwina," she said to herself, "that's why she is so cross. But even if she goes BO far as to Bend me homo I'm engaged and its all settled." She waltzed about the room to a tnno of her own humming. It was delightful to havo outrun another girl in the chaso for a lover. It was delightful to think how handsome Norman Driscoll was. How agreeable in every way, and most delightful of all, to think that her betrothed husband was rich. Jacintha felt that tho luckiest thing sho hat! ever done in all her life was to pay that visit to her mother's far away cousin. And she tossed on her hat and started for a walk to the rocks, whence sho could see at least the chimneys of the Driscoll mansion with its great grounds —the place which would bo hers Bomo day and which she used to regard with envy during the'brief period when she feared that with all her wiles she could not rob Edwina Palmer of Norman Drit- coll's love. [TO 8B OONTETOKD .J ,.-i*&§fc A Itcul Estate llooin Attracts the attention of every property holder in this city. But when Dr. Franklin Miles, the eminent Indian specialist, claims that heart disease is curable and proves by thousands of testimonials of wonderful cures by his New Heart Cure, it attracts the attention of the millions suffering with Short Breath, Palpatntion, Irregular Pulse, Wind in the Stomach, Pain in Side or Shoulder, Smothering Spells, Fainting, Dropsy, etc. A. F. 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Close connections made at Hutchinson and Kingman with diverging lines. Atculsou, Xopoku & Snnta Fe. In effect on and after November 18,1801. WESTBOUND. MUSIC LESSON. I will receive pupils in music at my residence, 405 east Sherman. Vocal music taught in classes or private lessons. M rs. A. W. I nkes. The Celebrated Froiioli Oore, u APHRODniBE"asssa la SOLD OH a ii^e*^, POSITIVE iT^i 1 GUARANTEE feSJ ?-/ to euro any form tit uorvoua disease or any disorder ot tho generative organn of elthor sex/ -•- whether arising , ...„.- _ BEFORE from tho execs- AFTER slve ujo ot StlmulimtB, Tobaceo or Opium, or through youthful Inulsoretlon, over Indulgence, Ac, sacui as Less oi Brain Power, Wakefulness, Bearing down Fains In the back, Bemlnol Weakness, Hysteria. Korvoua Pros- tratlou.NoctumalEmlBslonn,Ijcuoorrhoea.Dlz- llnoBS. weak Memory, LOBB ot Power ana Im- potonoy, wliloh if ncgloateu oitrn lend to premature old age snd Insanity. Prloo $1.00 a box e boxed for $3,00, Seat by mall on receipt ot price, A WRITTEN GUARANTEE Is given for every $5.00 order received, to refund the money If a reruittnout cure la not effeat ed. wo nave thousands of testimonials from oldandyouug of both sexes, who have been permanently cured by the nac of Aptaroditine. Clrcularo tree. Mention paper. Address THE APHRO MEDICINE CO. 61 Wubington Bt, 011I0AQO, ILIi. For Bale by A. & A. Drug Co. MIDLAND HOTEL Most contrally located hotel in the city. NEW MANAGEMENT ENTIRELY, f Paul LmIois, Jk Patronage ol traveling men sollcted. 14mini Trains. f Leave Kansas City. Arrive Hutchinson. Leave Hutchf iuson. Denver & Utah V.Ex Califor nla &Mcx.l!in. Colorado night Ex.. Freights... Freight. ... 5 .') 7 30 ia 10:45 a.m. 10:B r j 0:M p.m. .1:30 p.m. H:16p,tn. 7:45 a.m. 3:43p.m. 0:10p.m. (i:40p.m. 8:20p.m. 8:05a.m. 7:'05p.'m. RASTBOUND. (SUCCESSOR TO WM. MORRISON.) Corner of Main and Fourth. The place to buy your beef, pork, veal and all kinds of sausage, oysters, fish and game. John llartman, cutter. Telephone 32. Trains. o Arrive j Leave Hutch- Hutchinson, j lnson. Arrive Kansas City. New York Limited Ex. Chicago Vestibule Bx'ss Cannon ball Missouri river night Ex. Freights Freight 4 0 8 30 44 7:50 a m 10:;)'-!am R:15pin 4:00 pm 8:3S am 8:10 am 10:32am 8:35 pm 1:2(1 p m 0:30 a m 4:40ip m 0:05^1 7:00 a rj>. Chicago, KuiisiiK & Western KnllrojjH llutelilnson KxtoiiKlon. Trains. SI p Leave Hutch- inBon. r • Arrive KinBley San Franc'co & Texas Ex.. Acco'uid'tion 3 341 8:20 p m 8:20 am 12:20am 1:20 p m Leave Klusley Arrive Hutchson. Arrrlve Kansas City. New York Limited Ex Accom'd'tlon 4 34 L 4:37 am 2:2ft pm 7:50 a m 7:60 p m 4:40 pm Rates, $1.00, $1.25, $1.50 a Day. REMOVED. I have removed my bakery and fancy grocery to No. 16, South Main street, where I will continue to make my famous cream bread, K. R yde. VIGOR OF MEN Easily, Qulokty, Permanently Restored, weukneu, Nervouaneaa, Debility, and all tho train of evils from early errora or later excesses, the results of overwork, alckueas, worry, eto. Pull strength, development, aud tono given to evory organ aud portion of the body. Sloiple, natural raethoda. Immediate improvement acen. Falluro hnuoaslDte. 2,1)09 references. BOOK, oxnlanatlona oua proofs mailed (aoaled) freo. Address EHII MBPIOAL CO.. BUFFALO, N, Y. No. .1 carries through Pullman anil tourist sleeping cars to San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and City of Mexico. No. 5 carries through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Pueblo, Coloradao Springs and Denver, making connections at Pueblo and Colorado Springs with through Bleepers fpr^ban Francfeco and Portland, via. Salt No. 7 carries through Pullman sleeper to Dodge City and through coaches to Pueblo and Denver. No. 4 carrleB through Pullman and touristiv sleepers, also chair cars to Kansas City and I Chicago, also Pullman Bleener to St. Louis. No. 0 carrleB through Pullman sleepers and chair cars to Kansas City and Chicago No. 8 carries Pullman sleepers and chait cars to Kansas City and St. Joseph, Mo, GEO. T. NICHOLSON, G. T. & P. A., Topeka, Kan. J. W. TBDTonn, Agent Santa Pe Itoute, Hutchinson. S.M.LITTLE&CO. 1188 S. WATER 6T. CHICAGO, ILL., COMMISSION MERCHANT!; BROOEV3 CORN To(>8 ft ..»•»»!•., ilralu t'HIUHlulw. CMCHM i. Allt'BJbl'n., JVouI, «* BE SORE YOUR Sll Is known I If you Uavo Evil Droit ma, hound wo Impotent, full ot Fours, Undeveloped f Blunted, V.ulfm ot Kxceta or Cont&g.oua D|. eusu, you can escape all Conttquenccs by oa Excitative and Sueceatfut Methods for Hotfie 1 Treatmt,tt, Bond \ (or _______ lltuOnfro, N. T. Bin WILL FWD YOU OUT! I OUR NEW BOOK"

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